Lapwing (2021) Movie Script

[Atmospheric music]
[Thunder clap]
[Splitting wood]
Terms of the agreement?
Williams warned me you'd
be a slippery fucker.
Where's the rest of it?
Half now, half when
the boat comes.
That's not what we agreed.
Those are my terms.
Camp down on the beach.
These marshes are ours.
The boat will be coming in
the beginning of the month.
I'll come to collect the
rest when it arrives.
Williams said it would be days.
Did he?
You're fuckin' lucky
it's coming at all.
'Course if you'd
rather stay I mean.
Didn't think so.
You stay away from
us, do you hear?
If the Queen's justices
come looking, you get no
protection from
us... understood?
Fuck off.
God go with you.
[Unnerving music]
[Crackling fire]
What is it?
You should have told me.
Liz, I'm doing this for you.
For us.
So we get a place of our own,
a place away from all this.
No more tents.
No more tents?
Four walls?
- Four Walls.
A roof?
- And a baby in your belly.
At the end of the month,
when the boats arrive
we'll have enough money
to get away from here.
Hasn't happened yet-
- Our time will come.
The good Lord will look
favourably upon us.
He will listen and
he will bless us.
I promise.
What about Patience?
I promised to look after you.
Patience too.
[Sad music]
[The sound of love making]
[Thunder erupts as dawn breaks]
[A crow caws]
Come on.
Breakfast's ready.
[The wind blows]
[Unnerving music]
Jacob! Fucking listen to me.
Why won't you stand up to him?
Look at him.
What hold has he got over you?
I left-
We left everything for you.
For this!?
You call yourself a
man? You're a coward.
Go on. Go on. Go on!
Show me what I'm good
for. Go on....go on.
I won't warn you again.
You're pathetic.
[David laughs]
You need to keep her on
a tighter leash Jacob.
Wouldn't let any woman of
mine talk to me like that.
You need to take another wife.
One that does what
she's fucking told.
What about Ben?
He doesn't mind
sharing, does he Kat?
I'd have something
to say about it.
I don't doubt it. Still
though, a man has ways
to stop a sow's mouth.
And a sow's got
teeth to bite it off.
She's not lying.
You like a shriveled
purse don't you Ben?
Someone should I suppose?
What about Patience?
What do you think Patience?
Could you satisfy Jacob?
She might be a cursed wort
but I bet she knows where
to fucking put it, eh?
Nothing to say for
yourself Patience?
I think we have an agreement
then Jacob. - David!
So eager. Not a
word of complaint.
See most ladies they like
to play disinterest, but
not Patience. No no no.
She would happily cream the
milk of another woman's husband.
You're a bad girl Patience,
but then again you already
know that don't you?
See the problem remains.
Whilst a man loves a woman
who can hold her own tongue.
Every once in awhile, he
likes a bit of conversation.
A little praise
whilst in the rough.
That's enough David.
You have to admit she's not
much of a talker, but I bet
she moans like a
fucking bitch in heat.
Oh, here we go.
No we got that bit.
[He imatates her
Go on Patience, you can do it.
[He laughs]
I was only having a
bit of jest Patience!
Having a bit of fun.
[Wind blows harshly]
attempting to sing]
[Trying to catch her breath]
There were three...
Sat on a tree.
Down a down, hay down, a down
They were black
as black might be
With a down
Then one of them
said to his mate
Where shall we our
breakfast take?
With a down, derrie,
derrie, derrie, down, down.
Please don't stop.
Sorry, I-
I didn't mean to scare.
No, no, no, here, look, here.
Like this.
[Gentle music]
Here, look... this..
It's not finished yet. Nearly...
What is your name?
I am pleased to meet you.
Good day to you.
[Waves crash inn]
[Someone sobbing]
Haven't I worked hard, Patience?
Prayed hard.
God knows I've
wanted hard enough.
I thought I was late
with my courses.
But my bleed came today.
I think I must be cursed.
Maybe it's this place.
Maybe we're all cursed.
The girl can't go hungry.
- You work, you eat.
That's what we agreed
when we started this.
She don't eat today, she'll
work harder tomorrow.
[He chews loudly]
[Wind whistles]
R... Ru...
You mustn't starve.
No matter what he says.
[Someone is urinating]
[Heavy breathing]
Patience, Patience, Patience...
I've tried with you.
Haven't I tried?
Welcomed you in,
taken you on.
You know most men.
They wouldn't have put up
with you Patience. But not me.
I was only having
a bit of fun today.
Don't you like fun?
Girl like you ought
to like a bit of fun.
It's the most you can hope for.
You shouldn't have run
away today, Patience.
How can I protect you if I
don't know where you are?
If you won't do what I
say, how can I protect you?
I want to help you, Patience.
Why won't you let me help you?
I want us to be a family, you
know, like a proper family
You. Me. Liz.
Would you like that?
I'm going to go now.
I just want you to think on it.
You're a good girl.
[Sorrowful music]
Good girl.
[Lighter Music]
[They laugh]
Down in yonder
green field. [Sings]
Down a down, hay down, a down
There lies a Knight slain under
his shield, with a down...
His hounds they lie
down at his feet
So well they can
their Master keep.
With a down, derrie,
derrie, derrie, down, down.
She buried him before the prime.
Down a down, hay down, hay down
She was dead herself there
in some time with a down.
God send every gentleman.
Such hawks, such
hounds and such women.
With a down, derrie,
derrie, derrie, down, down.
[Thunder clap]
[He breathes heavily]
Let me show you.
[Ripping Flesh]
Quick as a bird.
It's easy.
[She breathes heavily]
[Light romantic music]
[Bucket placed on the ground]
[Lonely music]
[Heavy Breathing]
[Thunder rumbles]
[Ave Maria - sung by choir]
[Sings] When I past dance,
and sing and dance.
[Sudden music]
Let her go!
Let her go.
Stay away from her. You
stay away from her. You
fucking stay away from her,
or I'll fucking kill you.
Do you hear me?
I'll cut your fucking throat.
I'll cut your fucking throat.
Fucking pikey.
Come on you.
You fucking cunt, you.
Come on.
G-g-g- Come on! What are
you saying, Patience?
Spit it out for once
in your fucking life.
What is this?
This is a whore.
A little whore who
thought she was too good
for my word. - David!
She was with the Gyptian boy.
The Gyptian boy.
Weren't you Patience? Huh?
Spreading her legs for him.
Or you would have been, had
I not found you in time.
The question is, Patience.
What do we do to a
law breaking whore?
- It's not her fault!
He bewitched her.
- He bewitched her!
What do you think,
Patience? Huh?
Did he cast a spell on you?
Did he?
Go on, you can tell me.
You can tell me. Did
he cast a spell on you?
Or did you like it? Did
you want it? You fucking
wanted it didn't you?
Yes, you fucking did. You
wanted him between your legs.
You're as wet as the
fucking marsh for that boy.
You allowed yourself to be used
by a leather-faced incubus.
A demon, sent by the devil to
spread more of his wicked kind.
To spread his seed in her cunt.
What's this?
What's this?
The devil's idol.
The devil's idol!
A devil's mark.
Yes, Beth. Witch. Yes.
And you know what we
do to witches? Do you?
Of course not.
You're so innocent.
We burn the devil out of them.
We burn the devil out of them!
David, no!
Please, no!
Defy me again.
And I will burn the...
...fucking witch out of you!
There's your devil's
fucking idol.
[Fire pops and crackles]
Almighty and most
merciful father.
We have erred and strayed
from thy ways like lost sheep.
We have followed too much
the devices and desires of
our own hearts...........
[Ominous music ]
[Voices distorted
and can't be heard]
[Thunder rumbles]
Back before nightfall.
[The cart wheels
squeaks and rumble]
Take this.
Not talking to me, Patience?
Come on, Patience.
Come on.
I don't want any bad
blood between us.
One day you're going to
thank me for stopping that
night-skinned runt from
getting into your cunt.
Don't do anything
silly, Patience.
Don't do anything
silly when I'm gone,
because I'll know.
You know that, don't you?
You know if I found out
you did anything silly,
I wouldn't be happy.
And I don't think-
I don't think you like me
when I'm not happy, do you?
Do you, Patience?
Help your sister while I'm away.
You're a good girl, Patience.
Such a good girl.
Come on.
We'll be back by nightfall.
[The cart wheels
squeak and rumble]
You should not be here.
Back, where you belong.
Back to your people.
[Speaks in native language]
I am glad you have come.
[Sounds of the sea
and wildlife at night]
[The fire crackling]
[Speaks in her native language]
[Music -light/romantic]
[Kissing and panting]
David couldn't get
a price at market,
but there might be
somewhere that will take it.
It's a day's journey away.
Where the FUCK have you been?
Take the food from your sister.
She's coming with us.
I thought you wanted me to come?
I need you to look after
the place while I'm gone, I
need you to look after it.
You're the only
one that I trust.
I need you to do that
for me, will you?
Go on.
Go on.
- That's got everything on it?
- Yeah.
[Music - ominous]
[The cart wheels
squeak and rumble]
Come on.
[The fire crackles]
[Howling noises in the trees]
There's demons in
the trees out here.
Spirits trapped in
old tree stumps.
They say that...howling
and whistling-
you hear?
That's them.
Screaming to get out.
You don't have to be scared.
Know, I won't let
anything happen to you.
Well this is fun
and cozy, isn't it?
What have I missed?
I tell you what I'm missing
Hey Patience?
Look at me when I'm
talking to you Patience.
There's a good girl.
So, as I was saying...
..the only thing missing...
..what do you say Patience?
Girl like you, ought to be
able to entertain a man.
Oh come on, don't be shy.
It's not as though I
haven't seen it before.
Why don't you show us?
How you entertained that
Gyptian boy....on the beach?
How you witched him.
..won't play, won't talk...
..maybe she'll sing.
..that's right,
we hear you.
When you think... one's looking,
when you....when you
think no one's watching...
..and no one's looking,
we hear you.
Can't speak, but can screech
like a fucking Lapwing.
Why don't you give us a
song? Could use a laugh.
What's that, Patience?
I don't know that one myself.
Poor little Patience.
All alone in the woods.
[Trees creak and grown]
It's alright...
..he shouldn't have done that...
..shouldn't have
tried to shame you.
I should have stopped him.
It's not right.
There's something
about you, Patience.
You scare him... do.
He can't control you
and it makes him sick...
..drives him mad...
..then, it would
drive any man mad.
It's alright, Patience,
you don't need to
pretend anymore.
It's all a game
to you, isn't it?
I've seen you, look at
me.......hmm. Catching my
eye, sending me smiles.
I know what you're
doing Patience.
A man can read the signs.
[Squelch of a knife
through flesh]
[Heavy panting]
[Cries out]
They were right, weren't they?
Weren't they?
Jacob and Mathilde.
All this time,
putting your charms on
me. Witching me. Huh?
Ah, you're the devil aren't you.
Oh God.
You're the devil, aren't you.
[Grunts and groans]
[The wind and trees
fade into grunts]
[Heavy breathing]
[The fire crackles]
[A soft cry]
[Bird song]
I need you to get up.
Come on.
[Slow-burn ominous music]
I need you to get undressed.
Come on.
Take off your clothes.
Wait here until I come back.
I won't be long.
[The cart clanks over
the uneven ground]
[Singing] One of them
said to his mate,
Where shall we our
breakfast take?
With a down, derrie,
derrie, down, down.
[The thud of drums
in the distance]
[Strange, distorted singing]
[Thunder claps]
Put them on.
Come on, get up.
Come on.
[Ominous music]
[Birds caw in the distance]
[The trundling of the cart]
Listen to me, Patience.
We both know what
happened last night.
We both know what
you made me do.
I know what you did and
you know really, don't you?
But we don't want anyone
else to know, do we?
We don't want anyone else
thinking dangerous thoughts.
Because they
wouldn't understand.
Would they?
They wouldn't see this as
something best kept between us.
You and your little tricks.
And it will Patience.
I'll tell them. I'll tell them
all, if that's what you want?
What would your sister say?
If she knew what you were?
[Ominous drum beat]
Fucking disgusting.
Stop it!
[The crack of breaking wood]
You're back.
What are these?
What are these?
Where's Jacob?
[Foreboding music grows]
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry Mathilde.
No wife should have to
hear this, but Jacob
left me with no choice.
David, where is he?
What is going on?
Well, it's a shameful
thing that's going on.
A shameful thing,
but your husband is a
thief and an adulterer.
What are you talking about?
I don't know what
else to say Mathilde.
That a man would do
that to his wife.
Do that to his people.
Do what?
There was a girl,
on the road, a common strumpet,
he disappeared with her,
believe me when I say I
tried to warn them off, but-
I thought he'd spend himself
with her and come crawling back.
But he didn't.
We looked everywhere for
him, didn't we Patience?
Didn't we look
everywhere for him?
I'm so sorry, Mathilde -
and after everything
you've given up for him.
That's not the
worst of it though,
Jacob was holding the
money for the sale, when he
disappeared to wet his wick.
All of it?
All of it indeed,
Kat. All of it.
It's a sorry thing what
he's done to us all.
What he's done to Mathilde.
It's a terrible thing,
to do that to a woman
and the children.
It's a terrible thing.
How'd she, get those clothes
then, if the money's gone?
I bartered for them is all?
If you must know,
Patience tore her dress
while pushing that barrow
I wasn't gonna have one of my
own arriving in the grand hall
with her petticoat on show,
now was I Kat? You're
a cold sot Kat.
Thinking of clothes
at a time like this.
When a woman's just
lost her husband?
It's like I said.
It's terrible thing
what happened, you do
well to remember that.
We wait for the boat to
come in for the gyptians.
I'll go collect the money.
Divvy it up, and
then we move on.
Go our separate ways.
[The wind whistles]
[Choral singing]
[Patience desperately
tries to speak]
[Stutters/stammers her name]
[ Broken sobbing]
[The rushing of the sea]
I came for you last night.
I wanted to see you.
There is something wrong?
Please, look at me, look.
Look at me.
[Thunder rumbles]
Why did Patience
get those clothes?
[Sighs] Fuck,
I already told you
She ripped her dress.
That money was for us, our
future. You, me, our child.
What happened to
putting us first?
I always put us first.
What is this David?
That, my beautiful wife,
is mine.
From the gyptians.
Excuse me?
My God.
How could you do this to them?
I'll have nothing
to do with this.
God will never grant
us a child for this.
You're right Liz,
you're always right.
I led us on a dark path.
I see that now.
I didn't mean to.
Everything I that
do, I do for you.
I do that for Patience, too.
I'm sorry.
You think I'm blind
to this, you do.
You think I'm blind to this.
But I see, I see them, I
see the way they look at me.
- I see the way you look at me.
- David.
All I've done is protect you,
but does anybody see that?
No, they don't, you,
you don't see that.
Even you don't see that.
I do see that.
No, you're with them out there.
Oh, you're with them
out there, aren't you?
They've wormed
their way in to you.
They've wormed
their way into you-
and I need to cut it out.
Will you tell me I
need to cut it out?
Is that right for
me to fucking do?
Get up, you fuck.
- No - No one could
turn me against you.
You're everything to me.
and Patience, you girls.
You're everything to me.
You, you're everything to me.
You and Patience.
You girls.
You want me dead.
You want me dead.
I fucking smell it.
No, no, no, you're my husband.
Then maybe I do it for you, huh?
- No, don't. Don't.
- Maybe I do it for you?
Stop it. Stop it.
Where is he?
He's gone to the village.
We're leaving then, you
should come with us.
I can't Kat.
Then let us take Patience.
I can't leave.
Neither of us can.
He won't let us go.
Well, if you change your
mind, we'll be at Fishtoft.
There's work there.
God speed to you both.
I shall miss you and your
squawking, little lapwing.
[Desolate music]
[Cheering and chattering]
Put it down. Get on with it.
Alright, alright,
alright. Ready?
It's all going in.
Come on then.
Go on, go on.
Come on.
Liar, these are loaded.
[Desolate Music]
[Thunder rumbles]
[Unnerving Music]
[Thunder claps]
[Axw scraping wood]
[Music builds]
Get off her, get off.
[Screaming - spluttering]
This is the way it is.
This is the only
way it has to be.
The only way,
I can save our souls,
[Thunder claps]
forgive our sins.
It's the only way
we can be together.
This is what you've
always wanted, what
you've always wanted.
but I'm so tired. I'm so tired
But I'm gonna make it better.
I'm gonna make it better.
I'm gonna make it better.
No, David. No.
It's the only way., please.
I'll make it quick,
I promise,
I just wanted to say...
It's beautiful...
[Hopeful music]