Last Defenders of Monogamy (2024) Movie Script

Hello boss!
Yes boss.
I don't know how to tell this
but I have to.
Badhon came to me
and cried a lot.
actually Badhon acts over emotionally.
You know Kaushik and I
have been in a long relationship.
As a friend,
I sometimes gave shelter to Badhon.
He took it differently.
Its okay!
Your life, your rules.
It's up to you
if you would practice monogamy or polygamy.
if it becomes 1:2 in an office,
isnt that a problem?
Yes boss, it is.
You understand?
Okay! No problem.
Okay! Then bye.
Boss , I need one more day
for the presentation.
Its not done yet.
I didnt call you for the presentation.
Called you for something else.
Well Lamia,
how would you rate your performance ,
in last three months?
Boss, I dont think it was great.
Here is your confirmation letter.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Very happy.
I mean,
it was my dream, Boss.
I got three offers,
but I chose to join here.
I wanted to learn from you,
It was my dream.
I mean,
I really wanted to learn from you.
It feels good to hear praise.
Keep going.
Really boss.
I mean it.
I honestly mean it.
You also know many people
want to learn from you.
Okay then,
concentrate on your work.
Okay, thank you so much boss.
Thank you so much.
The stage will be right here.
Thats the plan.
Ok, got it.
And the entrance will be here.
Entrance will be on this side?
Yeah, this side.
We have to put a fence on this side.
Otherwise it will look bad.
Thats already been arranged.
And if this is the stage,
we will keep this space for audience
How many audiences?
460, thats what you guys told me.
Lets keep a 10% more, just in case.
Okay, we will do that.
How is it going?
Is everything alright there?
Yeah, everything fine.
How are you guys doing?
we are good.
Did you take both of your pills on time?
Yeah, I have.
You are lying, right?
How do you know that Im lying?
How did you get this special power?
Listen, you are not good in dramas,
So stop this and take your medicine.
Okay, alright.
Text me after that.
Ok, I will.
Did you incorporate the client's feedback?
Yes, boss.
Yes boss.
Our event is divided into four phases, right?
the cultural program is placed in which phase?
Okay then,
The client asked to change
the background color of the stage.
Did you do that?
Yes boss. Its blue now.
the award program placed in which phase?
Second phase, boss.
And how many seats for the audience.
Client asked for approximately 460 seats.
Are you okay?
Trust me, Lamia,
Im a good person.
Boss, I know It,
But it was weird.
Right, I.
Dont stress about it.
Sit normally for a bit
Why did I do this?
Im feeling very guilty now.
Should I call the doctor?
No, no.
Its okay.
Please don't tell anyone.
How are you all?
Yes boss, fine.
Im not feeling well.
Still I came
to tell you that we are a team
and whatever we do is teamwork.
Total teamwork.
So when someone from the team does well,
it inspires everyone.
It should.
And we should thank whoever it is, right?
So that
they can get inspired.
They do better for their next project
and team can get good output.
Specially today,
I am talking about Lamia.
The way she handled the client,
it was tremendous.
Its been only 3 months since she joined us,
but the performance she's given in three months,
every single project she handled,
it was simply outstanding.
We should learn from Lamia.
Not just you guys,
even I can also be inspired by her.
That's why
I want to appreciate Lamia.
She genuinely deserves,
a big round of applause.
Yes boss.
Buy whatever you guys want,
Payment is on me.
Okay boss. Thank you boss.
Okay, enjoy.
Go ahead,
enjoy your shopping.
Yes boss.
Find something for me.
Burmese dried fish.
Burmese dried fish or Burmese pickle?
Not pickles, Burmese dried fish.
My wife asked for this.
Burmese dried fish, boss?
Go this way and see if you can find it.
Found anything?
Buy if you like something.
Still searching.
where can I find Burmese dried fish?
See this.
very beautiful.
Do you like it?
Very beautiful.
Nice color.
Let me see the fabric.
What saree is this?
It's for my wife.
Very nice, good choice.
All of my wifes sarees are bought by me.
Oh nice!
You have a good choice.
can you tell me
where I can find Burmese dried fish?
Burmese dried fish?
Are you alright?
Or you have mental problem?
It's okay, brother.
Give me two sarees.
Two pieces. In separate packs.
What's this?
Did you like something?
Yes boss.
This is for you.
You dont have to do this.
Keep this, this is for you,
and this is for my wife.
Keep this,
its a gift.
Thank you.
Told everyone to shop.
Payment is on me.
What have you started?
Whatever you like, buy it.
Go on.
Go on.
Thank you.
Wait, wait, wait,
I have a question.
You dont look okay.
Are you going to faint again?
Cool down.
Take a deep breath.
Deep breath.
What am I doing?
How could I be this bad?
My wife, children!
Where are they and where am I?
My wife loves me so much.
My children love me.
My wife did so much for me.
When I was jobless,
my wife took care of the family
single handedly.
And Im doing this to her.
What am I doing here?
Am I a human?
You stay in this room or in yours,
no problem.
Im leaving for Dhaka.
Can you arrange a microbus?
I urgently need to go to Dhaka tonight.
Two micro buses.
Hello Samina,
are you sleeping?
I mean are you alright?
Please tell me if you are okay or not?
What should I tell you?
I had a very bad dream about you.
After that I wasn't feeling well.
I was calling you continuously.
But you didn't pick up.
Thats why I started for Dhaka now.
Does that make any sense?
Come, carefully.
I love you, Samina.
Hmm, understood.
Are Shuddho and Rai alright?
Shuddho and Rai are okay,
all good.
You just come.
Okay, alright, I love you.
Are you all right?
You are not going to office for a few days.
Im alright.
Hey Rai.
Sorry Lamia.
No, Its okay.
Your last four months performance,
was exceptional.
Thank you.
Management is very happy.
Thank you.
That's why management has decided,
to give you another account to handle.
Yes, sure.
We hope you will take this to another level.
You will now handle,
the Pocha Soap account.
And Ohona will handle your Ring Cola.
Is that okay?
Because we hope,
and believe,
like Ring cola,
you will take Pocha Soap to the next level.
the company will shine further.
Can I ask something?
Yes please, sit.
Are you feeling awkward with me?
Or trying to punish me?
I dont understand. What happened?
Who transferred me to Pocha Soap from Ring Cola?
What is the reason?
Okay, how do you think I can punish you?
the Ring Cola client,
they want me,
in the creative team.
As you are handling the Ring Cola,
I was feeling awkward to work with you.
Thats why I thought,
for now, you handle Pocha Soap instead of Ring Cola.
Meanwhile we get normal.
I will then put you back in Ring Cola.
That's it.
You want me to leave this job,
Do you think I want that?
Call the HR right now.
Tell him to put me back.
Stop all these hesitations.
Thank you.
do one thing,
put Lamia back in Ring Cola.
Put Lamia back in Ring Cola.
Dont you understand?
Do what I said.
Got it?
Thank you.
Go to your contact list,
and unblock me.
Thank you.
Hey listen,
make a rough mix.
I will check it,
I have to make a call.
Yes, boss.
I need to go to washroom.
Turn off the monitor.
Hmm. How is it going?
Tell me, tell me, tell me...
Well, listening with patience. Tell me?
While we were in touch,
while we were regularly speaking,
maybe you got little bit weak about me,
I did.
I think it was a healthy flirting situation.
But frankly,
I didnt take anything seriously.
As you are married and I have a fiane,
We can not do this, right?
But, there is a but.
I need to confess something.
Yeah, tell me?
Should I?
Tell me, please.
You cried in Coxs Bazar, for your wife.
This whole thing is to me...
I don't know how to say it,
I mean this whole thing,
I found it very sexy.
Your loyalty towards your wife,
made me love you.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Honestly I dont know what to say.
After a long time Im,
I mean,
feeling good.
Im feeling good to hear that.
However, listen.
Say it.
As we are,
on the same page now,
I think,
we should nurture this relationship.
If we take care of this relationship,
it will go a long way.
Isn't it?
We have to keep one thing in our mind,
while we are in the office,
we can text each other as much as we want,
or we can talk.
before entering home,
we will
delete everything.
We will enter home with a clean phone.
Tell her to collect props.
How many extra costumes do we need?
Of course.
Hold for a second.
What did you send?
What do you mean? It's a song.
Whats the reason behind this romanticism?
Is it a crime?
No no. Its not like that,
but for the past three years, all you asked was
whether the children have reached home
or I bought grocery. So of course it surprised me.
So, arent you happy?
Yes, Im happy.
Why I wont be happy with all the positive changes?
Anyway, I am in a zoom meeting.
I will call you later, okay?
I watched your song.
Thank you.
I mean,
none of the young singers can come close to you.
You have an extraordinary voice.
Its getting too much, but thank you.
No no,
I swear upon God. I say it right.
Thank you.
But I think,
you are less confident
about your voice.
As in?
I mean
your voice is extraordinary.
Suppose, Mark Zuckerberg.
Zuckerberg comes to his office,
wearing a simple t-shirt.
He doesnt need to put on anything extraordinary.
Because he knows about himself,
about his quality.
When you are this good at your singing,
you dont have to take any support.
You are not a bad singer.
Bad singers need to cover it up
with short dresses.
Didn't get it.
You don't have any lacking in your singing,
then why do you have to wear short dresses?
Which generation do you belong to?
Can you hear what you are saying?
Yes... Im saying,
your voice is extra-ordinary.
Oh my God.
Im leaving.
May I drop you?
Im going by myself.
Okay, I have to go. Okay.
is it an odd time?
You? At this hour?
Your sister in law went to an
event with the children.
So, I thought of talking to you.
I am on the roof.
Are you busy or free?
Oh, Okay.
Can I call you back?
Im a bit busy.
Yeah, sure, sure, sure.
Its ok. No problem.
Its too late.
My wife will be back soon.
Then I won't be able to talk.
Call me please.
Lamia, I think my wife is back.
Heard the car sound in garage.
No need to call or text now,
I'm going downstairs.
Didn't reply to my message?
I suppose you didnt see, right?
Which message?
The 'Good morning' message.
Ah, I was in a hurry.
I had to come here at 12.
Couldnt check the phone.
Good morning.
Its already afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Sir, please come.
Let's go.
Your specs fell.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Good Morning sir,
How are you?
Please inform boss that I am here.
Please inform boss that Shafkat sir came.
whats happening between us?
Should I create a scene in a public space?
Should I cry?
See, I dont want to be a part of
the vicious cycle of routine.
We already have existing relationships.
Maybe we got bored and got into this.
But if this adventure now becomes a routine,
you have to text me, I have to text you back,
you would say good morning and I have to reply,
Or you will be sad.
I can't take it.
I dont want to be a part of another routine.
Be normal, I say.
It's a public place.
I am in the garment business,
I understand this business.
I understand garment business, wool business,
yarn business etc.
But I don't understand this advertising business.
In fact, I invested in you.
Yes boss.
it's up to you to lead it.
I learned one thing from my childhood that,
if I dont understand something, I don't get into it.
I just want to be informed in every six month,
if your business is making loss or profit.
Boss, we are now doing the best business
among all the advertising farms.
We have more clients and healthy bills.
If you just support us for one more year..
I don't have any doubt because I trust you.
Yes sir?
Park the car here.
I need to measure the metro rail station. Okay?
Yes sir.
What's this metro rail measurement thing?
What should I tell the driver?
Why you had to come with me?
Listen Lamia,
see the change in me.
Am I supposed to come here?
Does my age and position allow that?
Still Im here with you.
In the beginning,
when we started the relationship,
you used to tell me,
if you could spend a session with me,
maybe listening to my lecture for 5 minutes,
it would feel like a life lesson for you.
You probably meant
you would get inspired by me.
But I never told you,
I must admit,
I actually get inspiration from you.
Inspiration not only comes from the upper position.
It also can come from the lower position.
See, your idea of a relationship is so patriarchal.
What are you trying to say?
You are in a higher position and I am in a lower.
Do you understand how you classify a relationship?
No, you are getting me wrong.
I never meant,
Im superior and you are inferior.
What I was trying to say is,
we may have different roles
as colleagues.
I am your superior and you are my subordinate.
But if I,
I mean,
if I talk about our relationship,
then we are equal.
Rather you are in a higher position.
you control the course of our relationship,
you create the rules,
you decide when we shall speak,
when you will pick up the phone or not.
I accepted it.
What does it mean?
It means you are
in the driving seat.
You are in a higher position than me.
I look up to you now.
Stay well.
Yes boss.
Come to Shewrapara.
Okay boss.
I ended up in Shewrapara while measuring
the metro rail station.
Okay boss.
Come fast.
Yes boss.
This metro rail thing,
is weird.
Yes boss.
Last time I measured the platform for an event
and found it was 150 yards.
Yes boss.
And today I found it,
180 Yards.
Isn't it silly?
Yes boss.
Boss, may I come in?
Tomorrows presentation...
Will you check?
I dont understand this trend of
Did you eat?
I call it Did you eat kind of love.
Its good.
He cares for you.
But I think he puts a reminder in his phone.
When it rings, he texts- Did you eat?
Its from the machine.
Not from the heart.
Its fine.
Send it.
Thank you.
You are looking like you are mourning a death.
What happened?
Look at me!!
Come to eat.
Good Boy!
can you hurry up?
Or else Ill miss my flight.
I told you I will take an Uber.
You can take the car,
No problem.
No, come with me.
You can go to the coaching
center after dropping me.
We are leaving.
Come. Bye papa.
Bye, brother.
Bye, bye.
Lets go!
We are getting late.
Im getting late for my rehearsal, mamma.
Come lets go.
when will you be back from Bangkok?
Within three to four days.
Why papa?
No, nothing.
What should I get for you from Bangkok?
I have everything.
You have everything?
And for actual
object size is
the unit of that,
also in magnification.
I need to take a call.
My mother is calling. May I?
Okay. Yes, please.
Thank you, sir.
You are welcome.
Yeah, mom.
Im in a class.
Why, mom, what happened?
Let's go.
To the airport.
No, no.
Not to the airport.
Go home first.
Mom, will you tell me what happened?
Im worried.
Breaking News!
DHAKA-BANGKOK flight PG-321 lost
all connection with the radar
after one hour of taking off.
We are speculating that the plane
may have faced an accident.
Can you come here?
What happened?
Im done,
Im finished.
I died.
You are talking to a dead body.
What are you saying?
What are you saying?
Oh my God.
Do you have anybody in this flight?
Im in this flight.
This morning, I told my wife,
Im going to Bangkok.
My son dropped me off at the airport.
I took boarding pass from international terminal,
sneaked to the domestic terminal, came to Coxs Bazar.
Couldnt you say anything else?
What do you mean?
What should I say?
Should I say, I came to Coxs Bazar with you?
Rather you should ask me,
why the plane has to crash today?
If your wife gets to know,
I warned you from the beginning,
if anybody gets to know, I will shut the door.
My reputation is very important.
I dont want to be a home-wrecker,
I told you clearly.
I spent my whole my life after all these selfish people.
My plane crashed,
my dead body is in Myanmars forest,
and she is worried about her reputation!
Now what will you do?
What a dead man can do, you tell me?
Why the heck you chanting dead body, dead body?
Rai, Shuddho, go to the roof for a while.
Parents will talk.
Papa, going to the roof.
why are you behaving like this?
Havent you talked to Alauddin?
I myself put you on phone with him, isnt it?
What did he say?
Ring Cola management called for
an emergency meeting in Cox's Bazaar suddenly.
So Alauddin requested me to cancel
the Bangkok flight and go to Cox's.
It would take 2-3 hours to go and come back.
Thats why I didnt tell you.
Can this be a fault?
Aren't you happy that I am alive?
what can I do in Cox's Bazaar?
I can go there with a girl? To have fun?
Even if I did that,
I came back alive,
isnt it enough?
Okay, tell me one thing,
what do you want?
What would be good for You?
A slightly dishonest husband who is alive?
Or do you want an honest husband
who is lying as a dead body in Myanmar's forest?
If I died you would be widow,
and my children,
and Rai,
would be orphans.
You should look happy.
What is your problem? If I die, you will marry
and leave within 6 months.
You might not be thankful to Alauddin,
but I am.
Because I love my life the most.
My life is worthless to you.
you drink regularly right?
Yeah, I do.
How does to feel
after you drink?
I need to know.
As in?
Im making an advertisement.
I have to write a story.
The story is about a man
who is going through a disaster in life.
Now he wants to drink
to get rid of the pressure.
He should.
Tell me,
after how many sips he will pass out?
How many spoons?
You stupid!!
Think its a syrup?
Thus needs to be taken with spoon?
You just insulted liquor.
Okay, how many glasses?
You call it peg, right?
It depends on the person who is drinking.
Also drinking with what?
Is he mixing water?
Or ice?
Or on the rocks?
Theres another thing,
How much a missile can destroy
doesnt only depend on the power of the missile!
There are a lot of people,
who can digest poison.
And there are people
who die after having a simple paracetamol.
Slowly mama, you will fall.
Slow, slow.
Slow mamma.
You will fall down.
Come slowly.
Climb up carefully, there are stairs.
Got you, got you.
Will you sit here?
Sit here.
Wait wait.
What is this?
Slow, you will fall.
How are you feeling?
How are you feeling?
You guys go to the first floor.
Let's go the first floor.
Alright, Samina what do you think?
Look at my beautiful family!
Do I have something more important
than you guys?
At Least,
for the sake of our children,
we can behave normal.
I brought you guys here just so we feel better.
I thought if we go for an outing,
we will get back to Dhaka with fresh mind.
but you are not giving it a chance.
Im alright.
What will they think? If they understand.
Call everyone to office on Friday.
I want to talk.
What are you saying?
This is a personal issue.
You gonna discuss it with everyone in the office?
How will it look?
You don't have to worry.
You just inform everyone.
May I know what happened between you two?
Nothing, Nothing happened.
We were discussing about
where we will admit you next year.
Im not a little girl.
Dont tell brother that I understand everything.
Happy birthday boss...
What is all this? Hmm?
Am I still young?
What have you guys started?
Im feeling very shy. Im going to my room.
You guys do whatever you want.
Boss please come. Please, please.
You guys do whatever you like....
I am aged now.
Thats why you called everyone on a Friday, right?
Okay, I'm going to my room.
Okay alright.
Hello, hello.
Where are you?
I am at the office.
What did you take as a gift?
Already purchased the gift,
boss is here too.
You come quick.
Should I bring a cake?
We brought a cake.
You can bring a flower.
Okay, I am bringing some flowers.
This spot is looking very empty, isnt it?
It will look good with more ballon, right?
Mam, this is the zone. So we kept that empty.
Ohh, okay.
Then make this a little bit tight.
Where is boss?
Happy birthday boss.
Thank you.
Hello mam.
What are you doing, dear?
Making a birthday card for papa.
Why dont you use green?
You wont understand these.
wake up. We will go now.
Rai, pack your stuff now,
we will go now. Come on.
Why? Wont we cut the cake?
I told you to pack your stuff. Pack your stuff now.
Mom, What happened?
What happened to you?
We will go now.
Where is your husband?
I cant answer all these questions.
Im sick of answering everyone.
Rai, didn't I tell you to come?
Come right now. Come. Lets go.
Shuddho, wake up, wake up.
What have you started? Tell me?
Who creates scenes like this just because
two sarees matched?
What our children will think?
This is a complete coincidence.
Shafkat, dont provoke me to say.
The day your plane crashed,
I checked that days attendance.
I found,
Lamia was absent too that day.
Everything is a coincidence?
Shuddho and Rai,
we are,
going to grandmothers place for a few days.
We will stay there.
We were there.
Why did you bring us then?
Dont ask too many questions, Rai.
Do as I say.
Shuddo, do you want to say anything?
go downstairs.
I will talk to mom.
mom asked us to go to grandmothers,
for a few days.
Although I know,
she is not coming back.
Should I go with mom?
go with your mom.
I am not letting Rai know that,
you are not coming back to this house.
If you guys dont stay together,
it will be very tough on us.
But if it hurts you to stay together,
you dont have to.
But I have one request for you.
I will stay with you
three days in a week.
And I will stay with my father
the remaining 4 days.
Cause I love my father, mom.
Aint you supposed to come in the evening?
Im coming.
What do you want?
What I want?
I want,
to live as a clean person.
Whatever happened,
after that incident,
everything is alright with you.
But my world is destroyed.
I am finished.
My wife left me.
My children too.
I want,
to stand in front of the mirror
with my head held high.
And how do you want to do that?
I will
do a press conference.
I will
confess my sins in front of everyone.
I will tell everyone that I misused my power
and forced you
into a relationship.
This is my fault.
And through this I want to set myself
free from guilt.
So its all about you?
Dont I have a family or a fiane?
It doesn't affect me?
See, what should I say?
What should I do?
what should I say?
This is a complete mess and a trap.
You know what?
I thought you are a Good person.
Respected you,
respected you a lot.
You knew very well,
how much I respected you.
I must admit
whatever we felt was real.
I am ashamed of this feeling now.
You are a horrible person.
You are a horrible person.
And I came just to say that.
Not to stop you.
You do whatever you want.
You are a horrible person.
Shuddo and Rai's father is horrible?
You know Im very straight forward.
Whatever I do, I do openly.
What happened now?
Siam, I cheated on you.
I cheated on you.
Look, you know how I am.
You know I am not like this.
But, I dont know.
It was a mistake.
I didn't plan to do this.
With whom?
what are you thinking about me now?
Talk to me.
Siam, talk to me.
You have nothing to say?
Siam, you know I love you.
I love you but
this was a mistake.
You, you, you say something.
Remember I was in Coxs Bazar three Months ago?
I was not with my cousins.
What do you mean?
You know Sara, right?
You cheated on me?
Did you cheat on me?
Oh my God,
how could you do that?