Lapsis (2020) Movie Script

In this short video,
we'll cover the seven basics of
Sorry, I never know
how to get this thing on.
But first, a little bit of
It's been said that you
can't appreciate the present,
without understanding the past,
and that means appreciating
just how far we've come.
In the early days of the
stock exchange, for example,
the world ran at the speed of
It's a wonder anything got done.
The development of the
internet in the 1990's
changed the pace of our markets
Trades could now move at
along one of these,
a bundle of fiber optic cables,
transmitting signals across the
in mere milliseconds.
But thanks to dramatic
advances in recent years,
the next era of financial
growth is upon us,
and with it, the next
era of human potential.
Welcome to the unlimited
possibilities of the Quantum.
Niacin time buddy, you ready?
Let's try and sit you up.
You all right?
Yeah, yeah I'm all right.
You want to give this stuff a
It's supposed to give you
nice little rush of energy,
but it might make you feel a
little flush,
but if you take it every day
that'll go away after a few
Wait, what day is today?
Hey, officer?
Excuse me, officer?
Hey, sorry to bother you.
It's alternate side parking
today, right?
No, it is not, sir, Shavuot.
But that's what the calendar
and it definitely says nothing
about there being a holiday.
Where's your calendar from?
It's from the website, from
the dot gov,
it's the official calendar.
You usin' a Quantum or a
standard system to access it.
A Quantum is standard?
Do you own a Quantum computer?
No, I don't.
Well, that's why it's wrong.
Well why would it be different?
I mean the calendar's the
Nope, everything the
city does now is Quantum.
You gotta have a Quantum system
to access the latest calendar.
If you're using a standard
then it's most likely still
last year's alternate
side holiday calendar.
And the Jewish holidays change
every year
because they operate with the
Operate with the moon?
How am I supposed to know this?
What, everyone has a Quantum
You see any cars double-parked?
There have been emails, PSA's,
You haven't seen the mailers?
Yeah yeah, I seen 'em.
All right, sorry.
Got a frickin' ticket.
The damn calendar,
the alternate side
parking calendar is wrong.
I went up to this cop,
she told me it's wrong,
and I turn around, boom.
And I still gotta find
another parking spot.
The calendar is wrong.
Inaccurate, it's wrong.
What did the cop say?
Yeah, so I go up to her and I
"It's wrong on the website."
And she says, "Okay, what
kind of computer do you have?"
You need to have a...
- Quantum, yes?
- Yeah.
No, I'm not bringing any of that
fiber-optic, wifi shit,
into this house, okay?
I'm not risking it, I
don't trust any of it.
And back on Quanta,
now Jeff I want to dive
deeper into determinacy,
and how you image it's
affected high speed trading.
Look, basically high speed
was the kindergarten
version of Wall Street.
So once Quantum computers
became market ready,
what you've seen is just
this rush of activity,
this rush of interest in
for markets, for traders.
Should be a big load,
everyone's back from spring
Hey, do you have one of
those Quantum computers?
A what?
Everyone keeps telling me I need
one of these new kind of
called a Quantum computer.
Yeah, you do.
Hey, how's everything with the
Everything okay?
They poke around once in a
I hear about it, nothing to
worry about.
Some of the bags get through,
some take a little longer.
Listen did you get a chance
to think about the position
since we last talked?
Yeah, I'm not gonna take it.
Ray, it's a promotion.
I know but I gotta keep
things flexible right now,
the deliveries are better for
What's a single guy like
you got to worry about?
I'm taking care of my brother.
He's got omnia.
Isn't that the thing that's
all made up?
Ray, this could all be yours.
Thanks, I'm good.
All right, James,
got a new member of the family.
Phonic sevens.
Is this used?
Yeah, lightly used.
I gotta lay down.
Yeah, you know, come
on, we'll set it up later.
With Quantum cabling,
we're actually seeing
more medallions active than ever
If you look across all regions.
Forget about the clinic.
Hey, listen,
if there are people with
omnia going to that clinic,
you're going to that clinic.
Okay, I don't care how much it
If they can pay for it,
we're gonna pay for it.
All right, tell me this.
How do you see cabling today?
I see it as a way for
people to get out of cities,
to find something that
engages their minds.
Hey, what was that thing
that Felix was doing?
What was it, laying Quantum
cable, or what was that?
Didn't he make a fortune?
Do not do anything with Felix.
No, no no, I know, I won't.
I was just askin'.
All right, I won't.
The thing is, you hear 'em
it's boomin' and everything.
But actually, in the northeast
right now,
cabling medallions are
harder to get than ever.
There's wait lists, takes
But see, I got a little
A workaround?
Yeah, I got my buddy Dee over
in the Interior Department.
He does all the permitting
for the cabling companies
when they come into national
The way I got it set up with
the main company, basically,
I can get you a medallion.
I can get you a medallion, okay?
And in return, myself and two
I've got handling things on the
we take a piece of the action
basically a cut comes out your
when you're out there.
So consider it.
A lotta money to be made
Oh yeah?
Yeah yeah, and we like
to train people in twos.
Saves us all some time so,
think who you might
want to bring with you.
Maybe you get Jamie out there.
Oh well he's pretty sick
so I don't think he could do it
but thanks Felix, I appreciate
any introduction that you could
get me.
Of course, but listen, if all
goes well,
I bet we could bring you in on
my operation if you want it.
Sign people up, end up with a
Passive income.
Well thanks yeah,
I think I just want to keep
things clean right now,
but I really appreciate it.
Yeah, you know speaking of
how's the lost luggage
business treating you?
Well, they idea is to quit that
as soon as I get
something else that works.
Yeah, I understand.
take this.
Information on how it works.
Transistors like this one,
which are optimally located
in between major market
centers around the world,
require constant rewiring around
the clock
to create new routes.
With each new connection
affecting the market
in a small way.
Cablers like Jenn have
been turning that need
into a lucrative weekend job,
ever since Quantum cabling
began allowing anyone to
apply for a cabling medallion.
With a low barrier entry,
all it seems it takes to
make it big in cabling,
is a can-do attitude, and
a love of the outdoors.
Yeah, in the work that I do
out here,
just in the past year I was
able to pay off my mortgage,
get out of debt, it's been a
Plus, I love to hike so.
But recently, some of
the top cabling companies,
like HEX and CBLR,
have come under fire for
a range of new policies,
related to the introduction of
into cabling zones.
We believe that if this
work is going to be automated,
cablers need to have health
insurance, for independent...
Why am I looking at this?
Look, people make like
thousands in a weekend.
Okay, so how about I do
it for a little while,
I get you in the clinic,
then I'll do it as needed
until you get better.
Have you been talking to Felix?
Okay, so say you have to pay
for all this gear up front.
What happens when you make it
out there
and you can't get up
literally a single hill.
Okay, okay, all right, look,
first, I know I don't look it,
but I'm in really really
good shape right now.
Number two, before I do it,
I'm gonna give it a shot first.
Give it what shot?
I'm gonna do dry run
right here in Queens.
And you can come, and you
can get some fresh air.
And I'll prove it to you, and
you can give me some tips.
- You're the pro.
- Tips?
Hiking tips.
Where am I gonna give
you hiking tips in Queens?
Hey, take a minute.
That's fine, take a minute.
Fresh air's good.
Hey, fresh air's good.
You can't cable.
Huh, don't worry about me.
I'm all right.
I'm fine.
Hey, two birds right, listen,
I've been thinking about it,
and I'm interested in the
I'd like to talk it
out with you, tomorrow.
I want to take back what I said,
I'd love to take it to the next
if it's still available.
So, give me a call or I'll stop
tomorrow in the a.m. all right?
I'll see you then.
I'm just a smalltime
business owner, that's it.
I mean.
Come on buddy, we gotta roll.
Did you take the manager job?
Yeah yeah, we're in business.
Welcome to the Barr-Crider
the world leader in recovery
the chronic fatigue
disorder known as omnia.
Our hope is...
James Tintelli?
That's us buddy, we're up.
This is your room right here.
Feel free to relax, and
someone will be back at 11:30
to bring you down to the
dining hall for lunch.
Hey, hey,
let me see that band.
There he is.
I want you to call me if
you need anything, okay?
Raymond, will you be
visiting us during James' stay?
Not the first few days,
I'm away this weekend,
but after that, yeah.
Do you have a credit card we
can run?
How much you putting on it,
right now?
10,000 as an authorized hold
till we charge at the end of the
Is that okay?
- Friday?
- Yes.
Yeah, sounds great.
Here is your card,
and some information on
downloading our apps,
so you can check in on James
Oh, great.
Hey Ray, good news.
Your cabling medallion's all
squared away.
So, my two associates, Erica and
will meet you on their way up.
I'll text you the location.
It'll be somewhere convenient,
so just bring enough to camp
for one weekend to start,
see how you do.
So good luck.
Hey, I'm Ray.
Hey so you guys work for Felix?
Yeah, yeah, Felix knows
everyone he's
a real savvy guy.
Hey, so you guys are already set
with a company and a medallion,
so just take a look around,
and then they're gonna
make an announcement,
and you'll go straight
back to the screening room,
watch your training video.
When you complete it,
they'll give you a bracelet.
And then you can just meet
in front of the CBLR booth.
Group three, proceed
to the screening room.
Group three, proceed
to the screening room.
With the introduction
of Quantum computing
to financial markets around the
comes a unique new industry
that offers well-paying jobs
and a breath of fresh air.
But how does it all work?
This short tutorial will
tell you all you need to know
to start your cabling adventure.
Cabler users are the engines
of the global Quantum trading
Each user works with a basic
a cabling cart equipped
with a cable monitor,
and a handheld GPS unit.
Cabling is easy.
First, users open the
app on their smartphone
to sync with their GPS device.
This allows you to continue
even if your phone loses
Once in a zone,
you'll notice our fleet of
automated cabling carts.
These little helpers are your
picking up the slack when
routes can't be completed.
And always pushing cablers
to set new personal bests.
Remember, the best cablers are
the ones
who aren't afraid to
challenge their status quo.
All right, that should be
You can take those now.
I got a quick question.
Sorry, I don't know much about
but I was watching the video
and I was wondering like
is it for sure, safe?
Like with all the Quantum stuff,
and the signals and whatever's
in the air?
Like I mean is it all good?
Is it like tested?
Yeah, no, yeah.
It's totally safe.
I mean, you're outside, you're
in nature.
It's actually like, so good for
Okay, cool, cool.
So, ready to take the written
Everybody passes.
Welcome to 54 Mayberry.
Hey, does she know these people?
So how's she get in the garage?
Store me.
We keep our cabling gear up here
so we don't have to schlepp
it back to the city.
So these people just
let you in their home?
Yeah, we hook up to
their home security system.
We can lock and unlock doors as
mostly to store stuff.
You agree on a price
through a bidding system.
It actually works great.
Schrodinger didn't know if his
was dead or alive until he
and that's just like what
happens in Quantum training.
Every time a route is cabled,
a single photon beam shifts a
inside each terminal,
through a fail safe encryption
process known as GEN2 QKD,
short of Quantum Key
Hey, do I need to know this
Like photons and key
Honestly, I don't know
how any of that works.
Each time you successfully
complete a route,
our secure payment system...
Welcome to Cablers Allegheny
State Park.
Give me a hand here?
How do you get the cable monitor
to sync to the GPS device?
If you haven't already,
now is the moment to sync your
with your GPS device.
Here you go.
Sync complete.
Thanks man.
You all good?
Yeah yeah.
Welcome to cablers Allegheny
State Park cabling zone.
Steel Linxette, welcome back.
Freda Orysmus.
Subtle Tweaker, let's start
Lapsis Beeftech.
Welcome back.
Route selected.
Hey yeah, sorry.
So which route should I pick,
Here I'll get you started.
We won't be together
for the weekend, right?
Oh no no, we've completed more
so it's gonna give us
different ones to start,
like longer, harder terrain.
Yeah, so you guys are gonna get
with some beginner stuff.
So, yeah.
All right, we're gonna go on our
We'll meet you back here, Sunday
at five.
This is just short, easy, you
got it.
It can be tough in the
Don't forget to hydrate.
Oh yeah, remember, we
take 30% off the top,
which you can work down over
but it's based on total profit.
So, better the route, better for
Go ahead and grab some
cable from the shed,
and you can get started.
You'll be great.
Ready to go.
Hey man.
Phil, dude just go.
I'm gonna take a little break
Rest tonight.
Rest tonight.
It'll tell you when you can
Rest tonight.
Rest tonight.
Rest tonight, rest tonight.
Challenge your status quo.
You're out of cable.
When you run out of cable,
one of our aerial resupply
units will find you.
Follow these easy steps
to receive a fresh bundle,
action required.
Action required.
Press drop.
Press drop on the action menu.
Action required, action
Find the drop.
Time to continue your adventure.
Rest tonight.
Rest tonight.
Rest tonight.
Challenge your status quo.
Is this your first time out
Yeah, what do I gotta do here?
If this is the end of your
you have to check in here first,
so just put your thingy
under the lens here.
Hey, there it is.
Lapsis Beeftech.
Hey, thanks.
Route complete.
You've earned 795 dollars.
And you've got the Gen store,
located near site 47.
What you see every day
on your desk startup,
here at one of our many
transistor sites.
So when you order a new route,
this is where the magic happens.
In between routes our
cablers typically stay
at campsites like this one,
but this campsite is actually
one of our larger sites,
which is why you can see right
behind me is a Gen store,
which is where cablers go to
stock up
on food and grab new gear.
Locals in the area actually
franchise these Gen stores,
which is just one of many
that have grown up out of
the Quantum cabling boom
over the past decade.
Anything catch your eye?
Is that lasagna?
Ever been camping before?
Boil water, add it in,
Cash or points?
Cash, I don't have any points.
I gotta scan you first, honey.
Well actually, you do have
points, 60,743.
Yeah but this is my first route.
This is your medallion?
Well, these are your points
if you want to use 'em.
just, take that.
Here Betty, one time just for
All right.
Does it have a name?
Hey Ray, you gettin' by okay
out there?
Yeah yeah yeah, all's great,
everything's great, Felix.
Look, I'm caught up in
the middle of a situation.
Okay, I got a quick
question for you, all right.
I feel like I'm using
somebody else's medallion,
'cause like there's all
this personal files on here,
and a couple of people
gave me like a weird look
when I said my trail name.
And I went to buy some stuff,
and all these points on the
that are like clearly not mine.
So like, is this thing legit?
Of course it is, Ray.
Those were obviously not my
No, it looks like it's
just your lucky day.
If I was you, I'd spend them.
Okay, but why would there be?
Listen, Ray just let me
know if you got a problem
look, I've gotta go.
You're gonna be fine.
Something cover up.
All right.
Sorry, if we were keeping you
Important business.
No, of course.
What's going on?
Teddy, he's not gonna bite.
You're a trustworthy guy, right?
No, the situation is, Teddy
just got lapped by an automated
So we're helping him get
so he can set a wire trap,
so he can reclaim his route.
What's your trail name, I'll
add you.
Add me, sorry.
How long you been out here?
This is my second route.
It's my first day.
Yeah, so you're able to see
all the cablers out there,
if they're in the same zone,
if you add them on the network.
That way when you're
around different people,
you'll pop up.
Gotcha, yeah yeah,
I'm not so good with the tech
stuff yet.
So, what's your trail name?
My name is Lapsis Beeftech.
I don't know what to
say, it is what it is.
Why'd you choose that name?
I didn't choose it.
Did you get to choose yours?
Yeah, we all did.
Just out of curiosity, when you
did you have a lot of
points already, or anything?
Yeah, I tried to buy some
stuff today,
and I was like, can I use this
I mean is this kosher?
So I called them, and they said
if you got the points, use them.
They're yours to use.
So let me get this straight.
You don't know whose trail
name that was, before you?
Is that correct?
No, I just started.
My friend started a donation
for cablers who are unjustly
or penalized out here,
you know, to help them
with their legal fees.
I don't know if you wanted to
some of your points, just
so you know it's an option.
Oh wow, cool, yeah.
Not saying you have to, of
No, totally yeah, but
that's, that's great.
Well we are gonna hit the hay.
Look, if you're around
tomorrow for breakfast,
we're having flapjacks.
What time?
Seven, yeah, you're welcome to
Oh great.
You guys have syrup?
You deserve a rest.
The crazy thing about
self-driving technology,
is that they can't the lasers to
whether you're driving on sand
or snow.
The other side of that is
that when you think about
human emotions, flexibility,
human nuance,
dogs are incredibly stupid.
That's a high-speed data tower,
pubic wifi, GPS,
I mean who's to say the
immune system, right?
Running on tiny little
interactions between cells,
all based on magnetic
properties of chemistry.
The most advanced AI,
billions of dollars in research,
shopping mall sized server farms
in the middle of the desert.
News flash, your dog is not
happy living
in your small apartment.
Alzheimer's, omnia,
how do we know these aren't
with disturbances to the
in which they originally
My dog can tell the difference
between sand and snow.
Oh because she has a brain,
that's evolved over millions of
and instead of respecting that,
and then cautiously moving
towards that,
we can just get a bunch of dudes
in a room and crack
You're confident those tests
can prove
whether or not there's
potential harm on biology
we don't even fully understand?
People have to ask themselves
what they really want in life.
Sorry, gotta go.
Action required.
Coming drop.
Sorry man, I gotta go.
Challenge your status quo.
Hello, Mister Tincelli,
this is Doctor Joe Mangold
at Barr-Crider Clinic.
Oh hey Doctor Mangold,
can you hear me now?
I'm calling because Jamie's
doing well,
but not really responding yet
to our more conventional
So, given his symptom profile,
what I want to recommend to you,
is that we upgrade him to track
which involves a treatment
known as magnesium acoustics.
Uh huh.
Track three does represent
a change in the pricing plan
that you had discussed,
but at the higher price point,
you get a more potent
plan of action for James.
Oh, yeah yeah yeah,
well doctor this is definitely
I am interested in,
so how much more are we talking?
Well, you're at 10 right now,
this would come in about 19,
Is it actually possible actually
to speak with Jamie at the
I was just in his
room, he's fast asleep.
I would hate to have to wake him
Okay well, Doctor
Mangold, unfortunately,
I'm gonna have to stick
to the normal plan,
because it sounds great, but I
it's not something I can.
Mister Tincelli?
Yeah, sorry doctor.
I appreciate the call,
and I'll talk to you again soon.
Bye bye.
DNA detected.
Positive ID match.
DNA detected, positive ID match.
Security dispatch.
Security dispatch.
Security dispatch.
Lapsis Beeftech.
Excuse me sir, can I interest
in a totally new way to see?
No thanks, on my way out.
This is my last route.
Thanks, though.
Well, congratulations, but
the next time you're out here,
you are definitely going to want
because what they allow you to
is to actually see at night,
thanks to a patented PDC
which bio-amplifies the
route receptors in your eyes,
giving you a 40% boost in the
allowing you to become
more stable at night.
Probably at night.
God damn it.
I'm sorry.
Route selected.
Excuse me.
Hey buddy, so listen,
I got you on an upgraded plan
so do me a favor, give me a
call when you get a chance,
let me know how you're doing.
All right, I love you buddy.
We'll get you out of there
feelin' better.
All right, let me know.
Lazy river in the noonday sun
Lay for a while in the shade
of a tree
Throw away your
troubles, dream with me
Up the lazy river where the
robin suns
Wait for the morning, we roll
Quantum selected, two remaining.
Hi, I'm Noori Capahardi,
CBLR's new CEO.
Since joining six months ago,
I've been listening to you.
To towns and rural communities
near some of our most active
and also to our own employees.
I've seen a lot of good,
in flexible jobs, benefits
to local economies,
the pride of being part of a
21st century innovation
in Quantum computing.
And I know we have a lot to work
One of our core values at CBLR
is to always do the right thing.
You've got my promise that we're
an even better route for CBLR,
and far those who rely on us
for flexible, sustainable
careers, every day.
Well that's some bullshit.
Literally insane.
Yeah, bullshit.
You imagining if they took
those shots
out here, like of us,
like shots of Alice crawling
her way over Jughead?
Blood dripping down her ear,
Must finish route
before automated carts.
We're listening to you.
Hey real talk, Miss
PR Reboot or whatever
means we get longer
routes and can finish 'em,
I'm all ears.
If you saw a route to a
130, you'd actually take it?
Sure, that's gotta start
at five grand, minimum.
Take that to the casino,
maybe get myself a trailer,
live the Bob life.
Bob has a sweet trailer
down behind the casino.
Oh yeah, whereabouts?
Across the park, over by the
Oh nice, yeah.
I'm headed up to 167.
Explains the gear.
Ray, I thought you said this
was your first week out here?
Yeah, it is.
Well that's the life.
First week, tens of thousands
on a route to a 160.
What's your trail name again?
Well I didn't choose
- my trail name.
- What's your trail name?
Lapsis Beeftech.
You smug son of a bitch.
Oh hey, come on.
What are you gonna do?
Come on, come on, let him go.
It's not him, it's obviously
not him.
Not who?
Never mind man, never mind,
just clean up, all right.
You done?
Sorry about back there.
It's no problem man.
Can I give you some advice?
You don't know who the
previous owner
of your medallion was, do you?
No man, I just signed
up like everybody else.
Why, do you know whose it was?
Well, a lot of people are
running scams.
I'd just make up a new name
and use that when you tell
Well, it's not really
worth getting into but.
I don't know why you can't
just tell me.
Because I don't know if I can
trust you.
I'm just out here workin'
like everybody else, man.
All right.
Just use a different trail name.
That's all I'm trying to say.
It's for your own safety.
Hey, how's it going Ray?
Hey, good.
I see you're on a long route.
Uh yeah.
Are you on pace?
Yeah, yeah.
Love it, challenging your
status quo.
Keep it up, Ray.
Okay ready, one time just for
Who is that?
A little rat.
Does it have a name?
Hey buddy, just callin'
again to see how you're doing.
Come on!
You're out of cable.
Out of range.
Signal strength, low.
Auto drop initiated.
Hey, what are you doin'?
That's mine, what are you doin'?
Hey, give me that, drop that.
Jesus Christ.
Hey, what do you want?
- What do you want?
- Give it up!
Everything you've got.
Give us a share of your boot,
and you can have your table.
In return, we'll protect you
from danger,
and treat you like one of us.
Who the hell are you kids?
Give us your money!
Chets, leave the area right
now, and I won't report it.
These yours?
Oh yeah yeah.
Thanks, yeah, yeah, I'm Ray.
- Oh.
- Thanks again.
Or, do you have a trail name?
Who were those lunatics?
Did you see that?
That was insane.
As in, scared me to death.
You new out here?
Yeah yeah, I'm pretty new, yeah.
They live down by the town, in
RV camps,
but they're harmless if you
just threaten to report them.
They've been on you for a
couple of days now, I think.
Wait a minute, harmless?
I mean they jumped out of
and they threw a net on me.
I almost had a heart attack.
Well, their parents are
poor seasonal laborers,
who were exploited by companies
that don't provide day care
to independent contractors,
so it depends how you look at
What did you mean by, "they
were on me?"
What does that mean, I don't
and why do you know that?
Well, I've been slightly
behind you each day
because your pace is aggressive,
but then if I'm not wrong,
at the end of each day
we've been ending up
at the same campsites.
Right, okay.
I think that's you.
Oh yeah, oh, probably yeah.
My rig is back that way down
the path,
but I'm headed that direction.
Oh all right, so I'll
wait over there for you.
I do this six months out of the
I think this is my fifth year,
and then the rest of the year
I get to do my own thing,
whatever I want.
Whatever you want.
Pretty cool, like what?
You deserve a rest.
Deserve a rest.
"In conversations about the
"of the Quantum market,
"the focus is usually on
"the outrageous returns to Wall
"but in cabling zones across the
"a handful of companies are
making money hand over fist,
"while the independent
contractors they rely on
"for the precious roots,
"are left to fend for themselves
"without any basic protections."
Pretty good, you're a good
Those are really good photos
Thanks, they're mine.
It's impressive.
So, let me ask you this, all
Would any of this be here
without the cabling companies
and without the demand from the
The way I see it is,
everyone's making a killing out
Like way more than when I
started in waste management,
like when I first started to
Okay, I gotta pay for
my own health insurance.
But, the way I see it, even with
I'm still coming out ahead.
Why'd you get into it?
Waste management?
No, cabling.
Oh, well my little brother he's,
he's pretty sick.
What's wrong, if you
don't mind me asking?
No no no,
we think he's got this thing
called omnia.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
I've heard there's a lot of
scamming going on, now too,
in like treating it, so
Yeah, well,
what I read is that it seems
like it's related to CFS,
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
which unfortunately his mother
died of.
You know, it's more common in
Yeah, we're half brothers.
We have the same dad,
but he hasn't been in the
picture for quite a while.
Anyway, sorry.
Oh I know what that's like.
Oh yeah?
Sorry to hear that.
Yeah but no, back to this idea
that the cabling companies
created everything,
and we have to play by their
rules, and that's that.
Like, I wonder how you square
the fact that that means,
I don't know, bad healthcare for
which I'm betting is also the
for your brother with his omnia.
Okay, see now,
this is where you and I lose
each other,
because okay, how many of these
cabling companies are there?
What is it, like eight?
Or nine or 10, or whatever?
And they all have to compete
in the market, right?
Actually as you read in
my article, it's a monopoly.
They're all owned by the
same umbrella company,
but monopolies are a
separate issue, continue.
I look out for myself.
I work hard.
I play by the same
rules as everybody else,
which means I got the same shot.
I mean, you don't need a college
or a high school degree, or
whatever, diploma or whatever.
Yeah yeah, okay.
Can I ask you something else,
which you might know an answer?
Yeah yeah, go ahead.
How much is the current
route you're on, worth?
Why are you asking me that?
Oh well just in terms of
this idea you are proposing,
that competition cures all
and everybody has an
equal shot and all that.
I guess I'm just wondering about
you said this is only your first
time out.
Right, you've only been
in a little over a week?
Yeah, but I came into
this like everybody else.
Already out here in the 120's,
so I assume your route has a
big payday at the end of it.
Where usually it would
take a couple of years
of doing routes for a new cabler
to see anything out here like
Oh and then also you
mentioned that you had
thousands of points in
your account already,
that you used to buy all this
new gear,
that usually it would take a new
years to build up to,
so I guess I'm just wondering
how you square that head start
you got
with this trust that if
just puts their head down
and just tries so hard,
it'll all magically balance out?
On your left.
You've been passed by an
automated cart.
Hey, what does it mean when
it says I've been passed?
Can I see?
Like, it says, you've been
and you'll lose your route in
and then it starts counting
It means you got passed
by an automated cart.
What does that mean?
In the night, one of
those little robotic carts
that you see around,
it tapped onto your route,
connected at the last junction
you made,
and passed you.
Okay, so I got passed, so
how do I get my route back?
Now you have to pass it.
Well okay, so I pass it,
so like won't it just pass me
I mean if it's a machine
or whatever the hell it is,
if I stop it's just gonna keep
Mmm, yeah maybe you have
to knock it off its route.
I thought that was illegal.
I mean I thought that people
get busted for that here.
Ah, the thought of
doing something illegal.
No, hey wait a minute.
Okay look, I am not a guy
who's afraid to break the law,
I've had my share of malfeasance
but that's in civilization
where I know what I'm doing.
Here, I don't know what
the hell's going on.
I mean like there's technology
there's shit flying around,
looking at us.
What, this never happens to you?
It happens all the time.
So what do you do?
I set traps.
Most people like using steel
wire, and blue tech traps,
because they stick to the
automated cart
and gradually slow them down.
But wire traps usually
trigger in immediate DNA test,
and the DNA test is tough to
So I've developed my own method,
which I call rock-henge.
In rock-henge the automated cart
can move around freely,
and because of that,
it doesn't automatically do a
DNA test.
It'll take them at least a day
or two
to come retrieve it, and in the
it'll be trying to get
itself out of the pickle
it believes was of its own
You've retaken your route.
So what I'm sayin' is,
think of it like this,
I'm the owner of one of
these cable companies, right?
I got these automated carts,
No injuries, no complaints,
so what I'm sayin' is,
if I'm the owner of
one of these companies,
I'm making 'em as fast as I can.
Right, and they did that,
but then the problem was
that the carts kept on
getting tangled in brush,
not to mention crossing water.
So then after Lapsis
there was this second wave
that we're in now.
I keep on forgetting you're new.
You probably don't know about
No no, I don't know, what is
He was a cabler who
basically cracked the problem.
He wrote better code for the
so they learn now, and they're
basically as good as people.
But beyond that, the messed
up thing that he did,
was that he went around collecting
cheek swabs from cablers,
that he said was for a drive,
for a bone marrow transplant
And then he used those cheek
to go and build out the first
version of the DNA database,
that the automated carts still
use today
to catch cablers tampering with
Yeah, that's why you have
to swab when you sign up,
right away, in case you
wondered why you had to do that.
But people were actually
about to strike at that point,
like those two women I know
who were in my piece that you
had gotten everybody organized,
but what Lapsis did just
kind of killed the momentum,
and then anybody who
wanted to keep their wages,
was forced into signing an NDA,
so now everybody just kind of
goes about their own business.
Most people are locked
into this personal battle
with whatever automated
cart is on their route,
and that's that.
So, so where is this guy?
What's he doing now?
Whoever, whatever his
name is, this Lapsis?
I don't know.
Although funny thing, I
heard he's back out here
in the zone somewhere.
What do you think he's doing
I don't know.
He'd have to be quite a bit
older now.
Hey, so now that we're
what's your trail name?
Ow! Damn it.
You okay?
Oh, my trail name?
it's Tiki Barbershop.
Tiki Barbershop.
Barber, shop.
I'm not seeing you.
It can be finicky.
If you just add me on yours.
Oh man.
You okay?
Damn it, yeah, sorry.
What's the matter with me?
Anyway, here,
so this is my famous beef
It's a little short on the
mushrooms, but,
you get the idea.
Wow, thank you.
Thunderstorms are approaching
your area.
Take cover.
Yeah, nothing out here lasts.
Like, the longest you can expect
to be lined up with someone on
their route
is like three days.
Once, I was with someone
on a route for seven days,
and yeah that was like marriage.
So what, it just didn't work
No, no we did not.
So, do you ever hike just for
Yeah, you don't really
strike me as the type.
So then like what is my type?
You have kind of like a
70's mobster vibe goin' on.
Yeah yeah, no no, I've
heard that one before.
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah.
Yeah I mean listen it's better
to be somethin' than nothin' you
So I'll take it, right.
I mean I pretty much
ripped it from my old man.
70's mobster, you should have
seen him.
So where'd you grow up?
You got like family there?
Yeah, my mom is, yeah.
I'm gonna call it.
Yeah, yeah yeah, right.
Well, if you sleep at
intervals around the clock,
then you don't have to
sleep through the night,
and then you've got a
better shot at staying ahead
of the automated carts.
This is gonna sound like
a stupid question but,
do they ever take breaks?
The automated carts, they
ever like stop for any reason?
Only if they break,
but then you'll see their lights
and usually they get a
technician out pretty quick.
Oh, okay, interesting.
Why, what?
Well my first day, one of
them stopped right near me.
There were no flashing lights or
but it looked like it just got
What were you doing?
I don't know, I don't remember.
I think I was taking
an unauthorized break.
Off route.
We're a little off, we
gotta be off more this way.
You're not off?
No, I'm right on, too.
Hey, this is a weird question
when that cart stopped,
were you doing anything in
Anything special with your
What were you doing exactly?
I think I was just sitting
Hey, you know what?
Maybe I should just take
a little detour here.
No, it'll cancel your route.
It won't cancel it
right away, I mean like,
what if there was a
fallen tree or something?
Off route.
Jesus Christ.
What's your trail name?
- It's hard to spell.
- Just spell it.
Ray, listen to me.
I know what your real trail name
I don't know who you're
working for out here,
or even if you are working for
Honestly, I don't know
what you're doing out here
with that medallion.
But if you want to help us,
try and remember what you were
right when that cart shut off.
How do you know my trail name?
There might be a trigger that
shuts off
the automated carts without
You might have done it without
even knowing that you did it,
because you have the
medallion that belongs
to the original Lapsis,
which you lied about.
But despite that, I think
you're a good guy, Ray.
But there's a very good reason
for that,
but what do you mean by trigger?
Find the original Lapsis.
Try to see if he'll tell
you what the trigger is.
It could be a code, it could
be numbers, letters, anything.
You share a trail name so...
But how do you know my trail
Look up Half Moon Naturals.
It's a wellness brand, but they
Half Moon Naturals.
Okay, Half Moon Naturals, okay.
Wait wait wait, why am I doing
Half Moon Naturals?
Hello, your ice is ready.
Hello, your ice is ready.
Hello, your ice is ready.
Hello, your ice is...
You've been passed by an
automated cart.
Why didn't my thing go off?
That's what you get, Beeftech.
You god damn asshole.
Lapsis Beeftech.
Route complete.
Collecting route.
Total earnings, 105,690
dollars and 11 cents.
Leaving the Allegheny
Signaling Zone.
See you next time.
54 Mayberry?
Welcome to 54 Mayberry.
We actually don't offer charging
Checking in?
No, we've met.
I'm Ray Tincelli, my
brother Jamie is here.
Unfortunately, I have to check
him out
due to a family emergency.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Yes, James.
So we can't let James out today,
as he is in stage two of
three of magnesium acoustics,
and legally that must resolve.
It's part of our licensing
for that treatment,
and as you agreed to up entry,
was that all treatments must
be seen through to their end,
for safety reasons.
I'm also seeing here that the
last charge
to the card for James'
account ending in 1-0-0-2,
was declined today.
Could you provide an alternate
form of payment please?
What a minute, it was declined?
I just paid that in full.
If the investigation affects the
can you at least tell me
when the investigation ends?
I'm sorry, we can't divulge
information about internal
Okay, so is it possible
for a partial payment?
I'm not sure what you mean
by partial payment.
Like a partial payment,
like some of the money.
Unfortunately we cannot release
any funds until the
No, okay, no no no no fine,
No, that's it.
Bye bye.
Take away the headaches,
take away the pain, nausea,
and you're left with what I
is a really reasonable
reaction to the world,
which is to withdraw.
Sullivan, I will be right back.
What are you doing?
Did you get any of the
messages that I left for you?
Why are you here?
We're getting the hell out of
Yeah, so what's the deal here?
Tell me what happens, day two.
Yeah, so you'll see a
specialist in the morning,
and they'll get you goin'
on your treatment plan.
Treatment plan?
So do you feel like it's
making a difference for you?
No, honestly overpriced placebo.
All right, so maybe you
can show me around, you know.
Is there a rec center, somewhere
where people play cards?
Love to know what the plan is.
All right, here's the deal,
I need you to dig in with me,
all right.
We've got something going on.
You feel good, you feel ready?
You pay them yet?
Listen, there's a lot
going on, all right.
I started cabling.
The promotion didn't
happen, I started cabling.
I want to get everything paid,
I need you to pay attention,
I need you to absorb all this,
all right.
So you got a pen, something
to write this stuff down with?
Are you serious?
I want to know what
those moments feel like,
to the people who built this
Thanks Brice, great question.
Trish and I loved the
quote from the scientist...
Did you find his store?
Yeah, it's in Neals,
two hours, south-ish.
Well, we gotta get you home.
Why, it's on the way.
Up the lazy river by the
Lazy river in the noonday sun
When I first saw her,
I was cabling through the woods,
you know?
And then like, I saw her up this
and she was like sitting
there with her arms folded
on her chest, and her mouth wide
with one of those like facemasks
Like my mask.
Like sleeping, just like on a
Okay, remember,
I go to my nose,
you wait in the van, I take it
from there.
The powder.
Fantastic for any inflammation.
Yeah, and it's very, very
Of course, all of our
ingredients are locally...
That's Arthur.
What's up, Arthur?
Help you find anything in
No, well actually maybe.
This is my brother, Jamie.
Nice to meet you, Jamie, John.
I'm Ray.
Yeah, we're headed up to
Allegheny to do some work,
but unfortunately
Jamie's not feeling well.
We don't really know what it is,
but we think it might be omnia,
based on the symptoms.
Get him to Barr-Crider?
Yeah he has actually.
What do you know about it.
Waste of money.
My wife likes the magnesium
acoustics but,
I'm a, wait here a second.
Sorry about that.
I've come to really believe in
Not tea, as you know it.
These are custom blends,
incredibly rare ingredients,
sourced from around the world.
Other people sell them
but not in the pure form
that we get here.
Small batch growers.
Really does make a difference.
You guys live in town?
No, I'm taking him up to
get his cabling medallion.
I'm gonna go lay down.
Yeah, I'm hoping he holds
up while we're up there.
It's been rough so I can
get across with this stuff.
I cable a bit myself.
You been doing it for a while?
No no, I haven't.
It's only been a couple
of weeks since I started.
Yeah, you could probably give
me a couple of tips though.
Anything I should look out for?
I'm sure you're a pro already.
No no, I only did it for a
I mean I made a killing which
was great,
but I almost took my back out
trying to catch one of
those automated carts.
Enteron 920s.
Yeah yeah, they're amazing.
Just the way they handle the
They're so nimble, you know.
I'm sure you must have had
to deal with them, right?
Yeah, I mean I understand
people getting caught,
trying to slow them down.
But if I'd been out there with
when you got passed,
I could have taken care of it
for you.
How do you do that?
I wrote the code for it.
And well, you gotta have a few
up your sleeve in life, you
So, could have taken care of it.
How would you do that?
Taken care of?
You know, the?
What we were just talking about.
Enough of that.
You know, like the carts,
you could have taken care of.
You can remove the cart.
Did you ask him about it?
No, I didn't, I didn't want to
push it.
There's something really
weird going on in there.
But, he had all these
numerology charts up.
So, I'm thinking that it might
some kind of cipher, or
Because Anna said it was in a
You know anything about ciphers?
I don't think it's that.
All right, well what is it then?
You tell me.
Can we stop and get
some hot water first?
How you doin'?
Better than I've been.
Keep drinkin' it, yeah.
Oh right yeah, I'm trying to
the investigations department
about a payment I have not
I'm not sure what you mean.
There isn't an investigations
department here.
Is there anybody like a manager,
or floor manager I can talk to,
Well unfortunately,
I am your authorized
so there isn't anybody else to
talk to.
What if there isn't an actual
I'm thinking maybe it's
a sound like an audio...
It's definitely a numbers thing.
I mean the guy had
numerology stuff everywhere.
But I've been on this old
cabling forum,
where there's a lot of talk
about this one guy from...
Erica, what are you doing here?
Hey, what the hell's going on
Can I help you?
Sorry Ray, it's just procedure
when we don't get our share.
What the hell's going on, here?
We need to be paid our share
of your route, right now.
I haven't been paid for my
how am I gonna pay you?
Have you talked to Jo?
What, Jo?
Hey hey hey, calm down pal.
What the hell is going on here?
Let him go.
Let's catch up Ray, shall we?
It's really not my problem
where you get your money from,
Because if you did
something illegal out there,
then our agreement's changed.
And now it's about you,
making it right for us.
Did you give me that
guy's medallion, on purpose?
With that name?
Here's the deal, Ray.
We pull off a pile of old
That means you get good routes,
which is good for both of us.
But which exact medallion you
that's out of our hands.
But what is in our hands,
is making sure we don't get
because one of our cablers goes
and smashes a cart.
I need you to get back
out there, right away.
Ideally, both of you.
And I need you to put
your head down, and cable.
And I mean cable.
Has Jo contacted you?
What? No.
I mean not since...
If Jo contacts you,
you contact Erica or me,
'cause she's not to be trusted
We can be out there in a day or
Ray, we'll be watching you, man.
Think it's working?
Maybe, honestly, I feel
like if I can figure out
everything that's in it,
we don't have to keep buying it
from him.
Just do me a favor,
get some rest.
- Mind if I join you?
- Oh!
Is that stir fry?
Yeah, you want some?
Hey, Jamie.
This is Anna.
Anna, this is my kid brother,
Nice to meet you.
So we went to Half Moon
Naturals, right.
That guy, John, up on his walls
he's got all this numerology
stuff, right.
So, it got me thinking like,
our medallions are 25 digits
long, right?
Which is the same amount
as a Baconian cipher.
Why don't we just show
her the video, real quick.
What video?
Well, I brought Jamie
on this, and we've been...
What, what video?
What makes you think it's a
I was looking at some
old cabling forums,
and I found this archived
post that John made
under one of his handles,
and in it, he talked
about how audio triggers
might be good emergency
key codes for robotics.
I checked the personal
files on Ray's thing,
and this is the only that even
has sound.
Who is that?
Does it have a name?
Wait a minute.
How did you know that?
Because that's me.
Can I see it?
No no no.
Why didn't you just tell me
Listen, I don't know what
your brother stands for,
but based on our conversations,
I truly don't know whose
side you're on, Ray.
Oh come on, are you serious?
All that work I did is
under investigation.
I haven't made a dime.
And you want me to just
hand this over to you,
without knowing what
you're gonna do with it?
If this is the trigger,
then we shut down the automated
and then we negotiate.
Would you rather start fresh
with us?
Or go home and have that
investigation wrap up,
and get nothing?
The organizing's been done.
We just need the trigger
if that is the trigger.
Can I see it again?
How did you find this?
Ray somehow stumbled into
downloading it
from John's old account.
Okay, ready?
One time, just for me.
Who is that?
Does it have a name?
Okay everybody.
The moment has come.
And give yourselves a
big round of applause
for having the courage to stop
your routes
and risk your medallions by
being here.
For those of you who
are just arriving today,
we have communicated demands
to Cabling Enterprises
Cabling is a private monopoly,
and they set all the rules.
They have chosen to abuse us,
to leave us behind, and out
here, injured,
while their CEO's and shareholders
get rich on our backs.
They don't care about us.
But guess what?
They're not out here.
Out here, it's just us.
It's just us, and we've got each
And today, we finally
have a way to force them
to stop and listen.
Okay ready?
One time just for me.
Who is that?
Does it have a name?
Turtle bluff, cart offline.
Cart offline.
- Cart offline.
- Cart offline.
Murray's Pass, what's your
Go search the valley.
Murray's Pass, what's your
Murray's Pass, what's your
Cart offline.
Oh, hey.
Hey, nice job out there.
Thanks, I think trapping
them is more fun, but yeah.
Thanks for you know, I know
everyone appreciates it.
I gotta get him back home.
Yeah yeah, and I got some things
I gotta get paid so, anyway.
Hopefully you'll hear something
You know, as a result of all
Well, wait wasn't that stuff
he was drinking helping him?
Where did you get it?
Got it at Half Moon Naturals.
Yeah yeah, it's a little
out of our price range,
but he wants to see if
we can do it on our own.
So I don't know, I guess we'll
Anyway, see you around.
But why settle for anything
but the finest,
rarest ingredients from around the world,
in their purest forms, direct
from small batch growers?
Maybe we wait until tomorrow.
When he's in, we talk to him.
Maybe he'll cut us a deal.
I mean I don't want you to...
Me to what?
I don't know, I mean I just
met him.
He's a dad, he's...
Quite wealthy.
He's also probably not here
right now.
Where do you think he is?
My bet would be that
he's at Cabler corporate,
trying to cover his ass.
Oh, you talked to him.
No, ready?
Hello, John.
There's been a security breach,
and ideally we'd like to
get this straightened out
by opening bell.
You're here because
there seems to have been
a sort of trigger,
buried in the original code
you wrote for these things,
some way of shutting them off
Do you know anything about that?
It's been a while.
Could there be a way
to shut these things
down without detection?
What do you mean, theoretically?
I mean I have a way to
shut them down, remotely.
Remote control.
I'm kidding Noori, no.
There's no way to shut these
things down without detection.
Your medallion was linked
to one of the suspected
cablers who disabled the carts.
This image was taken last night,
the last time their GPS
device synced with the cloud.
Do you know who this is, John?
No idea.
This is the result of
collective action,
of people working together,
sacrificing, calling for
worker-owned companies,
for protections.
All we're asking for is that we
just like any other industry.
It's not to attack.
Human race.
And if the industry
doesn't understand that,
then shame on them.
Here you go, buddy.
That Quantum marketing here in
the US,
will be hamstrung from opening
And we're already seeing
a massive overnight
sell-off on the Nikkei,
stoking fears that Wall Street
may see a sell-off of
its own in the morning.
In developing news, this
an outage in the great outdoors.
Tonight, we are tracking a work
in several Quantum cabling
zones throughout the northeast.
As News Team 7 correspondent
Connor Bonds reports,
that discontent stemming from
used in these zones.
Who showed him that?
Come on, you know it's funny.
You were spying on me?
You were spying on me as I was
Yo, watch my glasses.
You too?
Welcome to 54 Mayberry.