Last Chance Cafe (2006) Movie Script

Dr. Bennett, To Emergency,
To The Er, Stat!
I'm Sorry.
I'm So Sorry.
Thank You.
That's Ok.
Thank You.
Thank You For The Service.
Meg? Charlie, It's Good To See
I Didn't Think You'd Make It.
I Was Outta Town. I Came
From The Airport. You Doin'
Alright, Kylie? Hey, Sweetie,
Why Don't You Go To The Car?
It's Not Easy.
After All Those Years On The
Force, Nothing Ever Happened To
But Then...To End Like This.
Still, Uh, Leave All That, Uh,
He Asked Me To Sell Him Some
Two-Bit Heat.
Tossed His House And I Mean,
The Guy Panics And
Shoots Him, You Still Believe
All That?
What Are You Saying?
Your Ex, The District Attorney,
Paul Boyer
You Ever See Him?
You Talk To Him Much?
No, Not Really. Why?
Not Even When He Comes To,
Uh, Visit Kyle?
His Relationship Is With
His Daughter, Not Me.
What's...This About?
Lou Never Trusted Him.
I Should Have Never, Either.
Hallie, There's Something You
Gotta Know.
Your Dad Could've Have Taken
Care Of...Any Cheap Thug.
Charlie, Where's This Going?
This Was A Professional
This Isn't Funny, Charlie.
I'm Not A Funny Man.
Well, I Don't Understand.
What Does This Have To Do
With Paul? Listen To Me.
Your Dad Gave Me Something
To Hold Onto.
And He Said If Anything
Happened To Him,
I Should Give It To You.
Not...Here. I Gotta Go. We
Shouldn't Be
Seen Together. He Was My
You're My Friend. You Call If
You Need Anything.
We're Gonna Stop At Grandpa's
On The Way Home, Ok?
Can I Play On The Computer?
Yes, You Can. Keys.
Car Pulling Away
Car Pulling Up
Car Stopping, Doors Opening
Car Doors Closing
Door Opening
You Said I Could Go On The
Of Course.
I'll Miss Ya, Dad.
Kylie, I'll Be Just A Minute.
Unlocking, Opening Door
Paper Rustling
The Head Of The West Coast
Syndicate? Why Is He With
Chief Morales? Judge
Congressman O'brien.
Dad, Is That Why You Didn't...
Take This To The F.B.I.?
Because Of Paul.
Car Pulling Up
Car Door Opening
Car Door Closing
Don't No!
Sweetie Pie! Oh, How Is
My Princess?!
Kylie, I Need You To Go
Back To The Computer.
But Mom, I Haven't Seen Dad In
It's Ok, Angel. Mommy And I
Will Have A Little Chat
And Then You And I'll Do
Something, Ok?
What Are You Doing Here?
What Did Charlie Give You?
What Are You Talking About?
The Cemetary.
After The Service.
Are You Following Me Now?
Come On, Holly. Neither Of Us
Have Time For This.
What Did Charlie Tell You?
What Did He Give You?
Nothing. Just Some Old Photos
Of Him And Lou Together.
He Thought I Might
Like To Have Them.
Oh, You Were
Never A Good Liar.
Certainly Not In Your League,
I Need To See
Those Photos. Where Are They?
You Don't Understand...
What's At Stake Here.
If I Don't Take Care Of It,
If You Don't Take
Care Of What?
They'll Kill Me. And You.
And I'm Not Even Sure If Kylie
Is Safe.
They Killed My Father.
You Can't Say 'No' To These
What Did Charlie Give You?
Where Is It? I Need To
Come Over And See What I Did.
What Did He Give You!?
Daddy! Daddy, Come Over!
It's In My Room. Behind
A Painting Above My Dresser.
Banging On Door
Kylie! Kylie! Come On, Honey!
Open This Door!
Why Are We Leaving?
Hallie! Let Me Outta Here!
Why Are We Taking
Grandpa's Car?
Just Get In, Kylie!
Come On!
Come On!
Dammit! Dammit!
Car Engine Running
Car Pulling Up
Roll Down The Window, Please.
What The Hell
Are You Doing
On My Property?
Your Property?
There's Only Reason You'd Be
Out Here At The Crack Of Dawn
And That's To Scope Out My
Your Partner Shows Up With A
Trailer, And I'm Short A Couple
Of Head.
You Really Think We're
What? You Couldn't Miss The
Sign Back There - "Private
It Was Dark, And...Uh
I Was Lost.
Yeah, Well, It's Not...
Dark Now.
I'll Show You How To Get Back
To The Main Road.
Something's Wrong With My Car!
That's Why We Had To Spend The
Night Here Last Night.
Pop The Hood.
Uh, It's Says, "Hood" On It.
Hood Opening
There Ya Go.
Turn It On!
Try Again!
I Can't Tell What's Wrong.
Well, Can You Call A Tow Truck?
For Us? My Cell's Battery's Dea.
There's No Reception Out Here.
I'll Give You A Ride Into Town.
How Far's Town?
20 Minutes In The Truck.
3 Hours On Foot.
Car Doors Opening
Look, I'm, Uh, Sorry I Jumped
The Wrong Conclusion.
Car Doors Closing
I Have A Problem.
Yeah, You Do.
Why Don't We Start Over?
I'm Chance Colter.
Hallie. Brown.
This Is My Daughter
Well, It's, Uh, Nice To Meet
You, Kylie.
Dog Barking
This Is "Angles". He Sorta
Lives In The Truck.
Uh Huh. How Are We Gonna Do
Angles! To The Back! Go!
Dog Whining
Honey, Don't!
I'll Go To The Back.
Can You Drive A Standard?
No, I Can't.
Where's The Town?
Doors Closing
You're Lookin' At It.
Primrose Creek.
You're Kidding?
This Cafe's The Heart Of
Our..."Bustling Metropolis"
And The...Only...Place Open
This Early.
So, You Want Some Help?
I'm Fine.
You Sure?
I'm Fine.
You Sure?
I'm Fine!
Never...Been In The Back Of A
Truck Before, Have Ya?
So, Ms. Brown, Where, Uh
Where Were You Headed?
A Friend Of Mine Has A House Up
How's The Search Goin', Madge?
How's This One Sound?
A Cross Between
"Lonesome Dove" And...
George Clooney?
Sounds To Me Like A...
Man That
Doesn't Know Who He Is.
Eh, Yeah.
Excuse Me?
Well, Chance. What Have We Here?
Madge, This Is Hallie Brown And
Little Girl, Kylie.
Their Car Broke Down.
You Poor Things
Look Tired And Hungry.
Come On, Here, Sit Down.
I Really Need To Go
To The Bathroom.
Yeah, Sweetie, Right Around The
Corner There.
Thank You.
O...K. There Ya Go.
Ok, She'll Have....
Pancakes And A Glass Of Milk.
And Just A Cup Of Coffee For Me.
Nothin' To Eat?
Not Hungry.
So, Where Ya From?
Los Angeles.
Pretty Far From
Los Angeles.
Far From Any Highway, For That
Well, We
Wanted To Take The...Back
Roads. We Thought It'd Be More
Well. What Do You
In L.A.?
Ok. Here Ya Go.
I Went Ahead...And Fixed You
Somethin'. On The House.
I Can't.
Yes, You Can.
You're Welcome.
Is There A Hotel Nearby?
Uh, 'Fraid Not.
You Know,
Uh, If You Need A Place To
Stay, I Think, Uh, That Chance
Here...Has An Empty
Rental House On His Property.
Don't You, Chance? They Could,
Uh, Stay There For Just A Day
Or Two Until
Their Car's Fixed. What Do You ?
Thank You.
Oh, Well, If You're Worried
About This Suspicious Looking
Don't Be. Look, I've Known Him
Forever, And The Worst Thing
He's Ever Done Is
Make Really Dumb Jokes About My
I'm A...Perfect Stranger.
You Trust Me?
Around Here, We Prefer To
Assume The Best About People.
Not The Worst.
Uh, Look, If It Makes
You Feel Any Better, I Can Put
You To Work. I Have A Horse
Boarding There. You Can Feed
Her For Me. Saves Me The Trip
From Going Back Over There And
Doing It
I Don't Know Anything About
Uh, They're Animals. You Know,
They Have To Eat. That's All
You Need To Know.
Just Until
My Car's Fix.
Oh, We Should Stop By Your Car
And Pick Up Your Luggage.
Don't Have Any. Everything We
Need Is Our Friend's House.
Traveling...Light, Huh?
Could You Pass The
Syrup, Please?
Yeah. Yeah.
Should Eat Before It Gets Cold.
Trucking Driving
Uh! Oh! Oh! Damn Cowboy!
Oh! Uh!
My Cousin, Sarah, Was Living
Here. She, Uh, Left A Few Days
Does The Computer Work?
Uh, Yeah. It's Old, But It Work.
Can I Play
Games On It?
Yeah. Sure, Go For It.
And My Number
...And Others You
May Need Are On
That List. And Uh, My House Is
Back Down The Road We Came
From. Just A Couple Hundred
Yards Away.
Sarah Left...Somethings
Behind That...Maybe More
Appropriate Than What You're
It's Upstairs. In The Bedroom
Mr. Colter. Um, I Am
Sorry For Seeming Rude. I'm
Very Grateful
For All You're Doing. Thank You.
You're Welcome.
When Are We Going Home?
I Don't Know, Kylie.
Why Did We Run Away From
Can't Explain It Right Now.
It's A Grown Up Thing.
Listen. I Don't Want You To
Talk To Anybody About
What Happened, Ok?
Does He Know Where We Are?
No. No, He Doesn't.
But I Miss Him. Am I Ever Going
To See Him Again?
Of Course You Will, Sweetheart.
But Right Now, We Shouldn't Get
In Touch With Him.
It Wouldn't Be Good For Him.
Or Us.
That Means You Can't Call Him
Or Email Him. You Have To
Promise Me
Kylie. Otherwise, The Computer
Is Totally Off Limits.
Are We Clear?
Ok, I Promise.
Good. Just For A Little While.
I Love You.
Mom Giggles
I Love You, Too, Little Bear.
For A City Girl, You Certainly
Look Good In Jeans.
Well, There'll A Little Tight, O
They're Not. And, Uh, You're
May I Go In?
You, Uh, Better Make Sure You
Close These
At Night, Because We've
Had Some Trouble With Cougars.
Well, They Don't Attack People,.
Sometimes, If They're Hungry.
But Generally, They Prefer
I'll Leave A Rifle For Ya.
I Don't Want...A Rifle
Around Kylie.
Then You Better Make Sure You
Don't Come Out After Dark.
Here's What You Do. Take Some
Grain From The Barrel In The
Storage Room.
Just Put It...Into Her Bucket.
Get A Little Bit Of Hay, And
Lay It At Her Feet. And That's
Why Isn't She Eating? Is She
No, Uh, A Cougar Took Her Foal
A Couple Weeks Ago Out In The
She's Depressed.
There's No Reason To Be
She's Uh...She's Real Gentle.
Tell Ya What. Would You Like
To...Watch Me
Work With Her Later?
Come Back After I Finish My
Chores, And Then...
Maybe You Can Help Me,
If You Want.
What Exactly Are You Doing?
Just Tryin' To Bring Her Back
To The Way She Used To Be.
She Needs To Move On From The L.
Maybe That's
Easier Said Than Done?
Yeah, Maybe. But We All
Have To Do It.
People Talking
"What's Goin' On, Madge?"
Yeah, Honey, I Know!
Hang On A Sec. Ok, Here Ya Go,
Guys. Ok, Darlin' You Wait
Right There.
Here We Go. Ok, Have At It.
Hey, Hallie, My Friend,
Delores, Gave Me Some Old
Clothes That Her Little Girl
Outgrew. They Should Fit Kylie.
Aw, Thank You, Madge. That's
Really Sweet
Of You.
Oh, And The Mechanic Was In. He
Says Your Car Needs A New
He's Gone Fishing For A Couple
Days, And He'll Take Care Of It
When He Gets Back. He Says
It'll Be About 500 Bucks.
"Coffee, Madge! Today!?"
Yeah, Gentlemen, I Have Two
Hands. Hang On A Second.
You Know, I Could Really Use
Some Help. If You Want
Work Here While Your Car's
Being Fixed, You Could Make
Enough Money To Tied You Over.
Somehow I Doubt Ms. Brown Has
Experience Waiting Tables.
No, But I, Uh, I Am
A Pretty Good Cook.
Yeah, Mom Worked At A Really
Restaurant Back At Home.
I'm A...Chef, And I'd Really
Like To Take You Up On That Off.
Great. Well, As Soon As You
Finish Breakfast, You Can Start.
Yeah, Make A Good Showing,
I'll Keep You On Permanent.
Uh, Just Passing
Laughs Yeah, You Know What?
That's What I Said 10 Years Ago
On My
Way To Get Married. Eh, The
Marriage Fell Through. This
Place Was For Sale.
I've Been Trying To Find A
Reason To Leave Ever Since.
Well, How About That? Now, You
Have A Job And All. I Will...See
You Ladies...Later.
"I Have Pressures Of My Own.
I've Been More Than Patient
With You People.
You Better Not Forget -
Who Pays Your Mortgages
And Your Expensive Wifes.
Wow. You Made Me Look Bad
Today, Hallie. Now, Don't Get
Me Wrong, I'm A Good Plain
Cook. But You? You Do A Lot More
Than Fries And Burgers.
Well, I Went To Cooking School
In San Francisco. Yeah.
I Always Wanted My Own
Well, You Got A Job Here As
Long As
You Want. Ok, How About This
Um, Has 200 Acres And A New
Tractor. Lookin' For A Gal That
Looks Good In
Jeans And Knows How To Plow.
Laughs Uh, Maybe Not, Eh?
That Is Too Country, Even For
Uh, Love's A Bitch.
Ok, How About This Other One, T?
Still Cruisin' Down The Rocky
Road To Romance, Huh, Madge?
Men Are Dumb As Dirt.
So I Hear.
How'd Your First Day Go?
Ah! You Kidding?
You Did A Lot Better Than Just
Ok. Hey, You Know What? Tell
What That Thing Was
You Made For The Special?
Coq Au Vin.
Well, What Happened
To Meat Loaf And Potatoes?
Everybody Loved It.
I'll Go Get Ready.
I Don't Know Where She Came
But She Has Not Been Slingin'
Hash At Some Dive.
Wonder Even More What She's
Doing Here. And Why She's Broke.
Kylie! Come On, Honey, Let's Go.
Can I Come Back Tomorrow, Mom?
"Bye Kylie!"
So, You Have Fun?
Andy Says That Your Car's
Registered To Lou Waitman.
He's My..
I Bought The Car From Him,
Honey, It's Going To Be Fun To
Watch Mr. Colter Work With The
Pony, Won't It?
Actually, It's A Horse. But,
Uh...It'll Be Fun.
Oh, And Uh, You Can Call Me
Chance. How'd You Get A Name Li?
Well, A
Doctor Told My Mother There's
Only One Chance In A Million
She Would Have A Child.
So, Uh, Here I Am.
Dog Growls
Excuse Me.
So, Ms. Brown,
Are You Married?
Cougar Growling
What Was That?
It's Ok, Honey. It's, Uh, It's
Just An Animal. Go On Inside.
Look, I, Uh, I Know These Make
You Uncomfortable, But I'm
Going To Leave It Here.
You May Need The Protection.
I Can Protect Myself And My
Hey, Madge. I Heard You Had A
Great New Cook. Everybody's
Talkin' About It.
You Ain't Kiddin'. Hey, Hallie!
Come On Over Here. I Want You
To Meet Someone.
Hallie Brown. Katie Strep.
Nice To Meet You.
Nice To Meet You, Too.
So, Where You From?
Hey, Kate.
Hey, Chance.
Uh, Incoming.
Door Opening
Door Closing
Hey, Katie. Chance.
How You Been?
Just Fine.
You Know, I've Been Tryin' To
Get Ahold Of You.
Yeah, Why? We Don't Have
Anything To Talk About.
We Have A Lot To Talk About,
Look, Jace. This Isn't The Time
Or Place For This Conversation.
She's Right, Jace.
Don't Get Involved, Chance.
I'll Call You, Later.
Katie, Wait.
Why She Calling You?
Probably To Talk.
I Think You And I Should Have A
Word Outside.
Come On, Jace. You Don't Wanna .
Yes, I Do.
Excuse Me.
Come On, Jace. Really?
What Are You Tryin' To Do?
Get Her Back?
That's My Wife!
Well, You Kinda Forgot About
That For Awhile, Now, Didn't Ya?
I Made A Mistake.
You Sure As Hell Did.
Haven't You Made A Big Enough
Fool Out Of Yourself Already?
Man Grunts
You Through Bein' Stupid For
The Day?
Katie And I...Are Friends, Jace.
I'm Gonna Be There For Her When
She's Hurt.
I Know There's No Excuse For
What I Did. I'd Just Give
Anything To Take Her Back.
Well, Then, Stop Pushing Her.
Get Her Flowers. Write A
Nice...Letter To Her. I Mean,
Anything To Stop
Pickin' Fights With Your Friend.
"All Three Of Them Were Big
Buddies All Through High
Katie And Chance Started
Dating, Until She Went Off To
Nursing School,
And Jace At The Sheriff's
Academy In The Same Town.
Well, One Thing Led To Another,
And Before You Know It,
Chance Is Out
And Jace Is In.
They Were Married Within 6
Poor Chance. Yeah.
He Was Devastated For Awhile.
But...They Become Real Good
Friends And Chance
Is Happy With That.
So What Ruined The Marriage?
Jace. He Got The 7 Year Itch.
Oh, Men Are So Stupid,
He Dove Head First Into A
Sticky Situation With A
Co-Worker. The Thing Got
Really Messy. Katie Found Out.
And That's Where We're At.
Oh, He's As Sorry As He Can Be,
But...Katie's Too Hurt To
Forgive Him.
I Don't Blame Her.
No, Not Me.
Kylie, Time To Go.
Can I Play On The Computer When
I Get Home?
Yes, You Can, But You Know The
Yes, I Do.
Hey! You Ready To Go?
Come On, Sweetie.
Hey, See You Tomorrow.
Ok, Bye.
Bye, Kylie!
I Know He's A Retired
Cop. So Was The Other. So Are
Now, I Want You To Fix It.
Here We Go.
Ok, Sweetie, Whatta We Got Here?
Three Orders.
Oh, Look At You!
Aren't You Fancy?!
Oh, Idn't That Pretty?
Hello. Hi.
I'm Gonna Get Your Bill. Yes.
Breakfast Up For Me, Please?
Ok, You Know The 923 Is Total
It's Perfect. Thank You. Boys,
How We Doin' Here?
You Guys Are Out? Hallie, Could
You Pass Me The Coffee, Please?
Alright, Thank You. Guys,
Lookin' A Little Rough.
Big Night Last Night?
You Guys Know What A Razor
Is? You Got To Use 'Em Once In
A While, There, Uh. That's Why
You're Single
That's Fine, A New Look.
Retired Napa
Heights Police Officer, Lou
Waitman, 58, Died From A
Gunshot Wound Sustained
In A Robbery At His Home.
Horse Whinnying
Horses Whinnying
Horses Whinnying
Kylie, I'm Gonna Check On
Honey. I Want You
To Stay In The House.
Horse Whinnying
Horse Whinnying
Horse Whinnying
Horse Whinnying
Horse Snorting, Whinnying
Horse Whinnying
Horse Whinnying
Horse Whinnying, Snorting
Horse Whinnying
Shhh, It's Ok, It's Ok.
Shhhh, What Is It, Girl?
Shhhh, It's Ok, Baby, Yeah.
Horse Whinnying
What's Goin' On, Baby?
Cougar Growling
It's Ok.
Horse Whinnying
Cougar Snarling
Woman Gasps
Horse Whinnying
Get In The House And Close The !
Do It, Kylie! Now!
Horse Whinnying
Cougar Snarling
Cougar Snarling, Growling
Truck Pulling Up
Truck Driving By, Horn
Cougar Snarling
Gosh, Did You See It?!
Did You See It!?
You Alright? Yes, It's Gone.
Oh, God!
Mommy, I Was So Scared.
Everything's Ok Now, Sweetie.
Everything's Ok. It's Ok. How
Did You Know?
Kylie Called Me.
Honey, You're So
Smart And So Brave, Thank You.
Thank You.
I Need To Spend Some Time With
Her. Will You
That Wasn't Very Smart. Going
Out There Like That.
I Heard Honey. She Knew.
She Could Sense The Cougar.
That's What Animals Do.
You Could Have Been Killed.
I Know.
Tell Me About Lou Waitman. Your
How Did You Find Out?
Lou...Was My Step Father.
He Was Killed.
Why Didn't You Just Say
So To Begin With.
I'm Not Having This
Conversation Right Now.
Eh. You're Scared. You're On
The Run. I Understand That.
But You Have To
Go To The Authorities.
I Can't.
Did You Kill Him, Hallie?
Slightly Disgusted Sigh
Of Course Not.
You Know Who Did.
Look, Hallie, I...
I Want To Trust You,
But I Can't If You
Won't Tell Me The Truth.
You Don't Want To Talk To Me.
Fine. But Maybe You Should
Talk To Jace.
Please. Please, Chance.
Not Yet.
Look, I Promise You I Haven't
Done Anything Wrong.
I Just Need A Little Time.
Yeah, Ok. I'll Tell Her.
That Was Andy, The Mechanic.
Said Your Car Will Be Ready
In A Day Or Two.
What About The Bill?
He Said To Take Care Of It When
You Can.
You People Are Incredible.
We Just Care About Each Other.
It's Not A Bad
Way To Be.
No, It Isn't.
Here You Go.
Ah. I Don't Like This.
I Don't Think I Can Do This.
You Can Do This.
Look, The Cougar Could Come
Back When Kylie
Is Out Here Playing. Come On.
Take The Butt Of The Rifle.
Put It Right There, To The
Hollow Of Your Shoulder.
That's Good There. There Ya Go.
Look Right Down The Barrel Of Tr
It's Not Bad. Go On. Try
Exasperated Sigh
You Can Do It, You Can Do It.
I Hit It.
I See Ya Did. Told Ya.
It's A Good Shot. Now, Look,
There's A, Uh...Harvest
Festival. This Weekend.
Would You, Uh...
I Think You Should Come.
I Don't Think So. I Don't Want
To Leave Kylie.
There'll Be A Buncha Kids There.
Kylie'll Probably Have A Lot Fu.
I'll Think About It.
You Do That. Come On.
Try Again.
Children Playing
Bye, Kylie!
I Think You Should.
Dog Snarling
Aren't You Getting In The
Front, Mom?
Laughs Yeah, Right.
Don't You Love Angles?
Truck Doors Closing
Good Boy, Angles. Good Boy.
Yes, You Are.
Amazing. You Never See Sunsets
Like That In The City.
That's, Uh...It's Not So Bad
Out Here
In The Boondocks.
No, It's Not Bad At All.
You Know, My Grandfather Built
All This With His Own Hands.
When I Was A Kid, Katie, Jace
And I Would Spend Nights
Out In The Barn
With The Horses.
Telling Ghost Stories.
You Got It.
The One...About The Claw And
The Door Handle, It's Still
Scares Katie.
You Know, It's...It's Really
This Isn't Fair. You Know
Just About Everything About Me,
I Don't Know...Anything
About You.
There Isn't Much To Know.
A Woman With An Air Of
Mystery, It's Intriguing, But
You, Uh
You Carry It Too Far.
Not Really. I'm Just Boring.
I Don't Think So.
You See, This Is
How It Should Work.
I Tell You Something About Me,
And Then You Tell Me
Something About You, And
Then...Then I Tell You A Little
Bit More
And Then, You Do The Same.
And Pretty Soon,
We're Both Wondering, You
Gee, What It Would Be Like,
You Know, If We, Uh
It's Late. I Need To Put Kylie
To Bed.
It's Late.
See Ya Tomorrow, Hallie.
Door Closes
Car Pulling Up
Car Door Closing
Car Driving Off
Hallie! You Made It!
Yeah, Yeah.
Mom, Can I Go Play With My
Sure. Just Stay Where I Can See.
Yes, I Will.
Come On.
You're Gonna Like This.
This Is Adorable.
I Know. Isn't It Cute? We Do It
2-3 Times A Year. Watch Out For
The Potato Salad.
Depends On Who Makes It. I Woul.
This Is...The Inaugural Punch.
Everyone Has To Have A Little.
Oh Yes.
Lori Must Have Made The Punch
Again This Year. Tastes Like
Bath Water.
Huh. Now I'm Not Sure If I Want.
Well, This Will Give You A Good
Idea What It's Like
To Live Here.
Oh, I'm Just Here Until I Can
Pay Off My Car Bill.
I Am So Sorry To Hear That.
I'm Going To Lose 1/2 My
Customers Because Of You,
You Do Know That, Right?
Oh, I Gotta Go.
Well, Hello, Ladies.
It's Good To See You Here.
Yeah, It's, Uh,
A Good Long Walk To Get Here.
Lightly Laughs
Car Pulling Up
Gate Opening
Car Door Closing
Car Starting
Car Pulling Away
I Never Knew My Biological
My Mother Never Wanted To
Talk About Him.
It Was A Lot Of Pain
And Lou Waitman?
Lou Came Into Our Lives When
I Was
Eight. He Was My Real Dad.
And My Mom Died Two Years
Later Of Cancer, So
It Was Just Him And Me From
Then On.
Lou Was Proof That Biology
Has Nothing To Do With
You Know What Killed Him,
Don't You?
That's Why You're Running Scare.
You Know, It's A Lot More
Than That.
Is Your Ex
A Good Dad To Kylie?
Talk To Me, Hallie.
I Can't.
You Don't Have To Run. I'll
Help You
Stand And Fight.
My Dad...Tried To Fight These
And Looked What Happened To
Him. So, No, I-I Can't
Talk About Him.
Car Stopping
Car Door Opening
Car Door Closing
Gate Opening
"I've Been Tryin' To Find
A Reason To Love..."
"It's Easier Said Than Done"
"Maybe I'm Being Just A..."
Dance With Me.
"Little More Time. Cause My
Heart's Been On"
"The Line. I'm Torn Between"
"Between Fear And Curiosity"
"I Can't Go Back To The Way
"I Used To Be. Shackled By
Old Memories I Don't"
"I Don't Know Who To Trust.
I Got Lost Somewhere
Along The Way"
"While I Was
Looking For Love"
"It Caught Me By Surprise.
Looking For Love."
"I Can See It In Your Eyes."
"I Feel Your Heart Beating
Close To Mine"
"All My Fears"
"Are Lost In Time. I Almost"
"I Almost Missed
A Moment Like This"
"While I Was Looking For
"I Want You To Take Me In
Your Arms"
"And Hold Me Oh, So Close"
"I Know I Must Be Dreaming"
"Don't Let This Feeling End.
It's The Reason"
"That I Forgot Why I Was
Looking For Love."
"It Caught Me By Surprise.
Looking For Love"
You Need To Stop Running,
Hallie. From Everything.
What Was That?
What Do You Want It To Be?
No, You Don't Know Me Well
To Make That Judgement.
I Want
To Hear The Truth, Hallie.
And I Want To Hear It Soon.
Car Doors Opening
Phone Ringing
Phone Ringing, Picks Up
"This Is Charlie. You Know What
To Do."
Charlie, It's Me.
I'm Worried. What's Happening?
Is It Safe To Come Home?
Door Opening
Good Morning.
(Together) Morning.
Mom, Can I Go In The Back And
Sure. Half An Hour.
You See, This Is
Primrose Is A Better Place To L.
Down In Napa Heights, A Retired
Police Office Was Gunned Down.
In His Own Home.
Napa Heights?
We Don't Even Lock
Our Doors Here. Down There,
Even An Ex-Cop Isn't Even Safe
In His Own Home.
What Was His Name?
Charles Long
Clears Throat You're Right,
Madge. This Is
A Nice, Safe Place.
I'm Tellin' Ya.
We're Not Going Home?
We'll Talk About It Later, Kyli.
I Wanna Go Home And See Dad
And I Miss My Friends.
Sighs Don't You Like It Here?
You Have A Horse And New
Friends To Play With.
Isn't So Bad, Is It?
I Miss Dad. I Can't Phone Him
And You Won't Let Me Email Him.
It's Just For A Little While
Longer, Sweetie.
You Think He Misses Me?
Of Course
He Misses You.
I'll See Him Again. Promise?
Horn Honking
Truck Pulling Up
It May Not Be Anything.
I Don't Know
What Evidence She's Got.
And I Do Understand
What's At Stake Here.
I Will Find Her.
But I Need More Time.
Please. Just A Couple Of Days!
You Are A Party Pooper!
What?! I'm Gonna Get You!
Come Here!
Ok, Here I Come!
I Like My Story.
Door Opening
Honey, Give Me The Flowers.
I'll Put Them In Water
And You Go Wash Up For Dinner.
Vase Breaking
It's Alright. It's Alright.
It's Just Me.
You Scared Me.
I Know. I Know.
Sorry, Kylie.
What The Hell You Doing?
Trying To Get Some Answers.
You Have No
Right To Invade My Privacy.
I Had To Find Out What's Going
On. I Want To Help You,
Like This. By Not Trusting Me.
Spying On Me. Gimme That!
Give Me A
Reason To Trust You. I Mean,
Tell Me The Truth.
Either You Leave Right Now, Or
Kylie And I Will.
Which Is It?
What? So You Can Run Again?
That's How You Ended Up Here.
You Don't Know Anything About M.
You Damn Right I Don't.
I'm Leaving.
No, You're Not.
Let Go Of Me!
No, I Can't. I Can't!
I'm In Love With You.
Door Opening
Are We Eating Now?
I'm Starving.
In A Minute.
Can I Help?
She Finally Fell
You Think This Proves A Conspir?
These Are Important People.
Judges, Politicians.
And This Is Paul, My
He's The District Attorney.
Now You Know Why I
Don't Know Who To Trust.
Yeah, And Why You
Have Been Running.
I Don't
Know What To Do.
I Just Thought I'd
Get To Someplace Safe
And Figure It Out.
Does Anyone Know You Have This?
Paul Does.
So, They All Know.
Chance, What About Kylie?
She Loves Her Dad.
How Is She Going
To Deal With This?
Her Father's A Criminal.
Well, She's Gonna Find Out.
I'm Gonna Have To Tell Her
Soon. It's Going To Break Her
Hey, Why Don't You Go
Upstairs? Get Some Sleep?
I'm Gonna Sleep Down Here On
The Sofa.
I'm Not Going To Run Away.
It's Not Why I'm Staying.
Thank You.
Good Night.
Good Night.
Clock Ticking
Couldn't Sleep?
No. You?
You Don't Have To Be
I'm Here.
I'm Not Frightened.
I Just Want You To Hold Me.
You Don't Have To Do This.
Yes, We Do.
Birds Chirping
Yeah. Yeah.
Alright, That's Great.
Thanks, Jace.
That Was Jace.
He's Going To Get Here
As Soon As He Can.
Uh, I'm Going To Feed Honey.
You Guys Wanna Help?
Kylie, Wanna Come?
No, I'm Gonna Stay Here.
Door Opening, Closing
Typing On Keyboard
Car Door Opening
Car Door Closing
Typing On Keyboard
Dialing Cellphone
Looks Like Your Father's
Been Putting This Together
For Quite Some Time.
I Knew Something Was Wrong.
He Was...Pre-Occupied.
When I Asked Him About It,
He Said He Couldn't Talk About
Can You Identify Any Of These
That's The Chief Of Police,
Judge, My Ex-Husband.
The Da.
Look, If You Had Anything
To Do With This
At All, You Better Tell Me
Right Now, Hallie.
If I Were One Of Them, What
Would I Be Doing Here?
I Don't Know.
Maybe You Ripped Them Off.
Maybe You Threatened
To Expose Them?
Jace, She's Not Involved.
How Can You Know That?
I Know Her.
Look, Chance, I Have To Ask.
I'm Not Involved.
I Believe You, Hallie, But
I Don't Know If This Proves
Anything. It's Up To A Court To
Decide That
And...To Be Honest,
This Is Way Over My Head.
So, That's It?
You're Not Going
To Do Anything?
What Can I Do? I'm The Sheriff
Of Primrose Creek.
Population - 3180.
Can You...Call The Fbi At Least?
Yeah, I Can Do That. Maybe
They'll Send Out A Regional
Agent, Take A Look At This
In The Meantime, Keep It Safe.
This Nightmare
Will Be Over Soon, Hallie.
You'll Be Able To Go Home.
Why Don't You And Kylie
Come With Me?
No, We'll Stay Here.
Kylie Will Want To Feed Honey.
Yes, I Do.
We'll Be Ok.
Alright. I'll Come Back As Soon
As I Can.
Door Opening, Closing
Horse Naying
Car Racing Up
Stay Here.
Horse Whinnying
Car Approaching
Car Pulling Up
Go To Chance's House
As Fast As You Can.
Do Not Stop. Do Not Come Back.
Why, What's Going On?
I'll Explain It Later, Kylie.
I Want You To Run As Fast As
You Can Until You Are With
I Love You. Now, Go. Go!
Car Door Closing
Breathing Heavy
Breathing Heavy
Breathing Heavy
Door Opening
Door Opening
Door Opening
Hello, Hallie!
You Just Couldn't Leave
Things Alone, Could You?
You And Lou.
Well, You've Caused Some
Important People Some Very
Serious Problems.
This Isn't You. We Could Go
To The Fbi.
You Could Turn Yourself In
And Make A Deal.
There's No Going Back, Hallie.
I'd Be Dead
Before I Could Sign
The Plea Bargain.
Give Me That.
Get In The Car.
You're Coming With Me.
Paul, You're Out Of Your Mind.
What About Kylie?
I Can Save Kylie.
She's Not A Threat To Them.
Get In The Car!
You Drive.
Car Door Closing
Drop It!
I'm Very Good With This.
Kick It Away.
Get Out Of The Car, Hallie.
Door Opening
You Ok?
ling In Pain
He's Still Alive! Come Back
Or I Will Kill Him!
Get In The Car!
I'm So Sorry!
Please Don't Die!
Police Sirens
Keep It Moving!
"Dr. Benson To Emergency
Stat. Dr. Benson, To The Er
Where We Goin'? Er One?
Clear The Way, Please!
"Code Blue, Icu"
What's The Status On Room Two?
Wait Out Here.
She Was So Worried About You,
I Figured It Was Best
To Bring Her.
I Love You So Much.
I Love You, Too, Mommy.
What Happened?
Who's Trying To Hurt Us?
I'm Gonna...
Go Find A Machine And Get Us
Some Lunch.
What Happened?
Why Are You Crying? You Ok?
I'm Ok, Sweetie.
Hi, Cowboy.
You Going To Be Ok?
Yeah, They're, Uh
Sending Me To Seattle.
For Two Weeks Of Physio.
After That, I'll, Uh,
Be As Good As New.
At Least That's What
They Tell Me.
How's Kylie?
I Had To Tell Her About Her Fat.
Enough. For Now.
She's A Sad, Little Girl.
And Us? Where Do We Go From
I'm Going Home.
I Came To Say "Goodbye".
You're Leaving?
I Have To.
You Don't...
I Love You.
And I Think You Love Me, Too.
We'd Have A Great Life
I'm Not Ready.
No Run Scared Again, Hallie.
I'll Try.
You've Been Good To Me,
Chance Colter. Thank You.
I'm Sorry.
Goodbye, Chance.
Goodbye, Hallie.
Car Driving By
You're What?
I Am Selling And Moving
To Jackson Hole.
I...Met Someone.
Nope. He's A Trucker.
He's Been Coming Here
He Was Always Flirting With Me,
But I Thought He Was Married.
Turns Out He's A..,
Truck Stopping
Oh, There He Is.
Lightly Laughs
You Know, It's Funny,
Isn't It? I Was Lookin'
All Over The Place.
And He Was
Right In Front Of My Eyes.
Truck Pulling Up
Engine Running
Turning Off Engine, Truck Door
Truck Door Closing
Paper Rustling
What'll It Be?
What Do You Recommend?
Welcome To My Fine Establishmen.
Yes. I Bought It.
Madge Told Me She Sold This
Place, But She Wouldn't Say To
I Wanted It To Be A Surprise.
Well, Yeah,
This Is A Surprise, Alright.
Hey, Kylie! How Are You?
I'm Good. How Are You?
I'm-I'm Good.
How's Honey Doing?
She's Not Depressed Anymore?
No, No. Not Anymore.
Good. Can I See Her?
I'll Bet She'd Be Very Happy To.
I Can't Wait.
I'm Going To Go See My Friends.
I'll See You Guys Later.
See Ya.
Bye, Sweetie.
What A Cutie.
Door Closing
Thanks. It's Good Seeing You.
You Look Really Good.
Yeah, Well, You Know
You're A Sight For Sore Eyes,
That's For Sure.
I'm Glad You're Staying.
Me, Too.
It's A Good Town.
You Know, A Good Place To Live.
With A Kid.
I Know What You're Doing.
You're Playing Hard To Get.
Why? Why Would I Play Hard To G?
You Want To Ask Me Something.
Would You Marry Me?
Come Here, Cowboy!
Dog Barking
Oh, Angles!
Angles, Go Get Your Own Girl!
He Likes Me Now. Laughs
You Going To Answer My Question?
Oh, I Do! I Do I Do I Do.
You Do What?
I Do Want To Marry You.
You're So Lucky.
"I Want You To Take Me"
"In Your Arms.
And Hold Me
Oh, So"
I Know I Must Be"
Don't Let This
Feeling End"
"It's The Reason That I
Forgot Why I Was"
"Looking For Love.
It Caught
Me By Surprise."
"Looking For Love"
"I See In Your Eyes.
I Feel Your Heart"
"Beating Close To Mine"
"All My Fears
Are Lost In Time"
"I Almost Missed
A Moment Like This"
"While I Was Looking For