Last Night in Rozzie (2021) Movie Script

Say I won't.
Get outta here, I got this.
Get the fuck outta here!
Mr. Russo's office,
this is Denise.
I'm sorry,
he's still unavailable.
So, this weekend?
Oh, shit, I'm sorry,
I need ya, D.
Okay, I'll tell Chris.
Mitchell, I need those
capital transfers
and banking agreements.
We'll also need to assemble
the corporate structure charts,
board governance documentation,
and risk disclosures.
This guy's been calling all day.
Do you know a Joey Donovan?
Says he's from Rozzie.
Ronnie Russo.
Damn, Russo, you sound
like a bigger pussy now
- than when you were 12.
- Holy shit, Joey?
Long time.
Hey, you all right?
Fuck, no!
I'm dyin'.
Jesus, Joey, I'd love to,
but, um, I'm really
under water right now.
Yeah, yeah, all right.
No, no, I get it.
I mean, I could try
to come up next weekend,
or something?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I probably won't be here, but...
What was that all about?
I gotta go to Boston.
You're kidding.
No, I got somethin'
I need to take care of.
What about the audit?
Yeah, I'll be back tomorrow.
Answer me.
Fuck, man.
Hey, Joey,
can you hear me?
It's me, Ronnie.
Be strong, man.
You got this.
I'm here for you,
you're gonna be okay.
That's fuckin' beautiful, Russo.
Joey fuckin' Donovan.
That your new pal?
You're an asshole.
I knew you'd come.
This how you stay
in such great shape?
Uh, yeah, when I'm
not fuckin' your mother.
That's gross.
Come on, man,
make yourself comfortable.
Hey, feel free to scoot
your buddy onto the floor
and take his spot.
Honestly, I don't think
he'd even notice.
He's got, like,
zero personality, bro.
Worst roommate.
Hey, I'm just
fuckin' with you, Bobby.
You know I think you're a riot.
Go back to sleep,
you sick bastard.
Hey, you know what
I was just thinkin' about?
Oh, fuck.
Remember that time that
I egged the Bannons' house?
I thought we were both doin' it,
but then I turned around
and you're already
half a block down bookin' it.
I almost got caught,
I was laughin' so hard.
You were like fuckin',
you were like
fuckin' Flash Gordon.
You know, your face
was all serious and shit.
It was like a classic Russo.
That's crazy, I,
I don't remember it, but...
You don't remember?
You don't remember?
I remember.
I'll remember for both of us.
So, Rozzie's, uh,
Rozzie's gotten better?
Uh, yeah, I guess,
I mean, you know, it's, uh,
it's a lot more
colorful now, though, so.
Wow, really?
That what we're doin'?
No, no, no,
you don't understand.
I meant there's
a lot more Black people.
- Gotta deal with that shit.
- Oh, shit.
- Really?
- Morning, Joey.
What's up, Monique?
Hey, Monique, do you need me
to get out of your way?
- No, you're good.
- You're all right.
She's gotta clean my,
uh, bullshit here...
Ow, fuck me.
Oh, my bad.
That's good, thank you.
You have a good visit
with your friend.
Hey, did you see that, she had,
she, like, pushed down,
and was fuckin' intentional.
- You deserved it.
- Oh, I did, huh?
Well, you know what you deserve?
- What?
- You deserve my dick.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm good, I'm good.
So, what, are you
too late for a transplant?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You know, they,
they told me
I had to go to meetings
just to get on the fuckin' list.
- And you didn't?
- Fuck that.
- Nah, nah, fuck that.
- What the fuck?
Hey, come on.
Shit really worked
for my old man, right?
Well, maybe...
I don't know, maybe I,
maybe I can talk to someone.
What if I paid for your stay?
You think maybe they'd
reconsider, or something?
You're gonna fuckin'
buy me a liver?
That's adorable.
It's done, don't worry about it.
You want some water?
you remember Pattie Barry?
Yeah, I think
I had a crush on her,
or something?
No, you were fuckin'
nuts about her.
- Don't fuckin' lie.
- Okay, yeah,
- I remember, I remember her.
- Yeah, you do.
Anyway, uh,
me and her got married
a while back.
Had a kid.
- You married Pattie?
- Yes, relax,
it didn't last too long.
Total cunt.
- Whoa.
- Whoa, you got delicate ears?
Well, she won't
let me see my son.
Ten fuckin' years now.
What'd you do?
What did I do?
No, I...
I just meant that
that's pretty extreme.
So it had to be my fault?
No, bro, I, I...
- Dude, I just didn't...
- Just forget it.
- I'm sorry, I'm...
- Forget it,
don't worry about it.
Do you think maybe
you could, uh,
talk to her for me?
I wanna see my son.
I don't even know her, Joey.
Yeah, I know, but you're
like a lawyer, right?
Not that kind.
What's the fuckin' difference?
Look, Joey,
that's not why I came here.
Look, I wanna see my son.
Just need you to fuckin'
talk to her, that's all.
I got so much work, man, I,
- I just, I can't do it.
- Look, Ronnie,
you're my last call,
all right?
I found you in that
Google article.
I fuckin' knew you'd help me.
And now you're sittin' there
in that fancy fuckin' suit,
and you're tellin' me,
what, "No?"
"No?" Fuck that, Russo.
I wanna see my son.
Okay, okay, o... okay.
All right.
I'll talk to her.
It worked.
Yeah, it worked.
Where is she?
114 Orchard.
Hey, don't tell her you saw me,
Well, how the hell am I gonna
explain goin' to go see her,
or even bring you your damn son?
I don't know.
- You're smarter than me.
- Jesus Christ.
- That's not sayin' much.
- Fuck you.
Fuck you!
Hey, you wanna stay at my place?
It's the same fuckin' house.
Key's under the gnome out back.
Just don't take 25 years
to come back this time, huh?
It's takin' longer
than I thought.
I'll check in tomorrow.
Fuckin' shit.
"Dear Pattie,
I love you so much!"
Shut up, Joey.
Why you leave her those
love notes like a fairy, anyway?
- You don't even sign 'em.
- She has to figure it out.
It's mysterious.
It's retarded.
Dude, your eye.
Don't worry, I got him back.
He's gonna kill you, dude.
Nah, he won't even
know it's gone.
Want some?
Can't believe
you're movin' tomorrow.
Fuck it.
Hey, Pattie,
remember me?
Just thought I'd
stop by and ask you to
bring your son to see
his dyin' father.
The fuck am I doin' here?
Come on, JJ.
See that home hit in the eighth?
Crushed it!
Mo Vaughn's a fuckin' beast.
This is the year, man.
Hell, yeah!
You leave that stupid note
for your girlfriend?
Shut up,
she's not my girlfriend.
I know 'cause you're too much
of a pussy to ask her.
Just throw the damn ball.
All right,
but here she comes now.
Keep your eyes
on your balls, Russo!
Hey, Pattie!
I know who's been
leaving you those notes!
His name is Ro...
You suck, man, you promised!
Spaz, she likes you.
I got you, man.
There ya go!
Way to keep your head in there!
But I can't hit it out!
So what, JJ, you're ten!
Keep hitting line drives,
and when you're bigger,
the homers will come.
Let's lay down a bunt
before we go, okay?
It's so boring, though!
Well, fundamentals
ain't fun, kid.
Let's pick up the balls.
Kid's amazing.
He is, indeed.
You're a pretty
great coach, too.
Let's go, kiddo!
Oh, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to, uh...
Hey, this is gonna sound weird,
but is your name Pattie Barry?
No, why?
Oh, you just look like somebody
I knew a long time ago.
Right, who are you?
Ronnie Russo.
Sorry, I don't know you.
Okay, got it.
Um, keep up the good
work anyway, okay?
You know, maybe if you
left a note and ran away,
I'd recognize you.
So you and Joey Donovan?
I never would have guessed.
- Yeah.
- You, uh,
you guys still in touch at all?
No, we haven't had any
contact since the divorce.
Um, no, not in a long time.
Few more, JJ!
So this is wild!
What are you doing here again?
Yeah, crazy, right?
Um, I was in town visiting
my mother for the weekend,
and just decided to come by
and check out
the old neighborhood.
How is your mom?
Where's she living?
Got a place in Dedham.
That's good that you're
spending some time with her.
It's important.
Yeah, definitely.
Well, it's been really good
catching up with you, Ronnie.
We actually have to get going.
Oh, uh...
Hey, you wanna go out
to dinner tonight?
Ronnie Russo's asking me
on a date to my face!
So, is that a yes?
Well, it's a little late
to get a sitter.
Oh, right.
Right, right.
Listen, why don't you come
around the house tonight,
and we'll grab some take-out?
Look, Richard's coming in today.
I'm not sure how long
I can keep covering for you.
Look, don't worry about it,
I'll figure something out.
Hey, listen, I want you
and Chris to book that place
for some other weekend, okay?
On me.
You don't have to do that.
I want to, you deserve it.
Fuck, Jesus, Joey!
Joey, hey.
How'd it go?
Went good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah,
we're havin' dinner tonight,
and I need your help.
You're havin' dinner,
like a fuckin' date?
Thought you was
gonna talk to her.
No, it's not that simple.
- Uh-huh.
- No, just trust me, all right?
I got a plan.
You got a plan?
This plan involve
banging my wife?
Just hear me out, okay?
I gotta get to know her,
I gotta earn her trust.
Holy shit.
Bro, you actually are
tryin' to fuck my wife.
I am not tryin'
to fuck your ex-wife
while you're on
your goddamn deathbed.
Oh, my God, bro,
you're fuckin' sick.
Yo, Bobby,
you hearin' this shit?
Fuck you, okay?
All right, lover boy,
what do you need?
All right, we don't
have a lot of time.
Nope, that's true.
So, just give me the Cliff Notes
so I can connect
with her faster.
The Clip Notes? What's that?
Just help me start off
on the right foot with her.
You know, what does
she like to eat?
Does she like wine?
Should I bring flowers?
All right, um,
She loves daisies.
- Hey!
- Hey.
They're beautiful,
but I'm, uh, actually allergic.
Come in.
So, is, uh, JJ
joinin' us for dinner?
No, he, uh, he ate dinner.
He's in his room
watching the game.
Oh, right.
He a big Sox fan?
Oh, of course!
I indoctrinated him very early.
Yeah, my mom too.
She used to always
take me to Fenway.
Oh, JJ's been dying to go.
It's just things have been
a bit tight this year.
Oh, well, I totally get that.
My mom, I mean,
she just never paid the bills.
I'm actually in the middle
of getting my Psy-D.
- Oh, so you're in school?
- Post-doc.
It's been amazing,
I get to see clients,
I just don't get paid yet.
I'm also finishing off
my dissertation, so.
And bein' a mom.
Oh, that part, I really love.
So you wanna be a therapist?
Yeah, family counselor.
I can see that.
So, uh, what kind of
law do you practice?
Yeah, mostly contracts,
financial transactions,
regulatory compliance,
nothin' sexy.
Big companies?
Yeah, yeah, we mostly just try
to protect them from themselves.
And from the little people
they screw over?
Well, I don't know about that.
Your mom must be so proud.
- I'm joking!
- Oh.
No, seriously, though,
she must be thrilled!
You've done very
well for yourself.
You're only a little evil.
Aren't we all?
I guess.
So you and your mom
must be very close.
Yeah, she's great.
I mean, she raised me
all by herself.
- Mm.
- Come on, that's bullshit!
Hey, JJ!
Ugh, the Yankees hit a granny.
So I checked out
this vegetarian place.
It's got great reviews.
Yeah? You vegetarian?
No, no, but I dabble.
Pretty far from it.
No shit.
Oh, you know what?
I forgot about the wine.
Would you like to see
how it pairs with this
delectable mess?
I'm good with water,
but you go ahead.
- Oh, you don't like the wine?
- No, I love wine,
I just don't drink anymore.
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize.
No, it's fine! Seriously.
How long?
Since JJ was in my belly.
That's amazing.
It's survival.
My mom was into pills.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Nah, she's much better now.
I'm glad to hear,
but that must have been
really painful for you.
So what made you
wanna be a therapist?
Nice deflection!
Now you're analyzing me.
No, I'm not, I was
just wondering 'cause,
I mean, I know it's
gotta be pretty hard.
Well, I went through
a lot of shit,
and I needed help, but I got it,
and then I realized
I wanted to help someone else.
You know,
when people are in pain,
they can't help but hurt others,
and then the world sucks.
Uh, I'm sorry.
No, that's okay,
do you need to get it?
Ugh, oh, no, it's just my job.
On a Saturday night?
Big meeting Tuesday.
Big shot.
We are so spoiled.
Oh, yeah, it's a great time
to be a Boston fan.
Just wish the Bruins
coulda pulled it off.
Listen, I hate
to do this, but, um,
I have a ton of work
to get through.
Oh, oh, no problem.
Um, before you go,
can I ask you something,
and will you be honest with me?
Um, okay?
What were you doing
at the field today?
What do you mean?
I mean, I don't mean to
sound paranoid, it's just,
it's a little weird, right?
Yeah, weird, yes.
I mean, I couldn't
believe it was you.
Yeah, just
made me think of Joey.
I don't know.
You haven't spoken
to him, right?
Not since we were kids.
I mean, what happened?
It's a long story.
It's just messing
with me right now, it's... so.
Pattie, I just wanted
to go by the ballpark.
I played my last game there.
I had a really great
time tonight, Pattie.
Yeah, me too.
Thanks for comin' over.
You think I could
take you and JJ
to a Sox game this weekend?
That's very sweet
of you, but, um,
I have a ton of work
to get through.
Oh, right.
Can't imagine
how hard you're workin'.
Thank you.
It's just that,
you know, when you said JJ
was dyin' to go to a Sox game,
I could really relate, you know?
Listen, why don't you
come by tomorrow,
and I'll take a break,
we can talk about it.
It's just that, you know,
those tickets go really fast,
and if you're gonna...
Go spend some time
with your mom.
Fuckin' Yankees.
Hey, Denise,
sorry I couldn't
answer the phone before.
Don't worry about it,
did you listen to my voicemail?
No, not yet.
Richard needs
Gerton's Q-Two financials.
Kellerman hit a wall.
Well, then Susan has to get in
contact with Shanghai tonight
and track 'em down.
I'll ping her now.
Okay, thanks, Denise.
They're startin' some
no-name pitcher today.
Yanks are gonna fuckin'
kill us again, bro.
She loves red wine, huh?
Oh, yeah.
How'd your hot date go?
Hysterical, Joey.
You know I looked
like an idiot, right?
- Did you?
- Yeah!
I thought you were
gonna help me, man?
Calm down, all right,
shit was funny.
Yeah, you know you almost
ruined the whole plan, right?
Really? That's not
a fuckin' plan.
You want a plan? Go over
to Pattie's when she's out,
get JJ, and bring him here.
Kidnapping, that's a great plan.
That's what I'd do.
Yeah, I know.
Fuckin' Sunday, and all that's
on is this bullshit, right?
- Ugh.
- Ugh!
- Ugh.
- Ugh!
Ugh, do you think they
could hit the ball
without screamin' like that?
You wanna tell me
why she hates you?
I don't know, Russo,
I guess I was just
a shitty husband.
You ever get violent with her?
Is that what she told you?
She didn't say anything.
It's just she's got this
scar on her forehead...
I never laid a hand on her,
Russo, I swear to God.
I don't fuckin' do that shit.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
- What the fuck, bro?
- Whose side are you on here?
- I'm tryin' to help you out,
but you're not exactly
makin' it easy, are you?
Oh, I gave you the easy way.
You're makin' it harder
than it has to be.
Nah, that's ridiculous,
and you know it.
What, should I get
locked up for 20 years?
Is that what I should do?
Nah, you should
get away with it.
That can't happen, Joey, okay?
All right, all right.
Forget I asked.
You wanna watch the game?
Starts in about 20.
Got a free bed.
- Saddle up!
- Nah, I...
got a lot of work to do, just...
All right.
Look, I think I can
get him to you.
Yeah? What's the plan, boss?
I wanna take him
to the game tomorrow.
The Sox game?
Yeah, I'm lookin'
at Monster seats.
Fuck me.
Wow, that sounds like
a nice family outing.
Look, Joey, it's not like that.
Fuck you, Russo!
Seriously, man,
what the fuck are you doing?
You gonna take her out,
you gonna be her best friend,
and you're gonna
get in good with JJ?
Good ol' Uncle Ronnie.
How the fuck
does that help me, bro?
You gotta at least
pretend that...
Fuck you, I'm fine, thank you.
Bro, look,
I gotta be a friend to her.
Okay? I can't just
tell her what to do.
I want you to
see your kid, Joey.
Yeah, but when are you gonna
sack up and ask her?
You know what, man,
fuck you, okay, Joey?
I'm on it, all right?
I got you, I promise.
But you gotta let me
do it my way, okay?
Or else, you know what,
you can get your sorry ass up
and go get him
your goddamn self.
Fuck yeah, now you're talkin'.
Hey, I always wondered,
how far'd you go?
What do you mean?
You were really fuckin' good.
Yeah, Joey, so were you.
Here we go, Ronnie,
little base hit.
Let's go, little Bingo.
Here you go, Russo!
No pitcher, no pitcher!
Hit another dinger!
Look at him, Russo,
he's scared of you.
He's shakin'.
Take your base!
You're a pussy, Mahoney!
Oh, yeah?
See what happens
next time you're up.
Cut it out, next pitcher
to hit someone is gone, got it?
So he just gets away with it?
Hey, you're three outs away
from somethin' special.
Don't be dumb.
Just two more outs.
Here we go.
Easy out, Joey.
That's it!
- You're outta here!
- Fuck you!
Get outta here!
Cute, real cute.
- Fuck you.
- Get on the bench.
Good game, good game, good game.
Russo, that's the way you play.
Great season, buddy.
Good luck.
What are you doing?
Fuck outta here.
Gonna fuckin' kill ya,
I swear to God!
Why'd you do that?
You coulda had a perfect game.
A perfect game, dude.
I got your back.
Rozzie, kid.
Hey, JJ!
We, uh, haven't officially met.
I'm Ronnie Russo,
friend of your mom's.
I know.
She's inside.
So, um, you're a big Sox fan?
Me too.
But you have New York plates.
That's right.
I just live in New York, though.
I'm from Boston.
Die-hard Sox fan.
So, you think we're gonna
take it all this year, or what?
Yeah, but we gotta
get better middle relief.
We do cough up a lot of leads
in the sixth and the seventh.
You two talkin' politics?
- Ha-ha-ha.
- Hey, stop it!
So, I got us three tickets
for tomorrow at 1:00
on the Green Monster.
Really? We're going to the game?
Thought we were gonna
talk about this?
I'm sorry, I just got excited.
I had to get the tickets last
night, or I was gonna lose 'em.
But we can go, can't we, Mom?
I have to work,
I've got clients.
But I really wanna go!
Uh, I screwed this up.
I'm, I'm sorry.
Can I go, Mom?
I could take him.
It'd be my pleasure.
I don't know.
Or, you guys
can have the tickets.
I just really want you
to be able to take him.
It'd mean a lot to me.
- I really have to work.
- Come on, Mom!
It's the Yankees!
You think you can handle him?
Yes! I'm going
to the game tomorrow!
Monster seats, baby!
- Back before dinner!
- Okay!
So what are you gonna do
with the other ticket?
Sell it, I guess.
Take your mom!
Pay her back for
all the games she took you to.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, I doubt she can
make it thought.
Ask her.
I assume you don't
have any of your own?
No, not so far.
- Mm.
- Oh, here, let me get you...
- Sorry.
- Yeah.
So, you, uh,
you mentioned Joey yesterday.
What's goin' on?
Uh, a lot.
Um, mainly he's sick.
He's at the Faulkner.
- Oh, really?
- Mm.
It's actually really bad,
it's his liver.
Maybe you should go see him.
Oh, I,
I don't know, Pattie,
it's been such a long time.
Are you and JJ plannin'
on goin' to see him?
No, I, uh,
I don't think it's a good idea.
Listen, um,
will you do me a favor?
Don't talk to JJ about him.
Just the whole thing's
such a mess.
Oh, okay.
Does JJ not know
what's goin' on with him?
No, and I don't want him to.
It would be too painful
and confusing.
Oh, yeah, I mean, I get that.
Don't worry, I'm...
Yeah, thanks.
So what happened?
He was always so messed up.
I mean, look what
he did to his father.
His dad used to
beat him every day, Pattie.
I'm not saying his father
didn't deserve it.
But Joey was a kid!
And look what he did,
it was so savage!
So messed up,
and I thought I could fix him.
How'd you guys end up together
in the first place?
I'm still tryin' to
wrap my head around it.
I was just as
fucked up as he was.
That's impossible.
Well, almost.
He was a bouncer at a club,
and I loved getting high.
We used to party so much.
Lot of drama.
We got married, you know.
Why not?
Then, I got pregnant,
and, um, everything changed.
I always wanted to be a mom,
so I got clean.
- Wow.
- Mm.
Tried to get him clean, but...
he didn't want to.
Did he, um,
did he give you that?
Mm, he drove us into a tree.
JJ was so little.
Lucky he was in his car seat.
Holy shit.
You know The Jamaicaway?
Those fucked up trees were like
right next to the road.
I was always wondering
who was hitting them.
Hey, Ronnie?
You shoulda signed those notes.
I know.
Yo, bro.
Big game tomorrow, you ready?
Fuckin' Yankees suck!
Yankees... Oh, fuck.
They got me on
the good shit now, bro.
You crashed your
family into a tree?
Oh, fuck!
Jesus Christ.
That was an accident.
It was a fucking accident,
all right, Russo?
Were you drunk, Joey?
Fuck no.
She say I was?
I wasn't drunk.
Ask her.
Was wet out.
I slipped. That's all.
And why didn't you tell me when
I asked you why she left you?
I told you,
I was a shitty husband.
And yeah, I was drunk a lot.
But not that night.
- JJ was in the car, man.
- I know! I was fuckin' there!
It sucked.
But he was fine.
Me and her
were a little messed up,
but JJ was fine,
and she won't let it go.
Yeah, well, she still
seems pretty freaked out
about the whole damn thing.
I don't know what to tell you.
How do you blame someone
for an accident for this long?
Fuckin' dying here, and this is
why she won't let me see my son?
You know what it is?
She's sober.
You ever know any sober chicks?
Fucking bat shit, bro, for real.
All they wanna do is get
fucked up and they can't,
so they hate everybody,
especially if you have a drink,
God forbid.
They can't get fucked up,
so they fuck you up.
And she's supposed
to forgive me.
It's part of her Step shit.
It was 10 years ago, man.
I don't know what to say.
I can't make you believe me,
but it's the truth.
She knows I wasn't drunk
that night.
Ask her tomorrow, at the game.
She's not even gonna fuckin' be
at the game, guy.
What d'ya mean?
She's gotta work.
So you...
That's it.
Just bring him by
after the game.
Joey, she made me promise
not to even mention you
to the kid.
- Don't tell him it's me.
- Joey.
No. Don't tell him who I am.
Just say, you know, I'm like a,
you know, I'm an old friend.
I won't say anything.
I gotta see him.
Maybe JJ wants to see
his old man one time.
Wouldn't you?
Are you excited to spice it up?
Hey, Mom.
Oh. Mm.
Okay. Okay.
You look wonderful, Ronnie.
Oh, it's such a treat
to see you.
I'm sorry it's been so long.
- I just...
- No, it's okay.
I know.
You're very busy
with all your big deals.
It's just... it's wonderful to see
my handsome son here again.
Okay, Mom.
I wish you'd've given me
a little bit of notice, though.
I would've cleaned up
a little bit.
Just, um,
don't hold it against me.
I'll try to come by more often.
That would be nice.
Hey, you wanna play Whist?
I got some cards here
I haven't played...
No, you never forget.
It's like riding a bike.
Where'd I put them?
Can I ask you something?
- Ma!
- Huh?
Is there anything
you know about my father
that you never told me?
Oh, that was so long ago.
I told you everything.
You said he was handsome
and successful.
- That's it.
- Well, he was, yeah.
And that you had a special time.
What was it, one night?
Okay, spare your judgment.
I was just having fun.
I didn't expect to make you.
So you really don't know
his name?
Look, do you think I wanted
to have a baby all alone, hm?
Do you know how hard
that was for me?
Yeah, you told me.
People weren't
exactly sympathetic, you know?
Well, you know.
You had to deal with it, too.
Did he even know about me?
My father. Jesus, Ma, do...
You really had no idea
who he is.
I raised you.
Remember that.
I did.
Of course.
So you got all your pills
in check and everything?
Are you okay?
I'm good.
Are you still doin...
Oh my God.
You are.
- Why?
- I'm fine.
- Why do you do that?
- Stop.
- What happened to you?
- Stop. Stop.
- What did I do?
- I gotta go.
Yeah, no, she's good
but she won't be able
to make it.
She's got friends coming over.
Yeah, great, right?
So I'm gonna pick up JJ
around 10 o'clock,
so we can make batting practice.
Sound good?
Okay, great, see you then.
- Denise.
- Finally.
Where we at?
Talk to me.
Susan hit a dead end
with Shanghai.
You fuckin' kiddin' me?
Mitchell says he can handle it.
No. No. Do not let Mitchell
anywhere near this.
I got it.
Susan. Russo.
Who'd you talk to over there?
No, no, I'll tell you
what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna make a call.
Just spell the name,
give me the number.
Well, yes, I've been holding.
I just need to speak to...
Hell... hello?
No. No.
Still here.
Yes, ma'am.
I've been holding
for quite some...
Well, I've been holding
for quite some time now.
No, I'm not being rude.
I'm just holding.
That's right. Yes.
I wouldn't say that, ma'am.
No, this looks like everything.
I'll call you
if we need anything else.
You think he passed out yet?
I don't know.
What if he's awake
when you go in?
Why you goin' to that
fuckin' nerd school, anyway?
You're such a dick.
I'll be back to visit, asshole.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you.
Hey, you should have this.
Why? O'Malley gave it to you.
He would've gave it to you
if you weren't such a douchebag.
I had a perfect game goin'.
Two more outs.
Fuck it.
First you gotta autograph it
for me.
Make it to the bigs,
maybe it'll be worth something.
Shut the fuck up.
Fuckin', no.
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck. Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Shut the fuck up! Fuck.
I am so, so sorry.
Just drive safely, please.
Oh, of course.
- Put your seatbelt on, buddy.
- Have fun.
Hope it doesn't get rained out.
Nah, it's supposed to pass.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
Awesome. Thanks.
Aren't these for yesterday?
Yeah. See?
Sunday the second.
Today's Monday the third.
Same start time, different days.
That can't be right.
Holy shit.
So we're not going?
Top of the eighth
and the Yankees are expanding
a 12-3 lead.
I'm sorry, JJ. I...
I really screwed up.
We should be in there.
We're getting killed anyway.
That's your mom.
You mind if I text her back?
Go ahead.
- Oh great...
- I could've caught that
and I'm fucking 10.
What'd you say?
Please don't tell my mom.
- You got it.
- Thanks.
You were right, by the way.
Should I kill it?
Go ahead.
Hey, does your mom...
Has she had any boyfriends?
You like any of 'em?
I didn't like any of
my mom's boyfriends, either.
They were either corny or jerks.
Tried too hard to be my friend
or they ignored me altogether.
I was worried my mom
would marry one of 'em.
You know?
I mean, I wanted a dad,
but I didn't want any of them.
I wanted my dad, you know?
Hey, let's get rollin', okay?
Why'd you lie to my mom?
What d'ya mean?
In the text.
You saw that, huh?
I mean, like, it's nothing big
or anything, but still.
I guess it's just easier,
But it's wrong.
You're right, JJ, it is.
Come on.
Hey, JJ,
can I ask you a question?
Would you ever wanna see
your dad, if you could?
I mean, I really wanted to see
my own when I was your age.
What about you?
You ever wanna see your dad?
How 'bout now?
What do you mean?
He's dead.
He's dead.
He died in a car accident
when I was a baby.
Light's green.
I guess we lost.
You told him his father died?
Where is he?
He's in his room
doing his homework.
What did you say to him?
He doesn't know anything.
- Well, how did...
- It came up.
It came up?
I thought he'd want a chance
to see his father,
so I asked him.
The fuck would you ask him that?
'Cause Joey's
gonna be gone soon.
And I thought JJ should
have a chance to see him.
Oh, that's what you thought?
It's all Joey wants.
And it seemed like
JJ wanted it, too.
And how do you know
what Joey wants?
When was the last time
you spoke to him?
I've been talking to Joey.
I came to Rozzie to see him.
I fuckin' knew it.
This whole time
I thought I was going crazy.
I didn't...
And visiting your mom?
You are a fuckin' liar.
- Jesus.
- I was just...
I was just gonna try to get you
to bring him to see him.
That's what Joey asked me to do.
So you were gonna take my son
to see Joey behind my back?
What were you gonna do,
walk him into the hospital
and show him a dying drunk guy
and say what,
"That's your father"?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I didn't.
Get the fuck outta here, Russo.
Get out.
I knew as soon as I saw those
burns on your arm.
I am such an idiot.
You know what?
JJ's gonna find out some day.
And he's gonna
fuckin' hate you for it.
You think I wanted
to tell him that?
Do you think I had a choice?
There's always a choice, Pattie.
- Really?
- Yeah.
My choice was a dead father
or a drunk asshole
that wants nothing to do
with his son.
What would you have done?
No, but Joey always
wanted to see him.
The first time
he ever asked about him
was when he found out
he was dying last week.
- No, but he...
- He is full of shit.
He says you've been
keeping him away from JJ
because of the accident.
And he swears he wasn't drunk
that night.
I never said he was.
And it wasn't an accident.
He knew exactly
what he was doing.
No, but it was wet.
He said it was wet
and he slipped.
He deliberately drove that car
into the tree.
How do you know that for sure?
You can't...
Are you fuckin' serious?
I mean, what if you're wrong,
Does he deserve that?
Does Joey deserve that?
"Say I won't."
That's what he kept
saying to me.
He was so pissed
that I was leaving him.
He was pissed
that JJ was crying.
He was driving like a lunatic
on The Jamaicaway.
I tried to plead with him.
I was begging him to stop,
but he just kept pointing
at the trees and screaming,
"Say I won't!
Say I won't!"
And I looked at him and I said,
"I know you won't."
And then I went through
the windshield.
"Say I won't"?
Can't believe
I went there for you.
Like a fuckin' asshole.
After what you did to them,
you're lucky you're not dying
in prison.
You know that?
I just wanna see my son.
Yeah, but you knew
there was no way
she was gonna let you see him.
She already told JJ
you were dead.
You didn't know.
I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
I can't help you.
So you're just gonna leave, hm?
What the fuck
am I even doing here, Joey?
You never visited me.
In juvie.
Not even a letter.
You just disappeared.
I was a kid, Joey.
We were just kids.
- What?
- Hey, Denise.
I was just thinking about you.
You're wasted.
You gonna be all right tomorrow?
I'm gonna be fuckin' perfect.
I'm driving back first thing.
You read my text?
Mitchell's been in Richard's ear
the whole time you were gone.
Oh, fuck that clown.
No. Richard had him
get those financials
- you dropped the ball on.
- I fucking got 'em.
No, you don't get it.
Mitchell got them first
and you weren't here.
You know what?
I'm lead, so tell 'em both
they can suck my dick.
How 'bout... how 'bout that?
I think it's time
to hang up now.
No, Denise.
I'm sorry.
Just... no. Just...
You picked a shitty time
to take a vacation.
I'm done.
Denise, I got this, okay?
Don't fuckin', like,
bail on me, okay?
- The fuck outta here.
- What're you doing?
What, are you gonna go home
and cry to your mommy, huh?
I'll fuckin' kill you,
I swear to God!
No, he won't even know
it's gone.
- Kill you, I swear to God!
- No!
Joey, come on!
Fuck it.
I'm gonna go see
if Pattie's home.
Hell ya, Russo.
You steal my bottle,
you little prick?
Answer me.
What'd I tell you
about hangin' out
with that fuckin' half breed,
Get your shit and let's go home.
I said, get your shit.
We're going home.
Oh, you think you're
a big man now, little fairy?
You think I won't knock you
on your ass right here?
Say I won't.
Fuckin' monkey.
Fuck off.
Fuck. Yeah.
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuckin' shit.
Your call has been forwarded...
- Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?
- To an automated
voice messaging system.
At the tone,
please record your message.
Denise. Denise, tell Richard
I'm on my way, okay?
I got this. All right?
Oh, shit.
- Denise!
- Your call has been forwarded...
You fuckin' kiddin' me?
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
- Dude, your eye.
- Cry to your mommy, huh?
Can't believe
you're moving tomorrow.
- Here ya go, Russo!
- Russo.
- That's the way you play.
- You think he passed out yet?
Why are you goin' to that
Answer me.
You gonna cry now?
Go home to your mama.
Stop it!
You're gonna kill him!
Get outta here.
I got this.
The fuck outta here.
Can't just leave you.
What're you doing?
Fuckin' kill ya, I swear to God!
Joey, come on!
Fuck you.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck, good to see you
these last few days.
Sorry I lied.
You're a good friend.
You always were.
I want you to know...
My ol' man...
I never told nobody.
And I never blamed you.
And Pattie and JJ,
I know, I fucked up.
Can you just tell 'em,
tell 'em I'm sorry?
You don't owe me nothin'
but maybe you could help
the kid, hm?
Play catch with him, something?
Hi. This is Pattie.
Leave a message.
Hey, Pattie.
It's Ronnie again.
- Get ready.
- I'm ready.
I hope you're ready.
Mom, this is her.
Do you mind if I take it?
No. Go ahead.
Hey, honey,
can you wait here a minute?
Hey look, Pattie, I...
I am so, so sorry.
I should've been straight
with you from the beginning
and I wasn't.
And I had absolutely no right
to decide what's best
for your son.
Thank you.
Your note...
I can't believe
Joey never told me.
No kid should ever have to...
So you doing okay?
Much better, actually.
JJ doesn't know yet.
I'm going to tell him.
I just have to figure out how.
Look, I promise
I won't say a word.
I thought
it would be easier on him,
but it just made it worse.
I didn't wanna deal
with my own shit.
I get that.
Well, I'm dealing
with it now, so.
Yeah, me too.
I mean, it hasn't been easy,
But... I'm making progress.
I told JJ that you and his dad
used to be best friends
when you were kids.
What'd he say?
He wanted to call you
right away.
Then he was mad at me because
I didn't tell him sooner.
Just told him I didn't think
he was ready, you know?
Makes sense.
So I was hoping
maybe you could tell JJ
a few stories
about you and his dad
from when you were kids.
I can do that.
Don't sugarcoat it.
I don't think
that's possible, really.
Right. That's very true.
I, um,
I brought some of his things,
if you wanna look through 'em.
Thank you.
You are a fuckin' awesome
mother, Pattie Barry.
I know.
Hey, JJ!
You, uh, you know,
your dad almost threw
a perfect game with this ball.
Get outta here.
Yeah, he was just two outs away.
Oh, man.
Must've been so bummed.
He was actually okay with it.