Last Night at Terrace Lanes (2024) Movie Script

Good morning, my children.
And it is a good morning.
Can you feel it?
Find him.
For the first time... a long time.
I feel it.
And for the first time
in a long time,
I'm pleased with you.
Because you've been
out on the streets
listening to the whisperings,
hearing the Sacred numbers.
Get the fuck off of me!
Get the fuck off of me!
Get off of me!
Get the fuck off of me!
What the--
You've done it.
Derived the coordinates,
found the location.
Yes, you heard correctly.
The moment of transformation
is upon us.
But it's not time
for celebration.
It's time for preparation.
Working harder.
Listening to me.
Listening to the world
and its numbers.
Closer than you ever have.
Everything we've
trained for.
Set your watches.
Tonight is the night.
The end of ends.
We've always known
what we have to do.
But we didn't know
where to do it...
...until now.
Finally, my children.
The universe has told us...
...exactly where to go.
This place?
You said somewhere special.
This is special.
It's so retro.
I mean, it's cool,
but I thought
we're gonna grab some food.
Maybe we can come back here
another day
when we're less hungry.
They have food.
Voted best bowling alley pizza
in 2005, according to Yelp.
this is our last chance.
Tomorrow, they tearing this
place down.
My dad says they're putting in
It's sad, right?
This place is history.
Are you like a bowler?
Have you been here before?
I mean, I'm not like
a bowling virgin or anything,
but I've never been
to a real bowling alley.
Only like Dave & Buster's
and stuff.
Have you been here?
Can't imagine bowling.
-I'm sorry.
I just thought
you were a type of girl
who's, like, different.
Oh, no, I am.
Look, Tess, whatever
you want to do, I'm down.
It's just nice to get to hang
out with you one on one
outside of school
on an actual date.
My dorks!
Now it's a party!
Friday night! Let's do this.
It's a party?
-Hey, guys.
-Hey Tess.
Oh, my God.
How's it going?
So, so good.
It's been a minute.
It has been a minute.
Thank you so much
for inviting us.
This is Cody.
I hope you don't mind
coming along.
-Right? Yeah.
All right.
Have you guys met before?
- Yeah.
- No, no. I have not.
Yeah, I'm really glad
I got to meet Kennedy.
Pete. Nice to meet you.
Tess is an old friend.
We go way back.
So the Normans completely
overwhelmed the Anglo-Saxons
That my dear,
is the Battle of Hastings.
Fascinating, George.
Where am I going to learn
this stuff after tonight?
Oh, you know, we could always
see each other around town.
Sure, baby.
Probably not, but sure.
Bruce, can I have another...
you're my best friend Bruce.
Okay, Bye.
Go for Bruce.
We got to dead pin on eight--
On it.
Never told me that rule.
Don't be that guy.
Did Ted pay for these?
Does it matter?
I remember this place
back in the day.
Feels like yesterday.
Seems like a lot of yesterdays.
What are we gonna do
after tonight?
I don't think that far
into the future.
One frame at a time, T.
One frame at a time.
Oh, whoa!
Here you go.
Does this smell weird to you?
I'm not doing it.
Try this.
Ten pounds.
Should fit your thumb,
but won't suck at the knuckle.
I think it's a pin reset.
Rolled three balls into it,
hoping I could wake it up
before sending out the S.O.S.
and none came back.
Oh, let's see here.
Should you be doing that?
Probably not.
Sometimes a return gets jammed.
Screws the computer.
All that fancy automated shit,
Lane sixteens open.
Not going to work.
Hug. Just drop the five bagger.
Oh, shit.
Halfway to perfect.
You think tonight's the night?
He's gonna fall apart
if you move him to new lane.
Well, must be something
in the back.
I'm supposed to be packing up
the pro shop,
working the bar
and 12 other things.
You know, he always wanted
his name on that wall,
even if it's just
for one night
Well, then, I guess.
Those 12 other things
are gonna have to wait.
Hey, I didn't know
Kennedy was coming tonight.
Yeah, I begged her to come,
but she's got GREs or SATs
or whatever
all the smart kids are doing
these days.
Yeah, your girl's all grown up.
I bet she still got it.
She still roll?
Not since the seventh grade.
"Dad, I can't make friends
if I smell like stale beer
and bowling farts."
She wouldn't be caught dead
in this...
Whoa, depressing as fuck.
They don't even have
black lights and lasers.
I might need a Xanax.
They only do Rock-A-Bowl
on Saturdays.
Or I think that's what
they called it on Yelp.
Last night, maybe they'll let us
kamikaze down the alleys.
Let's try not
to get arrested, okay?
Hey, could-- uh, we get
the last night special, please?
Lane rental plus shoes.
You payin' together
or separate?
Uh, let's do this...
Oh-- Me and her together.
Oh, thank you.
Okay, well, $7.50
for Kay, since no shoe rental.
Oh, no,
I definitely need shoes.
I mean, who would own
their own bowling shoes?
Not me.
Maybe some kind of
bowling freak.
I'm a size six.
Assuming the sizes are the same,
I wouldn't know.
I've never worn bowling shoes
Yeah, what kind of fucking loser
bowls, right?
How about the rest of ya'll?
you're not a bowling freaks?
What do you think?
-Hot! They go with your--
-They go with nothing.
-You okay?
You know Pete, right?
-He plays soccer, er tennis--
He's really good.
Like college scholarship good.
He's very sweet.
He paid for you, too.
What about--
The creep finger blasting
the bowling ball?
That's Cody.
He's not the worst person
in the world.
Did he say something to you?
No, not yet.
Let's do this.
Sorry, Bruce.
I can't see shit in this thing.
Shouldn't you be out
on the corner waving cars in?
Emergency pit stop.
That bowling alley pizza
went right through me.
Have you seen Star?
You think she's drunk enough
to talk to me yet?
Leave that woman alone.
We're both adults.
We both made our own decisions.
I don't know
what he's so pissed about.
I'm the one
in this stupid costume!
Can't see shit in this thing.
Star, Star!
Hey, Star, Star.
Shoes and rental,
closing night discount?
That'll be...
...nice tracksuits.
Y'all in a league
or something?
So embarrassing.
I'm really bad.
No, good try.
At least you're consistent.
Once you get it in the lane,
you'll be a total beast.
You know, at my little cousin's
birthday party,
they had these inflatable
-I'll get the guy.
-No, no.
It's okay.
Gutterball, girl's right.
Bumpers are for cucks.
Watch and learn, cucks.
Just a game man.
It's just a game.
Lane 18 ain't gonna fix itself.
Are you going to get off
your ass and do something?
Yeah, I am gonna do something,
right now.
Oh, great try.
A shot like that it's physically
impossible to get both anyway.
Not impossible.
Seven ten split.
Pretty common, actually.
I used to have a bowling app
on my phone.
It was easy there.
She's right, you know,
it's very possible.
Easy in fact.
I don't bowl a lot,
I'm not a bowler like, per se,
but I have this,
like, uncanny sense.
It's like bowling Spiderman
or something.
Here we go.
I'm serious.
Scoreboard don't lie.
For that shot,
all you gotta do is...
...fuck your sister.
Oh, God.
Jeez dude.
Why are you this way?
Is there a problem here?
No, sir. Sorry.
It's a little spill, sorry.
We're fine, officer.
Cody, stop.
There's a broom
up at the front desk.
If you guys want to...
Clean it up? Us?
Isn't that your job, sir?
My job is maintenance
and customer service.
Well, from what I hear, Bruce,
your job is about to be
the unemployment line.
Dad stop!
Bruce, to the office.
These are your friends,
Your mom must be so proud.
Hey, she can't leave,
those shoes are rentals.
This fucking place!
This wasn't how tonight
was supposed to go.
How was it supposed to go?
I don't know, different.
Less people, cooler shoes,
better pizza.
Why would you lie about this?
I thought we were friends.
I'm not great at friends.
I don't have friends.
Well, maybe if you didn't lie
to people.
What about you?
You didn't tell me
about Pete and Cody.
I thought it'd be fun to hang.
They're my friends.
Well, your friends kind of suck.
At least Cody does.
He has good points.
Name one.
Well, I don't have to.
You don't know him.
You don't know me!
But I want to.
That's why I'm here.
And you start off with a lie.
A really weird one
where your dad is--
No, we don't know each other.
But, we should learn.
So let's try this.
I'm Tess.
Kennedy, right?
What do you do for fun?
Bowling, maybe?
You beating up kids now?
Just the asshole ones.
Those assholes are customers.
Fire me, then.
Tried that, remember?
If I thought this bowling alley
could run without you
for even one night,
you would have been
on your ass years ago.
I saw Kennedy out there.
Thought she wasn't coming?
She wasn't.
I think she's on a date.
She's pretending
like she doesn't know me.
I guess I'm an embarrassment
or something.
Imagine that.
It's a 17 year old girl's job
to be embarrassed of her dad.
She knew I wanted her here
This place,
it's important to me.
It was important to her once.
We were a team.
The Lucky Strikers.
She was ten!
Damn it, Bruce!
She's here, tonight.
On the lanes, or she was until
you tried to kill her buddy.
And don't you lecture me
about how important
this place is.
Albert and I built it,
and it's gone through a lot of
changes over the years.
Even after we tore out
the old wall carpets.
The people are the same.
It's a community.
You and Kennedy,
the trophies you won,
all part of it.
But don't think you and the kid
are the whole thing.
And don't think those bowling
shirts are what define
your relationship
with that girl.
When we wake up tomorrow,
this place,
this little piece of Albert,
will be gone.
But you.
You'll still have her.
Look, I'll walk your beat.
You stay here. Cool off.
Get your shit together.
It's good that she's here.
Oh, yes!
You fucking degenerate.
Yes. Yes.
Do the voice.
Do the voice!
-My balls are in the gutter!
My balls are in the gutter!
Seven ten split!
Alright, alright.
Game over.
This is a one for the road
Last night, a terrorist lanes
and all that.
Don't get any ideas.
Come on, baby.
I did the voice.
Yeah, and I liked it.
I got to get right with Jesus.
They need to tear
this place down,
and I need to never find another
like it.
Wait 5 minutes,
then come out.
Come on, baby.
Star, I can't see you.
Hello? Hello?
Employees only back here.
Hey, man,
you can't be back here.
I'm going to call the manager.
Man, these fries taste
like ass.
Your attitude tastes
like ass, man.
Why do you always have to be
so you all the time?
Can't you just be
a little less Cody
for a single night.
So this is my fault now?
May I remind you,
I'm the aggrieved party here.
It was me who was
assaulted by that maniac.
Besides, that chick Kennedy.
She was sandbagging us.
She's probably running some
bowling hustle.
Those gutterballs? Please.
That girl's a baller.
And your boy ferreted her out.
Listen to yourself,
who talks like that?
What does that even mean?
She's got designs on your girl.
Oh, God, man.
You need help.
Yeah, probably.
But that girl's got the hot
pants for Tess.
I think Tess's
a little twinkle for her.
Shut the fuck up.
Fine, be a cuck.
You know what? I'm done.
Whoa, buddy.
I see I pressed some sensitive
All right.
Truth bombs can be painful.
Tell you what, you go up there
and get a strike,
and I won't say
a single thing
about you being a cuck
for the rest of the night.
The rest of the night?
Not a word, on my honor.
You're on.
The ball should be between
your shoulder and your chin.
Elbow on the hip.
-So, Dad on weekends?
No weekends. Dad never.
Loose knees.
My mom has full custody.
He seemed pretty upset.
He's always upset.
Holds on to the old days.
We had this bowling team.
We won a lot.
We were good.
Good? I bet.
How's my grip?
Not great.
The thumb hole should be
slightly looser
than the fingers.
Something bad there?
Oh, no, they're perfect.
Your perfect thumbs.
It's the ball.
I mean, something bad
with your parents.
Oh, no.
My mom just has a good job
and had a much better lawyer.
And Dad.
Well, you met Dad, so.
How do I throw the ball?
Drop it back,
let the ball do the work.
Hand the six wrist firm,
then release.
Perfect thumbs, huh?
So just how good are you?
Pretty fucking good.
Come on, Mr. Star Athlete.
Put me in my place.
Shut me up.
Eh, Peter, don't choke.
All right,
quit stalling cuck boy.
Bowl or get off the pot.
Last call.
Tess wait.
Oh, fuck.
What the fuck?
Oh, shit.
Oh, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
Find her.
Find her.
I'm so glad it's you.
I didn't mean to run off
on you earlier.
It's me, it's not you.
I need to grow!
I need to--
What the fuck?
What happened?
Why are you hurt?
Oh, what the fuck?
Fuck you, you mother fucker!
Fix your own coke machine,
ya pricks!
So much blood.
We have to go.
But the blood...
Finish them all.
Their blood must run.
They are a divine number.
We derive the sum
through their sacrifice.
Oh, Patty.
Help, Patty.
-Help me!
-Shut up!
-Help me!
-Shut up, shut up!
-Shut up!
Hey, where's your bag?
I need the other sword.
It's locked.
Oh, my God.
This can't be happening.
It's okay.
we'll go for the back door.
No, they would have
locked that, too.
We're going to die.
We're all going to die.
We're not going to die.
-We'll just break the glass.
They'll hear.
I can--
I can call for help.
I can call for help.
Um, we're-- We're at the bowling
alleys right now.
Terrace lanes.
And there's people
killing people.
And it's really, really bad.
All right, calm down.
Who's with you right now?
Just me and my friend Tess.
Tess, huh?
And where are you specifically?
Um, we're right by the front
I see you.
- We'll be right there.
-Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Go, go, go, go!
Come on.
Stay back.
What are you gonna do
with that?
There's two of us
and only one of--
You are good.
Come on,
I know a place to hide.
What the fuck is happening!?
We are supposed to be bowling.
Jesus Christ.
-Did you know?
You didn't wanna be here?
You've been lying all night.
Did you know
what was going to happen?
No, of course not, Tess.
Stay the fuck away from me!
-Stay away!
Hey, Tess!
You are the most beautiful,
sweet, sensitive human being
I've ever had the honor
to meet and befriend.
But if we're going to survive
this, I'm going to need you
to get your shit together
and shut the fuck up.
I know your record has been
spotty tonight okay,
but we're getting out of here
alive, okay?
But I need you to stay here.
No, you can't go out there.
They have weapons.
They're fucking insane.
Yes, but this place
isn't their home turf.
It's not normal.
It's got nooks and crannies.
And I know the one person
who can use all that
to our advantage and get us out
of here alive.
Welcome, my children,
to terrace lanes.
The grand equation resolves
before our eye.
The sacrifices have been made.
Get closer.
You see this?
You see her brains?
Now, we must prepare.
We have 45 earthly minutes
until the time
of transformation.
You, take the sacrifices
to the back,
cleanse the location.
The grand calculus
shall not wait.
It's the bottom of the ninth.
Two minute warning last frame.
The tag team bowling
championship is on the line.
The Lucky Strikers
are back together
after all these years.
All he has to do
is drown out the demons
and win one more time.
- Dad?
Dad, I need you.
I am so glad to hear that.
I've been thinking a lot lately
and, well...
Dad, what are we going to do?
Well, wha?
Uh, let's remain calm.
Take a breath.
A breath?
They're all dead.
All of them up.
Oh, shit!
You don't know
what's going on, do you?
Yeah, of course I do.
Everything's under control.
They locked the doors.
They hacked the phones.
Honey, where are you?
I'm in the pro shop.
Okay, this is good,
the pro shop.
Stay there. I'm coming.
Be careful.
They're killers.
It's dangerous.
Well, your old man might
be some loser maintenance guy,
but I still got a few tricks up
my sleeve.
Stay put. Stay quiet.
Radio silence.
Dad, that text,
I shouldn't have sent it.
Whatever happens,
I need you to know--
Radio silence!
Oh, honey, it's okay.
It's okay.
Oh my God!
-Are you drunk?
A little like a couple of drinks
seven at most.
My God. Tess was right.
We are going to die!
You are not dying.
Look, if I'd have known that
we were going to be Waco'd,
I wouldn't have imbibed.
I will get you out of here.
I have a very detailed plan.
We just need to get to the door.
I told you, it's locked.
Luckily, your dad
has a large ring of keys.
No, it's like chains
and padlocks locked.
Tell me that
wasn't your very detailed plan.
No, of course not.
My children,
look at what you have done.
You did this.
We must now prepare
the sacrifices
for the final transformation.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Good. Good.
Now bring the next sacrifice in.
Yes. Hold the leg.
No, no, no,
no, no.
Please, please.
I'm just a kid.
Have I not been clear?
There can be no survivors.
This is unacceptable!
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
I'm not the only one.
I'm not the only one.
I'm not the only one.
You don't have all of us?
There's more, there's more.
There's more.
Turn it off.
Turn it off!
Speak, little rat.
Okay, okay, okay.
You said-- You said you can't
have any survivors, right?
There's two girls alive.
I swear!
I swear!
I swear!
Their names are Kennedy
and Tess and uh, uh, Bruce.
Bruce, he's the maintenance guy.
Uh, Kennedy's Dad.
He's Kennedy's dad.
Okay, I can help you.
I know them.
I mean, God, please, please,
please, let me help you.
We're good.
No, no, no, no.
Spread out.
Find them.
Murder them all!
What are you doing?
We're gearing up.
We're going to have to do this
the hard way.
And that includes rosin?
This is serious business
and serious business
does not afford slick hands.
We have to get to the pit.
-The pit behind the alley?
Cheryl keeps Alberts
old shotgun back there.
And there's tools, too.
We can--
we can cut the chains.
Uh, problem?
We'd be on the open
and there's like a million
tracksuited nutjobs out there
between us and those tools.
We're going to need
a distraction.
Something loud,
something flashy,...
...something annoying.
Someone's in there.
I'm gonna break it down.
What the hell is that?
Come on.
What is this trailer trash
No, no!
People, this building,
these sacrifices.
None of it will be here
Our destiny is--
Can you turn this shitty
fucking music off!?
We don't have time for this!
All of you.
Follow me.
We're clear.
Come on.
Satanists, are not good
for my blood pressure.
They're not Satanists.
No self-respecting Satanist
would wear a baby blue hoodie.
Then what?
More like Mathletes.
It must be the bowling.
The bowling?
Hide, hide, hide!
-Are you okay?
-Yes, let's go.
Bowling goes back
to ancient times.
They found drawings of bowling
in Pyramids, and tombs.
And all of this tonight,
it must be tied in.
To the Egyptians?
To pyramids, Pharaohs.
Ancient aliens and junk.
Bowling has a long, dark past.
The modern game,
it started as an ancient
cleansing ritual in Germany.
Dark shit,
mysticism, the black arts.
Bowling is a lot
bigger deal than you think.
Maybe they just really hate
No, everybody likes bowling.
Oh, c'mon, you loved it.
I was nine.
I thought Santa was real
and blue was a flavor.
That's just
the brainwash talking
All that virtual reality crap
that your kids are into,
the matrix.
Ya got me.
-Who's the guy?
-What guy?
The guy that's so important
that you would lie
to your own father?
-You using protection?
I was your age once.
-I was a boy.
-You're still a boy.
Yeah, but I know what
these little shitheads will try.
Stop, please.
Can we just battle
for our lives
without having to talk
about condoms?
I wasn't here with a boy,
And mom knows that.
-Wait, wait.
-Oh God!
Where's the body?
They're dragging them
to the party room.
Some party.
God damn cult weirdos.
Hey, hey.
Now I know you have
your own life now,
but you practically grew up
in this place.
I just wanted one last game.
Well, we can still have that.
If we survive, there's that
glow in the dark place
down the road.
The putt-n-bowl?
The one with the pins
on the strings?
And hot pink balls?
Oh, no, sir.
That's Skeeball.
That's hot pink Skeeball.
This place is more than bowling.
It's memories.
It's birthday parties.
It's League night,
it's first dates.
We even had a wedding once.
That's sad.
No! It was beautiful.
But, my point is,
you can't knock down memories
and put up condos.
This is the only place that
I felt at home.
Since when?
Since you were a kid.
I know.
We all know.
No, I was going to say.
The only place I felt at home,
since your mother left
when she took you.
Look, I know that I drink too
much sometimes okay?
But it's not because I'm mad at
your mom.
It's because I knew
she was right to do it.
But when I'm here,
this place still sometimes
gets busy enough
that it feels full.
And the way that that carpets
smells the same way
as when things were good.
When you were little.
-When we were--
-The Lucky Strikers.
Rats in the walls.
I hear you skittering.
Stragglers keeping us
from transformation,
keeping the numbers
out of alignment.
I know you're there.
I can hear you...
There's no win here,
no escape.
The infinite is on our side.
And the cosmos as it moves
is making a trillion
calculations a second.
And you, you stragglers
are variables.
Rounding errors.
Have done the math,
and you will be normalized.
Dividing up.
Clever good strategy.
But it also means that you're
alone, scared,
waiting in the dark
for someone to come save you.
Tess, honey,
I need you to open this door.
Tess, your friends
are here with me.
Cody and Kennedy
are waiting for you.
Let me talk to Kennedy!
Oh, you will.
She has lots of things
to say to you,
but you have to open
this door.
We're on a very tight schedule.
I've been very patient,
but patience is finite.
I'm reasonable.
Listen to me.
I can make
your sacrifice painless.
I can do the same
for your friends.
But you have to come out.
Fuck you.
Okay, Tess.
Pain it is.
The persistence of them,
the permutations
and combinations.
Find her.
Where's the gun?
They must have gotten here
before us.
Great mathletes with shotguns.
It's okay,
we got other options.
Oh, baby.
Hello, Lover.
-Come on.
The second you turn that thing
on, every psychopath
in the building
will be coming our way.
Plus, you probably saw
your face off.
Ooh, my fireworks stash.
That could come in handy.
Hey, get your head in the game
and don't be a child.
These are what we came for.
Yeah, but they're not as fun.
Come on, let's get my friend
and get out of here.
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait.
Stay here.
It's just the machines.
It's okay Kennedy!
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
You were right.
You're right.
The old days,
they're the old days.
But the new ones
are going to be great.
You are tough.
You are smart.
We're going to get out
of this, okay?
We're going to get out of this.
We're gonna live to bowl again.
We'll bowl another day
or something.
One last frame, okay?
One last frame.
Come on,
we'll cut across the lanes.
Oh, Shit.
Dad, are you okay?
Dad, are you okay?
I've never seen
a neck do that before.
You still got it hun.
Hey, Pin dick,
get out of my fucking bowling
Deadwood motherfucker.
Come on, kids.
That shotgun blast just shook
the psycho tree.
We're gonna be up to our necks
and hooded dumb fucks.
Lucky Strikers!
Together again.
Never thought I'd see it.
I'll lay down cover.
You two get out.
Cheryl, I can't let you do that.
Well see, Bruce,
this is your problem.
You always forget
who's the boss here.
Now get the little girl
out of here
before I get emotional
and mess up my make up.
You are not going to kill me!
You periwinkle bitches!
Get away from me!
No! No!
Oh, God!
Oh, no!
We got to head for the door.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Tess, Tess!
It's okay.
Maybe she went
for the door without us.
Without me they'll kill her.
We'll get out.
We'll get help.
Come on, come on,
come on.
She found another way.
She's alive.
I promise.
Oh shit, oh shit.
Get behind me!
There it is!
I didn't realize taxes
were that flammable.
Oh, shit!
He's coming this way!
Run, run!
Dad, get inside!
Hold it, hold it!
Let's try the side door.
Help me! Please help!
I'm so sorry about this.
About everything.
I shouldn't have invited Pete.
I was scared, he and I are,
were friends.
I called him maybe 10 minutes
before I picked you up.
I'm sorry, Kay.
I'm sorry!
No, what are you doing?!
Stay away! Stay away!
-Tess! Tess!
-No, no, no, wait!
They have an army out there.
-What's the move?
-I don't know.
I just need to help.
We are a team.
We need a plan.
Teams have matching uniforms.
This is a terrible plan.
Yeah, well,
I didn't think the fireworks
were a good idea either,
but they saved our ass.
Let me do the talking.
I don't think
that's a good idea.
You're supposed
to be out searching.
We only got 3 minutes.
Need to talk to the boss.
We know where the infidels.
The sacrifices.
Yeah, that we uh,
we found them.
We have a problem.
They're gone, sir.
They got away.
No, they wouldn't leave her.
Yeah, the door was open.
They must have cut the chains.
Got tools in the back.
We got to leave, sir.
The authorities
will be here any minute.
We're close.
So close.
But first...
...kill the girl.
Why me?
I must keep my hands clean.
Are you questioning?
At this moment
of incalculable glory?
Do it.
He must do this.
It's the only way.
We're running out of time.
Kill her. Spill her blood.
Do it now!
Kennedy, right.
Nice of you to join us.
You've made quite a mess
of things tonight.
Now it's time to cleanse.
Kill that girl,
or we'll kill yours.
Don't you hurt her.
Do it! Now!
Terrace Lanes is our home,
and you can go fuck yourself!
These dimwits
might be scared of you
but we are not.
Fear isn't part of the equation.
We're family.
Family, family?
Family's the people that you
killed here tonight!
That laughed and bowled
and drink together.
I hope the rest of you morons
rot in fucking hell!
You-- Wait!
I'll do it,
I'll do it.
I'm sorry kid. I should have
reset my life years ago.
Gotta go. Get behind me!
Get behind me!
Come on,
you crazy son of a bitch!
Come on!
Get behind me!
Kill them!!
No, you morons!
Not yet.
No. No.
This night was supposed
to be perfect.
All that work,
years of preparation,
recruitment, grooming,...
all to be pushed and rushed
all to be compromised.
This fucking place!
This tacky, shit hole!
You, gutter trash, assholes.
I always hated math.
You okay?
Let's get the fuck out of here.