Lambert the Sheepish Lion (1952) Movie Script

Once upon a time,
a springtime,
as a matter of fact a nighttime,
a certain flock of sheep had a visit
from ol' Mr. Stork.
Rough trip.
Well, here we... Pardon me.
I mean, here we are now.
Please don't crowd each other.
Pick out the ewe
that you like best,
and she will be your mother.
Come on, you lazy little lamb.
It's time you were awake.
Oh, goodness me.
That's not a lamb.
There must be some mistake.
Oh, where am I?
Uh, leopards, lizards...
Oh dear, lynxes.
Lambs, llamas...
How did this happen to me?
That's no lamb at all.
Lambert is a lion.
South Africa?
Oh, goodness me.
I've got to do some flying.
Come, Lambert.
Uh, pardon me.
I beg your pardon.
Sorry, sorry.
Oh, Mrs. Sheep.
I'm afraid there's been
a slight bungle.
Ha-ha. I'll take that vicious
little brute and drop him in the jungle.
Well, goodness.
Heavens to Betsy.
Let her have it.
Let her have anything she wants,
for heaven's sakes.
I'm only a delivery service,
that's all.
Well, the next morning
when the sun rose,
the sheep rose.
And all the little lambs were
being tidied up by their mothers.
And-and Lambert there,
just look at the little guy,
why he could hardly wait to run
and jump and gambol with his...
... brothers?
Uh-uh. You're right.
There's something wrong.
The other lambs laughed
at him and teased him with a song.
# Lammmmbert
# You can't even baa
You can't even bleat
# Your ears are too big
and so are your feet
# Lammmmbert
- # Your tail is too short
- # And so is your wool
# There isn't enough
for one bag full
# Lambert the sheepish lion
# Lambert is always tryin'
# To be a wild and wooly sheep
# Lambert the sheepish lion
# Little lambs all love to butt
# Their heads on a stone
# Lambert thought
that he could lick
# A dozen lambs alone
# While the other lambs
all gathered round
# To watch this funny bout
Ha ha ha ha
# He wanted to be counted in
# But he was counted out
# Lambert the sheepish lion
# Lambert is always tryin'
# To be a wild and wooly sheep
# Lambert the sheepish lion
# The little lambs
got Lambert's goat
# He was a nervous wreck
# He had to hide behind his ma
# To save his little neck
# He couldn't baa
and he couldn't butt
# At last poor Lambert knew
# He hated to admit
that he was yellow
# Through and through
Time changes everything.
The little spring lambs
were sheep by fall.
And Lambert's ma,
oh, was she proud of him.
Because she had the biggest sheep...
Uh, ewe,
lamb, mutton...
Isn't he huge?
However, he's still the butt
of all theirjokes
and takes it on the chin.
But he's not ferocious
like a sheep.
But he has a sheepish grin.
One night the sheep
were fast asleep.
Lambert woke up with a fright.
For he had heard an awful sound...
... and saw an awful, awful sight.
A hungry wolf had found the flock.
Lambert was petrified.
- He couldn't baa or butt.
- Lambert!
He was big, but he was yellow.
Lambert, Lambert!
When he saw
this gruesome sight,
- and heard his mother cryin',
- Lambert!
Something snapped inside of him.
He was a ragin' lion.
Lambert's mother is so proud.
And the sheep
have changed their tune.
# Lambert the sheepish lion
# Lambert, there's no denyin'
# Now he's a wild and wooly sheep
# Instead of a sheepish
# Wailing and weepish
# Little Bo Peepish lion #
Oh, don't worry
about that hungry wolf.
He has a place to cling.
He won't starve
because that bush
has berries every spring.