Last Exorcism, The (2010) Movie Script

Well! What's this? I got it.
Watch this...
- Got to be a troublemaker.
You think you're going to church?
- Troublemaker.
We're going to church...
Want to get the door?
Now the most anointed man of God,
that I think I ever met...
in my life! I think you know my son.
I think they know my son!
- Yeah!
The Rev. Cotton Marcus,
let's give another hand!
For Jesus!
I started preaching pretty young.
You know... my father was a preacher.
And the... every preacher has to have a book.
That's gonna bring the people in.
To... get them saved and...
Frankly to get them into mob hood.
The church is gonna wanna know...
And the... you know child preacher was a great novelty.
So! He started germinate...
in order to preach in order to draw
outside community...
one of the guy fall down...
And by the time he invited me up on the podium.
One sunday! He...
wasn't surprised to let the people know...
the congregation is... The Holy spirit is...
visited his son. Erm...
As... spontheinous... as a...
that acclimated seem to the congregation.
we were...
We're it.
I'm saying right here!
If you want an answer!
if you want to know
Do you want to know?
- Yeah...
Yeah... it's right here! Brother!
Mr. Cotton is quite a character.
He's what you called a performer.
a showman... a... erm...
He's a natural creator.
For example, we've a local theater here and
Cotton writes plays and...
he's making mini movies now.
He's got props for theses, special effects...
I mean he energy's... like nobody business.
And... you know he starts here with us. But
of course it carries only to his professional.
Oh! You wanna ...
- Yes!
When simple character's are boring
people don't want to go.
But Cotton here is never boring.
Folks! I'm here to tell today that
the world is,
still worth many many faces.
Well! Some of those faces their... their good!
Their life of God!
Right! And some of those faces! They're gonna lie to you!
Gonna watch out for them.
- Absolutely.
So I'm gonna tell you today...
Make sure you don't fall for a pretty face.
A pretty face! Just may and need be...
Prince of Lies!
That's right!
Let me tell you right now!
His lies are everywhere!
Oh! Yeah... Yeah!
Hey, hey, hey! As he get Hallemonia... Hallelujah, blood of Christ and
on the blood and a...
I mean they practically not listen. You get me right?
It's practise when they listen.
Oh! They're listening...
Oh! They are so much so not listening.
I can talk about anything.
I can talk about erm...
I can talk about my mom's banana bread recipe,
Oh! You don't think so?
See now you're underestimating...
- You don't think so?
No! You underestimating your crowd.
- When I get back in there...
I will preach a banana bread sermon.
That's embarrasing...
- I bet you 10 bucks!
Do you believe when you go allow
the Holy Ghost into your heart,
you will be cleansed of all your sins?
Consider a Kingdom of God!
- That's what I'm talking about...
Now get another Amen?!
- Amen!
Now Hallelujah!
Now get a Hallelujah AND a Amen!
Now do you know you get two ripe banana,
put em in a bowl.
You put some sugar and you go ahead
and bake it for 400.
And you go pull it out and have yourself some
banana bread. Hallelujah!
Hallelujah! Yes you can...!
Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!
We are in my dad's office...
and actually today's very special
as we're in Lemaray's office.
Well! I don't want them to see the combination. dad!
I won't.
Yeah! Please don't ma'am. The combination is...
Erm.. to be honest. I'm the only one that knows.
Me and my accountant.
This is the hardis Dalcar.
It's about twenty and whole.
Shut the room, shut the room.
This book describes...
The various types of dangers.
Helps you identifies them.
and then recommends the process,
for getting rid of that demon.
We're have exorcists... in our family for
generations. Generations.
And the...
How many exorcism do you think
you'd done with this book?
That's the figure... Ya.
There isn't a poet on Lucifier's disc?
Lucifer was indeed an angel. At one point.
Some people say that he was actually the
choir master of heaven. Or lacking the better word.
He was helping praise his honest to God.
but he decided he wanted the praise himself!
and with that God cast him out from heaven.
He took the 3th of the posts (postles) with him.
and those are your demons! You have today.
And then what you have basically is the setup
of the entire bounty...
You have the soul of men being fought over,
God wants you to turn to the light of HIM.
And Satan wants to grab your soul.
because ultimately Satan wants to overthrow God.
So you just clash.
The Bible is filled with demons.
If you believe in God you have to believe in the Devil.
Jesus himself was an exorcist. Therefore...
If you are a Christian and you believe in the Bible.
and you believe in Jesus Christ!
You have to believe in Demons!
Most people
contact me by my website.
but this is the old school here.
That's a... from Ivanwood,
he's from Georgia.
This one says:
"Please, open immediately. Urgent. "
Exorcism is alive and well in the present age.
People think it would mean a scourge of the middle ages,
that somehow went away. Cured by science.
Fact of the matter is... It's never going away.
Exorcism today! Is bigger than it's ever been.
The Vatican has... you said have 20, 25...
sanctioned exorcists on the staff.
Now they have over... well over 300.
Not just for weddings!
And... you know they're not telling us everything.
And that is only for capitals. They get...
They get all the press cause they got the
movies and the script. So the...
possibly nothing... the reality of it.
That exorcism are performed by every
religion all over the world.
Local boy Cotton delivers his first exorcism.
As a little boy I thought this was on
every newspapers around the world.
Tell us what your father does?
He fights for the demons
and the vampires, and ghosts. All the munsters.
He fights all the ghosts, and
demons and the vampires?
And the monsters.
Do you believe in ghosts?
Does your father believe in ghosts?
I do not believe in natural demons. No.
but when I was doing exorcisms.
You know...
I acted like I did.
Only I had saw demons coming outta anybody?
So for the last something odd years,
you've just been a fraud?
Your theory, not mine.
I wouldn't say that.
I would say that the... The last couple of years what I've been doing?
is really what I have always been doing,
is delivering a service to a person
who needs it.
in a way that they need it.
I'm not saying that I'm a doctor.
but I am saying that I help heal people,
From what ails them. And from what ails them somethings.
Was the thought in their brain that
they were possessed by the Devil.
And if I help to make that thought go away!
and they felt better!
so be it.
I got... I got a family to feed.
At least I tell you to justify.
Well basically, everything changed.
When Justin was born.
He was born early. And so there was
awhile where we weren't sure
our son was gonna be alive! And...
We finally! We found out
that he was gonna be okay.
and at that moment..
Cotton was so relieved. And he... he would just
we were so lucky, we were so lucky.
The best I can do is say,
thank you doctor you know.
I should be thanking God but...
but that wasn't my first thought.
Well, It's just wasn't.
And that realisation really shook me.
A real crisis of faith.
I started to question why my actions
actually believe in God in the first place.
I just boomed you know I started preaching so early?
Felt good! I got rewards for being
good! So who wants to stop that.
Even when I started having this revelation of...
Maybe I don't believe in God.
and yet I so... presenting myself as a preacher.
It didn't stop me.
I mean... it's was on autopilot.
It's what I do.
Well! It wasn't easy, you know it got harder.
I wouldn't lie about that.
He would eventually, at some point anyway.
But there was this one story.
A little boy named Victor. Erm...
His name is Victor Turoy from Harrisberg, Texas.
This little boy was autistic.
and he was suffocated to death.
During an exorcism,
With well meaning people trying to
get this demon outta this child.
I remember that article and at the same time...
Justin was about this boy's age. And
I started having this...
recurring nightmare.
Where I was the exorcist and I was wrapping
a plastic bag around my own son's head.
Watching my son die everynight, breaking out in cold sweat.
Not long after that
I was in there washing dishes.
He came out of the office and he had this
story about the new Pope opening an exorcism academy.
And he was visibly shaken.
And he said: "Do you know how
many people this will hurt? "
That's really when I decided... that... that,
Well! I'm done.
I not participanting... anyway what I wanna do?
is expose exorcisms for the scam that that really is.
And that's why we're doing this.
So what if I could expose for what it really is.
and save one kid from a plastic bag wrapped around his face.
That sounds like God's work.
Well! I thought how we'll do this. We will open an envelope.
and we will follow that request to wherever that takes us.
and I'll let you follow me.
And that way you can film all the behind the scenes.
my exorcism.
Pick the one on top!
From Ivanwood, Louisiana.
They're basically the same.
They're a whole bunch of people out there,who are
definitely convinced...
that they're possessed or possibly
some sort of crop failure or...
something wrong with the livestock.
I feel that I am building up a case of possession
by the Devil himself...
My livestock is being slaughtered nightly.
Little doubt who's being doing the ....
Looks like we'll going to Ivanwood.
Your daddy's pants look like satanic.
Break a leg! Love you.
- Give me a hug?
Bye guys! Love ya.
Where's amazing down here. Got
a real unique feel.
Nothing like it in any other part of the country.
Some of the plantation here have been standing
over hundreds of years.
This is the only part of the country that
I'm been thought... has six different flags. So...
there's a mix of culture and superstition
and folklore down here.
You got Voodoo. You got early Catholic's,
all the different beliefs...
rubbing up against one another.
And they all looking at the saviour. They're
all looking for the answer.
There is a lot of illiteracy
and a lot of poverty.
And... between that and the "stop in time"
feel of the place.
It's like a... suitable breeding ground for...
Demons and evil.
I can't fight the devil
without armor!
Fraid that's a little...
Tight down here.
Sorry, sorry.
Yeah! I'm gonna miss this.
Maybe I'll sell real estate.
Afraid Louisiana ain't a day ferriet none.
Demon... is coming your way!
Down here against 5 people got a demon story. They'll
give you 10 demon stories.
You want me to remember that?
- Sure. Absolutely.
Is Bush that way as well?
- Yeah Bush is that way.
- Be careful going on Bush. You
hear so many things going on about backwater.
I think the the very gates of hell!
is right over there. Right off Bush Drive...
- Would you, would you...
The merry gates to hell!
There's a cult in this area... There's a temple.
- Oh!
Not, not here, that's... can't describe
it exactly where it is now. But...
When you get to... specific.
They'll give you the specifics.
This guy that ran the cult was so...
SO disturbed!
That he actually thought that he,
would like... he ate it to like feed you know.
Feed human souls!
- Sure.
to the devil or whatever.
Where are the UFO landing site at?
Oh! That is actually in that direction!
Maybe we can ask this guy.
Stop. Stop here.
Ask him?
Good Afternoon.
- You guys making a movie?
We're making a documentary. How's it going?
Yeah, I like documentaries.
Oh great! We'll looking for the Sweetzer Farm?
Can you help me? - What's your name?
Ah... ah Reverend Cotton Marcus.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
Sweetzer Farm?
- Those?
I'm Uris and this is Daniel.
- Hey!
We're behind schedule so...
No, no problem.
The Sweetzer Farm, please?
- Right!
You're going the wrong direction.
You wanna make a U turn.
- Okay!
You wanna take this road.
Go straight.
See things very simple ...Keep on going.
And hit the highway,
And I want you to go back. Where you came from.
Are you kidding?
No! I'm not.
- Gotcha!
Thank you.
Sorry about that!
Woah, woah, woah!
- Jesus!
Woah! What's he doing, what's he doing?
- Jesus Christ! Go, Go!
Are you okay?
- Yeah...
Seems like the end of the road.
There's a tractor. Can't see anyone in it.
There's a farmhouse.
There's where we got to be at.
Mr. Sweetzer?
How you doing?
Cotton Marcus.
Nice to meet you. Pardon my dress.
But it's a work day
Oh. Hey! Watch out for this kid.
We just met him on the road.
I apologize. That's my son.
My apologies...
- What did he do?
No apologies... just a misunderstanding.
We asked for directions...
And that's the end of the matter.
Hi! Good to see you again.
Hello. What is good to see.
What's your problem boy?
You got cameras?
I'll tell you about that...
These are my friends they came with me...
- Hi! How are you?
And Daniel.
- Hi!
Appreciate it. Amm....
I'd like you to turn the camera off.
Let's go ahead and turn it off. Right now.
And let's go talk about it right now.
- Yeah. Great!
This is the second bull I've lost.
I thought it was Louis not Nell.
I don't like working with kids.
That's from last night.
One each like this everytime I lay down.
She doesn't remember doing this!
No sir.
She doesn't remember anything.
And so... it really frightened her.
A lot!
Hi Nell! Is that Nell?
Yes! I hear my brother's workings.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi!
You wanna come this way...
So... If you don't mind now.
Tell me. Tell me about the livestock.
I only think one thing.
I killed them...
Do you remember killing them?
- Do you remember getting out of bed?
Do you remember walking downstairs?
Remember walking outside?
Do you remember doing
anything to the animals at all?
No... But...
Well. Maybe you didn't do anything at all.
That's how I pictured you downstairs.
You look just like your mother. - Really?
Yeah, I saw the painting downstairs and I thought...
- Oh Thank you so much.
That's such a compliment! She's so beautiful!
She is. So does her daughter so...
Thank you so much. Thank you so much...
- Were you very close?
Both you and your mother?
- She's my best friend.
Yup... That's safe to say. She
was my best friend.
Did Caleb act any different after your mom passed?
I think he got frustrated.
It got kinda scary he it started.
He even got a lock.
How about your father? Here?
How has he been affected?
He... he had it very hard...
He didn't... Oh...
If you weren't from Wandale. And the
faith of Jesus instilled in me...
I don't think I would've made it through.
So I... since she died, I've been
very determined to give my children a
more fundamental christian upbringing...
I'm not... well crazy about the inserviences that
envisions the world today and...
Therefore I decided to...
home school now.
For awhile I let go to the sunday school
of our local church but...
That just didn't seem right either.
That's why he pulled me...
- Dad likes religious music group?
Yeah... yeah
- Hm!
And by keeping her as close as I possibly could...
Maybe a little... too protective... I
I'll admit that.
But somehow, still...
cut in?
Her mother gave her a small crucifix.
It burned her...
Similar about orange. She can't wear it.
Now we got Nell! Going around killing those animals.
And then she is really isolated out here.
That's gotta drive you crazy. With the burning cross?
That's like a nipple allergy.
You got a reaction like that on
your skin especially if you're stressed out.
Hey Son!
Why are you throwing rocks at me?
Are you going to be performing an exorcism?
An exorcism. Well! I don't know?
That's why we're here to find out.
Cause apparently there's... there's deaths.
Mountain of people have died.
Well if you're worried about something like that!
I here to go ahead and assure you
that nothing like that happens with me.
I'm here to help.
Without me to meet you halfway?
Well! Your livestock could.
Not they would be dying left and right.
You ever think about that?
Well my father's a supersitious drunk.
- Umm...
Well... do you think he is supersitious or
drunk enough to harm his own animal?
It's possible.
Do you think Nell have anything to do with it?
No, no, I don't think... Nell's the problem.
Nell doesn't need help.
Nah I... that remains to be seen...
- Something happens to her.
I will hurt you okay.
I don't care if the camera's watching.
I don't think you want to.
I will hurt you.
- Hmm.
Thank you.
- Well! Thank you son.
Thank you.
There you go. Nice and relaxed.
You're not nervous are you?
Okay good! You can't be
nervous when you do this.
Okay. Say again. There you go.
Any pressure?
- A little.
Oh you do!
Only when I throw stuff, I wake up screaming.
- So you started throwing as well!
Just because I avoid the screaming...
- It's alright. There's nothing really to be nervous about it.
It actually kinda light sweats and light fevers.
Lost of appetite and fatigued in the afternoon.
And a...
Let me have your finger.
Come here.
Let me just show you. Feel that?
Nell just look straight at this.
You always have this deep?
It feels like it's deeper now.
It's a lot deeper now.
Lucius would you get me a pan of water.
Big enough to put her feet in.
I'm on it.
- Yup!
I need you to take your trunks
and shoes off okay.
Those are pretty shoes you got.
Oh! Thank you.
Like those shoes. They're really cute.
- You wanna try one?
Here you go.
It looks good on you!
Oh!... Yours!
- No way. Sorry Iris!
Don't worry about it.
I got, I got...
another pair exactly like em...
- No! Please I mean!
You look good in them! And I'm sure
you can't find them in a 300 mile radius.
Oh my! Ms. Iris!
This is the nicest thing that ever
happened. Dad! Look!
Ms. Iris gave me her boots!
Well! Just keep them off your feet right now!
How about that! For starters.
Here you go!
Now lift them up!
Let's all close our eyes for a moment.
Let's all close our eyes.
Let's pray to Jesus to help us out in this.
I'm gonna kneel right now.
"Oh Lord! We ask you to please!"
" Give us your strength!"
" Give us your help and give us your clarity."
" Please help us. We ask you to please!"
" Take care of Nell!"
" And in this test! May you please show us..."
" an unadulterated sign!"
" Our brought should continue harm this way! "
" We should go ahead and indeed find out, "
" whether we should continue down the path!"
- Rev. Marcus...
Is this regular water?
How's the temperature change?
I was afraid of this.
We will procceed with the exorcism.
I am afraid that I suspect that Nell is
possessed with the demon named...
- Abalum.
What is this?
What is the...
- Do you not read latin?
No, sir.
Sorry I gotta translate this.
Abalamb is a... Abalamb...
right there... What it says!
is he's very powerful.
He is perhaps the most powerful
demon in the entire book.
What he does is like a snake. He wraps
himself around a pole.
The soul of the person.
And that's why the flunctations of the temperature.
Up... Down...
The thing about abalum...
is he preys on the flesh of the innocent.
He defiles the flesh of the innocent.
That's why he does it.
- Alright...
Particularly other young girls.
What other?
It says right here...
That the possessed's only salvation will come...
in death.
Only salvation is death?
Unless it was exorcised...
You're fried!
Look at him...
You learned something didn't you?
I saw you.
Well... all... okay.
I don't know what you're talking about.
That was really good.
Well! I haven't have a problem here.
This will shake nicely...
Come here!
Come now...
Stand here for a second.
Now! if you would...
Nell go ahead get on the bed.
You can sit or you can lay down.
Whatever makes you comfortable.
Are you comfortable?
Yes sir.
- Good! nothing to be nervous about.
Gentlemen! I do not need your
help unless I ask for it.
I ask you to respectfully say what,
what I need from you gentlemen...
is your faith!.
Your courage.
And your love!
Because why we are here is because...
we love Nell.
And we want Nell to get better.
Isn't that right?
Yes, reverend.
- So let's do that.
Let's start by praying to our glory of god above.
Please, let us close our eyes.
" He sides blessful water. He refreshes my soul! "
" He guides me in the right path."
" For his namesake, even though
I walk in dark valley..."
" I shall fear no evil! Cause you are by my side!"
" With your God and your staff! It gives me courage!"
" You have courage Nell?"
Yes, sir
- " Do you believe in Jesus Christ, Nell?"
Yes, sir.
- " Do you believe he can get this demon out of you?"
Yes, sir.
- " Then let him expel the demon out of you."
And I say demon be gone in the name of Jesus Christ.
I say demon. Cast yourself out!
Leave this girl in the name of Jesus Christ! Our lord!
On the blood that washes over. I say demon. Be gone!
I demand thee to be gone!
No! No.
Don't worry! Don't listen to that Louis!
Pay no attention!
Pay no attention! For he is the father of lies!
All he knows are lies! And all we know is
the father of love!
The prince of peace!
The God above! That will say to your all!
Say to you all! Say to you all!
From the power! From the power!...
And the Glory of Jesus!
Sound is so important.
Got a... player that I'd go ahead and program.
Over 8 hundred different. Demon sounds.
The lord shall save you...
The lord shall provide for you.
Oh no, he's here. He's here!
Do you believe in Christ?
Do you believe that Christ shall heal you?
Do you believe that Christ shall heal you now?
Can Christ heal you?!
Then be heal! Oh...! That's right!
Be healed!
Say I love Jesus!
I love Jesus Christ!
Say it. Say it!
There are two 9 volt batteries...
attached to wires at the end.
And then you go ahead and
run one of the wires down the sleeves.
And then you attach it right in there.
Leave, leave, leave.
Leave, leave.
In the name of Jesus Christ! I
command you to leave!
In the blood of Christ! Thievan! Get me out!
I can't do it.
You have to!
You have to!
God! take me!
Take me! Oh Lord!
Take me!Let me take the demon! Oh Lord!
Let me take the demon!
Oh god.
The demon is gone.
The demon is gone! The demon
could not withstand the sight of our Lord!
Praise God!
Are you okay?
How she doing?
- She's sleeping like a child.
What's going on...?
- Ar... That's fantastic.
Is all there?
- Well there's no reason to count it.
Take care
- Thank you all.
Thank you.
- What?
No... I'm just saying...
- What!
I can't hear you...
I don't understand.
Well, there's a prophecy for you, Louis.
The Lord, cause he knows your pain.
He says he knows you'd
sad for your wife to be gone.
The Lord says to be joy for she is with Him.
The Lord does not want you to bottle it up inside...
The Lord wants you to stop your anger!
And your sorrow and burden into this bottle of drink from...
- Nice try.
He does not want you to do that!
- That's it.
That is not a life!
- No more!
He wants you to smash that bottle.
- I.. I won't...
And in it's place he wants you accept love.
He wants you to accept the both of them.
That was highly impressive.
Thank you
- Yeah.
That's more than I expected.
Hey Louis!
- Yes sir.
Now just remember!
I took the devil outta your house.
It's your job to keep em out.
Yes, sir. I'll do that.
Now listen. You sure I can't
convince you all to stay with us?
No! no, no thank you for your hospitality!
We'll find a motel up the road.
All right.
- Take care!
Oh, she did?
Why don't you put her on eleven...
We paid up on that. He need a new hearing aid.
We are paid up on that. I'm sure of it.
Who's Cassandra?
Nell used to work as a TV minister.
I'd thought that would be cool.
They're already helping things.
You got what you needed today?
- We got really some awesome stuff, thank you.
- You have a good night.
Good night, good night.
- Good night.
Woah... what was she doing
when she was doing here?
Nell, can you hear me?
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Look, we need to get her to the hospital.
How is she gonna react when I tell
her that in fact she was in my motel room.
They're probably five miles away from the motel and
how she even know where I was staying?
Is there a doctor around?
- Please... Hey! Where're you going with that camera?
Oh! Sorry! He's with us.
- He's with us.
Okay he's gonna have to turn the camera off.
Oh, okay well he's not going to shoot inside.
Whatever. I need him to turn it off
and take it outside.
Al..alright! We'll fine!
We'll fine.
- Turn the camera off!
Do not again! Take the camera outside.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Excuse Sir!
That camera's is turned off?
- Oh, yeah, - Yes... yes.
Looks like we got most of the blood test back
- And?
Everything appears to be normal.
So what we're gonna do is let
her continue to rest right now.
Do you run some sort of psychiatric test?
Yeah, but you'd have to have
parent's permission to do that.
Now if there's nothing else we'll wait
for the rest of the tests to come back.
This is Mr Sweetzer!
I would like to see my daughter.
This is the father. - If you can just wait
just a minute. Let me see if I can just get the doctor.
As she was standing babbling, then
she was lying on the bed and watch her!
I did called you but nobody answered.
Louis, I feel very strongly that she needs
to have some professional to take a look at her.
She's a young woman.
- Mr Sweetzer?
- Mr. Sweetzer if you could sign this...
What is this?
- That's gonna be a release for your daughter.
This is not about a test?
- No sir.
Do you have a form that he can sign in order to
get psychiatric test? Would you have that?
He can ask when he is ready.
- No.
I'll let him talk to the doctor.
- Please!
They do this sorta thing for a young girl.
Mr. Sweetzer?
Nell! How you doing?
You remember being at the motel last night?
Do you remember... at his motel?
I think so...
Do you want the doctor to speak to her?
- No! I don't.
What happened doctor?
That's the question.
Well, I believe... I believe that the meaning is though...
It's as if Nell's house has been vandalized.
The robber's gone but we need somebody
else to put things right again. - No!
Don't stuff her up to the big city doctor thing!
Eight of them could not save my wife!
Eight of them could not prolong her life!
One day!
And psychiatry!
Psychiatry is not of god!
Well the tools that god provides for us!
Sometimes are not the tools that we recognise.
Or tools that we...
- Our weapons of war are not carnal!
They are mighty in God for
the pulling down of strongholds!
Am I right?!
Am I right?!
- Yes... yes. Absolutely.
That's what we're dealing with Reverend.
He's stuck in this idea that
I'm some full of slick city preacher.
He's not gonna listen to anything I have to say.
Let's get somebody local.
It's gonna be down here.
- Good afternoon. I'm Reverend Cotton Marcus.
Hi, I'm Becky.
- Baton Rouge. Nice to meet you Becky.
From where?
- Baton Rouge.
- I'm looking for...
Pastor Manley who's in town.
- He's just right back there.
What's up with them?
Oh, We're making a movie.
- Oh...
So, are those cheap musical?
- Yeah!
So will I be in it?
- Yeah you are.
Pastor Manley! We got us some visitors.
- Alright.
Afternoon, Reverend Cotton Marcus.
We met earlier days ago.
Welcome to the second Palberry.
- Hi.
I know he respects the church.
And at this point. I'm just an outsider.
He's not respecting my opinion. Cause I'm
pushing to go see a doctor...
cause she is not well. I was
hopping you could back me up.
Well, let me tell you my history with Louis when...
she was unexpectantly pulled
out of the Sunday school - Right.
Umm... we never found out exactly why?
But he was definitely hostile. I er...
He felt that our Sunday school curriculum
was you know sufficiently medievel and this,
and this was not the same Louis that I originally knew...
- Did he threaten you?
Er... no, not per say... but there were voices raised.
Er... So!
I think I'm the last guy to, that Louis would
really take... take counsel from.
And as it say. I mean... I wasn't afraid but
it was very uncomforable.
How long ago was this?
Two... I guess it's... since as I've seen Nell.
Two and a half...
Is that... Two years?
He hadn't come to church?
- No.
And I heard about the home schooling thing.
I... I'm not one to sit here and
say whether that's right or wrong...
I would say that when Nell was here,
a vibrant happy girl.
And... I don't think. To be cut off is,
you know the best thing for the child.
- Would you be willing to come out to the farm with me?
If... if. Okay I tell you what!
You... get Louis to agree for me to come to the farm,
a... I'll be happy to do that
and I'll also can line up a pile of good friend.
And Psychiatry. Head of the department in Baton Rouge.
That I can line up for him now.
Alright. Okay. Robert I'm gonna get back to the farm.
Thank you Pastor appreciate for your time.
- Well you know.
Woah, woah, woah!
What's going on there?
She's fine! Get that damn camera off!
What happened?
- Caleb you okay?
You alright?
You need a hospital... okay.
- What happened?
He was trying to calm Nell down...
She... She hacked him with a knife.
I better get him to the hospital.
- Yeah! you better do that.
Could... could you take him for me?
- Louis? What if the demon comes back?
I need to be here for them.
You be well.
" Don't leave her alone with him ".
That's why I wanted stay.
Nell, honey can we come in?
Locked in?
Hey! honey.
Are you kidding?!
Everything's gonna be alright.
I'm bad! I am... I'm bad!
No, you're not. You're not bad.
You're not... you're not bad.
Nell will come over in the night...
I'm not gonna go to heaven...
Honey! Just cool off. You're go to heaven.
Alright. You'll go to heaven.
Hold on...
I remember screaming and then I woke up.
His face was kind.
- Does Caleb frighten you at all?
Does he ever hurt you or tease
you of any kind? - No, no, never Caleb.
Nell does your father ever hurt you?
You can tell me.
Let's get you back on the bed. Let me check.
You hear that.
Is she sleepwalking?
I don't know...
Hey! Can you hear us?
- Nell?
Oh my god.
You're okay. It's okay. I'm right here.
- It's the doll.
Giving the doll a bath. That's all.
- Hey.
It's alright now. it's gonna be okay.
Let's go to your room.
So you look better.
I can see your eyes now.
Did you make this?
This is where I got holler in the bathroom.
I don't know she know latin now.
Maybe Louis taught her.
- No he didn't.
Seriously, how are they making those baby noises?
- Yeah.
What's going on?
Hi, this is Dr. Carl from the Hospital General.
We just wanna make sure that the...
Nell does not take the meds. The prescriber did
not know that she was pregnant.
And to give her another prescribed drug.
Well, means... this explains it!
There you have it!
Your under lying trauma!
- All we know was cause she was pregnant.
We don't know who she was pregnant by...?
You know incest okay! Abusing his...
- You can't pack those sayings...
that sort of thing down here would ruin...
- It's right there! It's obvious! I mean...
It's right there!
- Let's wait for him to come back.
And talk to him. That's exactly
what we have to do.
We take her and we leave...
- We are not taking her anywhere!
That's kidnapping.
- Or then what! You wanna keep exorcising her...
while her dad keeps raping her in the
upstairs in the bedroom!
Okay. Why don't we just take a break.
Let's just take a break.
What kinda break are we taking?
We have to wait for him no matter what.
- Fine!
Alright. - Guys! Why don't we just take
her out for another roll then wind down.
Okay. Right!
Here kitty, kitty...
What are you doing?
Lie down, lie down.
- Put the camera down.
Get some clothes on you.
Is she gonna be alright?
Guys come here!
Take a look at this!
Oh my god.
Seems a cat here too.
- Look at this one.
Something's on fire in the house.
And look at this on the right.
- Is that me?
Yes, It's all of us.
All of us dead.
I'm in the fire.
I'm really in pieces.
- Yeah, you get your head chopped off.
She's more messed up than I thought.
Well! I'm more comfortable that we're in the house
with someone whose beneficial with my head being chopped off.
You know. Relax! It's just a bunch of drawings.
is not an issue.
- Yeah. But she killed those animals and she cut his brother up pretty good.
What! Do you think she's gonna hack you to pieces and put your head off... - No, that's not what I'm saying but...
those signs are a little dangerous
- The kid's drawings you know...
I mean we happen to be in the house.
We happen to be in her drawings.
She's a 16 year old girl. Alright.
We can overpower her.
Yeah, well a 16 year old girl and a
She's psychotic but she's not capable of jumping your hell.
You really gone that?
- Well, we're in the same... the risks we're really concerned.
take it easy. We are all... tired
- Right.
We're all here to help her so...
Let's keep things in perspective okay.
Alright. Fine.
You hear that?
- Sounds like it's coming from in there.
Who you talking to?
No one.
I swear there are two people in there.
We just wanna make sure that the... Nell does not take the meds.
The person that prescribed her did not know that she was pregnant.
And give her for her groggy which is
very common for this stage of pregnacy.
But please do not give her the house. Thanks...
The book was right.
What are you talking about?
- They defile my daughter.
My daughter was a virgin. 16 year old virgin.
How did she get pregnant.
The book said it. Show it to me.
I don't think the book has any bearing...
Unless I think the more earthly matter is we're...
dealing with now.
Reverend... I need you to perform another exorcism.
Get rid of that thing. I will not
let that thing grow inside of her.
Louis, I'm not going to perform another exorcism.
I need you to help me.
I need you to help her.
- I don't think the demon has anything to do with it.
I need you to perform another
exorcism for the soul of my daughter.
- I need you to do this.
I'm not going to perform another exorcism.
What you need is a doctor.
I know this is gonna be hard to hear but...
Nell's welfare is all we're concerned with.
Are you with us?
If you can't save my daughter's soul...
I will.
What are you talking about?
I'd like you all to leave my property.
If you are not off my property...
in five minutes.
I'll consider you all trespassers.
- Now Louis.
Louis, you need to be reasonable. Louis!
I'll be here. You get her to the doctor.
What did he do?
- I don't know but I'll find out what he'll do to them.
Afraids he's gonna turn them over.
- He's gonna kill them.
Death is the only salvation. You
told him that. - Yeah.
Just take her. Just her and go.
How do we do it?
- Just take her and go.
He stopped praying.
He's got gun to his cot.
- I know.
God what is that?
- Nell.
Hang on Nell!
C'mon honey.
It's us c'mon.
Here we go...
That's a good girl.
That's a good girl. Right leg down.
Good girl.
Here you go. That's a good girl.
We're gonna go now.
We're gonna get you into the car.
Ouch! Ouch!
Are you okay?
Nell, stop!
It's okay. Not that bad.
What is she doing?
- I don't know.
Lights are on! Louis is in there.
Let's get outta here. Get back to the motel,
we'll call the cops from there. - Right, right.
Do you have the keys?
- Yeah.
Just go. Can we please just go.
- C'mon here. Come on.
Nell, you alright?
Nell, look at me.
Can you look at me?
Stop it, stop it, stop it!
C'mon, c'mon.
- She okay?
Louis!, It's Louis!
Come here.
- Put the gun down! Quick, quick.
Close the door!
And lock the door!
Get away from the door!
Come here!
Move away from her!
- No!
Daddy! You!... shoot him!
I was wrong!
- You were right!
For that! I'll do another exorcism!
I'll do with you.
It's enough to make this documentary safe for children.
Now I'm gonna get her killed.
What do we do safe?
- I dont know.
It's a no win situation...
She doesn't know, she's pregnant and then what?
So we're all gonna get shot in our face.
What could a second exorcism possibly accomplish?
Hey, Nell.
To get him out.
I need the demon out.
It's my fault.
You can be strong.
I need you to do this one more time.
Can you do that for me?
I just need to see him one more time.
It's not that I don't think I can. It's just...
I don't how to...
do with it. Just come move on voluntarily.
I... I think you can
- I don't have any control over it,
what happens to me.
I think you could.
And if you want to.
You told me I'd get better last time though.
- I know.
It happens.
- I really wanted I mean I don't...
really wanted anything important the last time.
- Yeah.
I failed you that time. But
this time I won't.
This time I won't. I promise.
I need you to.
I need you to be willing to
bring him up here again.
I think you can do that.
I think...
I think you just... allow yourself...
I think you can do it.
Nell, can you hear me?
- Yeah.
Alright. I'm right here.
Make sure I'm not faling a lot.
Okay, I'm right here. I got you right here.
It's getting hard to see you
- Okay.
Don't worry about it. I'm right here.
I'm not going anywhere. I'm right here honey.
Right here.
What is it?
- Hum?
Let's continue.
What is it?
- Let's continue.
Right here honey. I'm right here.
Right above.
- What?
Jesus... Help... its coming.
Let him come.
Let him come Nell.
He's coming through the skin.
Get... outta... me. Get...
Don't worry. I'm right here,
Right here, Nell.
- Oh! My god!
Oh my god...
He has her!
Nell can you hear me?
No anymore I guess...
I think you don't believe in me.
Who are you?
Where's Nell?
In fire.
She's been in there for some time.
Soon, you will join her.
Don't believe the demon's lies, Louis.
Demon's lies?
If I invoke the name of Jesus Christ our saviour,
you should be compelled to leave this girl.
" I beseech our Lord, I invoke him,"
" And I say. I pull out a whole armour of God."
" So that he may be able to withstand the wilds of the devil."
" For while we are of flesh and blood..."
" against pits and pounds of, against the rule of darkness; "
- Words... words!
W O R D S !
I'll tell you what!
If you can keep quiet.
For ten seconds.
I'll let the girl go.
- Enough of it! Stop it!
Honey... honey stop.
You lose!
Really... really sorry...
- Stop it.
I'll eat something daddy.
Reverend. How about a blowing job?
- No.
What did you say?
What about the blowing job?
Tell me what that is?
You are mad do you?
You know how that's called
cause you are not a demon?
A demon would know what that is.
But maybe not a 16 year old home school girl.
Cause I don't think you're a demon now.
I don't think that you're even an innocent girl.
- Enough.
An innocent girl!
- No!
A little innocent girl!
- No!
Who doesn't even know what's she's talking about!
I think you're a little innocent girl!
That's what I think!
You don't understand!
Okay, calm down.
It's alright.
Turn it off.
Everything's okay. It's
alright. Everything's okay.
Turn it off.
Turn it off!
Oh my god...
She is resting?
- She is relieved and she is resting really well.
Praise God.
- Praise God indeed.
Louis, do you know a boy named logan?
- He works in a cafe, or a restaurant similar.
He'll be long gone.
As for your daughter,
doesn't have a demon.
Works out for her for a shame.
Nell is pregnant.
And the father is Logan.
No, sir. That's impossible. I'm afraid not.
Louis, you have to admit that, that's not what happened...
- She's Delirious!
Look what she went through.
Look what she went through...
- Listen to her yourself okay.
Talk to her yourself and we're
hear it from her...
And we'll see the truth that she has.
Can we do that?
Everything's gone and mom's was dying...
He came by and asked her if she'd wanted
to go for a ride in his car?
It was a 500 sports car.
It was old but still a sports car.
The she got in and he started driving out to the field.
He came to her and asked her
if she wanted to have sex?
All she said yes.
She asked him. She said " Am I pretty?"
And he said yes.
He said " I think you are so pretty."
And he tuck her and he lay her back
- Stop it.
You were raped. You were RAPED!
- ... he touched her and she said yes.
She liked it.
- That's how she admit it.
Well, she was right about one thing though.
There's a boy that works at that cafe.
Well, I've no idea what's his name is
but for all I know he could be Lou.
Pastor Manley?
Reverend Macus calling. Could
you please call me back?
I'm... I'm at the Sweetzer farm.
Pastor Manley. Thank you so much for coming out.
- Reverend Marcus. It's a pleasure.
Good to see you. Welcome.
- Good to see you.
Don't forget to smile.
- Hi!
Louis is upstairs with Nell.
She admitted that a Logan
was the boy impregnant her.
- Yeah, he worked at the cafe during the week.
I know him.
- So! Frankly, pastor.
I don't know what more I can do for her at this point?
Is Louis on board with psychological help
my friend in Baton Rouge...
Yes! Do you...
I think Louis is a man at his end at this point.
I'd be... I'll call her. First thing.
- Thank you all.
Good to see you. My pleasure.
- Hey.
Good to see you
- Good to see you.
When I arrived. I said I was sure
everything I did would came to that.
I don't see anything like that.
What now?
- She has got to get some serious help.
Louis, you sounded wrong.
Hey! What was the name of
that cafe, that boy worked at?
- Richie's right?
Hi, how you doing?
She's lying. I'm not
the father of her child.
At all.
I don't even know the girl.
We met once.
You know...
It's Pastor Manley's party and we're both there. And she saw me.
And she started talking to me. For...
you know maybe like a minute.
- Is Pastor Manley there?
- Last summer?
Yes! Last summer.
You sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
I... I didn't get her pregnant though...
And another thing. I'm don't...
She's nice and everything
but I'm not exactly...
interested in... you know?
- Right...
So she's lying.
Why is the Pastor throwing a
party for sixteen year olds?
He said he hadn't seen her in three years right?
Yeah, He's lying.
Nell was lying cause the kid is obviously gay.
- Yeah.
Why did she lie to us?
- To get rid of us.
Maybe she want to get us outta the house?
- Yeah, but why?
What are you doing?
- Turning around.
You're going back to the house?
- Yeah.
Oh my god.
Every phones been ripped outta the wall.
Did you hear that?
Cotton, Listen to me.
Cotton please...
- Shhh...
This insane.
- We need to find Nell.
She's gotta be round here.
- Shhh...
Lower that light...
That's not regular people...
Is that Louis?
- There's Louis.
He's tied up.
We should get the police's help.
I wanna get outta here.
Pastor Manley...
It's Pastor Manley.
Is he leading these...
We gonna get outta here. Right now.
That's it...
That isn't human...
I wanna get outta here.
Hey, I wanna get outta here.
Right now.
We gonna go. We gonna go.
Cotton, what're you gonna do?
Demon! You cannot under.....
... the creature of GOD!
The woman with the camera!
Get 'em!
They're coming! Run!
They're coming! RUN!
Go! Go! Go!
Nell! No!
Kill her!
Kill the bitch!