Language Lessons (2021) Movie Script

Shh. Wait, wait, wait.
I don't speak any Spanish,
so I have no idea what you're
saying to me right now.
Oh. Um, sorry.
It says here you have
good conversational Spanish,
and you studied for
four years in high school.
Oh. No, no. No, sorry.
That's Adam.
And you are not Adam?
No, no, no. I'm will.
So, Adam is my husband.
I bought him the Spanish
immersion lessons.
Oh. Ok.
I'm sorry, what...
What's happening?
Want that coffee!
- Where are you?
- Ok, ok.
Shh. He's coming. Shh, shh.
Sorry, you're just gonna have
to go with me on this.
It's a surprise.
Oh, you better make me one...
- Sorry, what are you...
- I want it.
J gonna drink it up... j'
I'm... I'm sorry,
what? Who... who are you?
What are you doing in my house?
Oh. Um, hi. I... uh...
Ok, come on.
Come on. Now that's...
That's funny.
No, not... not funny. No.
That's funny!
It's hilarious.
I'm 45 years old. That's a h... this
is a heart attack.
- Can we just...
- Oh, my god. Oh, my god.
Can we just stop
the scare wars, please?
You are such a drama queen.
- I'm not mad. I won't...
- No!
You are so dead.
Hey! Get off! Get off!
You ain't gonna catch me.
- Ok...
- Bye-bye. Have fun.
- Ok.
- Come on.
- Don't be a sore loser.
- I'll just be here.
The love of your life.
- I love you.
- Uh... uh yeah, I love you too.
But you're dead. You're so...
- Have fun!
- Just...
Who are you again?
I'm your Spanish teacher.
I'm just gonna
get situated here.
Will has bought
a Spanish lesson for me, yeah?
Ok. And...
How does this whole thing work,
since we're, like,
you know... this way?
Oh. Um...
I don't know if... if he
told you, but I don't...
I'm not fluent in Spanish.
I'm... I'm not very...
Good, so...
Do we... do we have to?
Ok. All right.
So I have to speak Spanish
- for one day...
- Well...
He actually...
He actually bought the, uh,
the... the hundred-lesson package,
so it... it's today, and then
also, uh, 99 more weeks.
Are you... wow, that is...
That's extreme.
- Will?
- Yeah?
Did you buy me
a hundred Spanish lessons?
- Yeah!
- Why?
'Cause you wanted
to learn Spanish, dummy.
Can I just be honest
with you for a second?
- Sure.
- I, I am like, um...
I'm an extreme
creature of habit,
and I have this morning routine
that I normally do
at this exact moment,
It's kinda hard for me
to adjust, and now...
It's not just one lesson, it's, like,
an... a hundred lessons,
and I have to speak
in Spanish the whole time,
and I'm afraid
that I'm gonna suck,
and I'm just feeling very...
No, that's not "muy,"
it's a... it's a basic word.
But still, I... I don't
know what to... I can't...
I'm very overwhelmed.
Look, why don't, um...
I would be...
I would be happy to be
a part of your morning routine
for the next two years.
You mean like do...
Like do both?
At the same time?
How do you say "miss"?
When you miss something?
The mansplainer?
Why are you laughing at me?
Oh. Um...
Because, uh, you are insisting
that you feel pregnant.
Embarazado, well, I mean,
embarazada means pregnant. Um...
- It does?
- Yeah.
Well, if... you know,
- it's the masculine version of...
- Oh, my god.
Pregnant. But...
I am so sorry.
God. This is the worst
Spanish lesson in history.
You're so poor,
and I'm pregnant.
Like what?
Uh, affection. Um, care. Um...
It stuck.
In... in dirty dancing,
how everybody just
calls baby "baby."
If you'd... if you would
like to reschedule,
just, uh, let me know.
I'm gonna hang out for
a little bit longer, ok?
Did you understand what I said?
Is everything ok?
Did I talk too fast?
Um... ok.
Ok. Eh...
I'm... i'm...
I'm so... I'm so sorry,
Adam, I...
- Yeah, it's ok, Adam.
- I...
Is there anybody...
There with you? Is there...
I'm gonna go scare him,
and so I ran downstairs,
I opened the door and...
And they...
Told me that he, uh...
I was his emergency contact
in his phone,
and that he'd been hit by a car
and his head hit the ground
and he died very quickly.
And he... they took me,
um, to identify him.
And he was... it was him,
but he was very smashed,
and they gave me his phone.
Which was not... had like
one little crack in it,
which I thought was so...
Ok, all right, I'm gonna...
I gotta tell everybody. My god,
he's got so many friends.
Ok. This is gonna...
Maybe I should send
the e-mail from here.
If I... should I send it from me
or should I send it from will?
'Cause if they get it from will,
it's like they get
an e-mail from...
Um, I think that you should...
Jesus, what is...
Oh, my god.
I don't know where
any of this stuff is.
I don't know what...
I don't know how to...
Like, he handles
all the money stuff.
Do I have to do this?
- No. It's ok.
- He has his...
A whole dance company
with employees.
Is there, like, a payroll
that I have to...
You don't have to worry
about that right now.
It's ok.
His n... his nephew.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
It's his nephew's birthday.
And he's supposed to send him...
He got this dog.
He brought him this dog.
I have to send this
to his nephew,
and I don't know... I don't
even know where he lives.
I don't know how to send...
How do you send
something this big?
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit, I can't do this.
- Adam, it's ok. Adam.
- I can't do this.
I can't... I can't do any of this.
- Adam. Adam.
- I can't...
- Adam, Adam, hey, hey. Hey!
- I can't do this!
Hey, it's ok, ok?
It's ok, just...
We'll get you help, ok?
You don't have to worry about
that right now, so just... just...
Have you... have you
gotten any sleep, or...
Ok, just, um...
Just... just focus on one thing.
Just focus on me, and...
I am gonna... I'm gonna...
I'm just gonna do
what I was gonna do,
and I'm gonna show you
some things, ok?
So just... just stay here. Just...
All right, let's see
what we can see.
Um, I think it's bamboo.
I'm not much of a nature person,
but I wanted to show you
this little stream over here.
I can hear this
little stream at night...
I'm gonna zoom in a little bit.
I don't think I see anything.
No, I think he might've...
Think he might've left.
Is there a bug in here?
You still with me, Adam?
Hello, Adam. Um... it's carifio.
I just...
I don't know why I introduced
myself like you can't see me,
like it's a voicemail.
Um, I just wanted
to say hello, and, um...
See how you were doing.
I was thinking about you
this morning...
Um, while I was in class
with another student, and...
I just want to make sure
that you're ok.
As ok as you can be.
And I wanted to reiterate...
I'm very, very sorry.
I know that's not enough.
I know that doesn't do anything.
But I'm...
I'm here if you need me.
And, if you...
This has nothing to do
with lessons, but if...
I'm here if you want
to continue them,
or if you don't, or if you
want to do them later.
Just wanted to let you know
I was thinking about you.
Hope you're...
Hope you're taking care.
Hello, Adam.
Thank you for getting
back to me. I am...
I'm glad to see
you're still hanging in there.
I wanted to offer you
the only thing
I can actually offer you,
which is...
In my experience, it...
It helps to throw yourself
into work and stay busy.
So if you want some Spanish
homework, I'm your girl.
I can send you
this little project
that I do with
a lot of my students.
It's... it's kind of for kids,
but it works on adults too.
It's a... it's a little poem
about the difference
between ser and estar.
And people have fun with it.
But again, it's only if...
You're looking for something
to keep you busy.
Take care.
Let me know how you're doing.
Yeah. So, um...
Hey, Adam. I just want
to apologize. I'm so...
Stupid. I'm so sorry that I...
Sent you homework.
Who does that?
I'm sorry. Please disregard me.
Forever, please.
Estar is where you are.
In a house or in a car.
Or if you are happy
or if you're sad.
Estar can even tell you
if you're mad.
Ser is who you are,
from the usa or... or from afar.
I think some of you
from Costa Rica out there.
If you're skinny,
fat, short, tall,
ser describes you best of all.
So if you want to be a star...
Which word would you use?
Hey. Sorry you had to see that.
I know that was
absolutely ridiculous, but...
I think that's the first time
I can legitimately say
that I had fun since, um...
So". Thanks.
That was really...
That was really stupid,
but it was fun.
Ok. Bye.
I'm glad you're
feeling a little better.
When you can. That's ok.
I'm happy to see you
not in your bed.
I hope this video finds you
in an even better state.
Speaking of which...
Ok, yes.
Like a bread bun.
Little ball of bread.
"Can you pass the bread?"
"Can you pass
the pussy?"
I'll see you Monday.
Notgonna show you that one.
I haven't seen this one
in a while.
This is the night...
Um, I was... I moved to Miami
when I was eight.
And I... I lived there
for a long time.
Oh, hi.
Carifio, what happened?
Oh, shit. Are you ok?
Wait, hello?
Are you still there?
Yeah, sorry. I'm here.
Uh... hm. Sorry.
What happened?
No, no, no, what, what,
what happened to you?
Are you ok?
I... no, I'm... I am fine.
Sorry, um...
I... I fell off my, uh, bike.
Um, did you... I mean,
did you go to the hospital?
Did you get checked out?
Is there anything
I can do for you?
Yeah, I'll get you a new bike.
I'll have it sent to you,
so just give me your address.
- I'll... I'll...
- I was... I was joking.
I was kidding.
I was just joking.
I mean, oh, ok.
I don't need you
to buy me a bicycle, Adam.
I'm... I'm sorry,
I didn't mean it.
Are you... are you
still there? Are you...
Do you mind if we reschedule?
No, it's ok. It... it...
Ok, um, I hope you feel better.
Yeah, I just wanted to say that.
And, um...
Hope you're having a good night.
Ok, uh, talk to you later.
I would... I would appreciate
the distraction, honestly.
Um, so, uh...
Yeah, um...
That's all I want to say. Ok.
Uh, maybe I'll just do this
one, uh, in English,
make sure I get it right.
Anyway, what I, um...
What I wanted to say before
but I was kind of afraid to say
is, um, uh...
My feeling is that
your Internet was fine.
And, um...
I think you just didn't
want me to see your face.
And, um...
I'm not a genius,
but I know that, uh, when...
When you fall off of a bicycle,
you usually
really hurt your hands.
And when you turned off
your video, I saw your hands,
and they were fine
and they were not scraped up,
and that is ok.
I don't know. I'm just...
I'm worried about you,
I-I guess,
and I want you to know
that I'm here.
I'm safe, if you
want to talk to somebody.
That's what I wanted to say.
Oh, good. How are you?
I'm good. Um...
It's... it's 2:30 in the morning.
Is it? Over there?
Sorry. Are you sleeping?
No, no. I was just reading.
I'm just... I was up, so...
I, um, I found out
that it was your birthday,
so I thought that it would be
very rude of me
if I didn't, uh, wish you
a happy birthday,
so I thought I would play you
"happy birthday."
Ready? One, two, three.
Here we go.
J happy birthday to you j'
j happy birth... j no.
J happy birthday, dear Adam j
j happy birthday to you j'
happy birthday!
I'm sorry I'm late.
That was...
No, it's ok.
That was very beautiful. Um...
How did you know
it was my birthday?
I looked... I looked on your...
I saw it in your file.
In my file?
That was a total lie.
I, um...
I stalked your social media.
- A little bit.
- You went on my...
I... ok.
Just a little bit. You don't...
I mean, there was
not a lot to see.
You don't really post anything.
But I-I wanted to see
if you were, like, um...
A real, like, good
and a true person that existed.
Because I only ever see a box
and then, like, a fancy house
in the background.
So, like, I don't know
if you're real.
And it turns out that
you are, and that you, uh,
you like shitty memes.
That was a few years ago when
there were more popular, but...
Oh my god.
- Uh, you know what?
- What?
Can you bring
that piano over here
and then we can play...
I can teach you how to play
"happy birthday" in Spanish.
Um... ok.
Is it ok if I just go to
the piano? It's a little heavy.
You're weak.
Look at all those fishes
that you have.
You have you
have so many fishes.
Do-do they have names,
or are they just fishes?
Pickle, Bob, Harry,
and pickle foot.
- Pickle foot?
- Yeah.
And then there's a skinny guy,
this really, really skinny one
with a long tail on him.
We call him the bride
'cause he's got this long train,
like a... like a like a veil
or a long-trimmed dress.
Ok, you ready? The chords are...
And then g.
Uh-huh. And then f.
Very good.
Hey, you know what?
You're a really good
music teacher.
- Thank you!
- I was gonna...
I was going
to take music lessons
and get an-another
teacher, but...
How dare you.
How dare you replace me...
So quickly.
I'm not replacing you.
You're a Spanish teacher.
This is a music teacher.
But I could...
I could also teach you music
if you wanted to.
I could... I... I could
teach you a lot of things.
I could teach you karate.
Although, like, I don't
know a lot about it,
but, like, I do know
how to kick someone.
I could teach
you some taxi stuff.
- Taxi?
- Yeah, I'm a really good...
I mean, do you think
that I'm a good...
Do you think that
I'm a good Spanish teacher?
Carifio, honestly,
you're the best Spanish
teacher I've ever had.
Damn. That's great.
Because guess what?
I could also teach you
the art of "deceivement"
because I am not
actually a Spanish teacher.
What are you talking about?
I have technically a certifica...
A language certification,
but it's in English.
I'm an English teacher.
And I learned,
I have a degree for that
that I got in the United States.
And then I moved to Costa Rica,
and I teach people
English for free here.
But then I teach
dumb gringos Spanish,
and I... and I charge them money,
but I don't actually...
I don't actually
have a certification.
I speak Spanish, obviously.
You... you're a criminal.
You're a criminal.
No, it doesn't... on my website,
it says
"language certification."
It doesn't specify
which language.
It's up to you to inquire,
and no one ever does.
- You're not certified?
- Well, it's not like...
I'm not teaching you bad
on purpose. I'm trying.
I'm not a bad person. I'm trying
to teach you for real.
Ok, ok.
Excuse me. I had to burp.
- Carifio, my friend.
- Yeah?
That was so bad.
We should do it again.
You know why
it was probably bad?
Because, like, midway through,
I realized that
there was... there...
Um... that the song in Spanish
is just translated
from English, like the melody,
and the song kind of,
and then it just stops...
It just gives up on wishing you
a happy birthday midway through
and just wishes you "birthday."
Like I... in the middle
of it, I was like,
is this how this really goes?
Because it just goes like
"birthday to you,"
which seems like...
Fucked up!
It's, uh...
- I see your point.
- Yeah, I mean, I guess...
I guess some birthdays
are just birthdays. You know?
And they're not good,
Yes, my birthday...
This birthday was...
Was not a happy birthday.
- I'm sorry.
- It's ok.
Yeah, my, um, my mom
died on her birthday,
so that, that's a pretty
shitty birthday,
I think.
Hmm, I'm sorry, I didn't
know your mom passed away.
That's ok.
Ever... literally
everyone dies, you know.
Like... you know that.
My grandma,
my grandma also died.
Babies die.
Um, your husband died.
I, um...
I think, I-I-I wished...
I wished my husband died
so many times
after he divorced me.
But I don't actually
wish he was dead.
I just don't... like,
I don't care if he dies
but I wish he had died.
You know.
Oh, is that? I'm so sorry.
Was that so rude?
No, I understand. It's ok.
You're nice.
I like... I like talking to you.
You're always trying to get me
to talk to you.
It was a little suspect,
at first.
I don't know, I guess
you're just a nice person.
Who knew those existed?
Can I tell you a secret?
It's really nice...
To listen to you talk.
I like it.
You do?
I gotta go.
I'm sorry.
Can you... Adam?
- Adam.
- Yes?
- Adam!
- Yes?
Stop calling me so late.
It's so unprofessional.
Good night, carifio.
Hey, Adam.
Um, I just wanted to apologize
about last night.
I had some allergy meds,
and I drank a beer...
Or two.
And, uh, they didn't mix well,
so sorry for calling you
so late.
Um, that being said,
I... I have to postpone
our classes for a little bit of time.
I'll let you know as soon
as I can get back to them.
Hi, Adam. Um...
Hi, Adam. Um...
Sorry about last night.
I didn't mean
to call you so late.
I just wanted to, um...
Tell you that I'm not
going to be able
to make our class this Monday.
And I'll... I'm just dealing
with some, like, uh,
some... some personal stuff,
and, um, I'll let you know
when we can reschedule, ok?
Hey, Adam.
I was going to write you
this in an email,
but I thought...
Maybe that... would be...
Not so nice.
Um, I'm sorry,
but 1-i have to cancel
our classes for the time being.
I shouldn't have called you
so late last night...
Like that.
And, um...
I just have to deal
with some personal stuff, so...
I'm not even...
I'm not even going to have
a place to teach you from
because I think
I have to move soon, so, um...
Why am I even telling you this?
I don't owe you
a fucking explanation.
Are you ok?
Look how well you taught me!
Only had one lesson.
All right. That was my, uh...
Are you ok?
What... what's going on?
It's not... um, it's not Monday.
- I know.
- Thought something was wrong.
I'm sorry. I-I'm sorry.
I just thought I was...
I was making a joke 'cause
you were so funny last night,
- What is that face?
- I was just... I was tired.
Hey, look, I just want to say,
I was not bothered by...
You were very
sweet and adorable.
You were like this,
like, free little spirit.
It was, um...
You shouldn't feel, like,
weird about it.
It was...
It was, like, beautiful
to see that side of you
I hadn't seen, or had seen
in little bits and pieces.
So, ok, so...
I'm sorry. I don't mean to...
I'm worried about you.
I mean...
You told me a lot of
things about your life,
and you told me... about...
How there's some,
like, an ex-husband
and you have these
bruises on your face,
and I don't know what
your situation is, but...
- What?
- Uh-huh. Ok.
What... what's the... what's
the narrative you've created?
I don't have
a narrative I've created
because I don't...
I'm an adorable
little free spirit with a...
With an abusive ex-husband.
Is that it?
I don't know because
you won't share with me.
I only have bits
and pieces, but...
Because you're not my friend,
you're my student.
I don't need to share
anything with you
exceptfor some verbs in Spanish.
If you want to be cruel,
that's fine.
But you're not gonna push me
away because I see you,
and I know exactly
what you're doing
'cause I used to do
the same damn thing to will,
and I know what it is,
and you're not fooling me, ok?
I am your friend,
and you are my friend,
and if some motherfucker
is beating on you,
I am going to do what I can
to make sure that you are ok,
and if that means buying you
a plane ticket
to get out of there, if that
means buying you a house
that you need to live in
so that you can be safe...
- Oh, my god.
- I am going to do that.
- Oh, my god. Wow.
- "Oh, my god" what?
Why? Why the sarcasm? What?
You've watched...
You've watched a lot of movies.
This is some real white savior
shit you got going on.
Stop it with
the fucking white shit!
Stop it. I don't... it's not
my problem that I have money.
I don't feel...
I'm trying to help you, ok,
because you're my friend
and I care for you.
And you can put up this wall
all you want, ok?
But it's not going to work.
If you are in trouble,
I am going to help you
because I love you,
and I can't help that. Ok?
Now you...
You love me.
You know what I mean.
I'm trying...
That's so cute. You love me?
You don't know the first thing
about me, Adam.
You don't know
anything about me.
You've just...
You just made me up in your head
to be this wonderful,
beautiful, kind person.
And I understand. Maybe...
Maybe you need that in your life
because you... you lost someone
like that, but you can't...
I'm not a replacement for will.
I'm not trying to make you
a replacement.
I'm not a sweet, generous guy.
These bruises...
I don't have
an abusive ex-husband.
I haven't talked
to my ex-husband in years.
I got into a fight at a bar
with some stupid girl.
That's me. Is that
what you want to know?
Does that surprise you?
Do you still love me?
Fuck you.
You don't know me.
Stop assuming shit about me.
What is wrong with you?
What is it?
I promise, you can tell me.
I found a lump...
And it's getting bigger.
Have you had it checked out?
Can I ask why not?
Because what's the point, Adam?
I know what's gonna happen.
I've seen it happen.
Your mom?
And your grandmother?
Ok. I'm sorry.
See, you don't need this.
You don't need this.
No, no, look. I...
I'm happy that I was...
There for you when will died.
But I wasn't... it wasn't
what I signed up for.
And I don't need a friend.
And I don't need any
more death in my life and...
- Neither do you, 50...
- Ok, ok.
Well, I'm just
gonna say one thing.
I'm here.
I don't, um...
I can't.
I understand.
I'll send you
your money back, ok?
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, I hope you...
No, I'm sorry.
Adam, you don't need me.
If you want to go,
go ahead and sign off.
I know how I feel.
I'm not gonna tell you
how you feel.
Go ahead.
Oh, shit.
Hey, um, so I have been
thinking a lot
about our conversation,
and, um...
Look, I'm not gonna send you
any more messages, ok?
I respect your privacy.
Um... but I do want to say
what I didn't
get the chance to say,
'cause, look, it was emotional,
and I was pushy,
and I didn't handle it well,
and I'm sorry about that.
But, um...
The thing is...
I would like you
to come to Oakland.
I would like you
to stay with me.
And, if you want
to get your health in order,
I would like
to help you with that
if you are willing to let me.
And if that's not something
you want to pursue,
getting better, um...
I would still like to help
take care of you.
Um... I sent you some money
for a plane ticket,
and that is not
because I pity you,
or because I'm trying
to save you,
or because I'm trying
to assuage my white,
you know, wealth guilt,
which I, you know,
have a lot of.
It's because I'm your friend,
and because I now understand
the value of a human life.
And look, selfishly, yes,
I would like
to spend time with you.
I enjoy that, you know, um...
I probably have become
a little codependent,
you know,
I'm sure there was some...
Some will-replacement stuff
going on in there,
but like, I don't know
what's right or wrong
at this stage of my life.
If two people
really need each other
and lean on each other,
is that such a horrible thing?
You know?
And I know you're not perfect.
I... I understand that.
People drink too much.
They get in bar fights,
you know.
I always talk
about how great will is,
but, like, he was an asshole
to customer service
You know, he was an art snob.
He... he once broke up
with a boyfriend
'cause the guy said
Andrew Lloyd Webber
was a genius.
I don't know, I just...
I had a dream the other night,
and it was...
The first dream I've had
since will died
that he wasn't in. Um...
But you were there, and...
We were just hanging out
in my backyard,
and it was strange to, like,
be together in person and, um...
But it was great.
And I really want you
to come, and...
And, if you don't want to,
uh, and this is the end
of our friendship, I understand.
I just want to say thank you
for everything
you have done for me,
and for showing me
that people can connect
across time zones and languages
and, um, in particular,
for showing me that...
I'm gonna be able to
care very deeply
for someone else after will,
and I'm gonna be ok.
And for that I will, um...
I will always be grateful
to you.
Yeah, I don't feel like
speaking Spanish. Um...
I know I said
I wasn't gonna send you
any more messages, um, but...
I don't... I don't know.
I'm just used to it.
You know, I'm used to us.
And I don't really know
what to do.
Um, so...
Here's a message,
you know, I'm...
I miss you. I'm...
I'm sorry if I offended you.
I didn't mean to,
and I understand...
If you don't...
I shouldn't even 5...
I don't even...
I don't even know what to...
I don't know what to say.
I thought we were real friends.
I really felt that,
and I thought
that we were connected
in, like, the spirit, and in...
In the heart and I...
Maybe it wasn't
the same for you, and...
I don't know what I'm saying.
It doesn't matter.
I'm not gonna bother you
anymore. I won't...
I'm here.
I look short?
Kind of.
I don't know,
I just thought you were...
Oh, man!
Thank you.
It is a big house.
I'll teach you. Don't worry.
All right, don't need this.
J all I need j
j is your company j
J see me through
all the joy and pain j
j I would wander here
with you j
J all I need j
j is your company j
j we could rush
or take it slow j'
j see me through j
j all the joy and pain j
j I could wander
here with you j
j wander here with you j
j wander here with you j
j I 'ii wander here with you j'
j I wander here j
j wandering with you j
j wandering with you j
j wandering with you j