Larceny (2017) Movie Script

Thank you.
It's been zero-zero forever.
I hate soccer.
Hey, come on! Come on, score a damn goal.
What's wrong with these guys?
- Have a drink, amigo.
- Take it easy.
Why do you love
this restaurant so much?
Because the food here
is amazing.
- What will you have?
- The fillet mignon.
You know what?
I have to use the restroom. Be right back.
Oh, did you see that?
Hey, cheers.
- Get a drink amigo.
- Hey, listen, take it easy.
What a loser.
Did his guy's dog die or something?
What's going on here man? Take it easy.
- Hola, senorita!
- Hola.
- You need a hand?
- I do not know what is wrong.
I can take a look.
Hey. Bathroom is closed.
I got to go, por favor.
Bathroom's closed.
Well, who's in there? Who's in there,
like... like a Kardashian?
Like you're having sex too.
What was that for?
Well, I don't think
you're going anywhere tonight.
This looks bad.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Maybe I can find you
a place to stay.
Where is it?
Do you know what you're doing?
You're being robbed, asshole.
At least show me where the money is.
You will never get it.
Once he knows I got this,
you'll be dead inside an hour,
so you better change your story.
- Did you get it?
- Yeah.
Time to go.
The back door!
I don't see her.
Don't worry, don't worry.
She'll be here.
A little help, Billy.
Get in the car.
- Wait, what about you?
- No way, we all go, or no one does.
- That was the plan.
- The plan was screwed.
What the hell are you doing?
Get out of here.
Cops, cops, let's go.
I'll hold them off.
I'll give them what they want, me.
Go. Go!
Hey, hey, the drive.
Okay, good.
I give up.
Hey, I give up, I give up. Whoa, whoa.
Hey, I give up.
Do you even know
who you were trying to rob?
Hey, hey, I'm not a thief.
I'm just a liberator.
You think you can come to my country
and cause trouble?
Who are you?
Mr. John Doe, nice to meet you.
Senator what about...
Do you care to make a comment
about the border war proposal?
Well, building a wall between the US
and Mexico will go a long way
in keeping the criminal element
and the drugs out of our country.
The Times, Senator. Are you saying that
all Latinos are criminals?
Far from it.
Actually, our neighbors here to the south
are both proud and ambitious people.
We can't fault them
for a few bad apples now, can we?
Well, then, how do you expect
the tax payers to pay for the wall
when there are so many pressing issues
facing California.
Where there's will, I see opportunity.
And you can tell those tax payers
I will not be fitting them for that bill.
- Thank you.
- Well then, Senator, tell me Senator...
who then will pay for the wall?
I'll take care of that. Thank you.
No more questions, please.
You think the wall's the answer?
Agent Price.
So, please tell me
what is the DEA doing down here,
because I do not see us winning
this war on drugs.
As a matter of fact,
we have a couple things in motion.
I was hoping you could help.
Ha, of course why not.
Seems like cleaning up the border's
become my full-time job.
Yeah, mine too.
Excuse me.
- Damn it.
- What is it?
A complication we don't need.
- One of yours?
- A guy who used to work for me.
Uh, look I'm going
to get a hold of your office.
Let's find a way
we can work together, huh?
You are no common thief.
You have an official visitor.
Tell me who you are!
His name is Jack Smiley, American Embassy.
Need a couple of minutes with him,
official business, you know the drill.
How could you be so dumb?
This, now, trying to rip off one
of the Capitan's men.
Look, I had a plan.
A plan. Since when do you ever
work off a plan?
You never ran anything up a chain
of command when you worked for me.
The agency, and the United States
of America have a vested interest
in the stability of our neighbors.
They are far better, far better equipped
to determine what is best
for regional stability than you.
We do not need tourists running around
meddling in local affairs.
Listen, Capitan is doubling
his production.
He'll be bringing him a product
that I've never...
Oh, so this was a righteous robbery,
is that what you're trying to tell me?
So, what's the agency doing about this?
And your big plan
was to bring down the Capitan
by robbing one of his bakers
in a bathroom?
Well, seemed like a good place to start.
You're insane.
Maybe, but...
I've been called worse,
even by you.
You're being extradited hot shot.
For what? What attempted robbery?
They're sending you to one
of the worst prisons in Mexico.
Being an American
will not be a good thing in there.
You survive those three days,
I'll speak to the Senator.
I'll see what he can do
to get you back to the United States.
You face the music,
it's the best I can do.
Okay, all right.
So, um, Price, what do you know
about this prison?
You are nothing but a rat!
You're a rat.
And like a rat you are going to die...
Am I interrupting?
My love, not at all.
I thought you'd like to see the color
of the napkins for the main table.
I think this one is happier.
Will your friend be joining us
for the party tomorrow? I need to know.
He'll be leaving us today.
You're dead meat, gringo.
Hey Billy, look at all this cash.
Well, it doesn't matter.
Look at where he's hiding it.
There's no way we're getting in there.
Maybe that's why he got himself arrested.
Well, maybe it's time you break up
with Jack.
Oh, maybe that's why
he didn't tell us sooner.
if you want to go follow him
into an early grave,
fine, do it, be my guest.
But not me, I'm done, I'm out.
Hey, hey, you're not getting off
that easy.
Let me call Price.
Every time I say no,
I still keep getting sucked back in.
It's my table.
Aren't they all the same?
Honestly, that really hurt.
My love,
you've done a great job as always.
This party's going to be a success.
I know how important it is for you.
Is there something else?
Something is wrong.
No, everything is okay.
This is a big deal.
That's all.
Things are changing.
I need this.
You know all matters is this family.
- None of this matters.
- I know.
I know that.
- Sir.
- Yes.
We are increasing security
for the party tonight.
- Is there a problem?
- Nothing so far, sir.
We're just being more cautious.
I know you like to meet everybody
that works for you. This is Hector.
I appreciate the opportunity, sir.
- American?
- Yes, sir.
- It's okay.
- Let's go.
I'm here
to see the American patient.
I'll have to frisk you.
They've never asked me before.
That wasn't so bad, was it?
Wait. You can't take that.
They're my work instruments.
Nope, it's the new policy.
Hi. We are the electricians.
- Where is your equipment?
- Right here in the truck.
Wait at the door.
Are you okay, Doctor?
- A nail.
- Gracias.
Is this the place
you need to be?
Hey! Is this the right place?
Um, excuse him. He doesn't speak Spanish.
He's a refugee. You know how they are.
We have to help them, right?
He's a big one.
What are these tanks for?
To clean the air ducts. Don't worry.
We'll have the system back up in no time.
Okay, we're in.
This is no way
to treat an injured patient. Please go.
Go. Please. Now.
Hey, hey Norma,
what the hell are you doing here?
Saving your life.
Next time you try to keep me in the dark...
Look, I told Price not
to get you involved.
Well, you can't get rid of me that easy.
We're partners, or did you forget that?
No, of course not.
- Ouch.
- I'm sorry.
Look, I didn't want you
to get hurt, that's...
That's why I couldn't say anything.
Well, I'm here now.
Yeah, I can see that.
- Where's Billy?
- On his way.
- Is the foot locker in the armory?
- It's there.
All right. Let's do this.
Billy, I'm in, 20 seconds for the gas.
We're in place.
Wait, the gas. Don't you need...
Nice job.
That little stunt back at the restaurant,
you can't keep pulling shit like that.
I'm sorry, I had to get myself thrown
into this place to...
to pull this off, you know.
Well, how about some stability?
Next time you won't be right.
Probably in a place like this.
Excuse me.
We're not getting any younger.
I think it's time for you to take things
to the next level.
Can we talk about this
after we steal 20 million dollars?
Twenty million, that's all?
Yeah, but we're stealing it
from the most notorious drug lord
on the planet.
You... always something.
Good night, folks.
The gas is not working.
Give it 30 seconds. I'll get Billy.
Fullington cameras are dark.
Go get him, Tank.
Lock the gate. Lock the gate.
Lock the prison down!
- Ah.
- Okay.
Tank, that's enough.
Tank, that's enough, man.
Get him inside.
Mask off, guys. Gas is gone,
we control the entire prison.
One of the guards hit the panic button.
Aw, shit. I'm gonna have
to cut through that.
So only thing that's stopping us
from 20 million dollars is one door?
One giant door.
Four inches of steal at least.
Well, why don't we wake up
one of the guards,
- get them to give us the combo?
- That's not going to work.
Once that button's pushed
that shit's in lockdown.
How long?
Twelve, twenty four hours.
It all depends on how they set it up.
All right, Tank, go make sure
the guards are tied up.
You got it.
It's going to take me like,
two or three hours to cut through it.
That's okay,
guards shift change is at 6:00 AM.
Hey Norma, try these on. Change of plans,
I'm going to be here for a while.
- Get to it, Billy.
- Yes, sir.
You got that phone?
Price, why the hell did you send
Norma and Billy?
Hell, you try stopping her,
she's ex-FARC, guerrilla warfare.
Don't remind me of Venezuela.
Yeah, Jack, you turned
that into a real shit show.
That better not be happening now.
Yeah, well,
there was a slight complication.
Jack, I told you no screw ups.
You gave me three days.
I'll be out of here in two.
All right, what are the complications?
We have to cut through the armory door,
should take no more than a couple hours.
Well, if the Capitan finds out
that you're in there,
we're all in deep shit.
You do understand that?
Wanna get Hector sitting on his house?
Capitan gets a call I'll get a call.
Whoa, what Hector?
That little thief. Jesus Christ, Jack.
Look... You guys are on your own in there.
I can't help you.
What else is new? Thanks for the reminder.
Sorry, I had to take that.
No problem.
Me and my drink are fine.
So, I hear the Capitan is in town.
That's right.
He's throwing a big party
for his associates from Bogot.
Now there's a big deal going down.
Now you didn't hear that from me.
Hear what?
Nice doing business with you, mate.
Tank, come in.
Come in.
Check the monitors.
Tank, come in.
Come in, Tank.
- Tank?
- Are you going alone?
Keep trying him.
Tank, come in.
Tank, come in.
Tank, come in.
Copy. What's up?
Where have you been?
I had to change.
Meet Jack by the K10 entrance
for a delivery ASAP.
On my way.
Hey, who's idea was it to not bring guns?
Mine. Nobody dies here.
And next time answer your radio.
Sure thing, boss.
Norma, open the door.
Just in case.
By the way, who's money
are we stealing anyway?
Billy wouldn't say.
He doesn't know.
The only guy around here with that kind
of cash is Capitan.
- Why'd you ask?
- Trust.
I want to see what kind
of man I'm working with.
Did I pass your little test?
For now.
The money stays where it is,
until I get what we agreed upon,
and I need it quickly.
Don't worry,
I'm working on it.
You better.
There's a lot at stake.
So, let me get this straight.
A giant white guy came
and robbed my accountant,
while he was banging
a waitress in the bathroom.
Yes, sir.
And where were you
while this was happening?
Well, he wanted privacy
and there was a soccer game on, and...
Oh, please! A soccer game?
What else?
They stole money, I guess.
You're trying to tell me that a guy
that has worked for me for ten years
would just disappear
from the face of the Earth
that the Police Chief can't even find him.
And he would do all that because he lost
some cash and credit cards?
What else was stolen?
A disk.
What kind of disk?
A small disk drive.
A disk he wore around his neck?
Yes, sir.
Get the hell out of here! Get out now!
I want you to bring me
that fucking gringo.
I want you to bring me that disk.
We searched him, he did not have a disk.
And, um, he was transferred.
What do you mean, transferred?
The big prison.
We're being robbed.
Where did you find Tank?
He's ex-special forces.
A couple of friends knew him.
What did you see about him before?
He beat the living shit out of this guard
in the parking lot.
- They'll kill you.
- I can take them, come on.
Of course, you could.
- Hector.
- Yes, sir.
- It's Hector, right?
- Yes, sir.
- How is everything out here?
- Good, all secure.
- Everything fine?
- Yes, sir, secure.
You know, Hector, I like to make sure that
I get to know well
everyone that works for me,
and you are new.
So, I thought we could have a little chat.
You know, I've hired gringos before.
Ex-military, crooked cops, guys like that.
There's something about them.
They are loyal.
They don't think too much
about themselves, they seem focused.
You seem focused.
- I kind of like you, Hector.
- Thank you, sir.
Military or cop?
Navy. I was a kid.
Really? Me too.
- Mexican Marina, Marines.
- Nice.
Why do you think they call me Capitan.
What about you?
What rank were you?
I was just a sailor.
I didn't really... it was a long time ago...
- Sir.
- First lieutenant, to be accurate.
First lieutenant, special warfare command.
Navy Seal.
Seal Team Two, to be exact.
Maybe you don't remember, you were a kid.
Remember there?
I was in Columbia.
The jungles.
It was a crazy place then.
Wasn't it?
You know who else was there,
running around like a bunch of assholes?
When they weren't giving me
and my associates a hard time,
they were always recruiting.
They loved special forces.
Delta, Rangers, Navy Seals.
They must have tried to get you
to join them at some point.
Didn't they?
That's a long time ago.
long time ago.
You realize that there is, uh,
a dignity in what is going to happen
to you now, right?
That's why you have to accept it.
No begging,
no pleading.
Hector, there is no mercy.
Not for you, not for your friends
inside my jail,
trying to steal my money.
No mercy, no way out.
- Capitan, may be...
- Hector...
Don't pick it up.
What if it's for one of the guards?
Hola, buenos dias.
Who are you?
So it's you.
I know you're in there.
Hector's dead,
and if you take my money,
you're dead, too.
All of you.
Do you hear me?
How bad is it?
They know we're here.
Hector's gone.
Shit man, poor bastard.
What are you going to do?
Find out who's coming for us.
Back to work.
Hey, gringo.
You got a mean left hook.
You, too.
I guess you're in over your head, huh?
Why would you say that?
Everyone knows about the armor, the money.
It's just that no one ever thought
of robbing it before.
You know why?
Because no one steals from the Capitan
and lives to tell.
Mexican Marinas.
US Marine Corp.
Semper Fi.
He was a sniper.
Ah, sometimes I wish I was back.
It was easier then.
The Cartel?
Did you work for Capitan?
Five years.
How else you think I wind up in here?
We had one of those difference of opinion.
I need some help,
I'll give you the keys when we leave.
What do you want to know?
Who's he sending next?
They're called the operators.
Military trained true killers.
Once they get a contract,
you die, or they die trying.
Bet you they're already on their way.
And that, my friend,
is not going to stop them.
Hey Billy, how much longer?
Forty-five minutes, tops.
We're going to get company, be careful.
Should we just blow it?
- Too risky. Fireball could burn the money.
- Got it.
- You seen Tank?
- I thought he was with you.
- Maybe he's got his own agenda.
- Who?
Tank, the big guy. I don't trust him.
Something isn't right.
You know, maybe we should just forget
about the money.
Walk out of here, get a small apartment,
- open a cafe.
- Jack.
What, I thought you wanted the cafe?
I do, but let's not stop now.
We can do this.
All right, it's your call.
Hey, that's him.
- Where is that?
- The guards locker room.
He already cleared that area.
Hey, thanks.
After this we're done. Deal?
- Is everything okay?
- Yes, everything's okay.
- Look at me, something is wrong.
- Everything is okay.
I'm working things, okay?
What time is it?
In an hour everything's ready.
I'm sorry.
Thanks for everything.
What the hell.
Well, they got lose so I had to do
what I had to do.
- I said no one dies here.
- I had no choice.
- How do you figure?
- This ain't no damn robbery, is it?
Who do you work for?
Bullshit, tell me.
- Are you gonna kill me too now?
- Don't push me.
Movement outside.
Can you tell me how many?
Jack? Jack!
We're being breached.
- Where?
- North end.
Yeah, all right then.
Okay, we have to stop those guys
before they get to the armory.
- Truce?
- For now.
All right, let's go.
Come on.
Norma, you all right?
- Norma, open all the cells in C block now.
- Copy that.
Do it now!
Where the hell are you?
Can't talk right now.
I got company, guys.
Let's go, let's go.
Is everyone enjoying dinner?
I'd like to propose a toast.
To our new partners...
- You okay?
- No.
Hey guys, do we get paid overtime
for this job?
Oh, my God, Billy.
I'm okay, I'm okay.
- Hey, hey, you're not a doctor.
- Shut up.
Where's Tank?
He took off.
Piece of shit, man.
He's been looking for the exit
ever since he got here.
What do we do now?
Big bucks inside. Let's get paid.
- What the hell?
- Where's the money?
I don't know.
I just can't believe it.
We've been setup.
What do you mean?
Somebody moved the money.
That's it, we've got to abort now.
We should have never taken this job.
This is not the right time
to discuss this.
We might not get a chance
to when we're all dead, will we?
So, what's our exit strategy?
Norma, help Billy load the truck.
I'll see you there.
Yeah, set it up.
I'll meet you at the drop.
Yeah I got it all.
Don't hang up.
The phone.
Tank, can you hear me?
Loud and clear.
Yeah, and I'm taking your money.
Who the hell is this?
The guy who's got the drop on you.
Pick them up.
Let's go.
So who's your phone buddy?
I'm guessing the guy
who's getting the drugs across the border
to your old hood.
Nice job, genius. Hope it was worth it.
I never said I was a good guy.
Oh, yeah, the guard in the parking lot.
He moved the money for you, right?
Finally put it together, huh?
I'm gonna enjoy this.
Where'd you learn to fight, Peace Corp?
Who was on the phone?
Last chance.
I'll go with.
Bye, Tank.
Well, I think this is the part when I say
I'm getting too old for this shit.
You okay, man?
Yeah, yeah.
I fired Tank. I found these.
So much money, man.
Forget the cafe,
we're opening a hotel, five stars.
Something like that.
I hate to be the person to break up
this tender moment,
but it's about time we leave.
We got to go make a deposit.
What the hell?
Man, I knew it. We're too late.
The van is ready let's go.
They didn't cut the power
from here, from the outside.
Perfect, man.
What are we supposed to do now?
- Get some help.
- Oh, great idea.
Any idea who?
I know a guy.
What if I asked you to help?
Why would any of us help you?
I'll give you five million reasons.
So what's he sending next?
They call it the bus. It's one
of those buses that we all have here.
What's in the bus?
Death. Death itself.
International assassins
always dressed in black.
When the operators fail, they don't.
Hey, Norma, open all of three block.
Double cross me and I'll kill you.
- That's fine.
- Let's go.
You got a plan, my friend?
Come on, Jack, let's go.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Remember me?
Hey, Norma, you make it
to the meeting point yet?
No, she's with me, Jack.
Who is this?
This is the man who got the drop on you.
Now, you have my money and, well,
if you want to see your girlfriend again,
I'll suggest you give it back to me, Jack.
Just tell me where.
Good. I knew you'd see things
my way, eventually.
Lover boy misses you, sweetheart.
It's nice to know
you can still follow orders, Jack.
How long you been working with the cartel?
No. You're looking at that
the wrong way, Jack.
You see, they pay me for protection.
I send them my snoopy
little agents like Price
and well, I get the possible re-election.
I get the money to build my wall.
It's a win win, Jack.
Except the drugs go under your wall
to the kids back home.
Well, politics, details Jack.
Now show me my money, please.
Show me Norma.
Well, I guess, I underestimated you, Jack.
I guess I underestimated you, Jack.
Indeed I did, but maybe
you and I can come to some mutual
beneficial arrangement ourselves.
You and me Jack, another win win.
Would that be so bad?
Honestly, yeah.
Okay, may I ask why?
Because you killed my friend.
Shot him down like a dog in the street.
Now, Jack, don't go doing anything
you're going to regret.
You're out gunned here, okay.
Because you're above the law?
Actually, Jack, I am the law.
I am a US Senator
and you
are a thief that got booted from the DEA.
Go on.
You were wrong about one thing, Senator.
Oh, yeah, what's that, Jack?
I was never kicked out of the DEA.
It's in the van. You kill him.
Go! Kill him!
Kill him!
Get in the car.
- Get in the car.
- What?
Where are you going?
Hey, hey!
Get back.
Jack, Jack!
Don't do this.
Please. We could still make a deal.
I'll take it from here.
Jack, do not leave me here.
God damn it, Jack, do not.
Guys, you're looking at
a US Senator, okay?
Conservative republican.
That's me.
I am American, God damn it.
There's a lot of money in that bag,
feel free to take it.
You work for the Capitan.
- Okay, what's going on?
- Take him.
No, no, no. Hey did you not hear
what I'm saying? Jack!
Jack! Jack!
You don't know
who you're dealing with.
Oh, yes, I do.
I'm dealing with the one who put me
and my guys away for five years
while you sat in your mansion.
You've got to be kidding me.
As a matter of fact,
some of them are about
to visit you right now.
Make sure you say hello for me.
And adios,
mi Capitan.
Dignity and acceptance.
Billy, stop the car.
Stop the car, Billy. Let me out.
Let me out.
Move, move.
This is bullshit!
Just stay here man,
I'll handle this. Okay?
Norma, Norma wait, wait. Norma, just stop.
Come on, you know we had
to give the money back.
We can't keep the money, just chill.
This next assignment will be our last one.
He told me this was the last assignment.
Well, you know how he is.
I mean, I've told you to break up with him
like a thousand times.
- Here we go again.
- Shut up, Billy.