Lan Kwai Fong 2 (2012) Movie Script

This place is quite nice
Feel free to walk around.
This place is big
Place that big
allows us to barbeque in the balcony
It can accommodate 1 0 people
What is its property age?
Property age... this place is very new
It was just under renovation
We can see the sunset from here, right?
You are lucky that have a father
who loves you so much
and buy you such a big house
We are so envy
If it were me, I definitely will put
a big crystal light
Welcome to the party!
Very nice
The beauty on the side...
Yes, this beauty... more feelings
This one is a close-up shot
Stronger expression
Do you believe?
Master have to increase the brightness
Reduce one level of aperture
How do you know?
Tune it brighter
Brighter. I 'd like to
reduce one level of aperture
Last one. Some more smile. 1, 2, 3!
Alright. Thank you!
Thank you all of you
Thank you, CK. Well done
Your recent photos are all gorgeous
Look, how handsome!
The reason I invite you
Is because you are the only one in Hong Kong
that could shoot me as a person
You're too modest
Thank you, thank you
Thank you
Your idea is really great
Keep it up
Thank you
He is quite good.
Help him where you can
OK. T ake care!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thanks everyone. Goodbye!
Master, Gong could remember my name
What is so great about it
Excuse me...
Excuse me, I'm late
What is your friend after?
How come he likes to get change in here?
He said it's close to Lang Kwai Fong
And we have everything in here
By the way...
Why don't you go with him for one night
No way
Why not?
You've fallen behind.
How can you shoot?
Frankly, your style is not up to beat
What's the problem?
What's the problem?
You can't get anything
This one is not bad
This one is the best
among Gong's clothes
Are you kidding
Put it on
Does it prick?
- Hi! - Hi!
This is Rain
Go walk around and check out what's on
It's not like the old days
We don't need to walk
around to check it out
T ake your phone out and
download an apps
Open the night clue webpage
You can see what's on from there
Keep watching
I always see these twin brothers
come here
That could do?
We are here for just one thing
T o play and to be played
Survival of the fittest?
Discovery Channel?
Let me remind you
You can play but
don't play the titanic act
Don't' sink the ship
- You are experienced - Of course
My DNA belongs to night life
I was born in the toilet of 97
I got laid in the Queens
Those Di, Ballroom, Vola,
Play, Beijing, Magnum...
were all my playgrounds
Simply one thing...
I flirt more than you eat
And you are?
My nickname is LKF USB
Thrust wherever I am
Get out afterwards and nothing left
No wonder you are full of virus
Chef Hung!
Haven't seen you for a long time
You become more handsome
Let me introduce a friend to you
This is...
Alex in tuition industry
This one is Sunny in Finance industry
T ake a seat
You all are the future of the society
Tutor, I'd like to ask
are you giving lesson
in this time of the day?
You don't know nothing
The most important thing
is all the students...
... have their lessons in there
Chef Hung, your man?
He looks after the stock market for me
Hi, I am Avis, Chef Hung's assistant
Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you
Hi everyone,
I don't have a business card yet
I am the second assistant, Wai
Second assistant?
Do you know how to change?
Yes, I can become a waiter immediately
How about becoming a waitress
Shall we play together?
T ogether... I want her
What is your name?
I am QQ
Are you really cute?
T ake a seat
Senior, how come those girls act like
they have GPS installed?
They come automatically
once we open the bottle
They are here to earn, not to play
Prostitute? But they don't
look like they are
Anyway, remember
Whoever your boss touched,
never get your hands on her
This is a good place
- OK? - OK.
I've lost my memory last night.
I'm so wan and sallow
Drink one with me
Don't you worry that...
I'll affect your hunting
if I drink with you?
I don't need to hunt.
The prey will come themselves
Just one kiss
No way
You may
T ake a seat behind and wait for me
You're good
He is my friend, Rain
She is Dim
One of the shareholders in here
She is a modern erotic writer
He keeps saying I write erotic novels
I definitely not an erotic novel writer
There is no love, just flesh
Just write his foolish acts
You called Rain?
Come and see me when you have time
Hey, hey, hey...
He is my friend and you're not gonna
flirt with him, right?
If I don't flirt with handsome,
who shall I flirt with?
That's nonsense
I think I'm really drunk
Come and drink...
Hey man... excuse me...
Still need to wait?
I've been waiting for more than an hour
It's full up there
Hey! Didn't you say it's full?
They are ladies
Am I human?
Are you Alex Fong?
No way, I don't look that ugly
Do I look like Alex Fong?
Quite like him
If you are not Alex Fong...
you gotta wait for a while
How come Alex Fong could
get in but I couldn't?
It's full
I should have pretended I'm him
Let me show you
Look, that fatso
He will find an excuse
to come here later on
and drink all our wine
get all our girls
Chef Hung!
Don't you remember me?
Andrew the pediatrician
Give me five!
You guys don't drink? How come?
He really thinks he is home
Look at him...
He does it every time.
Pour and drink by himself
and never drink with us
Finished all the wine...
Those are our wine
This fatso is not too bad
Not too bad?
He is waiting for the girls
to become drunk
and take them away when he got a chance
Let's go...
Come and pour us some wine!
Mister, we have a promotion today
May I ask how do you like to drink?
You still need to ask? How can we drink?
Do you want apple, peach...
melon or watermelon?
I want it when The Fruit is Swelling
I like both melon and watermelon
How about both?
Thank you
Thank you
Let me go.
Go home and stay with your wife!
Come on!
Man like me can't be single
Two people together are
for love and sex anyway
You can spend as much as you want.
What else do you want?
You are crazy!
Everyone calm down
Beware of the glass...
I like to play, I like night life
But it doesn't mean I will do anything.
Let alone being the intruder
I have a lot of money
I didn't spend a penny of your card
Dim, one round for everyone, my treat
Thank you
For everyone here!
Have you cooled down now?
She's in sane
How are you? Are you ok?
How are you?
I will kick his ass if I were you!
Yes! Give me five!
I really wanna break his leg!
The third one?
You are great, disgrace him like that
Ok, ok...
You know him?
Your friend?
You! What's wrong with you, man?
Nothing wrong, I feel kinda right
You've poured my peach wine
It's fair that I drink a glass of yours
We even up, ok?
Do something
This is Linda
Angelina and Sita
I haven't seen you before.
You seldom come here?
I usually drink in the upstairs store
All you can drink for just 250.
It's cheap
I can bring you there next time
Are you really here for the first time?
You got my first time,
you have to take the responsibility
Old fashioned
Summer, don't stay by the side
Come and play with us
Yes, I haven't drink
with you for a long time
Let's drink together
I don't want to drink with you
Disgrace us like that?
Who are you?
Did I say I want to drink with you?
My sister called Jeana, I'm Ginger
If you're that great,
why don't we play something big
Good! How?
Everyone, the finale of tonight
Whoever dare to drink
the 8 test tubes of wine
from our sexy bikini girls
Who is the winner of tonight!
Let's play this.
It's exciting. Let's play...
You guys play
You play. My girlfriend is
over there watching me
You're in sane, everyone has Weibo apps
on their phone
If they posted it on the net,
how can I play anymore?
You don't have a guts
You play
I'll go
Good! This handsome is
the bravest man of tonight!
You are the winner!
So great!
It's for you
Thank you
You are useless
Come on, piss off, go away!
Sorry. Excuse me.
- How is it? - So great...
Those girls over there are even better
They want to know you, so...
- What's up? - Let's go
I shall go now
Let me tell you...
I 've earned... 2 million tonight
So, tomorrow...
Everyone can have... 200 thousand...
as bonus
Thanks, boss
Thanks, chef
Thanks, boss
I can't...
I can't stand it... I'm going
Let me fetch you, boss
What do you mean by fetching me?
I can go by myself!
T ake care, chef
T ake care, chef
200 thousand...
He is always very mean, how come he is
so ostentatious this time?
I n night club, after 1 2 o'clock...
and you believe what he says?
What do you mean? So...
The 200 thousand... was bullshit?
You may see if we could get it tomorrow
This bastard. And you've worked for him
for 3 years?
There is no boss that is not a bastard
T ake your time, buddy
There is a closed-circuit TV in here.
There are many people
How about a while later
I do investment
If you invest more,
you could have more in return
Don't waste your time
Those girls, Natalie, Anita, May, Mary
All want to know you
They're pretty girls
I count on you
Let's move to other place
Other place, other place
Get your bag...
I shall go first
What are you doing?
I want your number
We just know each other
We gotta get the number once we know
each other at a night club. Be quick
Give it to him
Fucking asshole, hurry up, man!
You better go farther away
if you wanna flirt, asshole!
Leave us alone!
T elephone!
Let's go!
My name is Don
I am Anita
May I ask you a question
Do you believe the year 201 2
is the end of the world?
Just like you,
I didn't believe it before
But there is something
that you gotta believe
Add your age to your year of birth
The result must be 201 2
Many things are due to one reason,
it's fate
Therefore we should... grasp the time
What do you mean?
Summer! Summer!
Would you give me your number?
It's you, the bastard again?
No, l...
Not enough beating?
Beat you!
Hey! Hey...
Don't come!
Let's go. Get in the car
Let me fix him
Maxim, there is a foreigner
who is touched me!
- What's up?
- There is a foreigner who touched me.
Come quickly
It's him! He pinched me!
Why did you hit my friend?
Go to hell! Go to hell!
Hey... stop it!
Stop it!
Don't hit him!
This crazy bitch kicks me!
Miss, come over here
Officer, why don't you grab them?
- ldentity card
- What identity card?
- We were being hit, why not grab them?
- ldentity card!
You, too
What's the matter?
They sexual harassed my friend!
Excuse me, identity card
It's them who committed
sexual harassment!
Miss, identity card, please
Calling the base
Do you want to charge them?
No, forget it!
Are you sure you won't ask for it again?
No, forget it!
They are not gonna pursue
If you want to charge them, you gotta
go to the police station with us
No, forget it
Officer, it's alright now
You may go now
Forget it. I shouldn't rely on you police
to protect us...
If you feel resentful
and want to complain,
you may call the
Complaints Against Police Organization
I would suggest you two
to mind how you wear
Actually that police is quite cool
Shut up!
Miss, is it that touching?
You've been crying for the whole movie?
I feel touching
The male character can give out
his life for the female character
Nothing like this in reality
Hey! Hey!
What's up? You...
Are you in sane?
You two... don't want to live, are you?
Are you crazy?
I'd like to tell you...
I can do it, too
Hey! The two in the front!
You two, stop! Don't run!
Stop! Hey!
What's up, master?
Looks like in heat
T ell me. Are you going out with someone?
Do I look like so?
Even the blind can tell
Why are you here?
I've bought a cake and wanna give it
to you and your colleagues
You must be CK
I am Summer
Let's have the cake. Eat up
Don't worry. Don't worry
I'll make myself comfortable
You all have some, too
Me, too?
Thank you
This cake... is specially nice
You know what to eat
How is it? Is the cake nice?
Very nice!
You live in here, right?
Show me around
This place is small. Better not
Don't worry. I wanna see how small it is
Come on
Just show her around
This place... is like a warehouse
Where do you sleep?
So cute!
It is so cute here
Don't you feel squeezing in here?
No, it's cute
If you like it here...
you may always come and sleep
I have something for you
Why do you give me a rabbit?
It's a lucky rabbit
We both have one
Is it... a token of love?
Give it back to me
I'll keep it carefully
Nice to meet you!
I am Don
Do you believe...
that the year 201 2 is
the end of the world?
The end of the world?
Do you believe it?
I do
Why don't we do something meaningful...
before the end of the world comes
No way. Jump the red light again?
Good morning.
Shit! I've messed up this time!
Where is my phone?
Are you carrying it?
It's the same style but not mine
Look for it yourself
Keep in touch
You don't have my number.
How can we keep in touch?
I'm in trouble
Thanks, boss
Who are you? So nice
Can't see her face
I shall call myself first
If you are the owner of this number,
we probably had mixed up our phones.
Please reply me when you see this.
It's Angelina's birthday today
I am here to fetch you
Go window-shopping,
shopping and partying with me
Get in the car
I also want to
Come... Iet me shut the door for you...
Thank you.
You drive
You better be careful
Don't crash the car
I'll sit here
So sweet
I wanna drive, too
I wanna drive a branded car, too
You always shop crazily?
It's just tiny bit this time
Tiny bit?
I'm hungry. Let's eat
Thanks, mister
My treat
- Thank you - Thank you, miss
Thank you
Your treat next time
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Thank you!
This is for you.
Let me introduce to you.
He is my boyfriend, Rain
She is Yoyo.
Angelina and Sita.
You've met them before
Let's unwrap the gifts
I've got a lot of gifts
I'll see you soon
Are you Summer's boy-friend?
Hi! Rain!
Do you remember me?
Still remember me?
Yeah! How are you doing?
I do picture.
I do picture. Yeah...
He's funny guy.
Let me introduce to you
This is Rain
Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Fiona.
Nice to meet you!
Have I seen you before?
Don't worry. I can speak Cantonese.
Don't worry...
Do you believe the year of 201 2
is the end of the world?
I do
So do you believe it's a fate that...
we meet in here?
I do
So don't waste the time!
Who is it?
What's up?
I'll call you tomorrow
Did you say it's the end of the world?
There is no tomorrow
Are you ok?
I can't communicate with them
Don't feel offended.
They are from overseas
They always speak in English
You may speak Mandarin to them next time.
I'm sure they can't utter a word
If I didn't get it wrong
You should be in white hair
Let me see your face
You look depress and
need some excitement
Why don't you give me some excitement
What's... your... name?
T ell me yours first.
I really called Dicky
I do call Siri, too
Dick-Dick, what can I do for you?
How about...
show me your face
It depends on your sincerity
What's up?
What are you doing?
Flirting with Siri
There are a lot of girls around,
and you are flirting with a phone?
This doesn't look like
you have sincerity
It's just a bastard look
You've fucked up
Angelina wanna change a place.
Let's go together
Let's go, bastard!
Just a minute
Alex Fong
You're kidding
I'm really Alex Fong
I n which way you look like Alex Fong?
You said I look like him last week
That was last week
It's not working now?
All are my friends
Please come in
Go in
He really looks like Alex Fong
How can Jacqueline get in there?
She's Jacqueline Chong
Jacqueline Chong is fine, but Alex Fong?
It's full
So how can I get in?
Wait for a while
Connie, drink! Connie, drink!
Ah, yes
You're here?
You look pretty today.
Come and drink, too
Chef Hung, I think...
the two of them are so poor
Shall we invite them to play
They look poor?
Let me ask them if they are poor
You two, do you feel poor?
They dare not to tell you
even if they are
Oh... come on...
No, boss...
This is real poor!
Thank you
Happy Birthday!
Thank you!
Excuse me, everyone
I'm a bit late
3 drinks for the late penalty
Drink one as I've just arrived
Why are you so late?
What's up, QQ? Miss me?
That day... you left first
and seemed that...
you've paid 1,000 less
What do you mean?
Do you mean I cheated you?
Any wine I buy worth more than that
Do I need to cheat you?
QQ, did you drink too much that night?
Yes, did you drink too much?
Think it carefully
Sorry... I'm so sorry!
I think maybe I've forgotten
I shall drink one as punishment
Gulp down
This bastard, cheats her hard-earned
Don't poke your nose
into others' business
Hello, Dicky!
Do you really wanna see how I look?
How do you know?
Your voice is actually that nice
I have an even better voice.
Do you wanna hear?
Of course I do
Will it make me carried away?
Joey, haven't seen you
for a long time. One shot
Sunny, for you!
What are you doing?
Excuse me...
Bastard, fill one now!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry...
Thank you
For you... one more for you...
Excuse me...
Hi! Maxim
You're drunk. Shall we go?
I'm not drunk yet
I'll have another one with Angelina
after I come back from the loo
Don't worry. I'll take care of her
Come here, my dear!
Just a minute. I wanna go, too
Happy Birthday!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Finish this one first...
Thank you!
The wine is almost finished
Angelina, now we are here
We must give you a gift
We should at least open
another bottle for Angelina
Right, Angelina?
Sure. I wanna drink Champagne Rose
Dim, 3 bottles of Dom!
3 bottles?
3 bottles are not enough. Maybe 6
Not enough. 1 0 bottles!