Land of Doom (1986) Movie Script

I don't know how the final war began.
It doesn't even matter.
All that matters now is survival.
In this desolate world,
there's little hope.
Filled with disease and pollution,
it is unfit for human life.
Food is scarce, and what little there is...
is grabbed by bands of murdering raiders...
led by a madman determined to destroy...
the last good human beings.
MAN: This village is mine!
Nobody lives--
I don't know if I will survive this madness...
or if anyone will ever know of my struggles.
All I know is, I must try.
MAN: This village is mine!
Come on!
Bring it over here!
Get up!
Come on!
MAN: I want this place burned to the ground!
No one, no one survives!
MAN: I want this place burned to the ground!
No one, no one survives!
What are you doing?
I thought I saw somebody.
Come on.
Let's go.
MAN: No, please.
I'm wounded.
Please, help me.
I sure hope you're a doctor.
How long you been here?
Two, maybe three days.
I don't even remember anymore.
Here's to a better tomorrow.
You'll need that.
I don't suppose you'd want to share any of that,
would you?
My name's Anderson.
What's yours?
I just thought, since we'll be
spending the night together...
Will you shut up?
Whatever you say.
You're quite a cook.
My name is Harmony.
That's a very pretty name.
What's that supposed to mean?
Just that.
It's pretty.
MAN 1: Hey, look at the cave!
MAN 2: Let's check it out!
MAN 1: Oh, forget it.
Let's go back to camp.
HARMONY: I'm leaving.
I need food and water.
Mind if I tag along for a while?
I'm not too fond of the accommodations here.
I travel alone.
I don't need a cripple to slow me down.
I just thought maybe you'd like some company.
I go alone!
- Most loners don't survive.
- I do.
Yeah, I bet you do.
Thanks for the food.
All right.
If you can keep up you can come along,
but you have to take care of yourself.
Well, now, that's the best offer I've had all day.
It's an attack group.
They must be going
after another village.
MAN: Yeah, come on!
Let's go, let's go!
Fire away!
Let's go!
ANDERSON: Let's go.
We're gonna be real careful now between us...
and where we're going.
Come on.
MAN: Hey, Purvis!
MAN: Wouldn't want to be in his shoes.
What the hell are you doing here?
I lost Anderson.
He got away.
How many men did you lose?
It was dark out there.
We got jumped by surprise.
He took all of you?
No way, man.
He had a whole bunch of guys.
Don't lie to me, asshole!
Well, like I said, it was dark.
I couldn't tell.
One guy.
Against how many?
Real bad.
- God damn you!
- Well, I..
I don't want excuses, I want Anderson.
- You got it?
- But I don't...
Go take some men.
I don't care if you take the whole camp...
but you bring him to me.
Now, get out.
Demister's tracking him right now.
Get out!
One of these days I'm gonna cut his balls...
off and feed them to the dogs.
A little weak.
This climbing isn't helping any.
Don't worry, I won't slow you down.
- Ah!
- Don't touch me!
Don't you ever touch me.
Relax for Christ's sake, I just slipped.
And please, put that thing down.
Never touch me.
No way, hot shot.
I wouldn't think of it.
Hold it right there!
Now, turn around real slow like.
I knew I'd catch you.
Been following you all morning.
Well, well, Demister.
So Slater finally let you out of your cage.
Slater's gonna be mighty
happy to see you, Anderson.
Mighty happy.
You could drop that weapon too.
Thought you'd get away, didn't you?
But I got you.
DEMISTER: Don't move!
Are you hurt?
I'm OK.
Is she your woman, huh?
I'm nobody's woman!
You try one more dumb thing like that, cunt...
it'll be your end.
You got it?
You freak.
What... What'd you say?
What did you say?
Huh, huh?
I can't hear you.
Maybe your mouth needs a little help, huh?
Get away from her!
DEMISTER: You want some of this?
You're gonna have to beg for it.
Demister's the name.
You call me that, huh.
And you better learn to like me 'cause...
we got a long road ahead.
You and me are gonna have
a good time tonight, yeah.
[LAUGHING] can put your bag down right there.
What now, halfwit?
Over by that tree.
Get your hands behind that tree.
You never should have burned Slater's face.
Slater's more deranged than you are.
I only wish I had finished what I started.
Slater's a survivor.
Only the strong have a place now...
not chicken shits like you.
You see, Anderson, we don't like your ideas.
This good shit about saving the world
and making it better.
Look around you.
This place is nothing but
a fucking garbage dump.
DEMISTER: Where do you think you're going?
HARMONY: Get off of me!
Shut up, dickhead!
You listen to me, cunt.
You're for me.
You think I'm gonna let Anderson have you?
It's my turn now, bitch!
Don't beg for mercy.
It makes it worse for you.
Yeah, that's right.
Feels sharp, doesn't it?
You keep that up and, uh, I'm gonna...
have to carve you up a little.
Or, uh, I could always slit it open.
ANDERSON: I said get away from her!
What's the matter, Anderson?
You want a turn?
Harmony, he's dead.
- Are you OK?
- Shut up!
You got me into this.
I shoulda known better.
Where the hell are you going?
Hey, for Christ's sake, cut me loose.
You're not gonna leave me here like this?
You can work your way
loose in a couple of hours.
By then I'll be gone.
Long gone.
Harmony, use your head.
Cut me loose.
With that bike over there,
we can both get far from here.
I could help you.
Like you helped me get into this?
Look, I could take you
wherever you want to go.
I go nowhere with you.
What were you doing
with scum like this?
I'm not with them.
I once organized the raiders.
I tried to get them to rebuild,
but it fell apart.
And now they all follow
a madman called Slater.
You think there's anything better, you're a fool.
ANDERSON: There's something better!
There's this place I know
of where a group of people...
have banded together.
They've built something new
out of what was left.
You know where it is?
No, not exactly, but I know I can find it.
I don't need anybody.
I can take care of myself.
I'm sure you can.
Look, these ropes are cutting my wrists.
Do you mind?
You really know this place?
If you cut me loose,
we can find it together.
You better not be lying.
Well, that's it.
We're out of alcohol.
No more riding.
Our water supply is low too.
I guess we'll have...
Poor bastards.
Do you think they have any water?
If they do, we couldn't use it.
Come on, let's go.
Do you think there's any game around here?
I haven't seen any signs of any.
Are you OK?
This looks like it's been used lately.
It has.
There's something over there.
ANDERSON: Yeah, I see it.
Come on, let's go.
It could be dangerous.
We need food.
Nobody gives food away.
You never can tell.
We could get shot.
ANDERSON: We'll be careful.
Someone's home.
Hold your fire!
We mean you no harm.
MAN: Move closer where I can see you!
That's far enough.
You and your trusting.
You, put your hands up.
What do you want?
All we need is a little food,
if you can spare any.
The food comes hard these days.
Who are you?
Just two people running from the raiders.
False snakes!
Is that your woman?
No, we're just traveling together.
Come in.
But don't try to do anything funny.
I have a real itchy trigger finger.
We wouldn't think of it.
Put your weapons right there.
This is very kind of you.
We appreciate it.
Sit down on the bench.
Do you have an outhouse I can use?
MAN: Somewhere outside,
but be back in three minutes.
Don't you worry.
I'll be right back.
I mean three minutes.
That's a good looking woman.
A very good looking woman.
Well, well, look what I found me.
You are not very polite.
I'm just trying to be friendly.
The food, on the table.
Looks good.
Uh, this looks like real meat stew.
What's... what's in it?
Deer meat.
My friends and I got us a nice deer,
a while back.
ANDERSON: Harmony?
Harmony, what are you doing?
You better go look in the barn!
Why, what's out there?
- That is not deer meat.
- What are you talking about?
It's human!
That is human meat!
The shed's full of dead people.
Still want that stew?
Come on, we better hurry.
The others will be back soon.
What makes you think there are others?
Huh, trust me.
There are others.
I'll get you.
I'll fear no bet.
You won't live to see it.
He's not worth it.
What's the matter, girl?
No guts?
Harmony, that's something the raiders would do.
You're lucky.
You creeps!
You creeps!
I get you!
I shoulda killed the old bastard!
The others will follow us just as fast.
That kind of scum should be wiped out.
Harmony, you can change the world
by killing everybody.
You only kill somebody
when you have to.
Not a sound.
Somebody's coming.
Two, I think.
Hey, tracks lead to go that way.
I see that.
Must be close.
Trail's fresh.
We got them.
Shut up!
You want them to hear us?
Which way do you think they went?
Hm, Halsey, if I'd know'd that,
we'd be doing it.
HALSEY: We never should have to kill dog.
I don't want to hear
any more about that dog!
He ate too much.
There wasn't enough for us.
I'm sorry.
Can I go first with the girl?
Beautiful girl?
We'll worry about
that when we find them.
See if you can pick up their trail.
That dummy.
I was Ma wouldn't have
stopped Pa from drowning him.
HALSEY: Albert, I heard something.
ALBERT: Shut up.
HALSEY: Albert!
I see her!
I got you now!
- Ha-ha.
- That's not funny!
I could've killed you.
Don't do that again.
You scared the shit out of me.
And quit trying to do everything by yourself.
If you don't like it,
you can travel alone.
I do what has to be done.
Listen, hot shot, I know what I'm doing.
Next time, I might be useful.
Out here you learn to react
if you want to survive.
I have no time for second thoughts.
And I don't answer to anyone for my actions.
Harmony, that's not the point!
I just don't want you to get hurt.
You're welcome.
We'll get it someday, won't we?
- What?
- The plague.
Don't worry.
If you were gonna get it,
you'd have gotten it by now.
I told you never to touch me!
I was trying to help you.
I don't need your help.
We all need help these days.
Look, it's nothing against you.
I just can't stand to be touched, that's all.
Why not?
That's a stupid-ass question.
Every man I've ever come across has...
either tried to kill me or...
Rape you?
I haven't.
I'll kill you if you try.
Why is it like this?
It'll be dark soon.
Come on, let's move.
- Wait.
You think they're stalking us?
I think we better find some
high ground to spend the night.
And Purvis, one of Slater's prime maniacs.
He's the one over there.
Move up the side of that hill.
Take that dump.
I want it now!
God dammit, move!
Come on, we're going down.
Are you crazy?
We gotta grab one of those bikes.
It's our only chance to get away from here.
ANDERSON: Harmony!
Harmony, come on!
That's what they did to my...
There's nothing we can do.
Let's go.
We've gotta move fast while the fighting
still going on.
RAIDER: Take her out!
RAIDER: Get out of the way!
RAIDER: Come on!
Hey, I got mine!
Come here!
- Leave it!
Let's run.
ANDERSON: No, they'd catch us.
You die!
ANDERSON: This way!
One of them's getting away!
He's got one of our bikes!
Son of a bitch, it's that fucking Anderson.
Get on the bike.
I want him now!
They're catching up!
I can see that.
Can't you make this thing go any faster?
What do you think I'm doing?
What now?
Look over there!
Where the hell did they come from?
We're in deep shit!
It's OK.
No problem.
Not yet, anyway.
Are you fucking crazy?
No problem?
OK, you two go that way.
You follow.
- Where the hell are you going?
- Go!
- What the hell are you doing?
- Shit!
I tried to get up there, and I fell.
Give him a fucking hand, will you?
You know, brother, you stink.
PURVIS: You're not gonna be
needing that fuel, Anderson.
Get off.
Move slow.
I'll give you this,
you're one tough bastard to catch.
Well, whaddaya know?
You son of a gun.
Were you looking for me?
Cut the bullshit!
I got you, and I'm taking you to Slater.
I don't think we're going
anywhere together, Purvis.
If I were you, I'd drop that thing.
What's the matter?
This heat getting to you?
This thing's loaded.
What do you take me for, stupid?
Put your hands up, big mouth.
Now, shoot that thing.
You dirty bitch.
- Can I shoot him?
- You won't have to.
Come on!
Oh, come on.
Don't just stand there.
Shoot it.
You're not gonna leave
me here like this.
Come on.
I was kidding, Anderson.
Oh, jeez.
Jeez, I hate fucking snakes.
We can take it easy for a while now.
Do you think they'll
send anybody else after us?
You can bet on it.
I was afraid you'd say that.
MAN: Stay back!
Away you go!
Go away!
My lord and my lady, many thanks.
You sure talk funny.
And just who might you be?
I'm Orland, and this is Guinevere.
Well, I think you'll be safe for a while now.
We gotta go, huh.
Where you headed?
ORLAND: Can I go?
Sorry, there's no room.
You... You... You're not going
to leave us here all alone?
Does that thing work?
All right.
We'll go slow for a while
so you can follow us.
But once we get past those hills, we gotta go.
All right?
ORLAND: Don't leave us.
Slow down!
Don't leave us!
Come back!
PURVIS: Come on, let's go!
RAIDER: Hey, look!
They got Anderson, and the girl too!
Well, well, well, what do we have here?
Hm, nice.
Very nice.
I always did like a woman with spirit.
Leave her alone, Slater.
I'm the one you want.
She hasn't done anything to you.
SLATER: No, not yet.
But she will.
Why are you looking at him for?
He can't help you.
Only I can.
You treat me nice,
and all this is yours.
Gee, I don't know how I'd live without it.
Take her and have her cleaned up.
I want to see how pretty she looks.
Get her!
Get her!
Get her, I want her alive!
Harmony, look out!
RAIDER: Don't let her get away!
I had such nice plans for you.
PURVIS: Out of my way.
SLATER: Take them both away!
Anderson, you stinking bastard.
I'm gonna slit your throat for leaving me
with that snake.
I hate snakes!
Be pained my way.
Take him away!
Come on.
Come here, girl.
Now what have you got us into?
I always thought it was safer to travel alone.
At least you can't say I don't make life exciting.
What do you think they're going to do with us?
I was afraid you'd ask that.
Slater's on a real rampage.
We've humiliated him in front of his men
and made him lose face.
He's gonna have to get their respect back...
if he wants to stay in power.
Purvis is just itching to take over.
He's got a lot of followers.
This just might be the chance he's looking for.
All in all...
Yeah, I get the picture.
We're in deep shit again.
It doesn't have to be for you.
I'm the one he wants.
All you have to do is be nice.
I'd rather die.
I'm sorry I got you into this.
It's my own choice.
Nobody put a gun to my head.
Why does he hate you so much?
I'm a threat to him.
He has to kill me.
You see, when Slater came along
the men started...
getting greedy and restless.
We had a power struggle.
One day, with some of my men,
I tried to stop him...
but we were betrayed.
He was waiting for us.
I barely got out of there in one piece.
Since then, it's been run, fight, hide.
That's when you found me.
I'm sorry I got you involved.
I never wanted you to get hurt.
It's been a long time
since anyone cared about me.
The time is here, Anderson.
You know, I'm gonna take great pleasure
in seeing you suffer.
When are you gonna stop being a fool, Purvis?
How long are you gonna let Slater
treat you like a dog?
You don't worry about that 'cause you...
ain't gonna be here to see it.
You understand?
Poor Purvis.
Untie him.
SLATER: Well, well, Anderson.
You're gonna pay for all the trouble
you've caused...
and you're gonna pay slow.
I'm gonna have you skinned alive.
You're such a brave man,
Slater, with all your goons...
around you.
But you don't have the guts
to do your own dirty work.
The trouble with you, Anderson...
is you live in the past.
You're trying to rebuild the old world...
but what you fail to realize is the same people...
who made the old world also destroyed it.
The only way is to win.
The strong will survive, Anderson.
And I'm a winner.
You're a loser.
Chain the girl up!
I'm gonna show her how nice I can be.
And then, they get a turn.
Get him!
Get him!
Get him!
Kill Anderson!
Wait for Anderson!
I don't know where you came from...
but your timing was perfect.
ORLAND: Through the door.
BOTH: - What door?
- Right there!
PURVIS: They ain't here for long.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
No, don't hurt.
They are my friends.
They are my friends.
They are the ones who showed me
where I could find you.
Do these little devils speak?
ORLAND: They don't have to.
We understand each other.
What's going on?
What's happening?
The raiders have found the door.
They're coming in.
We must run.
Come on, this way!
RAIDER: Look, there they are, up there!
PURVIS: Go around that way!
Down there!
RAIDER: I got one!
Which way'd they go?
Look in there!
Last dead end.
Get out of here.
Move out!
Holy shit!
Can you blow it?
ORLAND: Can I blow it?
Come on!
Come on!
They gotta be around here someplace!
Come on, let's go!
Get to the bikes!
Get to the bikes!
Bring it over here.
Right here!
Right here!
Get off, come on!
Come on, man, let's go!
They're catching up!
This thing's not going fast enough!
Step on it, they're behind us!
Oh, shit!
What's that?
I'm glad they're on our side.
ANDERSON: You and me both.
Let's get to the other side!
I'm gonna get you, Anderson!
There ain't no place or hole
big enough for you to hide!
I am gonna find you,
and I am gonna kill you!
Excitable type, isn't he?
I think we'll be safe for a while.
It'll take them some
time to get around that.
By then, who knows?
We might even reach Blue Lake.
I hope you find it, huh.
Aren't you coming with us?
I will stay here for a while.
We're gonna miss you.
If it weren't for you and your friends, I...
ORLAND: Well, I hope we meet again, soon.
Come on, let's go.
Oh, shit.
Here we go again.