Landing Up (2018) Movie Script

(gentle music)
Just like any
other day
We wake up
to new beginnings
Just like any
other day
I look at you
and suddenly
nothing's new
(Jenny) No, you did not give my room
to some bum while I was at school.
No, it's just unbelievable.
Is your nest that empty?
Are you just that pathetic?
Jenny, darling, I've asked you
not to speak to me that way!
There's people in this world
that need our help...
What is that?
(mom) We should try to help
them as much as we can.
You've got to be
fucking kidding me?!
I'm really sorry,
you can have your room back.
Yeah, yeah.
No, no, no!
Mom, she's using my hairbrush!
Oh my God and now
you're naked.
You're naked. Okay.
Mom, she's using
my hairbrush.
(rebellious music)
Vultures cry that
warning song
That weary song
The moon is high
The road is long
You know we're going to have to burn
everything in that room now, right?
She's probably got lice and herpes
and God only knows what else.
Never give up
Never back down
Cause high above,
there ain't no sound
Never give up
Never back down
It's more than
surviving now
(man) God did not put us on
this earth to endure suffering.
He put us on this earth,
he put us here
to receive salvation
from our Lord Jesus Christ!
Because a great
distress is coming...
Never give up
Never back down
There's fire but
there ain't no sound
Never give up
Never back down
It's more than
surviving now
What you doing here, girl
Don't tell me, that spacey rich
bitch finally got tired of you?
Claire was sweet.
Her prodigal daughter
returned. Jenny.
What did I tell you about
using words like prodigal?
Keep talkin' like that
and you can take a one way bus
right back to that small town
you ran away from.
Shut up.
How is it you manage to find
all the wealthy do-gooders
this city has to offer
and I meet all the
freaks and assholes?
I told you to stop seeing that mother
fucker you're always crashing with.
Watch your mouth, girl.
Or you're gonna start
scaring society ladies away.
Oh whatever 'cause
when we're famous,
we're going to be like them.
Oh that's right, when we have our
apartment on the Upper West Side.
Oh and we paint
the walls yellow.
And always have purple flowers
in the kitchen.
Oh and a welcome mat so our guests
know they got a place to be.
But they got to take
their shoes off
'cause you know we don't want
no dirt in our place.
Just tell me when we have
enough for a place.
That's it?
You gotta at least leave me
enough to get a loosey.
I thought you were quitting.
I'll quit when we have a place.
Yo I'm goin' fishing
tonight. You in?
Maybe I'll meet the prince who will
sweep me off my feet for once.
Oh girl, you let me know, I'm
gonna be your chambermaid.
Oh whatever.
Fuck, Frank's here.
(upbeat music)
(toilet flushes)
All right, who's your target?
What about him?
Do you see that
dude's fingernails?
He is a closet psycho.
What about him?
Are you kidding me? No.
Too old.
Too Mafia.
Too ghetto.
Wait, wait, wait him.
He's perfect.
- Good luck.
- Don't need it.
Oh my God, I'm so sorry.
Can I just like... oh you're wet.
Just a little, yeah.
I'm sorry. I'm such a klutz.
It's okay. It's okay.
Do you need a drink?
Yes, I need a drink.
What are you having?
Um, vodka soda?
Excuse me. Vodka soda please.
And two shots.
So, what's your name, now that
I've put your hands all over you?
Hi, Hailey. It's
nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
(glasses clink)
So what do you do, Tom?
I am...
funeral director.
You're a funeral director?
That's amazing.
And depressing.
Well, that is why I need
a beautiful girl like you to...
help me feel better.
I'm sorry.
Check, please?
Who's a bad girl now
(gentle music)
Alright, I got it, I got it.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- Nice catch.
- Are you okay?
I'm really sorry. I absolutely was not
looking to see if I was going to...
crush a human being
in my quest to make
a perfect catch.
Luckily, I'm gonna live.
Are you gonna be around here
for awhile?
I've got my book, a sandwich,
and now I have a bruise,
so where am I going to go?
(Avi) Dude, let's go!
I'm Callie.
(Avi) Come on.
(Avi) Yo, the Frisbee.
(gentle music)
Oh, whoa, sorry.
I didn't mean to startle you.
You look big from down here.
The book is so good,
it put you to sleep?
Yes, actually.
Well, we're going to go to
Randolph's to get a drink,
you should come with.
No, really, put the guy out of
his misery, come on, let's go.
Now you owe me a drink, too.
Come on.
All right.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
- Avi, this is Callie.
- Nice to meet you, Callie.
(David) That's right.
(David) I remember
your name.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
(David) Okay, I would like
to toast our new friend...
No, let's... to you, David. To not
tackling women to pick them up.
Uh, to Avi, for maybe someday
meeting a real girl
so he doesn't break his hand
jerking off all the time.
I will say that crashing into me
was kind of a good move.
Oh, suck it Avi.
No listen, David's ex
was a fake plastic bitch.
Frankly, I'm surprised the man's
got any game left at all.
Dude why are you bringing up
the ex laundry,
we just met this girl.
It's got to come out sometime.
It's alright, I've had my
fair share of shitty exes.
There was this one guy
who had an unfortunate fetish
for teal wigs.
So he wanted you to wear a wig?
Yeah, yeah it was weird.
Avi, you're up.
I think we should move on.
Because he doesn't have
any stories about women
because he hasn't had one yet.
He's no better with shuffle
board than he is with a Frisbee.
Hey, no I believe Avi
threw that Frisbee,
and I'm the one who made
the magnificent catch.
How'd you get so good at this?
I grew up in a tiny town,
you get good at weird things.
Well, shit. Your game.
What's my prize?
I play for tacos.
Oh, I know exactly
where we're going to go.
Yep, follow me, come on.
This is literally the best taco
I've ever eaten.
- Yeah?
- Mhm.
Taco truck tacos?
Whoa. You don't fuck
around, do you?
So where do you live?
Um, uh...
Bumblefuck Brooklyn.
It takes me like an
hour to get anywhere.
Ugh, I would hate that.
- Yeah?
- Mhm.
What are you, one of those
Financial District guys
making east of the
river less cool?
Is that what you think of me?
Finance? Really?
Alright, alright, I'm sorry.
So not finance but maybe
something in commercial?
Graphic design?
Oh shit, I'm right?
You work in advertising?
Well close, it's
branding actually.
Oh well, when the masses aren't
buying into a product anymore
they call in the master
to make it cool again.
Oh, so you're the reason
that girls spend their money on shit
when they can't pay their rent?
Hey, don't shoot the messenger.
Well, maybe you can put me
in one of your commercials.
You're an actress?
Um, kind of. I want to be.
Oh no, no, no.
See if you're one of my clients
I would tell you to say
that you're a serious actress
who's working on her craft
and ready to hit it big
when opportunity strikes.
Did you just brand me?
Ah, sorry it's a force of habit.
But it sounded
pretty good, right?
Hmm... hit it big when
the opportunity strikes...
Wait, wait, wait, this isn't
because you think I can get you
like an acting job
or something right?
I mean I'm not that
cool or big or...
Shut up.
I would love to live
around here someday.
You know we're famous for
the eight dollar cacao bar,
that tastes like chalk.
Sounds dreamy.
So, is this is your train?
What? Did I tire
you out already?
We could meet for
dinner tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
- Yeah.
I'll text you the plan tomorrow.
Wow, what the fuck is that?
- It's my phone.
- Please tell me you're not a drug dealer.
Would you care?
I'm just not in to technology.
So if I googled your name I wouldn't
find your Instagram account?
But you still text?
I still text.
This is my number.
See you tomorrow.
(somber music)
(phone ringing)
Hey, Eric! It's um, it... Mandy.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
From that bar on the
Lower East Side.
So, what's up man?
What are you doing tonight?
(phone ringing)
Hey Sean, it's um,
it's... Kayleigh.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
So listen, what's up?
What are you doing tonight?
You have plans?
(phone ringing)
(on phone) Hi, you've reached
Tom, leave a message,
and I'll get right
back to you.
(somber music)
(knocking on door)
Hey, Frank.
What's up man? I'm
really sorry...
I know it's late.
We're full.
Most people got here hours ago.
Come on, man.
This is for me when I'm here.
You want to stay,
you gotta share.
You got a problem with that?
Take off your shirt.
And the bra.
Eerie Music
What's your name?
(Frank) Yes, yes.
Go start breakfast, fine.
Yes, I'll be up in a little bit.
Alright, I'll be there.
You awake?
Here, for your head.
Last night was great.
Yeah, Frank, thank
you for the bed.
You know, I know the first gig I
got you only pays minimum wage,
but if you'd like to make
a couple extra bucks
I can get you a job
a few days a week.
It pays better.
Yeah, that could
be great actually.
Maybe I'll save enough
to get an apartment this month.
What happened to you?
Oh, you didn't.
Where were you?
James made me keep my phone in
this cellphone dead box thingy.
Yeah, well why do you let
that freak control you?
You don't know what it's like
to be a shelter baby.
James had my back.
This one time, some asshole stole
the only pair of shoes I had,
and James found him
and beat the shit out of him.
I thought he was going
to choke him to death
with his necklace he wears.
And then he taught me how to put
my shoes in the spokes of my bed
so that no one would ever
take them from me again.
I know he gave you those bruises
you think you're hiding so well.
You don't know
anything about it!
It's better than fucking
Frank for a roof.
I didn't fuck him.
Whatever, you let him use you.
He's getting me an extra job.
I used him.
Well, I have a date tonight.
Yeah, I met a really
nice guy at the park.
You met him yesterday and you left
him to come here and fuck Frank?
No, you asshole, he wants
to take me out on a real date.
Like flowers, and
candles, and shit?
He thought I was a regular girl
just like chillin' at the park.
He bought me tacos.
Oh, must be love!
Well, you can't show up tonight
looking like that.
You look like you slept in
sweaty old ball jizz.
(Mother) Baby, you
okay out there?
Yeah mom, it's okay.
(mimics explosion)
(upbeat music)
Hey man, comedy show.
Come on, don't be a dick.
Hey, there's a
comedy show tonight.
You guys want to come?
Uh sure. Thank you.
Hilarity Hall, don't miss it.
Comedy show?
Comedy show!
Hey Mickey.
Oh, hey, hey, hey how'd it go?
It was great.
Hey, excellent.
Yeah? Yeah, I'd love
to do it again.
Alright and this is for you.
- Yes, thank you.
- All right.
Hey listen, do you think that I
could give you my direct number
so we don't have to
go through Frank?
Ah, I can't really
do that Chrissie.
You know, Frank is in charge
of the program.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
But hey you did great.
- We'd be happy to have you back.
- Ok.
You know, talk to Frank.
I will. Thanks.
Alright babe.
(upbeat music)
Proves me right
Turn our faces
to the sky
Everything will
be alright
'Cause we were
meant to fly
Gives me hope,
We will still be
standing tall
There's no way to
stop us at all
'Cause we were
meant to fly
No they're never going
to hold us back
Looking up as the
rain comes down
(phone buzzing)
James, he wants me to come over.
Listen, if you're worried
about a place to crash
fuck it, I'm not going
to go on the date.
No! Go!
I don't care, I mean, we both
know the two of us together
it's better and it's safer.
I'm good. Go pretend
like you have a real life.
How do I look?
Like a real girl.
(gentle music)
(French accent) Voila!
The spice has been added.
And the food is almost
ready for the lady.
I can't believe you're
cooking for me.
(David) Well it's kind
of my other move.
Well, you can't just go
telling me all your moves.
It worked though, didn't it?
It wasn't bad.
I know that someday you're going
to be this big famous actress
and totally forget
that you ever met me,
but in the meantime,
what do you do to pay your rent?
Well, I kind of do
a lot of things.
Oh yeah, like freelancing?
Yeah, yeah.
A little of this,
a little of that.
What kind of stuff?
Well, I have a part
time job at a bakery,
and today I worked
at a comedy club.
I love comedy.
So, tell me a joke.
I didn't say that
I was a comedian.
Whatever, tell me one anyway.
Oh, okay!
A Priest, a Rabbi, a Nun, an
Irishman, a blonde, and a black guy
all walk into a bar,
and the bartender says,
"What is this? Some
kind of joke?"
That was it?
That was it.
That was terrible.
(David) Yeah, I
know, I told you.
I mean you did... but...
Well you're the one who works
at the comedy club
so you tell me a joke.
Alright, so Little
Red Riding Hood
is on the way to bring her granny
a big basket full of sweets.
She's skipping through the woods
and on the path, she
gets very distracted
by some very beautiful flowers.
So she's picking
them and of course,
up behind her jumps the Big
Bad Wolf, and he goes,
"Little Red, I'm going
to steal all your sweets."
And she very coyly lifts up
her skirt, and she goes,
"No, you're not Mr. Wolf.
You're going to eat me.
Just like the story says."
Oh, my God!
I hope you know you just ruined
every little girl's childhood.
Yeah, well life kind
of does that anyways,
so I don't feel bad.
(police sirens)
(knocking on door)
(knocking on door)
Do we have to do
this every time?
(James) Shut up.
No one's here.
The government isn't here.
No one gives a fuck about you.
Oh no one gives a
fuck about me now?
Besides me. You know I do.
Stop it.
Take your shoes off.
Take your shoes off.
Don't forget your phone.
I thought maybe I
could keep it out.
- Chrissie is on a date with this guy...
- What?
She said she would text me.
I don't even wanna
hear that girl's name.
Why are you hanging
out with that girl?
Because she's my friend.
No, she's not your friend.
She's a fucking tourist.
Cece, she's using you.
Oh my God! No she's not!
She needs me, she's clueless.
No! That's fucking bullshit.
Put the phone in the box or go.
Put your phone in there.
- What's so hard to understand?!
- Okay, okay.
(Cece) Fine, fine. Forget it.
What's going on
with the windows?
where was childhood
ruined for you?
Um, middle of nowhere. Ohio.
Boring. You?
Long Island. Also boring.
Son of Dr. and Mrs. Rosenberg.
Last in my Hebrew class,
much to their disappointment.
Oh you couldn't beat me in the
disappointing your parents' department.
Ah, sounds intriguing.
I guess if you are interested in
converting the world to evangelicalism.
Praise Jesus!
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
They moved to Africa actually
to save the unconverted.
Whoa, you're kidding?
Nuh-huh. So sorry if I don't
introduce you to mom anytime soon.
Ah, parents love me.
Well, 'cause you're charming.
But mine aren't.
but hey, why don't you tell me
more about the branding world?
It's pretty great actually.
I'm working on this new spot
for this local whiskey called
"Moon Drill" that's made Upstate;
I'm heading up there pretty soon
to present the idea
and get a green light.
That's awesome.
Yeah, yeah I mean
it's really great
going into work and
loving what you do.
I feel really lucky.
I'd settle for making money,
fuck happiness.
You mean, there isn't anything
you want to do
that could make you money
and also make you happy?
Doesn't mean I don't believe in
being happy.
I'm happy now.
Did you bring it?
I thought maybe we could
just have a quiet
night, you know?
Stop it. Can I have my stuff?
Just hold off for a bit.
It's in the bag, just
hold off, come on.
Are you fucking retarded?!
You can't hear anything? What?
No! What?
What happened to your face?
I put on some makeup.
That's what that is?
What's wrong?
(James) Okay.
Come on get up. Come on,
let's go paint. Let's paint.
We're going to paint!
Get in there! I need
you to painting.
Okay, come on go.
Get up. Thank you.
Okay, you just take some of this
and get right there
and you paint the window...
the glass! the glass!
Yeah, good, good.
Move over.
One more.
Get in there. Get in there.
Yeah lick it, lick it.
This place is amazing. I would
kill for something like this.
Yeah? I'm thinking about moving
out, getting a one bedroom.
I mean I love Avi,
but just never
have my own space.
This is huge though.
Yeah, but never lived on my own,
Can't beat the privacy,
just me... a pretty girl...
(gentle music)
Hey, do you play, the keyboard?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I dabble, mainly just write
jingles for my commercials.
I used to play.
- Yeah?
- Mhm.
Play something.
No, my mom always was like,
"You got no talent for that
devil music, girl."
You're like really honest
for a first date.
Is that bad?
No! I mean, it's refreshing.
Weird but refreshing.
You should play something,
get back on the horse.
I think the horse
is dead by now.
Play for me. Your
audience awaits.
Okay, but I only remember
how to play one thing
and you're going to laugh.
So you're a Disney girl?
Oh, you liked that?
Yeah, I liked that.
(upbeat music)
She was the girl with
the string around her neck
came with the boy who
could only give her less
It could be more if she
learned to never expect
now if she, it's her and
him and then a baby's next
I'm ordering Chinese food,
do you want something?
Um, fried rice.
Chicken or vegetable?
(upbeat music)
and was the traitor's father's
father's father's father
Made him go and give back
to his country
He gave his both knees, he's
overseas to fight the disease
It's spreading fast over
maps and it don't look back
When you're living
in a dreamworld
Living in a
You're living
in a dreamworld
When you're living
in a dreamworld
When you're living
in a dreamworld
You're living in
a dreamworld
You're living in
a dreamworld
When you're living
in a dreamworld
There's just something about
watching you
do the same thing every night,
it makes the chaos go away.
So my glasses make
everything balanced?
Mhm, you have very
smart glasses.
Let's watch Game of Thrones.
I haven't seen it.
Are you kidding me?!
Are you kidding me?
No, I've never seen it.
Okay, alright, we are
watching the pilot
right now.
Prepare to have your
mind blown, okay?
I'm prepared.
Blow my mind.
(HBO intro)
(Game of Thrones theme song)
What do you need?
Oh, I was just looking for a
Ziploc. For the sandwich...
It's like nine in the morning.
Yeah for later.
Oh don't you have like...
a lunch break or whatever?
Look man, I didn't mean
to steal your food or anything,
I just saw some
stuff in the fridge
and I thought, you
know, Monday's suck.
I'm going to get
out of here, okay.
Wait for me, I'll get dressed,
and I'll come with you.
(Chrissie) No, I want to get
out of the way,
but see you tonight?
Can we make it tomorrow
night actually?
I'm working late tonight.
Nothing, see you tomorrow.
(mocking girl voice) Ah, David,
see you tomorrow.
Tomorrow, ah.
Shut up.
Question, did you ever make a
sandwich after spending the night
at a girl's place to take
with you for later?
I don't know, but I clogged a
girl's toilet once accidentally.
I didn't tell her.
That is so sweet.
Dude, she's not like
a one night stand.
Yeah, I know, I mean
she's been here for days.
I'm just saying maybe you could
eat her roommates' food,
or annoy someone else
with the loud sex.
She's seems kind of wild.
She's not your typical blonde
uptight type, you know?
Yeah, but I got
burned with Jessica.
Maybe she's just the
kind of girl I need.
All right, all right,
cheers to that.
I support you.
Thank you.
You don't look good.
Fuck! Yes! Tampons.
Maybe this month I don't have to shove
Starbucks napkins up my snatch.
What the fuck! I don't shoot!
What you so bougie now
that you got a boyfriend
you going to get all judge-y?
No, I just didn't hear
from you for a few days,
and I was worried.
Tricking someone
into falling in love with you
doesn't make you better
than anyone else here.
Did you tell him you're a little homeless
girl, fucking him for a warm bed?
It's not like that!
No, that's how it's been before.
Yeah, well this is different.
Cece, look what I got.
(Cece) Those are
some dope kicks .
Mom got them from
the Salvation Army.
Did anyone teach you
how to take care of them?
Nah, I'll just
wear them forever.
I'm going to tell you what I was
lucky to have somebody tell me.
If you are sleeping
in the city shelter,
put the posts of your bed
inside the holes of your shoes,
so no one yanks them
from you. Okay?
(Cece) Tell your
mom what I said.
I'll beat anyone who tries
to mess with my shoes.
You're like a tourist
in this world, Chrissie.
You just don't get it.
Yeah, well maybe I didn't grow
up in a shelter like you did,
but I'm here right now
so don't I deserve
just like one minute
of pretending my
life doesn't suck?
I mean, don't you deserve that?
That's a cute bra.
You want my bra too?
Ugh, fine.
You've got the smallest
tits in the world.
Fuck off.
We can't all be like you.
What else can I steal from you?
What's this?
It's David's.
I was just being bitchy before,
but you know you can't get
too attached, right?
This guy is not your
happily ever after.
How do you know?
Guys like him will never stay
once he finds out who you are.
Well who says he
has to find out?
We are so close to getting
our apartment, Chrissie.
Just focus on that.
Don't let some dumb idea
of love distract you.
Well, what if I
tell him the truth,
and he finds out,
and it's just fine?
People are people, Chrissie.
They don't go around
in rose-colored glasses.
If he passed you
begging on the street,
he wouldn't look twice.
Yeah, yeah I know.
I just...
I just really want it
to last a little longer.
(knock on the door)
Hey Frank.
(Chrissie) I was hoping
you'd call your friend
at the comedy club,
I want to work.
(Frank) Sure, no problem.
I'm really trying to turn it
around, you know,
any dollar helps.
Why don't you close the door.
No problem, thanks.
(Chrissie) Yeah?
I meant with you inside.
Listen, do you think
we could skip it?
I kind of met someone,
and I don't know what it is yet
like maybe it's nothing,
but I'm kind of
hoping it's something
and I just feel like this would
fuck it up, you know?
Sure Chrissie,
whatever you want.
Thanks Frank.
That doesn't look like
Moon Drill Whiskey.
Hey, Lysi.
Who may I ask
is... Callie?
Don't tell me you met someone?
I don't know yet. Maybe.
Too bad, I thought after
last weekend you'd call.
I mean, I've been busy
writing the copy for Moon Drill.
Oh sure yeah, seems like
you've been really busy.
(David) Well hey,
writer's block is a bitch.
Get it together.
I'm really looking forward
to heading Upstate with you,
getting drunk on whiskey,
dancing the night away.
Booking a new client that'll
make us a fuck ton of money.
(Lysi) Yeah, money
I could use.
Speaking of which, you're
coming to my show,
closing night
is tomorrow.
(David) Oh shit,
yes of course I'll be there.
Good and bring your Callie.
I'll leave tickets
at the box office.
Okay. Thank you.
(gentle music)
Free comedy show?
It's awesome, come,
free comedy show.
There you go.
Free comedy show. Check it out.
Check it out. Free comedy
show down the street!
Hey, are you just
finishing up a shift?
I can take over.
No, I'm just working right now.
Can you please go?
Free comedy show!
Hey listen, Frank actually
gave this job to me,
and we talked about
it this morning.
Oh shit, wait you're
Chrissie, right?
Oh girl, Frank told me to say
he's really sorry,
but he gave the fucking job
to me, alright.
Now get the fuck out of here.
Are you fucking kidding me?
- I am not fucking kidding you.
- Give me those fliers!
- Bitch, it's my job!...
- It's my job!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
What's going on?
You're supposed to
be bringing business
not scaring people away.
Hey, Mickey she just said
that she's taking this job,
and that...
(Lara) Free comedy show.
Frank told her to come today.
Yeah, well Frank called and said
Laura was showing up today.
Do you know why?
Look, Frank told me you showed
up wasted at the shelter,
and I shouldn't
trust you anymore.
Are you serious? He said that?
Listen, you did a great job
when you were here
so why don't you
just talk to Frank.
- Yeah.
- Figure it out.
(Chrissie) Yeah, I'll talk to
Frank, I'll figure it out, thanks.
Yeah, you should've.
There you go, thanks.
(gentle music)
You may think that
you can break me down
Well just because
I like to get low
Doesn't mean I can't
Be strong
I remember when
you told me
It hit you like
a sudden blow to the brain
And your life flashed
before your eyes
And suicide was
so appealing
I never told you that I
understand the feeling
It's all right
It's all right
It's all right
It's all right
You may never
understand me
And you can criticize
me all you like
You will never
know the meaning
When memories will
never leave my body
It's all right
It's all right
It's all right
It's all right
People like us,
we just survive
People like us,
we just survive
People like us,
we just survive
How are you?
I'm sorry. I think I left
my wallet at home.
I'm sorry.
It's okay sweetie, I got it.
I feel terrible, I'm so sorry.
Thanks ma'am.
People like us,
we just survive
People like us,
we just survive
Wow, I just have to say
this place is so great.
Oh my God, it's just like...
look at the neighborhood.
(Homeless Woman) Spare,
spare some change.
And we are on
a high floor
so as you can see
we get tons of natural light.
It's gorgeous in the mornings
and this area is
actually great for kids.
There's a park just
down the street
and the schools in this
neighborhood are some of the best.
So if you're thinking
of starting a family
it could be a really great
apartment for you guys.
And there's lots of amenities
in the building.
There's actually a washer and
dryer just down a floor,
so that's very convenient
but this place will probably be
gone by the end of the day, so...
We're very interested.
Great! All you need to move in
is three month's rent.
That's $10,200.00. And tax returns
from the last three years
showing that you make 80 times
the monthly rent.
And if you are interested
do be sure to apply quickly.
We hope to hear from you.
Thank you.
- Have a great day.
- Thank you.
(Realtor) Hello, how are you?
Would you mind just signing in
on this sheet for me here?
- Sure.
- That'd be great, thank you.
As you can see this is a
beautifully renovated apartment.
All new stainless
steel appliances,
great hardwood floors,
the neighborhood is awesome,
lots of bars and restaurants.
This is for you. If you are
interested do let us know quickly,
'cause this place is going
to fly off the market.
You're welcome.
(gentle music)
Goddess of Women
We did it!
I couldn't have done
it without you.
I was wondering? Hoping!
That if the peace
treaty was signed
you would let me see him again.
(gentle music)
Peace won't last
will it?
I will see you again,
sweet Goddess.
(gentle music)
(David) There she is.
Hey, you were incredible.
Oh thank you.
- David.
- Fen.
(David) Nice to meet you, Fen.
It only took you until
closing night to get here.
Well I had to find a date.
Callie, this is Lysi,
my partner at the firm.
I'm boring by day,
but fabulous by night.
You were amazing.
I mean, like out of control.
Seriously just congratulations.
I would love to pick your brain
about acting...
Thank you.
She's charming.
So tell me, really, what did
you think about the show?
Well, I mean leave it to you to
create a geopolitical think-piece
complete with full frontal
nudity and dick jokes.
David, darling the dick jokes are
just to get the people in the house.
I thought it was the boobs.
I meant what did you
think about the piece
as it relates to
the world today?
Israel, Palestine.
Russian, Ukraine.
America, and the entire fucking
Middle East.
(David) You definitely
got your point across.
I mean, war is one of the
only constants in history.
And what can we as artists
in a time of war actually do
at a time of international
and domestic crisis
when we ourselves
are the worst stereotypes?
We revolt. We revolutionize.
We embrace peace,
and understanding,
and sex and bring it to as many
people that will buy a ticket.
(Fen) Short of storming Washington
that's the most we can do.
I liked your friends.
You got a little quiet there
at the end of it.
I just don't think that
geo-politics is exactly my thing.
You know what?
Forget about that.
I'm just glad that you met them.
Do you want to see that bra
that I promised you?
You like?
I like you.
(gentle music)
Miss Rose isn't looking so good.
I'm not gonna comment
on you naming that plant.
Dude, it's all about
being sustainable,
you know, growing
your own herbs;
and if I name her,
she won't die.
Pretty sure that's
not how that works.
(Chrissie) I
have an idea.
This is Mr. Snufflegus.
Okay and I think we can put Mr.
Snufflegus right here with Miss Rose,
and he'll watch over her,
and she won't die.
You guys are fucking weird.
I always wanted a lot of the plants
and wildlife in my apartment, so...
Thank you.
(Chrissie) I'm
going to pee.
Now she's redecorating?
Dude, chill. All right?
I'm gonna run to the deli, and grab
some snacks. You want something?
Yeah, the jalapeo chips.
That ain't right.
The fuck?
(toilet flushes)
James! Help me with
these fucking locks!
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
I got to go!
What do you mean you got to go?
Out! I got to go out.
Why? You said you'd help me
roll the coins.
You gotta stay.
And I will later, I promise.
But I have to go out
and make money.
No, it's dangerous out there.
I really don't think
you should go.
You got to stay right now.
You got to help me...
Please don't get crazy on me.
Oh crazy, right?
That's what I'm getting on you?
I'm getting crazy?!
James is crazy. That's what
you always say, right?
James is crazy! Crazy!
You know what's fucking
crazy out there?
You wanna go?
- James, if we use everything I have,
- I don't care, go. Go.
I have to go get more.
(Cece) I'll come back!
No, don't come back.
I'll see you in hell.
It's like one of those bags
from Harry Potter.
(Chrissie) What?
Yeah, like there's this character
that has this magical bag
that's actually really small
but she pulls out things
that would never fit in it.
Just a shirt.
Yeah, yeah I know.
But like...
You think you'd be carrying your
whole life in that thing
the way you carry it around.
Why not.
That makes no sense.
Lizzie! Come here!
(gentle music)
Um, so...
I have something for you.
I wanted to make you something
because you totally inspired the
idea for my whiskey commercial,
and I'm going to kill it now
thanks to you.
You gotta open it.
It's beautiful.
Yeah? Do you like it?
You totally saved me today.
This is amazing. I can't wait
to see the commercial.
(David) You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, let's go to bed.
(gentle music)
Look what your
eyes made me do
I never wanted
Someone new
Do you have to go?
Well, I'm pretty
pumped actually.
Because Moon Drill is going
to buy my commercial,
and then I'm going to move into
this really fancy studio apartment
on the water and I just...
oh my God, I love my life.
That's what that was
all about? Okay.
No, you're not going to go.
Okay, okay come on I really...
I actually, I really have to go.
Okay, well I'm going to make you
breakfast first
because you haven't lived until
you've tried my eggs, okay?
I love that you're
cooking for me.
How much do you like it?
A lot.
Guys, it's early. Can we confine the
PDA to our respective bedrooms?
Hey Avi.
There better be
some breakfast left for me.
And I hope you washed your hands
'cause I don't wany
any jizz eggs.
Says you.
- Thank you.
- Yup.
These are you jizz eggs.
They are the house
specialty today.
(Avi) Mmmmmm.
No, I don't need any ketchup.
What's wrong with you?
My bad.
Who doesn't put ketchup
on their eggs?
These are perfection.
Thank you.
They could still use
some ketchup though.
Listen, if you want to keep
some perfection,
I could stay and hang around
with you this weekend,
cook some more.
Sorry Callie, I've got kind of
like a big date this weekend
and David promised I'd have
the place to myself.
Am I right? Am I right?
(David) Yeah, yeah,
I did. I did.
Besides, doesn't your
roommate miss you?
She's super busy. I don't know.
Well, one of these days I'm going to
have to go over and force a meeting.
I told you, my place
isn't that nice.
I don't care about that.
As long as you're there.
I think I'm gonna grab a shower
before we go, okay?
I mean, she hasn't left our
place since you two met,
and now she wants to stay
while you're out of town.
What is that? What's with her?
Don't be jealous that I'm getting laid
every single night for two weeks.
I can't believe you
just went there.
I mean, there was
nowhere else to go.
Don't you think
it's kind of weird
you haven't seen her place
or met any of her friends
and she practically
moved in here?
No dude, she didn't move in.
Really, dude?
She left a toothbrush here,
she left an elephant.
Okay, well I'm going to go see
her place when I get back.
Whatever man, I'm just saying
don't get stuck
with a clinger, you know?
Two weeks is a long time
to shack up with some
chick you just met.
Well I'm going to be on a
business trip this weekend,
and I won't see her there.
Is that hot actress you work
with going to be there? Lysi?
Yes. Lizzie is
going to be there.
Go after Lizzie.
We're just like friends.
Besides she's way over the top.
And I think I really
like this girl.
So I'll see you on Sunday.
Yep, Sunday.
Yeah I'll just come over to
your place after I get back?
My place?
I mean, what happened
to your aversion
to going more than three stops
into Brooklyn?
For you, I'll get over it.
Yeah, but I mean
you don't have to.
I don't mind coming to yours.
Mine's always a wreck.
Are you hiding something?
What kind of a question is that?
Nothing. I mean...
I don't even know any
of your friends.
Yeah, well why would
you know my friends?
You don't know me that well.
You're not my fucking boyfriend.
What if I want to be?
You do?
Yeah. I do.
I do.
So I want to meet your friends,
and I want to see your place
when I get back.
(edgy music)
She disappears and
then wants love.
He wants to see my place.
I told you so.
You don't have very
many options here.
You either have to tell him you've
been lying to him the whole time
or you got to ditch out.
He made me this graphic
design of my name
except it was the wrong name.
It was so fucking sad.
Yeah. Only the biggest parts of
your life remain a mystery to him.
Look, we're going to
get our apartment.
Maybe not today, but
it's going to happen.
And when it does, you can think
about dating a guy like David.
Thank you!
- Hey John.
- Hey.
- Pass it off?
- Yeah.
Nice doing business with you.
How much do we have?
With what you just gave me...
almost enough for
one month's rent
not including a
security deposit.
Girl, keep that in the
front of your mind.
I can't keep the lie
going that long.
Oh bitch please, this
is getting boring.
Now, clean yourself up,
and find a nice guy to spend
the night with tonight.
Preferably one you
won't get attached to.
I love you.
Love you.
(David) A handsome
model in a tux
is running through the rain
looking for her
the beautiful one
that he's lost.
He's in the middle
of Times Square.
He can't find her.
He stops running.
He takes the Moon Drill whiskey
out of his breast pocket
Boom! Thunder claps!
The music swells.
He unscrews the cap.
Everything freezes.
He sees her across the square.
Her eyes sear into his.
He strides over to her,
takes a sip of the whiskey,
the clouds part, the sun shines,
he dips her into a
passionate kiss.
He holds the whiskey up,
Moon Drill Whiskey.
"One sip makes the
chaos go away."
Good work David.
We are so getting drunk tonight.
It's something
Callie said to me.
I get it. You have a girlfriend.
Let's do karaoke.
(Alex) Hey, what's going on?
You guys go to NYU, right?
You should definitely come
check out this party tonight.
It's gonna be awesome.
Free shots if you say
my name at the door.
Hey, what's
going on guys?
You guys go to
NYU, right?
Check out this party tonight. Say
my name at the door, all right?
You guys go to NYU?
You should definitely check
out that party tonight.
It's going to be awesome.
Hey, start of school
party tonight.
Open bar with your ID.
You should come.
It's going to be great. You
know, big back to school mixer.
Thanks. I think I will.
Yeah, yeah! I'm
Alex, by the way.
Jessie. It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
- I hope to see you there.
(Chrissie) Yep, see you later.
(Alex) All right.
(Edgy music)
You let the
sickness grow
You made a
tangled mess
No curtain back gonna
get you out of it
You got a crooked way
And you're overgrown
You do your dirt
with the seed you've sown
Don't dig it
up, dig it up
(Alex) Donna, Kelsey, I'm
glad you guys made it.
Good to see you...
Hey! Jessie, right?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm glad you made it,
come on baby let's go inside.
I'm sorry you have to have ID.
Listen, I actually think
I forgot it at the dorm.
You're not going to make me
go all the way back are you?
Just bring your ID,
and I'll be happy to let you in.
Hey... Come on.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You can tell I'm a student.
Miss, a lot of people
look like students.
For all I know,
you're a serial killer stalker.
Now either come
back with your ID,
or leave and stop
blocking the door.
Whoa, everybody just
calm down, all right?
We can just walk
back to your dorm.
It's only a couple
blocks, right?
Yeah, well that's not the point.
And this party is going
to be fucking lame,
so let's go.
Actually, I got a lot
of friends in here,
so I'm not going to
blow this party off.
You can go back and get your ID,
or don't.
It's whatever.
Well, what are you looking at?
I mean, fuck you.
(bell dings)
(R&B music)
Let me rub
on your body
Kissing you,
touching you
Holding you up
Now I can't...
Ah yes, alone at last.
Cause I ain't seen
you in awhile
So I'm going to love
your body nice and slow
Nice and slow
It's started on the bed, and we
can move it on down to the floor
Down to the floor
Your body all night
(Video) Oh yeah, you
pretty little whore
(Video) Gag on it.
No, fucking way.
Surrender. Oh yeah.
(dramatic music)
Oh my God.
Are you fucking kidding me?
I'm sorry. Here, come on.
Don't, don't, don't.
Do you have any idea how
expensive this shirt is?
I'm sorry, I'm a klutz.
Get the fuck off of me.
I don't want you to clean me.
Hey, hey, hey take it easy.
Who the fuck are you?
Is this your girlfriend?
I'm just trying to
have a good time.
Get her the fuck out here.
Can I get some club soda please?
Thank you.
Fuck you. Get the
fuck out of here.
Thank you.
That guy was a dick.
Can I get you
something to drink?
Vodka soda?
(Lysi) I told you, you were
putting it in the wrong way.
Okay, you open this,
and I'll be right back.
(phone dings)
(video) Fuck yeah. You
pretty little whore. Fuck.
Gag on it.
(man) Yes, fucking bitch.
(man) Oh fuck.
(phone ringing)
Dude, what the fuck?
She even told us about the
wig thing the first day
Do you remember that?
Talk about leaving out
part of the story!
I knew something didn't add up
about this chick.
She's barely left the
house for two weeks,
you pay for everything,
and now she's in porn?
I gotta tell you,
I went through her bag,
and I found wads of cash
and this weird notebook with
names, and locations, and stuff...
You went through her bag?
(Avi) Well yeah, I just felt
like things didn't add up.
But that's not the point;
you haven't seen her friends,
you haven't seen her place.
She could be a hooker.
Or a porn star hooker.
I'm dating a porn star?
Come on, you got
to scrub it here.
Get it clean.
It's clean!
No it's not clean.
Put some elbow grease into it...
Ow, you're hurting me. Stop it!
What's wrong? Don't you
see the grime in there?
Just do it like
this. Clean. Yeah.
I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?
No, I'm fine.
I'm sorry.
Are you free right now?
Can I take you to get a late night
snack or something like that?
I know this great cafe,
it's just right down the block.
Yeah, would be great.
I'm starving actually.
I want to go to the bathroom
first though, okay?
What are you doing?
I thought we had this
good vibe going,
so you know, why
wait until later?
Come on, let's just
go get some food...
You know, have a drink.
Oh, no, no, I'm done drinking.
Modern love
Walks on by
Modern love
Walks beside me
Modern love
Modern love
walks on by...
Hey! Hey wait!
Hey, listen didn't you say
would go back to your place?
We're done here, all right?
Just take a taxi.
No, no, no come on.
You must be starving.
I make really good eggs.
What are you doing?
I said we're fucking
done. All right?
(gentle music)
She comes in here
walks around, makes it dirty.
There's nobody here,
but you and me. Shhh...
No! Don't suffocate me!
It's gonna be okay...
Stop it! Don't.
I keep my eyes down
to the ground
I won't look
you in the eye
I'm back.
Ready for a glass
of Hudson Valley's finest?
I won't look
you in the eye
Cause I don't know if you
smile or if you bite
No, no. This is my cardboard.
You can't have it.
This is my cardboard. You go and
you find your own cardboard.
No way out for us
No way out for us
I'm afraid there's
no way out for us
No way out for us
No way out for us
It's in the air,
it's in the water
It's in the air,
it's in your heart
It's in the air,
it's in the water
It's in the air,
it's in your mind
No way out
No way out
No way out
(knocking on door)
It's okay. I told
her she could come.
Oh, it's okay?
It's okay?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Oh my God, don't hit her!
(Cece) Babe!
(James) Fuck!)
(Cece) Babe, it's
okay, alright?
She's only going to be here
for a little while.
Nothing to get too
excited over.
Why don't you
just lay down?
Come on. Come on.
(gentle music)
You don't like me
very much, do you?
I don't like being here.
Hey, guess what? The
feeling is mutual.
I don't like you being here.
If I had anywhere else to go,
trust me I wouldn't be.
Poor Chrissie doesn't
have anywhere to go.
Well, I didn't used to have
somewhere to go either.
How did someone like you manage
to get a place anyway?
Don't worry about it. I did.
Someday I'm gonna get lucky.
Oh yeah?
Hold on a sec, where you going?
You're gonna get lucky?
You have to make your own luck.
Yeah. This is New York City.
Do you know how
many opportunities
there are for young good
looking people like yourself?
No, I don't want to hear it.
And I know the kind of shit
you and Cece do on the street.
And let me tell you
something, Chrissie,
if that is your
real name...
you don't have to do anything
you don't want to do
to get a place to
sleep for the night.
You're a tourist.
I don't know why you're
running around with Cece for.
Okay, so I'm not going
to let you in my house anymore
I'm not going to open
the door for you.
Okay, you fucked up
because you're not taking care
of what you need to
be taking care of.
Now get me my box
will you please?
Thank you.
My name's not Chrissie.
Do you want to know what it is?
I would love to know.
It's Katie. Katie Jo.
Stupid name.
No it's a good name.
Katie Jo.
Katie Jo. That's a
good name. Katie Jo.
Katie Jo.
Wait. Wait...
Shhhhh. Shhhh. Shhh.
(Cece) Chrissie?
(Cece) I don't think
he's breathing.
I think he might have OD'd
in the middle of the night.
What are we gonna do?
I'm so sorry, okay.
I'm so sorry.
You said that he's
got no other family?
They're all dead.
Cece, if we call the
police right now
who do you think they're
gonna to blame?
The little homeless girls who
were here when it happened.
Then they're gonna
take this place
and they're gonna turn
it over to the city.
Cece, we could lose this place.
I know he meant
something to you, okay?
I know.
But look around you.
This place is our fucking dream.
We can do something with this.
I mean, we can make this work.
(eerie music)
You didn't have to meet me.
I could have found it, you know.
I wanted to though.
- Come on.
- Oh, all right.
Come on!
Come on!
Slow down, slow down, I'm tired.
We can chill when we
get there. Come on.
I don't know.
You're being weird.
I don't know, Callie.
David, you're freaking me out...
Do you do porn?
Excuse me?
Avi sent me this video
and don't try to
tell me it's not you
because it is you in this like...
trashy teal wig
which you totally mentioned
was a thing with your ex...
So I don't know that
fits into it but...
it's you, and you're
like getting...
crazy fucked.
And then Avi also said he found
this whole wad of cash in your bag
and that he thinks
that you're like...
a hooker or something.
I want to be cool with that
I really do, but...
So I'm just a trashy porn star
prostitute hooker?
That's what's
wrong with you.
No, Callie. Callie!
No, you know what? It is me
in that video David
and fuck you, I can't believe that
you would be a on a site like that!
Wait, What?!
No, Stop! Callie, stop!
It's revenge porn, David.
It only ruined my whole
fucking life okay?
I was a teenager
I had this older boyfriend, and
he made me do all kinds of shit
that you wouldn't even
want to know about!
I didn't know that.
Yeah 'cause you
didn't fucking ask.
Well, look I wasn't
watching it, ok?
Do you know what my parents
said when they found out?
They said that I'm unsaveable.
I can't believe that you would
think I'm a hooker.
I thought we had something.
We do! We do. I just
let Avi get to me.
And that perv actually
went through my bag?
I make cash under the table
at the comedy club.
Can we please start over?
Please, just forget
about it, okay?
Please, I am an idiot, okay?
I promise I'll make
this up to you.
(gentle music)
Just like any
other day
We wake up
This is your place?
It is.
Oh, this is my roommate Cece.
Hi, it's nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
Yeah, nice to meet you too.
I don't mean to be a pain
but do you mind taking
off your shoes?
(David) Oh, no worries.
Outside dirt, you know.
(David) Yeah, of
course, of course.
This place is great.
You think?
I can't believe you
kept it a secret.
Well it wasn't all
my fault I mean...
you didn't want to come
this far into Brooklyn.
Listen guys, I'm on my way out
to meet a friend
but you guys have fun, and I'll
see you later for the fireworks?
Okay bye.
I brought you a present.
It's more than cool.
It'll protect you.
You'll find out.
(mimics explosion)
Now, go play.
(girl singing)
Sorry we don't have a TV yet.
We just moved in so still
kind of getting settled.
No worries. That
shit takes time.
So tell me about your weekend.
It was pretty sweet actually.
I think I may have a new client.
Fuck yeah!
Does the new official brand maker from
Moon Drill Whiskey want a back rub?
- Ah yeah.
- Yeah.
You're the best.
What about you? How
was your weekend?
It was fine.
Nothing exciting.
(gentle music)
(firecrackers exploding)
Happy Fourth! Woo!
U-S-A! U-S-A!
Hey, I'm going to go
grab some drinks.
You guys want anything
other than beer?
Vodka, you got it. All right.
U-S-A! U-S-A!
Happy Fourth.
To our independence?
Fuck off bitch. To
the here and now.
(gentle music)
(David) All right, are
you ready for this?
(Katie Jo) Oh, I'm ready.
(David) So, a leprechaun
walks into a bar...
Oh no, that's gonna be bad.
No, no it's going to
be amazing, okay.
- Okay.
- So...
I think you should stop there.
This is happening.
It is happening.
The leprechaun walks into a bar
and asks for a drink.
Bartender says, "Okay,
that'll be $2.50."
So leprechaun puts two dollar bills
on the bar and starts walking away.
The bartender goes
"Hey, wait! You're
a little short."
You are so lucky
that I love you.
I know.
(Young Girl) Chrissie!
Cece, told me you
got an apartment.
That's so cool! Maybe I
can come over some time.
We all miss you at the shelter.
Tell Cece I'm wearing the
protection necklace she gave me
and I keep putting my shoes under
the bed like she told me to.
(eerie music)