Last Ones Out (2016) Movie Script

[Woman speaking native language]
American Newscaster:
...a turn for the worse
as the emergence
of a new strain of virus
has caused widespread panic
in the region...
[Man speaking native language]
...diagnosis between all hosts,
showing animal-like behavior,
increased aggression,
dehydration, and delirium.
Can somebody help me, please?
I have an emergency.
Remind me to give you
my dessert tonight.
An all-you-can-eat buffet.
It's gonna be great.
Can't wait.
Siseko: Patrick?
You're stomach is giving
you a problem today?
No, no, no. He -- He --
He called the bell for me.
Okay, l-look, there's...
There's been
a horrible mistake, okay?
I was booked in this morning
to have my appendix taken out.
I mean, I wake up,
and nothing has happened.
Unfortunately, we've got
only one doctor on call today.
What the hell is going on
with you people?
A situation called
for his attention.
What do you mean,
a situation?
Mr. Sandama,
how are you feeling?
Okay, we'll get you some water
as soon as you're in the ward.
Dr. Tulani said
that your symptoms
are similar to those
of an animal bite.
But we can't find any point
of contact in your body.
Have you been
bitten by anything
in the past week
that you know?
Okay, we're gonna
try and get you
back on your feet
as soon as possible.
I'll take it from here.
Henry: Hey.
You look better.
How was the operation?
Yeah, they, uh...
They didn't operate.
Yeah, they're gonna do it
in the next hour or something.
I gotta...
Did you, uh...
Did you bring
the good stuff?
Henry, you better
be lying to me.
I-I tried.
I mean...
You know, the one thing
I thought you couldn't mess up
is an operation.
Well, look, babe, everything's
under control, okay?
So just give me the smokes
and --
Can't smoke inside
of a hospital, Henry.
It's a hospital.
I'm not gonna smoke inside.
I mean...
You know what?
Just take it.
The main thing is,
you and I will be in America
in two weeks.
has been arranged.
Good job.
I can't believe you're smoking
in front of this guy.
I mean, look at him.
He's a...
Looks like an old-time smoker.
Ain't that right, guy?
There we go.
We're not gonna
let the party pooper
spoil any more
of our fun, right?
I'll see you
Try not to make
any more mistakes
between now and then,
Yes, ma'am.
Love you, too.
How's that working
for you?
Pretty good, huh?
Siseko, I need to run to
the station clinic real quick.
Station clinic?
Dr. Tulani doesn't know
what's causing these symptoms.
I read an --
I read an article
in the medical journal
last week
about two farmers
in Monrovia.
They were infected
by some sort of animal bacteria.
And so...?
So the symptoms are
exactly the same.
Dilated pupils,
excessive sweating,
heavy breathing.
I just need to go
fetch it quick.
Hey, Sunet...
Today, let someone else
be a hero.
I'll fetch it.
Oh, thank you.'s --
it's the gray file to your left
as you walk into the room.
Thanks, Siseko.
Uh, Sunet...
You think too much
of everyone else.
Think of yourself
Um...I need to transfer
a patient to ward D.
I'll see you later.
Is that...
Is that smoke?
Yeah, I...
I think so.
I saw Santa over there
puffing away while
I was trying to sleep earlier.
If by Santa, you mean Patrick,
then we have a problem.
Patrick has
acute laryngeal cancer.
He can't even speak,
let alone smoke.
-Just making a little joke.
Yeah, a--actually,
Patrick and I have been
getting to know each other
a little better.
Ain't that right?
Yeah. See?
I gave him my dessert.
Okay. Well, it looks like
you're ready to go,
Mr. Williamson.
We're gonna escort you through
to the theater now
where the anesthetist
will meet you.
Oh, you're not gonna
be joining me?
As much as I would
love to...
doctors in training
don't get to choose what we do.
Call me Henry.
She could call me any name,
know what I mean?
Sorry to keep you waiting,
Mr. Williamson.
You feeling okay
this evening?
Yeah, I just hope you guys
do your job this time.
We'll do our best, sir.
Count down from 10,
and you'll be fast asleep.
Sweet dreams.
Sorry, the lights are off.
I think I'm supposed
to be asleep.
I -- I can't move my legs!
I can't move my body!
What's happening?
Everybody out!
Hello, somebody!
Help! Hey, hey!
Help! Help, help!
Nurse, help!
Help me!
Help, help!
Doc? Help! Help!
Shit, shit, shit.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Please, please.
Please, please,
please, please, please.
Hello, who's there?
Who's there?
T-Talk to me.
What happe--
W-What happened?
I need to get out of here.
You need to help me.
I need to g--
I need
to get out of here.
I can't feel my legs.
I can't move.
You didn't fall asleep?
I've been awake
the whole time.
Can you feel this?
Yeah, slight--
Your touch sensitive
is coming back.
You'll -- You'll be
walking soon. Just wait.
Hey, wait, wait.
Where are you going?
Nurse, wait!
Nurse, wait! Wait!
My name is Sunet,
and I'm a doctor.
I need to find a phone.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Siseko: Vincent?
Vincent?! Vincent?!
I hope it's charged.
Laurian: Who is this?
Hey, it's me.
Henry, where are you?!
I'm in the hospital,
where you left me.
Look, w-when
you getting here?
I don't know.
Everything's quarantined --
the city, the airport,
the buses, the roads.
Just, w-when you
getting here, Laurian?
I'm not getting there!
They're taking us all
to some rural airport.
Hey, do you know of a rural
airport in the area?
Harb-- Harbel.
Harbel's the only one.
It's about a day's drive.
Okay, yeah, yeah.
I know where it is.
Who's that?
Who's with you?
Just a doctor.
Look, Henry, this convoy
is completely crowded.
There's not gonna be any space
for stragglers.
I gotta go.
Wait, let me help you.
I'm good. I'm good.
Okay, um...
We need to...
We need to find
a way out of here.
-What is that?
-Someone's alive.
Someone just pressed the "Call
for Assistance" button in G8.
Wait, you're not going
back up there.
They need our help.
No, Sunet.
You're not going back up there.
We never leave
someone behind.
Sunet, just...
You're okay.
Patrick, Run!
Run! Patrick!
Henry, come on!
Let's go!
Get down.
Patrick, get down.
Uh, okay...
Well, we're locked in.
What the hell is it?
Damn it.
I dropped the phone.
Without that phone, w--
we're screwed.
What are you gonna do?
I think it's gone.
What are you doing?
It's gone, okay.
I'm gonna get the phone.
Just hold the door,
-He's gone.
I don't know
if he's coming back.
Open the door.
Let me in.
What's wrong
with you?
Let's go.
Easy, easy!
Get up!
Come, come, come, come!
Come, come!
This way! Move! Come.
Move, move, move!
Let's go, let's go!
Move, move!
Where's Patrick!
Get Patrick!
Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go!
Wait, get it off!
Get him off!
Are you guys okay?
Yes, Siseko, we're fine.
What's happening?
The whole place has
been evacuated!
So where are we going?
We are on our way
to Gialbi.
No, we need to go
to Harbel!
What's wrong
with him?
He never went in
for his appendectomy.
We need to get this out now!
How long do we have?
Now, Siseko, right now!
Pull over!
Siseko, help me!
Siseko, help!
Give him to me, Vincent.
Go get a table!
Wait, wait, wait!
Are you there, Vincent?
Oh, wait, wait!
Vincent, I need you to get me
a blade, something sharp.
Get it out!
Just get it out!
Siseko! Calm him!
Just do it!
Just do it!
Okay, Siseko,
I need the blade!
Use the bottle, then!
Wait, wait, wait!
On three.
Wait, wait, wait.
Put it in!
On three!
Hold him down.
Hold him down.
You gotta hold him down.
Siseko, I need you
to put pressure.
I need you to put pressure.
Hold it, press it down.
You need to hold
still for me.
Hang in there
You're doing great.
You're doing great.
Just there.
Okay, I got it.
Outside, outside,
What's it doing?
No, no, no, no.
I need you, Siseko!
I need you!
Where'd he go?
Where'd he go?
He's got to be here
Go! Go!
-Go, go!
-Go, go, go!
Drive, Siseko!
What's the problem?
We don't have
any jimmy cans?
So what are we gonna do?
We must walk.
Do you really think we can walk
all the way to Gialbi?
We must try.
And then when we get there,
when we reach Ayanda,
what then?
When we get there,
maybe we can find someone
who can help us.
It's just another
township, Siseko.
There's nothing there.
Let's stick together.
That's your...
That's your big plan?
Stick together, that's it?
Do you have a better plan?
Hey, I can
get us out of here.
Well, yesterday
when I spoke to Laurian
on the satellite phone,
sh-she told me about
a convoy tomorrow morning
taking a bunch of people
to a private airstrip.
I'm talking water, supplies.
It's a place called Harbel.
I can make a plan
and get all of us out of here.
Henry, are you sure?
Yeah. I promise,
for all of us, you know.
Get -- just get me
to the right spot.
I'm sorry, Mr. Henry.
I don't need a journey
out of this place.
I want to go and get my son.
Do you understand?
Well, with all due
respect, Siseko,
I think this convoy
may just be
your son's
only chance of survival.
So think about it.
Siseko, this...
This might be
our only chance.
It's Ayanda's only chance.
Let's go to that convoy.
And once we are there,
then we can get my son.
Now, how do I get
to Harbel?
We walk.
We'll rest here.
Help me take
his clothes off.
I'm tired of seeing
this American
wearing a woman's dress.
I don't suppose
any of you smoke.
[Speaks native language]
What did he say?
He says
he doesn't have a light.
But you guys
make fire, right?
Like, with
two pieces of wood.
So, what do you think
about my new outfit?
It's fine.
I think I liked you
in a dress better.
Just kidding.
So tell me about
your fiance.
What's the story?
Yeah, she's uh...
she's the only one
who really stuck around.
It's a little complicated.
What about you?
I mean, is there a boyfriend
or a hubby back home?
I mean...
It must be pretty tough.
I've been here, like,
two and a half months,
and the only white guy I saw is
like 79 years old.
Excuse me.
Hey, guys!
I'm just gonna
take a leak.
Hey, I --
I saw you called.
What's going on?
Yeah, I --
I tried
to get ahold of you.
How are you?
A-Are you okay?
I'm good, babe.
Listen, what's going on?
Look, Henry, I wanted
to talk to you about something.
This whole thing
has been so crazy,
it's made me think
about everything.
I don't think
it's gonna work out for us.
I know this is crazy,
but I think we should go
our separate ways.
You know, it's just --
There's so much now.
Like, Henry,
I just can't and --
Babe, what are you
talking about?
Babe, will you
just listen to me, okay?
We are hours...
Okay? We're hours away
from Harbel. Okay?
Uh, Henry --
Look, no, listen, I --
No, no.
I know it's hard.
I know it's hard,
but I need you to --
I need you
to just stick it out.
Just stick it out
for me, okay?
I can't.
Just -- Just get me
at Harbel, babe,
and then it's you and me
on a plane, on our way.
They told me
I've got a much better
chance of survival
on my own.
Do you understand?
On our own, Henry,
we -- we can survive it.
Babe, I came here for you!
I know, I'm sorry.
Okay. Just -- just promise me
you'll be at Harbel.
No, no, no, Laurian.
Listen to me, okay?
I'm sorry.
Just promise me
you'll be at Harbel.
What's that?
It's a bracelet
that my father gave to me
when I turned 18.
He told me his father
gave it to him...
...and I would
give to my son
when he becomes a man.
It was Ayanda's 18th birthday
three months ago.
I couldn't be there.
But this time...
Can I see?
It's beautiful.
You're a great father,
Hey, man.
Number one, I think.
Hey, guys!
Oh, shit!
Go, go!
Watch! Oh!
Go, go,
go, go, go!
Jump in here!
L-Let's go.
Let's move. Let's move.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Where's Vincent.
He's coming.
Who is this?
What happened
to you guys?
That thing came
out of nowhere.
You know what?
I should have trusted
my gut feeling about you.
You're a liar.
What the hell are you
talking about?
Your fiance called.
He's been lying to us
this whole time.
None of us are going
on the convoy --
none of us except him.
Look, I-I don't know
what she told you,
but...she's lying.
Oh, please, Henry.
That's always been the plan,
and now we're stuck here,
in the middle of Harbel.
Why would your fiance
tell us all this?
My fiance -- My fiance --
Sh-- She's --
She's crazy, okay?
Look, listen to me.
Okay, we --
We stick to the plan,
We -- We get
to the convoy point,
I'm gonna figure it all out.
I'm gonna figure
all of this out.
Okay? Just --
Just give me the phone.
You are not going
to get the bloody phone.
This phone stays right here,
and we are not going anywhere
before you tell us
what is going on.
It's no point, Siseko.
He can't help us.
Just give me the phone.
We should just get
to Ayanda and --
Just give me the phone!
Give me the phone!
What are you doing?!
Just give me the phone now.
Give me the phone now.
Let him go!
What are you doing?!
Shut up!
Just give him the phone.
Give the phone to me.
Shut up, shut up.
Give me the phone.
Take the phone.
Okay, you're gonna take me...
You're gonna take me
to the convoy point, Vincent.
And you're gonna stay here.
I'm sorry.
I am sorry.
He's going nowhere.
I'm sorry.
I just need to get home.
I just need to get home
right now, okay?
Just go. Go ahead.
Go. Go.
You are in the middle
of nowhere.
Do you think you can get
to the convoy
by yourself?
Don't ever lie
to me again.
You understand?
Let's go.
Well, we have decided
that we are going
to take you
the rest of the journey
until you reach
the convoy,
and then we'll part ways.
Yeah, right.
All what we ask for
is some supply
of food and water.
For real?
Yeah, yeah, I'll...
I can get supplies.
You take first watch.
Thank you.
So you're just gonna...
You're just gonna leave us
in the middle of nowhere,
just like that?
Look, Sunet...
I was trying
to get us a space.
My fiance is...
She runs a tight ship.
I'm gonna get all of you
everything you need.
I swear, I'm gonna get you
food, supplies --
Siseko knows the way
to a township near Gialbi.
So we'll get there tomorrow,
and then we should be okay.
Yeah, you're...
You're all gonna be okay.
Good night.
Look, Sunet...
I'm sorry I lost it.
Oh, shit!
Let's move.
We're not sleeping
here tonight.
This is it.
You're sure?
This is the road between
Harbel and Farmington.
All right.
Now we'll wait.
Thanks, Siseko...
for everything.
Mr. Henry... time,
it won't be like this.
Bye, Siseko.
Siseko, wake up.
Yeah, yeah.
I see the vehicle.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
[No audio]
Hey, Sunet!
what are you doing?
I'm going with you.
What do you mean?
You're gonna get Ayanda
and I'm gonna get us
the hell out of here.
I've got some supplies.
I've got, uh...
flares and a GPS.
There's a chopper coming
tomorrow morning at sunrise
to takes us to--
Where's Laurian?
I decided not to go
with her.
We never leave someone
behind, right?
Let's go get Ayanda.
Come on. Let's go.
Hey, let's go!
Y-You know
you're crazy, right?
Where am I going?!
Slow down!
Come on!
Go, go, go! Go!
-Let's go, American!
-Go! Go! Go, go, go, go!
Keep moving!
Keep going!
Keep going!
Keep going!
Don't look back.
Keep running!
-Almost there!
-Keep going, keep going!
Get down.
Down, down, down, down!
You got something...
Yeah, let's go.
Let's go.
My father?
He's not here?
I'm so sorry.
But we're gonna get you
out of here.
I promise.
Your father was
a brave man, Ayanda.
Now, we've only got half a day's
journey to do Duazon.
We get some food,
we're gonna get to the ruins,
were gonna get
the hell out of here.
Let's keep moving.
Wait, w--
Where'd he go?
We need to go back.
Vincent, please, walk back.
Get back!
Get back, get back.
It's not funny.
It's pretty funny.
What the hell
is this?
This is
the Duazon ruins.
No, it can't be.
They told me this is the spot.
It's supposed
to be a refugee camp
with supplies, water...
This is it, Henry.
Where's the helicopter
meeting us?
Oh, damn it.
We're gonna
be sitting ducks.
We need
to get him water.
Okay, we need to get indoors.
Let's move.
We got six hours
until that chopper comes.
Let's get inside.
We need to find a place,
board it up.
We gotta survive
until midnight.
Let's move inside.
Ayanda, we need
to board this up.
All these holes,
this entrance.
Let's bring it up.
Nice and steady.
Do you think
it will hold?
Yeah, well, it's gotta
hold till sunrise.
And now we wait.
Good night.
You know, you didn't have
to come back for us?
Thank you.
Vincent, what are
you doing?!
Vincent, stay away!
Go, Sunet! Go!
Just go! Go!
This way! This way!
This way!
No, this way.
Go right! Go right!
Go right!
To the roof! To the roof!
Let's go. Let's go.
Go! Just get to
the roof. Go.
Go on, go on!
Henry, come on!
Go ahead!
Go! Go to the far side!
Henry! You're hurt.
I'm fine. I'm fine!
We need to get higher.
Go, go, go!
One, two...
What happened
to Vincent?
I don't know, but we gotta
get the hell out of here.
Henry, what do we
What are we --
What do we do?
The chopper's on the way.
Choppers on the way!
They're a few minutes away.
What the hell was that?
Stand back! Stand back!
Oh, my God!
They're everywhere!
Come on! Come on!
Where are they?!
They should -- should have
been here by now.
Come on. Come on!
Where are they?!
We're not gonna make it.
Lis-- Listen to me.
Okay, w --
when that chopper comes...
you light the flare, okay?
You light it,
hold it high, okay?
Hey, what are you
gonna do?
Meet me in the field.
Meet me in the field.
Come on!
Come on!
Come here!
Come here!
Come here!
Come here!
Come on!
Damn it!
Where are you?!