Laplace's Witch (2018) Movie Script

Madoka, hold onto me very tightly!
Get in!
- Hurry!
- Mommy?
I'll be fine.
"Keep out!"
What do you think, Professor?
My feet are really swollen.
No, what I meant was,
"How do the numbers look?"
Oh, yeah.
Don't know yet.
The body was that of a male,
Yoshiro Mizuki, 67.
Firefighters detected traces
of hydrogen sulfide gas, H2S...
at the site where the body was found.
Repeat, the body was that of a male,
Yoshiro Mizuki...
Should we reopen the trail to the public?
This town can't survive on lock down.
We must declare it safe soon.
We can't rush that.
Was the body over there?
This is off limits!
Didn't you see the tape?
We found the body on terrain
that gets a lot of wind.
The chances that hydrogen sulfide...
blew in and rose to lethal levels
are close to zero.
In other words...
this town is safe for business?
Does that mean the man committed suicide?
I don't know.
There are cases of suicide by H2S.
But they've all been
in closed rooms or vehicles.
Outdoors, the gas disperses too easily.
So you're saying...
the town can reopen for...
Could a third party with H2S...
forced its inhalation?
Are you suggesting...
the man was murdered?
Excuse me. Who are you?
Oh, sorry.
Nakaoka, Metro Police, Azabu Precinct.
In Tokyo?
Well, Professor. ls murder possible?
Absolutely not.
No one
could keep H2S at lethal density
in a place like that.
No accident, suicide or murder? Then what?
I'll tell you when I know.
Excuse me.
Professor, wait.
I need to speak
with you a little more. Professor.
We found no equipment
at the site for making the gas.
The perp must've taken it.
Did you hear me?
Oh, sorry.
As I've said repeatedly,
H2S would dissipate.
It's not murder.
- I made you tea.
- Thank you.
What if there was no wind at the time?
There'd still be air currents you can't feel.
It would take miraculous timing.
By God or a wizard.
Drink up.
How about a demon?
A wife killing her husband for money.
Maybe she's young, nearing 30,
and eyes an insurance payout.
Nice talking to you.
When the CO2 dips below 500 ppm...
it's revealed as an ice sheet.
And as I explained, with an ice sheet...
you then get positive feedback...
causing large changes in climate.
The study treated
the Phanerozoic age as a whole...
but 2 famous studies on
climate change emerged from it.
One is the "snowball Earth"
hypothesis I mentioned...
positing a global ice cover
700 million years ago.
And the Raymo hypothesis...
- Professor?
- Yes?
The time.
That's unfortunate.
It gets really good from here.
Look forward to a thrilling lecture
on these 2 hypotheses next time.
Volcanic gas is mostly steam.
Driven by warm winds, perhaps?
H2S levels were too low
to reach fatal levels outside.
Could it settle in a hollow?
Intentionally leaked?
From where?
Is it possible?
1/1,000th of a percent.
But an accident happened.
No, I'm not convinced.
Still troubled by the study up north?
The hot springs town was fine, right?
Let it go.
Yes, you have a point, but...
So get back to your real work.
You haven't graded your students.
I expect you'll pass everyone again.
You're soft on students,
but a real stickler in the field.
Miss Okunishi,
I must correct you on two points.
First, I am not "soft" on my students.
I'm happy when people so young
take an interest in earth science.
I don't want my one grade
to deter their future in it.
Did I say something odd?
No, but...
students are less interested in the earth
than in their own...
Never mind.
Secondly, about my field studies...
I'm dedicated to the work,
but "stickler" is inaccurate.
Look, it's on TV right now.
My husband and I went out
to see the famous waterfalls.
But I turned back...
"Chisato Mizuki, wife of deceased"
when I noticed I'd left
my camera battery at the hotel.
And that's when your husband had his accident?
Why didn't I just forget the camera?
It's my fault.
I left him alone.
- Excuse me.
- Wait, Ms. Mizuki!
The man who died was
a well-known producer in movie circles.
His wife stands to inherit a fortune.
Professor Aoe's office.
- Are you in some kind of trouble?
- What?
It's Officer Nakaoka of the Azabu police.
- Watch your step here.
- Yes.
The victim's name is Goro Nasuno. He's 39.
From Saitama Prefecture.
He was spotted sitting as if dozing.
But it turns out he was dead.
Hydrogen sulfide poisoning.
Well, Professor?
In one month
at two different hot springs towns...
the same bizarre "accidental" deaths.
Call that a coincidence?
This is incomprehensible.
It's intricate terrain.
If the victim is here...
and there's hydrogen sulfide...
nope, it wouldn't come anywhere
near a lethal dosage.
Soba noodles, no onions.
The victim, Nasuno, wasn't alone.
A local saw him getting out of a car
a young woman was driving.
She wore a hat and sunglasses.
It was likely Mr. Mizuki's wife, Chisato.
We also identified Mr. Nasuno.
He was a struggling actor.
An actor?
The producer at Akakuma Hot Springs...
and Nasuno could've been acquainted.
With the producer's wife,
Chisato, in the middle.
In short...
the wife could be a prime suspect
in a possible serial murder.
A three-way affair?
Or a ploy for inheritance that backfired?
Officer Nakaoka.
Why're you so focused on her?
Detective's hunch.
Here you go, Sir.
What is that?
Bon apptit.
Bon apptit.
Come in.
What're you...? What...
Pardon us, but did a young woman
just come through?
She's a runaway from home.
What the heck is going on?
Take me to the police site.
Professor Shusuke Aoe.
Who are you? How do you know me?
You were called in to study the poisoning case.
It's not hard to find that out.
I can't study the case alone
The police have no reason to fill me in.
Locals are banned from snooping.
So I'm asking you personally.
Take me to the police site.
A local saw him...
getting out of a car a young woman was driving.
You were at Akakuma Hot Springs,
too, weren't you?
You're dumber than you look.
- What?
- If I were a suspect,
I wouldn't be asking.
So will you help me or not?
Your name?
I can't help an anonymous person.
Madoka Uhara.
Why do you wish to see it?
I'm looking for someone.
A valuable friend whom I have to find.
Why would going there help you?
Just take me there.
I'll draw you a map.
I'm a college professor.
I can't break the rules.
You can go on your own.
A map?
This is awful.
This is the entry to a hiking trail.
Fine, I'll take you.
Meet me at 9 tomorrow on the trail...
Let's go.
Mr. Goro Nasuno...
had a bit part in a 2-hour drama
a few years back.
And has been in just 2 movies.
Call that an actor?
He can call himself whatever he likes.
"Goro Nasuno"
Nothing he's appeared in...
has been tied to the producer, Mizuki.
Professionally speaking,
they have no connection to each other.
Let me see.
"Yoshiro Mizuki"
By contrast, Mr. Mizuki has made many films.
"Saisei Amakasu"
This director.
There he is.
Saisei Amakasu.
I know of him! He used to be pretty famous.
I hadn't heard his name lately.
Mizuki and Nasuno can be linked through him.
Life is full of strange coincidences.
Coffee, Mr. Nakaoka?
Saisei Amakasu.
"Known for edgy themes that
don't pander to audiences."
"A multiple award winner often dubbed
as a once-in-a-lifetime genius."
This is it.
What're you doing?
Wondering where the gas flowed from.
Probably from atop that hill over there.
It couldn't have happened in summer.
Ground heat would create
an updraft scattering the gas.
In winter, the ground is cold.
On windless clays, the air is still.
Hydrogen sulfide is heavier than air,
and would settle in a hollow.
But it would only take
a slight air current shift to disperse it.
the heck are you?
I'm a witch.
Laplace's Demon.
Laplace the mathematician?
Who wrote the Laplace Equation?
Pierre-Simon Laplace.
18th-century French mathematician
who proposed "Laplace's Demon".
"If an intellect at a certain moment...
could know all forces and positions
of items composed in nature...
and could analyze the data
into a single formula governing all movement...
nothing from the greatest bodies
to tiniest atoms would be uncertain...
and the future just like the past
would be present before its eyes."
In short, this demon would
have perfect knowledge...
of what is to come.
Miss Okunishi?
Do you believe in precognition?
Do you think...
witches exist?
Oh, forgive me.
How's it going?
I've come for your opinion.
Again? Why do you insist on coming to me?
Easy. I can't conduct a criminal...
a criminal investigation
unless you show homicide as a possibility.
You cannot kill a person in such a place
with hydrogen sulfide.
Saisei Amakasu.
A brilliant filmmaker. Know him?
I've heard the name.
Both the deceased Mizuki and Nasuno
worked with him.
That's their only link.
Same industry, why not?
But that's not all.
When Saisei Amakasu was 47.
"At 47, lost his family"
"in a hydrogen sulfide poisoning
accident at home."
Hydrogen sulfide again?
His eldest daughter attempted suicide
using hydrogen sulfide.
Her mother and brother walked in on it.
Saisei was filming in Hokkaido at the time,
and was saved.
Same gas. ls that a coincidence?
But that was 8 years ago.
Actually, the story continues.
Amakasu's blog.
He updated it for a year.
Read it from here.
A record with his surviving son.
On that day...
I lost my beloved wife and daughter.
If among you readers,
any of you...are thinking of suicide
using hydrogen sulfide...
I implore you not to do it no matter what.
The idea that hydrogen sulfide
is a peaceful way to go...
is a myth.
What I saw in those bodies...
was unrecognizable as my wife and daughter.
Any ideas as to your daughter's
motives to kill herself?
How would I have any?
Forgive me, Kento.
If only I had been at your side.
Happy birthday, Kento.
We always celebrated it
as a family, the four of us.
But this year, it's down to just us two.
Are you saying...
that Kento may awaken from his coma?
There's a small possibility.
But this is an unproven surgery.
I can't make any guarantees.
Nor can we rule out a worst case scenario.
Make your decision carefully.
I already have.
If there's even a 1 percent chance...
that Kento will come back to me.
What happened next was a miracle.
Yes, but there was a catch.
Can you...
really hear me, Kento?
Tap once for "Yes", twice for "No"
and 3 times for "I don't know".
Kento chose these signals.
I'm so proud of you.
You're a survivor.
I had faith that you'd pull through.
3 taps means "I don't know".
Actually, Kento indicated...
he was increasingly losing memories of himself.
What are you saying?
That he has forgotten his own father?
"Who are you?"
My name is Saisei Amakasu.
I'm your father.
I make movies for a living.
Do you know what movies are?
"I know."
You often came to visit shooting in the studio.
You once saw an actor
take off his hero costume.
You screamed at him for being an imposter!
"I'm tired."
"I want to sleep."
Yes, of course.
Forgive me.
Just let me ask if you remember...
your mom and sister.
How about school, your teachers and friends?
Your friend, Kawakami, on the soccer team...
asked if he could pay you a visit.
You two were great friends.
You did everything together.
"I want to stop..."
"this kind of talk."
Okay, Kento...
can I ask you one last question then?
Would you rather I stopped coming to see you?
"Do as you wish."
I see.
I understand.
To me, the Kento in the hospital is not my son.
Similarly, to him, I am no longer his father.
But I'm satisfied knowing
that he is alive in this world.
I hope someday
I'll be able to return to making movies.
The future is uncertain,
but I'll always remain a filmmaker.
I just don't know when that time will come.
Hang in there, Kento.
Finally, I want to thank you,
your sister and your mom.
I owe my life and my success to all of you.
You give me the strength to face tomorrow.
Thank you, my beloved Yukako.
Thank you, Moe.
And thank you, Kento.
What do you think?
I'm not sure what to think.
I understand Mr. Amakasu's pain.
But how is it connected?
Suicide by hydrogen sulfide was popular then.
Yes, it could all be a coincidence.
But I can imagine a theory
that ties it all together.
What theory?
His films often get critical acclaim
but many fail at the box office.
It left his producer, Mizuki,
saddled with considerable debt.
It broke up his family as a result.
Conversely, Amakasu's blog
shows a deep love for family.
He would often speak glowingly
about them to others.
Perhaps Mizuki resented Amakasu's happiness.
Are you suggesting he killed Amakasu's family
and made it look like suicide?
No, to be precise, Mizuki planned it.
Nasuno executed it.
Mizuki was with Amakasu
in Hokkaido at the time.
He could've enticed Nasuno to do it
in exchange for a role in the movie.
Then when Amakasu realized what had happened...
he sought revenge on Mizuki and Nasuno
with the same H2S.
But why now?
I don't know.
But after his last blog entry,
Amakasu disappeared.
Without a trace.
So it all makes sense.
It doesn't.
I repeat...
you can't poison someone to death
with H2S in those two places.
What if Chisato Mizuki helped?
By luring the victim to where
the gas can accumulate.
Amakasu could wait up wind...
and direct the gas with a fan.
No way.
On such complicated terrain,
gas flow would be unpredictable.
The odds of having such control...
is nearly zero.
"Nearly zero." But not "zero".
Thanks, Professor.
"Saisei Amakasu opens up
about his latest work."
"The tragic genius, Saisei Amakasu."
This face...
I've seen it before.
A valuable friend who I have to find.
You're looking for Kento Amakasu, aren't you?
How did you know?
From the detective
investigating the two deaths.
Is Kento connected to the accidents?
What do you know? Please tell me everything.
Why are you that interested?
If my report is mistaken,
it poses danger to those hot springs towns.
To be honest...
I want a convincing answer, as a scientist.
Hello? Where are you?
On the bridge.
What bridge?
I owe you a favor, so I'll tell you...
if you promise to stay out of it.
Stop. Stay there.
Now walk straight forward.
- What?
- Forward.
Stop. Now move to your right.
My right?
Sorry. Your left.
A little more.
Stay there.
It can't be. This can't be happening!
But it is.
If it were hydrogen sulfide...
What's going on?
Please come with me.
I'm Uhara of the Kaimei University.
I'm a Neurosurgeon.
I apologize for my daughter's behavior.
What do you people do here?
You know of Kento Amakasu?
A little. I've read his father's blog.
Then you do know a little.
I know that he'd been showing
signs of a miraculous recovery.
Is that a video of him?
Three years after his operation.
What do you suppose he's doing?
I don't know.
Rolling a die and saying what it shows?
Look closely.
No way.
He's predicting the roll.
Not "predicting", but "forecasting".
He guesses correctly
after releasing the die from his hand.
He wouldn't be able to while still in his grip.
But once released, gravity acts on the die.
Air resistance is negligible.
Then there's the angle of impact...
moment of inertia
reflection coefficient, and friction.
The forces controlling the die's roll
before it stops.
In this series of phenomena,
nothing goes unforeseen.
At the moment of release,
the result is determined.
But unprovable.
What will I get when I release this die
from my hand?
Surely a six.
If the conditions are present,
you too can predict the outcome.
They're very different.
They're the same.
The difference is only in complexity.
Prediction based on physical laws
is exactly the same.
Have you been to a town fair?
- A fair?
- Yes.
I often went as a child.
Many food stalls line a narrow street...
full of people coming and going.
But they rarely bump into each other.
You're saying that's also forecasting?
But if you focus too much
on people approaching...
you can't enjoy the fair.
Then what do you do?
If I get behind people
moving in the same direction...
a flow of people gets created naturally.
Call it "order".
What's important...
is that it's all done unconsciously.
This is a skill inherent in humans.
And just beyond that is Kento's ability.
Know what that means?
It means that anyone...
has the potential to acquire
the same skills as he.
Anyone who gets the surgery
can become like him?
It would vary by individual,
but, basically, I believe so.
there's a big ethical obstacle to proving it.
Operating on healthy people.
With very few case histories...
there are no guarantees the surgery
will be a success.
There's a non-zero
chance it'll lead to severe impairment.
That said...
you performed it.
On your daughter.
This is a government facility.
Until our study of Kento
leads to a reliable technology...
we're obligated to strict secrecy.
Our country wants research
as epochal as this to be proprietary.
That's the bare truth.
We're simply obeying directives...
to push this research to a fruitful end.
That doesn't justify...
making your own daughter a guinea pig.
It's inhumane.
- Madoka volunteered herself.
- What?
She requested it.
Her father resisted to the end.
Why would she do that?
When she was 10,
she watched her mother die before her eyes.
- Hurry!
" Mommy?
I'll be fine.
A tornado?
Her mother had tried to turn back.
The weather's worsening. We have to go home.
No, I want to see the lake!
Quickly, then.
Madoka insisted on seeing the lake
no matter what.
If she'd only listened,
they would not have encountered the tornado.
Madoka blamed herself forever afterwards.
Then she learned of Kento's ability.
She felt it would let her
foresee weather patterns to a degree.
So she insisted on the surgery...
to compensate for her tragedy.
So thinking the surgery
would release her from her guilt...
and knowing how much
she tortured herself over it...
I rationalized a justification for the surgery.
There's a reason
I've told you all this, Professor Aoe.
You're a man of science.
I believed you would grasp
the importance of this research.
I therefore request that
you end your involvement in this case.
Forget everything about today.
At least until the day comes when we can...
publicly present our results.
Will that day ever arrive?
It will.
Supposing all of this is true...
two people are dead.
Besides Madoka...
only one other person could be responsible.
Kento Amakasu.
Could he be seeking revenge
on Mizuki and Nasuno...
for the deaths of his mother and sister?
That would mean his memory is intact, right?
If so, this research led
to the murder of two people!
And I'm to be silent?
It's for your sake as well.
Is that a threat?
No, it's not.
I'm just saying that
whatever may happen from here...
is out of my hands.
We've found Amakasu.
Did you meet him?
But he's in no condition to talk.
He just works on a storyboard.
The climax of his next movie.
The thing is...
he completed the film years ago.
He never mentally recovered
from the loss of his family.
In case, He's got alibis
and isn't capable of taking revenge
on Mizuki and Nasuno.
I see.
So much for a detective's hunch.
Not so.
There's another who may have
the same motive as Amakasu.
His son, Kento.
That is, if he still has his memory.
It'll rain in 40 seconds.
It'll take you 3 minutes on foot.
You'll need that.
You're my dad's patient. What a surprise.
Sorry I couldn't explain more to you.
I had to catch the bus.
How'd you know?
I'd seen your photo in his office.
Not that. I'm talking about the rain.
Well that was...
just a hunch.
Leave it at that.
Can you predict any physical phenomenon?
Not earthquakes, for one.
And windstorms are hard.
They are?
Like lightning and downbursts.
And also...
Heard of the Navier-Stokes Equation?
It's an unsolved problem in Physics.
But it could have a huge impact on science.
The key to solving it...
might be lying in here.
If you solved it...
could you predict tornados?
In theory, yes. But I'm not even close yet.
We need more people like you, then.
What's Dad waiting for?
That surgery would make
more people like you, right?
But it's not that simple.
Why not?
To become a Laplace's Demon...
you need to be ready.
I can't say I understand.
So I don't know what to do.
Mr. Uhara is devoted to his research.
I don't feel I'm in a position to judge.
So no, I shouldn't butt in.
I can tell myself that.
Thank you for your understanding.
What is it?
Sorry about this.
Report where they stop!
Yes, Sir!
Please help me just a little longer.
I need you, Professor.
You need me?
You need me to drive!
Hurry and get in!
Stop the car!
So you've been pursuing the perp on your own?
I apologize.
You're something else.
Okay, don't tell anyone about this
until I give approval.
In return, focus exclusively on it.
Understood. Thank you.
Go show up those elites at HQ.
I will.
What's your plan of attack?
I go after Kento Amakasu.
Any good leads?
No. I need to start from the beginning.
Okay, fine.
- Be relentless.
- Yes, Sir.
What do you want with Kento?
I need to find him soon.
If he got his revenge...
I'm afraid...
When I'm stuck in my research,
it helps me to fly one of these.
I picture myself flying freely on the wind.
You mean escaping reality.
No doubt.
But you'd be surprised how a simple idea...
can lead you to a breakthrough.
I think Kento...
saw something I couldn't see.
He warned that I needed to be ready
to be a Laplace's Demon.
I don't know what he meant by that.
Are you saying...
you regret your ability?
It's surely a wonderful
evolutionary step forward.
it may have turned Kento into a killer.
And you, too...
locked up in that place,
a research subject of your dad's.
Mankind may not be ready to wield
that kind of power.
Without proper control...
it could destroy lives.
Can it truly make you happier?
Or perhaps...
you wish you never had it?
I'm really not sure.
But I do know one thing.
Kento is not a ruthless killer.
For sure.
I think I got it.
- Two.
- Two.
- Six.
- Six.
- One.
- One.
Are you all right?
We should've stopped.
It's okay.
I have to do this myself.
Is it almost time?
If my forecast is right,
a tornado should form soon.
It's no good.
Turbulence is hard to predict.
These conditions...
could be something else.
Stay with me a little longer.
What is this?
A moon rainbow.
Or "moonbow".
Moonbows are said to be happy signs.
There's a belief they bring together
souls of the living and dead.
Kento's always been there for me.
But I never thought of what he needed.
To think that for 8 years...
he may have been plotting tragic.
He must've been
in great pain, and I did nothing.
That's why...
I plan to save him.
Here she comes.
Even if Kento killed Mizuki and Nasuno...
he would've needed a conspirator.
If Nakaoka's hunch was right...
she's the one link to Kento.
Answer that...
on speaker.
Aoe speaking.
I've gone back to look
into Amakasu's family history.
We've been deceived.
They weren't the happy couple we believed.
Amakasu's wife had asked for divorce.
It's not mentioned in his blog.
It wouldn't be.
His teenage daughter was also
dating older men for money.
She was getting child counseling.
The ideal family in Amakasu's blog
was all fiction.
Now I don't know what's what.
Then...Why would Kento need
to pretend to have lost his memory?
To eventually get revenge on his own.
But when he regained consciousness...
he didn't know if he'd move again.
Telling the police and
having the killer arrested would've sufficed.
Unless he was...
trying to hide from the killer.
What if...
the killer was close by his side.
The man who killed Kento's family...
Mr. Amakasu!
Your son's friend has come for you.
A storm's coming.
Not bad for the climactic scene.
Stop! Who are you guys?
You're under arrest
for absconding with a minor.
She's a valuable subject. Be gentle.
It's a trouble.
You need to keep a tighter leash on her.
You just make our job harder.
My apologies.
Go after Amakasu.
A message from your father to help Kento.
I'll handle the Feds.
Thank you, Mr. Takeo.
Let's go, Professor.
Go where? Where would he go?
He just works on a storyboard.
"Bell in the Ruins"
The climax of his next movie.
The thing is he completed the film years ago.
This sends me back.
This is where...
we shot the climactic scene of my movie,
"Bell in the Ruins".
I loved this place so much
that I purchased the property.
The movie was a stinker...
but this time it'll be wonderful.
Your son is waiting inside.
If you'll excuse me.
That would be troubling.
Come on out, Kento.
I haven't seen your face in 8 years.
You've really grown into a man.
That makes your father proud.
Why did Kento choose this place?
I felt bad just having her drive me here.
She could use some tea.
Plus, having her with us...
guards me against any H2S tricks.
You took your time coming here.
I expected it sooner.
I was busy, too.
But the curtain will fall soon.
Don't be so impatient.
I may not look it,
but I'm a director
who pays attention to detail.
Which means...
I insist on using only genuine articles
for props and decor.
Air from a thunderhead strikes the ground...
with great destructive power.
The conditions are forming.
Kento plans to thoroughly flatten that place.
He's going to kill himself
and take his dad with him.
What's wrong?
Tell me something, Kento.
It's true that 8 years ago...
I made your sister's death
look like a H2S suicide.
You were already unconscious at the time.
So how did you figure out that it was me?
You're the one who told me.
That's perfect.
More tragic than the whole family dying.
It'll make a great movie.
Don't say that, Mizuki.
You asked for a true story.
You requested the power of a true incident.
So that's what I gave you.
It's all right.
He can no longer move, nor talk to anyone.
And if there's any danger,
I'll silence him again.
No need to worry.
I'm more concerned about
Nasuno serving as my alibi.
Try to imagine how I felt...
hearing all of that but being helpless.
I see. So you heard it all.
That must've been painful.
I feel sorry for you.
But then again...
that's another great scenario.
The tragic fate of a conflicted father and son.
A tearjerker.
What more could you ask for?
This film just keeps getting better.
It's no good. We'll never make it!
Stay calm. There's got to be a way!
Kento will die.
Don't let yourself regret this!
You chose to be a witch!
Don't lose another person close to you.
To become a Laplace's Demon...
you need to be ready.
I picture myself flying freely on the wind.
You'd be surprised how a simple idea...
can lead you to a breakthrough.
On the wind.
A breakthrough.
Before the downburst wreaks havoc,
I'll open a hole in the building.
Wind will find its way through,
and internal pressure will build.
Move the car here.
- What?
- No time. Hurry!
Screw you and your movie!
You would kill Mom and Moe for that?
Yes, I would.
It's awful, I know, but I had no choice.
I had no choice because...
as a Saisei Amakasu family,
you were an utter failure!
Brainless wife and children.
Failures demand a do over.
I had no choice
but to recreate a more suitable family.
To do that, I needed to wipe you all
from the earth first.
And amend all memory of the past.
That was my blog.
You should rejoice.
In that blog,
I fashioned you into the perfect family.
That will be novelized and
eventually made into a landmark film.
Only at that moment...
will Saisei Amakasu's
perfect family be complete.
Get far away from here.
Wait! I'm coming!
What's perfect about twisting the truth?
When something is recorded
and people accept it...
that's when you get truth.
What no one knows or remembers...
cannot be called the truth.
In short...
In short...
most of humanity dies
without leaving a shred of truth.
Their entry and exit from this world...
has no impact whatsoever!
The same goes for all of you.
So you should be happy.
You said the curtain will fall soon.
But you're wrong!
The curtain is just rising.
My life's greatest work...
will finally be complete!
And you play a role...
living on as the perfect son.
Don't come!
You know what's going to happen!
That's why I came.
Get down!
Are you okay?
Thank God.
You're alive.
You blew a hole open with a car,
and raised pressure...
saving them from total destruction.
Move aside, Madoka.
I won't let you kill him.
This was the only thing...
that kept me living.
Well, I'm sorry.
Now find something else to live for.
You can't change my feelings.
You can understand that.
What can this world possibly have to offer me?
You can understand that.
Even if you're right...
I promise you...
things can change.
I'll just talk to him.
Acquiring this strange ability...
taught me one thing.
The world isn't run...
by a handful of geniuses or people like you.
Humans are atoms...
featureless at first glance.
With no apparent value,
all are constituent parts.
Even if each one lives...
a mediocre, unaware life...
when they're in the aggregate...
dramatic physical laws are realized.
In this world...
every organism has meaning.
Every one of us...
be it Mom or Moe...
Mr. Mizuki or Mr. Nasuno.
And even you.
Despite my knowing this...
I was weak.
I used you.
I apologize.
You've got it wrong.
I used you.
That's a first.
Did Kento...?
The deaths of Yoshiro Mizuki and
Goro Nasuno by H2S poisoning...
were determined by top government
officials to be "accidents".
Saisei Amakasu was reported
to have been rescued from the debris.
But spoke nothing about his son, Kento...
nor of his remarkable ability.
The truth about Saisei's crime 8 years ago...
was buried in darkness.
Kento's whereabouts...
remain unknown despite
secret efforts to find him.
Why and where did he go?
The study is done. Good work.
I proved to be no help at all.
Then do better next time.
Your students need grading.
Saisei Amakasu,
director of "Bell in the Ruins" died yesterday.
Battling illness the past few years,
he apparently committed suicide.
Oh, that's too bad.
I kind of liked his movies.
I've been wanting to
see you once more to thank you.
Have you spoken to Kento recently?
I don't think Kento will contact me.
I'm quite sure he hates my guts.
Why is that?
You saved his life.
His abilities, too, he owes to you.
Ability evolves
because there is a purpose for it.
Even if that purpose is hate.
Somewhere inside me,
I feel grateful to his dad, Amakasu.
It drew out ability in Kento...
unthinkable without Amakasu.
As long as I feel that way...
Kento will never approve of me.
I see.
You're saying he can see into your heart.
He may even be able to see into the future.
Perhaps a fuzzy glimpse into
where mankind is headed.
Do those two...
have that much power?
I think so.
But not knowing the future is what
allows people to dream.
I may have taken that dream from them.
In that way...I'm as culpable as Amakasu.
Well, I'll leave you here.
I take back what I said.
That you'd be better off without it.
But your ability is what saved Kento.
I have faith that you'll use it well.
You must be able to see it...
the future for our world, what'll happen to us.
Could that be why Kento disappeared?
If you're right...
and we can see into the future...
do you want to know?
I think I'll pass.
Sho Sakurai
Suzu Hirose
Sota Fukushi
Directed by Takashi Miike