Last Looks (2021) Movie Script

What's missing
from this picture?
We'll start with extraction, which is
a fancy word for trashing the planet.
What this looks like looks like is we chop
down the trees, we blow up the mountains
to get the metals inside and use up all
the water, and we wipe out the animals.
We are running out of resources.
Now, I know this can be hard
to hear, but it's the truth.
So we've got to deal with it.
In the past three decades alone,
onethird of the planet's natural
resource space has been consumed.
We are cutting and lining and hauling and
trashing the place so fast that we're
undermining the planet's variability
for people to live here.
We have 5% of the world's population, but
we're using 30% of the world's resources.
If everybody consumed a US rate,
we would need three of them.
And you know what?
We've only got one.
Do you live in that?
Does your chicken have a name?
Chicken. Chicken.
Where's all your stuff?
Cut myself down to 100 things.
What do you mean.
A 100 thingsshirts.
One thing bowls, one thing
fork, sleeping bag.
Chicken. And you kept that hat.
Tell me you at least have a gun.
When's the last time you
had anybody up here?
Three years.
You got any friends?
Wow. What the fuck is that.
About the last of a sculptor?
Sure, because this
spoke to you, right?
Some of that time we were
supposedly broken up.
I went into us at the
art Museum on Wilshire.
I was on a date. I
ditched the guy.
We went straight to your truck
in the parking structure.
It was right next to the
Breyer target by the mammoth.
first of all, this
isn't a mammoth.
It's an elephant.
Second of all, you're
saying I bought this
property because I had a subconscious
sexual memory prompted by this sculpture.
Which you brought me straight to the
minute I came to visit you uninvited.
Look, I'm here on business.
Alistair Pinch.
The actor killed his wife.
Look, maybe he killed her.
Maybe he didn't.
I don't think he even knows
the guy's a blackout drunk.
The network's got a
lot riding on him.
So they're paying
for his lawyer.
He did kill him.
It means the money serious.
They're looking to hire a Pi.
This gig could jump
into the majors
if I could deliver the famous
Charlie Waldo to work it with me.
Come on.
You know these Hollywood types.
They always want to
put a big name in it.
I see that from the fourth,
I'd be willing to
go 80 20 yours.
What would I even
do with the money?
Buy a nicer 100 things?
Because then my life
would be complete.
My dad was a long time ago.
Lorena, you don't have to
keep punishing yourself.
You don't have to live like that.
You don't have to live like that.
Fuck. You expect
me to apologize?
Hey, I grew up.
Poor for real porn.
Not with solar panels.
Come on, let me bring you
back into the real world.
Just for a few weeks.
We'll have some laughs.
I can't.
All right? It was worth a shot.
Can you have a hug? At least
you ghosted me, Waldo.
I ghosted everybody I know.
Smell better than you look.
Can't stay up here forever.
No. Why not?
Same reason you and I
kept hooking back up.
Unfinished business is a bitch.
Things are not looking good for
celebrated actor Alastair Pinch.
He's under renewed
scrutiny by the LAPD
regarding the murder of
his wife, Monica Pinch.
Two weeks ago.
Investigators say they
are focusing their
inquiries on the actor himself
as the prime suspect.
Jesus. Well, though,
you know, you shouldn't do that.
Lorraine Nasimento was out
here a couple of days ago.
Oh, yeah. I'd have to
check my visitors log.
Don't jerk me.
She's been scoping you
for the Pinch murder.
Some pastors, at least
are her worries.
She say anything about Don Queue, the
game show host, captain of industry.
A recreational
pharmaceutical industry.
The girls on his payroll.
That sounds like bullshit.
That's not bullshit.
You check out her ride.
Where do you think she
gets that kind of cheese?
We're in a cop with four kids.
Get the cheese for a vet.
Drop this.
Anyway. She took something
belonged to Don Queue.
Not exactly the healthiest
lifestyle choice.
Now, what I think is she came
up here to leave it with you.
What if you're smart?
You will give it to me.
I don't know what it is.
I haven't.
This is stuff wasting
my time, man.
The last thing she did on her
computer was Google method ass pile.
Last call on her cell
was from idlewise.
You mean last call?
They're missing persons open.
I don't know.
That would require
somebody gave a shit.
This is, Lorena. You
can leave a message.
But if you want me to call you back,
you better make it interesting.
Hit them again. Whatever
the problem is here
today. Good motherfuckers.
We want you to stay
away up on this
motherfucking mountain and stay away
from out of Stair pinch it's right.
If you don't, you'll get more
visits from the Palisade.
Possibly. Motherfucker.
Come on.
What do you do?
I hate to break it to you boys.
I've got nothing to do with
Alistair Pinch Bull shit.
You work for the network.
It's in the trades.
That's right.
What the fuck? Knock them out.
Come on.
Just stay on. Kill
Billy ass on La.
This is Lorena. You
can leave a message.
But if you want me to call you back,
you better make it interesting.
The mailbox is full
and cannot accept me.
Waldo Wilson Sigorski, head
of the network, Bob In.
You know, Fontella Davis,
Alister Pence's attorney.
Never had the pleasure. Hold on.
Hang on.
No, I'm not paying him 40.
I'll pay him 25 because
he sick from one ball.
What was the last series?
He had two years to be playing
Sasquatch on the Discovery Channel.
Hey, why did you put on the tray
that I was working for you?
Now, Mr.
Waldo, when you land a star, you
don't hide them under your ass.
You tell the whole fucking world you were
the youngest ever captured in the LAPD.
Did we get that right?
Youngest Detective security.
Yeah, close enough. We want
you to start right away.
Even though Lorena Nat
Demento seems unavailable.
She's missing. When's the
last time you talked to her?
fuck, no. That I can work with.
Then you do your homework. She's
going to be exactly like her mother.
Do you have kids, Mr. Waldo?
I'm going to give you my cell phone.
Don't call the office.
My new assistant's a fuck with.
But call me day or night, though
I got to get this tied up.
You may or may not
be aware I'm facing
a takeover and I won't
join NCN with me tonight.
I assume you know how
to find a Barber shop.
Hey, guys, thing is,
I never told Lorena I'd do this.
So I tell you, my
nuts are in advice.
You give them an extra turn.
Want more money?
Just have your reps. Call me.
Sure. It's worth twice.
Now. What?
It used to be this murder thing.
Some wonders for the ratings.
I could probably get 6 million up, but I
got to have 100 episodes and you got 57.
So I need two more years.
Of what the table?
Alice is pinch, healthy.
Happy and off of death row.
I can't take this.
I only own 100 things.
If I take that, it's
going to be 101.
Not really.
It's complicated.
Let's go with one
of the other PiS.
I know we said we needed to
create distraction, but this.
Come on. I found your work, too.
A real Pi. One that knows
how to do the job.
Not just some has been.
All right, look,
I'm only here to tell you to put out a
Press release that says I'm not involved.
All right, but I turned it down.
Can you do that?
This is the hottest gig in town.
Everybody's chasing it.
Here's what I'll do.
I'll introduce you to Alistair.
I'll pay you for the day, whether
you take the case or not.
Excuse me.
What was Lorine going to charge?
1000 a day plus expenses. 2000?
Not to me.
A donation to the Sierra Club
and memory of lied on lift.
Deal, Mr.
Shame, your kids are
going to miss this.
You're about to meet a
motherfucking legend.
So Steve and I
were at my estate.
I was drinking, absent
several snifters in.
I decided that this
would be the perfect
night to teach Stevie Wonder how to drive
and that it might be most entertaining
to let him motor about the lawn with me
outside the car, trying to Dodge you, too.
Thank you, Cheryl.
Anyway, I thought I'd give
Stevie a sporting chart.
So there I was, trousers
around my ankles.
Stevie gave it some stick and I spent the
next fortnight pissing Claret in Ward C.
Where's my mustache club up.
Let me know when we're set
gratu babies
so strange.
It is such a privilege to
get to watch this man work.
He's got a shitload of
Shakespeare Wars under his bed.
Greatest fucking
actor since Brandon.
I get him Wednesday nights
after Jessica Beach
and action.
Let me tell you a story from when
I was just a tie in Tuscaloosa,
my granddaddy Raymond, forbushaw
he was a jurist himself.
Family court.
He used to step me
on his knee and say,
Johnny, for 99 days, the
judge's job is merely
to be that blindfold on the statue
of Lady Justice for 99 days.
You do that.
And justice in its natural
wisdom will find its own way.
But Johnny, he'd say
on the 100th day, a great judge
knows that he needs to be justice.
I wouldn't be so bold as to
call myself a great judge.
But I do know that as I sit here today,
I'm thinking about my granddaddy.
And that's why I'm going to direct
this verdict and find this here.
Defended guilty. God.
Wow, sir.
That was terrific. Terrific.
Bloody Jesus.
You're not going
to top that one.
I'll see you all tomorrow, then.
Did you hear what I just said?
He's supposed to say not guilty.
He said guilty.
Just told me I had cancer.
Sorry, Alexander.
I hate to do this to you, but we're
going to have to do one more.
The last line is not guilty.
What did I say? Guilt.
The fuck I did.
He didn't say that.
But really, just. Please.
No, I know what I said, love.
So let's just look
at the playback.
He wouldn't have said that.
Can we just see the
playback, please?
Do what?
He was smarter.
Do you think it's easy to carry
this piece of shit on my shoulders?
Week after week?
You think I need a track
like you standing there?
How long have you worked on this show?
My first week.
So fast. Week of this
fast week, everyone.
That's why I'm going to
direct this verdict.
I'm fine. Let's do this.
Come on, let's do it.
Let's roll pontiloski.
Sometimes after loans, you always
put a stunt guy right there.
Pay him extra.
Don't tell Alistair.
Ready. Action
and find this here.
Defendant not guilty.
wouldn't be the first
time I've had the clap.
Not guilty.
The Lord is the manner down to
slum a bit with the vassals.
To what do we owe the honor?
I wanted to introduce
you to Charlie Waldo.
The Detective we told you about
used to be King shit at the LAPD.
The fallen angel.
You've landed him.
Did I promise you I would.
I'd give you the
shirt off my back.
You know that? I'd prefer the watch off
your wrist. Have you seen what this man
wear costs more than the
house I grew up in?
Gadokey skeleton. They
only make 35 a year.
Maybe I'll make you a wrap gift of one.
How's it?
Can we have that? Find it blunt.
He said I'm done for the day.
Detective, do you have plans?
Where do you live?
Idle wild. I'm only
here for today.
The details. Which way?
I haven't agreed
to take this case.
I'll find a hotel for tonight.
You'll stay at my house.
Great idea.
Right to the scene of the crime.
You don't mind sleeping surrounded
by yellow tape, do you?
This fucking guy.
Come on, Waldo.
What do you say? What's the
worst that can happen?
Lorena turns up in a day or two.
You can go back to
wherever you came from.
Maybe you can get
your reputation back.
Just kidding.
Was you and a wee
sniff sub Detective?
No, thank you.
I deplore drinking alone.
So I have a double.
She was so proud of this room.
Chinchin, this was in
town in Wanker magazine.
Why don't you walk me
through that morning?
All right.
One more time.
It was a Saturday.
I woke up for King Two in my
study about a half a mile down.
That way, I realized I had no
recollection of the previous nights.
I came in here, found
my sweet moniker.
I ran back to the kitchen,
dialed nine. One.
was a shattered vase. Anyhow.
When the ambulance arrived,
they told me she was already gone
and had been for quite some time.
Does anyone else have keys?
Only Rosario.
That's our nanny.
And she was in Venezuela
visiting her family.
Little kids in the house?
Yes, we have one child, Gabby.
She likely wasn't
the killer either.
But she'll be home from
kindergarten soon enough.
If you think it's
worth trying to rest.
A confession.
Pretty glib, considering.
Forgive me, dear.
Gabby doesn't even know.
Of course,
the world is sudden.
I murdered my wife, Mr.
Waldo, and I can't even tell
you the world is wrong.
If you know a man who's
handled a similar
predicament with more Elam point me
to him and I shall gladly emulate.
You ever thought about
trying to stop drinking,
but this doesn't seem weak
for that now, does it?
Where would you come from?
Want to hear us at school today?
A little dog.
Why, yes, of course.
Brush every morning.
Brush every night I brush and I
brush so my teeth won't be white.
Teeth can be shiny.
Teeth can be gold.
I hope I still have
some when I'm very old.
I do know it. Gabby.
I'd like to meet my new friend, Mr.
He looks scary like a lion.
Oh, you haven't decided to
take the case yet, have you?
What saved, Detective?
Will you return to your mountain
and leave me to the fates?
Will you stick around the shitty of the
Angels long enough to see the police?
Maybe get it right this time.
Whatever right.
May look like Daddy. Can Mr.
Line drive to school
with us tomorrow?
Can he please?
It's perfect.
And turn down the volume
on the Media Circus.
Oh, come on, Fontcella.
You live for the Media Circus.
Now I'm hearing there could be an
indictment as early as tomorrow.
We've not been told that.
And now La Times is reporting that
sources on the LAPD States there are no
unidentified fingerprints anywhere in
that room. What does that suggest to you?
It suggests that the real
killer knew what he was doing.
You promised us Charlie Waldo
from the Lattow Lipstick. What does it say?
That he's not here with you?
Charlie Waldo is
busy uncovering.
Welcome to kindergartens of
the rich and fakes Gabby.
Mr. Lion needs to
talk to your teacher.
But first, he's going
to park this beach
little blighter for you.
I knew him.
My sweet Gabby, a fellow
of infinite jest and most
excellent fancy hath borne me
on his back a thousand times.
And now whole chord
of my imagination.
Please, my court rises at it.
You're a shadow of
your former self.
It's a teatone fire and a
pork chop and sandwich.
No, I'm afraid it
wouldn't do you any good.
Dear boy, I think you're dead.
That's tragic. Yes, indeed.
It's tragic.
Wherever your jibes
now your gambles,
your songs, your flashes of merriment that
we're want to set the table on a rock.
So they changed my nappy.
Yes, that speech
always slays them.
Come, let's play on the swings.
I believe Mr.
Lyon wants to ask
Miss White where
the Daddy plays nicely
with the other children.
My name is Waldo.
I'm a Detective working
for Alistair Jane.
My heart breaks for Gabby. Mr.
Pinch is doing a lot to
keep her spirits up.
And Mrs. Pinch, what is
she like as a parent?
Mrs. Pinch,
we have the children
memorize these poems.
I like to ask the kids whose mom and
dad can recite them to half the time.
These parents can't.
But the nanny can
in two languages.
What about the Pinches? Mrs.
Pinch never knew them.
Mr. Pinch?
That's unusual.
Definitely to shock the
hell out of this place.
Not me.
Good morning.
Okay, everyone find their place.
Get your Bunny.
We're going to start by writing
our names on the back of them.
White, I'm going to need
to talk to you again.
Does everyone have their
Bunny from yesterday?
Come meet me tonight.
We can talk then.
All right. Have you
got your name set?
Do you put your boots
on your chairs at home?
I live in a trailer
with a chicken.
What happens this day?
That's the one she
was killed with.
What was that? Ceramic oven?
Well, nice fathers
are rather misses.
What about that table?
It's different.
Moniker was a sinkerer.
No room was ever finished.
To her satisfaction,
dear boy, that's outrageous
award for my Richard.
Did you move it.
I've never been much
for acting trophies.
Monica had that one on display
for sentimental reasons.
That was the production
on which we met. Really?
Perhaps it's wherever Monica put my other
regresses or my People's Choice Award.
Oh, good night, sweet Prince.
Flights of Angels
sing me to thy bless
there goes the good girl
kindergarten teacher.
Wait. So I have a
few acres in me.
I weren't your shock.
The Monica Pinch was killed.
Mr. Waldo, I have a confession.
I've been watching all this
TV coverage since the martyr.
I know exactly who you were.
The minute you walked
into my classroom.
I figured.
Who was Liedo lips.
Everyone keeps talking
about litollips.
I can usually tell when
someone's messing with me.
You're jamming at my radar.
Maybe your radar is just rusty.
Whiskey and good hair.
It's been a while.
Okay? If you want to
know, I'll tell you,
eleven years ago,
there was a robbery,
711, the girl behind the counter
and two customers got shot dead.
I turned up.
The kid leaned down, his lips,
leaned on him pretty hard.
He paid off. He said he was
waiting in the car outside.
And in return for a deal he
would give me the shooter.
Turns out that was like his brother
signed, sealed to the races.
Right? And I am on
fire with ambition.
Everything's going great. Cut.
Two years later, Liedel
comes up for parole,
and the prosecutors asked me to
help him prep for the hearing.
So I go see the brother again.
Who's in prison himself at
this .3 strikes unrelated.
Only now he tells me that the
original story was bullshit.
He made it up to get
me off his back.
So at that point, my daughter had
been in jail for seven years.
Three months and 16 days.
Next thing I learned,
it is a lot harder to get an innocent man
out of jail and to put a guilty man in
system isn't designed
to deal with mistakes.
And some individuals on either.
I keep pushing and I keep
pushing and I keep pushing.
And I'm doing everything I can.
And this goes on for a year.
And then lifetime got stabbed.
Yard fight, and he bled to death after
spending every day of his adult life
locked up or something
that he didn't fucking do.
When I ran out of
people, I would listen.
Which took about six months.
I quit and I started talking
to anyone with a microphone.
I guess that would have
burned a lot of bridges.
Oh, I burned the fucking river.
You still haven't told me what?
Why weren't you shocked?
I'm on a penchant.
Of course I was shocked.
And how could I not be shocked?
Can't you tell when a girl
just wants to have a drink?
Three years in the list.
You haven't been with
anybody all that time.
Kind of hot ball, though.
That's are going to arrest you.
Those are news.
Helicopters. Lapd is
putting on a show.
Go put some clothes off.
Don't be set it off.
The network will adore me
in this wardrobe anyway.
If it's good enough for Wacko
Jacko, it's good enough for me.
Beautiful Aleister Pinch.
You're under arrest for the
murder of Monica Pitch.
You can't believe you old times.
You made 10,000 good cops
with the fucking clan.
Say goodbye to your pretty
house, huh, Olivier?
Last time you got to see it,
that is just going
for a sleep of it.
Be good.
Don't be silly. We're
paying the bail.
It's only 20 million.
Hold on.
That's the end of it.
I spoke to my guy at LAPD.
He's why they turned
it into a festival.
You have to get rid of them.
Look, I'm happy to quit.
I don't want to make this
worse for now. Worse.
You're making it better. Listen,
does one of you guys have the time?
Apparently, I have Charlie
Sheen in my office.
How is he making it better?
The bigger asshole is the cops are
the more sympathy for protagonist.
Sure, Waldo. You
can't win them all.
Yeah, you're right there.
Oh, boy. You don't
know me anymore.
You understand? Boys are
good to see you too, Freddy.
You been in division yet?
Probably 20 guys in that building
like to knock my teeth out.
2120 is like a shoot
them out with a bullet.
I want the autopsy
protocol on Monica Pinch.
All the slides, all the photos.
Yeah, good luck with that.
They indict the fence has
the right to everything.
So you can deal with me.
Or you can deal with
Santella Davis,
who's every bitter delight she
sees on TV and who, by the way,
never got you Laker tickets or lied
to your wife to cover for you,
Straight up, Freddie.
How'd you make this
cerebral hemorrhage?
Severe blow of the right temple.
Second contusion.
Back of the head. Probably
from where she fell.
Victim was found a
lock in a house
with a drunk of two assault
convictions in England.
So I'm guessing suicide and the alarm.
You know about that, right?
Turns out the alarm company hasn't
been on since the previous night.
Far after time of death.
Too close to call.
Guy clobbered his wife
to death with a face.
That's simple.
Hello? I know who
killed Monica Pinch.
Who is it?
Meet me at that rock
pile you live at Waldo?
Not there. I'm in La.
He's a shit trailer now.
Anything opened this shit up?
It's a Kindle.
How do you like it so far?
I'm trying to decide
between this and the nook.
Looks a little cheaper.
Like the Kindle for content.
Content, right. How's that?
Tech support. Keep looking
pretty good out of ten.
What would you give it?
I'm Don queue.
You heard of me?
This man is Neeni.
Do not fuck with this man.
He was number one ranked.
And you would light heavyweight.
Nina, please me? Yeah.
Salad Escobal.
he's from Canada.
You can say Eskimo, Alaska, but in Canada,
they prefer to be called anywhere to them.
Escamore is considered
Can we care for the chicken?
There it goes.
That was fucking good.
Yeah, of course.
That ain't the reason
for our visit.
Where is it?
Where is what?
The Mem that Lorena
left with you.
Where are all your possessions?
Is that like the artist with
a white and white and shit?
Sort of like a lifestyle?
How do things
you got 24 hours and
then I want my man.
Where is she? Mini.
Let's go.
Charlie Waldo.
This is what I want. One.
Everyone who is on crime
scene security two.
I'll transport medical
and emergency
personnel out contact with
victims and the suspect.
No. Talk to them.
Nobody gives them
anythingto see.
Here. Shows over.
Let's go back. All right.
How about first to respond?
I'll start there, huh?
Don't talk to him.
Nobody talks to him.
He's not here, right? You
ignore him, understand?
You do what I say. Not that you,
Officer Amos.
This school must have sucked.
Do not speak to him, Annis
you're at the penthouse.
You're the first ones
you and your partner.
Do you know who Fontella Davis is?
You want her on TV every night
making this case about you.
So it's over.
We arrived to the house
as the door dead bolted.
Sure. Frosted glass.
You couldn't see him unlock it.
You heard him.
That clearly the alarm was on.
We saw him disarmament.
What did I say? Yes, Anus.
But the real killer
could have set
the alarm on the way out if
the door wasn't deadbolt.
Are they just talking?
What about the murder?
Wet the bullshit.
The Earth and where Vase wasn't you?
The gathered up.
All the pieces was. Do not
fucking answer him, all right?
Well, he got all the pieces
of the murder weapon.
I supervised it myself.
Earth and wear vase.
Earth and wear base.
Only the Earth.
And where Vase is the
murder weapon outfall.
Some pinch killed her.
That thing's got away.
28. It came down over
the victim's right eye.
You'd have to be a pretty strong
lefty to make a shot like that.
Not a drunken ritey.
Almost convincing
pinches of writing.
I've watched him pour.
Officer Anus.
Can I have a moment?
You see that statue?
That's a Regis award
for acting in England.
You ever seen it before?
Because it's missing.
That's the murder weapon.
Time to go home.
Three and a half pounds.
There are some more vase the
victim hits out on the way down.
Look at him.
The Department is going to let you
get fucked on this, believe me.
And that's it. I'm going
to give you 10 seconds.
How about that? 10 seconds?
Yeah, perfect.
That's all I need.
Nine tennis.
You don't want to be the guy
who puts away innocent man.
Pull down your pants.
It sounded like he fumbled with the
what did I tell you he was still drunk?
We couldn't tell for sure.
Shut the fuck up.
Nobody talks to this scumsack.
This man is not a copy.
It's not one of us.
It's a fucking rap.
He's a person of interest in
a homicide investigation.
For those of you that
don't know body of one
adult female ID as
Lorena Nasimento.
She borrowed her
husband's Porsche.
She didn't tell you
about him, did she?
We found it on fire off the
freeway up by Magic Mountain.
Fully engulfed body and size.
That item she gave you.
They could put on cure with
her so long you both died.
Natural causes.
Give it to me.
I tried to warn you.
What the fuck?
I had my bike on this rack.
I think I left my lock
for any specializing
in personal injury.
We do not onhand be those
two damages, please.
Your private eye.
Fuck are you?
You, sir, just
committed a felony.
Presenting yourself
as a Pi in the state
of California when you
are in fact unlicensed.
Now, I will level with you.
I have a client who
cannot understand why
you would associate yourself with
a murderer like Alistair Pinch.
Beautiful watch.
I'm not going to let you
just communicate.
There's been no threat
from me, nor do I intend.
I apologize, sir.
Listen. It is my hope and
my clients that this
pleasant, circumstantial
meeting between the two
of us is the last time you
and I with that in mind,
sir, please
take my things.
Actually. 1 second thought.
Neither one of these are my bike
Come on. Who's going to help me?
You're going to help me.
Hey, don't look at me.
You attacked me.
I'm here.
Two against one.
Come on.
She sent his force Machip.
Take those handcuffs off his belt
and hang up one of his wrists.
Now have an idea.
And I don't want you to panic.
Just go with me.
We're going to take a little walk
and you're going to introduce me.
All right, let's
go while walking.
Got him.
I'm Darius Jim Sheath.
The real police will
be here in a few
minutes, but I'd be happy
to speak with you.
Until then.
I see you're trying to buy
a television network, huh?
This ends with you walking out
that door in a few minutes.
You stick Warren Gomez on me.
Are you suing me?
You sent those kids
two Palisades plasma.
Question is, why do you want me
to stay away from the Pinch case?
I don't know who you are.
You met my wife.
But you just ruined my benefits.
And no doubt cost a
very important charity.
Tens of thousands of dollars.
I want you to go
release those two men.
And I want you to unlock that one man's
ear from the other man's backside.
I'll do that.
My husband will show you
to the tennis courts.
You'll find those men
there and your chain.
Thank you. Household.
She seems very nice.
This has been delightful.
The wall.
As the next house backs out
on a moleholland, he'd be so kind as to
not cause any more drama in the party.
Tell me who Warren Gomez is.
what are you talking about?
I just spoke with the police.
Someone shot him just
before you arrived.
It wasn't you per
chance, was it?
Why don't you tell me what
he was doing for you?
Warren Gomez has had a
talent for special research,
which allows my company to make
what it makes, which is money.
The goal is digging up there
to help you by the network.
Why do you want me to
stay away from Pinch?
I believe that's for you.
Where is Alistair.
Line? Must have been
distracted by our perfume.
Things are getting
fucking strange.
And I need your help.
Darius Jimshidi.
That name mean anything to you?
No, but Robert Blake
called last night.
Asked if I want to play
Cheenical on Thursdays.
You do realize that everyone
is sure you did this.
The only thing giving
me doubts is if
someone's busting my horns and me figuring
out why is the only thing standing between
you and a life sentence
when I ask for help?
I don't know. Maybe you
should fucking help
Is there anything
you're not telling me?
Like what?
Like did you invite someone
over to your house that night?
No. Are you sure?
Could you invite someone over
to the house to not remember?
The next day I've
gotten married,
father children and taken out mortgages
and not remembered the next day.
When did you move the
furniture around?
I told you Monica was
a constant Tigger.
She was never the night table
in my room doesn't fit.
I'm thinking someone
moved it from your room.
And the one in your room
from the living room.
Probably on the night
of the murder.
Unless you moved it.
Since I have not
moved them since.
Piss off.
What shall you do, Detective?
Did you find that I did,
in fact, murder my wife.
Will you stand for your client
or for truth and justice?
Like the incorruptible
Charlie Walder of your
you stick with
truth and justice.
If I've killed my
little girl's mother,
don't take what's coming
to me and call it even.
I can't wait to see your Ram.
Fuck it.
Tell me about Lorena.
Fuck you. How about you?
Tell me about my memory.
Tell me about my memory.
Who are you people
call your jets now?
I think you're preparing Waldo.
She says she gave it to you.
Last words the bitch ever said.
So I'm inclined to believe her.
You know, she was still alive
when I put the gasoline on it.
Dirty motherfucker.
School nurse run home.
I said I'll take care of you.
No, I'm sorry. I
shouldn't confuse you.
It's 430 in the afternoon.
Just had a concussion.
Okay, let's go.
Really slow. I'll drop
you off of that stairs.
A lot of traffic.
Thanks for taking me home.
I might have a better idea.
Do you trust me?
Why should I trust you?
Because you'll like it.
All right. Well, this is me.
Have a nice day.
You too.
Doing whatever it
is that you do,
I might.
Can I tell you the cheaper?
I will. Get it back for you.
Okay, will you?
Thank you.
You have a good day.
Memory stick.
Your old friend Waldo
all your boss. You
can have his meme.
Maybe tomorrow. Wilshire
and Catalina M 02:00.
Young man, could I
ask you to use your
earphones, please? I mean,
those are the rules.
Excuse me. Who's that?
You're listening to
swaggog swaggong.
Thank you.
We got to talk about it.
It's all over social media.
But you're the first hip
hop artist we've seen.
His fellow's name Do G.
G. That about.
Well, you know that third G
is from the Big Homie God,
baby. Praise.
That pink person
around your neck.
That is a purse.
Hey, buddy.
Your phone rules.
Hello, Waldo.
Nice of you to call.
Where the hell are you?
I can't say.
Listen, there's a guy who's going to
reach out to you if he hasn't already.
Oh, he has. He's for real.
Don't mess around. I know.
Everyone thinks
he's killing you.
He can't if he can't find me.
I'm writing a piece of Esquire
on the new Places. Hip hop?
Are you okay?
It's okay. It's all right.
Can I have that, please?
Backup meeting. It's all right.
I got this
pretty fucking bold of you.
To be disrespecting
me like that.
Especially in light of
Lori this final hours.
You should have seen my fucking
eyes when I left that match, bro.
She was crying. It's not
coming down on those.
I just talked to her.
Why don't we cut the bullshit?
And you tell me why Lorena was
messing with you in the first place?
Hey, if you don't want that flash drive,
I could always give it to the police.
Go get yourself an
ice cream cone.
Give yourself an ice cream cone.
All right? No problems at home.
Just want to know you can talk to
me, all right? About anything.
Lorena was working for me.
All right?
Now what you think?
Marital surveillance in Bath and my sister
watching my lazy ass brother in law.
Lorena comes to see me at this
chop shop I use as an office.
She sees my Mem sitting
there, the bitch palms.
It walks out the office
like it's nothing
calls me later, saying it's
collateral in what she claims.
I already owe her.
All right, I think I got this.
You open to a suggestion.
What you got?
All right, I give
you the member.
You let Lorraine and
come back to La.
We whack up the rest of small claims.
It's so simple.
I can't believe I didn't fucking
think of that fucking nuts.
I got a reputation
to our Paul Waldo.
Are you aware of that.
Drive you're out of luck?
I didn't bring.
What did you just say, Waldo?
You got a permit for this?
I am arresting both of you for the
murder of Lorraine and Nasimento.
Want to reach your boy here
at 06:00 news or what?
Lorraine is alive. I
just told it to her.
What? Yeah.
Who was in a car then?
Can I say you both
suck at your jobs?
Cuppy was never going
to book us anyway.
Just another play to squeeze me.
Ain't that right, Cuppy?
You know, I'm the
only one in town
who doesn't grease this motherfucking
cock sucking motherfucker.
You better watch
your mouth and days
that you're not followed around by
that Douchebag escomah name you.
Wait, you're fucking Philistine.
You got another 24 hours.
Well, though.
Hi. The school directory.
I can walk out with a manager of
students in each class and his parents.
It's Jay White.
Listen, I'm onto something.
What do you know about Darius.
Jim, SHeidi and Swaggard,
those animated characters.
They both wanted me to stay
the hell away from your case.
I went to the school today
and checked the directory.
The parents in your
daughter's class.
Now I'm thinking the moniker could have
been into something with these other
parents, and one or more
of them wanted to dead.
Question is, though, what the
fuck is going on in that class?
Who knows? Show and
tell finger painting.
Hey, Princess, I'm trying to save your
life. You want to cut the self pity?
Self pity?
Look, you got a terrific little
girl who already lost her mom.
She have to lose her dad.
Nobody talks to me that way.
And you know why?
Because they need the money.
No, because they know they
get a damn good drobbing.
Put them up. Come
on, your turn off.
You'll get a real fight.
Okay, look, I'm a pacifist, and I
refuse to get involved in this.
I've had enough that's
you and I have a drink.
Help me out.
Oh, you've trimmed the
hedges, handsome devil.
Do you remember having
mates sent you wool, too?
Not like you.
There you go. You're right.
Of course I am.
more than usual.
You know what you should have done
when you're a young man died?
You should have gone on an
epic, too weak pub crawl.
Gotten it all out
of your system.
It's a self pity.
It's a powerful observation
coming from the master.
You and I are two sides of
the same coin, aren't we?
And now here you are,
back among the living in a way
you weren't just a week ago.
You see a difference.
All the difference in the world.
Looking refocus, the way you
confronted me out there.
You didn't have that
in you when you first
shuffled onto my separate rat's nest
of a beard and those dead eyes,
you've been brought back a Lifemate like
so many of us by singular carnal charms.
Is Jane keeping the baby?
I think about her all the time,
but I haven't thought of right to
telephone, given the circumstances.
And I was such a CAD.
Especially after she told
me when I was married.
After all. And what was I to do?
And then after the business
of my sweet Monica,
I'm tired warbell,
fearing that you may not be
as good as others believe.
It's common to all men.
But fearing that deep down
you may be a monster.
That's a whole different
flavor of health.
You should have told me
about you and Alistair.
There's nothing to tell you.
Kindergarten did.
The word. It's not Alistair.
It's me.
I found this burner in his house
on the night his wife died.
He texted back and forth to someone
inviting her over someone.
You said she'd be right there.
Did you have a thing
with Swaggon, too?
And that crazy rich
guy Jam Shady.
You know, I've been getting beaten up and
threatened the whole week because of you.
It had nothing to do
with Monica Pinch.
It was a bunch of rich guys that didn't
want their affairs with you exposed.
What do you want,
Waldo? I'm a thrill seeker, and I'm
teaching fucking kindergarten.
What could be a bigger
rush than sleeping
with the Detective investigating
a death you're involved in?
It wasn't just that I
really felt something.
Start from the beginning.
And no bullshit.
I was hoping that he would leave
his wife, but he was an asshole.
And he kept talking about how she wanted
him to move back to England with her,
but he didn't give a shit
about what I was telling him.
And after that total
radio silence.
But I kept texting him,
which was probably stupid.
And then one night, he messaged me back,
saying that Monica was out the house and I
should come over and we could talk about
it before I can even ring the Bell.
Monica opens the door and
tells me to come inside.
She's holding his phone.
She's the one who
messaged me to come over.
She tells me Alistairs passed out in the
study and she wanted to see what it was.
When she found out it was
her daughter's teacher.
She got pretty hinged, kept
talking about Holiday.
Was this evil city and what a
mistake it was coming to La.
I was scared she was
going to get violent.
So I just ran out of there.
I drove away.
And then
the next day, I heard
Monica was dead.
And I tried reaching out to Aleister,
but he was even more of an asshole.
He wouldn't talk to me, not even
when he was dropping Gabby off
when the chip started
falling on him.
And you're pregnant.
Jane, we're about to start.
I'll be right there.
Let me pick this up.
After the play in Lawyers King.
Today I grew. That girl from Louisiana Law.
What's her name?
Yeah. I need to call her agent.
I mean, is she pregnant or?
I don't know.
She's unhappy
because it's weird.
I don't know if she changed what she's
eating, but to tell me that they're
feeding her something very strange because
I've never seen a shape quite like that.
Wabbling was a lot, and I was
like, It's not going to work.
And I don't want to look at that.
All right.
Well, you talk. All right.
Bye, Mr. Waldo.
Apologies for the
interruption, buddy.
I made some progress.
Oh, you did fantastic.
What is that?
That my friend, is signed
by every quarterback.
Whoever won two Super Bowls.
May I please be my guest?
May I also say it is
so good to see your
baby face peeking out where
once a dead animal lay.
And just when you thought I
couldn't get any more handsome.
I have a run through. But
fuck them. I want to hear this.
Shoot. It's good news.
I guess. I know.
I'll give Monica Pinch.
I mean.
There'S a young lady
named Jane White.
She was the Pinch girls
kindergarten teacher.
What does kindergarten teacher
want to kill Monica Pinch for?
She and Alister. We're
having an affair.
You don't look surprised.
They have a
complicated marriage.
You knew him pretty well.
Knew him well, we did the
same bars last year.
I'm just so fucking relieved.
It's not Alistair.
I knew you were my guy.
Pontella said, don't
hire that bum.
He stinks in every way.
But I was like, no,
that's my guy.
And do I know casting
or do I know casting?
Is this chick in custody.
Are we good, Jane? Yeah.
She left town. I will find her.
She's a fucking kindergarten
teacher, not Whitey Bulger.
That's a win win for Waldo and Sakorski.
You get the killer.
I get to keep my syndication.
I mean, it's a tragedy, but as
Tragedies go, but thank you.
Great job. And you
know Jane White.
I know of her.
Did you know that
Houster got pregnant?
Hey, I'm just wondering if that was
something many people were aware of.
Many people. No, this is the
inner circle stuff, right?
But you're in the inner circle.
I found in the inner circle.
He knows what I'm doing,
if you know what I mean.
I know he's doing if
you know what I mean.
So what was Monica bench's reaction when
she found out Jane White was pregnant?
She was devastated. I bet.
I mean, she probably pushed down
the street even harder to quit the
show and move back to England.
I can't speak to that because I don't
know her as well as I know him, right?
But you knew about the awards, the
Shakespeare rewards you talked about.
They're called Regis, by the way.
What did you say?
You said they were
all under the bed.
Under the bed, in the attic.
It doesn't matter.
He just didn't want them around.
Got you.
They actually were under the bed,
so he wasn't sure where they were.
It's not a big deal.
Listen, this is great chatting with
you, but time is not my friend.
I'm sorry. Sorry.
I'm I'll let you go.
Monica Pinch.
Monica Pinch.
She didn't find out that Jane White was
pregnant until the night she died.
So she talked to you about it.
It must have been then, right?
I'm going to have to back
you up a second there, Mr.
You said that Jane White
was the murderer. Oh, no.
I said I knew who
the murderer was.
Warren Gomez.
Does that name mean
anything to you?
No, he was this lawyer.
I had a little bit of a
weird thing with him.
He kept following me
for a couple of days,
and I kind of lost my temper,
and I confronted him one day.
We got into a little fight.
A couple of hours
later, he got killed.
Yeah, I'm just trying to
piece everything together.
The question is why
I bring it up.
He had the same kind of
watch as you rich lawyer.
That's what I thought.
Yeah, I researched them.
They're all individually
made, right?
No two are identical.
Here's the thing.
The one he was wearing. It
looked a lot like yours.
Fear coincidence. This one
hasn't left my wrist.
Except when I shower and sleep.
You asked one teller what time it was.
What? When?
At the courthouse. After
Alice's Arraignment.
I'm afraid you must be
mistaken, but fuck it.
Take a seat.
I want to hear everything you're thinking.
Soup to nuts.
All right. Soup to nuts.
Yes. Please double
fuck the retweet.
Let's do that. Let's do it.
You sure?
Yes, sir.
Buckle up.
Well, I'm thinking
you knew what Monica Pinch kept under her
bed because you were spending time in her
bedroom while Alistair was
spending time with Jane.
Mr. Waldo, that is brilliant.
I'm thinking that on
the night she found
out that he got Jane pregnant
with Alistair passed out cold.
I'm thinking that
Monica called you
to tell you she was going to
tell Alistair about your affair,
to get him to quit the show and move back
to England like you've been wanting.
But you couldn't
afford to disallister.
Not with the Jamsheedy
takeover threat.
I'm thinking you
drove over there.
You're going to talk some sentence,
Monica, but you didn't want to hear it.
Next thing you guys are arguing,
it escalates, and you pick up the
Regis Award and you hit her with it.
You didn't mean to do it.
It's an act of passion thing is,
she's hit her head on the way down, and
now she's not moving, so you panic,
you start wiping down everything
you can remember touching.
But the Regis Award was on a wooden
table and that had blood stains on it.
Now I'm thinking I'm
just thinking maybe
you were worried that some
of that was your blood.
You could have got
cut in the fight.
So now what do you do?
You swap around some furniture,
you set the alarm on the way out, you
get rid of the Regis in some dumpster,
and you let poor old Alistair
wake up to take the rap.
How did I do?
And the lawyer guy.
He blackmailed you even made
your cough up that fancy watch
which you couldn't resist
taking back after you shot him.
That is quite brilliant.
In fact, I should give
you a pilot deal.
There is one gaping
hole in your narrative.
However, why would I sabotage the
biggest asset on this network?
Come on. That's the easy part.
You told me yourself the scandal
made the show twice as valuable.
You knew Alexa would get off.
I mean, it's la.
The store always gets off.
And in the meantime, the more
publicity, the bigger the windsall.
So what do you do?
You hire the lawyer who
will make the most
noise, and then the Detective
who would make the most noise,
even though your lawyer kept telling
you I'd be a shitty choice.
And let's be honest. I
am a shitty choice.
I've never been a Pi. The
LAPD fucking hates me.
I'm so rusty. I'd
probably be useless.
But I think you like
me for those reasons,
because that made me
the last Detective
who would ever figure out
that you killed Monica Pinch
and Warren Gomez.
A lot of moving parts.
A lot of moving parts.
I do have one question.
What made you so sure that you walk in
here and deliver that little pitch?
I'll be honest.
I only walked in 98%.
What was the other 2%.
I had to make sure
you were lefty.
I did make one mistake, though.
I really should have waited
until the cops got here.
You told them to come.
Well, if I time to ride,
they're already downstairs.
Of course.
I don't have to watch
you. Just keep smiling.
Watch your heck.
Come on. Look like we saw this.
He couldn't make it himself.
He's not going to let you
have this caller, right?
I'm going to head
to North Hollywood.
Hope you don't meet him next
cop fan worth breakfast.
Shut the fuck off.
How are you going to
get away with it?
Like, happens all the time.
Last look.
What the fuck is falling
apart, although, thank you.
But if you're ungrateful to
ask what you're doing here.
I've been following you since
the recruiting office.
Even had to sit through that
Rumple stilt skin bullshit.
Really? Yeah. How'd
you get on the lot?
Snuck in on a studio tour.
They really need to check
out their security.
I could be like a crazy
stalker or something.
I hope you don't mind.
I use your gun.
I was never here.
Yeah, I can work
with that grand.
You don't know why I
saved your ass, right?
Yeah. I got an idea.
Someone else kills you first.
I can't get what I want.
It will be a mess.
Nobody will know what
to do with themselves.
You know, I got to thank you.
It's not too clever keeping your kind
of business records in a flash drive.
Is that what Cuppy
thinks is on there?
Business records, guys.
An idiot. Why?
What is on there?
Epic poem.
Long ass motherfucker, too.
It's the only copy I got.
Epic poem that you wrote.
Yeah, that I wrote.
It's about the life
of a dealer trying
to retain his independence and integrity
in an era of corporate style cartels.
Why in that big poem, see me?
I'm an auto died act
means I'm self educated.
I had to enrich my own life.
But my little girl, Elsie,
I'm going to make sure my
daughter gets a real education.
That way, she ain't
stuck being no cop.
No dealer.
I want to give the poem to her so
she can see the man I really am.
Waldo, I need my memory.
I need Lorraine to come back.
I'll tell you what.
I want you to get my little girl
into that fancy ass private school.
Same one as that British.
Those kid get him to help Dulce
and bring me back my memory.
And Lorena can come back.
Have you got the juice for that?
I just might.
Okay, Waldos.
You got another 24 hours.
By the way, I love
Johnny's Bench.
You know, my
granddaddy once said
it's one thing to
write like a poet
and another thing altogether.
Write like a historian.
A poet can rehash or
sing about things not
like they were, but like
they should have been.
And the historian.
Well, he's got to
write about them.
Not like they should have been
right, but like they were
without adding or subtracting
anything from the truth.
In fact, I remind
you, Counselor,
you are getting dangerously
close to ruffling my feathers.
Do you understand the words?
Contempt of court.
Come in.
The man of the hour.
Come here.
Definitely stunned me.
Old corcolom.
No tongues.
I want a lavish
praise on you guys.
Is it too much of
a cliche to say?
I don't know how to thank you.
Is it too much of
a cliche to say?
I might have an idea.
Shoot thinking you were right
about that epic two week Pokemon.
That's a brilliant idea.
Unfortunately, as of today,
this is my liquor of choice.
Sober is a judge.
Yes, very good.
I may drop dead any second, but
at least now I'm not inviting it.
I made a shambles of everything.
Monica's gone.
Jane's run off with
a son or daughter.
I may never know.
Upon the other hand, I
do have my sweet gappy.
The least I owe her
is the best I have.
I could take more courage than
drinking yourself to that.
But I know it
courage, mate.
Ready for you, Mr. Binge.
Lift off.
And don't tell
anyone about this.
They think I'm still a drunk.
They'll still let me paste
the occasional prism.
I got your text.
Thanks for squaring
things with Q.
And yet all you talked
about was pinch.
I wanted you to do that, too.
Hope it didn't cause you too much trouble.
Not at all.
Made some new friends.
Well, if you're upward got something
else, we could work together.
I don't think my face could
take much more of your action.
Stop being such a Princess.
You know, you loved
every minute of it.
You look good.
You look pretty good
yourself for a dead woman.
How'd you pull that off a
corner down in San Bergie?
Owed me a favor.
They let me have it.
Jane Doe. They were
going to cremate.
So I burned her in
my ex husband's car.
Ex husband almost ex.
You want me to tell you if it
bothers me that you got married?
I don't need you to tell me.
And you disappeared on me.
I don't owe you anything.
Hey, I didn't say you did.
Why don't you tell me what
happened to your beard?
Who was she?
You were dead fairly.
My body wasn't even cold.
I was grieving.
Oh, you know what? Fuck it.
That's it. You just breathe
in and breeze back out.
You ghosted me for three years.
Then I drive up your stupid
mountain and your ice man.
You've come out here one week in
La and you've got some little.
You know what? Forget it, Waldo.
I don't know what
I was thinking.
Give you a ride somewhere.
Does it get 4 miles from the gallon?
It's a C 300.
I dropped 55K on it,
and I fucking love it.
So what's it going to take to
get you to shut up about it.
Let me drive.