L'argent (1983) Movie Script

What is it?
It's been a whole day.
Also, if you like, I borrowed
a small sum of money from my college.
I must return it.
No, no!
My friends' parents give them much more.
Norbert, I beg you,
please leave me. Go!
Shit, shit, shit.
What is it, Norbert?
It's that Dad refuses to give
me an advance.
I have to pay Gontran back.
No, not today.
Martial, is that you? Save me.
Take it.
What do you think?
It's fake!
Not bad at all.
You take it.
What do you want from me?
They're easy to use. Don't
spend them all in one place.
You really believe that?
Take your time.
What a beautiful body!
Let's go.
Where to?
I know where.
We'd like a pretty little frame,
not too expensive.
Can we see the one in the display case?
Okay, we'll take it.
No discounts for students?
You're joking! It's already
marked down below its value.
Are you paying?
You're afraid that it's counterfeit?
Does it look truly brown
when you look at it like that?
It seems to be.
No doubt.
Your Dad gave it to you.
But no.
You really don't have smaller bills?
No. Forgive me.
If you don't want our money,
we'll take it elsewhere.
Thanks, Ma'am.
They seemed honest.
I ought to fold back your ears.
There are thousands like that
one in Paris.
You saw me refuse one yesterday.
But you accepted two the day before.
I'll refile them.
Here you go.
It's just not good.
And that one?
And that one?
All right, give them back.
I'll return them to the fellow
who gave them to me,
and who would give me more like it.
I won't return them.
What gives you the right to keep them?
You're one of those little scammers
who are spreading counterfeit
money around.
Do I know this man?
I'll go ask my employee.
Do you recognize me?
I gave you the invoice.
This one.
Here's the double.
Okay, sorry to bother you, sirs.
Let's go!
They're crazy!
This affair is not over.
Think about it. You could
have really messed up.
How so? I'd really like to know.
Something must be done.
What, something?
Gather information.
The bills were obviously false.
We'll pay the restaurant.
and subsequently I'll convince
him to withdraw his complaint.
And concerning the photographer
and his employee,
in the eyes of your boss,
it's of import.
It will be only through their morals
and testimony that you'll be cleared
of all suspicion.
Speak well.
I never saw this Yvon
in the store.
And outside of the store?
Neither inside the store or out.
You have nothing to add?
Nothing, your honor.
I accepted this without
hesitating to consider the matter
Your honor,
it's just that I became angry
at the revolting way
that for a few thousand
francs, my customer was fooled.
Yvon Targe.
I find you innocent of the
charges, and legal expense-free.
Consider your good
reputation returned.
I encourage you to be
more prudent next time
in your accusations by
upstanding citizens.
And also to recognize the
we've given you this day.
What are worrying about?
I won't contradict myself,
or take back what I said.
When I'm cheated by two kids,
I just can't swallow it.
Lucien was superb!
Go buy the beautiful clothes
you've always wanted!
A false testimony, was it
worth the risk?
Don't worry about it.
I see, I see.
If explain it to them, I'm
sure you'll be reinstated.
I'm not crawling back to them
like a beaten dog.
I passed by your store yesterday.
The prices have changed.
You think so?
I'm sure.
The boss is not in today.
Too bad, nothing I can do.
Yeah, yeah.
Admit it, this isn't the first time.
No, but I believe that most
people do the same thing.
I don't pity you, and believe
me Lucien,
It hurts me to fire you.
It hurts me to leave.
You said he was nice.
I was nice when I was rich.
The key to the cashbox.
The key to the store.
Mr. President?
He's not here, but I'm the
administrator here.
Perhaps I can relay a message.
It concerns a boy.
You must know his name.
Leave the "noces de Cana"
for a moment
and let's get back to the
story of the counterfeit bills.
If one of you is guilty,
nothing is worse than lying about it,
it's much better if he comes clean.
Confess, admit.
What do you think, Christian?
And you, Geoffroy?
I don't know.
Especially not a word to your Dad.
The president will inform him.
Deny everything.
In any case, don't give in. Understand?
Yes, Mom, okay.
Do I make myself clear?
You are clear on the subject
of my son.
I promise you, I'll keep quiet
on the subject of his name.
And now let me compensate you
for your worries,
that come from such an absurd story.
No, no.
Yes, yes.
You, stay in the house.
It's so stupid.
I can't advance you the money,
but I can make a proposal to you.
Stop 100 meters further.
You turn and start again in
the opposite direction.
and you wait.
Is that all?
That's it.
You don't like me to ask questions.
But I have a right to be worried.
If he's wounded, he'll be
in the hospital by now.
You really don't know anything?
He's in jail.
In any event, you probably won't
be allowed to
see him or talk to him before
his appearance in court.
The audience is taken again.
Guards escort the defendant.
Responses are given to questions asked,
and the jury deliberates.
The question of guilt,
requires a majority of 8 votes.
To the question "were there
extenuating circumstances
in the favor of Yvon Targe?"
the response was yes,
Considering his responses to
the questions in the litigation.
And considering articles 379; 381;
59-60 of the Penal Code,
the Court deliberated
extensively on the law,
and condemn Yvon Targe to the pain
of 3 years imprisonment,
condemned at the expense of the State,
and fixed to the minimum civil
imprisonment duration.
Condemned, there are five full days
for appealing this decision.
Guards, take him away.
The criminal audience stands.
Go into the parlor.
Is that all you have to say to me
Remember, Yvon,
we broke up without a fight.
When I return, I'll work hard
and with all my strength.
It'll be a new life for us three.
Where are you going?
Don't stay there!
How is it?
No, I have the card and the code.
I got a good look at it.
But if I leave the two plates
where they are,
the trick will be discovered
and must be given up
for all the other machines.
We fear death because we love life.
I hoped to save the business, and here
that a colleague started right in front.
Since the robbery that we were in on
And did you know that we stole?
Lucien, our oldest employee.
It was a rabble.
When I think of what has happened
as a result of that false testimony!
I would never have believed it.
It appears that he had a fortune,
and that he passed the time
doing charity for the poor.
Foolish charity!
But so much has been said!
It's incredible!
Meat for cigarettes?
What are they all looking
at me for?
Give him some peace!
Two or three letters to his
wife have been returned.
I'm worried!
Still one who can't live without
a companion.
Without dalliances.
They're all the same.
And you never know who...
I'm not giving you advice.
Is he agitated?
No, calm.
He who has never killed is
often the most dangerous.
Moreso than someone who's been
picked up after 10 killings.
You grabbed the spoon, and
then what happened?
I didn't do anything.
According to you, I wanted to kill
the guard?
To us, yes. And according to you?
Here's how it happened.
You held up the spoon to his head
and if a second guard had not
thrown himself between you and him,
you would have cracked his skull.
No, Mr. Director.
Discipline Block. 40 days.
What time is it?
6 o'clock.
6 o'clock on Wednesday or Thursday?
Wednesday. Calm down, I'll come back.
Swallow it!
Excuse me, I always pray for suicides.
How's it going, Yvon?
You must have known you'd be picked up.
I put my trust in the stars.
Money that you earn yourself
won't cause bloodshed
this was a crime of pure idealism,
for distributing it to others.
I have a good heart.
The instruction already revealed
your opinion on this subject
as well as a very sharp taste
for beautiful clothes.
Do you recognize your guilt in
swindling and stealing?
Being given the special circumstances,
where I supposedly stole,
and in the name of the new ideas.
Answer only the questions that
are asked of you.
If there are no rules, all is allowed,
I could hope for the good news
of a case-withdrawal,
or else, if I were condemned,
escape and begin again.
I fear that what you have just said
will be turned against you in
the eyes of your judges.
If justice is against you,
on the other hand, on your side,
you have the natural right to
be a man like the others.
If you realize your existence,
and the absurd creulty of the world,
and the impossibility to be different
what does it say to you?
It says: "Obey!"
Especially do not interfere
with others' business.
Wait, and the world will be happy.
But me, I don't want to wait
for universal happiness
that will, believe me Yvon,
terribly bad.
I want to be happy right now.
O Money, Visible God, what wouldn't
you make us do?
Show your legs.
Especially the knees,
like a weakness.
It's nothing. It's the valium,
it will pass.
Is it here Yvon?
Is it you?
Does one named Lucien seek you?
He asks you to register yourself
to the masses.
Don't go there!
I'll help you get out of here,
yes, with me, if possible.
By the room on the ground floor
where the bags of fabric are stored.
I have a plan.
Once free, I'll occupy myself with you.
I swear it in front of God,
on all that you'd wish.
I would kill you, Lucien, rather
than leave with you.
Neither you nor me is a murderer.
Probably the only ones in the block
with no one on their conscience.
But you, you have me on your conscience
and it will be necessary now
to answer to me.
It's him, it's Lucien.
It was publically praised
to have been out of element in
the cell.
They knew when his plan went
into action.
His account with me is not finished.
Here or elsewhere, revenge will
be done,
one can't hide.
Yes, yes.
Revenge, Yvon, is always
exerted upwards.
You would crush a bug in the same way?
You are avenged, Yvon, without
having lifted a finger.
Someone who likes you and thinks
of you from afar also protects you.
A parent, a friend, prevented
you from making a mistake.
I have neither a parent, nor a friend,
nor a woman.
Not important, hold your tongue.
I want to see you leave here
quickly and all in one piece.
No, no.
your fist will break before
the door does.
If I were you, I wouldn't want to humiliate
myself in front of this obstacle.
Couldn't you revolt more simply?
You impede me.
Sit down.
I'm hungry but I can go without dinner.
You have killed, but why?
If you kill it must be for
something. There is a reason.
It pleased me.
I took hardly anything and
spent it all elsewhere.
I remember all the details.
He fell down in front of the door.
She tried to stop the knife.
It was horrifying.
Didn't you return to the spot
to try to save their lives?
I'm not a doctor.
You'll be forgiven. If I were
God, if it were up to me,
I would forgive everyone.
Stay there.
It's my sister and my step-brother,
the parents of a child
who sleeps on the other side,
by the other door.
Usually I make them eat at midday too.
I also have another sister, but
she doesn't come every evening.
She has a room at the top.
You're good people.
I know you won't denounce me.
Papa, leave me alone!
I'm going to tell him to leave.
No, no. Leave.
Let me do it. Go on, I beg you.
You don't know it.
Ah! You're crazy.
You deserve it.
It was only after the death of my
husband that he started drinking
and that he lost his students.
It's my fault, I didn't do anything for him.
Before, he was good and respected
his family.
Where are you going?
I'll be back.
And you're beaten?
You have no one to help you here,
and you suffer for our sake.
How do you not just throw yourself
right now into the river?
Are you waiting for a miracle?
I'm not waiting for anything.
Where is the money?
It was me that murdered the hotel
couple for their money,
and me that just killed a whole family.