Lamhe (1991) Movie Script

''These moments, these memories,
l'll cherish for years to come''
''Should these seasons go away,
l'll complain''
''l'll remember these moments
for years to come''
''lf these seasons go away,
l'll complain''
Don't they suffer the heat, Daija?
Stop the car.
-Why Daija?
What are you doing?
Come. You also get down.
Get down.
But it's a desert!
- Bow to this land.
Bow? What for?
Because you're here
for the first time.
This is the threshhold
of your house.
Won't just folding my hands do?
The ground must be very hot.
Okay, okay, don't look like that.
l said, bow to it.
Sit down, sit down. There is no escape
from this.
You used to pine for this desert
out there?
This is not just a desert.
Just look around, it's full
of your family's legends
Legends don't have to bear the heat.
Else, they'd get a sun-stroke too!
Keep quiet.
Just see, they are sitting as though
this desert is air-conditioned!
What stuff are these
people made of?
They are made out of
the local soil.
They're as seasoned as
the tree above them.
Papa migrated before
l was born, else...
When this sun seasons you too
in a couple of days,...
and when it narrates to you the
unlimited legends of your ancestors...
you too will be happy.
After signing the papers,...
l'll catch the first flight
to London.
As you command.
Don't use that tone with me, please.
l feel as though you're scolding me!
l am scolding you!
Okay, l'll do my work,
bow to the land...
seek your permission,
then go away. Happy?
Forget all that for now.
Your talk has moved the
mansion itself to hug you!
Greetings - Greetings - Greetings
- Greetings - Come, Let's go.
His Lordship has
certainly grown up!
This is the caretaker
of this place. Mr. Tiwari.
What's all this farce?
- Tradition, son.
Your father went abroad, but your
parents' portraits hang here.
Parents don't have feet,
you see...
Can l remove this garland now?
Our neighbour, Mr. Thakur is here. -Okay.
Who is he?
He's not just a neighbour, but
a very good friend of your father.
When the world had deserted him,
this man stood firmly by him.
Don't just greet him casually,
but bow to him,...
and address him respectfully, come.
When kids grow, their place is not
at one's feet. lt's in one's heart.
l've come here after 18 years today.
Just to embrace you, son.
l don't commit a faux pas, did l?
No. You just reminded him
of your father.
And the proud local men and women
don't let their tears be seen.
Come, l'll show you your room.
''O dear clouds...''
''O dear clouds''
''Your heart is definitely yearning,
the way you're showering...''
''whom have you fallen
in love with?''
''O dear cloud...''
''My state is
somewhat like yours''
''Your state is
somewhat like theirs''
''Drench me in rains, O clouds''
''for someone has
uttered my name''
''O dear clouds...''
''O dear clouds''
''Tell us his name...
- No''
''Where does he live?''
''ls he a prince...?
Tell us''
''Spring has set in;
flowers blossom''
''Spring has set in;
flowers blossom''
''My friends say things that
make me blush; lower my gaze...''
''O dear clouds''
''Why am l longing?
Why is it raining?''
''Whom am l missing?''
''Why am l yearning...?''
What are you thinking of, son?
Of you.
Of me? l'm a thing of the past now.
Think of the days to come.
Don't avoid the issue.
You brought me to my home.
But surely you have a home too.
You haven't talked about it
till today.
Yes. And that's strange, isn't it?
l had totally forgotten.
You have reminded me that l too
had a home once.
but so much time has gone by...
that l didn't even think of it.
lt's only your voice
that echoes in my ears.
May you live long, son.
''These moments, these memories,
l'll cherish for years to come''
''And if these seasons change,
l'll beg for them''
''These moments, these memories,
l'll cherish for years to come''
''And if these seasons change,
l'll beg for them''
''From these glimpses
of my dreams...''
''from the bondage l share
with my memories...''
''how will l ever
set my heart free?''
''And if these seasons change,
l'll plead for them''
''These moments...''
What's the matter with you?
Do you remember that small boy
who used to tell me everything?
There's nothing to tell.
Then why are you sitting
in the dark like this?
l just thought somebody
would put the light on...
And suppose l hadn't, would you
have gone on sitting? Anyway...
you have to go to a dinner
at Mr. Thakur, remember?
l'm not in the mood.
lt's you who is invited,
not your mood.
You'll have to go. Come on.
Come my son, may you live long.
l can't tell you how happy l am
to see you here.
What happened?
Son is it burning too much?
lt's nothing serious.
You're great! lf l was in your shoes,
l'd have screamed this place down.
What's the fun in burning
without making a noise?
You know my name?
See what he's asking?
Whether you know us or not,
everybody out here knows you.
You're his Lordship from London.
And who am l?
l'm Pallavi.
- What are you...
And this uncle of yours,
l'm his only daughter.
Now don't say you're happy to meet me,
for it's all said and done.
You really made me wait.
Now he'll say,
he had a telephone call.
Sorry, but l got a call.
Just as l was through with that,
l got another call.
Just as l finished,
l got a call from the S.P.
l'm fed up with this telephone.
l think l'll have my line cut.
l'm really fed up with all this.
l'm thinking of having it disconnected.
He's a first class liar!
He's always like this.
And the funniest part is, everyone
knows he has no telephone!
''These moments,
l will remember for years''
''And when the seasons change,
l will complain''
''These moments,
l will cherish for years''
''lf the seasons change,
l will beg for them''
''Do not tease me, Lord Krishna''
''l'm only a milkmaid...
l'm not Radha''
''Do not tease me, Lord Krishna''
''l'm a milkmaid...
l'm not your beloved, Radha''
''Why have you held my hand?''
''l implore you, O Krishna''
''Why have you held my hand?''
''l implore you, O Krishna''
''You are naughty, O Krishna''
''l'm only a milkmaid...
l'm not your beloved Radha''
''Do not tease me, O Krishna''
''lt's Radha you always tease''
''She's the one you love''
''Why have you doused
those colours on me?''
''For l am only a milkmaid...
l'm not your Radha''
''Do not tease me, O Krishna''
''l'm only a milkmaid...
l'm not your Radha''
''Do not tease me, O Krishna''
- Bless you, son.
Please have this.
ls this the way to
accept a blessing?
Come on, bow to me first.
l know my name, Papa.
Come on, bow to me.
- How can he do that?
Why? Has he hurt his spine?
And l'm elder to him too.
And what are you gawking at?
Come on, bow to me.
Enough, my child.
Okay, cup your hand please.
The right one.
Better you open your mouth!
What are you looking at him for?
Forgot your mouth at home? Open it.
You couldn't have had your breakfast?
- No.
So have it with me.
- Daija won't forgive me, if l do.
She won't mind if it's with me.
He must have had all his
favorite dishes made.
''Spicy Bread''
My mouth's watering, dad...
l'm having my breakfast at his place.
You go ahead and get it all ready.
l'll join you there a little later.
l feel like having breakfast
on the terrace.
Terrace? But it's cloudy today.
That's wonderful! You keep it ready.
l'll just join you.
lf it starts raining,
how will you eat?
You'll just get wet
for nothing.
A superb breakfast. All these tasty
things and the rain falling...
Daija can really cook well.
- Here, have this...
l can eat by myself now.
l've grown up.
Everybody grows up.
But no one outgrows one's elders.
No dear, he has
really grown up now.
You have grown big, Sir.
lt's my hands that are small.
Your hand is bigger than the sky.
You haven't seen Rajasthan,
have you?
Daija, never showed it to me.
- How could l?
lt's his first visit here.
Then l'll make it
unforgettable for him.
l'll show him around and
get him stuck on to it,...
like glue on an envelope!
Anyway, it's a wet day today.
We'll make it tomorrow. Okay?
There's a man from
your house, Madam.
l'll take your leave then.
Be ready tomorrow, Viren.
Let the rain stop, my dear.
- lt's okay.
Be ready, Viren.
ls she the reason why you're so lost
in your thoughts these days?
But she's older than you.
So what? l'm also younger to her.
lt's quits.
But such things are not
accepted in this country.
Does she love you just as much?
l don't know.
But you must know.
l'll ask her then.
What's this?
- Pallavi has sent it for you.
For me?
A letter too?
With due regards, to
His Lordship of London.
You must have seen such a dress
in the old portraits.
But this is the real attire
of our ancestors.
Play the Rajput just for today,
else you'll look like a tourist.
And Rajasthan will not be
one with you.
l'll look a fool in this!
- Your ancestors didn't!
But l'm not an ancestor.
But why tell me all this?
Return it. You can explain it to her.
No. l'll wear it.
l will come downstairs only if
you shut your eyes, Daija.
All right.
You must promise not to laugh at me.
- l promise. l will not laugh.
Even if l feel like it.
You promised you wouldn't laugh!
Didn't l say l'd look mad?
l'm not going!
No... you don't look mad at all.
You look handsome.
Hurry up and leave.
They must be awaiting you.
Go on.
Do l look good?
- Very good.
Greetings, sir.
- Greetings. May we leave?
Have you brought the car?
- No, sir.
ln that case, l'll take my car.
- No, sir.
No? How will go?
l've brought a camel, sir.
- A camel!
Go on.
Are you okay, sir?
Make it stand.
Nothing's going to happen.
When l'm sad, l go to this place
l'm taking you to.
What do you do when you're sad?
- But l'm never sad.
You will be sad
when you're lonely.
The song means, ''When the peacock
calls during the night...''
''it pierces my heart
like a dagger''
''When the pea-hen
calls at midnight,...''
''My bangles...''
''My bangles tinkle, O Sir...
they tinkle in my hands''
''When the pea-hen calls in
the jungle at midnight''
''l literally die of shame,
when people listen to my love story''
''l literally die of shame when
people listen to my love story''
''lt was a slip of the tongue,
when l was chatting...''
''and then my bangles tinkled, O Sir,
they tinkled in my hands''
''As the pea-hen in the jungle
called out in the night''
''Whenever l see the moon in the sky,
my eyes overflow with tears''
''l don't know when my beloved left.
But l wilted within, over the years''
''l don't know when my beloved left.
But l wilted within, over the years''
''My thirst was never quenched
even by the rains''
''And my bangles tinkled, O Sir,
they tinkled in my hands...''
''as the pea-hen called
in the night''
''Nights l have spent
lonely and sleepless''
''l have been robbed
of my sleep''
''Nights l have spent
lonely and sleepless''
''l have been robbed
of my sleep''
''My peace of mind
has left with my beloved''
''And my bangles tinkled, O Sir.
The bangles tinkled in my hands...''
''as the pea-hen
called in the night''
This is Salamat Ali, Sir.
- Yes, go on.
l'm sorry, but we have
lost the case, Sir.
What? We lost the case?
But how? You said...
l tried my best, Sir, but...
But your best wasn't enough.
You just lost a case,
but l've lost everything.
My wealth, this mansion,
What's happened?
- Nothing, my dear.
l'll call the doctor.
You wait here, Viren, l'll just come.
Please sit.
l want to talk to you.
Nobody knows, except me.
l had a case against my step-brother,
concerning our property.
Today the court has
ruled against me.
l'm not bothered about myself
- You'll be fine, Sir.
Pallavi will just die,
if she gets to hear of it.
Look after her.
Explain it to her.
l can't keep her to
anybody else's care.
Nothing will happen...
l've sent for the doctor.
Come dear;
l want to tell you something.
Whatever l'm telling you...
- Don't talk, Papa...
l've explained it to Viren here.
l've entrusted your responsibility
in his hands.
What do you mean?
Trust him, child.
Please rest now.
Don't talk.
l'm very worried about her.
She hasn't eaten for the past 2 days.
She's like a stone, she won't talk
neither will she listen.
Please do something.
Where had you been?
l was awaiting you for ages!
Cry, dear...
Go ahead and cry.
What's this?
l didn't know my eyes
held so many tears.
Your father mustn't be
liking you cry like this.
l'm not used to living without him.
What shall l do?
Face the facts, and learn
to live without him.
But how did this happen?
l don't know. lt was all so sudden.
But whatever he had to tell,
he told Viren.
Who's he?
The son of our neighbour.
The one who was here yesterday?
Will you listen to something
l have to say, Viren?
Why ask? Have l ever refused
to obey you?
ln that case, you must return
to London today itself.
You're being unfair, Daija.
You wouldn't let me return,
when l wanted to.
And now that l don't want to leave,
you're asking me to go away.
l have promised her father.
Mr. Siddharth is here
to see his Lordship.
Tell him that l'll be there.
Everything is well
over there, l hope?
Can't really say, your Lordship.
Call me Vir, Mr. Bhatnagar.
That also sounds very formal.
Call me Siddharth.
l don't know whether Pallavi
has mentioned me to you before.
No. Nothing.
We love each other...
But my family background
is not as colourful as yours.
Does that make any difference?
Not to me, and maybe even you.
But her father was very orthodox.
lt was very important to him.
Let alone a background,
l don't even have a family!
But then, your name...
l'm told l was found on a street
and brought up in an orphanage.
When it was time for me
to go to school...
a father's name was essential.
The manager liked me a lot,
so he put his own name for me.
l was a good student, so l won
scholarships and continued to study.
This way, an orphan became an
officer in the Air-Force...
and at an Air-Force function,
l met Pallavi.
l was very scared
of my feelings for her.
But she's a special girl -
said it made no difference to her.
And that she'd managed her father.
He's no more, so l thought
why get married here?
May l take her with me?
We'll get married there.
lf you don't mind, we'd prefer
that she weds here.
And the bridal-couple leave
her ancestral home together.
Have you spoken to her
about the wedding?
l thought l'd talk to Viren
and then he'd convince her..
Don't worry about that
l'll talk to her myself.
This is Salamat Ali speaking.
l've spoken to them, like you asked.
But they are very adamant.
Bring them to me.
l know how to deal with such lot.
Whose phone was it?
Give me a list of your invitees.
l'll invite them all.
There'll be just two from my side.
Daija and yourself.
l'll go now.
l didn't show him my feelings,
did l?
No, son.
This is the mother of the deceased
and they are his...
Step-brothers. My sons.
You know what l want.
How will we know what
exactly you want?
l don't want the result of this case
disclosed to the family here.
Pallavi will have to be told.
She has to vacate the house.
We're sorry that he died
just after hearing the news.
We didn't have the pleasure
of throwing him out physically..
But this bitch...
lf you say anything vile against them,
l'll pull your tongue out.
Now listen to me.
Till she leaves the house
with her husband,...
you are to stay away from here.
What will you give us for that?
- What's your price?
When will she leave?
- Next week.
That means 6 days from now.
That makes it 600,000.
And one more extra for the slap
you gave me.
Give them a cheque of one million.
Today all my efforts
have been worth it.
Today you've really matured.
Today l feel like addressing you
with your Title.
l have arrived.
How are you?
- Losing some hair...
How come you're here?
Then would there be a wedding
without me?
There's something l wanted
to discuss with you.
One moment...
My name is Prem.
l'm Viren's childhood friend.
When l was 7 year's old...
Greetings- Greetings.
The girl's superb. When are you getting
married my dear...
You've just come. Have a wash,
then we'll chat...
What a girl, What a choice...
l admit she's so lovely.
lt won't be easy to forget her.
But you should have told her
of your feelings, at least once.
What difference would that have made?
She'd have loved her guy anyway.
Well, it's not the end
of the world!
Who knows?
But you....
There are no ''ifs''
and ''buts'' in love.
And before loving her, l hadn't put
a condition that she loves me too.
She loved Siddharth, she'll be
happy with him. That's all l want.
May God save you
from the evil-eye.
You always were beautiful. But never
as beautiful as you look today.
l miss my father very much.
That you will, all your life.
He always said he'd go
as ''dowry'' with you.
Now his memories are your dowry.
No, don't cry.
May God give you
a long happy life.
What's wrong with Viren?
He hasn't met me for days.
He's very busy with the preparations.
He's your care-taker now.
Tell him that l won't leave
without meeting him.
lf l see him,
l'll give him your message.
''This kurta that's
made of muslin...''
''come dressed in it''
''l await you at the door.
Come dressed in a muslin kurta...''
l was told you were
asking for me...
l don't know whether my father
was happy with my choice.
But since l'm in your charge...
tell me, do you approve?
Why not?
Questions are not answered
by counter questioning.
Are you happy?
Then l am too.
l've been very bad to you.
l've really harassed you.
What nonsense!
You're very nice,
very decent.
lf l can ever be of help,
write to me.
Can l?
Go on.
Can l call you by
your first name?
Come, my dear. Everybody is waiting.
You too Viren.
''These moments, these memories,
l shall cherish for years to come''
''Should the seasons change,
l will beg for them''
''These moments, these memories,
l shall cherish for years to come''
''Should the seasons change,
l will appeal for them''
''l will cherish for years...''
May you live long.
Whenever you come, stay here a while.
Nobody should say the house is empty.
No, don't worry about that.
We'll look after the house
for you now.
What are these people doing here?
Tell her, Sir. She's asking
what are we doing here?
This is ours now. We were quiet,
because of Viren
Else we'd have thrown you out
six days ago.
Can't you people be polite?
Who is this guy? ls he trying
to teach us to be polite?
Don't ever think it's only the Rajputs
who are self-respecting
Every decent man can kill
and die for his self-respect
lf you say another word,
there'll be a death here.
Whose death?
- Either yours, or mine.
No. This is not the
time to keep quiet.
You people had said,
you'd come tomorrow.
You've got it wrong. We were paid
a million to keep away till today.
What's all this about?
What time limit? Which million?
Throw these people
out of our property.
This house, this land,
is all ours now.
Your father had lost the case...
Yes, Viren wanted you to leave happily
before they claimed it all.
That's why he had to buy
some time from them.
Papa died, the mansion is not mine.
l've become all alone now.
God forbid! Why should you feel alone?
You have your husband with you.
l cried so much against these walls.
Such insult to those tears.
l'll never forgive Viren for this.
That's your personal opinion,
but he did his duty.
We both are indebted to him.
And it's a debt we can never repay.
Just take me away from here.
Bless you, dear.
But don't misunderstand Viren.
There's no question about that.
Now l know why he didn't wait for you.
He didn't want to face this moment.
ln his place, l'd have done the same.
No work is done without contacts
these days, especially plane-bookings.
Your seats are confirmed.
Who are those other tickets for?
- For you.
And the former one?
- For me.
l know you much better than you think.
You can't cry alone.
When your dad died, l was present.
You used a shoulder to cry on.
What will l cry for this time?
- For your love.
Till you forget Pallavi,
l'm not leaving your side.
l don't think l'll ever forget her.
''These birds and the clouds
are crazy about lovers...''
''Who are we, O companion?''
''l can't remember,
l've forgotten''
''l can't remember,
l've forgotten''
''These birds and the clouds
are crazy about lovers''
''Who are we?''
''l can't remember...
l have forgotten''
''l can't remember,
l have forgotten''
''We need nothing''
''Nothing is more
beautiful than love''
''Where will these
waves take us?''
''l have no regret,
you are my shore''
''Life is but flowing water...
it can't be trusted''
''The birds and the clouds...
they're crazy about lovers''
''Who are we?''
''l can't remember,
l've forgotten''
''l can't remember...
l have forgotten''
''Lost, we are''
''Asleep, we remain''
''The world looks for us...
and we are lost''
''Asleep in a bed of desire''
''Come, let's get closer''
''Let's lose each other
in an embrace''
''We share dreams together...
there's nobody else''
''These clouds and the birds
are crazy about lovers''
''Who are we?''
''l can't say...
l have forgotten''
''l can't remember,
l have forgotten''
''Birds and the clouds
are crazy about lovers''
''Who are we?''
''l can't remember.
l have forgotten''
''l can't remember,
l have forgotten''
''l can't remember,
l have forgotten''
How lengthy a letter will you write?
Do you aim to tire him?
l've almost finished.
May l ask you something? How long
will you go on writing to him?
Why? Don't you like it?
But he hasn't replied you at all.
What difference does that make?
But he must know, he's very special.
Come here... closer.
May l say something?
Has Viren ever told how
much he loves you?
What! Did you say he...
l thought as much that you
would have no inkling.
What nonsense you talk.
You're mad..
l realized it the day
when you ran to me.
But he thought you sought his arms.
But when you fell in my arms,...
he realized he had
no place in your heart.
But why didn't l realize it all?
Because you had
your eyes on me then.
Then why didn't you tell me?
l don't have a copyright on love.
Any man would fall in love with you.
l won't write to him!
- Why not?
Give him some time to forget you.
lt's not easy to forget a first love.
Are you my husband
or Viren's lawyer?
No advocating, l'm only speaking the
truth. Promise me you'll write to him.
l'll pen you so many letters that
you'll get fed up and reply me.
l'll never forgive you for going
away without meeting me.
Listen, l didn't know that
motherhood meant so much to me.
Haven't you caught on?
l'm pregnant.
Speak loudly please.
Very bad news, son.
- You're well, aren't you?
Yes, but Siddharth was killed
in a car accident.
She wasn't with him, was she?
- Yes, she was.
Then nothing to fret about,
is there?
Yes there is, you better rush over.
l understand, but we'll have to operate.
She has lost a lot of blood.
And between the mother and child,
l can save only one.
Then save the mother.
Please do me a favour.
Save my baby.
Don't talk so much.
l beg you...
Trust in God.
lf He wills, both will be safe.
l could save the baby,
but she's very serious.
There's no time.
She wants to see you.
Viren was also a baby when you
took over him, isn't it?
Viren is here too.
You better go and meet her.
Please don't say anything.
You had asked me not to
hesitate if l wanted something.
Well, l want you to live
and be happy.
l want you...
''These moments, these memories,
l will cherish for years to come''
''Should the seasons change,
l will beg they be returned''
''l will cherish for years''
''When the pea-hen
calls out in the night''
''The bangles tinkle in my hands.
See this, O Sir''
''The bangles tinkle in my hands''
''When the pea-hen
calls out in the nights''
Where did you find this beauty?
Beauty is found everywhere.
Beauty is beauty after all.
Then is it...
- Yes, Pallavi's daughter.
What's her name?
She has to be brought up
with reverence.
So l've named her
''Puja'' (Puja=prayer).
Leaving today only, son?
- Yes.
Just one more day...
When l wanted to stay,
you insisted l go.
And now that l wish to go,
you stop me.
See Puja, just once at least.
She's one year old today.
l can never forget her birthday.
Can you blame her for that?
- No. But l wish her birthday,...
and Pallavi's death anniversary
didn't clash.
When will you come again?
Next year, on the
death anniversary.
You've grown up now.
Adults must learn to forget the past.
That's just it.
l just can't forget.
l'll go now.
- Bless you.
''My little doll;
My little child...''
''From fairyland one day...''
''a prince will come to take
you away to the castles''
''My little doll...''
''you will one day
cast a magic spell''
''You will grow up...''
''and l'll be an old woman''
''Don't you forget these ties
we share''
''My little doll;
my little child...''
''From fairyland one day...''
''a prince will arrive to take you
away into the castles''
''My little child;
my little doll...''
''From fairyland one day...''
''a prince will arrive to take
you away to the castles''
ls he here?
- Yes.
Don't shout.
ls he upstairs? ln that case, l won't
let him go without seeing me this time.
He's tired, so let him sleep now.
Can l just peep?
- No! How many times must l tell you?
You never let me meet him.
Go! l won't talk to you!
What are you doing here?
Keeping a watch,
so he doesn't slip out.
Mad! He's going tomorrow.
- Then l'll sit here, till tomorrow!
Okay. When you feel sleepy,
come upstairs to me.
Enough now!
Don't be silly.
l ran behind the car
but he didn't even look back.
You were behind the car,
so how could he see you?
l even called out to him.
There must've been heavy breeze,
he must not have heard.
Meet him next year.
Just let me grow up!
- And what will you do?
You won't tell him, will you?
l'll just marry him.
Then where will he go?
Every time he comes, he has
just given me a gift.
Where's my gift, by the way?
Here it is.
Prem, l found those people
a bit too smart.
Not smart, but like
their name, ''crooks''
Shows off his helicopter
to us, my foot.
We know our importance too.
So the deal will be as per our terms.
One thing, don't compromise.
There was a call for you from Anita.
Who can forget that girl?
Hadn't l called you actually?
- How could l leave him behind?
Actually we are tolerating each other.
ln fact, all are enduring each other.
God shouldn't bless anyone with beauty.
See, she's calling out to me.
Keep laughing like this forever.
You've a special place
in my life.
You have held me together,
else l'd have just died.
Why don't you come out
of those shadows?
l know. And whenever l shut my eyes,
she stands before me, alive.
Memories aren't something
man can simply expend with.
l must have failed somewhere along,
for you to not forget her as yet.
lt's my fault.
Maybe l'm not trying hard enough.
l'm speaking from here only.
Our flight is due soon.
l'm thinking of getting married.
What do you think?
Don't talk to me like that.
l'm not one of those.
Please be serious.
Of course. Do you think
it'll be proper?
How long can a man chase shadows?
What do you think of Anita?
Do you love her?
l have already loved once.
Now l want to marry.
l will marry Anita,
after l come back.
l'll call Daija too.
And that's that.
We spoke a lot of nonsense.
About importing lndia's seasons.
The lndian government
wouldn't allow it, l said.
Tell me about what you couldn't
tell me over the phone.
The phone? What an unromantic thing.
lmagine a romantic scene between Dilip
Kumar and Madhubala over the phone.
Louder, says Dilip Kumar.
l can't hear a thing!
So how will you know about something
that's going to thrill you?
Have you decided to
commit suicide? Thank God!
Actually, it's Viren's idea
to commit suicide.
l tried to talk him out of it...
- So?
Now when he marries you, he'll have
to commit suicide, sooner or later!
Marry me?
Come to your senses...
this is Prem!
Now why have you gone dumb?
You chewed my brains about meeting him.
Now why so quiet as a mouse?
Go ahead with your complaints to him.
She had made my life miserable.
He doesn't meet me, or talk to me.
Go on, get up and meet him.
You're leaving? l thought you were
to stay for a couple of days more.
Please stay for
just one more day.
lf l had no important work on hand,
l'd have stayed back.
l'm requesting for just one day.
A day's so small. Can't you
honour my small request?
And you hardly stayed.
Don't stop him.
He doesn't have time even
for himself, let alone us.
He's very busy. Why should he
bother with our feelings, dear?
You go, Viren.
Nowadays you're very rude.
You don't please anybody.
You behave as you wish.
Here are the tickets. And when we both
come to London, where will you go?
Let him go.
Turn back.
You Sir? They have gone.
This is not a castle, but
a memorial to love...
which is found in every Love Story.
lt was the same in
the love story...
of Rana Puri Narayan Singh
and his beloved.
There was a long time feud
between their two families.
Durgavati wrote a love letter to him,
and awaited his arrival.
There's an inexpressible joy
in awaiting one's beloved.
At times she asked her bangles, or,
even to her reflection in the mirror.
Did he get my letter or not?
l don't know his feelings.
Please tell me, dear wind,
what does he say?
My heart is always open to him.
And l await him.
You're just eating away.
Tell me how did you like my show?
l don't know about others, but
it took me into my past.
l'm very happy to know this.
Let's celebrate it...
She has herself specially
made it for you.
How's your horse Windy?
- How do you know Windy?
Look at that!
He's asking how do l know Windy?
Had you known by full name,
you'd have never asked me this.
Can't believe it, eh?
Get up then, and come on.
Better go, else you'll remain here,
and your arms will go with her!
Why did you beat your head over me?
Why have you collected all this?
To each his own.
You never met me, so l joined
all your pieces, and did this.
Try and run now.
What's this?
- That's my autobiography.
Whatever you sent, your photos,
and even cake-candles.
l had also vowed not to accept your
gifts, till you gave them personally.
They are all still lying unopened.
Then? lt was my birthday and you
used to hand it to Daija!
lf you want to give them to me,
then do it properly. Come on.
Not from the top.
From here.
Why so?
Because l'm 3 years old there.
Now what's the matter?
Haven't you ever been
to a birthday party?
Because a birthday gift is given
by wishing Happy Birthday.
Daija says l laugh
just like my mother.
You must have heard it.
ls it true?
Go to sleep. lt's very late.
''My little doll;
My little child...''
''From fairyland one day...''
''a prince will come to take
you away to the castles''
He's gone, my dear.
- He went without meeting me again?
Don't feel so bad. See this.
We too shall be flying to London soon.
Where were you?
You've come back, a long time now.
Why don't you tell me
what happened?
What can happen? l went
as usual and returned.
l was thinking about the deal.
Lying is not everybody's forte.
And you don't have it!
So why try?
l'm in no hurry...
Please come.
You really take your time however.
We spent 100 Pounds each
on those tickets.
There were some girls
whom l was eying...
but you being a wet blanket,
you spoilt it.
Now you'll see a movie on video
and l'll...
read books.
- Yes.
God didn't create night
to spend it all alone at home.
Had you helped me a bit, l too would
have had someone awaiting me...
Someone to question,
''why are you late?''
But here we're stuck with
bare walls, and windows...
l'm elder to you by a month, a day and
a few hours. So, it's my turn first.
May you live long.
- lf you say so.
But it is a pain in the neck
to live with this dry-bone.
Neither he marries, nor does he
let me marry.
This is Puja.
And you can't be anybody else.
But his best friend Prem.
She has told me so much about you,
that l know everything by heart.
Shall l tell you?
You're fond of food so am l.
You like to go out, so do l.
You like to chat,
so do l.
The best is,
we both like to laugh!
Enough now. Once she starts off,
there's no stopping her.
l just can't believe she
resembles her mother so much!
Does she know you loved...
And don't tell her either.
But how can you? You didn't even
tell Pallavi herself, that you...
Why does all this happen to you only?
God's losing his sense of humour too.
He thinks He's played
a practical joke on you.
l'd have also kept quiet,
had l been in your shoes.
One thing is sure.
As long as she's here....
you won't forget Pallavi,
and Puja is here.
That song you were just singing,
when did you learn it?
l wasn't singing, but humming.
Okay, the song you were humming...
From whom did you...
lt's neither taught,
nor learnt.
lt just grows into the
hearts of local girls...
l said it just grows...
- After that...?
ln the hearts of local girls...
- You dare call me Uncle again!
Don't shout Premji...
- Not Premji either...
You don't have to add that ''Ji''
like you call him.
Then Mr. Prem?
Then Prem, Sir?
Then what shall l say?
Prem, or if you want to call me
more intimately then, Prem darling...
Where are you off to?
l overslept a bit...
l should have been in office by now.
Whose office?
- Mine, of course.
Maybe you don't know it,
it's a Sunday today.
And on Sundays, just ours, all
the offices in London are closed.
But one office is open. The Telegraph
Office. You can send us a wire.
l just forgot about it.
- So what will you do?
You can take her around London.
You also come with us.
l've to speak to Daija
about something important..
Then you'll have to yell it out
because she's coming with us.
What is he up to?
Uncle, buy me a lovely dog.
Buy it! lt's such a nice dog.
- l want that dog, uncle!
Lovely dog!
That's enough, Prem!
Papa isn't buying me the dog!
- People are watching, Prem!
l'm not going out with them again.
And you were like them, too.
l can't face anyone
in London anymore.
Everybody was watching!
He was okay. So what went wrong?
That's how he is. Don't worry.
Did you enjoy yourself?
l thought he was enjoying it too.
- Which is why he was angry.
What are you talking...
- He felt guilty that he was happy.
They're guys who'd pass
happiness on to the next guy.
ln that case, we'll have to
teach him to be happy.
l'm not taking the risk.
lf happiness gets to know l'm his
friend, l won't be happy again.
What does he like?
He must be fond of something.
Not many things he's fond of.
But he's indeed fond of watching
old Hindi film songs.
''We have fallen in love...''
''and yet, why do we fear
falling in love?''
''The path is strewn with pitfalls''
''We know not where our goal is''
''We have fallen in love''
''And yet, why do we
fear love''
''Use your deeds to
make your destiny''
''Make your destiny''
''Should you trust yourself,
play the game''
''Play the game''
''Use your deeds
to make your destiny''
''Should you trust yourself,
play the game''
''Praise Lord Shiva!''
''l drink the opiate in Your name''
''l will fall,
l will die...''
''if you don't steady me''
''l swear''
''Praise Lord Shiva''
''l drink in Your name''
''l will fall, l will die...''
''if you do not steady me''
''l swear in the name of God''
''Should you and l...''
''be locked in a room...''
''and the keys were
to be lost''
''Should you and l be
locked in a room...''
''and the keys were
to be lost''
''l'd lose myself in
your eyes, my love''
''Should you and l be
locked in a room...''
''and the keys
were to be lost''
''How are you to be treated?''
''Must you be killed?
Or must you be spared?''
''Tell us, how do you
want us to treat you?''
''Must you be killed?
Or must you be spared?''
''Tell us, how do you
want us to treat you?''
''How do you want
us to treat you?''
''Must you be offered liquor...?
Or should you be poisoned?''
''Tell us, how do you
want us to treat you?''
''Watch your step, mister.
Be cautious in love''
''There are deceptions
in this path''
''Watch your step, mister.
Be cautious in love''
''There is a lot of deception
in this path''
''Watch your step, mister''
''O Boatman...''
''My beloved is yonder;
and here l am, crestfallen''
''Take me across the river''
''My beloved is yonder''
''The dot on my forehead shines;
my bangles tinkle''
''The dot on my forehead shines;
my bangles tinkle''
''So what if it
drives your sleep away''
''The flowers, l swear,
exude a fragrance...''
''So what if you're
going to drive away''
''The dot on my forehead shines;
my bangles tinkle''
''Let them call me a junglee!''
''lf they must call me that,
so be it''
''l'm trapped in a storm of love...
what am l to do?''
''Let them call me a junglee''
''So be it''
''Caught in love l am...
what am l to do?''
''Let them call me a junglee''
''Even if they call me a junglee...''
''let them do it''
''You are the one
l have loved''
''You are the one
my eyes have awaited''
''You are the love
of my childhood''
''My stranger has come home to me''
''A massage...
An oil massage!''
''Should you feel giddy...''
''or your heart
begins to sink...''
''Come to me, mister.
Why worry?''
''Should you feel giddy or your
heart begins to sink''
''Come to me, mister...
there's no need to worry''
''Lucky were those whose
love was reciprocated''
''All l sought was flowers...''
''and l got thorns''
''l have freed my sari
from the thorns...''
''l have broken every shackle
to wear these dancing-bells''
''Stop not this flight now...''
''there goes my heart''
''l feel like living again''
''l want to die again''
''l feel like living again''
''l want to die again''
''Come here, Ramaiyya...''
''lt's you l have
given my heart to''
''Come here, Ramaiyya''
''lt's you l have
given my heart to''
''Come here, Ramaiyya''
''lt's you l have
given my heart to''
''Come here, Ramaiyya''
''lt's you l have
given my heart to''
Sunk! We're sunk!
''Days of joys are gone...
gloom is here now''
Daija, she's Anita.
This is my Daija, more than a mother.
Bless you, my dear..
And this is Puja...
So you're Puja, are you?
Till now l am. lf you have
any objection, l'll change it.
Not at all. lt's a nice name.
Shall we go?
What's the matter?
Why are you so quiet?
l was just thinking that you need not
close your eyes to forget Pallavi.
Puja is not Pallavi.
l know that. l know you are you.
And l am Anita.
But she's a spitting image of Pallavi.
And she won't let you forget that.
After our marriage, it'll be like
sharing you with Pallavi...
You're not sharing me with anybody.
l give you my heart empty of memories.
Okay Daija, l'm going.
He doesn't bother
to see the time!
The moment he opens
his eyes, he's off.
Are you alright?
l wanted to say something
important to you.
And what is so important?
lt's just that l'm...
l'm inviting you for dinner tonight.
You'll come, won't you?
A long life to you, my dear,
And a Happy Birthday too.
Birthday? All my best wishes are
with you anyway. So why a birthday?
Now l'll have to give a gift
and blessings too.
Shall l take a day off?
- No.
That means l attend the office.
Scared you, didn't l?
You'd scare anyone
with a face like that.
What have you applied on your face?
- The secret of my beauty...
''To ruin your good looks,
use this''
Go and wash your face.
You also use it...
- No pooja.
When will l have gray hair?
- You'll have to wait years for that.
l'll look good with
gray hair, won't l?
Just like Kunwarji?
What's the matter?
Why the long face?
Today l forgot Pallavi's
Death Anniversary.
That's great. lt means Puja's birthday
is free from Pallavi's death.
Give this to Puja and make
some excuse for my absence.
Then why did you promise her?
She hadn't told me then,
that it was her birthday.
And shouldn't l have remembered that
it was Pallavi's death anniversary?
Okay, go on living with the dead.
Keep the dead happy and break hearts
of those who are alive.
How do l look?
- You always look one in a million.
That's all?
Just one in a million?
All right, if not in a million,
then let's say a billion.
l can't count beyond billions now.
l think he's here.
He's in my pocket.
This is from him,
and this is from me.
And where is he now?
ls he with Anita?
No, he's not with her.
- Then where is he?
''My dream has come true''.
''Sometimes l'll say it...
At times, you say it''
''That l've given my heart to you''
''Sometimes you hear it...
at times, l'll hear it''
''That l've given my heart to you''
''Let's sit together, side by side
like this...''
''And say this to each other...''
''Sometimes l'll say it.
At times you say it''
''That l've given my heart to you''
''Sometimes l'll hear it.
At times you'll hear it''
''That l've given my heart to you''
''Let's keep walking...''
''Let's keep flying''
''And flowing like this''
''And keep saying this
to each other...''
''Sometimes l'll say...
At times you say''
''That l've given my heart to you''
''Sometimes l'll hear it.
At times you'll hear it''
''That l've given my heart to you''
''An ache in the heart,
we silently suffered''
''This is just what we told each other''
''An ache in the heart
we silently suffered''
''This is just what we told each other''
''Sometimes l'll say it...
at times, you say it''
''That l've given my heart to you''
''Sometimes, l'll hear it.
At times you listen''
''That l've given my heart to you''
''That l've given my heart to you''
''That l've given my heart to you''
''l was in love with you
a hundred years ago...''
''l still am and shall
forever be''
No no...
He's in fact sucking blood
for his breakfast.
l know you feel a bit shy
to talk to me directly.
Anita wishes to speak to you
something about me.
You can't take him seriously.
Let's meet for lunch at 1 .30 p.m.
Yes, l'll reserve the table.
Before fixing that, you should have
asked the weather first.
What to ask?
Such a sunny day and Anita?
lt's a wrong combination.
Just look at the weather.
lt's as though the lndian summer
has come here on a holiday.
We hardly see such weather here.
- Let's go out somewhere.
lf l hadn't any work,
l'd have come.
Okay. Give me back
the blood you sucked.
That's called Tit for Tat!
Go on, return it to her.
You're going to get it from me
one day. l'll see you, Daija.
What the hell!
He has completely spoilt it.
Okay, let's have a picnic today.
l thought you'd be asleep.
What's the matter? You seem worried.
Maybe you're also seeing
what l'm seeing.
l don't want to see
either of them unhappy.
How can l relax? Puja knows
nothing of Viren's feelings.
Everything will be fine.
l just slept off.
lf you feel sleepy,
you should go to your room.
Where do l sit? The seat next
to you seems to be occupied!
How can you talk like that?
What else? l'm not one of them
who throw themselves at others.
You invited me for lunch, and
you forgot? l'm not blind...
And this hair is
not mine either.
l did not wait 5 years
for you, to see this.
But you are jumping
to the wrong conclusions.
l'm not jumping to
any conclusions.
Start living with your eyes open
and stop this pretense.
The girl who was leaning on you
was not Pallavi.
Pallavi is dead, and she has
been so for the past 18 years.
That's exactly what l'm trying
to say. She's Puja, not Pallavi.
l'm not advising or accusing you.
But think of the girl.
Can't you see that...
Once again an old woman
is found dead.
Hurry up with the breakfast, please.
l've to rush.
l'll just give it to you.
Tell them, l'll come after lunch.
Here's the breakfast.
l won't have any breakfast.
l've got to rush.
Why did he go off like that?
Must have remembered
something important.
He'll never do what he should!
And always do, what he should not!
l look just like
Jack Nicholson here.
Had you looked at a girl the
way you're looking at that car,...
you'd have got married!
Later on.
- Go ahead. They are very nice.
She's beautiful - no doubt.
You fix with her and
l'll fix up with her sister!
How long will you wait for him?
- Till he comes.
To each his own. lt's boring to wait.
That too, with an empty plate!
Shall l serve the dinner?
Puja has been waiting for you.
Tell her not to wait henceforth.
l've already had my dinner.
Come dear, you have your food.
He's had his.
l'm not hungry.
How can you be? You've stuffed
yourself with all that ''waiting''.
l didn't expect such
stupidity from you.
Of course, l also didn't like
they way he said it, but...
What's the matter with him today?
He's had it now!
You should have taken
her feelings into consideration.
How many people's feelings
do l take into consideration?
Why are you treating her
as your punching bag?
He's not angry with me, is he?
No. lt's not like that.
He's not the kind to get angry.
Does Anita love him very much?
- And what about him?
About what?
That he doesn't love Anita?
He usually keeps his
feelings to himself.
Nobody knows better
than he himself.
Then that's a great loss.
Love has no business acumen, thus,
it never thinks of gains and losses.
That's why most love stories
end in tragedy.
l think your love story
ended in a tragedy too.
My Love story has been written
by some poet in two lines.
''Let those who can, enjoy
the joys of love, forget me''
''l've left it to my destiny''
Does it take years to express
what's deep in your heart?
Let me give you a sound advise.
When one falls in love,
one should express it at once.
At the most, it will be refuted,
but at least it'll be off your mind.
One should never suppress
one's feelings when in love.
One should come clean.
Are you also going?
lf you don't want me to,
l won't. l'll bunk it.
Just drop me off somewhere.
l'll do some window-shopping.
On one condition.
You'll have to shop windows for me.
l'll just come.
lt's alright for her,
What'll happen to you Kaliya...
Are you buying a sweater?
lt'll go very well on Prem.
l'm buying it for Viren, actually.
Really? But he never wears
such bright color.
But l like them and l want to
buy him something of my choice.
How about some coffee?
How's Daija?
- Very fine.
You're very attached
to her aren't you?
Who else do l have
except her in life?
Why are you so emotional?
- Because l'm lndian.
Had you been not exposed to
the culture here, you'd be too.
Why do you always seem so
irritated by me?
Not at all.
Tell me, how do you look at Viren?
As l should.
That means you respect
and adore him.
He's not a God for me
to worship him.
He has looked after you...
On the contrary, Daija has reared me.
Yes, l did stay in his mansion.
But he didn't rear me.
There's a lot of difference in
taking care of, and just caring.
Anyway there's a difference between,
how we both feel about him.
Well, that's very hard to say for we
both don't know our feelings for him.
l've been in love with him
for the last 5 years.
But l've been loving him,
since l was 5 years old.
No. You're a liability and a trouble
to him and that's all you'll remain.
lf you say so, at least l'm something
to him. But what are you to him?
l'll go now.
Wait for a while.
No, l've to go.
- What's the hurry?
l've to make him wear this.
Just try it, and if he refuses,
you'll come to know yourself.
And suppose l make him wear it,
will you come to know too?
He doesn't love you.
And does he love you?
Who 's it?
May l come in?
What's that you have there?
You've given me so many gifts.
Thought l'd give you one too.
Why the formality?
Does that mean all those gifts
to me were out of formality?
Okay. Tell me what's in that?
First take your words back
about the formality.
Okay, l take it back.
Here take this.
But what is it?
- Look yourself.
l can't wear this.
Don't worry.
l'll have it changed by Anita.
Even l can change,
but l don't want to.
She was saying the same thing.
She said you won't like it.
She knows my choice.
But where did you meet her?
The same shop where l bought this.
She stopped you from buying,
yet you went ahead?
Yes, because why should
l buy her choice for you?
lf you don't want to wear it,
just chuck it.
lf l wear this,
will you listen to me?
That l'll do, even if you
don't wear it.
Come and sit.
You look in it a new person.
How l wish Anita was here!
- Nothing.
Just see this photograph.
See it
- But why?
Puja, you're grown up now.
And when a girl grows up...
- Then what?
Daija wishes to find a suitable boy
and get you married.
And what do you wish?
l wish to see you married too.
That's why l was showing you the photo.
His father is in the shipping.
They are decent.
You'll be happy there.
Why are you telling me all this?
There are only
2 ways to get married.
Either you accept our choice or you
tell us your choice to do the needful.
- Of course.
ls he in lndia?
No, from London.
Since when do you know him?
Since my childhood.
Don't be childish.
But you just said
that l've grown up.
You are now going back
on your word.
l can't stop now. When l was 5,
l had told Daija of my choice.
You are crossing your limits now.
That's just what l mean.
l'm already way ahead.
lf you wanted me to be quiet,
why did you ask me my choice?
But since you've asked me,
you'll have to hear.
Stop right there.
Don't interrupt me. l'll tell you
the name of the man l love.
And that boy...
is you
l want to marry you.
Say that again.
- l want to marry you.
You're not marrying,
you're just running away.
Who from?
- Puja.
What nonsense!
- Then why does she feign headaches?
Why does she avoid us at breakfast
and also at dinners?
May l know what you've said to her,
for her to stop smiling.
What can l say to her?
ln fact, she said to me.
What did she say?
She said something
which was very embarrassing.
So, her love for you is embarrassing?
She said she loved you, so you ran
to Anita and proposed.
What matured thinking!
Are you blind? What's wrong with you?
See the difference in our ages.
l am and l've also seen the
difference between you and Pallavi.
Now get lost.
Another thing, go and tell her of your
engagement to Anita. Or do l do it?
No. That's my business.
and l'll do it myself.
l'm marrying Anita.
l'd only heard of
stone-hearted men.
l have seen one today.
Cry, my dear...
Go ahead and cry.
Take me back.
Okay, dear.
We'll go back.
''This is the first time
l'm writing a letter''
''So l don't know
how to begin''
''When l fell in love with you,
l didn't even know what it meant''
''l'd be very hurt when you
went away without meeting me''
''l'd cry for hours and never
even know why l was crying''
''But now l can understand why
l shed tears then''
''l want you to be happy.
So l have decided to return to lndia''
''l feel like signing off
as ''Yours, Puja''
''But since you have
not accepted me as your own...''
''l write just my name''
My portrait!
''The dot on my forehead...''
''will drive your sleep away''
''The dot on my forehead
will drive your sleep away...''
''just you wait and see''
''The kohl in my eyes
will drive you crazy''
''The kohl in my eyes
will drive you crazy''
''Just you wait and see''
''The dot on my forehead
will drive your sleep away''
''Just you wait and see''
''When those heavy bangles
tinkle on my hands...''
''they'll send your
heart racing, my love''
''When those heavy bangles
tinkle on my hands...''
''they'll send your
heart racing, my love''
''These ear-rings...''
''will alienate you
from yourself''
''Just you wait and see''
''The dot on my forehead
will drive your sleep away''
''Just you wait and see''
''l will dress up
like a bride''
''l will talk to you''
''l will dress up like a bride
and talk to you''
''The flowers in my hair...''
''The flowers in my hair
will make you act like a bee''
''Just you wait and see''
''The dot on my forehead
will drive away your sleep''
''Just you wait and see''
''Whatever you like,
even l do''
''My life lies
closed in your fist''
''Whatever you like,
even l do''
''My life lies
closed in your fist''
''l will do just as you say...
just you wait and see''
''The dot on my forehead
will drive your sleep away''
''My eyes, my bangles...''
''My veil and my body...''
''my looks and my dot...''
''will drive your sleep away,
just you wait and see''
What's all this?
That's what l mean too. Why do you
say that you don't love me?
Because it's the truth.
Had it been so, l'd have accepted it.
But whom are you hiding it from?
Are you afraid of her memory
who never loved you anyway?
Or are you conscious about our age?
But love has never bothered with it.
Someone has to be younger
than the other.
Please don't be afraid to say
that you love me.
l don't.
- You don't?
No, l don't.
Then what's this?
Please don't lie now.
lf this is the truth, then say so.
There's only one difference
between the portrait and me...
And it's a pinch of ''Sindhoor''.
Take it.
What you thinking about?
Just go ahead about it.
Difference, eh?
Come, l'll show you.
ls this pin yours? These ear-rings?
This handkerchief?
Look at those photos?
Did you write these letters?
Go on, tell me.
No. They are not yours.
They are your mother's!
You loved my mother?
That means you always saw
my mother in me.
You used to remember
your past seeing me.
When l used to laugh,
you used to hear her laugh.
Now l understand, why you
always avoided meeting me.
My birthday falls on may Mother's
death Anniversary.
You used to come for that, but my
birthday was just a duty to you.
l was never a living thing to you,
but just a memory of someone.
l can take on the whole world for you,
but l can't fight a shadow.
You may have loved my mother.
But she loved only one man.
And that was Siddharth Bhatnagar,
who was my father.
You're very right. There's a lot
of difference between them and me.
You've spent 20 years of your life,
loving a woman, who never loved you.
And l'll spend all my life,
loving a man...
who doesn't love me.
This is Viren here.
l'm all right.
Daija and Puja will arrive in Delhi
by the Air lndia flight today.
l want you to receive them.
And do call me the
moment they arrive.
Yes, tell him.
Look after Puja, Daija.
- You take care too.
Let me know when you fix
a date for the wedding.
You will come, won't you?
- l'll try to make it.
l can understand, Daija.
But please do come back.
l feel so very lonely
without you.
And l'm not myself without you, son.
l'm the midwife who
forgot she's a midwife.
l have come to be your mother.
And l see dreams for you...
something a midwife
must never do.
Why must you say such things?
Will you stay back,
if l ask you to?
Try saying it...
Let me know of your arrival
the moment you reach there.
Let's leave. Or we'll
miss the flight.
Aren't you coming?
No, you see them off.
Look after Viren.
Do not bear a grudge against him
for my sake.
You didn't attend office today.
- l wasn't in the mood.
l've got to talk to you, Prem.
Sit down.
l've been thinking...
- About what?
ln general.
- What have you decided then?
We have been friends for
a very long time, Prem.
l see. Anita must've told you.
She can't keep anything to herself.
l feel as if l've been taking undue
advantage of our relationship.
Go on. l'm listening.
You have your folks in Delhi.
And a house too.
Your parents and your siblings...
your roots are there.
You have given me
18 years of your life.
Have l nothing to
give you in return?
Why not? You can thank me
and come to the point.
l want to hear you say it, Viren.
l'm not worthy of your
friendship and favours, Prem.
l'm not worth someone
ruining his life for me.
Go away, Prem.
Go and make your own life.
You owe something to
yourself, don't you?
ln any case, l don't need to
cry on your shoulders.
l'm doing it in solitude anyway.
Who do you think you are?
God Almighty?
D'you think you can change people's
lives at your whims?
You couldn't tell Pallavi that you
love her... that isn't my fault!
That Pallavi loved Siddharth,
wasn't Daija's mistake, was it?
You have withdrawn in a shell
and taken solace in Anita.
You are afraid of falling in love.
You're a bloody coward!
Return every moment to me that
we have spent in our friendship!
You deserve neither my friendship
nor Puja's love!
You're a smouldering fire...
anyone who touches you will be burnt!
So what l am to do?
- Try and speak the truth!
You have lied to me all your life.
But try facing the truth.
Look within! lt's Puja who has made
a place in your heart, not Pallavi!
What rubbish! Puja
is Pallavi's daughter!
Not true! She's also Siddharth
Bhatnagar's daughter!
How was Pallavi related to you?
She wasn't.
Your love was one-sided.
So stop this game
of hide-n-seek.
lt's not a solo sport!
And if you must,
at least change your style!
For how will you live in hiding?
Hiding behind Pallavi and Anita...?
Come out of the cocoon
and search.
Search for whom?
- The one who's not Pallavi!
You must understand the difference
between Puja and Pallavi.
Pallavi didn't ever love you.
And Puja knows nothing
except her love for you.
You must understand the difference,
Viren Pratap Singh! You must!
What's the matter?
- Nothing.
We've been here 2 months now.
But you've left your laughter behind.
No, my dear.
You go back to London and get back
your cheerfulness from him.
lf he stops you from returning,
tell him you can't leave me alone.
She may not be mine,
But l've brought her up.
You dare such a thing again!
You're as much a stranger
to me, as Viren is.
l'm neither your mother, nor his.
Maybe that's why you both have
a right to hurt me.
l don't want to do that, Daija.
But see how ironic life is.
l want to see you and him happy,
but l've become a bane to you both.
ls there a way by which
l can make you both happy?
Yes, my dear.
- How?
By getting married.
As long as you don't marry,
he'll never forgive himself.
ls that all? Why didn't you say it?
l'll do anything for his happiness.
Bless you, dear.
But on one condition...
- What?
That he marries first.
He is elder to me, after all.
And he has admitted to me already.
Okay. l'll phone Viren today.
How are you?
- How will l be?
She is ready to get married.
What's the matter?
ls she really willing
to get married?
Yes, but on one condition.
That you marry before her.
My marriage?
Yes, if you wish to
marry Anita, do so.
So that l'll be free
of Puja's condition.
Give my love to Anita and
send us an invitation.
l'll be happy with that.
Cards will be sent on your name.
l've nobody else of family anyway.
Bless you.
What are you doing?
- l'm trying to convince you.
l hope you are convinced now
that l belong only to you.
Shut your eyes.
- What for?
Didn't you say you saw Pallavi
every time you shut your eyes?
Close your eyes...
Was it Pallavi again?
- No.
They must be married by now.
Anita really loves him, doesn't she?
l'm very happy now.
l had promised you l'd phone you
after the wedding.
All went off well, l hope.
- Yes.
May God keep you both happy.
- You'll come now, won't you?
Yes, l will, the moment
Puja gets married.
l'll wait... - o.k
- Aunty, bye.
Well, he has kept his promise.
l'll go and fix
with the boy's parents.
l'll not marry.
And if l'm in your way
to go to London,...
l'll commit suicide
to make way for you.
But l will not marry.
But you had promised me.
Can't l do even this much,
for his happiness?
What will l tell him
if he comes?
There'll be no need to tell him.
He'll understand it on his own.
What of your future, dear?
Till now l was thinking about him.
Now l'll think about myself.
l've a whole lifetime
to think now.
l'll go now.
What are you thinking of?
- Daija.
Don't know why, but she's avoiding
coming here. Keeps postponing it.
Maybe she wants you to
get her here personally.
Will you come?
l'll come with you.
lt's been ages since l visited lndia.
l'll phone her.
- No, don't
lf we surprise her,
it'll be something great.
That's true.
Now let's get out of here.
Aunty come.
You two! How come all of a sudden?
l don't know about him?
But l missed you. So here l am.
Be happy.
No, l won't. Because till
he's happy, l can never be.
That's my eternal view.
Enough. Just tell me,
why isn't Anita with you?
We've planned to kidnap you to London.
So, hurry up and start packing.
l'm asking why didn't
you bring Anita?
She also keeps on asking,
why don't you get Daija?
How can l come?
- That's your problem.
You can sail or fly.
We can discuss this later.
We've come to take you from here.
And what about Puja?
- Why, what's her problem?
The same as before.
Why are you looking
at them like that?
lf she refused to marry,
what could l do?
She didn't marry?
But you said she had this
one condition.
Where is she?
By the time Rana arrived,
it was all over.
The moon was in the skies;
lonely and sad.
Rana looked at the sad moon...
and eventually disappeared
in the lifeless moonlight.
This is how, perhaps,
every love story must end.
There are bodies everywhere;
but not the same souls.
What remains are memories of
the moments spent in love.
And these are the memories that
take the form of a love story.
What are you staring for?
lt's me.
How are you?
l'm fine.
Are you happy?
- Yes.
Very happy?
l don't measure my happiness.
How is your husband?
- He's nice.
When you will introduce
him to me?
One of these days.
Why be so vague?
Why not today itself?
Today he's not here.
- Don't lie!
What have l lied about?
You lied that you'll introduce us.
How can you, when you're not married?
Aren't you ashamed?
Who are you to question me?
And when l spoke the truth,
you did not believe me.
And today you're angry
about my lying to you.
l'm not a shadow to be insensitive.
You're ever stepping the limits.
- Love and truth know no limits.
l lied to you because you don't
have the guts to hear the truth.
And suppose l'd
have believed the lie?
So what's the big deal?
Then l'd have probably
married Anita by now.
Didn't you...?
l've answered your
question already.
But that invitation...
You could lie so blatantly?
- Do you think only you can lie?
And what of Anita?
She's a very good friend of mine.
And will always be so.
But l've never loved her.
Then whom have you loved?
Or my face?
Your face is not somebody else's.
lt's your own.
Your laughter is your own.
And so are your eyes.
And the luster in them
is only yours too..
Your scent is not mixed
with anybody else's, Puja.
You're not a portrait
of somebody else.
You are you.
And only you.
You belong to me.
l'm saying this for the first time
in my life.
l love you.
''Sometimes, this thought
comes to my mind''
''That you were created
specially for me''
''That you were hiding
somewhere among the stars''
''And now, you're sent down
on earth for me''
''Sometimes this thought
comes to my mind''
''Sometimes l'll say it...
At times, you say it''
''That l've given my heart to you''
''Sometimes l hear it...
at times, you'll hear it''
''That l've given my heart to you''