Lakeside Murder Case (2004) Movie Script

Fuji Television Presents
A Rumble Fish Production
Raise me a little
Let's go with open eyes
What's on your mind?
Is it your wife?
Your woman's intuition's rusty
I know when you're lying
I was thinking about...
my daughter
Her "entrance exams"?
Yeah, I'm worried
You've still got six months
I know
She's not blood kin but...
you love her, don't you?
I'm jealous!
She'll pass, your daughter
How'd you know?
I know everything about you
Don't talk like that!
Don't worry.
I'm not a home wrecker
It's already wrecked
You take care of your daughter, now
I intend to...
with all my heart
We believe your institution...
will give our son the tools
he needs...
to succeed in a global society:
Knowledge, wisdom, vision,
and the ability to make
his own decisions.
We believe your school to be
in its academic curriculum...
as well as its campus culture...
and tradition of excellence.
We emphasize communication
in our household
Each night at dinner...
we discuss the day's events.
We maintain an open channel
of communication
"NECKLACE" We maintain an
open channel of communication
Our son can come to us with
any problem
It also helps us respond quickly
when problems arise.
I'd like to ask your wife about your
life at home.
What kind of environment do you
try to create for your son?
I try to foster a sense of
I told you not to be late!
Where's your tie?
Sorry, long night at the office.
Is that your excuse?!
I wish you'd take this seriously.
Hi, dad.
Maika! I'm sorry.
Everyone's waiting.
Your tie!
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Shall we begin?
Mr. Tsukumi's training the kids.
How'd you do? I'm Namiki.
Let's get right to
the interview.
Yes, of course?
Mr. Namiki?
Why do you wish your daughter
to attend our school?
It's a basic question.
For its tradition, I suppose.
You suppose?
Yes. Its tradition.
What tradition is that?
Please elaborate,
Mr. Namiki.
I don't know.
Private schools have very
specific principles.
It's vital that guardians
understand them.
These interviews assess
that understanding.
Your answer here is important.
Next question.
You became Maika's father when
she was three, correct?
Did that pose disciplinary
Is that a necessary question?
You should answer all questions
Or you will surely ruin
your daughter's chances.
We'll stop here.
Let's exercise before dinner.
Thank you very much.
Take five minutes to change.
Remove this.
Thank you for coming,
Mr. Namiki.
I'm Fujima.
Namiki. Excuse my tardiness.
My wife and I are at
your disposal.
I'm Kazue.
And I am Sekitani.
I'm Yasuko.
Your wife and I go back to college.
How do you do?
His study retreat should
help our children...
Shubunkan Middle School.
Minako was so pleased to have you
as Maika's father...
Oops, I'm being obnoxious.
Not at all. Thank you.
Oh, I almost forgot!
You have a visitor.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
Ms. Takashima,
what are you doing here?
Ms. Takashima's the photographer
working with me.
My wife.
Mrs. Namiki, I'm deeply indebted
to your husband for the work.
How do you do? I hope he isn't
working you too hard.
Oh, no. In fact,
I've brought him some.
I thought you'd need this.
You shouldn't have gone
to such trouble.
I'm very sorry to intrude.
No, no!
Don't be silly.
Thank you.
Good luck with the retreat.
It surely is beautiful here...
Close by the lake...
Have you seen it yet?
I thought I'd take in the sights.
Why not?
You deserve the break?
Well, good-bye.
Your luggage.
Oh, right!
The three of us in here?!
The kids stay in a separate
By themselves?
Mr. Tsukumi is with them.
Right, you told me.
- Over the phone, remember?
- Right.
- You haven't read this, have you?
- I have.
Please read it.
This is some cottage.
It pays to be a doctor.
I could never be one.
And Mr. Sekitani's in construction?
Must be nice to have wealth
and security.
You ought to be thinking about
I am, believe me.
is all this really necessary?
Excuse me?!
Is this really in Maika's
best interest?
I know you've come
at a busy time,
but, please, try to act like
an interested parent.
What's that supposed to mean?
I'm sorry if that offends you.
I am serious about Maika...
very serious.
Everyone can tell we've
Show some tact!
Why hide the truth?
Because the school frowns
upon it.
Fine, we'll find another school!
It's not worth a big facade.
You're impossible!
Divorce, remarriage, separation...
and then there are your "visions".
It's all been hard on Maika!
And now this elite school pressure?
Poor girl!
I finally want to do something
right by her!
She shouldn't lead a
life like mine.
Has your life been such a failure?!
- No, but...
- I admire you.
I don't regret a thing.
Don't you?!
Then why are we separated?
Because you kept insisting
I was cheating on you.
There you go again,
shifting blame.
Maika and I matter little to you.
Now, just a minute!
Forget it. Maika's my child.
My child only.
I won't take any more of your time.
What's that supposed to mean?
Look, just respect my wishes
while we're here, okay? That's all.
I've got to change.
"Shubunkan Middle School"
I didn't know...
entrance exams had a physical!
"Shubunkan" gauges physical
aptitudes, yes.
It reveals character.
Poor kids...
What about you?
From your greeting I'd say...
you went to a private school.
It wasn't "Shunbunkan", was it?
Damn that girl!
What's she up to?!
What's this?
A school brochure.
I took the photos.
Don't tell me...
your daughter?
It wasn't my idea.
Hey, I'm working!
What's this photo?
What's the meaning of this?
Of what?
Don't tell me that's your wife?!
Please leave a message.
What's wrong?
Barbecue's starting.
What is it?
Is this retreat a drag?
You sound like your mother!
Nothing that involves you is a drag,
Is work okay?
Yes, thank you.
What's this?
Good evening.
Mr. Tsukumi invited her.
She's had experience with
exams like this.
I'm sorry.
I tried to decline.
What for?
The more, the merrier.
Especially a young woman.
That's not what I meant.
Oh, thank you.
It's ready.
Come and get it.
All right!
Everybody, the food's ready!
Shall we go?
Don't be shy.
Go apologize.
All right.
I owe you an apology.
None necessary.
Here, this one's cooked.
Let me relieve you.
I enjoy this.
Could you serve this instead?
Was that good enough?
Give it your best tomorrow.
You've gone to great lengths to
hold this retreat for your children.
Well, it's our kids future...
It's worth the trouble.
Your children are so lucky.
My schooling is what led
to my parents' divorce.
They thought the better the school...
the more happiness it
would bring.
But the costs grew too high.
They fought incessantly.
I eventually dropped out.
It all seems so silly now.
The problem isn't the exam system.
It produces people like Mr. Tsukumi
You graduated top of your class,
And I'm a prep school
instructor now.
A very respectable job.
Only to my pupils' parents.
What about your train,
Ms. Takashina?
She's staying here.
Yes. At the "Lakeside Hotel."
where's the mosquito repellent?
In the garage.
Everyone, the meat's ready.
- I'll serve it.
- Let's all go.
Don't you think it's odd
Mr. Tsukumi invited "her"?
I couldn't agree more.
She's your colleague, right?
Are you okay?
Sure, why?
I mean, with Mom.
Don't worry. We're fine.
Only while we're here, right?
A lot of studying?
I'll manage.
You know, a public school is
perfectly fine by me.
Shh, they'll hear us.
Don't worry about me.
Children, assemble!
Bid goodnight to your parents.
Thank you for dinner.
Good night.
Good night.
Well, good night.
I pity them.
What's with that photo?
It's creepy.
The hotel lounge at 10.
No way!
Thank you very much for your
warm hospitality.
Oh, it was nothing.
Mrs. Namiki.
Thank you.
Take care.
I will.
Good night.
She left without even offering
to clean up.
- Sorry.
- Why are you sorry?
That's enough for tonight.
Thank you very much.
- I made coffee.
- Thank you.
- I have to return to Tokyo.
- Now?
It's urgent,
but I'll be back by morning.
Can't someone cover for you?
I'd wish, believe me.
Well, all right.
I'm terribly sorry.
It can't be helped.
Drive safely.
Thank Mr. Fujima for me.
What's wrong?
Then don't look at me like that.
What is she doing?
Who's this?
Mr. Tsukumi?
Please leave a message.
It's me.
I just got a call from work.
Problem's solved.
I'm on my way back.
Back here?
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
Are you there?
Can you hear me?
Yes. Understood.
See you soon.
I didn't need to return after all.
Is something the matter?
What is this?
See for yourself.
I killed her.
What happened, Minako?
Tell me!
As soon as you left, she called.
She wanted to speak to me alone.
Everyone had gone to bed.
So I agreed.
She insisted I divorce you.
She said that?
So you murdered her?
- Of course not!
- Then why?
She threatened to tell everyone:
Maika, the school...
Before I knew it, I'd hit her.
Your wife came to our room.
We then called Mr. Fujima.
Why don't we sit down?
- I'll make coffee.
- Are you nuts?
What, then?!
Do you have any ideas?
This is your fault, Mr. Namiki.
Take it easy, dear!
Why should I?
This is the result of
their problems.
We now you're separated.
We pretended not to notice.
You have your child to think of.
But to bring your mistress here?!
- I didn't bring her.
- Apologize!
It's okay. Don't, Minako!
I'm at your mercy.
I beg your forgiveness.
Please get off your knees.
Have you called the police?
What's your address here?
Why do you need that for?
To tell the police.
We've thought about that already.
Mr. Namiki, this is our cottage.
Our children came to study.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
A wife kills her husband's lover
at a kids' study camp.
If this gets out,
the press will have a field day!
You realize what that'll do
to the kids?
You're not going to the police?
We have no choice!
No choice?
That's crazy!
- You're the crazy one!
- Take it easy!
We make like nothing happened.
Mrs. Namiki,
you'd confess if put in police custody,
That's why we can't go to them.
A person is dead!
We can't...
It's your wife we're talking
about here!
What about you?
Can you pretend nothing
Can you?
Please, calm down.
She'll need to collect
her thoughts.
we don't have much time.
And we need your cooperation.
Right now,
you need to think about the children.
Can I speak with my wife alone?
They're crazy!
They're definitely crazy!
They've gone completely nuts!
No, it's you who's crazy.
What, are you with them?!
There is no "them".
What about you?
Is bringing your lover here
I promise...
I'll raise Maika until
your return.
She's smart.
She'll understand.
You'll be a devoted father
and husband?
And you'll raise Maika
in my absence?
You're lover dies,
so you just go home?
Now is not the time!
- You were serious about her.
- No!
She didn't want that.
I was planning on ending it.
Oh, I see.
Abandoning her, too?
Not just Maika and me,
but her as well!
And now she's dead for that?
I haven't abandoned you!
Go ask Maika!
"She's smart. She'll understand"?
You don't know a thing
about her!
In the end, it's just about you.
That's all you care about.
But that's okay.
I'm to blame,
for falling for you.
Don't ask to start over.
It won't last.
You're wrong!
I'm the only one who
can raise Maika.
I'm her only parent.
I'm not going to the police.
It'd destroy her.
So you just...
pretend that nothing happened?
Nine years ago...
you made a promise...
to make Maika happy.
Have you forgotten?
What did you say to me earlier?
What are you talking about?
Look at me!
You told me not to look at you
"that way".
You never feared my look before!
This isn't the time!
Yes, it is!
It's all related.
You've changed,
but Maika and I haven't.
That won't change!
So I won't be arrested.
It'd ruin Maika's life.
We need a decision soon.
Now that we're together in this...
let's dispose of the body.
What do you mean by "dispose"?
Get rid of it.
But what if we're seen?
Precisely why we must be careful.
Without a body,
there's no murder.
But if found,
can't it be identified?
And traced back to Mr. Namiki?
We make sure that if found,
it can't be identified.
By destroying the face,
fingerprints and teeth.
What about DNA testing?
Wouldn't that identify the body
regardless of its condition?
DNA testing is only conducted...
when there's already an idea
as to its identity.
It's of little use without clues.
But the point is to make sure
the body is never found.
Just dig a hole and burry her?
We couldn't dig one safe enough.
Listen to the construction man.
I'm not in the field.
Excuse me.
So what do we do?
We go the surest and
easiest route.
You mean... the lake?
At this hour?
No one will be out.
We'll have to tie some heavy stones
to the body.
Mr. Sekitani,
you and I will collect some.
In the meantime, Mr. Namiki,
wrap the body so it can be easily carried.
This blanket could leave a clue.
The plastic tablecloth.
Wrap the body in that.
Let's hurry!
Are you okay?
Stop staring!
Okay, here.
Are we ready?
Why our car?
Because of the flatbed.
Takuya sleeps here!
So we'll sell it,
or have it purified.
- Ready?
- Yes.
Don't forget this.
Face, teeth and fingerprints?
Clothes and accessories, too.
We strip her?
To be safe, yes.
- Wait! Wait!
- What?
Is that necessary?
Think of her as a mannequin.
We'll burn those later.
Lend me your lighter.
We must hurry, so I'll do it.
Mr. Namiki, teeth and face?
Okay, leave it to me.
Would you like a last look?
- Okay?
- Yes.
You'd better turn away.
Okay, that's fine.
Give me hand.
Light, please.
Here, too.
Okay, we're set.
Mr. Sekitani, wait in the car.
- Do you have your cell phone?
- Yes.
Call us if you have to.
We can come ashore elsewhere,
if we have to.
Let's go.
Where to?
The middle should be deepest.
It's too dark to tell.
Just get close.
What're we doing?
try not to think about it.
This is a very serious matter.
Yes it is.
There's no turning back.
It's too late to reconsider.
How would you explain...
a naked body, pulverized face
and burnt fingertips?
I can understand your sympathy
for this woman.
But, please, try to forget her.
Here's fine.
He can't possibly see us.
All right...
Rise slowly
or we'll tip the boat.
Hold it!
That could have sent us
It's stuck.
The lighter.
Try again.
Careful! Don't make a sound.
Let's go home.
I dropped something.
My lighter.
Is it special?
My initials are on it.
There's nothing we can do.
Let's return.
Yes, you're right.
Don't tell anyone about this.
Of course... sorry.
- Anything out of the ordinary?
- That car startled me but...
Everything went all right?
Thank you.
Hold it.
We'll need this.
Her hotel room key.
We need to have her checkout
tomorrow morning.
Ms. Takashina.
Otherwise she'll be reported missing.
She needs to return to Tokyo.
We'll make it look that way.
Pretend to be her?
- Mrs. Namiki?
- I'll go.
That's ok. I'll do it.
Thank you, Yasuko.
The front desk should be closed now.
Go into her room and
pack her things.
When you checkout,
bring her bags to me and Mr. Namiki.
We'll take them to her home
in Tokyo.
Mr. Namiki, do you know where she lives?
And you have a key?
Afterwards, Mrs. Namiki,
return here.
Yes, but what
if I'm not here tomorrow morning...
We'll just say you're not feeling well.
Around noon, Mr. Namiki and I will say
we're going out to buy groceries.
Is that really necessary?
Is what necessary?
What's excessive?
Going to her apartment in Tokyo.
I repeat.
Ms. Takashina can't go missing here.
She must return to her home
in Tokyo...
and leave her things there.
That puts us in the clear.
Then I'll go alone.
Two people reduce the risk
of an oversight.
Mr. Namiki,
there's no room for argument.
Please drive your wife to the hotel.
That attached to her things?
Don't start.
I'm an accomplice now.
If I hadn't killed her...
you'd be lying with her now.
Don't be ridiculous.
Your "urgent business" was an
invitation from her.
You didn't fool me.
Did she say she invited me?
I forgot.
We were both pretty excited.
Had she been drinking?
She must have,
to have come see you.
She probably had.
Could you go now?
It'll dawn in a couple of hours.
I'll wait in the parking lot.
You said I've changed.
But so have you
Your eyes have changed.
Perhaps you're right.
Did you see my death?
I can't see that far.
Then what?
You wouldn't believe me.
Then I guess we'll never truly be
husband and wife.
We'll end without even having
achieved that.
Welcome back.
Any problems?
We restrict drinking to dinner
we'll make an exception.
Mr. Namiki?
What was she like?
Personally, I find your wife
a far more attractive woman.
But you chose Ms. Takashina.
What made her special?
It was her youth, wasn't it?
How can you ask that?
I'm not going to answer that.
Please do.
I had to destroy her face.
That doesn't matter.
Mr. Namiki.
Mr. Namiki?
I won't be able to sleep either,
you know.
But it's strange though.
Our conscience doesn't bother us
when we kill a fly or a cockroach.
Did her life have meaning?
can you hear yourself?
I'm just trying to kill time.
Good night.
Well, let's eat.
Where's mother?
She's in her room.
She's not feeling well.
She's just a bit tired.
Give her some time to rest.
All right.
Maika, you're breakfast.
Tell her to take it easy.
She's a wonderful child.
Even we feel proud of her.
You must feel especially so.
With you laying the rails...
she should go far in life.
For her sake...
let's see this through,
all right?
What's he doing?
Well, we're off.
After dinner,
we'll hold a parent interview.
Do you have everything?
Yes, I have.
You left no traces?
I was very careful.
What did that porter say to you?
He offered to call a taxi.
I said I wanted to see the lake.
Wundebar... Wonderful.
Take care now.
I will.
We have to determine exactly
what we can and can't reveal.
She said she came to deliver
you some work.
But that was a lie.
She came to see you, right?
This is important.
Please answer truthfully.
It seems so.
That means she probably didn't tell
anyone at work she was coming.
Deny seeing her.
Won't that raise suspicion?
You two were having
an illicit affair.
Lying is natural.
Confess to it only if...
the police find out
she came up to the lake.
You met her in secret.
But she returned to Tokyo
You don't miss a thing,
don't you?
I'm a surgeon.
Why'd you kill her?
I told you.
She threatened to talk
about your affair.
I just can't believe you'd
kill for that.
There are plenty of other
junior schools.
Can this be that important?
It is important.
So important you'd do anything?
It's not you everyone's
It's someone else.
What are you saying?
Why did she have these?
I don't know.
She was killed because of these,
wasn't she?
I killed her.
Mr. Tsukumi killed her.
You've all been bribing him,
haven't you?
I killed her!
Please sit down.
May I speak to you in private?
Not here. Outside.
I assume you know what's
been going on here.
What do you mean?
Takashina Eriko's death.
Her murder...
by you.
She threatened to expose
your receiving payoffs.
Didn't she?
That's why she came here.
So you killed her.
And my wife covered for you.
No, not just my wife.
Everyone covered for you...
in exchange for...
guaranteed school entry.
It was easier to make it look
like my wife did it.
And I'd have to cooperate.
Is that basically right?
I've no idea what you're
talking about.
Dad, your food's getting cold.
I'll be right in.
I'll pretend this conversation
didn't take place.
I know what you've been up to.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
I didn't fancy myself an hero.
But you're an educator!
Take a five minutes break, kids!
I'm just a prep school instructor.
That's your excuse?
See it as you please.
How pitiful.
Is it money?
I want to tell you something.
I'm sure you know this but...
I'm the man your parents hired
to get you into Shubunkan.
That much is true.
no one know you better than I.
I know how much you love
your parents.
I know the pressure you feel trying to
live up to to their expectations.
Believe me, I know.
I went through the same thing.
But as long as I'm here,
you needn't worry.
I exist for you.
Let me ask you a basic question,
Mr. Namiki.
What do you think of the entrance
exam system?
I don't oppose it,
but I have my doubts.
What kind of doubts?
About parents deciding what's
best for their kids.
You're saying that kids should
decide for themselves?
Essentially, yes.
What do you all think of
Mr. Namiki's views?
I oppose it, of course.
Children hate to study,
Mr. Namiki.
If left to them,
they'd choose the easiest way.
So, instead,
we subject them to exam hell?
Children should be allowed
the freedom to grow.
Completion is healthy.
It's what our society
is based upon.
Yes, they should have freedom.
But they also have to learn the joy
of winning from an early age.
Is that so?
I don't think I've ever felt
"the joy of winning."
I just recall the faces of those that
lost, including mine.
The pain.
A person can survive and thrive
outside of competition.
What crap! The point is to enable
our kids to handle competition.
I'd prefer a world that doesn't
divide people...
into winners and losers...
at least for my daughter.
Mr. Namiki.
That's an admirable idea.
I agree with it.
But that's a world we will not see.
At least not now.
Right now, you should try to work
alongside the others.
Work alongside the others?
Even if it means killing someone over
an entrance exam?
Mr. Namiki.
I hesitated in front of the children.
But I have a question
for all of you.
A few moments ago I suspected you all
for covering up for Mr. Tsukkumi.
But that's not quite right.
The cover-up itself is suspicious.
It seems you all are guilty.
You all conspired to kill Eriko.
Mr. Fujima?
You were out when I left
the cottage last night.
Where were you?
I get it.
You are all each other's alibi.
Right, Mr. Sekitani?
How dare you say that to people
trying to save your wife?
Forget it,
he'll never understand!
One more question.
Where did the murder happen?
I'd almost forgotten.
When I was wrapping Eriko's body...
I found dirt under her fingernails.
You say you killed her, Minako.
How do you then explain her
dirty fingernails?
Don't you find that odd?
She wasn't killed here, was she?
Maybe at some rendezvous
point by the lake.
Mr. Tsukumi?
Why do you ask me?
Don't play dumb!
That isn't my intention.
You saw the photos!
All right.
Mr. Tsukumi? Mrs. Namiki?
It's time we told him the truth.
Damn right.
So I'm correct.
It was you, right?
Was it or wasn't it?
I didn't kill her.
Let me ask you a question.
Say your child committed murder.
Would you report it?
Or conceal it?
Have you noticed the kids' expressions
earlier on?
Have you sensed anything?
That's absurd!
That was the same reaction
we all had.
That's impossible.
Was it Maika?
Are you saying Maika did it?
Mr. Namiki.
It's clear to everyone you love
your daughter.
Truth is, real parents...
can't help but love their children.
They'd do anything for them.
Ms. Takashina did threaten me.
But not about guaranteeing entry.
I don't have that kind of power.
What then?
The exam questions.
Ms. Takashina found I had them.
This explains the dirt, Mr. Namiki.
We were to meet not
far from here.
I told Mr. Fujima about
the threat...
and arrived at the appointed meeting
place a few minutes late.
Mr. Tsukumi?
I'll call the police!
Mrs. Namiki...
would you summon Mr. Fujimia?
After that,
we all brought the body here.
I and Mr. Sekitani...
cleaned up all of the footprints.
Oh, God! There!
We regret making your wife
take the blame.
I volunteered.
That woman came because of you!
Which child was it?
- Which child killed her?
- Stop it!
They all wore the same shoes.
There were many footprints.
We went over it again and again.
But we came to no conclusion.
Everyone wants to believe
their child is different!
It might've been one...
or all three of them.
Are you saying they killed
her together?
I'm saying...
it's possible.
What motive would they have?
You're not likely to find one
with children.
But it's possible they
overheard me and Ms. Takashina.
And viewed her as a threat.
Come on!
Children are capable of...
Don't be stupid!
Don't you understand anything?!
Children grow up watching
their parents.
Your children are very capable
of killing a person.
Especially if they were
raised by...
selfish, cowardly, greedy parents
like yourselves.
Your kids saw it long ago.
What? Saw what?
How ugly and pathetic doting
parents can be.
Mr. Tsukumi.
You are going too far.
I remember how it was.
And so did Ms. Takashina.
She was right in trying to stop
what we were doing.
She was better than us.
Mr. Tsukumi?
Do you resent your parents?
Is that whom we've entrusted
our own children to?
I don't resent them.
I don't hate my own parents.
I'm saddened by them.
I can't forget the pity they
made me feel.
You remember,
don't you, Mr. Fujima?
That feeling of pity.
And the rest of you?
I know you all felt it.
I guess I'd forgotten.
That's all.
What do you say, Mr. Namiki?
That's why...
I vowed to be different!
That's all I have to say.
If all of you are still together
on this...
then I've got work to do
with the children.
I'm a professional.
Tomorrow starts early.
Good night.
Will you join us in putting this
incident behind us?
You mean just forget it?
Should we forget it?
As parents,
shouldn't we try to understand?
I don't understand.
Me neither.
I can't understand...
my own child.
We, too, have tried hard
to understand our child.
And we've come to the conclusion
we cannot.
So you just give up?!
Who's giving up?
That's what a real parent does!
You don't know how lucky
you are!
Mr. Namiki...
if our child did it...
we'd still love him.
We're all they have for protection.
Mr. Namiki.
We're asking you to be
a parent like us.
We may appear crazy to you...
but, to protect our home and children,
we've no choice.
It's easy to judge someone
else's child.
But to let yours be criminalized,
confined to a penitentiary,
just isn't a parent!
If you could...
understand how we feel...
you'd know real fatherhood.
We may be the ugly parents Mr. Tsukumi
was talking about
We may be a disappointment
to our kids.
But that ugliness, then...
is something we have to bear!
We lay the foundations for our
children's happiness.
We don't care how dirty
we get in doing so!
I mean...
Mrs. Namiki.
When you met with Mr. Tsukumi...
where were you heading?
To a hotel, right?
I said initially you couldn't
be trusted.
But then your wife said that,
if she took the blame,
that might bring you back
as a true father.
Mr. Namiki.
Your wife loves you.
Your daughter loves you.
I need to be alone.
Okay, see you later.
Give my love to Dad.
Sorry it's so early.
I understand.
Did I wake you?
When did you get back?
A moment ago.
Was that your mother?
I was thinking at the
same thing.
You beat me to it.
Go ahead.
You doing it is enough.
when we first met?
You said you could see the future.
You remember?
And I said:
"So that's why you have..."
"such beautiful eyes."
You do remember...
Can you see Maika's future?
My future?
Your future?
Do we work it out?
The future...
is found...
inside of us.
Just need to build it?
"We believe your institution will give
our daughter..."
"the tools she'll need to succeed
in a global society..."
"armed with knowledge,
wisdom, vision..."
"the flexibility..."
"and the ability to make her
own decisions."
MAKINO Arisa, MURATA Shouhei
BABA Makoto
Executive Producers: KAMEYAMA Chihiro
TAKUMA Akifumi, KOIWAI Hiroyoshi
Produced by SENTO Takenori
Music Producer MATSUO Kiyoshi
Associate Producer SATO Kumi
Based on the novel "Lake Side"
Written by FUKASAWA Masaki
Photographers: TAMRA Masaki
IKEUCHI Yoshihiro
Lighting NAKAMURA Yuki
Sound KIKUCHI Noboyuki
Production Designer
SIMIZU Takeshi
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Wardrobe Stylist for a leading actress
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SUGIYAMA Yoshikazu
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Directed by AOYAMA Shinji