Lakeer: Forbidden Lines (2004) Movie Script

'The Line.'
'This is the story of relations,
feelings, love and emotions.'
'This is the story of Arjun.'
'Like that, Arjun was
a orphan and helpless child..
..who had none in this world.'
'But when a man known as Suraj
Rana took him under his fold,..
..gave him a name
and a recognition,..
..then this same Arjun
became Arjun Rana from Arjun.'
'Suraj Rana.'
'Like that. He was related
with every illegal business,..
..but he was a very
good man at heart.'
'Therefore, everybody and Arjun..
..would regard him
as Baba with love.'
'Arjun learnt every intricacy
of business from Baba.'
He learnt every line..
..which Suraj Rana
had made by his principles.'
'Arjun never crossed that line..
..and nor did he let
anyone else cross it too.'
'Happiness doesn't stay
with one all through his life.'
'And this is what
happened with Arjun too.'
'His Baba didn't
stay with him for long.'
He expired.'
'But after him,..
..he left all the responsibilities
of business on Arjun.'
'And a sweet relation.'
'Baba's son, Karan.'
'Arjun loved Karan
more than his own life.'
'Today in many areas of Mumbai
city such crowds will be seen.'
Arjun Rana,
like that, he is a underworld don.
But looking at the love of
the people for him it seems that..
..he is more than their
blood brother to them.
Why not? He has worked
a lot for poor people.
He has put up factories
and mills for unemployed youth.
He has opened orphanages
for orphans,..
..Widow Institutions for widows.
In fact he even arranges
for the marriage of poor girls.
I am Aditya from Juhu Chowpatty.
This live footage that you're
seeing is taken from there.
As you can see there
are many arrangements here.
And such arrangements haven't been
done for Minister too till today.
(Fireworks exploding)
'This is Suraj Nagar.'
'The settlement which
Arjun's Baba had put up.'
'Arjun has spent his childhood
with these dwellers right here.'
Happy birthday, Arjun.
If you would be us today,
it would be so nice.
Well, wherever you are, be happy.
May you have many
more lovers like this!
(Camera clicks)
(Camera clicks)
Happy birthday, brother.
- Happy birthday, brother.
Your birthday has
been celebrated..
..throughout the
night in the whole city.
Such lighting!
I haven't even seen
so many fireworks..
..even during Diwali and Eid,
Yes, brother. I got tears
in my eyes seeing all this.
Should I tell you a truth,
These people's love shelters you.
- Yes.
Even I believe that.
But today I am missing that
shelter due to whose absence,..
..I feel myself
to be wholly lonesome.
I know that Baba
isn't with me anymore.
But I feel him to be
close to me every moment.
He has held me on every
step and decision of life.
He never gave me
a chance to be stubborn.
Especially, on my birthday.
So many of my wishes
would be fulfilled.
And you named everything that.. owned to Karan
and Bindya on this day?
There wasn't any will
of Baba like this too.
And you didn't keep
anything for yourself?
I have.. name given by Baba.
What else would an orphan want?
Karan is Baba's real son.
All this is his, isn't it?
And as far as Bindya is concerned.
You know it.
Anees, her father has
done much for this house.
Bindya's father's
death wasn't an accident.
He had given up his
life for Baba's sake.
Tell me, is all this
worth more than that?
I don't know if I would
ever be able to repay his debt.
Bindya was three years old,
when her father expired.
Baba had brought her home.
And he gave her
responsibilities to me.
By looking after Karan
and Bindya I have repaid Baba.
But I am scared of one thing.
- Scare? What scare, brother?
Just this. That there isn't
anything left in their bringing up.
I have no worries about Bindya.
If I have any worries,
they are about Karan.
What worries do
you have about Karan?
By the grace Allah,
he has grown up now.
And that's what I worry about.
Karan has walked
by holding my finger.
He's grown up now.
It shouldn't be that he
walks on this path following me.
Which neither Baba wanted,
and nor me.
Karan sir, juice.
Bring it.
This is for brother.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to my greatest,
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, brother.
You won't call me dear?
Brother, you are the greatest.
For me.
- Thanks!
You have started to speak a lot.
- (Laughs)
Where is my gift?
Wow, it looks so
good in your hands.
Brother, even I have a
passion for listening to praises.
It's good.
- Just a minute, brother!
Where are you?
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear, brother.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, brother.
Happy birthday.
- Thank you!
So, decision.
- Decision?
Did you like this gift or his?
- Okay.
Tell me, brother.
Mr. Rana,
Bindya has won the move this time.
Oh. I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
Brother, I bought this gift for
you according to you personality.
And this.. this universal gift,..
..anyone can buy it for anybody,
Excuse me. Universal gift?
It's okay brother.
Tell me that you didn't like my gift.
No. I like it very much.
It guards one.
But Karan,
if it saves someone's life..
..then it takes other's lives too.
And flowers, they spread
color and aroma in life.
Actually, there is a vast
difference between these two gifts.
Just like there's
between the two us.
What did you say?
- No. Nothing.
See, brother, he's silent!
He's silent!
Give me five.
I'll give you a five, come here!
- Okay. Hold it.
You're saved because
of brother's knowledge today. - (Gasps)
Knowledge, means a lecture!
Oh my, god!
Am I giving a lecture?
- No, brother. No.
Then what?
Actually, the age difference
between you and me.. - (Gasps)
Old man! Brother, old man!
- You called me an old man?
She did. I didn't say it!
What's the age
difference between us?
Very less, brother.
- Yes, then?
But actually,
sometimes, you can't do what I can.
Oh, my God. Challenge.
What can be more..
- Just a minute! Just a minute!
What is that which
you can do and I can't?
Brother, there is nothing like that.
- No, you tell me,..
..what is such that you can and I can't.
- (Snaps finger)
Oh! My mother! Sorry brother.
I'm going to college.
Just a minute. Not so easy.
you are going to the office.
And you to the college.
- Yes.
Then let's have a car race.
(Car engine starts)
"The princes have come
out on their royal vehicles."
"Send fie to the worldly wise!"
"There are lakhs of stars,
but they hide in the daytime."
"We are those stars
which glitter everyday!"
"The princes have come
out on their royal vehicles."
"Send fie to the worldly wise!"
"From the dancing waves,
take this message from us."
"We flow faster than you."
"We give birth to storms."
"We have on our
feet on this earth."
"We have our sights on that sky."
"Every sight bows,
with just a look of ours."
"What is the standing of flowers?"
"We have our hold on that aroma."
"Watch out, baby. What you are doing?
- Bang, bang."
"The princes have come
out on their royal vehicles."
"Send fie to the worldly wise!"
Hi, Karan.
- Hi, Karan.
Hey, what's up?
Man, how is life?
- Hey, how are you?
I'm good.
- Hi.
"There are gatherings
full of colors here."
"There is hair settled
in aroma here."
"There is color somewhere,
and simplicity somewhere."
"But we search that here."
Hey! (Whistling)
Hey, get away.
- I will..
Hey smarty, get away from here.
Don't touch me!
- Get away.
Hey, you six foot! I will bury
you twelve feet into the ground.
Brother, he was irritating Maria,
right now.
Hey, you irritate Maria!
Get lost!
What happened, leave it.
- Who are you?
Whoever I am.
You go from here, Go away.
What happened?
- If I hit you one!
Wretch! Silent!
- Let go. Let go off him.
Sanju, leave him.
Let him go. Go, son go.
Hey. You beard,
what were you barking?
Hey, kid, your hands work a lot!
Do you know who I am?
Zayeed.. I am Usmaan's man
You are Usmaan's man?
Tell that I have created
dispute with Sanju.
Go, go and tell him.
Sanju, Usmaan talks
so much about you.
Yes, Sanju. He takes your name!
Hey, don't touch,
go away from here. - Yes, brother.
Go, eating footage
unnecessarily, go now.
Get out of there.
- Go. Go. Go.
Please go, don't create a crowd.
- Thank you Sanju.
Uncle! How are you?
- I'm fine brother.
Go and concentrate on your studies.
- Surely, brother.
Wow, Sanju! It has become
so much credit for you.
(Snaps finger) It's growing, isn't it?
- Yes.
You'll see one day
it's more that Arjun Rana.
More than Arjun Rana too?
Why? It may not become, why?
Why? It may not become, why?
Hey, call for tea.
- Yes, brother.
Sanju, should I tell you one thing.
- Yes.
You are a very well connected man,
a clever man.
No, not now.
I have to make, connections.
You're bragging, Isn't it?
- Why?
Just a minute,..
..Sanju you brag so much!
- Shut up.
One side you are saying that
you have to create connections..
..and other side since
Arjun Rana's car has come,..
..nor have you touched it nor
have you allowed us to touch it.
Should I let you touch? Yes?
- Hey!
I'll let you right away!
Hey, move aside!
What are you doing?
Hey, let me kiss the car.
You don't let me kiss the car.
What kind of a person are you?
- Get away.
What are you doing?
You are acting as if
he is your brother, Saahil.
You tell me one thing that..
..if it is to choose between
the two, whom would you choose?
Tell me. Don't think.
Tell me. See Ibrahim. (Snaps finger)
I'm not thinking,
I am stunned on your question..
Why brother?
- This car is our dream.
Saahil is my life, my life.
- He is my life too.
He is everyone's life.
Everyone's life.
If I could, I would keep
ten cars like this to serve Saahil.
But what can I do? My fate!
What are you saying Sanju!
It's wrong.
You send him to such a high,
super high class college,..
..where the kids of
all these rich people go.
Montu, there is one thing.
Our Saahil stays with
them and studies with them.
But he's very different.
He is very simple, innocent,..
..My Saahil.
Yes, sir.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning. So Saahil.. topped the university,
in the class this time again.
Thank you, sir.
- Why don't you play basketball?
There are tournaments
and matches for that.
You will get certificates for that.
There is no enjoyment
in playing basket ball. - Why?
Base ball is my favourite game.
There is an excitement
in making goals there.
How do you make goals in basketball?
- Sir, actually, in baseball..
Sir, I will tell you sir, baseball's
Score is in the basketball court.
Basketball court?
- Now, in the basket ball court.
Baseball in basketball court?
Sir, I will tell you sir..
- Excuse me, sir.
"Hey fans,
standup and clap your hands."
"Like this."
"Pump it up!"
"Pump it up!"
"Pump it up! Let's pump it up!"
"Pump it up!
Pump! Pump! Give us a T!"
I! G! E! R! Tiger!
"Hit the bat and just move."
"Never run. Take a boom!"
"Say 1! 2! 3! 4! Come on, boys."
"Create a commotion."
Say 1! 2! 3! 4!
"This world will
wave our flag everyday."
"This area will become
our second symbol of victory."
"We will run fast,
and make goals with stealth."
"Everyone will be stunned and
stare whenever we play the game."
"We are beautiful and you."
"This world will
wave our flag every day."
"Hit the bat and just move."
"Never run. Take a boom!"
"Say 1!
2! 3! 4! Come on, boys."
"Let's go blue. Let's go white."
"Let's to tiger.
Let's go fight."
"The breeze has come,
the storm has come."
"It has slid and it has danced."
"He has won, he has been defeated,
that hullababalloo is here today."
"We will walk down
from the stars today."
"We will glitter
more than the moon."
"We will walk fast by stopping."
"We will trick stealthily."
"We will watch everything."
"We will challenge."
"Me, the beauty and you."
"This world will
wave our flag everyday."
"Hit the bat and just move."
"Never run. Take a boom!"
"Say 1! 2! 3! 4! Come on, boys."
Come, meet me in the cafe. - Wait.
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Hi!
Okay, hi. Cut it.
You were watching me, weren't you?
- Yes. No.
Is it yes or.. yes, no.
You dance very well.
- Yes.
Thank you.
- And you look very beautiful!
That's it.
I had come to play basketball.
Basketball. And you?
Now baseball is your game.. I think you should
continue playing baseball.
And basketball..
well that is Karan's game.
He is a stud.
Welcome to Crash Dome,
our second home.
He has come, boss.
What is this large drink?
- See, this my fifth drink.
Sanju, thirty sixth..
- Sanju, don't drink it.
- Don't drink it. Sanju.
Whoever has drunk this has had
motions and vomiting both together.
Then why are you
making me drink it?
I've prepared it with my own hands.
It's Sex on the Beach. Sanju.
Drink it and see once. Come on.
For my sake.
- What nonsense.
The studs have come.
- What do you mean?
His name is Karan Rana.
- Karan.
The younger brother of Arjun Rana.
Which one?
The one in the red jacket.
- Red.
He's got style.
Hey K.
- Want to play?
Let's go for it.
Alright guys, are you all ready?
- (Claps)
(Gun Cocking)
- You almost killed me, buddy.
(Phone ringing)
Monty! It's Monty's call.
Yes, Monty.
The car has to be given!
- Hey, shut up.
Nobody will go. I'll go.
I'll deliver the
car and come, okay?
This Tee shirt,
yes, hey friend, Shoes.
Okay, look behind, my pants
Hey, what are you doing?
What brother,
there was some dust here.
There is dust on your face. Dust!
All the best.
- Okay. All the best.
Tell my 'hi' to brother.
- Yes, I will tell your 'hi' to him.
Hey, where is the key?
Where is the key?
- Give me the keys quickly.
You guys are unbelievable.
- Okay. All the best.
Okay. Bye.
- Bye.
Here, your bishop is gone.
Just a minute, how can
this be possible? What is this?
Then? How else is it to be?
You had killed the bishop
right now, isn't it?
So what?
If you killed it one chance,
you had to leave it the next time.
That's my rule.
Okay. Take this.
Hey, the knight
doesn't walk like this.
How else does he walk then?
He walks that move.
- Which is this move?
What is it?
- I've brought the car.
This is Brother's car.
The brother's car.
You are the car mechanic isn't it?
- Yes, Sanju.
My knight will walk like this only.
- What is this?
Bindya, this is Brother's horse,
He will run as he wishes.
Brother Anees, you keep quiet.
What is this?
I don't want to play
the stupid game. Cheaters.
Okay. Take this. This is your move.
- Yes.
Are you brother?
- Do I look like a sister to you?
No, that isn't the matter.
- Do you recognize me?
- Go.
- Wait.
- Oh Javed.
It means Javed Brother. Car driver.
Yes Pilot. The car was ready.
I had to deliver it.
So, I..
- The car is ready. You delivered it.
I took the delivery now do you wish
tea, coffee, taxi or rickshaw?
No. I just wished to meet Brother.
Don't touch this body.
Did you get it?
Hey, not to touch him, understood?
You touch the body and see.
Why should I touch your body?
- These people are very dangerous.
Oh. I know.
- Come on touch me.
Who is Javed busy with?
C'mon, touch me and show.
- Why should I touch you?
Please touch! - Javed.
Javed, what's going on?
Who is he?
Nothing brother, it is a small matter,
I shall handle it.
I was..
- He will do nothing. If he acts smart..
I just came to deliver this car.
- I will thrash him.
I can easily deal with him.
Give him the phone.
- Talk to Brother.
What happened,
what does he wish to say?
Nothing brother,
he is car mechanic.
Give it to me.
- Salute him, he is 'brother'
Hello, brother.
- Hello.
Brother. I'm Sanju.
Yes. Tell me.
- Mechanic, brother.
Ok. Give the car to the Javed.
- Yes tell me.
Brother, the car is very good.
Just take care.
Brother. Please come
Just a minute.
I'll take care. Anything else?
Brother.. Leave it.
I always wished to meet you.
Today, that wish is fulfilled.
If my boys hear this
they with go crazy with joy.
Okay, give the phone to Javed.
- Yes brother.
Thank you, brother.
Brother, that Ghani uncle has come.
Uncle Ghani has come.
- Brother, where are you going?
I will come back in a jiffy.
Greetings, uncle Ghani.
- Greetings. How are you, Arjun?
I'm fine.
Why are you standing here?
Come inside.
Forget it.
We are in a hurry actually.
We had come here
to the Mahim Mosque.
Hey, please bring it. - Here.
So we saw your favorite thing there..
- Sweets.
You like it too much, isn't it?
- (Sniffs)
Please come inside.
- No son. No.
Are you angry?
Think like that.
You haven't come to the
settlement since many days too.
I will come to the settlement
very soon and trouble all of you.
We will wait for that.
What does brother do?
I myself don't understand it.
What will you understand?
I'm working since sixteen years..
..and even I haven't
understood it yet.
What do you mean?
- Take, eat this.
One day, brother got a call.
And he came to know..
- (Gun rattles)
..that Sachin had taken
a contract on brother and Baba.
Give me the cigarette.
- As soon as we got this information..
..I and Anees left
along with brother.
We will have to send
Arjun and his Baba as coffins.
Or else, he will create
many problems for us.
It will be done.
- His work will be done.
Come here.
- Hey, Sachin, you!
What are you doing here?
Didn't I tell you, that
I was coming to mother's place?
Go from here now.
Hey, let me take
the materials first.
I've told you so many times,
Why do you roam around with goods?
Go away from here now.
- Who are these people?
How are you concerned with that?
You go home.
Hey you!
Let him go!
Hey she is pregnant!
Arjun, let her go.
Hey Arjun, this is our matter
Don't put a woman between that.
- No.
Babban, let go off his wife.
Brother, you finish
him off first, brother.
- This wretch had come to kill you.
Now you kill him first.
We don't have any concern with her.
Let her go.
Brother, I told you, kill him!
Didn't I tell you to let go of her?
- No brother. Kill him first.
I won't kill him. Let her go.
- (Snaps finger)
No brother, kill him.
- Let her go!
- (Screams)
Brother! What are you doing?
Brother, he is our man!
What are you doing?
Look at your hand.
Look what has happened.
Do you know what happened
of him after that? - Who?
The one whom brother hit.
He was in a coma for three days.
And then he died.
(Gasps) - Hey, Shetty you
have started again?
What is going on there?
- Brother has come.
There isn't any cheating going on,
isn't it?
No brother, please play.
Anees, Shetty,
what was going on here?
Nothing, brother, nothing.
- Nothing, brother.
Ok, brother, I will leave now.
I've got college tomorrow, isn't it?
I'll leave.
I will leave now.
I will leave too.
(Indistinct commentary)
Nice game.
- Hey, buddy.
(Indistinct commentary)
Welcome there.
And here comes the Tiger.
The Tiger is led by Karan,
the captain of the team.
Tigers compete with wolfs.
- Wolf!
Wolf team has the oldest..
Here we have both the
teams walking on to the centre.
The music, the referee.
Pick up the ball.
Look at the fire in their eyes.
And here we go.
Tigers get the ball and take it.
They zoom and put a basket.
Fantastic! They scored
a basket in the first 10 seconds.
That's incredible.
(Indistinct commentary)
Tigers have got it and he
takes it like a bullet.
And scoops the ball
and it is a basket.
Fantastic. That was beautiful.
(Indistinct commentary)
Cheater! Cheater! Cheater!
(Whistle blowing)
(Indistinct commentary)
Once more!
That was fantastic.
Tiger! - I don't think
that anyone can do that.
(Indistinct commentary)
Hey buddy, you did it again.
You remember your promise,
don't you?
I know that.
Well done, boys.
- Thank you, sir.
Come on, let's go.
You saw the jump?
Great, isn't it? - Superb.
- Tiger! Tiger!
- Karan said, everyone..
Loser. Wolves?
Three years, we beat you.
Hey, I'm seeing it
since too long okay.
Don't get down to my nerves.
If I lose my senses,
you'll have to pay for it, okay?
Just shut up and stay
away from me. Okay?
Saahil, stop it. Stop it.
Hey, have you gone crazy?
What are you doing?
Saahil, have you gone crazy?
We will be rusticated.
He has abused Bindya!
I understand,
but control yourself right now.
We are roadside people,
we are studying here.
It is our good fate.
Sanju. Think about Sanju, Saahil.
Think about Sanju, Saahil.
Guys, sorry. Guys, no.
Listen guys, relax. Relax, guys.
Gautam.. he is my college boy.
Think about it and answer.
Whether you have come to play,
or to fight.
Let's go, guys.
Okay, guys. Bye.
Saahil! Saahil! Saahil!
- For what?
You took up for me, right?
Actually, it was my mistake.
- No, you did the right thing.
He should have been hit.
And if Karan and his friends
won't have been here today..
..I would have been hit too.
Would you have
been happy then too?
That's not the thing. Saahil!
Saahil! Saahil!
You started it, didn't you?
Whatever you did, I liked it.
Anyways, Karan has won the match..
..therefore brother
has organized a party tonight.
You will come, won't you?
Karan has won the match,
brother has organized the party.
Why should I come then?
For my sake.
I'll see.
I'll wait.
- Yes, my darling.
I wanted to ask you something.
- Yes.
The party that is to
be held by you tonight..
My party?
Okay, the party which
we are holding tonight..
..I wish to call
some of my friends there.
- Really? You are so sweet. Love you.
- Where is Bindya?
Party. - Idiot.
I would show that wretch!
I wouldn't leave him at all. - (Laughs)
See, he has become a bald man too.
- What are you saying? - (Laughs)
What a joke.
- Let it be.
I mean, joke. (Laughs)
- Yes, pal.
She has come.
- Did you see the way he ran from there?
I know it.
- (Laughs)
- Yeah baby.
That was too funny.
- (Laughs)
Who's that?
- Karan made him speechless.
Seems to be, Karan.
Oh God. (Laughs)
- Bindya?
(Chuckles) Let's go.
"Eras have accumulated
in this one single moment."
"I started to see peace
in this movement of the world."
"Eras have accumulated
in this one single moment."
"I started to see peace
in this movement of the world."
"If only I would get this moment."
"Me too.. in this moment..
in this moment.."
"In this moment.."
"Me too.. in this moment.."
Can I have this dance?
Are you asking in
love or with pride?
With pride.
"Eras! Eras! Eras!"
"Eras! Eras! Eras!"
"Eras! Eras! Eras!"
"Eras! Eras! Eras!"
"Eras! Eras! Eras!"
"Eras! Eras! Eras!"
"Eras! Eras! Eras!"
"Eras! Eras! Eras!"
"Eras! Eras! Eras!"
"Hey, whose shadow exists
in the mirror of these eyes?"
"It comes hiding,
just like the moon."
"The boat of love calls out to
meet, it is the river of romance."
"Why does this shyness stop us,
like this?"
"People have always
drowned in these waves."
"Let us survive,
drowning at the shore, my friend."
"Eras have accumulated
in this one single moment."
"I started to see peace
in this movement of the world."
"If only I would get this moment."
"Me too.. in this moment..
in this moment.."
"In this moment.."
"Me too.. in this moment.."
Saahil is playing basketball?
- I didn't know. He is really good.
"The eyes have found laughter,
the mouth is silent though."
"Please excuse me, I can't
tell my heartfelt feelings here."
"There are always the secrets
of loyalty between two hearts."
"If I say it, what love
would be left in the eyes?"
"May the eyes be drowned
in the silence of shyness..
..may eras pass like this."
"Eras! Eras!"
"Eras have accumulated
in this one single moment."
"I started to see peace
in this movement of the world."
"If only I would get this moment."
"Me too.. in this moment..
in this moment.."
"In this moment.."
"Me too.. in this moment.."
Old age home.
- Old age home.
- Yes.
Look after yourself from now on, okay?
- Okay.
Greetings. - Greetings
How are you?
- I am fine.
Sharda aunt, please tell him.
I will stop talking to him if he
doesn't take the medicines on time.
Please don't get angry.
Hey, you shop of bones,
do you feel the chill?
Take this shawl.
Forget his chill or warmth,
how is your brother's mood?
Cold or hot?
Brother is in hot mood
for all other people..
..but he is very cool for you.
Thank you, you fool.
Distribute this amongst everyone?
- Yes, brother.
Hey, Anees, listen.
Ok, brother, I will leave. I've got
college. I need to change. Okay?
Brother, we will leave for the
college too. All the work is done.
(Chuckles) - Use this at least.
- Thank you.
Brother, Karan has arrived. (Chuckles)
- I know that.
Karan, where were you?
Brother I drank a bit
more in yesterday's party.
I had a hangover. I'm sorry!
Go and enjoy, help everyone..
..but be in a limit, understood?
- Yes.
Brother, Karan just told that
he had drunk too much last night..
..and that's why he was late,..
..even then you didn't
tell him anything?
What should I have told to him..
..he told me the truth..
..and nowadays the boys are telling
something and doing something.
..if I will try to stop him..
..then he will
hide things from me..
..and tell lies which
I won't be able to tolerate.
Hey, coward,
why didn't you come inside?
Should I have had come inside
and heard brother's scolding?
See, Ronnie, everything
should be told clearly to brother.
That's my policy.
- Okay, Karan.
I think that you should tell Bindya
the truth in clear words too.
What should I tell her?
What do you mean?
Shall I make you understand?
Just that you love her.
- Hey chill.
I will tell her,
but at the right time.
But when? Tell her quickly,
otherwise she'll go crazy.
Stop it, Ronnie. Just stop it.
Imagine Karan and
Bindya together. Wow.
Darn it. She has come.
- Saahil!
Who told you to drink
so much at night?
You are in trouble.
Oh! God, she is coming upstairs.
Saahil! Saahil!
Saahil, I am calling you
from since you are not listening?
I was listening to the discman.
You were listening to the discman!
Anyways.. Okay, you liar.
You had kept it hidden it from me.
You didn't tell me that..
- Occasionally. Sometimes.
This is not generally my habit..
This is not your habit,
but sometimes you dance so good
Yes, what did you think?
Nothing Bindya,
anyway, thanks for the party.
Superb, wasn't it?
Brother had arranged it, for Karan.
And Karan's suit,
that was good too, wasn't it?
I had designed it.
Wasn't he looking smart?
You know, Bindya.
I have to go for the lecture.
Oh! Please listen for a moment.
What I wanted to say,
and what did I say?
Karan is like this
since the beginning.
But you, along with everyone,
you stunned me too.
You dance so well,
you sing so well.
You play basketball too.
And you didn't tell anyone,
not me too.
You know everything about me.
You steal glances at me.
If someone says something to me
you shriek and start fighting too.
Why do like this?
(Chuckles) What are you saying, man?
Hey what's up, dude?
What's happening?
- See, you get tongue tied.
Are you waiting for someone?
I am waiting for that time.
- That's enough.
The time will come and go
and you will just keep waiting.
Don't delay.
"The monsoon has brought a message
may we be bound to each other."
"May the rain of
happiness fall on us."
"The breeze too
started to speak,..
..may your marriage
procession be decorated."
"May the procession move
like the movement of the moon."
"I wish to attach
feathers and fly."
"Become a cloud and
touch the very sky."
"I wish to attach
feathers and fly."
"The wind of the rain has spoken.. has taken away my sleep now."
"A dream has awakened
in my awakened eyes."
"My mind dances too,
it says subtly.. this strange world,
there is someone close to me."
"I wish to attach
feathers and fly."
"The wind of the rain has spoken.. has taken away my sleep now."
"A dream has awakened
in my awakened eyes."
"At the sea shore,
under the shadow..
..of some mountain
a house is seen."
"Till the time I'm alive,
I would stay in your heart."
"That's my house!"
"Your words are as innocent
as the aroma of the flowers."
"I bloomed,
the whole world turned aromatic."
"I wish to attach
feathers and fly."
"Become a cloud and
touch the very sky."
"I wish to attach
feathers and fly."
"I wish to attach
feathers and fly."
(Car engine starts)
Brother, please have
a look at the documents..
..given to us by the lawyer.
We had so much trouble
in taking out this file.
What happened about
that property in Delhi?
What about that?
It has been settled.
(Motorcycle engine revving)
And yes, Anees, what about
Bindya's dad's property?
That will be decided
in a couple of days too.
You know that I don't want
any laxity in Bindya's matters.
(Motorcycle rammed)
Javed, careful.
(Brakes squeal)
You wait here brother.
We will see. Come, Shetty
How do these people drive?
You will die if you
will drive like this.
Are you dead?
Anees, is he okay?
Yes brother he is ok.
The boys will take or everything else.
Shetty, tell the boys
to reach Him to the hospital.
Yes, I will reach
him to the hospital.
And we will call
Inspector Kadam too.
Yes, call him up.
He will look after this matter.
Brother Anees, who is this?
Karan, it's nothing. Go to college.
Let it be. It's nothing. Leave it.
Brother, who is this?
What happened?
Brother Anees and Shetty
aren't telling me anything.
Are they hiding something?
No. He works in our mill.
He committed a small theft.
He is caught now.
- Yes, theft.
You fool, you should asked brother,
you'd get it.
Okay, I will leave now.
You people are unbelievable.
Anees, start the car.
How many times have I told you!
Use your brains.
- (Parrots squawk)
You'll be killed! Why don't
you understand? - (Parrots squawk)
Now that you've done it,
don't get tensed.
I'm there. C'mon!
He's my brother.
You tell me. Tell me what to do.
We can talk it out.
We'll settle it. Tell me.
You tell me, what's there
to settle. We'll talk it out.
Look! Listen to me!
All this happens. It's business.
You've shown mercy, earlier too.
Had it been something important
then I would've agreed to you.
Forgive him!
Had it been regarding me,
then it was alright.
12 years ago,
you had taken money to kill me.
I had forgiven you.
Today, your brother has
taken money to kill my brother.
- I can't forgive him.
He's my brother!
- Sit down!
Sit down! Sit down!
Arjun, look! Don't kill him!
He's my brother!
Have you gone mad!
What you are doing?
Don't kill him! He's my brother!
(Groaning in pain)
Look, let me take him.
- Sit down!
I told you, it was regarding me.
Let me take him away.
I know that all this was your plan.
Only you can do such a lowly thing.
Only if I had shot
a bullet through your head.
I'll do whatever you say.
But let me, take away my brother.
Please, brother.
- Your brother! That too, this fellow?
We'll settle everything.
He took money to kill my brother?
We'll settle everything.
My brother!
- Let him go.
He'll die.
- My innocent brother..
..who has nothing
to do with all this?
You took money to kill my brother!
You took money to kill my brother!
(Gunshot) You'll kill my brother!
(Parrots squawk)
No one can even dare
to look at my brother!
Karan, I've to talk
to you about something.
About what?
Do you know Saahil?
Yes. The one who came
to the party with Bindya?
Yes. That rascal!
I had a doubt on him
from that day, itself!
When you weren't
coming to the college..
..then that fellow was
being too close to Bindya.
He was flying too high!
Karan, I was waiting for
you or else, by now, I would've..
Forget it.
(Indistinct chatter)
- Who doesn't know you?
Even then..
You were too keen to win,
isn't it?
Oh, I see.
You're talking about that party,
isn't it?
We all were drunk.
Whatever happened after that,
what's there to win or lose in that?
- Karan, I learnt to win from you.
You talk very nicely.
Let us know what's written in that.
What's there in this card?
Any love letter?
Hey, Saahil.
You made friends with us now,
and you forgot it too soon!
Not fair.
- Ronnie, my card..
You are our friend, isn't it?
Ronnie is right.
Okay. I'm showing it to
you for the sake of friendship.
Look, Saahil. If this remains between
you and Karan, then it's alright.
Why don't we share this love
story of yours with everyone?
Everyone should know of it.
Hey Westies!
Come on everybody, listen up.
This is Ronnie here.
Come on. Come on, guys.
Come on. Listen to something.
I want to share
something with you all.
Do you want to know what?
- (Exuberating)
He's in love with someone.
And he has brought a card
for the one whom he loves.
Ronnie, no!
- And we'll see..
..what's written in that card.
Karan will read it out to you.
Come on Karan, we're all waiting.
Come on.
Did you listen to this silence?
There's an echo,
even in this silence,..
..which only you can listen to.
Don't let it go unheard.
Because if I make you hear it..
..then you won't
be able to tolerate it.
I've just torn the card now,..
Because the next time,
I won't be able to bear it.
Scoundrel, he was Karan,
that's why he spared you.
But I'm Ronnie. How dare you?
Ronnie, what're you doing!
- Get away, you.
Hero, look here.
If you talk to Bindya
the next time..
..then I'll use my knuckles
to talk to you, and not my tongue.
You! Whom are you staring at?
Do you think of yourself as a
hero on wearing this cheap shirt?
What can be its cost?
100? 50? Is it a designer one?
How dare you? You..
50 bucks.
Ladies and gentlemen, Saahil wants
to throw a party with 50 bucks.
50 bucks!
- No! (Screams)
(Glass shatters)
(Glass shatters)
No! (Glass shatters)
But why did Karan react like that?
We were all shocked.
And yes, here's that card..
Take. You can sit and talk.
I'm going to Saahil.
- Yes.
Where's Saahil?
Sanju, Saahil.
- Sanju, look at Saahil.
Hey Saahil. - What happened?
Who hit him?
- Who hit him?
Someone call the doctor!
- Someone call the doctor!
- I'm calling the doctor.
- Hurry up!
- Saahil.
What happened?
Who hit Saahil?
Who hit him!
- Move.
Doctor look.
Nothing should happen to Saahil.
Brij, who hit Saahil?
No.. nothing.
What nothing? Who hit Saahil?
Nothing. In college..
What happened in college?
- Some guys..
Who were those guys?
Ronnie and some guys..
- Move aside!
Come on buddy, cheer up.
You know what? The world says
that everyone should be like Karan.
But I will tell you what?
You should be like me. Carefree.
Just a minute.
Wear my jacket.
Now, that's like Ronnie.
Karan, I will see
you in a while. Okay?
Sit here.
(Brakes squeal)
Who are these guys?
Who are they?
Sanju, look there.
Who's that!
Hey, who are you?
- Hey Ronnie.
I'll not spare you!
Leave me!
Buck up!
Get up.
Hey! You've to stand and watch it.
No one should flee from here.
Come over here!
Listen everyone!
No one should go from here!
No one!
No one will shut their eyes!
Hey girl! Open your eyes. See!
You were having a lot of fun,
isn't it?
When this fellow
was hitting Saahil..
..then you were having
a lot of fun, isn't it?
Look at Ronnie.
If someone ever dares to look at
Saahil again, then I'll kill him!
I'll kill him!
Move aside!
Move aside!
Move aside!
Brother, we are with you.
Brother, tell us.
We will not spare anyone.
We will give our lives for you,
Get aside. Please get aside.
Please wait!
So much blood has been shed.
Please check. - Yes, I have..
You're talking here.
And my brother is there?
Please let us do our job.
- You aren't doing your job.
My brother is bleeding so badly.
- See.. Look, listen to me.
You haven't extracted
the glass pieces yet!
Look, you..
- It must be hurting my brother!
Look, listen to me..
- Listen to me!
If something happens
to my brother..
Look, my brother is my life.
Remove the glass.
Look, I'll advice you
to sit outside for some time.
You do your work,
I'll sit near my brother.
Come on now, get to work.
Get me the trolley.
Gauze, scalpels.
And check his blood pressure.
Hurry up. Yes. Okay.
Get on with the vigil at Andheri,
Kherwadi, Mulund, right away.
You haven't done anything since the
last two hours. Now I will show you!
We'll show our power! Now
the whole family will be gone!
Search for him.
Send your men around.
I want him. Go.
Sanju! Monty! You went to the
college and had a fight, isn't it?
Do you know whose
brother you've thrashed?
I know, that Ronnie..
- Arjun Rana's brother.
What are you blabbering?
- I'm not blabbering, Monty.
You've mistakenly bashed
up Karan in place of Ronnie.
He's Arjun Rana's
younger brother..
Sanju, what'll we do now?
We'll see.
Arjun, some inspectors
are waiting for you outside.
I can't send them in. So you..
Keep informing me.
Yes Kadam, did you find out?
Brother, the crowd is creating
a lot of problem outside.
You please talk
to the commissioner.
We've sent our men.
Where can he escape to?
We'll find him.
We've sent our men to every area,
they'll surely grab them.
All the arrangements
have been made.. checks have
been put up everywhere,..
..that boy can't escape anywhere.
You just talk to him.
Do you want me to
control the crowd?
You want be able to do anything.
I've to do it all.
What happened?
I'm feeling very scared, brother.
From whom?
Your brother is there.
Come on. Sit.
Bindiya, don't feel scared.
Look, I can bear Karan's wounds.
But not your tears.
Everything will become fine.
- Bindya.
Here. Don't cry.
Drink some water.
Now they'll cry.
See what your brother does to them.
I'll break their bones.
Brother, I'm feeling scared of you.
Really, brother.
I'm feeling very
scared of your fury.
Many incidents have
happened outside.
People are being
killed on false claims.
And yes, there are thousands
of people downstairs..
..who on your indication,
won't maintain the difference.
One day, you had showed a
difference of heaven and earth.. the gifts that
you gave to Karan and me.
Isn't it?
Have those heaven
and earth come together?
Those heaven and earth
have come together!
Whatever happened in college,
why did it happen?
Everyone knows that,
except you, brother.
You don't know the truth.
I'm afraid that you may.. anger..
we will hack him to pieces.
we will hack him to pieces.
we will hack him to pieces.
we will hack him to pieces.
Look, what are you
thinking now, Arjun?
The face of yours, that you wanted to
hide from Bindya that very face..
..has brought lines of worry..
..on the face of an
innocent girl like Bindya.
You've lost your temper after
a long time, try to control it.
Moreover, a lot of things
have happened, without your orders.
Now, your one indication can cause
a lot of destruction all around.
Stop everything.
If you still don't stop..
..then maybe Bindya was right..
..the heaven and
earth have come together.
You've changed, Arjun!
The heaven and the
earth can't come together.
Bindya, your brother
is still the same.
The heaven and the
earth can't come together.
Similarly, the guilty and
the innocent can't be the same.
Baba, you tell me.
What kind of power is
this possessing which,..
..I can't do anything.
Neither can I burn down the city,
nor can I kill the innocent.
Neither can I see
my brother's wounds..
..and nor can I see
the tears in Bindya's eyes!
But you've made the
laws of this world.
And there,
the guilty shouldn't be forgiven.
I'll kill him!
Sanju, try and understand
what I am saying.
I understand very well
that is why I am saying that..
..I'll not go anywhere.
That he is very rich and influential
but I too am not a coward.
This is not a matter of
being cowardly or pusillanimous.
This is a matter of common sense.
Arjun is like a lion
as I have raised him up.
Whenever he will come,
he will come roaring like a lion..
..and not slyly like a fox.
- That is what I am saying..
That's why for the good of us all,
you will have to go from here.
What are you talking, uncle?
See, son, if you are not here,
all of us will handle him somehow.
Yes, son,
we will handle everything.
But if you continue
to stay back then..
..anything can happen
under influence of emotions..
..and then it will become very
difficult for us to handle him.
Very difficult, my son.
We have traced the boy, Brother.
His name is Sanju.
He lives in Suraj Nagar.
But all the locality people
aren't ready to divulge anything.
Since long I haven't met Arjun.
Possible he might have changed now.
I feel very strange..
..may be because I have
come here after many years.
I do not feel the affection.
Uncle, you know very well,
what I wish to say.
I am not here to
threaten you people..
..but to ask for help from
those whom I consider my own.
Dear, when the hearse does
not burn in any of the house,.. food is provided
by not one but ten houses.
If someone falls ill,
the whole of locality people..
..stay awake the whole
night looking after him..
This principle is
not laid down by us.
This principle has
been set by your Baba..
..and still very much
alive in Suraj Nagar.
It might be perhaps still alive..
..but your hearts are dead now.
Otherwise behave like
an outsider with me?
I agree that I do not reside here.
But I still belong to this place.
One does not change himself
by just changing his clothes.
I do not know where I was born.
But since Baba adopted me,
I found a home.
Here, amidst you all.
Hence all of you and this place
as well is very close to my heart.
This place holds Baba's memories.
Uncle Ganni,
please don't disappoint me.
Show that boy to me.
Have you all gone dumb?
Why doesn't anyone say anything?
Just tell us. We would turn this
whole place into ashes. (Snaps finger)
That's great.
The homemaker is
now here to destroy it.
Today we shall
witness this as well.
You've spoken,
when you are in trouble.
Its Karan's bad luck
that he was not born here.
He did not play
in your lap and lawn.
Hence, you all are
not aware of his pain.
Just now you took Baba's name..
..the one who had
set up this locality.
I won't let it hide behind
darkness. Otherwise..
Two minutes..
It would have taken
just two minutes.
The shadow of death
would have befallen here.
And this entire locality
would have been destroyed.
It's my bad luck and
that coward's good luck..
..that after
committing such an act..
..if he is still breathing,
it's my Baba's charity.
But he won't escape.
I regret it.
I shall never forget
this experience.
Never forget it.
Just a minute, son Arjun.
Even today, we have the
same love for you in our hearts.
It's not a matter pertaining
to one's self or to another.
It's a matter of
the right and the wrong.
And its right that his
brother too has been wounded.
He too is hurt.
Sanju too had come for the
same for which you came today.
We had heard that our
Arjun is a man of principles.
He can lay down his
life for the truth.
But, today..
Alas! If only Suraj
sir had been alive.
Everyone knows the reason behind..
..whatever happened
in the college.
Except for you, brother.
- I'll chop him down.
His brother too had been wounded.
He too is hurt.
You just tell us. We shall
turn this locality to ashes.
Has the earth and the sky united?
'Did the sky and land meet?'
(Horn blares)
Saahil, why have you come here?
Go and rest.
How did this happen?
- It's just nothing. Come on.
You go and take rest.
Where is Sanju?
Sanju is fine.
Nothing happened to him.
We are fine.
You go and rest, Saahil.
Saahil, come on.
Go to sleep.
Saahil, you..
Saahil, come on, rest.
C'mon, Saahil, come here.
- Where is Sanju?
(Brakes squeal)
Saahil, what's all this?
Why are you so shocked?
It was bound to happen.
And it happened.
What you did, Sanju,..
..I too could have done it.
But I knew that this would
be the consequence of it.
But where do you
think about all this?
You have shown your worth,
isn't it?
Haven't you shown everyone,
that you are a mechanic?
Hey, don't speak like this to
Sanju. He did everything for you.
Shut up! Shut up Monty.
Four or five of you had gone,
isn't it?
To beat him up?
You are very brave.
- Saahil. No. Saahil.
Move, Brij.
What did you do after that?
You hid yourself, isn't it?
You left these innocent
people behind you.
On whose responsibility?
- Sanju hadn't run way.
We had told him to go.
For the good of everyone.
Very good, uncle.
You told him to go, and he went?
When he had gone to the
college to beat up Karan..
..had he asked you
and went there? Yes?
You think only about yourself.
Only about yourself.
Your heart is at peace now,
isn't it, Sanju?
But the fire that has been ignited
in their house and hearts,..
..who will douse it now?
Sanju, where are you going?
Don't worry.
This rogue,
mechanic brother of your's..
..he will never touch
any one from today.
Now, he is fine.
Doctor.. can I talk to him?
Yes you can talk to him,
but don't exert him much.
Don't talk.
Nothing will happen to you.
You are my brother, isn't it?
Nothing can happen to you.
The doctor had said
twenty four hours.
But you became all
right in a couple of hours.
You are my brother.
What is this? Don't cry.
I am with you, isn't it?
(Phone ringing)
- It's Shetty here.
That boy, Sunju.
- Yes?
Look at his guts brother,
he is standing in our house.
He had beat up our Karan, brother.
if you say, shall I kill him?
No, you don't do anything.
You wait there.
I will come there right away.
Right away.
I have some work,
I will come in a jiffy, okay?
I'll be back.
You have guts, don't you?
You have too many guts!
(Horn blares)
(Gun Cocking)
I wish to put all
of them into your brains.
Before doing anything,
won't you wish to know the truth?
Truly, I didn't know that
Karan was your younger brother.
I committed a mistake.
But what should
I say about what you did?
A mistake,
or a show of your strength?
What rubbish are you speaking?
Wow, Mr. Arjun.
Baba about whom you
would speak praises..
..that same sun has sunk
in the tears of the people?
It was one man's mistake,
and so many were punished?
You burnt all the houses?
Turned all the huts to ashes?
Why are you accusing me?
Do you wish to die?
If you think that I am
uttering nonsense, ask your men.
Is true, what he's saying?
Yes, brother. Seeing Karan's
blood our blood started boiling.
We couldn't tolerate it.
You cried so much in front
of that two bit worth dwellers..
..even then they
didn't keep your respect.
Enough, we were angry.
We burnt.
You have committed
this two bit worth action!
Why are you making me weak? Yes?
Why are you making me weaker?
Should I think this
to be their stupidity..
..or the actions of their love?
They have done this work..
..but fingers will
be pointed at me.
Brother, please give him to me.
Look at his guts.
Even after so much has passed
he had come here to smash your car.
I will smash his bones.
Whatever I did,
I repaid you with interest.
The cost of one of your hobbies.. the cost of many of our roofs.
I had thought that
I would settle the account.
Cost, interest.
You can only talk such low things.
Each one of my brother's
drop of blood..
..every tear of his, every cry of his,
don't they have any cost!
I know that your
brother is injured.
I can feel his pain.
If only..
If only I was in your place.
I would come,
thrash, break and then come..
..and stand with my hands spread.
Are you giving me alms
by surrendering yourself to me?
You had thrashed my brother
with these hands, isn't it?
I feel that I should
wrench them away!
But, I forgive.
Those dwellers have
given you alms..
..whose pain, sorrow and tears..
..are worth more
to me that your life!
As for Baba,
the sun will never set.
Suraj Nagar will glimmer again.
Where do you know
to settle accounts?
He will live.
But he should feel
Karan's wounds too.
Sanju, what Happened?
Saahil, those people beat me up..
..but I didn't beat them
You will not call me a ruffian now,
will you?
Will you?
- No, Sanju.
'One month passed.'
'Arjun made Suraj
Nagar bright again.'
'Sanju too started his
stopped life all over again.'
'But all this directly
affected Saahil.'
'Saahil left the college..
..and started working
with Brij in the Cafe.'
Hey, are my orders ready?
- Hey, how are you doing?
- Yes.
Just a second. - Yes.
Here's the order.
No pepperoni, no cheese.
Have a nice day. - Thank you.
(Horn blares)
Tina, take the counter.
- Okay.
One burger. Anything else?
- No, that's it.
Hi, Bindya.
- Hi.
No credit.
- Brij.
One French fry.
Make it double.
- Okay.
Take care of her, friend.
(Keyboard clacking)
Hi, Brij..
- Hi, Bindya.
Okay listen, in slush,
new softy, new strawberry.
(Clears throat)
He hasn't come.
Or he left,
or he won't come at all.
I shall be saying only that,
isn't it? Then you..
Even then,
I will keep on coming, isn't it?
He doesn't read them.
They are accumulated here, see.
Alright listen, Bindya.
Bindya, what I'm saying..
- Tomorrow.
That's it. Thanks.
Okay, I will leave then.
What Saahil? She comes
here every day since a month.
And you keep me in front
to make up some excuse.
Now, don't break her heart.
Go to her.
I will take care if
everything else. Come.
You are a friend,
you will do the duty of friendship.
But those dwellers?
Which duty will they perform?
Did you get it?
The answer in your own question?
But.. Saahil..
See Bindya, you keep an eye on him.
Karan has come from
the hospital now.
He hasn't been able to forget
the incident that took place.
I wish that you should
help him in forgetting it.
I used to eat 4. Not it's only 2.
See, he is looking
so nice while he smiles? - (Laughs)
Brother, I know him from childhood.
Just leave it to me.
Hey. Even I know
him since childhood.
- Yes.
Let's go.
Yes, brother?
See that he isn't able
to run away now. Okay?
Why didn't you come
to the hospital?
If everyone came to the hospital
who would welcome you home?
Universal gift.
What's the matter,
you seem worried.
No, nothing.
Just you know, loneliness at home.
And so much tension.
And you know, chaos in the college.
And you..
- Come on. Look at me.
Fighting fit now.
Karan, you have come back now.
There will be brightness
at home as well college.
Everyone is waiting for you there.
I think you should go there first.
I will see you there. Okay? Bye.
Hey, look at that, man.
What's up?
That's great.
Jamming. Yeah!
- You are back, man.
Hey Sweetie!
- Yes, I'm coming.
I'll just come.
- Yes, sure.
That wretch's lifestyle
has changed.
He has cooled down.
But Bindya still feels pity on him.
Look Karan,
all I want to say is that..
That whatever happened,
wasn't good..
..someone sows and someone reaps.
I am sorry.
Saahil, do words fill wounds?
- If only they could.
No, words make wounds more fresh.
Time changes situations
and situations change man.
I have changed.
For the better.
Time? Time had stopped for me.
And what had situation given me,
did I deserve it?
A person can commit a mistake too.
Let it be.
I will get something for you.
Even I could have
committed a mistake.
But the life of you people
would have been ruined.
It was I who tolerated
..but I am surprised
that people still pity you.
Even Bindya.
'But what surprises me
is that people still pity you.'
'Even Bindya.'
'But what surprises me
is that people still pity you.'
'Even Bindya.'
(Music playing)
You come here every day.
You don't even clear the debts.
Sit quietly.
- Hi, Brij.
Bindya, he hasn't come today too.
So please, take something.
What is it?
Yes? Why do you come here?
Why are you following me?
You wanted to meet me?
To express your sympathies?
Feeling sorry for me?
For what?
So many calls, so may cards.
So much of yearning! To meet me!
I thought something else
and was running away from you.
Because I didn't want
some new problem to arise.
But I didn't know that the
matter nothing else expect pity.
I don't understand you rich people.
I don't mean to be rude, Bindya.
Just go.
Wow, Saahil.
You had said it so simply.
Bindya, please go.
If only you had read
just one of my cards.
Then you wouldn't have
thought something else today.
Or you should have talked
to me over the phone just once.
There wouldn't have been
any misunderstanding today.
Nor would you think like this,
neither would my heart break.
See, Bindya.
- You started this.
Three years.
You were behind
me since three years.
But you didn't say anything.
And today.. since three months,
I'm trying to tell you something..
..but you didn't give
me a chance to say anything.
You kept on making
Brij to lie. Lie.
I knew that.
But I couldn't do anything.
Even then, I used to come
every day. Do you know why?
Do you know?
Because I love you, Saahil.
I love you immensely,..
..and I can do anything for you.
(Music playing)
Listen to me! Please wait!
Leave it, Brij!
Bindya, talk to me.
Bindya you won't tell me?
Bindya, what's this?
Bindya, what's this?
Enough, Brij.
"It is amazing how you
can speak right to my heart."
"Without saying a word.. can light up the dark."
"Try as I may I can never explain."
"What I hear when
you don't say a thing."
"The smile on your face
lets me know that you need me."
"There's a truth in your
eyes saying you'll never leave me."
"The touch of your hand.."
- Bindya.
"..says you'll catch
me whenever I fall.
You say it best.."
- I love you.
Saahil, have you come?
- Yes, I am here
Go and get fresh.
I will call for tea for you.
Hey, Ashish,
go and get some tea quickly.
With cream.
Hey, give me the twelve
number driver, twelve number!
- Yes, son, what is it?
Hey will you stand outside
or will you come inside too?
I want to tell you something.
Yes tell me, what is it?
I told you number twelve.
Do you drink during
the day time too?
What are you saying, Sanju.
Sanju, I don't want to
put you in any further trouble.
Because I taken a decision.
Decision, problems,
what are you talking about, son?
Saahil, what are
you talking about, yes?
Why don't you tell me clearly, yes?
What are you saying?
The thing is not
so straight forward.
Why are you reciting
poetry like Amir Ghalib?
Hey, it's Mirza Ghalib.
- Yes, Mirza Ghalib.
As it is,
I have to be pushed and started.
If you give self
start again and again.. dynamo will conk off.
Hey, explain it to him.
- I have fallen in love,..
- Hey, just a minute,..
..what did you say? Repeat it.
I have fallen in love.
My dyanamo has conked off!
Monty, Ashish,
he has fallen in love.
He has fallen in love.
That's great.
He has fallen in love. (Laughs)
- That's great. He has fallen in love.
You won't ask who the girl is?
Yes. I will ask.
I will have to ask you.
Otherwise, your suspense
film will start all over again.
Who is the girl? - (Laughs)
- Wait, I'll make you meet her.
Hey, where are you going?
- He's shying away!
I will see too.
- Hey, wait! (Laughs)
Where are you going?
- Where are you going?
No, I can't come.
- Come on!
Who is it?
You were saying that
this is trouble, yes?
- She was, once upon a time.
His tape never ends.
What was she?
- Yes, Bindya, so?
Arjun Rana.
Sanju, therefore I didn't
want to put you in this trouble.
I will take care
of my problem myself.
What did you say?
What did you say?
You won't put me in trouble?
You've grown up, isn't it?
You won't put me in trouble?
- Hey, let it be.
Let it be?
- He was joking!
What was he joking about?
What was he joking about?
You will take care of everything?
Sanju, control..
- I am your brother.
Did you understand? I'll slap..
What are you doing, brother?
What are you doing? - Shut up!
Leave me.
You, come here.
Hey, come here.
Hey, why don't you come here?
What did you think?
I will always support you. Understand?
You are my younger brother.
I have decided, Sanju.
I won't turn back now.
Even I have a penchant
to smash heads against stone..
..and see blood flowing.
- Yeah.
Uncle, our friend
has fallen in love!
Uncle, he is so happy.
"Dance, come on dance,
dance on every rhythm."
"Oh golden one,
who diamond and pearl."
"Give your hand
in mine and then see."
"Oh dance, come on dance,
dance on every rhythm."
"Oh golden one,
who diamond and pearl."
"Give your hand
in mine and then see."
"Why do you worry?"
"We are yours,
we are with you, O God!"
"O Golden one."
"O beloved."
"O beloved."
"I am the shred of the earth,
it is the star of the sky."
"Even then,
this relation was done."
"She was silent,
even I didn't speak..
..this game was played
in the eyes itself."
"I am the shred of the earth,
it is the star of the sky."
"Even then,
this relation was done."
"She was silent,
even I didn't speak..
..this game was played
in the eyes itself."
"This is the magic of love,
nature has smiled on the heart."
"No chains nor any walls,
no power can stop it."
"When one listens to the heart,
he can't see the world then."
"Even if there is fire on the path,
or thorns on feet."
"What do we think then?"
"We have to go where
the beloved takes us then."
"Oh dance, come on dance,
dance on every rhythm."
"Oh golden one,
who diamond and pearl."
"Give your hand
in mine and then see."
"Why do you worry?"
"We are yours,
we are with you, O God!"
"Why do you worry?"
"When I got the shadow
of your eyes, I got the world."
"On your blessings only will the.. of my ambitions
be decorated now."
"This is our duty,
and it will always be."
"If a sword is raised on you,
our head will be lopped off!"
"Leave all that now,
take a auspicious day..
..making you a groom, we
will go to your in-law's place!"
"We will beat drums
and make everyone dance!"
"Hey, what happened?"
"He has started to sing!"
"Oh dance, come on dance,
dance on every rhythm."
"Oh golden one,
who diamond and pearl."
"Give your hand
in mine and then see."
"Why do you worry?"
"We are yours,
we are with you, O God!"
"Oh dance.
Oh dance. Oh dance. Oh dance."
"Oh dance.
Oh dance. Oh dance. Oh dance."
"Oh dance. Oh dance."
Why didn't you come
to the college today?
Are you there?
She's not here too.
Good morning, brother.
Are you angry, brother?
What is this, brother?
You spent the whole
night like this?
My night is still not over.
Can I sleep seeing
you disturbed like this?
I am sorry, brother.
I was in a bad mood.
Still I..
- Look Karan.
You have behaved like this
with me for the first time.
But I am not bothered about that.
What bothers me is..
..that you are hiding something
from me for the first time.
What is that which
is disturbing you so much?
Nothing, brother.
Your nothing is what that
has raised at lot of issues.
Is that you are aggrieved that..
..I did not do anything
after that incident?
No brother no.
Please don't even think like that.
I know that if you wanted then the
people who sent me to the hospital..
..would not have been in a condition
to even be admitted in a hospital.
Forget it.
Now go and get some sleep. Go.
Look, I did not stay
awake all night.. that you will
come ask me to go to sleep.
Tell me what is the matter?
Brother, why are you getting worried?
- Karan!
Brother. There is a
fear of losing something.
There is everybody and everything.
But I do not why,
but I seem to miss something.
Solitude. Loneliness.
There is always this
apprehension that..
..whatever is mine
may turn out to be not mine.
Look at me, brother.
Wherever I am supposed
to be angry and disappointed.
There I become happy.
Where I am supposed to be happy.
There I get irritated.
This is the confusion.
Such a small issue?
Your confusions
put me into a dilemma.
And I am such a fool that
I could not make out that.. have fallen in love.
Does falling in love
bring about confusions?
No. Not by falling in love.
But by not admitting that
you are in love, you get confused.
Is it necessary to tell your loved
ones that they are your loved ones?
Of course not.
When a person lives by
the requisites of a friendship..
..then he is known
as a true friend.
When a child confirms to his duties,
then he becomes the true son.
But this is love, my dear.
Till you have not proposed
to the one you are in love.
Till the one you are
in love accepts your proposal.
Till then you would
be tangled in this dilemma.
Let us do like this.
Let's throw a
party on your recovery.
You invite all your friends..
..and also your girl.
At the opportune
moment you propose her.
Okay, brother.
Where shall we have the party?
At our home or at the hotel?
You leave that to me.
Will you invite me?
- Of course.
Will you introduce
me to your girl?
When the right time comes.
Thank you, brother.
Fool, who will not
fall in love with you?
"Oh you flame up and then
put out and then flame up."
"How is that?"
"Oh you get ruined and
then bankrupt and then ruined."
"All because of me."
"Still it is difficult
to win my heart."
"Hear me."
"I'll go through
the flower crowns."
"I'll grow out of your sighs."
"I'll go through
the flower crowns."
"I'll grow out of your sighs."
"For you I'll kiss higher peaks."
"The flowers will not
blossom in the flower crown."
"The lamp shall not
burn in a flowing stream."
"You'll not get my heart
at heights of the peak."
"Oh I am set on fire."
"Your breath gave
out sweet perfumes."
"When you were settled in my arms."
"I saw and I fell in love."
"Then what are this
earth and that sky?"
"My eyes lowered in blush and shy."
"They were telling
something to me."
"What has this happened?"
"How did the intentions change?"
"Alas the heart has
been compelled to."
"In my love it has broken out."
"You had your influence on me."
"Now my shadow is cast on you."
"If I go far away from you."
"Then you shall become that sun."
"Which flames up and then sets out
and then flames up and sets out."
"Oh you flame up."
"Oh I am set on fire."
"Oh I am set on fire.
- Oh you flame up."
"It turned off."
"Oh I am set on fire."
No Bindya.
I cannot come to the party.
You have to come.
- Bindya.
I hope you must have understood?
Okay. If you don't come
then I shall also not go.
Both of us will not go. - Bindya!
Brother will feel bad.
For his sake.
Okay. But under a condition.
You don't want
to come to the party.
But I can get out of the party.
Then sharp at 9 O'clock.
Outside the cafe. Okay?
Where has Karan
organized the party?
It is so dead.
(Phone ringing)
Karan, where am I?
Is the party on or not?
I mean, nobody is here.
I mean..
I mean..
All these questions
in a single breath.
Karan I know that you are here.
Where are you?
- Just turn around.
Karan what is this?
It is so unlike you.
Lurking in darkness.
Just come up.
As if it will light
up the moment I set my foot.
Why don't you come?
(Fireworks exploding)
(Fireworks exploding)
Karan, I'm okay.
(Phone ringing)
Excuse me.
- (Phone ringing)
Yes Karan. What happened?
Yes brother. I am at the party.
- You are at the party?
But I can't hear any
noises and uproars around you.
Brother, I am outside.
- That dilemma of yours?
She is inside.
What are you doing outside?
Go inside.
Have you told her anything?
Not yet, brother.
Fool. Go inside and tell
her and then give me a call.
Okay, brother!
- I'll come with a band marching.
Quickly go inside
and give me a call.
Love you, brother.
- I love you too.
(Phone beeps)
(Chuckles) A fool.
Karan. Is the party here?
But there is nobody here.
They are here.
My solitude.
The seventeen years
of our friendship.
Those moments in our childhood.
This has now become
a question to be addressed.
Some of my emotions which
are searching for expression.
All those things that
you liked from your childhood.
And as far as I remember
this you liked most.
That you loved most.
You like it even today.
He is also confident
that you would love him a lot.
Ronnie. It was Karan's party and
Karan and Bindya were not there.
Both of them were in a solo party.
Forever and ever and ever.
- What do you mean?
Oh, look who we have here.
So you are here?
Stop it, Ronnie.
- Waiter.
Sorry, Saahil. Let's move.
- Quiet.
Look baby.. you take your seat.
I'll come. Okay?
Okay. Let's move.
- (Laughs)
So, what was I saying?
Look Ronnie, you have drunk a lot.
I'm drunk.
I'm drunk.
If you think that I have
drunk a lot and that I am drunk.
Let's have a bout or two.
(Snaps finger)
Let's fight. Let's go. Let's fight.
Saahil, what are you doing?
He is provoking you.
He is drunk.
No Brij.
I want to ask him something.
Let's fight.
Where is Bindya?
What will you do if I don't tell you?
- Hey Ronnie.
You'll hit me?
Ronnie, listen to me.
- Hey you.
Get away.
You bloody scoundrel.
- Oh God!
Ronnie. Saahil.
No Saahil. Stop it, Saahil.
You are showing your valor here.
There Bindya is
having fun with Karan.
Let this night pass over.
Tomorrow morning you
will get Bindya, Second hand.
Stop it.
They will kill each other.
- Oh God.
Ronnie, stop it.
- Saahil!
Saahil, stop it!
- Ronnie!
Stop them.
What are you guys doing?
Saahil, stop.
Somebody, please help them.
Today you realize
that this is a weapon?
Otherwise did you think
that this was a toy?
Shall I shoot?
Shall I shoot?
- No.
If you had a gun you
would have shot. Isn't it?
This is the difference
between you and me.
Made a lot of fun
about me being poor?
You were after me, isn't it?
If I wanted I could
have settled everything now.
If you have a little
shame left in you.
If not for my sake.
For Bindya's sake tell me.
Where has Karan taken her?
(Music playing)
Can I have this dance?
(Music playing)
I am telling you lovingly.
(Music playing)
(Music playing)
(Music playing)
(Music playing)
(Phone ringing)
(Music playing)
- (Phone ringing)
(Phone ringing)
It takes you
so long to pick up the phone?
Have you told your dilemma yet?
Shall I come over
there to tell her?
Brother, I have spoken
my heart out to her.
Did you? He has told her.
He has told her.
- What happened brother?
He has told her.
- Oh.
What is the name of your dilemma?
- Yes.
- Bindya
Bindya! (Laughs)
Bindya! (Laughs)
Give her the phone.
I want to hear from her.
She also loves me.
Loves me a lot.
Brother, I'll paint the house
such that the world shall wonder.
- Total lighting, no problem.
- I'll set fire.
Oh no, I'll decorate with flowers.
- (Laughs)
All by this night.
Got scared?
Hiding from me? From your Karan?
Karan. Why are you..?
Me? Why am I..?
Karan you know it.
- What?
A card. I had just torn
a card and you are so annoyed.
Was that card so expensive?
So priceless?
Come look at all this.
Look at all this.
These have no importance?
These have not value at all?
I know you have
some sympathy for him.
That's okay.
I'll buy him a card shop. Darn it.
It's not that, it's about liking.
Like? What do you like?
You like that Saahil?
What does he know about you?
I know everything about you,
and you know everything about me.
Then how did his Saahil
come in between us? Yes?
You are hurting me.
I'm hurting you?
And the wounds that I got
to achieve your love? About that?
Take it easy, Karan.
You are taking our friendship
to be something else.
Sanju. Saahil.
Hey, why are you shouting?
Where is Saahil?
And is this the time to come?
- Saahil.
What about Saahil?
- Sanju.
What is this wretch doing here?
- Sanju, I have called him here.
Why have you called him?
And why is this
blood on his mouth?
Sanju, Saahil and
he had a skirmish and..
And what?
- And..
And what?
Sanju, we shouldn't
waste time talking like this.
Come with me.
Hey, shut up!
Don't touch me. Where is Saahil?
Sanju, Saahil is
out of his senses right now.
He has my gun and right
now he has gone to Karan.
Anything can happen.
- Where are they? Come! Quickly!
Ronnie, what are you
doing so late with him?
Come, sit in the car.
- Till the time I don't get my brother,..
..he's not going anywhere.
- Is it so?
I think that you forgot
the thrashing you got that day.
No, I got beaten up for
the sake of my brother that day.
And if I beat up someone today.. will be for
the sake of my brother.
You will hit me?
You will hit me?
You will hit a police man?
A police man?
You will stop me?
- Sanju what are you doing?
- Hey, get aside.
Sanju, listen to me.
What are you doing?
Hey, move aside.
- Leave him, we have to go to Saahil.
Nothing will happen to Saahil.
He will take care of himself.
If I have to take care of anyone,
it's Arjun Rana.
I have to explain
too many things to him.
Sanju, what are you doing?
Arjun Rana will..
What will Arjun Rana do to me?
Will he kill me?
I will expose Karan's
reality to him this time.
Sanju, relax.
Hey, Kadam! You!
Brother, relax.
He has come to speak
to brother Arjun.
Please listen to me, brother Anees.
(Snaps finger)
Get up. Get lost.
I don't want to do anything today.
I am going, Arjun sir, I am going.
I just wanted to tell
you that the last time..
..the poor dwellers
were punished for my actions.
Don't do anything
like that this time.
Because if anything happens
to my Saahil this time..
..then your Karan won't be spared.
You'll hit Karan?
You'll hit my Karan?
You'll hit my Karan?
You'll hit my Karan?
You'll hit my Karan?
You'll hit my Karan?
No brother! No!
- You move aside!
Brother, this poor fellow had come
to beg for his brother's life.
And he said so many things,
overcome with emotions.
Brother, I will tell
you what the truth is.
Just a minute.
Brother, I and Karan
had hid something from you.
You had told Karan
to arrange a party..
..and Karan had called everyone
for that party somewhere else..
..and Bindya to
some other place, alone.
Where he was about
to express his love to her.
Brother, Bindya loves
Saahil and not Karan.
And this is the truth, brother.
(Number dialing)
(Phone ringing)
Pick up the phone.
Please brother, lift the phone.
(Phone ringing)
Please brother.
(Phone ringing)
- (Phone ringing)
Yes, Bindya?
See, Bindya, Solitaire.
- Karan?
You like it don't you?
Don't you like it?
What is this stubbornness?
Have I lied to brother?
No, isn't it?
I have lied to my brother
for the first time in life today.
That you love me.
But I don't want to be proved a
liar in the presence of my brother.
You understand me, don't you?
Don't you understand
what I am saying?
Bindya, I love you very much.
I will love you too much.
I will love you so much that
you will forget that Saahil,..'ll forget him.
But just give me some time.
You want time isn't it?
All right then.
I know that even I
committed some mistakes.
Shall we move,
brother must be waiting for us.
No, let us sit for some time.
I feel a bit better now.
Anees, take the car out.
Let go off the hand.
Enough! Not any longer!
I love Bindya! Why don't
you understand? I love Bindya!
(Phone ringing)
- (Phone ringing)
Bindya, don't be scared,
I will reach very soon.
Nothing will happen to you.
I'll come there and
explain everything to Karan.
I have come to know
that you don't love Karan.
Nothing will happen to you.
Brother has come
to know everything.
He must be coming
here any moment now.
(Police siren wailing)
What are you all doing here?
What the hell are
you all doing here?
Sir.. it was the commissioner's
order, that's why..
Is some terrorist over here?
It is my brother, over there!
C'mon, move back! Back!
I am ready for all this.
- Brother.
What are you doing?
Keep your guns down. Down!
Brother, Saahil is not to be seen.
Brother, Saahil is not to be seen.
Brother, Saahil is not to be seen..
- Sanju!
I am talking to my brother.
Just hold on.
He has killed my Saahil!
- I asked you to hold on.
No! Sanju! Wait!
- Where's my Saahil?
Sanju, no!
- Where's my Saahil?
- Quiet!
You bashed me a lot in the college,
isn't it?
- Did I do anything? No!
Karan.. what..
what is this that you have done?
You, will you fire at me?
Enough! Not today.
Go ahead.
Brother, don't come forward.
No, brother.
Brother, I am asking you,
don't move forward.
Stop, brother.
Brother, don't come forward.
You held high wishes
for my wedding, isn't it?
This is the marriage party
that you have brought for me?
Made it known to everyone, right..
..that I am not your real brother.
I am not going to
listen to anyone today.
Today, only my wish
will be the command.
And Bindya, you.
Even you couldn't understand me!
What was my mistake?
Only that I was late
in expressing my feelings.
When I expressed my heart out..
..all of you came together..
against me.
All of you are liars!
And the biggest among them is you!
Neither will anyone be
able to bash me up today,..
..nor will anyone
claim their rights.
Didn't you hear, what I just said?
You know Karan, you only brag..
..and do nothing in reality.
Saahil, don't come forward.
No, Saahil.
I demand you to stop there itself.
- Saahil!
I will kill you, Saahil!
I will kill you.
Saahil, what is this
that you are doing?
No, Saahil!
If you can take
someone's life in love..
..even I can give my life!
Saahil, no!
I hate you!
I hate you!
I hate you!
- Karan!
- Karan!
What did you do?
Why did you insist on such a thing,
You hit me for the first time..
and finished me off totally.
Nothing will happen to you.
C'mon, get up.
Anish, bring the car.
What are you looking at?
Bring the car. Come on.
Brother.. he..
- What?
- What Karan?
Nothing can happen to you.
'Brother, you are the greatest.'
'Brother, you are the greatest.'
I am not the greatest!
Lord.. your greatness, today.
Make my brother speak something.
Ask him to talk to me.
You are quiet..
..because you think I am wrong.
Isn't it?
Sanju, you tell me..
..your brother wanted to give
up his life because of my brother..
..and that is why you entered
the college and bashed him up.
I didn't do anything.
Because I knew that
my brother was wrong.
Even I, in your place,
would have done the same.
That, which I have done today.
Does that mean that.. I am wrong?
Saahil, he jeered at your love,
in front of the whole college..
..but you continued
to tolerate all that, quietly.
Because you had true
love on your side..
..and he had the might.
Saahil, the power,
that he had wasn't wrong..
..but he used it
in the wrong manner.
And he was doing the same, today.
That's why I was compelled to..
Does that mean..
does that mean that I am wrong?
He knew that you
loved Saahil a lot.
He wanted to become an
obstacle between you both.
Wanted to force his love upon you.
And called you here, by deceit.
Could have done anything.
He lied to me that
you love him a lot.
He fired at Sanju,
was about to fire at me..
..that's why I
was constrained to..
..does that mean, I am wrong?
Why are you all silent?
Why do you all not speak?
Am I wrong?
Baba, you tell me, am I wrong?
I had always wanted to
script his death in my name.
But today, with my own hands..
..but these were your principles.
To stand by truth
and righteousness.
Your principles
continued to live..
..but my brother did not.
My brother did not.
I am wrong.
I am wrong.
I am wrong.
I did not know that our
love will prove so expensive..
..that you will be
required to pay for it.
Please forgive us.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.