Lane 1974 (2017) Movie Script

At forest edge
I swore I saw
A lovely young girl
From afar
Did she smile?
Yes, she seemed to
Smile right at me
So I stepped in
Was it dark?
Yes, the light was leaving
When came moving
Off the leaves
Where did she go?
Long branches wet
Forever empty air
To hide promises
No one would keep
Go, go, go!
Come on, you guys.
Sky, where's
your little brother?
He's here.
I'm right here.
Come on.
Wow, this place is so cool.
Come on.
Jamie, Jamie.
Turn on your flashlight.
Oh, look.
We can do shadow puppets.
I love shadow puppets.
I think I can do a bunny.
Can you make a dog?
Or a peacock.
That's more a rectangle.
That's like an eye underneath.
That's cool. You can do a
trick you like that, too, maybe.
I don't know.
I know llama.
It looks like its nose
is popping out of its face.
What about snacks?
But you just had dinner.
I don't even know what I ate.
Macrobiotic diet.
Please, will you get me
something to eat?
Lane, you go.
Okay, I'll go find something.
One queen.
Raoul was arrested.
Did you hear about that?
He had half a joint on him.
And they beat him within
an inch of his life.
Just for having long hair.
And half a joint.
Fucked up, man.
But that's the city for you.
It'll eat its young.
Don't kid yourself
about the locals out here.
Some of the old time families
out here have rifles.
And I hear they're
willing to use 'em
on any long hairs they
think might trespass.
What's up, lady?
Some of the other kids
are still hungry.
You know, it's not healthy
to put food in your system this late.
I know. It's not for me.
What does it say?
Tarot is just
really intuitive...
Where did you learn that?
You know, here and there.
Like, every year or something.
I'd like that.
Is that all it says?
I'm learning, teaching myself.
Oh, sorry. I hope we
didn't wake up Shayla.
Oh, don't worry.
That kid sleeps through anything.
One, two.
Do you think you guys will
stay here at Big Mountain?
I hope we can, but...
my mom keeps on talking
about moving to Bolinas.
I bet if we get into
a school here, we'll stay.
We tried to go to
public school once,
but Hallelujah wasn't into it.
Hallelujah is your mom?
I used to go to such a fun
free school in Cazadero.
I hope you guys don't go
to Bolinas.
Me, too.
Time for lights out.
Go to sleep, Berry.
Can I sleep down there with you?
I'm really glad
you guys came here.
Me, too.
Hey, Gina, wake up.
Gina, come on.
We gotta go, okay?
Come on.
Get your shoes on.
Here we go.
There we go.
Let's go.
You got your blanket?
Okay. Here we go.
Wait. My friend.
It's okay.
But I don't wanna go.
Where are we going?
No arguing, Gina.
Come on, let's go.
I wonder if we'll ever see her again.
Doubt it.
I'm gonna get there first.
No, I am!
No, I am!
Stop it.
Hi, Shayla. What are you
doing here all by yourself?
Come here, come here.
Mom, I'm starving!
Oh, stop.
Please, it's early.
Stop it. Let's go
to Greg's, okay?
Wait, Lane. I want...
Hand me Shayla.
Shayla, go to Mom.
Come here, baby.
Come on, Shay.
Get cozy. Let's sleep.
Hi, Sonny.
No tag backs.
I had a dream about leaving
They always
have sugar every day.
I had a dream of the past
Anyone home?
We can go in.
They don't care.
Sky, you want some almonds?
Let's dance.
I want some.
I can't stay
on this fucking land?
I thought it was
a goddamn free country.
I don't know. You can't
just take whatever you want.
They're plants, man.
And they grow for free.
Besides, they belong to God.
I mean, what's with this
fucking ownership bullshit?
Well, those are the rules.
I thought this place was
supposed to be free of rules,
but it's like
the goddamn Gestapo.
What am I gonna do?
I have no place to go.
Are we kicked off the land now?
Oh, fuck.
Where are we going?
I can't go to Bolinas, Clarise.
I can't do it. I just...
I can't do it.
You don't have to worry.
You're gonna be all right.
You guys have to go?
This always happens with my mom.
She just has a hard time
getting along with other people.
I told you to leave
those roller skates.
These are the best things
I ever got from the free store.
You haven't used them
in months, Lane.
I can't use them on dirt roads!
We can't take everything
with us.
Don't get attached
to material goods, Lane.
Big lesson.
Kids, this is erasing
your freedom.
Row, row, row your
boat Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily
Merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream
Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily
Merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream
Hey, you talked to them?
How'd it go?
Well, they didn't ask for
social security numbers,
or previous addresses.
So, I guess if your kids
are gonna go, you can go, too.
We get to go to school!
I don't wanna go.
Hey, believe me. When
you see all the fun they're having
at that kind of school,
you won't wanna miss out.
When do we start?
Tomorrow, I guess.
Hey, but listen to me.
You two, no shit food.
Do you understand me?
Jamie? If I catch
either one of you with it,
I swear I'm gonna rip you
out of there so fast,
it's gonna make your head spin.
Please don't fuck with me
on this, kids, all right?
What's that?
What the hell is this?
It's cheese.
Yeah, I know it's cheese.
What the hell is cheese
doing in here?
Does anyone know what's
in cheese?
It's just milk.
No, it's not just milk.
It's rennet.
Do you know what rennet is?
Do you?
It's the lining of
a cow's stomach.
Goddamn it! I swear.
I can't get out of this place
for five minutes
without it all going to shit.
Goddamn it, Lane.
Wake up!
Get out of my way.
Do you know what
you're gonna wear tomorrow?
Probably my rainbow
turtleneck sweater...
and my flower bell bottoms.
What are you wearing?
I was thinking
my white top, or my blue top.
The white top is super stained.
Then I'll just wear
the blue one.
Lane, what's your dream house?
It would have a big backyard,
with a pool...
and it would have one of those
covered patios next to the pool.
And the house would be
super clean.
And white.
And I would sit by the pool...
And my mom would
be super pretty.
She'd brush my hair.
Are you done with yours?
Do you wanna grab
Berry's for me, please?
You must be the new kids.
I'm Susan.
Over there is Kevin.
Why don't you come on in,
take your shoes off.
Join us.
Where is your dad?
New Mexico.
I don't know where
Shayla's dad is, though.
Get out of the road.
Come on.
Okay, let's go.
Can we get a ride?
Thank you.
Mean Mary Ann
She won't take
Take my hand
A river
Where she gone down
For no place
She's never been
Boys, go get me firewood.
We need to get this fire started.
Come on.
All right. I'm gonna need
more than that.
Hey, Shayla.
Help me find the rice, okay?
Hey, Berry.
Stay out of the water.
Berry, I don't want you
to get wet.
Hey. I've been
looking for you.
Look what I found.
I love that.
If I lived in the city,
I'd wear that for sure.
I would be...
Um... her.
I'm her.
I'm her!
God! I like everything in here.
Even bras.
Even furniture.
So pretty.
We should take it.
No one will know.
All right, everyone.
Five minutes
until we go outside.
Let's clean up.
Five minutes.
Five minutes.
We're gonna head out.
"The princess looked
to the riverbed in dismay.
And there she saw
thousands of rocks
over which the magical river
had once flowed.
'How am I to know which rock he's
trapped in?' the young girl wailed.
The little fairy queen replied,
'You must pick up each rock
and listen to it carefully,
and if you choose the rock
in which he is trapped,
you will hear his voice
calling out to you.
Then neither he nor you
shall ever be lonely again.'
And with this, the little
fairy queen vanished.
The girl dried her tears,
and seeing no other option,
began to pick up the rocks
and put them to her ear.
For three nights and three days,
she patiently picked up
each rock
and listened tenderly to it.
Her ears grew sore,
her throat grew dry,
and her lips began to crack.
Yet, she kept on.
For she knew if she
did not give up,
she would find it."
Berry, this isn't funny.
If you are hiding,
come out right now!
I told you to keep
an eye on the kids.
Calm down, Clarise.
I'm not gonna calm down.
Jamie, if you know
where Berry is,
I need you to tell me right now.
I don't know!
Berry! Berry!
What was your
kid doing in the water?
Get the hell away from me.
Is he all right?
I said, get the hell away!
Don't take him to
the hospital, man.
Death culture there.
Get out of my way.
Come on, Sky.
Let's go.
Look, can you at least leave
food stamps or something?
Anything for us?
Sky, we're leaving.
Lane, take your sister.
Come on. Let's move this
over here, okay?
What now?
We're gonna go into the city.
But I thought you hate the city.
I don't have a choice anymore.
You're gonna take this.
Come here, baby.
Come on, let's go.
Okay. Let's go for a walk.
Come on, guys.
Hurry up.
Hey, Lane. Take your sister.
Come on.
Here. Go with Lane, okay?
Who is she calling?
Um, Ethel, maybe.
Who's Ethel?
Our grandma.
We have a grandma?
You're probably too young
to remember her,
but you took a shit
on her floor,
and she freaked out
the last time I saw her.
Come on, Shayla.
Go with Jamie.
Come on.
Go with Jamie.
Come on, Shayla.
Hey, Mom.
Hi, it's Karen.
Yeah. Yeah, no.
It's me.
Beat it. Come on.
Yeah, it's me.
Yeah, well...
Well, I was thinking we haven't
seen each other, and I was...
maybe thinking I could
come over tomorrow.
We can all come over.
I know, I know, I know.
It's been a while. But...
I thought...
we could come by and say hi.
Jamie, bring Shayla.
Then tomorrow.
Yeah, Mom...
Let me see your teeth.
Okay, me?
Okay. Let me see your teeth.
Well, you're gonna piss in
something, wear it for two days.
Are you happy?
Let's go.
I just... I don't
understand you, Lane.
I want you to be Cleopatra
and you just insist
on being Minnie Mouse.
Come on, come on.
Get the shit. Let's go.
Move it. Come on.
Come on.
Come here, Shayla.
Come on.
I know. Let's go.
Come on, kids, come on.
Don't do it so many times.
Hi, Mom.
Uh, this is Shayla.
I think you haven't met.
Go inside. Go inside.
As long as there was such a base,
I felt strongly that
it was necessary
to see the constitutional process
through to its conclusion...
Hey, Jamie.
Don't touch that. Please.
Is this you?
In another life. Yeah.
No, no, Jamie. You know better than that.
Don't touch that.
They don't eat this, Mom.
I'm sorry.
Take this to the kitchen.
The kids, Mom...
they got you some presents
they found at the beach.
Right, guys?
You wanna give these to Grandma?
Jamie, take your sister
and go in the back.
Hey, Lane?
Come here.
Come on.
Are you praying, Karen?
Oh, God.
You could at least
pray for your brother.
I'm sorry, no amount of praying
is gonna save anyone
from dying in a war.
From the discussions I have had
with Congressional and other leaders,
I have concluded...
I'm sorry.
That because
of the Watergate matter...
I'm sorry. I didn't mean that,
and I do pray for him...
in my own way.
I'm sorry. I just need
a little air for a minute.
Lane, just...
sit still.
Hey, Mom. We're only gonna
be in the city for a few hours.
Do you need money again, Karen?
Oh, Mom.
Thank you. This...
Oh, wow.
Oh, Mom.
Thank you so much.
Oh, this is great for the kids.
Jamie, bring Shayla.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, come here. Come say goodbye.
Come here.
Come on.
Come say goodbye to Grandma.
Say goodbye to Grandma.
Say, "Bye, Grandma."
Thank you, Mom, so much.
It's gonna help me out.
Goodbye, Karen.
Come on, Lane.
Let's go.
Come on, Shayla.
Let's go.
Come on.
That woman is a heavy trip, man.
Heavy trip.
Hey, sister.
Oh, my magical sister.
Come on in.
Sit down.
Lane, go find Puma.
Oh, God.
I just can't.
I need a break.
It's just too much.
I feel like a...
It's awful.
Come in.
Can I come in?
I said you could come in.
Close the door.
Who are you here with?
My mom, Hallelujah.
Hallelujah is your mother?
So you guys are from
the country, right?
No way in hell
I'd live out there.
Snakes, spiders,
You want some?
You should always
have fresh breath.
You need some mascara.
And some gel blush.
Can I put it on you?
I'm good at makeup.
I'm gonna be a cosmetologist.
As soon as I'm 16.
I move into Chicago.
There's this lady there...
She's a black lady.
She's friends with my real dad.
She owns her own salon.
She said she always
wanted a daughter like me.
But I don't know. We're
really more like sisters.
Look down.
Try this tube top.
Come on.
I don't think I have anything that'll
fit you on the bottom though.
Maybe I can make
a wraparound skirt.
That shirt looks good
with those jeans.
You can keep my roll-on
sparkle if you wanna.
Thank you.
Try on these shoes.
You look pretty.
Let's take a picture.
You look good.
Stand up.
Stand over here.
I need you to pose, okay?
Why you looking scared?
You never posed before?
You don't know how to pose?
Okay. This hand...
This hand, put it on your hip.
Now pop your hip.
Pop your hip.
Pop it.
More than that.
You go to...
pop it.
Yeah, okay.
And I want you
to look at the ground
very seriously.
One, two...
That was pretty good.
Let's do one more, okay?
There's a boy you like.
Look at this boy you like.
Lure him in
with your eyes.
One, two...
That was good.
Hey, Lane, come on.
We have to go.
Now, Lane.
Move it
Come on, let's go.
Where's Shayla?
She's gonna stay here
for a while. Come on.
Mom, I don't wanna
leave her here.
Come on, right now.
I'm not leaving her here.
She's my sister!
Lane, I don't have time
for your histrionics.
Come on.
I'm not playing a game.
Shayla's staying here,
and Claude's gonna come
and get you and Jamie,
and that's the way
it's gonna be,
because I'm tired of this shit.
Come on.
Charlie, shut the door.
What are you making?
I'm building an airplane.
Do you think Dad's really
coming to get us?
You have a better chance of flying
out of here on your airplane.
Jamie, stop it for a second.
Stop it.
Hey there, little buddy.
Hi, Daddy! Hi, Daddy!
Hi, Daddy! Hi, Daddy!
Hi, Daddy!
Hey, you remember me?
Hi, Daddy! Hi, Daddy!
Hi, Daddy!
How are you doing?
Hi, Daddy!
Hey, you. Little girl.
What are you doing
all the way over there?
Come here.
Wow, you guys are big.
This is where I'm building
an airplane out of spare parts.
This is the gearbox.
This is the intake manifold.
They connect to...
Jamie, take Claude to
the campsite, okay?
Come on, let's go find your mom.
Show me this later.
Cool truck, huh?
This guy's paying me money to take
it all the way back to New Mexico.
So you finally found a reason
to come back to California.
So glad you could
finally make it.
Over here is where we sleep.
And that's the shitter there.
And over there is where
Mom meditates.
Yeah? Oh,
it's meditating now, huh?
Still throw the I Ching?
How about the runes?
Mommy still throw the runes?
What are you doing?
I'm gonna try to knock you off.
How's that?
You know, you look
a lot like my mom.
Doesn't she, Karen?
She looks like Lorraine.
I told you I changed my name.
Dad, you know my airplane?
Well, it can also
turn into a spaceship.
Is Lorraine still alive?
The intake manifold is
2,000 years' power.
The suspension is
double rack and pinion.
And the navigation
is inertial and gyroscopic,
and is radar, too.
Yeah, she's alive and living
in Las Vegas.
You know, it's a shame she hasn't
seen you since you were a baby.
She loved you so much.
She has a good heart,
no matter what you think.
I think it's time for bed.
Dad, do you wanna
work on it with me tomorrow?
I gotta leave tomorrow.
Are we going with you?
You gotta talk
to your mom about that.
She wants us to go.
I'll see.
Didn't that...
Didn't you say that...
I want you to go to bed.
Jamie, you, too.
Get your things.
Get your bag, it's late.
Good night.
Good night.
Go to sleep.
Don't paint me as the bad guy.
Do you hear me?
You don't know
my situation, all right?
Don't argue with me.
Look, I just want you to
be a father...
and uphold your obligations.
I just take both of the kids?
I just take them away?
Yeah, that's
what a dad does, right?
Yeah, but...
I don't care.
They need their father.
I can barely take
care of myself, all right?
You're not the only
one who's entitled to a life.
Get in.
Get inside.
Get around front.
Come back!
Come back!
Don't leave me here!
You forgot about me!
You have to understand.
Sometimes, things in life don't
happen the way you want 'em to.
Some things we just don't get.
You're just thinking about all that
shit food Claude was gonna feed you.
Now, come on.
There's someone
I want you to meet.
Come and get some rice.
Lane, this is Tom Starchild.
He's joining me in
meditation and purification.
We need to give thanks for this rice.
Thank you for the rice.
is made with peyote.
It's very powerful
and it puts you in
direct contact
with the Holy Spirit.
We're gonna drink this
for our vision quest.
Would you like to try some?
Is peyote what give you
the highest high?
A man and a woman making love
is the highest high.
Fuck! Ugh!
Um, can I get a ride?
I'm only going as
far as the bus depot.
That's okay.
Yeah. Get in the back.
Hi, um...
This is Lane calling.
I'm Claude's daughter.
Just a minute.
You're Claude's daughter?
Lane, yeah.
I met you when you were a baby.
That was a lot of years ago.
Is it okay if I come
stay with you for a while?
Please deposit 10
cents for the next four minutes.
Thank you.
Lane, are you there?
I don't have much time
on the phone.
I'm coming on a bus from
Santa Rosa, California.
We're sorry. Please
try your call again later.
I'm leaving today.
Hey. Hey. Wake up.
We're in Vegas.
Last stop.
You're Lane?
Is that your bag?
That all you brought?
Okay. Well, we'll get
some more things.
Go on that side of the car,
get in there now.
We got a party at home.
A party?
Come on.
Everybody's waiting.
Let's get away
She'd always say
Let's get away from it all
Here, you take what you want.
And there's a bed
in the basement.
You can take your food
down there.
No silly boys No silly toys
Let's get away, she'd say
Play in the sand
Swim in the beach
Feel the sun On our toes
We'll take our sweet time
No matter what time
Of the day it is
Stay up all night
Just watch The stars in
the sky In their place
Maybe rise for the sun
And on, and on
And on, and on
No silly toys No silly boys
Let's get away She said
Play in the sand
Swim in the beach
Feel the sun On our toes
We'll take our sweet time
No matter what time
Of the day it is
Stay up all night
Just watch The stars in
the sky In their place
Maybe rise for the sun
And on, and on
And on, and on
She'd always say
Let's get away
Let's get away from it all
It's yours For the taking
It's yours You can make it
Yes, you can
Goodbye, 1974
We've seen the last of you
Goodbye, 1974
We sang Until you
were through
Sang until you were through
Sang until you were through