Land of Plenty (2004) Movie Script

Winners never quit,
quitters never win.
When the going gets tough,
I kick ass...
This is me!
This is my country!
These colours, my friend,
these colours don't run!
September twelve,
oh-eight hundred.
Paul Jeffries, USASF.
I am at position one,
south west corner of the street...
Situation here has become
increasingly difficult to monitor.
Pedestrian population up,
awareness level in retrograde.
Less than twenty four hours after
the second anniversary of the attacks,
and still on
a code yellow threat advisory.
These people might
as well be picking flowers...
Location secure.
If not out of respect
for the deceased,
then at least out of
respect for the families,
let's have the human decency
not to use the anniversary of 9/11
for liberal-political-manoeuvring...
Thank you, God.
Thank you for bringing me home!
To my own country.
It feels so remote.
Been away for so long.
Thank you!
Come on, people! Work with me!
Go for Harris!
LA International Airport,
position four-nine...
- Copy.
- LAX!
Immediate dispatch.
Confirm twenty upon arrival...
Does that sound like
a "soft target" to you?
...Nobody's going after LAX!
- Moving to position four-nine.
- Will copy twenty. Harris out.
- Copy that...
We're now beginning our
final descent into
Los Angeles International Airport.
The Captain has asked that you
please fasten your seatbelts
and return your tray tables to
an upright and locked position.
North side of Palmetto.
I see an Arab.
Two very shady personage,
having a conversation where they
know they can't be recorded.
Two boxes are being held.
And the label reads ah...
Two boxes of Borax.
In pursuit!
Come on, baby! Come on!
Come on, you crap! Come on!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Please! Damn it! Shit!!
Where'd he go?
What is he,
a magician or something?
Some kind of an invisible man?
Suspect fled on foot,
advanced into the
maze of inner city structures
underneath the Fourth Street Bridge.
Vanished temporarily.
Pursuing on foot.
Talk about bad luck!
You think you slipped away?
Maybe for now,
but not for long.
You just ran into a
truck-load of the worst luck
you've ever had in your life,
turban boy!
Attention, travellers!
You are not required to
give money to solicitors!
Ladies and gentleman,
your attention, please!
Swiss Line 41 is paging
departing passenger Mr. Paul Hingmus.
I guess you remember me,
then, huh?
No, not really.
No? Good!
Because I was a nerd back then
and now I'm kinda cool.
You checked luggage, right?
Uh, no! No, this is it.
That's it?
All the way from Tel Aviv and
that's all you brought?
All my earthly possessions.
Is that true? Shall we?
While I flip through the pages
of our wonderful "mainstream press",
as I'm doing right now,
the most difficult thing for me
personally to decide each morning
is which lie to address first.
Because they're all
so enticing, quite frankly.
But, let's see
what we have here...
All right: Ralph Nader has called
for the impeachment of President Bush,
now Ralph has about as much Washington
credibility as Pee Wee Herman,
so I'm just gonna
leave this alone...
I really appreciate what
you're doing for me here.
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
Well, hey, whose life is it,
yours or your father's?
It's mine...
Well, then, there you go!
You think he'll send me
some hate mail?
Well, he might.
But at least you don't
have to worry about e-mail.
Cause he always says
that the computer
is an invention that allows you to make
- more mistakes in a shorter
...more mistakes in a shorter
- period of time than...
- period of time than
every before in history.
Ha! So, you heard that
one from him, uh?
I heard it from him,
alright, yeah.
Eighteen hundred hours,
El Monte airport.
No apparent security,
no nothing...
myself excluded.
I am observing approximately
forty to fifty private aircraft,
secured with padlocks.
Little kiddie locks!
My bicycle in high-school
was harder to steal.
You load these things up with
hit any target in LA in
less than five minutes...
Just one rat,
that's all it would take.
Just one Mohamed Atta,
one Ziad Jarrah...
There are more homeless
and hungry
in Los Angeles County than
anywhere else in the States.
This is
"The hunger capital of America".
I just had no idea!
I mean, the last thing that they're
talking about in the West Bank
is poverty in America.
The last thing they're
talking about in the West Wing
is poverty in America.
Is there no press?
No, it's all on Iraq.
And if it wasn't that,
they'd just
find something else to
spin in its place.
Everyone buys it.
One big lie after another...
We handed the tents
out a few weeks ago.
Some wealthy woman
bought a hundred of them
and brought 'em down...
I wish she'd come back
and bring some food.
It's just too many!
We can't feed 'em all anymore.
How far are we
from the mission?
You're just about to film it.
Hey Chief!
Who is the cutie?
This is Lana.
I'll introduce you
in the morning.
She's gonna be with
us a while, so, uh...
she comes and goes
whenever she wants.
Got it! See you tomorrow,
Night, Sherman!
Oh, God! That lock!
This is the men's dorm.
Most of the drug dealers
work the streets at night,
so we lock them out and
go to bed kinda early...
You're probably
beat anyway, huh?
Yeah... (I'm) a little tired.
Come on!
Are you hungry?
No, not really.
Good! You'll do well here.
I like it.
Huh! Sure you do.
No, I really do.
You are going to do
very well here.
Bathroom is down the hall.
And this key unlocks
your door,
our kitchen,
and a few other things.
It would be bad to lose it...
We usually have tea
around six.
That sounds good.
- Good Night!
- Good Night!
Deedee mau!
That's it. Keep it coming...
- Just get out of my way!
- On your left! You got it!
- Keep it coming! That's it.
- Get the fuck out of my way!
You're veering!
You're veering!
Yeah, because of you!
Watch the mirror!
What would I do
without you, huh?
There you go. You got it!
More shredded paper? Great!
Yeah, can you reassemble it?
All of it?
Piece of... piece of cake.
Ah, you got some more water.
Where is it from?
Read it!
What do you know about Borax?
It's a cleaning detergent,
isn't it?
I know it's cleaning detergent!
I wanna know what else
you can do with it.
What do you mean,
like build a bomb?
Just check it out.
I'll run it on the net.
I was just thinking...
You know, uh, everybody's
worried about a "dirty bomb".
Wouldn't it be funny
if it was made out of Borax?
Let me know as soon as you've
made it and we'll set up a chat time.
I'm going to Abu Dis with the I.S.M.,
and yes, with Itzhak... ooh la la!
for a "stop the wall" vigil,
but I'm back tonight.
Miss you, Yael.
P. S: If you're homesick,
check out the latest...
Better Have Pains of Peace
Than Agonies of War
I made it, but it was one of the
longest trips of my life.
When we chat
I'll tell you about LA.
And you can tell me
about Itzhak!
You're ten hours ahead of me,
so how is ten your time,
midnight for me tomorrow?
I love you and
I miss you, Lana.
North side of Palmetto.
I see an Arab!
Mom's letter.
God, help me deliver it
after all these years.
Help me do this for her.
Help me find my uncle...
Wherever he is...
... the strategy of the insurgents
in and around Baghdad
has been labelled the
body bag syndrome...
During the day
the second floor is the
real hub of activity,
so we usually leave
this door closed.
Okay, got it.
Those are the women's
dorms down there.
Martha's jurisdiction.
How you're doing, Marth?
Hi, Henry.
You know, they've been
over capacity since,
well, since the last time the
fire marshal was here.
And we have a small room for
reading and prayer in there.
And down here...
- Ooh, I am sorry!
- Wow! Excuse me!
...and come down here.
This is my office.
And then, the real action
is in here!
Cafe Maison.
How's it flowing, Big H?
Oh, good.
- Sherman.
- Yes.
This is Lana.
Welcome to the mad house!
- Thank you.
- Help yourselves, fellows...
Sherman is our
operational manager.
And the chef.
And the janitor.
And the accountant.
No, no, no, wait, wait,
turn his mike off, okay.
Look, this is MY show, alright!
These leftists can never
answer a question!
Sir, I didn't ask you
who started the UN.
I asked you if
aside from invasion,
should we always have
the approval of
the United Nations before
sending troops in?
Please just answer that
question, please!
Okay, thank you, Sir.
And for the record: Let me tell you:
You're a full-blown and complete idiot.
But: God bless you
for tuning in.
And hopefully you
learned something today...
Afternoon, Elvin.
Afternoon. This your van?
Yeah. Yeah, I like a little shade.
You PD?
But I was on a freedom
bird with one of your LTs.
SSG Paul Jeffries, USASF.
You're working UC?!
I'm working...
Ah, excuse me, uh,
good morning,
good afternoon,
whatever, but, uh,
can I help you?
Hi. I am looking for
my uncle and,
and I have this address...
Your uncle?
Oh, you got the wrong house.
Paul... his name is
Paul Jeffries?
No, no, no,
never heard of him. No!
I've been overseas
for a long time
and I just
got back into town.
And I'd really
like to see him.
I, I kind of need to actually.
But the guy that lives here
doesn't have any relatives.
Well, uh, he does.
He has one. It's me.
Yeah, I was chubby.
Um, so is there a way that
I can get in touch with him?
Cause I'm staying at a homeless
mission right now and I just...
I don't have a phone.
Look, you didn't, uh...
you didn't get this... get this from me.
Right? Some little birdie told you...
Nineteen hundred hours,
evidence secured.
Will transport water samples
and report botulinim toxin analysis
as soon as it gets back from the lab.
Jeffries, out.
I'm good!
So if I see someone actively
doing something suspicious,
be he middle-Eastern or not,
well I'm not just going to walk away.
This is my country,
and if I want to take a closer look,
I'm going to take a closer look!
I don't think it's radical.
I think it's rational.
Bread of Life.
Bread of Life?
Yeah, is that not what
I'm supposed to say?
How would I know?
Well, I don't know.
What did they say the
last time you called?
Well, to tell you the truth,
I don't remember.
Uh, well, this is the hall phone.
And I'm Lana.
Lana? Lana who?
Lana Swenson.
What're your hours down there,
Miss Swenson?
- Your hours of operation?
- Well, uh,
the food service
and the sermons vary,
but the mission is pretty much
open all the time.
Is that right?
I remember you, you know.
And, uh, and I really
wanna see you again,
Uncle Paul, even if...
Listen, um,
I needed some information, okay?
And... you helped me out,
I appreciate that.
If I can ever do anything for you,
let me know...
We went to the wall today,
they shot rubber bullets
and some tear gas,
but no one was hurt.
And get this:
there were nearly as
many Israelis protesting
the wall as there
we're Palestinians!
Now that sounds promising!
I wish there was more
awareness here.
A lot of people don't
even know it's happening.
Which is why you're going to
become a writer!
Why be just one more person trying
to change the world when you can
write something that
will cause a 1000 to try!!!
Have you heard
anything from my...
And before you change
the subject,
I saw your Dad yesterday
and he's totally fine.
He's back to his
old cranky self,
running the mission
like a general,
and (I'm not supposed to
tell you this part)
calling Henry every day
to see how you're doing.
Thanks for the update.
You have no idea how good
it is to hear that.
And how about
"ooh la la" Itzhak?
Itzhak who?
I've never heard of him.
Okay. Yish-mor-cha Eha-el...
love, Yael.
God bless you too, Lana.
Aah! Mmmh!
What's the matter, Jeffries?
Napalm getting' to you?
Somebody get Polly here an APC
for his god-damn menstrual cramps.
Don't you get sick on
me now, Jeffries!
Charlie's not sick hiding in
that rat-hole.
There wasn't anybody sick
in Boston on September tenth,
I can guarantee that...
In Washington and Newark...
they weren't sick and tired.
They were preparing,
god damn it!
Go ahead and laugh,
you fucking cowards!
Come on, laugh,
you fucking,
lousy fucking Chuck!
You pull a box cutter on me,
We'll see what happens...
Just one of those planes!
If I had just been
on one of 'em!
Where the hell was everybody?
This country's been good to me...
This beautiful country...
Oh God!
grateful to you...
You know how scared I am.
I'm way out of my depths here.
Yesterday I was still in the
West Bank, and then...
all of a sudden I'm here,
in my own country, but it
feels so strange.
You gotta back me up on
this one, God,
even if I'm wrong.
I know that I need help.
I know that I can't
do it on my own.
Do WHAT on my own?
I don't even know why
I'm here, in America.
To deliver a letter?
There must be more to it,
it's not just for Mom...
I don't have to be afraid.
I know that you're with me.
And I know that
you're always there,
with your arms
stretched out wide.
Thank you, God!
Thank you for this day,
for this room,
for my life. Thank you!
Oh, falling! We're falling!
Hey, how is it going?
Maybe we'll talk later.
Hey, how're you doing?
What, you serve me
a couple of meals
and now we're supposed
to be friends?
Oh, come on.
Sure, why not?
But you don't even
know my name!
What, is that one of the
rules of friendship?
How can you be someone's friend
when you don't know what to call them?
Well, I mean, I don't know,
but I bet you there's a way.
Oh, Charles!
Is this your drink?
What's so funny?
Nothing. But you're standing
there with your foot in your mouth.
So she knows my name.
Big deal.
- Hey, how you're doing?
- How you're doing?
- I'm good.
- They call me Dee Dee.
Dee Dee, it's nice to meet you.
I'm Lana.
Nice to meet you, too.
You got some meat in there?
Right. There.
Thank you, thank you.
That's good.
This is no coincidence,
this is a sign! Yeah.
Or maybe... instinct.
Maybe is just pure instinct.
Thirteen-twenty six.
Suspect relocated:
Bread of Life Mission.
Still inside.
I remain in position.
I got all day, pal.
You take your time in there.
Enjoy that sandwich!
Because that sandwich
is gonna cost you.
There's no free lunch
in this country.
I'm Lana.
I'm Hassan.
Where are you from?
My home is not a place,
it is people.
Okay. Here we go...
Thirteen-forty eight.
Suspect engaged,
standing on the northwest
corner of Winston
and Los Angeles Street.
Under full surveillance!
Lead the way,
my little Pied Piper!
Lead the way...
Oh, he's got
some more borax, huh?
You got a lot of laundry,
don't you?
So, you've ever been
on a camel?
In Palestine, or wherever...
Uh, no. No,
they have cars now.
That's where you're from, right?
Well, for the last
couple of years.
I was born in Ohio,
but I grew up mostly in Africa.
In Africa?
Yeah. My dad's a missionary.
Oh! So, you've ever
been on an elephant?
Suspect entered...
the Nidal Chemical
Bleaching Company,
at six four five
Imperial Street.
That's an awful lot of barbed
wire for a bleaching company...
Hey, Boss.
So, what'd you find out
for me on Borax?
Didn't you get the information
I printed out for you?
I put it in the envelope
next to your seat.
I haven't had time.
You know those printer cartridges
just aren't cheap!
I got one report
out of Trinidad.
There's an Islamic military
group there,
and they're threatening attacks
on the UK and The States.
Chemical attacks!
And, wow, wow, well, they're playing
around with a lot of stuff. Cobalt,
cobalt sulphate,
but they're using, uh...
they're using Borax.
Borax is definitely part of the mix!
Is that right?
Yeah, but I don't know if they use it
or if they're boiling it down
for boron acid or what.
You know there's
four different kinds of boron.
Pentahydrate boron,
dexahydrate boron,
anhydrous sodium
sulphate boron and...
Good! Good work, Jimmy.
- I'll get back to you.
- And... and...
and there is one other
kind of boron...
yeah. Serge?
... if anything sounds
fishy to you
about a four-star general
who doesn't believe in the
right to bear arms.
- You're a busy little fellow, aren't ya!
- I don't really care about Clark's politics,
- I really don't,
- Yeah, and I'm on you like glue.
but I think this man
should see a psychiatrist!
Do we need the wars,
and the killing and the exploitation
of man by his fellow man?
Does God favour some people,
so he makes them
rich and powerful,
and we're the ones who have
fallen out of grace?
I wanna tell you right now, uh,
I have some very good reasons
not to think so.
Cause when Christ
lived with us,
and he walked among us,
he preferred your company!
He would rather
stay with the outcasts
and the whores and the underprivileged
than the rich and the hypocrites.
In fact, when he sat
at the table of the wealthy,
he couldn't even take it.
It was an insult to him!
And that is where...
he told that story of
a certain beggar,
a man called Lazarus,
who was on his knees at the...
at the gates of a mansion,
covered in sores,
asking for the crumbs that fell
from a rich man's table.
This beggar was treated worse
than that man's dogs.
But after his death
he wasn't forgotten...
I know I'm missing critical
information right here!
Goddamn it! I can sense it!
Holy shit!!
Bring him over here!
Right here, come on!
Come on!
Hold on now!
Hold on, my brother!
Come on! Let's go,
put him right there.
Hold on!
Hold on!
Sherman, call an ambulance!
Oh, Lord, help us!
Ann, get me a towel, a bunch
of them. And water!
- Hold on, my brother! Hold on!
- Hollow point forty-four.
The bullet explodes on impact.
It's, uh...
tears a big hole in you.
So, what do we do? You know CPR?
Come on!
- Ambulance is on the way!
- Good.
Save me! Save me!
Tell me who it was.
Anything you can tell...
Just give me a name.
Just give me a name! Any name!
Trona... Trona.
Trona? Okay.
What did he say?
Is he going to make it?
What happened?
It was a drive-by.
You look a lot
like your mother.
Especially your eyes.
On my bed, at night
I remember you.
- And I think of you through
- Paul!
the watches of the night
because you are my help.
I sing in the
shadow of your wings.
My soul clings to you.
Your right hand upholds me.
Holy father, accept this soul into
heaven with all your divine
mercy and love, amen.
Who's that man, Lana?
Perpetrators approached
the kerb in a black Humvee
at twenty-two hundred
and twenty hours.
Conversation with the
victim was un-recordable.
However, within the Hummer,
I identified laughter.
Authentic laughter!
That's not CIA.
It's definitely not DHS.
That's a negative!
They wanted to make a statement,
but not too big of a statement.
A hundred and twenty thousand
dollar vehicle!
Now where'd that
money come from?
Saudi Arabia? Pasadena?
Either way, it's an Op.
A small, elite cell that
was gonna start some trouble,
that was gonna
screw something up.
They didn't wanna
work for Al Quaeda
or Jemaah Islamiyah
or whatever the hell,
so the big boys had to
send them a message.
Yeah. But the big question is:
what is the big plan that
the small plan was gonna screw up?
That laughter sounded Arabic.
Definitely Arabic.
Damn it!
Paul, it's Lana.
What do you want?
I wanna ask you a question.
Well, now is not a good time.
You shouldn't be even using
this phone! It's for emergencies!
Who's Trona?
What'd you say?
Trona. I heard what that
man said to you.
He said "Trona".
I just wanna help.
That's why I'm asking.
Listen, there is a lot more to
this than you think there is.
I met him in the
food line today
and he told me his name.
Don't say anything else.
This is not a secure line,
I'll come to see you tomorrow.
Time to make the donuts!
Hi! Now this is critically
important. Are you with me?
Number one.
Crime scene?
I'll explain it later.
But I need you to make a
dub of this tape
and deliver to all four local
networks by o-nine hundred.
Can you handle that?
Of course, I can handle it.
And then have this Arabic document
translated and analysed AS AP!
I will do. Consider it done.
By o-nine hundred!
- O-nine hundred.
- I want you all to listen to this again: Neither
death, nor life, nor rulers,
nor powers
death, nor life, nor rulers,
nor powers
will separate you and
me from the love of God.
You are loved!
When you're asleep out
there in the streets,
you are loved!
When you're collecting cans for
a nickel each, you are loved!
Oh, wow!
Is this, uh... is this like
your surveillance vehicle?
It's one of them, yeah.
Up, I got it.
Thanks. Stand by...
September fifteen,
eleven hundred o-six,
Paul Jeffries, USASF.
Update on the situation:
individual identified as Hassan.
Was that his first name?
First name Hassan...
You know his last name?
Further investigation needs to be
conducted before determining last name.
Okay. So, when you
had this situation...
this dialogue,
do you remember exactly
what was said?
Okay, good. So, just start
from the beginning.
Tell me word for word.
- It's very important.
- Okay.
Um... I said "hello",
and then he said "hello".
Then I said "I'm Lana",
he said "I'm Hassan"...
And then I asked him
where he was from,
because he looked
middle eastern...
What did he say to that?
He said "My home is not a place,
it is people".
What the hell does that mean?
I mean, I don't really know.
That was it?
Yeah, yeah. Then he took his
food and he walked away.
My home is not a place,
it is people...
That means: his home...
is people.
Something like that. Okay!
Is this for the Agent Orange?
Mom told me that
when you were in Vietnam
that you had been exposed to
Agent Orange.
Well, your mom was wrong...
It wasn't Agent Orange.
The Defence Department
called it Agent Pink.
But then they probably
realized it was too strong,
so they watered down the dioxin
and gave it a different name.
But I was around
before they did that.
What did it do to you?
Nothing, really.
Listen, someone needs to
figure out who killed this guy.
It's extremely important to me.
I can't do it
sitting around here.
You've done well,
you've helped me.
I wanna keep in touch.
Hey, Alimi.
No one is available to take
your call right now.
Please leave a message
after the tone.
Yeah, yeah. Sure thing...
The "business" in question
does not answer their
business phone during
normal business hours.
I'm going in!
If I was paranoid,
that would look suspicious.
Check for possible
one-man-submarine, out.
... with the approaching election
voters will have to decide
just how important
the issue really is.
Reporting live from Sacramento,
this is Stephanie Stevens,
CNB four. Back to you, Ron.
Thank you, Stephanie.
CNB four has obtained exclusive
footage of a downtown
Los Angeles killing that
has the police baffled.
The following footage is of
a graphic nature.
The shelters were destroyed and
one of the men was killed.
There are no suspects
at this time
and the name of
the victim is being
withheld pending notification of relatives.
It's being withheld because
they don't know what it is.
They'll figure it out.
They'll have fingerprints
or something.
I'd say at least half
the homeless that
die on the streets are
never identified.
What happens to them?
They get cremated,
tossed into a mass grave out
at the county cemetery.
But he was murdered!
The least that they can do
for him is to find his family.
He deserves that much!
The truth is,
nobody really cares about him.
Hi boss, I got it!
The name of the
company is, uhm,
IBC International
Boron Chemicals.
They pretty much built the
town of Trona themselves.
How far is it?
How - far - is - it?
Oh, how far is it? It's a,
it's about a hundred
eighty miles.
Anyway, the whole
town is, uh,
is built on a dry salt lake,
in Death Valley.
It says that
the company is digging
out all sorts of minerals
and chemicals from the salt flats
and turning them into Boron products.
And get this: They ship most of
the stuff to China!
You said China.
That's what it says.
What else?
it says that the area was originally settled
in eighteen seventy by this guy John Searles.
His father was from Chicago
and he lived there...
Is the lake bed secure?
Is the factory secure?
Have there been
any reported break-ins?
Do any of the names look Arabic
in the telephone book?
How they transport the Boron to the
coast before it goes off to China?
Well, this is just
a preliminary report.
I was gonna get into
all that stuff.
Good. Because I'm going
there in the morning.
Is that stuff turning blue yet
in the test tubes?
That's gotta wait
at least a half hour.
That's right.
You told me that.
Are you okay?
What do you mean?
I can see that your
Agent Pink is acting up.
It's... it's on your neck...
It comes and it goes.
I can't stop it, you know that.
Oh, yeah, but I also know that
when you get yourself too worked up,
it just makes it worse.
I'm not "worked up".
I got you more meds through the
Canadian deal. They're in...
We have a critical
situation here, Jimmy!
We may be dealing with
the major cell!
Our work could be saving thousands
of lives, maybe more!
And you want me to be
calm right now?!
Now is not the fucking
time to be calm! Okay?!
America needs us!
Jimmy, I'm gonna need you for
my C & C on this one.
If I need tags pulled,
if I need to have a background
check or a favour pulled,
I need you to... you need to
stick by that phone!
If I have to reach out,
I gotta know you're
gonna be there.
Alright, I'll be your REMF
on this one, Serge.
The phone will never
ring more than once.
They're trying to
destroy our country!
They're trying to infect us!
I am not gonna let 'em.
I am not gonna let them do it!
You want, uh, a bottle of
Tiger Piss?
Yeah... that sounds good.
Semper Fi!
De Oppresso Liber!
I got a case inside the house.
Did you know him?
I am just trying to help
find his family.
Okay. Just a minute.
Excuse me!
That was the drive-by killing on
Winston Street, right?
Still at the coroner's office.
He's been upgraded
from a John Doe, though.
It says his name is
Hassan Ahmed.
That's it.
Hassan Ahmed.
Thank you so much.
Any time.
You forgot your phone.
Hey, Paul, it's Lana...
Oh, no, this is uh...
this is Jimmy.
We met the other day.
Hi, Jimmy. Um,
is my uncle there?
I need to talk to him.
No, he already, um,
he already left.
Uh, okay, well,
how can I reach him?
I have some information
regarding a case that
he's working on.
Oh, really?
What... what case
might that be?
The murder, Jimmy...
With Hassan and the Hummer.
Oh... Oh, so you know
all about that, huh?
He already left for Trona
and I guess he'd left
his cell phone.
He left for Trona?
Can you do me a favour?
When you do talk to him,
will you let him know that
I know who the victim was,
and that I need to
speak to him?
Alright. I'll...
I'll tell him.
Well, I appreciate it very much.
Thank you, Jimmy.
Oh, shit!
Give me a minute!
No other listing?
No, no, that's the only one
that I can find
and it's disconnected.
uh, I think I've got
a number of a...
parish in Ridgecrest.
It's twenty miles from Trona,
so maybe they can send
someone over.
Oh, that'd be great!
What day is it, anyway?
I needed to be somewhere today.
Instead, I'm talking to my
twenty year old niece
who all of a sudden wants to
become a private detective.
I'm just trying to help.
I don't need your help!
Where can we talk?
Should we go on the roof?
Good view point...
Okay, so what's his name?
His name is Ahmed.
Yeah, and I talked
to his brother.
Excuse me?
Well, to his half-brother,
And that's his only
living relative.
You contacted his brother?
No. The morgue did.
Well, a parish from
Ridgecrest actually,
but then the morgue,
sort of. It's...
And then he called,
he called Henry.
Lana, what the hell are
you talking about?
Well, they need help.
Uhm, the LA morgue e-mailed
a photo of Hassan to Trona.
And his brother
identified the photo,
but he doesn't have a car.
And Henry has offered to pay
for the burial,
but he only has a truck and I don't
think it's appropriate to trans...
I, now wait... Who's Henry?
He's the pastor from here.
You've entirely disrupted
this investigation!
I mean, you don't
have a damn clue
- what's at stake here!
- Okay, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to
disrupted anything...
Okay, I thought that this
information would help you.
How's this supposed
to help me, huh?
Well, the brother, I mean he
might have some information
that you could use, and...
...and if we woulda take
the body home
then that might be kind of a
good cover for you.
A good cover?!
That's great!
That's just, that's perfect!
It all worked out.
Oh, good.
Listen, I appreciate your help.
A lot of people wouldn't
take the time.
No, they wouldn't.
So, uh, what've you got there,
a little flag?
That's right.
So, uh, you're looking
after my niece?
Well, I just gave her a room.
She's pretty good at looking
after herself.
So, you're looking
after her, then?
Yeah, of course.
She's only twenty or so.
Over here!
Wheel it in closer!
In there?
Yeah, in here.
What'd you think?
We're gonna tie
him up on top?
Okay, let's go!
Wow, wow...
Oh, I've never seen a set-up
like that before!
Excuse me!
You got everything?
I'm..., no.
You're going to need the
coroner's report.
- Did they put that in there?
- Yeah.
You're all set.
Alright, thanks.
Touch base, if you can.
Just give me a call.
God speed!
I guess, you probably
think I'm...
one of these vets that got all
screwed up in 'Nam, right?
On the brink of insanity,
- right?
- Nope...
I'd love you anyway though,
"Uncle" Paul.
You want me to tell you something
about the Vietnam War?
We won!
The war?
That's right!
No, in actuality.
It wasn't just the
Vietnam War, you know.
There was a little thing
called the "Cold War", too.
We stopped the spread of Communism
for ten thousand days.
We drew a line in the jungle,
and eventually they crossed it,
but when they did,
they were already depleted.
They were completely exhausted.
It was a critical time.
A critical place.
We won!
Uncle Paul,
can I ask you a question?
Sure. What do you wanna know?
How come you never
wrote my mom back?
She sent you all those
letters over the years,
can you just tell me why?
I just never opened them,
that's all.
Well, it's hard to explain.
Listen, sometimes in life, you just
can't sit there, you know.
Sometimes you have
to make a break.
The only way to leave
something behind,
is to leave it all behind.
We didn't always see
eye to eye, you know.
All that fanatic
commie liberal stuff,
and dragging you
around to all those
god-forsaken countries...
But I guess she was
a good mother.
She was.
She should have taught you
what America means.
What it stands for.
She did.
She taught me everything that
it's supposed to stand for.
I think that's the reason
I came back.
Supposed to?
We're in Trona.
Paul Jeffries,
September eighteen,
heading north on
Now entering the town of Trona.
He lives in the trailer park.
But it doesn't say
which trailer.
Excuse me, please.
We've arrived at position one,
the trailer park.
Outskirts of Trona, California.
Greenwich Mean Time fourteen
hundred hours...
...Fourteen twelve!
It's actually fourteen twelve.
I don't know if that matters?
General time frame is
all I'm looking for.
Preliminary observation
detects inconsistencies,
right off the bat.
There are approximately
twelve to fifteen
dwellings in the compound,
yet for some reason, there are
about forty mailboxes.
I'd like to see someone
explain that one!
I was thinking that
it might be best
if I went in and spoke to the family
while you took care of the body.
If that's okay with you.
I just thought that it just might
seem a little bit strange,
driving there with
him in the back.
- It's fine with me.
- Okay...
So why don't we meet back
somewhere over here,
when you're done with the
funeral home, huh?
Hey! Hey!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
What do you think you're doing?
Does this look like an
amusement park to you?
Do you see any roller coasters?
I don't see any ferries-wheels.
I don't know what you mean.
Listen, don't get delusions
or anything like that,
but you're not
an operative on this.
But anyway,
I have some stuff here...
Police-issued pepper spray...
Don't point that
toward your face!
You may need this...
Do you really think that
I'm gonna need a flashlight?
And this.
If you have to ditch everything,
you do not ditch this!
Alright, maybe you
don't need that.
Okay, channel three.
It has a twenty mile range.
Now, you tell me you
need me, I'm there.
I'm your uncle,
but that part doesn't
really matter...
You're on my Op. Remember,
- okay... You got it?
- Got it!
I said three, right?
- Channel three?
- Channel three.
I'm sorry,
I don't mean to disturb you.
I'm looking for Mr. Ahmed.
What do you want?
I'm helping out with a family issue.
He's expecting me.
What? What's the matter?
Well, uh, Mr. Ahmed,
I'm just trying to find his home.
I don't know anybody
like that, no!
Is he... Is he dark-skin?
Excuse me?
The dark-skin guy lives in the
last trailer up the hill.
The last trailer up the hill...
It's Paul Jeffries.
Fourteen hundred
and twenty hours,
one hundred and eighty miles from
the epicentre of Los Angeles.
Striking distance,
but a world apart! Trona.
Look at this place!
A couple of pedestrians,
a few stool pigeons sitting
around without a clue...
But they're here!
Sleeper cells.
I can feel 'em!
Massive numbers of
burned dwellings.
Completely... charred,
flamed to the ground.
At first pass I can determine
no clear pattern,
aside from arson.
Somebody lit these fires.
Probably to cover
their traces...
I bet I'm being
observed myself...
It's just like in 'Nam. Burnin'
the damn Elephant Grass...
They know I'm here.
Somebody does!
Mr. Ahmed?
This is the body from
Los Angeles.
Somebody is expecting it.
I don't know?
Are you expecting it?
We use a gurney for that.
Well, I don't really
like gurneys.
And I'm on kind of a schedule.
What's the matter with you?
You've never seen a
dead body before?
Put that thing over
there in that room!
I'm watching you!
You are from the mission?
With Henry?
God bless you!
God bless you.
I am eternally grateful to you.
Whoever you are.
I'm Lana.
And I am Joe.
Nice to meet you.
It's good to meet you, Lana.
Huh, let's see. Um,
I have tea, water and
some very bad vodka.
Tea sounds lovely.
We'll have tea. Come, go!
They just throw things out.
Perfectly good things.
Not in the mood for it anymore?
...Trash it!
I'm gonna take it!
What is that?
Located probable retired mobile
chemical and or biological
manufacturing unit.
Going aboard.
Pistol targets! Ah, huh!
Wood stove!
Strange green liquid...
Holy shit!
It's Borax boxes!
Who is this?
Two new suspects
approaching in van.
They're getting out...
They're loading the boxes!
They're loading the boxes
into the vehicle!
I go in for closer observation.
Observe, track and report.
I just hold off for now...
Never interrupt the enemy when
he's making a mistake!
Just lay chilly, wait it out.
Suspects fleeing.
I'm going for the van.
On Yasuf's porch
Got it! Alright.
Let's... look at these.
Oh, who is that?
This is my father.
And Hassan's father.
Where was that picture taken?
This is in Pakistan...
- Look at his pants.
- Aha...
Funny, huh?
They're pulling out of town!
Going south now on
They're baiting me.
They think they're luring me in.
That'll be the day, my friend...
You back me into a corner
and you'll rue that day, Chuck!
You'll rue that day
for a long time!
He's turning left into the side road.
Suspect vehicle parked in
front of isolated house.
That's perfect!
It's a perfect sleeper hide-out...
Probably goes underground.
Probable chemical
weapons containers
being transported into
what is most likely
Trona headquarters.
Suspects out of view.
Huh... This is it!
You've done your job.
You've done your job well.
Every time I told you
to be patient
and you wouldn't listen,
well this is why.
You stick to your game plan,
you stick to your strategy
and you never fluctuate.
And then you find yourself here!
These are the moments
that define your life.
My father and
his brother at his
brother's wedding, and...
Oh, and here is my mother.
Look at her!
This is a picture of Hassan
and me together,
at his wedding.
Suspects loading full chemical
containers into cargo van.
License plate
has been recorded,
clear photographs
had been obtained.
Individuals leaving the scene.
I will not continue
surveillance of the vehicle.
Repeat, vehicle is
free of observation.
SSG Jeffries, SSG Jeffries.
SSG Jeffries, come in.
Oh! I'm sorry!
SSG Jeffries,
SSG Jeffries, copy?
Uhm, uh, that's my uncle.
Uh, he...
SSG Jeffries, SSG Jeffries,
come in.
SSG Jeffries. Copy?
Um, this is...
L. Swenson... reporting...
Do you have my cell phone number
in your possession? Over.
Copy... Yes, I have it.
Listen to me very carefully.
If you do not hear from me within
the next twenty minutes,
I want you to call that number.
It will be forwarded
to an operative.
And he'll make arrangements
for you. Over.
What do you mean?
What arrangements?
In the event
I become indisposed,
he will transport
you back to base.
To your mission. Over.
If you become "indisposed" in the
next twenty minutes,
I'm supposed to call a number that
will be forwarded to an operative?
No fucking way!
No! Tell me where you are and
what the hell you're doing?
You watch your mouth,
young lady.
Wait, uncle Paul, please!
I am not at liberty to
disclose this information.
And I also strongly suggest
you refrain from
addressing me in that manner.
This is simply a precautionary
procedure. Out!
Wait, Uncle Paul!
This is Staff Sergeant Paul Jeffries,
US Army Special Forces.
It is seventeen hundred hours,
September eighteen.
I'm going in!
First of all, I want to
thank you all for coming.
It warms our heart.
It's a big crowd.
We're honoured.
The last two and a half years,
our nation has acted decisively,
to confront great challenges,
You dress funny.
But I guess you could say
the same thing about me.
I came to this office
to solve problems,
Whatever is left to pack is
back there in the corner.
There should be some boxes.
For two months, no one has been
able to fix this.
I've been stuck
on the same channel!
I can only control the volume!
Terrorists declared war on the
United States of America.
And war is what they got.
Thank you, friend.
You're welcome.
You're in the shit?
No. I checked it out.
Those people are
the wrong people.
A subdivision, maybe...
Uh, look, I got some
critical information.
You wanna call me from
a secure line?
No. Go ahead!
They made an arrest
on the Humvee drive-by.
Nothing yet. Uh, they brought
in two suspects,
that's all I know.
And I'm waiting for
a call from Zucker.
I'll have something
in less than an hour.
You call me immediately.
Alright. Will do.
Uh, and Paul?
Uh, your niece called me
on my line.
It was forwarded from your phone
so I answered it.
I know how to handle that...
You know when to call me.
I'll have something
in less than sixty.
- Hi.
- Are you okay?
Paul, this is Hassan's brother,
this is Joe.
You brought my brother home.
I am always grateful to you.
Well, you're welcome.
Well, uh, we're drinking some
really bad Vodka.
Will you join us?
Alright! Come go!
Come in, come in, come in!
Paul, make yourself at home.
Please, have a seat on the couch...
Paul? It has been a long
discussion in my family,
whether "Aristocrat's Choice"
or lighter fluid is
easier to swallow.
And lighter fluid lost,
but not by much...
How, uh, how long has it been since
you talked to your brother?
Oh, yes...
Really, it'd been a long time!
You don't have a telephone?
No. Not any more.
How do you communicate from here?
Oh, there is one pay phone
adjoining the gas station.
But I get no calls.
Except from Henry.
Paul? Paul!
What have you been
doing all this time?
What do you think I've been doing?
I've been trying to...
learn some...
stuff about... Hassan.
I'll help you.
Anything I can tell you.
Anything I know.
Okay, well, uh...
who'd wanna kill him?
No one.
No one?
No, if...
if anyone knew Hassan,
had met Hassan...
They would wish him no harm.
Poor fellow had no possessions.
Nothing to eat,
nothing to steal...
He took a hollow point forty-four
right straight to the chest.
And that... that doesn't
exactly sound like a...
case of mistaken identity.
Paul, can I talk to
you for a second?
Look, if you...
you need to give me something.
If you want me to help you,
we, we can't play this
little game of riddles,
okay? Um,
what was he making
with the Borax?
He was trying to
make money to eat.
Okay, well that, good!
I can understand that.
He was trying to turn a profit.
So, I'm gonna
need to know, uh,
the source, and I'll need to
know the buyers...
When the old factory shut down
I was able to borrow a truck.
And I loaded it with
many boxes of Borax.
Remind you,
I did not have permission...
Go on!
And Hassan, uh,
...he, uh, he found a company in
Los Angeles to, to keep it.
And, and he would
try to sell it
and, and, uh...
to other businesses and the
company would get some free boxes.
Free boxes to do what?
Oh, um, to clean their carpets.
They, uh, they imported these,
uh, carpets.
So, uh...
how was he...
what, what was he, uh,
to get... uh... expecting...
from... the other companies...
that he sold to?
I don't know.
Whoever would give him
a few goddamn dollars.
It's easier than selling cans.
What is that?
Oh, it's just a photo,
of Hassan.
Excuse me, please!
Will you please tell me
what's happening?
I don't know.
I, I'm just...
I, I'm not, uh...
I can't follow
the right leads...
Uh, uh...
You're okay?
I, I can't...
control it all, anymore.
My things,
these things that...
You don't have to.
Go ahead?
Go ahead.
It's not what we thought.
Did you copy?
Yeah, I heard you.
It was kids,
I just confirmed it.
Completely non-related.
What do you mean, kids?
Zucker said they got
a legit confession.
Some random act...
a couple of white kids.
A couple of white kids?
Where did, where'd they
get the Hummer?
Uh, they also got a
match on the gun
and Zucker said they tested
positive for Crystal Meth.
And one of them for Crack.
Just bad kids, on drugs...
What should I do now?
Listen. I got to, uh...
I, I'm... working on something.
I, I'll contact you later.
Yeah. Okay.
Good work, Jimmy.
Thanks, Paul. Uh, Serge.
Oh, I can't believe
the situation... here...
Oh my God, Uncle Paul!
- Uhuh.
- Come here! Are you okay?
Just, uh, minor injuries.
I'll take a butterfly...
I'm getting you a wash cloth.
Leave the quack...
in the tent.
He couldn't stitch a baseball.
Oh, shit! Yeah.
That is... it's probably the...
worst day...
Shit! Oh, shit.
We're hot!
We're, we got hit on the left!
- Left side! Left side!
- Uncle Paul!
Pull it up, pull it up,
Little John! Pull it!
Ah! Pull it up, Little John!
Pull it up! We're gonna fucking dive!
You wanna mess with me, you...
Okay, let's go! Let's go,
you fucking, you fucking gooks!
Let's go! Come on,
you fucking little gooks!
Come on! Oh, no, my God,
we got flamed!
We got flamed in the bird.
Shit! We're in deep shit!
In deep shit! Rip the belt! No!
Oh God! Don't!
No, don't. We're jumping.
Please, don't, don't, don't!
Help us, God, help us!
Help us in our helplessness.
Help my uncle in
II his pain and suffering.
Grant him peace!
Dear Paul.
If for nothing else, I hope you
can forgive me for this letter.
I have found myself
in an African hospital,
away from my home,
and all attempts to reach
you have been unsuccessful.
The doctors here tell me that
I am dying and I believe they are right.
We each have our last
day on this earth
and I have always been okay with that,
but of course I wish
I had more time.
Enough, at least,
to come find you.
Since that doesn't seem possible,
I am giving this letter to Lana.
She has grown into
a beautiful human being
and reminds me of Mom more
and more each day.
She seems to have gotten the
best parts from all of us and
hopefully none of the bad.
Aside from her father, you will
soon be her only living relative,
so when she brings you this,
there is one thing I ask of you...
You had a horrible
dream last night.
It really scared me.
I'm sorry.
You said that you were falling...
Do you remember?
That was the Huey I went down in.
We all fell...
Only two soldiers walked away.
I was one of 'em.
It's a gift.
A gift?
I'm not so sure about that...
It is to me.
That dream went away
for a long time.
And then, when that
plane hit the tower...
and then a second one,
but they were still there...
I was watching that shot of
the New York Skyline with
those beautiful towers.
They were burning inside,
but they just kept holding on.
Right there.
I, I knew it was bad.
Over two thousand
gallons of fuel,
two seven-sixty-sevens,
but I thought they
could handle it.
They took the blow and
they were standing strong,
and I thought:
They're refusing to fall!
They're too proud!
But then,
that dream just started
coming back.
I was so far away that
it was night time,
when the towers fell.
And at first, I didn't,
I didn't know what was going on...
I just heard people...
There was a crowd
gathered out in the street.
Close to where we lived.
No, I think that that's the
part that hurts the most.
They weren't, they were just...
just ordinary people.
Well, why in the hell
were they cheering?
Because they hate us.
And because they hate America.
And it came from such
an honest place
and from so many people that...
I just, I knew that something
had gone wrong, and,
and that's, that's
become my... nightmare.
Over three thousand civilians
were killed on that day...
They were innocent people!
Yeah. And... and it's their
voices that I need to hear.
Because I really don't think
that they would want
any more people killed
in their name.
Aside from her father, you will
soon be her only living relative,
so when she brings you this,
there is one thing I ask of you.
Something I fear her father will
not be able to provide.
She is as courageous as a woman
her age can be,
but you and I both know life
has a way of changing that.
You, more than anyone,
know how everything can turn
upside down in a single moment.
I worry about the
times we live in,
and the world Lana will face
when she'll be our age.
One day I know she will
need real courage,
the kind of courage and strength
that only you may be able to teach her.
I'm so sorry I let our petty
differences come between us.
Only now do I realize how
absurd I've been.
I love you and I've always
loved you, Paul.
And when the day comes
that I see you again,
I will beg for
your forgiveness.
Until then, please watch
over your niece.
I'll be watching
over both of you.
My deepest love,
your sister Virginia.
You seem disappointed...
I thought it'd be different.
Like what?
Something more!
I don't know.
Not just a construction site.
Let's just be quiet!
Let's just try and listen...