Lansky (1999) Movie Script

I want the graves
kept neat.
Your parents.
My grandparents.
You knew them?
I was a young boy
when I knew them.
I want you to buy a plot for
me beside my grandfather.
There is no room.
Then as close
as possible.
I'll have to...
Buy it.
Youre coming?
I have a
few hours to kill.
I don't.
I don't speak Yiddish.
I'm looking for something for my wife.
You have these candlesticks
in the window.
I have to close
up for an hour.
I'm going out to pray.
Would you like to
come back in an hour?
Maybe come with me.
First visit
to Israel?
Yeah, it's
my first visit.
But I've already
been here a year.
( yelling )
( Hebrew )
( MALE )
...winner right there.
Lets see money here, boys.
More you bet more you get.
Okay, that's six bits, you got four?
Two bits, two bits.
You got it you got it? Alright.
Coming out, coming out.
We got a winner. Alright, yeah.
See what you got here?
Its a seven, it's a seven.
We got a winner. Here we go.
Pay it up,
pay it up.
Whos up? Whos shooting what?
Whats happening?
Batter up.
Cant win if you do not play?
Whos the new shooter?
We need a new shooter.
Nearly a year is
more than a visit.
How much longer
will you be here?
One or two
more days.
Or many years.
I wish my grandfather
could have seen them.
An army.
You know, the saddest
thing a friend told me.
Bunch of your
school children,
eight years old.
They were telling
them about Europe.
About the Holocaust.
One of the kids says,
why didn't we send our army?
-Why didn't we send our army?
You can join me or meet
me back at the shop or...
I'll wait here.
Nice in the sun,
isn't it?
Yeah, well,
you know.
Get old. Its warm.
Good place
to live.
I think so.
The more you bet, the more you get.
Shoot 'em.
Its his
left hand.
Place your bets, boys, place your bets.
The more you bet, the more you get.
See, Benny? See?
Place your bets, boys.
See what we got here.
Alright, shoot 'em, shoot 'em.
Coming up.
-Cant win 'em all.
-Here you go, here you go.
-I'm bettin' wit you.
Too late. Snake eyes.
-Cant win 'em all, can't win 'em all.
-Hey, you owe me the four bits.
-No dice on the last shot.
-You collected his money.
What the fuck you mean,
no dice, you owe me.
-Fuck off!
-Hey, no, you owe me!
Get them
out of here.
Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind?
You want to fight?
I'll fight you. You want to fight?
I'll fight
you with nothing.
Throw down
the knife.
Throw down
the fucking knife!
Well fight you
with nothing.
Are you crazy?
We won the money!
We made the bet,
are you fucking nuts?
Get the fuck
out of here.
-You worked for it.
-Pick it up.
-You win the money, Meyer.
-Bunch of kikes.
You bunch
of sheenies.
Here I am!
Here I am!
Here I am,
you fucking mick pansy.
Here I am,
you cock sucker.
You want
to kill me?
Here I am.
Youre crazy.
Are you okay?
Meyer, are you okay?
Thanks, Benny.
Two things. Listening to me?
Wade in and
never fight fair.
Thats my advice
to you.
Anything else you'll figure
out for yourself...
What do you mean never fight fair?
Whyd you drop the brick?
Dont always go by me.
Gets your heart beating,
don't it?
Pick up your money.
You do whatever you want
to do with this, okay?
Whatever brings
you pleasure.
But never...
never gamble,
Unless it's your game.
He stilled the rising
he had
the game go on.
And with a smile of
Christian charity.
Great Caseys visage...
-Should be a smile of Jewish charity.
-Oh, no doubt.
But that's not how that misguided
son-of-a-bitch wrote it.
Somewhere in this
favored land.
Somewhere bands are playing
and children shout.
But there was
not joy in Mudville.
Hey! Its the kikes.
Take it off. Take it all off!
Show 'em!
Show 'em where they cut your
dick off, you Christ killers.
Youre gonna pollute
the river, you Christ killers.
You people
killed Christ!
My people didn't have
time to kill Christ.
You know why?
'Cause we've been fucking your mother
for five
thousand years.
Why is a Jew like
a featherbed?
What does
it do for you... to pray?
Who rises refreshed
from his prayers,
his prayers have
been answered.
-And that's the truth?
-I've found it to be the truth.
Even for
somebody like me?
You know who I am.
I also knew who
you were in '48.
I was with Haganah.
-I unloaded some of the guns.
-Rumors, you know?
They had come from
the docks of New York
through the good offices
of yourself.
You think your supreme court
will remember that
in their
arguments today?
I would hope so.
let me ask
you a question.
Your prayers...
they've been
-It works for you.
-Its not like that.
Does it work?
What I said...
if I rise refreshed,
my prayers have been answered.
-Here we go, coming out.
-Hey, tough luck, kid.
-Sorry about that.
Dont worry about it. Sometimes the
rabbit wins, sometimes the dog wins.
Thats why they call it gambling.
Tough luck, kid.
New shooter,
new shooter.
New shooter here.
Here we go, here we go.
Place your bets. C'mon, c'mon.
Here we go.
8's a point, 8's a point.
Here we go, here we go.
( whistle )
Cops, cops, cops!
Get out of here, get out of here!
-So... how'd we do?
-Doing good.
Doing good.
Wouldnt we do better with those dice
the Irish prick used?
Its not
hard to do.
We don't
need 'em, okay?
Benny, you don't understand.
You don't need 'em.
Hey, Amscray. Meet you on the corner
in ten minutes.
Good day.
Jew boy,
you and your crap game can stay
healthy for a buck a week.
Anybody in the neighborhood
fucks with you.
You got a
protected game.
Youre under
Charlie Lucianos wing.
Its cheap
at a dollar
and first week's due.
Hey, fuck you!
Stick your protection
up your dago ass!
Look, you send me players
and you'll get a cut of their action.
But nothin' for nothin'.
Look, steer
me players
and you'll get a cut
of their action.
But you'll get
nothing for nothing.
Forget it.
Well come back for this heeb when his
mother's tit milk's dry on his face.
Nothing for
nothing, huh?
Mazel tov.
That, I know
what that means.
Thank you.
Excuse me,
carrying a gun.
People tend to
be more polite.
-Jake Guzik is at Shul.
-Theyre auctioning the Third Aliyah.
Yom kippur. Who wants to read the Torah?
Third Aliyah. One guy.
Five dollars. Next guy.Ten dollars.
Next guy.
22 dollars to read from Torah.
Twenty-two fifty, Jake,
hand in his jacket.
Hand in his jacket
like he's going for it.
450 dollars
and I'm coming up!
I'm coming up!
-Bong, bang, bang!
You done good,
take this over there.
Thanks, Benny.
( chatter )
No, no, no. Come 'ere.
-Alright, Charlie? Got it?
You know, Meyer,
you're smart.
Whats more,
you're good-looking.
( MALE )
C'mon, let's go!
The computation of the current
value of any hypothetical sum
of at some future date
may be expressed by
the product of the sum,
reduced by the number of years
times the rate of interest
times the formula.
That thing tell you what's a hundred
percent of four trucks full of hootch?
Bullets in the brain,
you dumb fucking mockey.
Never told you I was smart,
I just told you I was impetuous.
You didn't have
to tell me.
Three clergymen,
they're playing poker.
By the way tomorrow we're going to
the bank and I'm going to show you--
What the fuck do you mean what's--
You want to fuck with Joe Masseria?
I'm just kidding,
I'm just kidding.
Lordy, you can't take
a joke for Christ sakes?
Not about business.
Somebody else
with big ideas.
Cover the back.
The middle!
Watch the front,
c'mon, go!
Go watch the front.
-How many are there?
-Well, you called this to a "T".
-Bugs wants to whack 'em.
-Of course, Bugs wants to whack 'em.
You go to the barber,
he's gonna tell you you need a hair cut.
Alright, look. Its a stand off.
You kill a few,
we kill a few.
You don't get
the booze.
Save it for
another day.
Today we don't got
to mix it up, alright?
here's what I say.
We save it
for another day.
Alright, we call
it a push.
-No dice.
-Quarter of load.
I'll give you
a quarter of the load.
I'll give
you a truck full.
But nobody shoots.
Alright? We go home.
We get laid.
We have a drink
on Joe Masseria.
-Were walking out of here now.
-But we are gonna drive right past you.
So whatever
this thing is,
so be it.
I say save it
for another day.
that's good.
Hows Masseria gonna feel, we give away
a quarter of his load?
Few more minutes, he's gonna see that
fourth truck's full of empty cases.
A Yiddish-cup.
Sicilian balls.
Balls are Yiddisha
too, Charlie.
( laughing )
A rabbi and a priest
are playing poker.
Knock, knock, knock.
Whos there?
You fellows are working
for Joe Masseria, huh?
Sit down, please.
Yeah, we go out for him,
from time to time.
Well, you're not going to go
very far in that organization.
What if we sew the end
of our dicks back on?
Thats my point,
isn't it?
You know those were my people
that stopped your trucks.
Who would
have guessed.
What you did
on the trucks...
I admire
your thinking.
Its why I did it.
I want you to come
work for me.
But I hear your friend
here is a hot head.
So, first thing...
I want you to throw
him to the wolves.
Youd turn your back
on your landsmen?
For you,
Mr. Rothstein...
Mr. Rothstein, I will
go him one better.
You toss me the job,
I'll shoot myself.
Yeah, he'll
shoot himself.
Thats what
I want to hear.
I heard...
Tell me, what's 154 cases of
liquor at 25 dollars a case?
38 hundred and
50 bucks.
So, you took the 1-54, doubled
it to 3-0-8, then added the zero
and then halved the 15-40
to 7-70 and added it, right?
I divided by four and
tacked on the two zeroes.
If I were to say to you,
how would you bring liquor
-into New York, what would you say?
-I would make it here.
Yes, I'm talking whiskey,
real whiskey, scotch whiskey.
What would you do?
I'd bring them
by the boat load.
To Long Island.
Youve been doing
your homework.
Now, look.
( Hebrew )
Never. You see,
never write it down.
Keep it in your head.
You can't keep it in your head,
you can't do business.
And you sure can't do
business with me.
And last thing, which they say,
goes without saying.
But you may have noticed that
something goes without saying,
it just means
you said it so...
Don't skim.
You know, the best thing
I can say about myself?
I always made money.
My partners, my associates,
always made money.
Somebody cut me loose,
I cut them loose.
-Thats a punishment enough.
-Thats punishment enough.
In addition
to which you iced 'em.
They say violence never
settled anything.
It never settled anything, but it sure
changed the subject, didn't it?
I'll tell you what.
I'm not interested in.
The people who work for me
also work with me.
We all prosper.
You want to spread your wings a little
bit with other deals?
Fine. Just so that it's not with
Masseria or Maranzano.
But out of town. Be me guest.
Just never confuse your position
with your best interest.
Because sometimes the best way
to protect your best interests,
many times is to
give up your position.
-I don't understand.
-Youre a twist-hound, eh?
You want to get 'em
on their backs.
Sometimes the best way is
to open the door for them.
-What does it cost you?
Sometimes you
cut your losses,
sometimes you take a small loss
to make a large game.
Your employer, Mr. Masseria,
talks about saving face.
I care about
making money.
( phone ringing )
Not the Knesett.
This is
Zev Ben-dov.
Its the American embassy.
I'll inform
my client.
Washington has pulled
your passport.
What does that mean?
Meyer, that if the court votes against
you and you've got to leave,
the only country you
can travel to is the U.S.
-Nowhere else?
-If you can find a country
that will take you as a refugee,
grant you asylum.
Well... you know what it is.
Its Nixon.
Its John Mitchell.
Its the degenerated corrupt old
woman on the FBI.
And I'll tell you what it is
it's those damn attack jets.
The Knesset is afraid,
they don't give in,
the U.S. don't send jets.
Thats what
the hell it is.
We haven't lost yet.
Havent lost yet.
Been an odds maker
my whole life.
Just lost
my passport.
I'm gonna get
thrown out.
You tell me.
For what?
Ran booze,
he's a national hero.
Joe Kennedy, a shoot 'em-up
bootlegger, now he's clean.
Nixons got burglars
working for him.
You kidding me?
I'm gonna
get tickets.
There are half a dozen plays
opening this October
that you'll just love.
Fanny Brice.
Shes gonna be in this thing called,
"Sweet and Low".
Good. Shes always good.
-This is delicious.
-Delicious, Anna.
-Thank you, Meyer.
Youll be sure to be here
if I get the tickets.
-Youll make a point of it, right?
Yeah. Of course.
I'll do my best.
( phone ringing )
Excuse me.
-( MALE ) Arnold Rothsteins dead.
-About an hour ago.
Alright. Yeah.
-Anna... been called away.
-Called away?
-What called away?
-This is important.
-It won't take long.
-Finally you're here for my--
What is this?
Finally you're here for a meal.
-An hour at most, alright?
-One facockta meal...
you can't stay long enough
to finish your plate?
Meyer. Meyer?
I'm married to Doctor Lansky.
Are you a surgeon?
You get called away in
the middle of dinner. Meyer?
( ANNOUNCER ) ...fort minutes ago
in the Park Central Hotel,
Arnold Rothstein, the man who
fixed the 1919 World Series,
was gunned down. Rothstein died en route
to Saint Clair Hospital.
Over a poker hand.
Over a fucking
poker hand.
-Gambling. Mishagas.
-I already heard from Maranzano.
-He wants me to come in with him.
-First your face, then your throat.
And Masseria?
I heard from him too, he wants
me to come in with him.
Devil of the deep blue sea.
Each of these fucking guys
got a ring this big you got to kiss!
Hows the crap
tables doing?
Theyre doing good,
they're doing good.
You know, I read
where General Electric
will sell 800,000
Frigidaires this year.
they got 11 hundred stores.
11 hundred.
Americans will spend money
when given the opportunity.
We have a total of 14 crap
tables in operation.
Woolworths and General Electric
are nationwide, Charlie.
Nationwide. Thats the key.
No more 48 states.
Its gonna be
one big country.
With these two old grease
balls out of the way.
Like if they're dead?
I could set up.
Thatll be
a walk in sun.
But Maranzano,
forget about him.
-Theres no wops can get close to him.
-Not a problem.
Well have to plan
these two carefully.
Well have
a division of labor.
Not such a bad way
to start a thing.
Nationwide combination
money makers.
Board of directors like
G.E. or Woolworths.
Directors who vote.
Directors who vote.
I gotta
take a leek.
Go, go.
What the fuck
happened out here?
-Waiting ten or 15 minutes.
-Just missed a trolley.
Ended up walking.
Internal Revenue Service.
Internal Revenue Service,
we have a warrant here
to examine the records of
Salvatore Maranzano.
Christ sakes, two weeks ago
you guys were here.
The following
records, please, sir.
What the hell
is this?
Internal revenue service.
-For the love of God.
-Mr. Salvatore Maranzano.
-You know what harassment is?
Would you please step inside
your office, please, sir?
Why are you wearing
brown shoes?
Whats that?
( gunshots )
Thats for
Charlie Lucky.
You happy, Meyer?
You happy?
-Are you happy?
-You got the flowers?
No. I got them.
Did you see him?
Still with the doctors.
Theyre gonna bring him up soon.
-Your coat, nobody'll steal it, Meyer.
-Its okay.
I'll keep it on.
-Youre going out of town again.
Yes. Anna, you know I have
to go out of town.
You can stay here
for the least.
For the least.
You know, I wonder
why we even had--
Dont talk like that, Anna!
What kind of a life do you
expect me to lead,
-when all the time you're going--
-( knocking )
Where is he?
Were doing
a few more tests.
Its not just
a month premature.
The boy is...
-Were not sure yet.
Oh, my God.
Yeh is mir,
Yeh is mir!
From God!
-From God! A klug on us!
-Its alright. Its alright.
My baby!
( screaming )
You know. You know,
the question.
The question they ask.
Which is why
I'm telling you.
You should
be screaming.
Every Zhid
on earth.
Because if the law of return
is not meant for me,
it's not meant for you.
If Israel isn't just
an amusement park
for American Jews.
What have you done for
your country, Mr. Lansky?
Are you, do you consider yourself an
American first or a Jew first?
You ever hear that question? Eh?
Because the answer is not
what business is it of yours,
it's three bags full
and you better be bending
down to kiss their ring.
-Are you kidding me?
The shit that man did.
The money he took?
And he drags
me into that...
and he asks me
what did I do for my country?
Joe Kennedy, 39.
Ready to sell
England to Hitler.
To Hitler.
They pull my passport and ask me
what I did for my country...
-What I did?
-Maybe they'll rule in your favor--
Dont tell me how...
could bad news
be good news here?
Huh? Could the court put me out
of the country, knowing?
Dont tell me how
they're gonna rule.
I know how
they're gonna rule.
So do you.
-So don't tell me.
-( phone ringing )
No word.
You a Jew first
or an American first?
You ask the question,
that's the answer you want.
What have I done
for my country?
Last item
on the agenda.
What the fuck is
it now with Detroit?
Theyre like a crew of
delinquents out there.
Its another God damned
air raid drill.
This time it's a beef
with Philadelphia
over counterfeit
gas rations stamps.
Zelelli cannot push
into Philadelphia, Meyer.
Itll take care of itself. Who wants
to touch counterfeit stamps anyway?
-Blood money.
-Big dollars.
-We should be in it heavier right here.
-This is a war.
I know whose
side I'm on.
And Charlie.
I speak for
Charlie on this.
-Hows he doing?
-Hows he doing?
Hows he doing?
How would you be doing
in 30 to 50 in Dannemora?
Mr. Lansky,
right this way.
As we wouldn't want your involvement
revealed until after the war.
I'm not sure I'd want
it revealed at all.
Well, you never know when
you might need a friend.
I appreciate that.
And on the subject of
my friend, Mr. Luciano.
A pardon is of course
out of the question.
But you didn't come to
the table empty-handed...
After quid-pro.
Theres a quo.
Ahhh. Hey, Charlie.
-How you been?
-Holding on.
-In for a penny, in for a pound.
-Hows Benny?
-Same thing all the time.
-Still chasing cooze?
-Everybody needs a hobby.
Whats it
all about?
Its about
Sicily, Charlie.
Were gonna
invade Sicily.
Our intelligence guys want
to connect with what they call
the people who
really run Sicily.
( ANNOUNCER ) A parachute doesn't
bother this dog at all.
...for Christ sake.
-It costs what it costs.
-Yeah, what does it cost?
Numbers mean nothing
to the man.
It costs what it costs, what is he,
setting fire to the money?
Hes building,
he's had some reverse--
You ever build a house,
a building?
-You have some reverse--
-Do you stand behind him?
Of course, I stand behind him.
Its not him.
Its him and
all of us.
( ANNOUNCER ) And now the latest footage
of the landings in Sicily.
Aided by the extraordinary
cooperation of the populace,
the allied advance
continues to push forward
into enemy territory.
Follow me, sir.
-... your tired, your poor, huh.
Thats what
they say.
Right this way,
Mr. Lansky.
Champagne, Meyer?
-Wheres Bugs?
-Hes coming separately.
-Hes busy?
-No, he's coming in from the west.
-I think he'll make it in,
-I talked to him.
-Whatd he say?
Two things. He don't make it,
he said to say good-bye Charlie.
And the party.
Someone other than me
picks the broads.
( laughing )
Whatd you bring me for
my grand excursion?
What you cannot
get in Sicily.
I give you
to take with you.
Fucking heeb.
-This guy, this guy!
-He sprung you,
so they can ship it back
to a rock with goats on it.
You want to do
the rest of my bit?
Okay, okay.
I want to propose
I want to propose...
a toast.
Weve been together
a long time.
We seen a lot
of things together.
All I can say is,
this guy!
Getting in
too deep.
I'm not gonna say that it's not,
'cause it is.
He says three mil, then he says maybe
we're looking at four.
-He says it takes 12 months, plus.
-It could take as much--
-Yeah, yeah.
The thing is...
never what
does it cost.
But what
does it make?
What does it make?
Now, the cost, we can lay off
on the international.
Up to a point,
up to a point.
In which they start screaming,
"kill somebody".
Kill somebody for me,
I don't care who.
Yeah, yeah,
I give you my word.
We get these
hotels open,
they're gonna erect
a statue to this guy.
-Where is he?
-Benjamin Siegel.
One of the few men,
the history of the world,
created something
out of nothing.
Who remembers the name of
this broad Bugsy was balling
-worked in a bank?
-Which broad?
Back after the war.
Guys, we're making too much money,
take it of out of the mattress,
put it in the bank.
Gets down to the bank,
then he takes a look around.
Fuck me.
I ain't puttin' my dough in here.
Its a shoebox.
Turn on their heels,
sun goes down,
sun comes up, bang,
hankies are
on their faces,
back to the bank,
stick 'em up!
Benny goes
in the vault.
Heres the twist,
she's up on a ladder.
Hes looking
right up.
I'm waiting for him,
come out with the gelt, I look in...
Long story short,
it's affair of the heart.
Hes seeing this broad
until he leaves Cleveland.
We used to call her
his "night deposit".
-Talk of the devil.
-Never talk of the fuckin' devil,
you don't know
who'd be listening.
My profound
So... what happened
to this freakin' party?
how you doin'?
This is
Virginia Hill.
Charlie, Meyer.
Joey A. I believe you two...
know each other.
So... why am I late?
I'm just off
of the plane.
-Where have I come from?
-Las Vegas.
-And how are things there?
-( TOGETHER ) Just how are things there?
You don't want
to talk business.
Spill it.
You want to
talk business.
Even though the guy's going
away to camp va fungu...
Alright. Charlie.
I brought something for you.
Alright. I'm flying out
of the dessert.
Stop at a gas station.
Middle of nowhere.
Gas station.
Slot machine.
New sign. Proud lettering.
New sign on
the slot machine...
greater pay means
longer play.
I'll tell you
that again.
Greater pay means
longer play.
Ya gotta have something to do
on that fuckin' island.
( laughing )
The sign is
You will go broke.
You will go broke,
that's what it means.
Longer play.
Longer to what?
'Til you go broke.
The freakin' sign is advertising
what they all know to be true.
That the machine will
take all your money.
And you know it
and I know it.
And you're gonna
play anyway
and the people are
gonna play anyway.
And you know they are
and this is why.
I know it like
I know my own name.
This is gonna be
bigger than booze.
Its gonna be
bigger than broads.
-Las Vegas.
-Yes, it will.
This, mind you...
is the biggest
thing there is.
Because everybody
does it.
Seems like an unconscionable
length of time to wait
to begin construction,
but as they say,
measure twice and cut once.
A week, huh?
A week here,
a week there.
But when
we're all rich...
why are you
wearing brown shoes?
What did he expect
a fair fight?
Who wants to get involved
in a fair fight?
Was there no one
we could have paid?
Somebody had
to be for sale.
I wouldn't have
done it, Meyer.
How did I get involved
in a fair fight?
What am I?
I'm some chump,
gonna say I did this,
I did that.
I checked box "B",
how could they deny me.
-Meyer, how can they deny you?
-They can deny me because they can.
And they will. Who are we kidding?
Because they
past-posted me.
Its done.
-Its done.
-It isn't done, Meyer.
-The court.
-Its not the court.
Its not the Knesset.
Its the "G". It's the "G".
Its the government.
Eh! You cut
the phone lines
to the United States
Justice Department
and I get my Israeli
citizenship tomorrow.
-There was no mafia.
-What was it?
It must have been the Jews.
It was the Jews,
that's who it must have been.
And if it was the Jews,
it must have been me.
What am I
demeaning myself?
And I'll tell you.
One country's
like another.
What do you
think of that?
Two guys are walking
down the street.
Walking towards 'em,
here comes Joe.
Joe crosses the street
he shies away.
One guy says
to the other guy,
I don't know why Joe's avoiding me,
I haven't done anything for him lately.
The shit we did.
You know how much armament
we put through
the Brooklyn pier in '48?
-Do you know?
-I know.
Ah, you don't know.
But they know.
The law of return.
Every Jew on earth has
a homeland to come to.
We used to say,
nobody loves the Jews.
Charlie loved
the Jews.
Used to think he
had a pintele Yid.
You know what?
Forget about it.
Where are
we going?
-Its not over here, yet.
Where are
we going?
For now,
go home, Meyer.
Zev will call you the minute
he hears from the court.
Four bedrooms.
"A lovely little house",
the real estate
woman called it.
In the German sector.
And she
was right.
Paul called and
buddy and Sandra.
They all want to
come next week.
I hope you told them to wait until--
Were moved in and settled.
Four bedrooms, Meyer.
-You should have waited until--
There is
a law of return, Meyer.
Not a policy. A law.
They won't put us...
( phone ringing )
Mr. Lansky, could you
please give me a comment
on your expulsion
from Israel?
Mr. Lansky was not expelled,
his tourist visa expired--
But surely you might reflect
that man with drug charges.
I beg your pardon!
My husband was harassed
by the U.S. Department--
My husband had a vial,
excuse me, of donnatol,
which is an antacid,
do you understand?
For his ulcer.
An antacid and
we were detained.
We were searched,
we were questioned!
How does it
feel as a Jew?
Mr. Lansky is not inclined,
if you might imagine,
to answer any further
questions at this time.
As a Jew--
After the second war,
three Jews,
meet in a D.P. camp.
Discuss plans for
where they'll go.
First Jew says,
"I'm gonna settle in England."
Second Jew says, "Uh-huh,
I'm going to Canada."
Third Jew says,
"I'm going to Australia."
First Jew says, "Isnt
that a long way?"
Third Jew says,
"From where?"
From where?
Paul, your father's in the
study, he'll just be a minute.
Come here.
A pile of books like that...
-you're going to go blind.
-Thats something else.
Fresh mouth.
Where do you get it from?
-Alright, now, where was I, Evelyn?
-The plant and the dog.
Hold the mail. Meyer.
You tell him,
you say to the guy,
you have a grave responsibility.
Of course you do.
You have the worries,
not only of your office.
So on, but of being
re-elected to that office.
Youre under
a lot of pressure.
Now, we have
legitimate interests.
Not only
in Hallandale.
But in the development
of Florida as do you.
Its goodbye, huh?
-Have a good time.
-I will.
Take good care
of things here.
-So when do we hear from the point?
We aren't gonna
hear for two weeks.
You let me know.
You got
my itinerary?
You let me know
the moment you know.
-I will.
You be good.
Nice kid.
Hes a helluva kid.
Is he gonna get in?
the Jewish quota
up there is this big.
-Where are we?
Blah, blah, yeah.
Legal fees.
So to protect
my interests.
I was staying home and I had
the time I'd go down there.
But as I'm not,
you're going,
so pay attention
'cause you muck this up--
How high
are we going?
I would say we
get this guy twenty.
Go as high
as 50k.
Hmm, if he wants higher.
Lets discuss it.
The car is here, Meyer.
Goodbye, dad.
let's get going.
Take care of
yourself, buddy.
Thank you, Jackie.
Federal Bureau
of Investigation.
You Meyer Lansky?
Well, as I told you,
there aren't any drugs.
Thats Donnatol.
Thats a prescription antacid,
and if you find
anything else,
I'll tell you what.
You put it there. You people.
Youve been watching
me so close, so long.
You know, I don't
touch a godamn--
I'm a gambler. I'm a gambler, pally.
I'm a common gambler.
-Then why are we here, sir?
-Isnt that smart?
What happened to
innocent until proven?
-Why are you here?
Youre here because
of the same reason
that you go anywhere
to get publicity.
Get publicity. Its good copy.
Meyer Lansky.
Who the hell do you
think you are, son?
Who the hell do you
think you work for?
I came here
with nothing!
I served
my country!
I got a son who's
going to West Point.
What about you?
Huh? You? What do you do? Son.
You just tore up my home
in front of my wife,
you tore up our home.
I know you think
you're right.
I know, you think
you're safe.
In your job.
In your little niche
that you found for yourself.
Serving your master.
Youre not safe.
Nobodys safe.
Nobody is safe.
Your son will never
go to West Point.
Mr. Lansky,
good to see you.
I come all the way from Sicily to deal
with this business about Benny.
Hey, you know
how Benny is.
Charlie, c'mon.
-You know what it is?
-I'll tell you what it is. Its cum.
Its only in his balls
is not what I mean.
Its in his body,
you see.
Its in his body
up to here.
Up to here
all the time.
He can't see
Its over his eyes.
So he comes,
it goes down
so the guys can see out ten,
fifteen minutes until it builds back up.
-Then he's blind again.
-Hey, everybody got his faults, Charlie.
Charming transgression
on Mott Street in Detroit.
We go on the line, a debt's supposed
to be one, two--
Now is cresting at
8 million dollars.
Listen, I know.
What can I tell you?
I'm afraid there's
nothing you can tell me.
-Dont say that.
-I'm afraid I gotta say that.
Dont say that, Charlie.
The council.
The council, yeah,
the council, what?
In addition. You heard it.
Theyve got this broad, Virginia,
running Switzerland two times a month,
this vanity case.
You tell me.
You tell me, Meyer.
Whats in the case?
What would
you do?
You think
I like it?
-The Flamingo Hotel.
-Its going to be a gold mine.
-It opened to nothing.
-What did it do?
-The first week it lost.
-Its going to be a gold mine.
You gonna sit
around this table
and you're gonna bless the day
that Benny took us out there.
Lost $200,000 on top.
My hand to God,
it's coming.
So is Jesus,
but I'm not holding my breath.
I vote. And you all know how I'm going
to vote, with all respect.
-And I mean it.
-Nobodys being hasty, Meyer,
-but it was somebody else.
-I'm well aware of that.
And we have reports of
this girl flying to where?
To Switzerland, Meyer.
He tells me! Me, it cost seven
million dollars?
What do you want me to do,
tear down the walls?
Find the builder?
What builder ever met the 'specs?
Its ridiculous,
it's crazy!
You tell me what justifies
another day of this?
If you say it,
I'm listening.
You say it's a tiger
by the tail.
You grab on, you gotta hold on.
You can't let go.
But I say you see you
gotta let go some time.
Bite the bullet.
-Let go now.
-I move.
Dont call a vote.
I'm pleading with you.
Let me talk
to him first.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the grand opening
of the fabulous
Flamingo Hotel and Casino.
I'm your master
of ceremonies, Eddie.
I'd like to introduce
my piano player, Art Henderthal.
Art, good to see you.
Did I tell you I saw
my ex-wife today, Art?
What the heck
was her name again?
Oh, yeah, Plaintiff.
Dont go away folks,
coming right up in just a minute,
those beautiful girl from the Cherokee
strip, the Pocahontas twins.
So drink up, the party's
just getting started
here at the fabulous flamingo
hotel and casino.
Where everybody
has a good time including me.
Get it up!
Good morning.
I know, I know,
there's nobody here.
But I got an idea.
Were gonna
turn it into Utah.
-Plenty of room to grow.
-What do ya think?
-Where you been?
-I've been away.
I been in Mexico.
-What is it down there?
-See the ponies run.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the Flamingo Hotel
proudly presents
the Tom Tom Tommy review
featuring the
beautiful twins...
So, what would have been cheaper,
that or a doorknob?
Well, no, a doorknob would have been
cheaper, but the question is
are we getting the bang for the buck?
Thats what I think.
The question's
gone beyond that.
You have a good time
at a class picnic.
Thats what
I'm saying.
Well, look...
Then give me
some time.
You got a month
to turn it around.
You little
son-of-a-bitch, you.
you get better looking
with every passing day.
You lothario, you.
Listen to me, Ben.
This guy,
the Sheik Avenue B.
-Who says Jews can't tap dance?
-Enough, enough.
-You know what's at stake here?
-Shes got a lot of sail.
What would you know,
you're a fucking puritan.
You know, I think
you're a switched baby.
-Meyer, look at this.
Buried up there is
a three foot deep steel girder,
I can't believe it! Had to be rolled
special in the mill of Indiana.
Two months
of lead time.
I built this
place, Meyer,
this is mine.
-It doesn't give you a license to steal.
This is business. Ben.
Make an appearance.
Make a personal appearance.
Assure us there'll
be a change.
Assure us Virginia
is not gonna...
No more quick
flights to Europe.
Give always reason
to vote the right way.
-Morning, Mr. Siegel.
-Good morning.
-One month.
-One month.
What did these guys
turn into all of a sudden?
The bank.
( Spanish )
I am now going to be
passing out immigration forms,
which the Government of Paraguay
requires from every passenger,
whether or not
they deplane.
( Spanish )
The problem
with the passport.
This passport.
My client, Mr. Lansky,
is seeking asylum
in your country.
Asylum for the reasons
that I have spelled out.
I'm sure that when we,
if you will forgive me,
reached a level sufficiently high.
To allow--
What does
your client do?
Its a simple question.
This is a
simple question.
Dont tell me
it's a simple question.
If it was-- Please.
( crying )
-We wouldn't--
-The teacher.
It is not the teacher
I have issue with.
The boy is being
hazed at school.
Meyer, he's being
hazed at school.
You think that's remarkable?
Hes being hazed.
What is this?
Youve been reading a book.
Thats what's
What do you want
to do tonight?
Excuse me
a minute.
Hey, Dad.
You going
Yeah, I'm going
for a trip.
-Where you going?
-You know.
I'm going to several
places on business.
You know...
let me tell
you something.
People dislike what
they do not understand.
What do you
think about that?
When I was a kid,
I saw things,
which I won't
bore you with
which were upsetting.
Now and I'll tell you
how I feel about that.
You don't have to give it
magical significance,
you see things happen to upset
you, you can look at them.
You can look at them.
And say that happened.
Or you know what?
You can look at
them and say,
that happened
and I'm still here.
And here I am.
Now, it's
in the past.
Now people say things
about your father, your family.
Be advised this happens
all over the world,
people don't like you
because you're a Jew,
you're a Catholic,
it doesn't make
any difference.
Thats part of life.
Now what's upsetting you
is maybe they're right.
Your father is
a businessman.
Thats what I do.
Now it happens
that I am involved,
among other things,
and this is just
for your benefit
because our family's finances
are nobody else's concern
in real estate, in hotels,
in entertainment.
People dislike what
they do not understand.
They dislike
what they envy.
So sometimes you're just
gonna have to shrug and say,
"So be it."
-Arrest record.
-Arrest record.
Can we start
at the beginning?
Let us assume. Can you conceive
of a case wherein?
No, I'm not saying
in this case.
I am saying let me
describe a case to you.
And you tell me.
You tell me,
is it conceivable
such a case would exist?
A man was persecuted
by his government.
-Not my client.
Not my client.
Let us say someone.
Some government.
Some government.
A man with
a grudge
develops a vendetta
against a citizen.
And that citizen,
am I saying that he's perfect, no.
But I am saying.
The connection between
business, politics,
and what we've come
to know as organized crime.
My client. Mr. Senator,
my client--
Your client
has admitted.
Admitted, Mr. Polakoff,
knowing and consorting with.
If you check your records, sir,
you will not find
the word admission
-as you call it, of consorting with--
-And consorting with Frank Costello.
Abnes Willman,
Charles Luciano,
who seems he has just
returned from visiting with--
You use the loaded word
consorting, Senator.
-If I may remind you...
-If you may.
How, how, Mr. Polakoff, I ask you.
A respected
member of the bar.
A light of
the legal profession.
I ask you.
How can you,
and I will speak of consorting,
how can you consort
with men such as this?
To defend Luciano,
to defend--
Yes, sir, what word was it
you wanted to use, Senator?
You know, Senator,
you're undesirable.
Your persons of,
if I may, low reputation,
are just as entitled to representation
as any honorable person.
I don't have to
apologize to you, sir.
-You amaze me, sir!
-And you amaze me, sir.
-Have you read the constitution?
-Gentlemen, gentlemen!
-No, thank you.
You know, Senator,
during the war, my client--
I know all about what
you did in the war.
-I know all about--
-Can I ask you something?
-Whats so bad about gambling?
You like to gamble
like it quite a bit,
I'm told.
well, you know,
I may like this and
I may like that.
But I don't want you
people to control it.
Well, maybe
you're confused.
Maybe you confuse me
with this or that Jew
who comes in here
and begs you to let him
share the trough with you.
Is that
the case?
I don't take
your meaning.
Well, you said
"You people",
I assumed you
meant the Jews.
I did not
mean the Jews.
I beg your pardon,
who did you mean then?
I meant someone
as famous--
I understand how
pleased you get,
someone to pick on, huh?
Get the Jew.
Youre fooling
no one, mister.
But you have chosen
the wrong man.
Is that so?
Chosen the wrong man.
What got your son
into West Point?
No, I wouldn't,
get into that,
in front of
the committee if I were you.
Dont tell me what is
and is not allowed.
... and that gambling
is the linchpin
of the organized crime of this country.
And that all their gambling
operations are controlled
by this man.
That it is tied
to loan sharking,
that it funds prostitution
and drugs.
-Senator, there's--
-If I may?
And the subordination
of elected officials.
Now, Mr. Lansky,
for example,
would you tell us
how in the world
you have conn--
Howve you gotten your
son into West Point?
Senator, I strongly object
to the introduction--
Would you share
with us
the source of your
ability to manipulate...
to control.
-Holds off.
-How bad is that?
-Two percent.
-Over what?
Over the last week.
-And so we say that's what?
We would say that's
attributable to what?
How you doing?
How am I doing?
I'm doing like the joint
is doing, Jakelah.
Hell of a thing.
United States of America
verses Meyer Lansky,
Jake Lansky.
You are hereby ordered to appear
gambling, forgery,
They got us down for everything
except sinking the Normandy.
Hell of a thing.
You know,
it's the...
after all, it's
the godamn predictability
-of the whole thing, isn't it?
-Meyer, Meyer.
Opinion on that labor problem...
I'm sure you're doing fine.
-The other party--
-No, no, no, you handle it.
A sheet of paper
and an envelope, please.
? I know him so?
-Here you are, Mr. Lansky.
-Thank you.
-Can I get you anything else?
-No, thanks.
Oh, give me
a pen, will you?
Let me have a
glass of water, okay?
The captain has advised me
we will be landing in Panama City
in approximately
twenty minutes.
Please have your passports ready
and remain seated until the aircraft
has come to
a complete stop.
Worse comes to worse,
you stay down here.
-Its hot.
-Its not hot in Miami.
Well, the thing is,
what's it gonna take?
You got a
spare million, Meyer?
If I had 1/10th the money
they think I have.
If I had 1/10th
the money I should,
-they'd be rolling out the red carpet.
-You had to spare a million--
You want to sue
Castro for it?
You want to sue
Castro for my money?
Lookit, lookit,
the feds have
the hots for you, Meyer.
They aren't
going to go away.
You want to be
the old wolf,
keep everyone at bay.
A person starts
to lose his step,
it's human nature.
You know,
I don't feel so good.
What can I do?
When we get down,
find a place, I'll lie down.
Lie down,
lie down now.
Hes not
feeling good.
You take
your pill?
Its okay,
it's okay.
-I'm in love.
-Is that the thing?
What happened to they're
all like row boats.
-Turn 'em over, they're all the same.
-I'm in love.
Oh, hell...
Hey, don't nudge me,
I'm doing it for you.
-Am I doing it for you?
-Whos my landsman?
-What better way to spend your time.
-I'm in love!
What about
Thanks for coming
on such short notice.
-Who are you?
-I'm a friend of a friend
who asked me to
see you about a matter
which concerns him and
a certain young woman.
-Virginia Hill.
-Thats not necessary.
A certain past.
And my friend wants to know
your intentions towards her.
-I don't get you.
-If your intentions are marriage,
my friend is going to
give you his blessings.
If your intentions
are marriage,
he's going to give
you his good will.
Look, I don't
want to...
Lets not
waste time.
Were very
busy men.
Get me a pipe with
a long enough stem and
I'm gonna blow smoke
up my own ass.
But don't make
me sit here
and tell me
you don't know.
What don't
you know?
My friend is a friend
to this person.
You are going
to treat her right.
Treat her right.
If your intentions
are otherwise,
I can't help you.
I'm just
a messenger.
Youve had
the message.
I think
we're done here.
Nice looking woman.
Not for you, pal.
Thats Virginia Hill.
I believe
she's spoken for.
Is that so?
Switzerland. Every two weeks,
her vanity case.
-We don't even know what's in it.
-Lets cut the bullshit, Meyer,
what's in it
is money.
-Where does the money come from?
-The flamingo.
And our friend is
gone so off the deep end.
Dont talk to me
about loyalty.
Because his
loyalty is...
What is he doing with our 8 million
dollars for a 4 million dollar
hotel which at
that price is obscene?
And don't tell me statue
in the dessert, Meyer..
because I know how
far you go back.
We go back...
we go back
to square one.
What do we do if that
weren't the case, Meyer?
Would we be
having this meeting?
-Would we be having this meeting?
-I don't think so.
Meyer, can we get
a sense of this thing,
can we
get a vote?
I say we vote
right now.
I'm sorry, Meyer.
I'm going to ask for
a vote on this thing.
On behalf of
the captain and crew,
welcome to Panama.
-I can get that for you.
-What am I, an old man?
So, panama.
Whats wrong
with that?
A wandering Jew.
You know what my
father used to say?
The hill people and
the valley people.
Hill people and valley people
always hated each other.
The way of the world.
Were the hill people.
-Is that what we are?
-Thats right.
Conditions are tough.
Gotta find an easy way.
Eh? Nomads.
Come down
to the valley.
What do these hill
people want with us?
Home is the sailor,
home from the sea.
-Whats that?
-Its a poem.
And the hunter
home from the hill.
Home from the hill.
Thats what I'm talking about.
So how's your
They speak
So how's
your Spanish?
-Hows your Spanish?
-I'll learn.
I'm Meyer Lansky.
I'm the principal owner
of the Riviera Hotel.
We know who you are.
( Spanish )
The Riviera will
be nationalized.
We don't do business
with gangsters.
Go home.
You have 24 hours
to get outta Cuba.
Meyer Lansky.
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Stay on the plane, please.
You too, ma'am.
You will not be allowed to enter Panama.
-Excuse me.
-We have a warrant for your arrest
in ordinary of extradition
from the United States Government.
Please sit down and
remain in your seats
until we arrive
in Miami.
Welcome home.
Lansky, Mr. Lansky!
Why don't you
shut up?
Go try to solve
the real problems.
... legitimate
You are not legitimate.
You are illegitimate.
You don't even know
your mother and father--
Mr. Lansky! Mr. Lansky!
Lets have
some order here.
Mr. Lansky.
You are charged
with criminal contempt.
Which subpoena information
regarding ownership
of the Flamingo Hotel.
-Income tax evasion,failure to pay tax,
-Your Honor.
The amount of... to pay federal
income tax. The amount--
Let the record show
the use of the word alleged
in connection with the phrase,
"Ownership of the Flamingo Hotel".
Thank you.
Thank you, I don't believe
I used the word alleged,
but if you'll allow me
to control these proceedings,
I think you'll find
we'll all be out of here
as expeditiously
as possible.
We need some
help here.
How you doing?
Feeling a
little better?
Am I gonna live?
You know what? I think so.
What happened?
What happened?
Youre gonna have to talk
to the heavy weights. I'm just the help.
Youre a bad man, huh?
Is that the thing?
You got a cop
at the door?
This is gonna
relax you.
I'll tell
you a secret.
I'll tell
you a secret.
I'm referring, sir,
to Benjamin Siegel.
He was a rat,
wasn't he?
A what?
Rat, r-a-t.
I wouldn't know.
Well he got what was
coming to him, didn't he?
It was a good thing,
wasn't it?
-I wouldn't comment on that.
Every two weeks
for a vanity case.
I'm going to ask for
a vote on this thing.
-I'm sorry, Meyer.
-( gunshots )
Mr. Lansky, this
is a simple procedure.
One we do many
times every week.
I'm going to
put this mask on.
-You got the wrong guy.
-The usual?
-In a minute, please.
-And you?
-Just coffee.
What is
the usual?
You starting already?
You ever trust
a journalist?
You know what
off the record means?
Means fuck you.
A guy said one time,
he said, we were in...
some dive.
Fight brewing. One guy says,
"Oh, yeah...
fuck you."
Other guy says,
"I never thought about
it quite that way."
And who was that guy?
Just some fella...
you know... you know...
what do you
remember most?
Well, my memory's
conveniently fading.
You get older,
it's not that things disappear,
it's that they get reordered
according to different order
of understanding.
You see like
a lot of things.
You wait around,
you get the answer.
Tongue sandwich on rye,
get the rye
bread burnt.
Hey, Mr. l,
who do we like?
-Who do we like?
-Why should I tell you?
-Because I asked.
-Texas A & M.
-Give the points.
-How can I thank you?
-This afternoon?
Its a history. You see, the whole
thing is a history.
What are you
going to do?
You come here,
Italians, the Jews,
the blacks, one pot.
What the Italians used
to call Jamborta.
A stew.
People go this way,
people go that way.
A little time passes,
the dust settles.
It becomes over
and done with.
You once said,
we're bigger than U.S. Steel.
Did I say that?
I know I was quoted
as saying that.
Bigger than
U.S. Steel.
Who was I
speaking of?
The combination.
Was there a combination?
Black hand.
Hoover said none
of it was real.
Man was in a
position to know.
He left you...
unmolested for
the longest time.
I'm sorry, what?
He left you alone.
Oh, well, he left
everyone alone.
He said there was
no organized crime.
No mafia.
It was bigger pay-off
in the commie thing.
He was a gambler,
did you know that?
The ponies.
Frank Erickson used to
call from New Orleans,
give Frank Costello
the sure thing of the day.
Maybe Pimlico,
maybe Bowie...
not the best bet
but the F-I-X sure thing.
And Costello would
call Walter Winchell
Winchell would give
it to hoover.
Hoover would
bet a few hundred.
I bet none of those commies
he was locking up
were giving him
sure things.
The Appalachia.
Well, a lotta guys
with vowels in their names
with limousines.
Doing something up
there in the woods
that certainly attracted
a lot of attention.
Hoover, he called
it cosa nostra.
Said that the FBI
uncovered it.
Penetrated it.
But for
the longest time,
the FBI treated
you with...
Perhaps Hoover did
not think me worthy
of his notice.
Because you see,
because my role
in the whole thing
has been magnified
out of all.
because the time came
when it suited his purposes
and I'll tell you why.
-You know why?
I'm a Jew.
Hoover needed,
mind you, the man died in '72.
all the charges against me
were dropped by 1976.
The man needed
someone non-Italian
if the mafia
didn't exist.
So they picked...
Look, I'm a gambler
nothing more.
Thats what I am.
Thats what I always was.
an odds maker
for a pastime that people
will do what you will.
Always engage in.
You said,
bigger than U.S Steel.
We were bigger than...
Let me tell you something.
People will
always gamble.
So, now you see
the governments.
Huh? The lottery.
The numbers pays off
six hundred-to-one.
State lottery now.
Get into
the business.
"Oh, gambling isn't so bad.
They pay five hundred to one.
And I'll tell you,
by the turn of the century,
the government,
you watch,
you'll have to watch
because I won't be there.
The government will be
running not only gambling,
gambling, prostitution,
Because that's
where the money is.
Thats where
the money is.
Do you believe that?
Sore throat,
chicken soup.
I'd like to talk to you
for a moment about violence.
Youre a soldier,
you were in the wars.
Of course.
Do you talk
about it?
The Cossacks are coming.
You can run. Maybe you can get away.
You can hide.
Maybe they won't find you.
You can fight. Maybe you'll win.
You do what you
have to do at the time.
By the best lights
that you have.
And it's your
own personality.
Your own...
You see, environment, a little bit yes.
But at an early age.
An early age,
who you are is who you are.
And that's everyone.
You want some
more coffee?
You know, you ask someone
who's in the jailhouse
for his story,
you get the jailhouse story.
Murray stole,
Carmine stole,
but I never stole.
Bob killed
and Mikey killed,
but I never killed.
Its the
jailhouse tale.
You ever worry?
You show me somebody
who profited from it,
I'd be glad
to do it.
What would you do if you
could do it over again?
What would you
do differently?
What would I do?
What would I do?
What would I do
I wouldn't
change a thing.