Lakshya (2004) Movie Script

Good Lt. Karan Shergill
- y es sir
Welcome to 3 Punjab
You've been assigned to him
- Yes sir
Are his quarters ready?
- Yes sir - Good
You have to report to
the regiment CO right away
Come with me
- Yes sir
Come in
Wait here
- Yes sir
Sir, Lt. Shergill is outside
March him in
Lt. Shergill, march in
Carry on Sathish
Lt. Shergill reporting sir
At ease
Karan, come here
What do you think...
is this frame straight?
Does the frame look straight?
Sir, it's a bit...
With your permission sir
- Yes... yes.
Now it's straight, sir
Things don't feel right
unless they're perfect
Karan Shergill
- Sir
Be at the mess by 1900 hrs,
the officers will be there
- Yes sir
Carry on
Maj. Kaushal verma
We heard you were coming today
Through the IMA?
- Yes sir
Is Lt. Col pratap Singh
still at the Academy? - Yes sir
He's an old friend...
pratap "Discipline" Singh!
Akbar... Mishra... come here
Morning sir
- Morning boys
Meet Lt. Karan Shergill
- Sir - Hi - Hi
Meet Capt. Jalal Akbar
He's from the IMA too
Which course, sir?
91 course NDA, 100 course IMA
This is Capt. Sudhir Mishra
He's a doctor
You're getting very fit
these days, doc?
Jogging a lot!
Sir, I worry about Akbar
Won't he need a doctor
if he faints en-route?
Your bag is kept inside
Go, have a look
At what?
- The bag or the room?
The room of-course!!
He must have seen his bag before
You go ahead, Karan
These two are always at it
Right sir
- See you
Now, the front will become exciting
When is the Bachelors party?
Whenever you want, sir
- How about tonight?
Hey Karan, Good evening,
come on in
Good evening sir
- Hi
Meet Capt. Manjit Dhingra
Hello, nice to meet you
- Nice to meet you
Lt. Vishal Srivatsav
and Capt. Ramanna
My God! Did you guys see that?
Ramanna actually smiled!
Didn't say much as usual
but smile he did!
Excuse me sir
- Yeah... yeah
Meet Maj. Binod Sengupta
Hello sir
- Hello Karan
And this is...
- We've already met, sir
Akbar, you're going
to post 21 tomorrow?
Yes sir
I want the Operation Log and
analysis by tomorrow evening
Right sir
Take Karan along with you
It's time you saw what
you've been sent here to defend
Yes sir
Come on
Take it
- Thank you sir
You see that
These trophies, medals, certificates
They were won in different
battles, on different fronts
by the brave officers and
men of this regiment
Sometimes at the cost of their lives
This regiment has always
given the nation and its army
news of success and victory
from this moment on,
you are a part of it's legacy
these trophies belong to you too
It is your duty to preserve
their honor and dignity
And to help you do that
you have the blessings and
faith of a billion people
A billion people...
who trust us to stay awake
so they may sleep
This trust is a great
honor and a great responsibility
You understand
- Yes sir
Cheers gentlemen
- Cheers sir
Hey, buck up
To the net! Get to the net!
Hey come on
...get upto the net! Not under it!
What's the score?
Is anyone winning?
Good morning sir
- Hey, morning
Shall I put your clothes in the room?
Yes and... keep the keys with you
- No
Girl friend?
- I don't know Shall we go, sir?
Sure, let's go
Good morning Sir!
- You go ahead
Aren't you playing today?
No, pritam Singh, Sahib
Karan, this is Sgt. Maj. Pritam Singh,
he is Lt. Shergill
Welcome, sir
pritam Singh is a very good man
and a respected veteran
It's officers like you
that have taught me all I know
We should get going now
Hail India (jai Hind)
- Jai Hind
This is the last Indian village
before the Line of Control
Soopra village
- Hello
Where are you from?
The Capital
I'm from Maliyabad
Ever heard of it?
- Yes, sir
When was that?
Just now sir, from you!
This highway goes along
the river from Srinagar to Leh
It's the only link
between Kashmir and Ladakh
You see those mountains?
The LOC is behind that range
and across it are pakistani posts
You'll see it today
Everything okay here?
- Yes, sir. Nothing to worry
Where's Capt. Ravindran?
- In the bunker, sir
Allright, carry on
Do you see the pakistani
post over there?
Wow! Unbelievable
That pillar marks the LOC
and from here to there
is no man's land...
Not ours Not theirs
Even so, we exchange
fire almost every day
If there's firing
we also retaliate
That's amazing
It's like I've always known,
but somehow...
I've never felt this Indian before
I'm an Indian
I still remember seeing
these borders for the first time
I understand how you must feel
Come, let's go
I have been moved by
the affection and hospitality...
...extended to me...
...and the delegation
of eminent persons...
...who accompanied me
jammu and Kashmir is one
of the issues...
...we are discussing...
...within the framework of
our composite dialogue
You were watching our live
telecast from the Wagah border
This is a historic day
Today, India and pakistan
can hope that these steps...
will bridge the distance
that has long divided us
Stay tuned for the news
in English, Thank you
Out. - Guruvindhar, was that okay?
- Perfect
Romila, call for you
Thank you
Hi Rajiv, tell me?
I've to read the news at 8,
lets meet after that
Okay, bye
This must be special
- What do you mean?
I mean, we met by chance
kept running into each other
and now we're more than good friends
There must be something special
- perhaps
How about getting married?
What do you think?
Rajiv, its very sweet of you
We're friends, why not
leave it at that?
Do you plan on marrying
someone you hate?
Look, it's not like you
don't know me or don't like me...
I hope
- Of course I like you
You know it
Then what's the problem?
I haven't thought about marriage
So give it a thought now
Okay, say you'll think of it
Or is it asking too much?
No, it's not that
I'll think about it
Hi mom
When did you come?
- A little while ago
- I've eaten
What're you reading?
Have a lecture at 9 tomorrow,
just making some notes
Rajiv asked me to marry him
What did you say?
What should I have said?
I think... whatever it was
you and Karan shared's in the past?
It's something like that
What do you think?
You can't spend the
rest of your life in mourning
That's true but...
But what?
Come on! Come on
Good shot
Well done Karan! Well done
Come on! Come on
Hello sir
- Hi Karan
You see that?
The snow is melting
Summer is here
How cold does it get
up there in winter, sir?
Minus forty degree, minus fifty degree
- Really
Yes, it's difficult to stay up there
Both, the pakistanis and
we vacate our posts in winter
It's like a gentleman's pact
that neither of us will
take advantage of this
Once the weather changes,
we man our posts again
I'd like to go there, sir
Someday you'll have to
- Check
Sure you aren't a cousin of our
Grandmaster vishwanath Anand?!
Good morning sir
- Hey morning
Why not?
Ashok, another cup please?
- Yes, sir
from home
Do you like mangoes?
- Sir?
I like them
Ever eaten mangoes from Maliyabad?
I will if you get them, sir
The fun lies in eating
them fresh at the orchard
Hey, Mishra!
Want to come home and eat
mangoes next season?
You plan this every year
but never take me there!
I wonder if he really has
any orchards at all!
Come on! It's your move
- Again?!
Why don't you...
Hey Karan...
Isn't she the girl whose
picture is in your wallet?
What happened? A tiff?
Excuse me sir
Hey Rajiv
- Hi brother
What's up?
Where you coming from?
Where's Romi?
She's busy preparing
for tomorrow's protest march
protest match? Again!?
Okay friends, the pamphlets are here
Now our volunteers must be at
every gate by 7 in the morning
- We'll be there
Every student should
be given one, Okay?
And please ask them to read it
pamphlets are meant to be read
Is this poster okay?
Where are the Hindi posters?
Almost complete Don't worry
Okay I'm going home
Call me if you need anything
Or tomorrow at 7 A. M, okay?
Hi Karan
What's going on?
Preparation for the march
put up posters opposite
the vice Chancellor's office...
...this very night, okay?
No more of the vice
Chancellor's dictatorship!
No more! No more!
Uncle, be honest...
Are all these rallies and
demonstrations of any use?
Everyone has a right
to speak out in a democracy
But you shouldn't disrupt
law and order
Law and order? Hello aunty!
Hello Karan?
- How are you?
I am fine!
Where's Romi?
- In her room, Aunty
Sit please
The police resorted to using
water cannons at the last rally
Water cannons! She was lucky to
get away... or else she'd be in jail
Like mother like daughter!
I remember being arrested
in my student years
Aunty! Under arrest!!
- Yes?
I'm going to the
India International Centre
Okay - Bye... bye Karan
- Bye aunty - Bye
So tell me, what are your plans?
I'm going home right now
Then I'm meeting
my friends this evening...
I don't mean your agenda for today
I'm talking about life
You mean life!
Right uncle! It's worth a thought
You know...
Whatever you do in life,
it's very important to do it well
You can become a scientist...
but what's the use
if you aren't a good scientist?
Mow lawns, if thats
what you want to do
as long as you do it well
Do you agree?
You're right, uncle
Anyway, I should get going
Aren't you waiting for Romi?
No problem! I'll call her later
Has Karan gone?
- Yes, he had to leave
That boy is very confused
That's his only problem, papa
He just can't decide
what he wants to do
His life doesn't have...
what's it called...?
An objective
Thats it! Objective!
He has no real objective
But wait and watch,
the day he finds his calling'll see how far he goes
Your juice, sir
Switch on the geyser, will you?
Do meet them
they're good people
You're in philadelphia
now and they are too
Sridhar, breakfast
- Don't mix them!
Put the clean ones aside!
You're mixing them again!!
You should keep in touch
with family friends, son
Is that Udesh? Give me
the phone, please
You've know them
since you were a child
just a second, mom!
It's important give it to me
- Mom
Here! Just speak to Karan first!
Udesh! Can you check if the
jurassic park DvD is available
just check! It must be
just courier it to me,
okay, talk to mom
Hold on, Udesh... please
go speak to your father
About what?!
He wants to speak to you
About what?!!
Hi dad
- Hi
You haven't gone to the office today?
I usually don't on Sunday's
Oh! Is it Sunday?
How would you know?
Sunday, Monday,
it's all the same to you!
Are you going to do
anything in life?
Of course I will, dad
But whatever I do, it's very
important to do it well
I could become a scientist...
but what's the use if
I'm not a good scientist?
Mow lawns, if thats
what I want to do
as long as I do it well
That's what I feel about life
That's good
But just thinking won't help,
you have to do things
Udesh is just two years
elder to you, look at him!
Parvesh, tell me something
parents, especially fathers...
Why do they always
ask the same thing?
What do you want to be?
What do you want to do?
Isn't there any other topic?
Who'll ask, if not fathers?
Mine is reverse!
I've told my parents I'm doing hotel
management before they could ask me
Girls have become
very sensible today!
Look at Romi!
She's been clear about wanting
to be a journalist all along
please, her father's the editor
of a leading daily
What problem would
she have becoming a journalist!?
What're you saying?
Whatever Romi decides
to do, she will do well
She's really different
and really smart
How could I forget who I'm talking to!?
I'm sorry lover boy
Romi is a genius!
Guess what, guys?
I haven't told my parents
yet but I've decided
- Army
You! Join the army! You'll be
court-martialed the first day!
Ever woken up before noon?
I will when I need to!
Why should I for no reason!
You want to be an engineer
Did I ever say you won't make it?
Calm down!
Why are you over reacting?
Because you always put me down
But think about it,
buddy Army life isn't easy
Nothing is easy in the world
But I've decided and
that's that! I'm joining the army
I feel my country needs me!
Aren't Army uniforms
the smartest, Ashu?
You guys are giving me a complex!
You're joining the army,
you engineering...
you, hotel management
I'm the only one left!
Sometimes I think I'll do
this, sometimes that!
Why am I like this?
Why am I like this?
Why am I the way I am?
When did I ever know
what I am supposed to do?
Looks like I'll be singing
this song all my life
What will happen to me?
Will someone please tell me?
Why is it so difficult?
Will someone help me understand?
Why am I like this?
Why am I the way I am?
Now I feel like doing this,
but then again it's that
But why? I just don't know...
What it is that I must do!
What now looks clear and simple...
Tomorrow will seem all twisted
I feel like my life is...
- Completely upside down!
Will I ever change?
Will I ever believe?
Will I ever improve?
I don't know if I will
What's to become of me now?
What do you think?
What's to become of me now?
Will I just remain the way I am?
When did I ever know
what I am supposed to do?
Looks like I'll be singing
this song all my life
What will happen to me?
Will someone please tell me?
Why is it so difficult?
Will someone help me understand?
Why am I like this?
It's just the way I am!
I don't know why
you are the way you are
You think about it
Don't you get bored?
Where's the time to get bored?
There's so much going on
in the world...
...if a person is interested,
how can he get bored!!
Yeah I know
You are right
How come a girl like you
is into someone like me?
Why do you love me?
You want to be praised, is it?
I've never seen you
behave small or petty
I've never heard
you talk badly of someone
I respect that about you
I like that
- Really?
You're a good, big hearted person
that's why I love you
Know what I think?
You're not too bad yourself!
Shut up Karan
Your juice, sir
Switch on the geyser, will you?
- Yes
Hello Aunty! Is parvesh home?
What happened?
Romi, you always
say that I keep drifting
That my life lacks a...
An objective
The world is objective
- Exactly
Objective! Now listen...
It's all clear to me now
I'm joining the army
You will join the army!?
Are you serious?
Romi, I've decided and that's that!
I'm joining the army!
I feel my country needs me
We all must do something
for our country
But when do we ever
realise our responsibility!
I have realised it!
The IMA is in Dehradun
Indian Military Academy
I have filled out the form
There's a written exam first...
If I pass, there'll be an
interview and a medical test
I'm sure to be selected
By the way, guess
who's coming with me?
I'm really stressed, man!
Remember we had applied
to IMA last month?
Yes, so?
I got the letter today, for
the exam, didn't you get it?
Maybe, I'll check at home, why?
I don't want to go!
Don't want to go!!!
What are you saying?
I applied because of you
I told you, this guy in the army?
He gets up at noon!
That's not the point!
My dad told me...
If I do an MBA from any
American university...
...I can get a job the
very next day in the U.S.
I can't believe you're off
to the U.S. Now!
What'll I do alone in the army?
Man! He's so unreliable!
Tell me something...
How many years does
it take to an MBA in America?
What is this?
What is this?
Did you apply to the IMA?
Are you planning to
sit for the exam?
Actually parvesh and...
Did you ask us before
making this decision?
Answer me! Did you ask
me or your mother?
You've lost your mind!
Think you can do
whatever you feel like?
Not in this house!
You better understand that!
But Daddy, what have I...
- Shut up
I've had enough!
Shalini, it's all our fault
He gets whatever he wants!
I'm here to earn the money!!
Where's the need for
him to do anything?
Apart from his regular nonsense
Now see this...
he wants to join the army!
Karan, look at me...
You will do as I say
Understand that! You will
do exactly as I say!
Enough is enough
He's very upset
What's gotten into you!
Just see how Udesh...
please mummy, I am not Udesh!
Karan, don't feel so bad yeah
parents say things they
shouldn't when they're upset
But they don't really mean it
How do I know that?
I hear what you say...
and I see what you do
Do you remember how in school...
...both your parents
would come on parents Day
My mom would, but did you
even once see my Dad?
You will do as I say!
...sorry, but I won't!
I want to join the army and I will!!
If you're serious,
then don't listen to anybody
Do what your heart tells you
But if you're being
stubborn or egoistic
because your father
has said not to
then this would be a wrong decision
No, Romi, it's not about
being stubborn or egoistic
I want to join the army
So! It's decided then
Now cheer up
Come on... come on...
My God! I never knew you could get
so angry!
I am really scared now
How did it go?
Romi, I'm sad I can't
show you my papers
There's just one fear
What's that?
I hope they don't think
I've copied everything
...because every answer
is just perfect!
Very good
Now that it's clear
what my future is...
other thoughts are
brewing in my mind
Like what?
Like, in a couple of years I'll have to
get married... So what do you say?
About what?
About marriage!
Karan, I knew that someday
we'd discuss marriage
But I never thought you'd
say it in this manner!
How should I say it?
I mean...
Can't you be more romantic?
I see
So you'd like me to...
...get you flowers...
...gaze into your eyes and say...
Don't be stupid
I didn't say that
But it could've been
said in a nicer way - Really!
If I say that I'm in love with you
you are my only desire
what will you say?
If I say that I'm in love with you
you are my only desire
what will you say?
I will say...
that if you had said it
with a little more panache
and a little more charm
It would be nice
If I say
that you are as fresh
as morning dew
Your lips as luscious
as flower petals...
Your eyes twinkle like fireflies...
that my heart beats faster
when I think of you...
If I say
If I say
that the moon is pale in
comparison to your beauty
What will you say?
I will say...
please don't compare
me to the moon
it has many blemishes
And not a flower either
they wither and wilt
As for fireflies... they just
vanish without a trace
If you'd stop using cliche's
and say it in a style
unique and original
and with a little more charm
It would be nice
If I say that I'm in love with you
you are my only desire
what will you say?
If I say
you have confused
me with your answers
How should I say
what I have to say?
Nothing I say seems to please you
Because I think you
don't even believe me!
If I say
If I say
Why is it that you don't know...
...that you already have my love?
I will say...
My heart does say
we are meant to be together
If we truly feel it
in both our hearts
then words don't matter
Don't worry, Shalini,
let him go if he wants!
He'll be back in no time,
i'm absolutely sure of it
But I'm really amazed
that he got selected!
Gentlemen Cadets...
I, Adjutant of the I.M. A,
Lt. Col. Pratap Singh...
...welcome you to the academy
Today, you are
stepping into a new life
And I expect, that with
every passing day... will prove worthy of
this great institution
Know that you are here
because you are special
The Indian Military Academy
is a great institution
...who's commitment cannot
be praised in just words
first, our country...
second, the army...
then, his unit
and finally, concern for himself...
...that is the trademark of
an I.M. A trained officer
Gentlemen cadets you must preserve
the honor and traditions of IMA
So, good luck to all of you
Gentlemen, there are three basic
rules in handling a weapon
One, a strong grip
Two, a focussed mind
Three, precise trigger operation
You will now learn how
to acquire a strong grip
Karan shergill
- Yes, Sergeant
Detail, get ready to charge!
Detail, get ready to charge!
What's the matter?
Where's your energy?
Didn't your mother feed you?
You need to have fire in the belly!
Move out of line and
watch the others
Come on, move fast
Detail, get ready to charge
Why're you scared?
He's getting nervous for
no reason, it's very easy
You're next, we'll see
All right, Rakesh my boy!
I'll wave to you from the top
very bad fail
You had to do it in a minute, next!
Go up, cross and jump,
all in a minute! - Sir
Make it fast
- Yes, sir?
All well?
- Under control, sir
Good carry on
- Yes sir
Gentleman cadet Karan Shergill
- Yes sir
You fell because you
were not concentrating
Do you think you can get away
for lack of discipline? - No sir
You shall be punished!
- Yes sir
You will crawl in that trench,
no stopping till I say so!
Now, go
You guys think it's a joke!
How do you like
the taste of mud, eh?
Don't get up, go again
Move it! Fast!
Hands low G.C.!!
It's not easy becoming
an officer, is it?
Come on, hurry up!
Don't get up
Hurry up
Come on
Hurry up
Come on, move
Don't get up you will
stay on your knees all day
Is that understood?
- Yes sir
What are you thinking?
- Nothing much
Let it go, man!
It was just bad luck the
Company Commander came by
And you did give him
reason to punish you
Now forget everything
and get some sleep
Tomorrow is a fresh start
Don't give anyone
a chance to punish you
Okay? See you in the morning
- Good night
Karan, Saket said goodnight,
at least wish him!
Good night
Did you get into a fight there?
No... I just...
Sit down
Whatever I have earned, acquired...
All that I have...
who do you think it's for?
What did he bring with him?
My entire family stayed
in one small room
When I grew up, I'd hear of
the house we had in Lahore...
...the status our family had...
This would pierce
my heart like an arrow
I vowed that...
I would restore the family
position to what it once was
And I succeeded
But my father didn't live to see this
Now all I have is my family
and if you have no respect
for what I have done
then all my effort
has been in vain
You must help him, son
Start going to the office
from tomorrow, okay?
All right, go
Didn't I tell you he'll
be back in no time
I know him Shalini,
he's good for nothing
Let it be now
At least he's back
Only you expect anything from him
I fail to understand...
Why Karan can't be more like Udesh
What's this?
You arrived yesterday
but called me today!
Nice hair style
Anyway, how long are you here for?
I'm not going back
- What do you mean?
You ran away, didn't you!?
For once you had made
your own decision
only to be defeated
in a few days
Your parents were upset
But you said "It's my life,
I'll decide what I want"
Is this what you decided?
I can understand
you're annoyed, but...
What do you understand, Karan?
Remember, it was here that
you said... you wanted to marry me
perhaps even that decision
has changed!
What are you saying, Romi!
- What should I say!?
When someone can't respect
himself or his own decision...
How can I expect him to respect me?
Please listen to...
- Don't touch me
I don't think I ever
want to meet you again
You accept that you have done wrong
You accept that you have
disgraced this institution
please answer yes or no?
- Yes sir
Are you ready for any punishment
given to you? - Yes sir
Your act was
not a minor misdemeanor
You will undergo a
28 day restriction period
After that, your plea
will be considered - Yes sir
Say it loud and clear
- Yes sir
This is your path...
You know it now
This is your dream...
You realise it now
This is your path...
You know it now
This is your dream...
You realise it now
Now you have to prove it
Nothing can hinder you or stop you
You will fulfill your objective
Your objective...
must be achieved at any cost
When you walk with your
heart full of courage
The ground will tremble
beneath your feet
Distances will not matter
Your goal will step
forth and embrace you
When you walk with your
heart full of courage
The ground will tremble
beneath your feet
Stride forth, day or night
It's not for you to rest or stop
You will fulfill your objective
Your objective... must be
achieved at any cost
This is your path...
You know it now
This is your dream...
You realise it now
Now you have to prove it
You are now officers
of The Indian Army
- Thanks mom
Udesh had called
He said to salute you on his behalf
Typical Udesh
Your father did want to be here
But an important meeting
came up at the last minute
It's okay, I understand
My mom
- Good morning mom
Meet my friends, Saket and Abeer
They've graduated as officers today
And once these stars
are on my shoulders...
I'll be an officer too
Lt. Karan Shergill
The enemy's worst nightmare!
I will do my duty...
honestly & faithfully...
serve in the regular army...
of the union of India...
and go wherever ordered...
by land...
or air...
and that...
I will observe & obey...
all commands...
of the president...
of the union of India...
the Commands of...
any officer...
set over me...
even to the prior of my life
Welcome once again to
"To each his own view"
for those who have just tuned in...
our topic for today is...
Today's Woman in the
eyes of Today's Man
Mr. Trivedi, you were
saying before the break
Yes, first and foremost...
Woman is a mother,
wife and homemaker
If you try changing her role
it will cause an upheaval in her
life and in society
It's okay, it's your belief
We'll come back to you
Mr. Rajiv Kohli you are
a business executive
Do you agree with him?
- No, I don't agree with him
Today in the corporate or creative world
or any field, for that matter
Women are not only matching
strides with men...
but are gradually going ahead
No, don't clap, it's a fact
Today's woman is a success story
A shining example is with us today
Miss Romila Dutta
Thank you
Only soft drinks tonight?
How's it going, kids?
Call for you
- I'll be back
Hi Romi
- Karan
- Thank you
I called to give you the good news
By the way...
I've got a job as a
correspondent for Global News
Why wouldn't you?
When are you coming to Delhi?
We should meet
You can't make
all the decisions, Romi
You decided that we should not meet
Now if we should or should
not meet I will decide
Okay, bye!
Hey Karan, where are you going?
- Home
One's missing, look over there
Okay Ashok
Thanks for coming to the airport
The army has polished
up your manners, I see!
You wait and watch
I'll see you this evening
I must get to work now
I'm planning to go &
meet Romi this evening
When did you last speak to her?
- Why?
She's getting engaged today
Reports of intrusion are
coming in from Drass
Intruders have also crossed
the LOC into Kaksar and Batalik
Regretable thing is that
after returning from Lahore
prospects to peace is
rendered impossible
Oh my God!
What's this new problem?
Hi mom
Where have you been all evening?
Come in
What's this news from Kargil?
You're posted there, aren't you?
What news? I haven't heard anything
Really? There was something
on the T. V about it
just a moment!
It's for you
Lt. Shergill here Sir
Yes sir
Right Sir
My leave is cancelled
But what's happened?
You just got here!
It's this news, isn't it?
What did he say?
That I should report back at once
He must have said more!
What are you hiding?
I don't have anything
to tell you, Dad!?
I've to go
Due to commencement of Operation vijay
you are being made an Acting Captain
Army Intelligence has reported that
our neighbours... have betrayed our trust
They have crossed the Line
of Control and infiltrated...
regions from Batalik to
Drass with armed intruders
Our unit is responsible for peak 5179
I've called for a briefing
in the next 15 minutes
Come what may,
we must recapture peak 5179
At any cost!
This is the mountain known
as peak 5179 on the map
We cannot access it's northern side...
without crossing the LOC
And we have been given
precise orders...
that under no circumstances,
can we cross the LOC So!
That leaves us with three sides
The western side is a sheer cliff
850 to 900 feet high
The enemy has a natural defense here
That leaves two sides
This is the southern side, facing us
But there's open plain
from here to there
No cover at all
The enemy perched on the mountain...
can easily watch our
movements from his bunker upto 3 km
This means that we are left with
only one option the eastern side
That's right
We will send a small team
They must move undetected and explore
and chart possible routes
that will provide us...
with maximum cover
Their bunkers must
be across that ridge line
That's the only access to this side
They would've definitely covered it
Hello, Ghaznavi 1
Hello, Ghaznavi 3, come in, over
Sir, I can see Indian soldiers
one and half kms away
A patrolling party, perhaps
No firing
Don't reveal your position
Understood, sir, over
Karan, get back!
Why were you in the open?
- Sorry, sir
I felt a presence on the mountain
I felt like I was being watched
Come on, get the camera, quick!
Come on... come on... hurry up
Hey, isn't that Romila Dutta?
You're right
- Hi!
How far is that shelling from here?
- About 3 kms away
The pakistanis on the mountain...
...are trying to cut off the highway
I see
- Don't worry, they won't succeed
Where are you going? - Kargil
Actually we are from Global news
You don't need an introduction!
The shelling you hear
is from the other side
Our Artillery will see where best
to retaliate and then fire back
In mountain warfare...
the side occupying the
heights holds the advantage
Therefore! Before any attack on
the feature's eastern side...
we need to know...
the exact position of
the enemy's bunkers
The strength of their fire power
An aggressive patrol will
be sent to accomplish this
What's the plan, sir?
Thank you sir
four teams! The first from this side
You will lead it Second team, Kaushal
- Yes sir
You will apply pressure onto this area
Third team, Satish and Capt. Ramanna
You will go till here
And Akbar, Karan & Sgt. Dharamvir Singh
You will position your team here
and open fire
This will not be an actual attack
but they should feel that it is real
When they return fire... we'll get to know
their positions and weapons
Yes sir
Engagement ring! - Congratulations
- Thank you.
Alright! Here we go...
Ready pradeep
- Yes sir
All teams open fire!
Sir, Oscar Tango 3 degrees,
distance 800 metres
they have a medium machine gun
Here! NW of team D!
Hello Tiger!
This is team 2 here
Hello tiger, there's a bunker
on the Camel's Hump
Bunker on the Camel's Hump?
Okay vinodh!
Hello Tiger - Go ahead Koushal
- A bunker! On the landing!
Bunker on the landing, mark it!
Oscar Tango 23 degrees,
distance 650 metres
There's a bunker on the ridge
On the ridge! Return to base
All teams return to base...
Mission accomplished...
I repeat, Mission accomplished
They have a medium and light
machine gun in these bunkers
There are 4 bunkers up there
And they have an 81 mm
Mortar at the top of this feature
- Yes, pritam Singh, go on
They have two 81 mm mortars
up there, not one
It takes at least 10 seconds
to reload this weapon...
but the second round comes
in well before that
He's right
Now that's experience
Sir, we pushed them back
- You fool!
They came to check out our bunkers
and weapons... and succeeded!
Stay prepared and alert
The real attack isn't too far now! Over!
Understood, sir! Over!
Yesterday, at one point
I thought my gun had jammed
and almost picked up a
stone to chuck at the bunker
- Relax... relax
As per the CO's plan,
we must shift base today
The new base will be closer
to the eastern side
At Soopra village
Right, sir
Shoulder to shoulder,
stride for stride...
when we move forward,
the enemy quakes with fear
Shoulder to shoulder,
stride for stride...
when we move forward,
the enemy quakes with fear
We must keep moving now
with one single thought
in all our minds
We must keep moving now
with one single thought
in all our minds
Come what may! We will melt
stone with our intensity
Come what may! We will
overshadow mountains like clouds
Shoulder to shoulder,
stride for stride...
when we move forward,
the enemy quakes with fear
Lets enter the battlefield
ready to sacrifice our life
Never rest until we have
reached our destination
We have the courage to
laugh in the face of adversities
We have the strength to
twist the arm of death
We are a wall of steel
guarding our borders
We are alert and ready
for any enemy
Come what may! We will melt
stone with our intensity
Come what may! We will
overshadow mountains like clouds
Shoulder to shoulder,
stride for stride...
when we move forward,
the enemy quakes with fear
Keep the flame of fervor
alight in your heart
And you shall sing
the song of victory
Keep the flame of fervor
alight in your heart
And you shall sing
the song of victory
The portrait of victory
we're out to paint
will be coloured by our blood
We all know, in our hearts now...
It's either do or die!
Even if fire and lightning
befall our path
You will not be alone,
my brothers in arms
Whatever be the hardship
whatever be the strife...
Your comrades are with
you now and forever
Come what may! We will melt
stone with our intensity
Come what may! We will
overshadow mountains like clouds
Shoulder to shoulder,
stride for stride...
when we move forward,
the enemy quakes with fear
I often think about the one I love
Her memory torments my heart
I often wonder,
that letters from home...
seem to be written on
paper, moist with tears
Memories are like shadows,
always with us
Dreams are like friends,
travelling with us
No dream will be shattered
No promise will be broken
May the one you truly love
be yours when this is done
Come what may! We will melt
stone with our intensity
Come what may! We will
overshadow mountains like clouds
Shoulder to shoulder,
stride for stride...
when we move forward,
the enemy quakes with fear
The valleys are echoing
the song of our caravan
The earth and the
sky are resonating
The wind and time are resonating
Every path, every mountain,
every plain, echoes and says
We shall win, yes we
shall win, every battle!
Shoulder to shoulder,
stride for stride...
when we move forward,
the enemy quakes with fear
We are at the army hospital
Today, the Srinagar-Leh highway
and Kargil...
have faced heavy shelling
from across the LOC
Many villages and houses
have been hit by shells
The number of casualties
is yet unknown...
but many wounded have been
brought to this hospital
villages near the
LOC are being evacuated
Alwyn, come on
I know him!
Please move out of the way!
Doctor, Is he alive?
Cool down, please
- Karan, long time
Where are you posted?
- Drass
What brings you here?
Bad news Abeer Saxena died today
Abeer? How?
Shell hit his truck
What's going on, man!?
Muskoh, Drass, Kaksar, Batalik
Same story everywhere
I don't understand Why do wars happen?
What are so many people dying for?
When will we understand...
that war can't solve issues!
Only peace can
just shut up
Go give this lecture
somewhere else! Just go out
I think you misunderstood us...
You want peace?
We want it too
What should we do?
Stand by with folded hands...
...and gift them our
country on a platter?
Capt. Abeer Saxena also wanted peace
He didn't go attack another country
It was his country that was attacked!
The road that he lay dying on...
is a part of India!
First, go have a look
at his dead body!
Then give these lectures!
Go! Look at him!
I'm okay
His dearest friend died today
I met Capt. Abeer Saxena once
Excuse me
Any problem
Our driver has gone somewhere
with the car
Do you need a ride?
Thank you! - Thank you
- Good night
Go head Alwin, I'm coming
Do you remember saying, us meeting
again would be... your decision
So should I assume that
you have decided?
I don't know
Thanks for the lift
- You're welcome
I should have said this before
Congratulations, for your engagement
- Good night
Are you crazy...
You're going to Kargil!?
My boss also said the same thing
- He was right
Why go some place involved
in a full fledged war?
Why take needless risks?
- There's no risk
And even if there is,
it's not needless
Any way... - You should have spoken
to me first - Why?
Why! You are my fiancee!
See, it's better we get a few things
clear right now
If we want to be together,
this attitude won't do
You'll have to make some changes
Change what?
What's so difficult to understand!?
We'll be married soon
people marry to settle down
That won't happen if you keep
heading off to war fronts
You're vice president Sales
of your company
You travel to New York,
London every other month
Will you stop going
after marriage?
That's my job!
- And this is my job
To be honest, it's more than a job
The mountains that have been occupied
are a part of India
and I am an Indian
Come on, give me a break
I'm an Indian too
I haven't lost touch with
my culture and values
And I'm upset with you because
those values are still
alive in me
I see and what does it say?
That I must dance to your tune
if we want to be together, right?
I didn't say that
- But that's what you meant!
Remember when we
met on that Tv show?
The things you had said
Life is not a Tv show!
You will not go to Kargil!
Rajiv, I can't thank you enough...
...for telling me how you truly feel
Your ring
At sunset tomorrow at 20.00 hrs,
we will launch our first attack
This is their false front
We have to destroy all their
bunkers here...
and convert their false front
into our firm base
Attacks on the upper ridges
will be launched from there
Everyone must be clear about
the Operation
and the part they have to
play in it!
Artillery will start shelling the
feature at 1600 hours, sir
4 hrs of pounding should soften
the target
Behind me here, our artillery is
bombarding peak 5179... with Bofors guns
The shelling has been on
for the past 1 hour
The Indian army seems to be
getting ready to attack
Romela Datta, Global news
Alpha company... This is Tiger...
Alpha company here...
come-in Tiger
All teams, the time has come!
I repeat, the time has come!
Okay sir
Take cover!
Come on, fast
We will advance to the
trench up there
Tarsem Singh, cover us
- Yes, sir! Let's go
Take him to the medic tent!
- Yes, sir
You'll be all right, sir
Move forward!
Glory be to our true guru! (war cry)
Get out of here!
Sengupta to Kaushal
Kaushal here
fire on Bunker 4 with the LMG
Okay, we'll fire on
Bunker 4 with the LMG
LMG group,
engage the enemy in Bunker 4
Hello, Ghaznavi 3
Why has the firing stopped?
Ghaznavi 3, come in
Why has the firing stopped?
The firing has stopped because
Ghaznavi is dead!
Leave now... or I swear by Allah,
we won't spare you!
Swear by Allah!? Are you Muslim?
For you I'm Indian!
Great job!
Kaushal, Sudeesh, well done
- Thank you sir
Sir, have a look at this!
They aren't terrorists
but soldiers and officers
of the pakistani Army
See these identity cards
They're from the pakistani
Northern Light Infantry
We found a ration card
and some letters
That one there is a Captain
This identity card was
in his pocket
Keep this
Sir, these weapons are
from the bunkers
They had come
quite well-prepared, sir
I see...
I see...
Show me that
We found a fair amount of rations, sir
I think they had planned
a long visit, sir
There's a saying in my
mother tongue...
A person who can't manage
his own house...
...shouldn't set out to
conquer the world!!
Sir, a photograph with your unit?
- Why not? Come on boys
Ready sir
Thank you sir
- Right?
Sahib Dharamvir Singh...
Organize some soldiers and
give them a decent burial
Okay sir
What's the matter?
Sir, I think...
everyone is reminded of
the condition... which they've returned
our dead soldiers bodies
I see...
There's a difference between us & them
& it should stay that way!
Lmagine what kind of army refuses
to accept...
the bodies of their own officers
and soldiers!
Should we become like them?
This is the Indian Army
We maintain decency even
in our enemity
Sahib Dharamvir Singh!
Give them a proper burial -Yes, Sir
Allright gentlemen, we've made it this far,
but only half the task is complete
We have to reach the upper
ridges of the feature...
from where they are targeting
our highway
pradeep! - Sir!
- Send for another Company,
All these officers and soldiers
will go back to the base
pradeep told me how you
saved Ramanna's life
Well done!
Thank you sir
Rajtilak Singh, you add plenty of
spice to everything you say!
Sir, he always exaggerates
I swear on my mother
He narrowly escaped death
at least 6 times...
He was behind a rock and as
he moved, BANG!
A shell landed
Bullets and shells landing
all over... Bang!
All except where he was standing
- Then?
Then he and Kishorilal
moved forward...
Kishorilal was hit by a bullet,
but not him!
Have you heard about his luck sir?
I have now
- You can have my luck, buddy
I'll take it right away!
- Here you go!
Raj Tilak
- Yes, sir
Didn't your wife just have a baby?
Was it a boy or a girl?
A Girl, sir
- You're a lucky man
You see that, sir?
These soldiers were sad yesterday...
grieving for their dead comrades
But see, how quickly a soldier
overcomes his grief
What else can he do?
People tell us that war is bad
I ask them who knows this
more than a soldier?
Then why have wars?
Sir, the Almighty made
only one earth
But man's greed divided it
This became mine, that became yours
I'm glad the moon is up in the sky
we would have cut it to bits,
had it been down here
That's so true
I went to the Army hospital
Ramanna is out of danger
- Good news sir
He's asked me to give you a message
What's that, sir?
Thank you
Sir, the CO said the work
is only half done
lt'll be complete, soon
Take this
- What's this, sir?
The area map of our final objective
Keep it with you and study it
Every path and trail
of this mountain
should be ingrained in your memory
- Right sir - Go ahead
We are here to meet
Col. Sunil Damle
Do you have permission?
- No we don't but...
Sorry you can't go ahead
without permission
just for 5 min's only...
We are from the press,
this's my card, please understand
- Yes, sir
Let them in
What are you doing here?
We need to meet Col. Damle
Some soldiers of this regiment
are in the hospital...
we wanted to interview them
He'll be here soon,
you can wait for him,
but no cameras without permission
Okay, I'll keep it in the car
You can sit over there
The people of this village too?
Yes, shifted to the camps...
for a few days
I've seen many empty villages
near the LOC these days
How strange villages look without
their inhabitants
That's true
You know
Often, I've wondered... what must life
have been like here
And now?
Look over there
That's the village school,
the officers stay there now
There's the mosque...
and the village council...
Not even a trace of how it was
You've changed
Haven't you?
I can remember so many things...
the images in my mind as
vivid as photographs
How can I forget them?
How can I make my heart understand?
I have much to tell you...
but my words
can't find their way out
I hope that someday you'll hear me
for today,
you are as lost as I am
Why didn't our story have an end?
When did this distance
come between us?
Questions lie unanswered
but yet, we are silent
I don't know who is to blame?
Webs of confusion have
filled our minds
Is anything to be gained
by our loss?
Why do I feel so helpless?
How did we lose our way?
How did this distance
come between us?
I have much to tell you...
but my words can't
find their way out
I hope that someday
you'll hear me
for today, you are as
lost as I am
I can remember so many things...
the images in my mind as
vivid as photographs
How can I forget them?
How can I make my heart understand?
The moment you've all been
waiting for...
...has finally arrived
Tonight, we will attack
the upper ridges
But remember, it's going
to be tougher this time
the mountain paths are steeper
And second
The enemy who has already lost
half the feature...
will be more alert and
better prepared
No problem sir
- Good
We will move at exactly 2300 hours
And finally
On the highest point of this peak...
I want to see our flag fluttering
Tomorrow morning!
It's so inspiring, the way
our CO speaks
Then we must fly the flag exactly
where he has said
I've done half the work
Here is the flag...
Now all I have to do is hoist it there
I hope I'm there to see that happen
You will be, trust me
Is that so!
- You'll see!
Dear Karan...
I hope you are okay
We miss you and await your return
By the way, Romi is there too
Have you met her?
She broke up with Rajiv...
just a few days after the engagement
I don't know what happened
between you two...
but I feel you guys were
made for each other
Now win the war quickly,
and come home
so we can have a rocking party!
Your friend, Ashu
Karan & vishal, let's go
Dharamvir Singh!!
Advance that way
There's cover ahead
Yes, sir!
You three, move forward
We'll cover fire
Tiger, come in!
There's heavy fire coming
from the bunker, sir
It's difficult to move forward
Down! Get down!
Everybody take cover!
Take care of him, Manjit come
We're getting bogged down!
We can't stay here any longer
There's no cover on this side, sir
Raj Tilak!
- Yes, Sir
Take a soldier along!
See if there's a way ahead
past those rocks!
All right, sir
Sir, I'll go with him
- Okay, go!
Get up!
Come here, Tarsem
Tarsem! Come here
Stop the bleeding first! Quick
painkiller, quick!
Stretcher! Take him!
Gopal Singh!
- Yes, sir
It's pointless to stay here
We must advance
Take the rest of your men...
Sir! You okay?
Yes, I'm all right
Sir, you can't go forward
in this state
Stay here, sir... I'll get them!
- No, Listen to me!
Give me fire cover when I say
I'm going to the other
side of the bunker
I'm all right... l'm...
Hang on, sir... Capt.
Mishra is down there!
Ghanshyam, take him!
Quickly! Be careful!!
Sir, I'm sending Ganga Singh
to get help
Don't send him alone.
You both go!
But how can we leave you
in this condition?
If Ganga Singh gets shot
on the way...
...they won't get the message!
Sir, why do you want to
save my life?
I will not leave you here!
Jogendra!! I may be wounded but
I'm still an officer!
This is an order! Now, go!
Hail India, sir
- Hail India
Ganga Singh!
Just relax.
Don't worry, you'll be fine!
Don't give up, Akbar
- No...
Mishra... the flag...
...up there! It must be hoisted!
You will do it, you will, Akbar!
Forceps! I need the forceps...
Hang on Akbar! We've to
make that trip to Malyabad,
To your mango orchards there?
Cotton! Now!
Don't give up!
You had promised we'd go together
Don't give up...
don't... please Akbar
Are you all right?
Alijoo, stop the car
You okay?
You always said...
...that my life lacked
an objective
Do you remember?
Now I have one
That is my objective
I don't doubt your determination
and courage
But you've lost many men of
your regiment
Many are wounded
and the remaining troops...
must be exhausted
I think it's wise to give
the remaining task...
another Regiment
We will succeed
I don't have time, Col. Damle!!
The intruders are shelling the
highway from peak 5179
Our convoy of trucks
can't move ahead
Arms, ammunition, medical aid
all supplies...
Unless the peak is cleared...
the highway is not safe for us
Do you understand what I'm saying?
I need more time, sir
I can give you two days
48 hours!
You'll be given marching
orders after that
Gentlemen, this regiment...
has always accepted,
any challenge offered...
and has delivered, whatever
the cost or sacrifice
If we fail to do so today...
...the reputation of this regiment...
...will forever be tarnished
We won't let that happen, sir
Give us our orders
Our regiment
will remain on the eastern side
We will continue
shelling from here...
but the shelling will
serve as a decoy
Meanwhile, you 4 officers...
and 8 soldiers who can rock climb...
will, far from the enemy's sight...
go up the western side
of the mountain...
and launch a surprise attack
How high is the cliff, sir?
Approximately 800 feet
pradeep, photographs.
This side won't be watched
because it is impossible to climb it
But you must make it possible
The team leaves at first light
Start the preperation!
Sir, I promise you...
Either this mission
will be successful...
or I will not return alive
I promise you that, sir
Good luck.
We have to report at the
helipad at 0530 hrs
Sir, I...
Go... go ahead.
- Hi
I miss you
I think of you all the time
Me too
I'm going on a mission tomorrow
I'll wait for you
I might not return
Then I'll wait, forever
- Hello daddy
Where are you? How are you?
I can't tell you where I am...
but I'm okay, dad
Thank God for that
Your mother's been praying
day and night...
and when you've called,
she isn't home
This call is for you
To tell you something
I have never said
You have given me
so much in life...
but all I have given you, is grief
Why are you saying this, Karan?
Please don't think that
I'm not aware of this
But... I love you dad.
I love you too.
Now, let me tell you something
Not one business associate
or friend...
has a son or a brother out there
These people just talk big!
But I can proudly say, my son
is on the battlefield
There was a time
I was upset with you
but today I'm proud of you
very proud
Thank you, dad.
For when the mission is successful
We shall await your signal
Right sir
Karan, all the best
- Thank you sir
Sgt. Pritam Singh
- Sir...
I know them from experience
If they lose...
they will counter-attack immediately
Don't drop your guard if you win
Remember my words
I will
Hail India, sir
- Hail India
I have something to give you
This is the flag
Akbar wanted to hoist
Take it
On his behalf...
on my behalf...
on behalf of us all,
you must hoist it!
It will be hoisted, doctor...
It will be!
Karan, are you okay?
Yes, vishal?
Sir, you have to go back!
Don't worry about me, the mission
must be successful
Where is my gun?
Give me, my gun
Bhagirath and I will cover you
Manjit, you lead one team
Karan, you the other... understood?
Yes sir
- Go boys
We are out of contact
The radio set is destroyed
My God!
Okay... Raj Tilak
- Yes sir
Move the bodies there
with due respect
Yes sir
You will stay here, Babulal
Bhagirath is badly wounded
Take care of him - Yes sir
Leave some painkillers and
first aid with him - Yes sir
If we don't return
it may take two or three days...
for our regiment to locate you
Here's some more water
Alright, the 6 of us will have to
finish this job
Let's go
- Wait!
Let's not get carried away
and do something...
that will benefit our enemy
What do you mean?
Think about it
We're half our strength now...
and don't know, how many
intruders are up there!?
So!? We'll die trying!
I'm not afraid of death!
But if they realize that
this side is accessible...
We won't get a second chance!
All I'm saying is...
if we attack, we cannot fail!
Why would we fail?
You don't understand!!
Listen to me
Col. Damle sent 12 men
for this mission
Now we're only 6!
We may be 6...
but if we believe in ourselves...
we're no less than 12!
All right!
You can sit here or go back
I'm going on ahead!
Let me go alone.
Whatever has to happen,
will happen!
Come on, keep moving
We must reach the feature
in two hours
Tiger den calling twelve oak
Can you hear me? Over
No response, sir
Keep trying
- Right sir
Bharasingha Come in...
Do you read me?
Climb this sheer cliff at night!?
It can't be done!
It's not possible
- So, now what?
We must climb it now
- In the day!
He's right, look at this map
The pakistani's can't see this
side from their area
As for those up there...
we had assumed they aren't
watching this side
There's a ledge, 100 feet
below the ridge
We'll climb till there during the day
And when our artillery starts
shelling the peak...
from the other side tonight...
we will scale the last 100 ft
The plan sounds fine
but it will take time
to climb so high
What if someone spots us?
That is a possibility
But it's our only chance
Ghazanavi one basline calling over
- Ghazanavi one here, over
Ghaznavi one, What's the
situation there? Over
The snake's still under
the heel... over
Good... keep it up... over & out
Recognise the voice?
- It sounded familiar
Brigadier jamshed Baloch!
I've heard this Brigadier
is quite a fox
You need men like him for
jobs like this
Is that why you're in charge
of this peak, sir?
You could say that
Everything okay?
- Yes, sir!
A few more days and we're through
How is that, sir?
There's been news that...
Western powers will broker
a ceasefire soon
Then everyone stays put where
they are now
It can't be that simple, sir
That's what happened in 1948
You see that highway down there?
That road is India's neck!!
Get a stranglehold on that...
and India will lose the Siachen Glacier
Siachen, today, and Kashmir, tomorrow!
By God's will
To control the highway,
it's essential that
we don't lose this peak!
How can we lose it!
Who can seize this peak from Maj.
Shahbaaz Humdani!?
They tried from here but failed
Not only did we shoot
the Indian soldiers
We took our time to aim...
and shoot them here!
On the forehead!!
They don't stand a chance!
Over here!
3 kms of open plain
Even a madman wouldn't come this way
Behind us is pakistan
and there, a cliff!
A 1000 ft wall
Where will these Indians come from?
It's not far now, up there
I'll try and get to it
Okay, be careful
What is it?
I feel giddy, looking down
Take my advice
Don't look down!
- Right, sir
Twelve oak, can you hear me?
Twelve oak!!
Yes, pradeep?
There's been no contact, sir
We don't know where they are
I think we should send out
a search party, sir
Maybe tomorrow
Today, we will stick to the plan
Shelling starts at 0400 hrs
Yes sir.
Keep a lookout!
They've attacked this side before
They'll try again any movement?
- None, sir
Even so, stay alert!
If they do come,
it will be from here!
The shelling has stopped
Why did this shelling happen?
Why did it stop?
Shelling is done to provide
cover to one's soldiers
If there's no one coming this way...
To the cliff!
They must have scaled the wall, go!
Move forward!
Capt. Srivastav needs support!
Yes, sir!!
This is Tiger's den
Sir... Brig. Puri
Yes sir
What's the progress on the
task you took up?
Your 48 hr deadline is
almost through
Our team... that had...
Sir... - just a second sir
Yes, pradeep?
We've heard gun fire on the feature
- Okay
Sir, I will report to
you in a short while
Right sir
- One more!
Move forward, I'll cover you
- Okay? - Sir... go
Hail India!
It's no use resisting now!
Vacate the post!!
Don't worry, sir, he's breathing
He's alive
pritam Singh was right
They always come back!
They have done it
Our boys have reached!
Inform Brigadier puri
Our boys have re-captured peak 5179
Objective achieved
We still have 2 mins left
for the deadline
Well done
Well done, my son!
Thanks dad
Let's go home
No, right now he has...
to be someplace else
You've achieved what you wanted
Now what?
Now I have a new objective