Land (2021) Movie Script

Why did you decide to come here?
Emma, my sister,
said you were magic.
Oh, so you'd like
a little magic?
So it's-it's really
because of your sister?
If I'm being honest, yes.
How are you feeling
right now, in general?
What are you feeling?
I'm feeling, um,
that it's really difficult
to be around people...
...because they just
want me to be better.
So, you're not able to share
what you're feeling
with other people?
I did, and then I just realized,
"Why would I want to share it?"
Why would I want...
anyone to share in that?
They can't anyway.
WOMAN: But that means
you're alone with your pain.
(quiet chatter nearby)
(siren wailing in distance)
(car horns honking in distance)
("I'm on Fire"
by The Staves playing)
You, uh, doing some camping?
(register beeps)
Busy summer.
It's been a pleasure doing
business with you, Ms. Holzer.
Thank you.
You best follow me.
It's not easy getting up there.
Hey, little girl,
is your daddy home?
(cell phone buzzing)
Did he go
and leave you all alone?
I got a bad desire
Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire
Tell me now, baby,
is he good to you?
And does he do to you
the things that I do?
All right
I can take you higher
Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire
Sometimes it's like
someone took a knife, baby
Edgy and dull,
and cut a six-inch valley
Through the middle
of my skull
At night, I wake up
with the sheets soaking wet
And a freight train running
through the middle of my head
And you, you cool my desire
Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire
Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire
Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire
Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
- Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh
- Ooh-ooh, ooh.
(song fades)
(tires rolling over gravel)
- (vehicle stops)
- (gearshift clicks)
COLT: Hell, I haven't done
anything to it
since the old man died over
about a year and a half ago.
Left all his stuff in there.
There's no telling
what's in there.
- Well, I've got some time.
- (chuckles)
It's pretty country,
though, ain't it?
This is all hunting land here.
That way butts up to
the Shoshone National Forest
and tribal lands.
You shouldn't have any problem
with trespassers.
Um, I was wondering if you could
help me out with something.
Would you mind finding someone
to pick up the rental car
and the trailer
and drop it at U-Haul for me?
It's not a good idea for anybody
to be out here
without a vehicle.
Oh, I'll be fine.
You ever been living
in parts like these before?
You said your family
was from the city.
I appreciate you
guiding me up here, Colt.
And if you feel
that you can help me...
I'll leave the keys and the
money right here on the bench.
(engine starts)
(vehicle driving off)
(flies buzzing)
(birds chirping)
(coyotes howling in distance)
- (animal screeches)
- (owl hooting)
(clattering nearby)
(thumping nearby)
(animal screeches nearby)
- (loud clattering)
- (Edee gasps)
(coyotes howling in distance)
(birds chirping)
(bird calling)
(bird calling)
(grunts, pants)
(bird calling)
Why am I here anymore?
Maybe you shouldn't be here.
I've been thinking
we should get out of here.
- No.
- We should go live at my house...
No, not why am I here.
Why am I here anymore?
- I'm not letting you do this.
- Stop.
- We're leaving.
- Emma, stop it. Get your hand...
- You're not gonna let me what?
- No.
Get your hands off of me, Emma!
You know this.
Don't hurt yourself.
For me. (sobs)
(bird calling)
(birds chirping)
(water flowing)
(Edee grunting)
(engine starts)
(bell jingles)
(bird calling)
Race ya. Come on.
Come on!
Come on!
- (rain falling)
- (thunder cracking)
(rainfall continues)
(sighs softly)
(birds calling)
(grunting softly)
(grunts softly)
(bird calling)
(coyotes howling)
(rustling outside)
Come on.
- (wind howling)
- (roof banging)
(wind whistling)
(grunting softly)
(low growling)
(twig snaps)
(bear panting)
(objects clattering)
(wind whistling)
Oh, my God.
(can clatters)
(sighs) No.
Oh, my God.
(wind whistling)
(wind whistling)
(trembling breaths)
(whimpers, pants)
This isn't working.
This isn't working.
It isn't working.
Nothing's working.
It's not working!
You idiot!
What an idiot! (sobs)
(shout echoes)
(sighs softly)
- (pants)
- (gun clicks)
(breath trembling)
Don't hurt yourself.
For me.
(gun drops to floor)
(sobbing softly)
(paper rips)
(paper rips)
(panting, moaning)
- (clattering)
- (gasps)
(wind howling)
(grunting, panting)
(snow crunching)
(door whooshes shut)
(knocking on door)
Just try and suck on it.
(fire crackling)
I'm Miguel Borras.
This is Alawa Crow.
(grunts weakly, sighs)
Sit up a little bit.
- Are you a doctor?
- Nurse.
We should take you
to a hospital to see a doctor.
We're not out of the woods yet.
You need tests.
No. No, don't move me.
I can't, I can't leave here.
I can't.
- (shushing)
- (panting)
We should take her anyway.
I don't think
she's gonna make it.
We have to honor her wishes.
I need to go back.
I'll take care of her.
And you know what to do?
How to handle the IVs?
She'll need help every day.
I'll check in with you.
I'll need to take blood samples
if we can't move her.
You're a good heart, Miguel.
(Miguel sighs)
(sighs softly)
- Hey.
- (lid clanks)
Thank you.
- Let me help you.
- (sighs)
(birds screeching)
- Hi.
- Hey.
What's that?
- Broth.
- No, I smelled bacon.
That's for me.
I'm not supposed
to give you any of that.
I'll make you some as soon as
Alawa says you can have it.
How did you find me?
I was on a hunt,
and, uh, I noticed
on my way by here
there was chimney smoke,
like any cabin would have
this time of year.
And then, on my way back,
there was no smoke.
Why are you helping me?
You were in my path.
(wind whistling softly)
(engine starts)
(knocking on door)
Alawa says you can have noodles.
My name is Edee.
Did I say that?
No. Hi, Edee.
(water splashing gently)
You know I would be
more comfortable
if you came into the hospital.
Do you know
how lucky you've been?
You would have died
if it weren't for Miguel.
If he hadn't found you...
...didn't call me.
Miguel will bring you
your results,
as I assume you won't be
coming into town to get them.
MIGUEL: Here, take this cell
phone, in case you need help.
No, it's...
You know, we've been
polite enough not to ask you
all the questions
one might want to ask
if they found someone like you.
No phone.
One might begin to wonder how
she came to be in this place.
Might wonder if
she's hiding from someone.
I understand your curiosity.
I'm not running from anyone.
I'm not hiding.
I'm not a criminal.
I'm here because I choose to be.
- (door opens)
- (footsteps)
(vehicle approaching)
(footsteps approaching)
Blood test results.
All good.
Your levels are back normal.
Can I make you a cup of coffee?
I want to thank you
for your kindness.
But I, um...
Well, it-it's not necessary.
I'm fine.
And, um...
you've brought
plenty of supplies.
I can fish soon, grow food.
I'm here in this place
because I don't want
to be around people.
Do you understand?
This is for the groceries
and the IVs.
No, really, I want to pay.
It must've been at least
a few hundred dollars.
No, it wasn't,
and it's all right.
Can't take money
for doing the right thing.
Can we agree that
my actions are my business?
Yes, we can.
And if I end up starving,
well, that's on me.
I feel that I have to say this.
Only a person
who has never been hungry...
...would think
starving is a way to die.
There are better ways to die.
There are better ways to die?
I understand it might be
a little rough for you here,
but if you feel
you don't belong here, then...
If I don't belong here,
I don't belong anywhere.
Have you ever killed anything?
A fish.
If it's all right,
I-I will come back here
and teach you how to trap.
In the fall, to hunt.
And then
you won't see me anymore.
- (clears throat)
- Thank you.
You're gonna be
coming here to teach me?
Would you mind not bringing
any news of life elsewhere?
I can do that.
Thank you.
What if aliens land here?
You're quiet. That's good.
Being able to get close
to animals
without disturbing them.
Seems that...
this is a good spot.
This will work way better than
whatever you're using now.
So the rabbit or the squirrel
just go through it.
- Squirrel?
- Yeah.
You got to eat what you catch.
Or get a deer.
Getting squirrel is
motivation to get a deer.
Is the trap ready?
Let's see it.
(Edee grunts)
- Perfect.
- Okay.
This makes a perfect log.
The hard part has been
done for you by the beavers.
How tall are the beavers,
like, six feet
on their hind legs?
They're standing on about four
feet of snow when they do that.
Welcome to your life
There's no turning back
Everybody wants
to rule the world
There's a room where
the light won't find you.
(bird calling)
(bird calling)
There he is. You see him?
Easy, just bring it up.
Cock it whenever you want.
(gun cocks)
Hold your breath
before you shoot.
(Edee grunts)
Oh, my...
- That's it.
- (sighs)
That's it.
Well done, Edee. Well done.
All right, watch me.
I won't be here next time.
You enter here, okay?
And then pull it.
(sighs) Okay.
That's it. (exhales, sniffs)
All right, try.
(bird calling)
You can plant a leaf?
(jet engine whooshes overhead)
(truck door closes)
You like dogs.
- Who doesn't like dogs?
- (chuckles)
I'm a cat person.
He likes you.
(Edee laughs)
Come on in. Come in.
Come, Potter.
You know, this place has been
empty for quite a while.
Mm. I think I figured that out.
It's been pretty inconvenient
that you keep
taking my chair inside.
- That's your chair?
- Was.
(both laugh)
Well, I don't think I said
one word to myself last week,
and then that old '80s song
popped into my head
and you were singing it.
And it was painful,
I have to say.
Mm, there's a lot more
where that came from.
- (chuckles): Oh, no.
- Oh, yeah.
- (whistles sharply)
- (dog barks)
Welcome to your life
There's no turning back
Everybody wants
- To rule the world
- (laughing)
There's a room
where the light...
(birds chirping)
(birds chirping)
MIGUEL: I bring water
to the reservations.
Half the people around here
don't have access
to clean running water.
I just bring the equipment
and the solar to make it work
and, uh...
...dig new wells.
So that's your story?
My story?
You find you're
lacking entertainment now?
If you want me to sing,
just say it.
- Just say it.
- (laughs)
No. Thank you.
Just the simple facts, Yoda.
The Star Wars character.
Ah. Didn't see that.
There's like a thousand
Star Wars movies.
- You've never seen one?
- Hmm.
Of course you didn't.
But then again,
neither would've Yoda.
Why am I him?
You're gonna have to do
your homework
and rent one of
those movies, I think.
Ah, fair enough.
Do you have family?
I have nieces.
They're my family now.
My wife's sister's kids.
My wife and my daughter
were killed
in a car accident.
Eight years ago.
I'm so sorry, Miguel.
Yeah, me, too.
It doesn't change anything.
Want to tell me
about your family?
I had a family once.
You should bring Kaya next time.
I'd love to meet her.
Mm, I didn't think you...
She's your niece.
I'd be honored.
You ever get lonely out here?
I know I'd be more lonely
there than here.
That may sound...
It doesn't make
any sense, but...
No, it does.
It does to me.
If you don't want
to talk about the past,
have you thought about what
you want your life to be now?
Moving forward?
I just...
I want to notice... more.
Notice everything
around me more.
Know more about here,
be able to survive here,
appreciate it.
- Sounds like a goal.
- Yep.
You are able to live here now.
Yeah, no more cell phones,
no more traffic,
no more holiday celebrations.
Did you google me?
I don't know
your last name, Edee.
Y-You've never told me,
not that I would or...
be interested in doing that.
(sighs, sniffs)
(truck door opens, closes)
(Miguel clears throat)
I was gonna go hunting.
Want to come?
Miguel, I'm so sorry.
(indistinct conversation)
We will find you
Acting on
Your best behavior
- EDEE: Everybody
- Turn your...
MIGUEL: No. "Turn your back
on Mother Nature."
We will find you
Acting on your best behavior
Turn your back
On Mother Nature
Everybody wants
to rule the world
There's a room where
the light won't find you
Holding hands when
the walls come tumbling down
When they do,
I'll be right behind you
- EDEE: So sad... glad
- So glad
We've almost made it
So sad they had to fade it
Everybody wants
to rule the world.
(Miguel laughs, hums melody)
(Edee laughs)
(rattling quietly)
(clears throat)
My niece Elki drew this.
(Miguel clears throat)
It's beautiful.
They always ask about
my hermit friend
who lives in the mountains.
I think they think
I'm making it up.
She wants you to keep it.
Now I want to get
something for Elki.
Can give her something
to prove I exist.
(clears throat)
- (Miguel whistles sharply)
- (dog barks)
Um-um, I have to go away
for a while.
Potter loves it here.
Do you think
you could take him for me?
When will I see you again?
It's hard to tell this time.
You stay here, boy. Okay?
Be good.
(fire crackling)
Hi, buddy.
(sobs softly)
(sobs softly)
(sniffling softly)
Can I help you with something?
Looks like we're finally
getting the hang of this, huh?
(birds chirping)
(birds chirping)
(geese honking in distance)
Well, that's a cure
for insomnia.
(elk calling)
(wind whistling)
(insects chirring)
(sighs heavily)
He's never been gone this long.
(birds chirping)
(dog panting)
(dog yelps)
- (car horn honks)
- (quiet chatter)
(car horn honks)
- (indistinct chatter)
- (dishes clinking)
(Edee clears throat)
Is there a hospital nearby?
Just down the road.
(entry bell jingles)
(man speaking indistinctly
over P.A.)
May I help you?
Uh, yes.
I'm looking, uh,
for a woman named Alawa.
She's a-a nurse.
Or was.
I met her, um, two years ago.
I'm not certain
that she works here.
(picks up phone, dials)
Alawa, you have a visitor.
(woman speaking indistinctly
over P.A.)
(quiet chatter)
(brakes squeak)
You go on in.
M-My name, uh, is Edee.
I'm a friend of Miguel's, and...
Yes, Edee, I know who you are.
I'm his sister-in-law.
He's awake.
(wheezing breaths)
(Edee sighs)
I wondered if you'd come off
that damn mountain to see me.
I bet Alawa $100 you would.
She said make it 200,
you wouldn't.
(chuckles softly)
(wheezing breaths)
Didn't catch it in time.
You have to catch it in time.
Why didn't you tell me?
No news from
the outside world, you said.
I took you at your word.
(exhales slowly)
I'm glad you made it, though.
So I could thank you.
You gave me all I wanted.
You offered me...
...a way to die
in a state of grace.
(sobs softly)
Miguel, the truth is you...
...made me want to live again.
I would've died long ago
if you hadn't brought me
back to life.
And I wished you hadn't
for quite a while.
And then... made it tolerable.
(sighs) My phone...
...has all my music in it.
I want you to have it.
Your music?
You want to use
my iTunes account?
Yeah, I'd love to take
your '80s tunes.
There you are.
Take, take, take.
Oh, yeah?
That's me.
And you...
give, give, give.
I hope so.
See you, Yoda.
(Edee sighs)
I saw one.
Star Wars.
I'm not him.
...I was driving
in the accident.
I used to drink a lot.
My family was shot and killed.
Random shooter
in a concert hall.
My husband Adam, my son Drew.
(sobs softly)
Thank you.
Thank you.
(line ringing)
Emma? It's me.
Oh, my God!
("So You Remember Me"
by The Staves playing)
I'm gonna write you a letter
All the things
I couldn't say
I'm gonna put it in a bottle
And let the waves
take it away
Gonna build you a castle
Way up in the clouds
So you can see it
from the freeway
On your way out of town
Ooh, so you remember me
Ooh, so you do
Ooh, so you remember me
The way that I
Remember you
I'm gonna tie a ribbon
Gold across the sky
So you can see it
from your window
Right as the sun
begins to rise
Ooh, so you remember me
Ooh, so you do
Ooh, so you remember me
The way that I
Remember you.
(song ends)
(music fades)