Last Ounce of Courage (2012) Movie Script

THOMAS: There is
a thing right here.
Sit up. Turn around.
[ Laughing ]
She's now 83 years old
and still kicking.
Only because he's...
Only because
he's my best friend.
That's the only reason.
Yeah, whatever.
We just hang out with him
'cause we pity him.
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Well, right now I'm happy,
but I'm sure that will change
very shortly, you know.
Because you kind of drive me nuts.
[ Laughter ]
How do I look?
I'm a little bit nervous.
Um, but, Kari, I love you,
and this is the day I've been
waiting for all my life.
[ Applause ]
[ Cheering ]
BOB: You know, I always
saw myself as a patriot.
I don't remember anyone
telling me
that freedom had to be
fought for and defended.
I loved my country,
and I loved being free,
but the day
I saw my son packing
to leave our country
to fight in another,
I understood what my father
must have felt
when I left for war.
There's no greater love
in the world
than a man laying down his life
for someone else.
But a man thinks different
when it's his boy
going into harm's way.
[ Motorcycle engine turns off ]
Thomas was 20.
He had his whole life
ahead of him.
He had a young wife,
great friends, and a future.
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Voice breaking ]
I'm so proud of you.
If anything happens to me
over there,
take care of 'em?
You just come back.
[ Whispering inaudibly ]
[ Bus engine revs ]
THOMAS: We made it back to base
safe and sound.
Every day I pray
that God will see me through
so I can get back to you, Kari.
[ Jet engine roars ]
KARI: The doctor says
the next few weeks will fly by
before the baby is born.
Easy for him to say.
[ Scoffs ]
I love you, Thomas.
I miss you so much.
I long to feel you next to me.
THOMAS: Today I remembered
the smell of your hair
the day I left.
I love you.
God's been watching over me.
181 days and I'll be home,
Lord willing.
I love you,
and I think of you every day.
[ Helicopter rotors whirring,
gunfire ]
[ Baby crying ]
BOB: I haven't seen your mother
act like this
since you were born.
Your son is going to be
completely spoiled
by the time he meets you.
His grandma has his whole life
planned out.
By the way,
that includes college.
[ Baby cooing ]
[ Explosion, gunfire ]
[ Gunfire in distance ]
[ Explosion ]
The days passed
just like all the other days
of every year
until that morning.
I'll never forget the sound
of that doorbell.
[ Doorbell dings ]
[ Sobs ] No.
[ Sobbing ]
MAN: Thomas Revere
was a brave soldier
on the field of battle.
Sacrificing his life,
he was awarded the bronze star.
Scripture says do not let
your hearts be troubled.
And it goes on to say
trust in God.
For if it were not so,
I would have told you.
And if I go
and prepare a place for you,
I will come back
and take you to be with me,
that where you are
we may be, also.
These are the words.
Please accept this flag
on behalf of a grateful nation
as a token of appreciation
for the honorable
and faithful service
rendered by your loved one.
MAN 2: Half right, face!
Port, arms!
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshots ]
You know I love you.
[ Voice breaking ]
I love you, too.
Thank you...
for everything
that you've done.
You're family.
You'll always be family.
Would you please
give this to Bob for me?
Thank you.
[ Sighs ]
I wanted the world to stop
and understand the pain
that I was in,
to know how I was suffering.
I felt in some ways
that my life was over.
Kari and my grandson left
when I needed them the most.
They were the only part
of Thomas I still had left.
Without my son...
nothing else really mattered.
[ "Get On and Ride" by Bo Bice
plays ]
Get on and ride it
in the fast lane, honey
Won't you get on
and ride it?
Won't you get on
and ride it now?
Yeah, yeah
[ Bell rings, door closes ]
Get on and ride it
Something I can do
for you gentlemen?
Boy, I'll bet that hurt,
didn't it?
Come with me.
Let's fix it up.
It was just a flesh wound,
but I have to know
what happened.
I cannot be involved
in something illegal, guys.
It wasn't a crime, Mayor.
He accidentally shot himself.
You say you love me
Then you bleed me dry...
[ Snickers ] know I can't deny...
You're good to go.
[ Chuckles ]
...if it so applies
Oh, yeah
Now your heartbeat's
ticking in me
Like a bomb
that's ready to blow
It's okay.
Did you see
what you came to see?
Go ahead, enjoy the show
Take your time,
if you're so inclined...
Any time, guys.
All right.
Get on and ride it
in the fast lane, honey
Won't you get on
and ride it?
Won't you get on
and ride it now?
Bob! [ Laughs ]
Hi! Look at you!
[ Laughter ]
Oh, wow!
Oh, wow!
Chris! Oh, my!
Look at you!
You're all grown up!
You look just like your dad.
He looks like his dad.
That's not some
L.A. gang handshake, is it?
Why don't you get the bags
and show Chris his room?
So, after you go upstairs,
we'll have Thanksgiving dinner.
I hope you're hungry.
We're starving.
And we have not had
a real Thanksgiving for years.
[ Sighs ]
Do you remember
that old missions church
that was down-town?
The one with the "Jesus Saves"
cross on the side?
Well, we bought that building,
and we put the community mission
The cross isn't there any more.
Can you imagine?
It offended somebody.
MAN: Hey, look,
I know it's a holiday weekend,
but I figured
you'd want to know.
The Feds approved the funds.
You're kidding me.
We'll get that addition
for the veterans' home.
All right, man.
[ Chuckles ]
It had been 14 years
since we looked
into Thomas' trunk.
Even to see my own grandson
open it was painful.
Can I watch these?
You can watch those.
thank you.
[ Door opens ]
DOTTIE: Oh, that's
the Gideon Bible
that he took everywhere.
ALL: Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
[ Laughs ]
I never saw this one.
They're so cute.
Oh, see,
Thomas is the shepherd,
and J.J. as Mary.
Who's J.J.?
Your dad's older sister.
Actually she left
before you were born.
We don't see her very often.
She didn't see eye to eye
about things that Bob and I
felt were very important.
So, why don't people
do Christmas like that any more,
with the shepherds
and everything?
Well, for a long time,
people have been trying
to pass laws
to get rid of Christmas
Today Christmas is all about
Santa Claus and buying things.
[ Train engine chugging ]
[ Train whistle blows ]
[ Motorcycle engine revs ]
What did you say to him?
I told him to come home.
And I told him
to defend our freedoms
with his last ounce of courage.
Can I help you with something?
You must be Chris.
I'm Madison.
Your dad and my dad
were best friends.
What is that?
It's my dad's medal
from the war.
So, do you want to go
shoot some hoops
with me and my friend?
Hey, Bob.
That needs to be in the box.
Can I keep it in my room?
It stays here.
Wait a minute.
Have you showed him this?
This is cool!
this is amazing.
When I get back from tour,
I am gonna be cruising
in this every day.
will you stop worrying
about me?
You made it
through the war okay.
Yeah, I wouldn't trade my time
for anything.
You fought
for what you believed in.
That's all I'm doing.
I know, son.
I know.
This truck
was your dad's truck.
Maddy, you comin'?
Come on, Chris.
Let's go.
Hey, Bob.
Lighten up a little, will ya?
Santa's coming, ya know.
Go on.
Get out of here.
[ Chuckles ]
GREG: Kari Revere!
Well, you grew up, Greg.
So did you.
Is... Is that your son?
Yes, that is Christian.
Been a long time.
Too long.
Okay. [ Chuckles ]
Dottie made
her famous brownies.
Do you want to join us?
Ah, no, I can't.
I've got to head into work
for a little bit.
Maybe catch ya later?
[ Both laugh ]
We will be here.
You look great.
Thank you.
So do you.
Welcome back.
[ Chuckles ]
Bye, Dad.
I love you. I love you, too.
[ Chris laughs ]
[ Laughs ]
CHRIS: Grandpa doesn't seem
to like you...
or me, for that matter.
It's not you.
I think...
he thinks that I let him down.
Sometimes life isn't fair.
But we just keep going.
Get some sleep, huh?
First day of school tomorrow.
I love you.
I love you, too.
[ Bell rings ]
[ Birds chirping ]
Chris is so California.
Now, what is that
supposed to mean?
He's so hot!
Hey, you ought to get him
to try out for the play.
Oh, yeah,
so you can hit on him?
[ Bell rings ]
Speaking of hot...
Hey, I'll be right back.
Man, what's up with you?
I've got to go
to the principal's office.
Because they have some stupid rules
about what you can't bring
to school.
What did you bring,
a knife or something?
A knife?
We found this in Chris' locker.
But Madison is now claiming
that it's her responsibility.
Yes, sir, that's right.
I brought it.
And while I'm all for a student
taking a position
on a controversial matter,
when that position is
detrimental to the student body,
the health and well-being
as a whole, well...
that's when
I have to take action.
I spoke with the school's
attorney informally,
and he suggested
that we all keep this
as low-key as possible, okay?
Now, Chris, normally you'd be
facing an in-school suspension,
but you're new here,
so, uh, I'm going to go easy
on you this time.
Now, we're just going to pretend
this never happened
and, um, just ignore it.
All right, you're dismissed.
[ Door opens ]
they didn't know.
I'm sorry.
Oh, Bob, don't worry about it.
Hey, thanks for coming in.
BOB: Christian...
when prayer was banned
from school, so was the Bible.
It's just the way it is now.
That's a stupid rule.
There ain't no rule.
Say again, Leonard?
There ain't no rule.
They can have their Bibles here
if they want to.
They're just
a bunch of cowards.
Thank you, Leonard.
Don't wait for me.
Could you hold on a second?
Rusty, is there an actual rule
that says you can't bring
a Bible into school?
Well, no.
But I don't want any trouble.
You can't take any chances
these days, Bob.
Everybody's looking
for a reason to sue us.
Yeah, it's
that space-odyssey play
I wrote a few years ago.
Yeah, well,
I don't want to brag,
but I've always had a bit
of flair for the dramatic.
[ Chuckles ]
Oh, Mayor, nice work
on the veterans' home thing.
Yeah, I'm back.
[ "The O'Reilly Factor"
theme music plays ]
"Factor" investigation segment
Christmas has become
controversial in America.
Public displays
of the federal holiday
are under attack by the ACLU,
and some department stores
even tell employees
to avoid saying
"Merry Christmas."
Bob, you're famous!
Here's what we found out.
Sears/Kmart would not answer...
O'REILLY: They were the worst
we had to deal with.
85% of Americans
say they are Christians.
Christmas is a federal holiday,
signed into law by U.S. Grant.
And we're living in a time
where some retail outlets
will not say "Merry Christmas."
What did my dad die for, Bob?
That's what happens in war.
No, I mean, why did he die?
He gave his life
for his country.
So, what are we doing?
What are you doing?
Your grandfather was in
a very special unit.
He rescued prisoners of war.
What are you doing now?
It's not that easy, kid.
What are you doing?
I'm just one kid.
Well, I'm just one grandpa.
I think...
Chris is right.
We should all
be doing something.
And after 75 years,
the Hollywood
Chamber of Commerce
refused to sponsor
the Christmas parade.
The L.A. city council took over
and renamed it
the Hollywood Santa Parade.
75 years of tradition gone.
So, what are we up here
looking for?
Um... Christmas stuff,
Isn't that
a little old-school?
Yeah, 'cause people don't really
decorate around here any more.
Well, maybe they should start.
I agree.
Here's a reindeer.
It's kind of Christmas-ish.
Thank you.
Here's a Santa Claus.
Oh, jackpot!
Are you guys thinking
what I'm thinking?
If you're thinking it's cheesy,
then, yeah.
No, let's...
let's put it up.
Let's put it all up tonight.
[ Thunder rumbles ]
I'm so glad you were there.
I just don't want Chris
to get started off
on the wrong foot.
You know how you can get
a bad reputation real fast.
[ Laughs ]
[ Laughs ] Oh!
You remember that, huh?
You were a pretty bad boy
in school.
Yeah, I was stupid.
I think you and Thomas
got away with murder
because you smiled your way
out of everything.
Just like that!
Well, maybe once.
[ Both laugh ]
So, Chief of Police,
huh? Mm.
Very impressive.
Then again,
you always had to be in charge.
Well, it's overrated.
So, if you
don't mind me asking,
what's the story
on Maddy's mom?
Stacy had her own agenda,
that didn't include
Maddy and me.
She's in Philadelphia
or... somewhere.
I hope this isn't
completely awkward.
Can I take you to dinner
So, Saturday night?
Sounds good.
[ Laughs ]
Christian's right.
What am I doing?
What do you mean?
Dottie, what makes me
any different
than the next guy that just
sits around and does nothing?
You remember that plaque
that used to be
on the courthouse wall
with the Ten Commandments in it?
You remember that
great big Christmas tree
that used to be
on the courthouse lawn?
Whatever happened to Christmas
in this town?
I mean, I've been
sitting around here
watching it disappear
just like everybody else.
Nobody says anything.
Did you ever think
that you would see the day
when people were offended
by a cross in public?
Christian's right.
[ Motorcycle engine revs ]
BOB: I had been a coward,
passive, and even selfish.
I had become
so bitter and blind
to what was going on around me,
I asked God to forgive me.
I kept thinking about my son.
Now was the time
to honor his sacrifice
and show my grandson
that the greatest battle...
is doing what's right.
Mayor, are you okay?
Randy, I woke up
about midnight,
searched the Internet
'til about an hour ago,
and I am better than okay.
I am absolutely fantastic.
Council wants your views
in writing
the street improvements
around the new addition
to the veterans' home.
At 11:30 you have a Rotary
meeting at Estelle's Restaurant.
Ooh, meat loaf today.
You might want to put
a sports jacket on
instead of that...
Now what about the report?
I thought I had key
to the storage room?
Top drawer, silver key chain.
Do you ever
listen to me? Sure.
You said, "Blah, blah, blah,
Estelle's Restaurant."
Follow me.
Come on, let's go.
Christmas Angel.
Boy, does that bring back
some memories.
What kind of memories?
Hey, Charlie.
How are you guys?
You boys up to no good?
[ Chuckles ]
What's the news?
Last night
at the city council meeting,
all they want to do
is get excited about nothing.
Oh, if they want to get excited
about something,
they can help me bring Christmas
back to this town.
And I mean we're coming back
in a big way.
I'm talking angels.
I'm talking mangers.
I'm talking wreaths.
I'm talking the birth of Jesus.
[ Stammers ]
I'm talking about Christmas.
[ Laughing ]
He's not joking?
Gentlemen, did you know
that about 150 years ago,
Christmas was made
a federal and legal holiday?
Didn't know that.
I didn't know it.
A religious
and secular holiday.
They're using the threat
of a lawsuit
to keep Christmas pushed back
into the churches and homes
and out of public places
and schools.
Speaking of schools,
did you know that our children
are not allowed to sing
Christmas songs in our schools?
Well, we always did.
Oh, yeah.
They're not allowed to any more.
And a public school teacher
is allowed to teach objectively
about the origins of Christmas
in the classroom.
Didn't know that.
Didn't know that.
Well, they can.
They don't, but they can.
We can have a Nativity scene,
as long
as other religious symbols
are acknowledged
at the same time.
School districts
across the United States
are taking Christmas break
off the calendar completely
and replacing it
with winter break.
I didn't know that.
That's right.
Some towns...
[ Lights rattle ]
No red and green lights.
Some towns... no trees.
Some towns,
no decorations at all.
And it's not
because it's illegal.
There is no law against it,
just a bunch of people
that are afraid
of what Christmas
is really about.
Well, gentlemen,
that stops today...
at least here
in Mount Columbus.
[ "Winter Wonderland"
by Vince Gill plays ]
Sleigh bells ring
Are you listening?
In the lane, snow is...
How's it look?
It looks illegal to me.
That good, huh?
Are you sure
it's not unconstitutional?
Randy, what part of "no"
are you having
a hard time with?
If you're getting nervous,
go look it up.
Mr. Mayor,
Connie Lee, Channel 7.
Can I have
just a moment of your time?
Oh, you bet.
I'll be right down.
CONNIE: According to sources
I spoke with, and I quote,
"Any religious symbol displayed
on public property
is a clear violation of the
separation of church and state.
The religious decorations
should be removed immediately."
For his part,
Mayor Revere had this to say...
Hey, listen up!
The mayor's on TV.
Well, I actually got the idea
from my grandson.
He was wondering
why don't we celebrate Christmas
around here any more.
To tell you the truth, I just
couldn't give him a good answer.
It's not illegal,
so I figured by the time
I'm done,
I want Mount Columbus
to be known as Christmas City.
All right, thank you, Mayor.
You're welcome.
Merry Christmas.
Well, you heard right...
the Christmas City.
The mayor is bringing religion
back to this little town.
What a hog.
I think she's kind of cute.
The motorcycle, you moron.
Sleigh bells ring
Are you listening?
In the lane...
MR. BOUTWELL: Oh, Broadway.
You are
an elusive mistress indeed.
Oh, ladies, are you ready?
Okay. Whatever. Go.
But, Zondor,
we are but space aliens
who have traveled from afar.
Will the king accept us?
Not to worry, Zindor.
It has been foretold
that the king will be born
this night on planet Earth,
and he will accept all
who seek him and find him.
But how will we know
it is the true king?
The supernova will light
our way to the pot of gold,
there the king will be,
just as predicted
in the scrolls of Plutonia.
Oh, yes!
Excellent, excellent.
Madison and Lindsey,
where have you been hiding?
Hmm? Hmm?
That was very, very good.
You are my aliens.
You know, I think
with you two in the cast,
this will be our most memorable
winter space odyssey ever.
Yeah, you bet it will.
Excuse me?
Nothing. Thanks.
[ Giggles ]
KARI: There's nowhere to RSVP
on these invitations.
Oh, you don't need one.
Everybody shows up.
Oh. [ Chuckles ]
And you put Christmas
instead of holiday party.
I know.
We have been putting holiday
for 10 years.
I am so proud of Bob.
Greg's coming, you know.
Yeah, and?
We're just having dinner.
It's not a date.
It's not a date?
Come on.
It's a date.
I think it's a date.
[ Both laugh ]
[ Chuckles ]
RANDY: Uh, yeah, the mayor
is not in on Tuesdays.
This is the mayor's assistant.
What can I do for ya?
Doesn't work on Tuesdays?
Well, then,
get me the deputy mayor.
[ Chuckles ] Deputy mayor?
We can barely afford
our part-time mayor.
The mayor is the pharmacist.
Who is this?
This is the Hammer...
Warren Hammerschmidt.
T-The Warren Hammerschmidt
from TV?
Obviously your mayor
is not fully cognizant
of the statutes that pertain
to the separation
of church and state.
Can you remember all that?
Look, before this gets elevated
to a level which I'm sure
the mayor would like to avoid,
tell him that I fully suggested
that he offer a public apology
to the community
and take down
those religious decorations.
And we will pretend
this never happened.
And if you have any questions
about this at all,
you just...
call me.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Did you hear the news?
You're all over the Internet.
We are having
some major legal problems here,
I think.
I got a call
from Warren Hammerschmidt
Warren Hammerschmidt.
The big guy.
The guy that's...
He's on all the TV talk shows.
He told me to tell you this.
I wrote it down here.
He said to
"take down all
religious Christmas decorations
and make a public apology."
He told you
to tell me that? Exactly.
And I got an email.
Look at this.
Mayor, they're threatening
to have the governor
withhold matching funds
for the veterans' home.
For Christmas decorations?
Now, Mayor, I know how you get
when you're backed
into a corner.
No, Randy,
you don't know how I get.
But I'll tell you
what you can do.
You put together
some sort of news conference
for this evening.
It's not just about
Christmas any more.
Have you ever noticed
that the mere mention
of Jesus nowadays
seems to rub people
the wrong way?
Well, I'm very tired
of not standing up
for what I believe in.
So, why are you standing there?
[ Sighs ] Kari...
I love you so much.
I just want so badly
to hold you right now
and just be with you.
And, Christian [chuckles]
I saw your picture.
Thank goodness
you take after your mom.
KARI: Chris, dinner.
What kind of changes are
you guys making to the play?
Oh, Christian...
just a little tweak
here and there.
And everywhere.
What about your teacher?
What's he going to say?
Ol' Mr. Boutwell?
Probably nothing.
And how do you figure?
He'll be in complete shock.
[ Crickets chirping,
camera shutters clicking ]
Mr. Mayor, your actions
have been described
as reckless and insensitive.
How do you respond?
Well, if trying to restore
a holiday
that the majority
of our citizens enjoy
but a few ol' soreheads don't
makes me reckless
and insensitive...
yeah, I'd say
that pretty much describes me.
If I may, the mayor's actions
are not reckless.
He is just trying
to be sensitive to all faiths
during this special time
of the year.
Mayor, you hung a banner
on the town's water tower
that reads "Christmas City."
Don't you think
that could be offensive?
December 25th is Christmas,
Jesus' birthday.
Christmas is also
a national holiday.
So, here in the city
of Mount Columbus,
this holiday season will be
a Christmas holiday,
not a winter holiday.
I mean,
Christmas is for everyone.
If you're a Muslim
and you want to pray to Allah
in the middle
of the town square,
by all means, please,
it's one of your rights.
If you're Jewish and you want
to display your menorah
and blow your shofar, go ahead,
and accept my admiration
for standing up
for what you believe in.
But don't tell me
and the majority of us
that believe in Jesus Christ
that we don't have the right
to celebrate
the day of his birth.
Because it's Christmas.
Mr. Mayor,
this state cannot in any way
promote a religious holiday.
[ Whispers ]
It's Warren Hammerschmidt.
We're not.
We're acknowledging
it's the Christmas season.
Excuse me.
If I could say something here.
At first it was
kind of hacking me off,
what Bob was doing
and everything,
but, you know, I get
where he's coming from.
I mean,
Bob's just trying to fix
what's already
a national holiday.
Bob, can't do that.
Yes, I can.
And we will.
As a matter of fact,
I'm going to lead by example.
You're all welcome
to come by my house
and see the Nativity scene
that I'm building.
Come on, people.
It's Christmas.
Peace on Earth,
good will toward men.
Mr. Mayor, it is our job
to protect all people,
regardless of their color,
creed, race,
or religious persuasion.
The people of Mount Columbus
fair and equal treatment.
Look, pal,
you don't have
any jurisdiction here,
and you will not intimidate me.
You are breaking the law.
Show me the law.
Well, then, you are violating
the Constitution.
Mr. Hammerschmidt,
that is a lie, and you know it.
You and your organization
have been putting fear
into every weak-kneed
school board and city council
in this country.
Most of the time
you're standing
on nothing more
than intimidation.
And I'm telling you,
Mr. Hammerschmidt,
that your intimidation tactics
will not work
here in Mount Columbus.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
You, too, Warren.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Let's go over the plan.
I've been doing
some serious research.
In the real Christmas story,
shepherds find the baby king,
not aliens.
You can't be serious.
Well, I didn't know.
I never read the Bible.
It's okay. It's okay.
Let's just stay focused.
Okay, well, Lindsey and I
have been working really hard,
and we came up with the name
"Operation Christmas."
"Operation Christmas"?
Can't we come up
with a cooler name than that?
And what do you suggest?
Ooh, I got one.
Um, how about
"Operation Global Cooling"?
How about "Operation Aliens"?
"Operation Aliens"!
That's perfect! Yes!
How about
"Operation Super Shepherds"?
Yeah, how about not?
Something with the word "super"
in it always sounds good.
Or super bad.
Guys, guys.
It's "Operation Christmas."
How about "Operation Sabotage"?
How about if you're not
in on it, you can't name it?
Just because I'm not in the play
doesn't mean I'm not in on it.
[ All talking at once ]
It's "Operation Christmas."
Christmas, okay?
Here's the stage.
We're going to need somebody
to be right here.
Maybe Chris?
Or maybe not.
They're going to have to put
a clamp on the ropes
so that nobody can close
the curtains during the play.
And then we're going to also
have somebody here...
I don't know, maybe Chris?
Or whoever...
is going to have to put a lock
on the light box.
What do I do?
you are the dancer.
You just keep on dancing.
What, Trudy?
Um, I just, uh,
I just wanted to say that,
you know,
this feels so wrong...
and yet so right.
Thank you for that, Trudy.
This meeting is adjourned.
Let's go. Hurry.
We have a lot of work
to do guys.
I'm sorry,
but your sabotage plan,
it's missing something.
Are you dumb?
There's no impact.
There is plenty of impact.
It just sounds lame.
Look, Chris,
it's a lie if we don't tell
the real Christmas story.
You want to talk about lame,
you won't even help us.
That's lame.
[ Sighs ]
ERNIE: As president
of the city council,
I've got to know
what's going on.
Christmas is going on, Ernie.
I think Ernie and the council
just need clarification
about your intentions, Bob.
Well, it's really very simple.
We're taking our freedoms
for granted.
A couple of years ago,
my son mentioned the word "God"
in his valedictorian speech.
Well, today we would be sued
by some lone humanist.
Bob, we all miss
the good ol' days.
I'm not talking
about the good ol' days, Ernie.
We are not losing
some endangered species of fish.
Our freedoms are being taken
away from us one by one.
Well, that's how
we're taking them back...
one at a time.
We're going to start
with Christmas.
Now, if I want to put up
a Nativity scene
on my front yard,
I'm going to do it.
If we want to put
a Christmas tree
on the courthouse lawn...
like we used to...
then we're going to do it.
Gentlemen, it's been fun.
What do you mean
he's on the road?
Where's the mayor going?
Something about getting
a big Christmas tree
for the courthouse lawn.
Take care of that matter.
Now! Immediately! Do it!
Grandma got run over
by a reindeer
Walking home from our house
Christmas eve
Not one channel plays
real Christmas music any more.
If I have to listen to that guy
sing about his grandma
being run over by a reindeer
one more time...
Hey, I will take care of you,
my friend.
[ Harmonica plays ]
Going to go get
a big ol' Christmas tree
[ Harmonica plays ]
Christmas tree, that is
[ Beat-boxing ]
We three kings
of Orient are
[ Humming ]
[ Beat-boxing ]
[ Yawns ]
Bring a torch,
Jeanette, Isabelle!
[ Vocalizing ]
[ Laughter ]
GREG: I couldn't sleep
for about a year
after Thomas died.
We both lost our best friend.
I'm sorry.
Is it okay to talk about him?
How'd you get through it?
[ Sighs, chuckles ]
I threw myself
into motherhood at first.
Then I realized
I was a young mother
and a widow with nothing.
I was just trying anything
to get my life back and...
start over.
5 years turned into 10,
and 10 to almost 15.
I'm sorry
I wasn't there for you.
Don't be.
I was just so young.
I'd... never seen
a broken heart before.
I was too young to know
what to do or how to help.
I'm sorry.
You apologize too much.
Sorry. [ Chuckles ]
Let's get out of here.
You see that little scar?
When Thomas and I
were in fifth grade,
um, we sat over there
at the gazebo...
[ Sighs ]
And we, um...
cut our thumbs...
and pressed them together.
We thought it made us
blood brothers.
He loved you like a brother.
[ Kisses ]
Turn around.
Let me see.
[ Gasps ] It's beautiful.
No, no, no, it's yours.
Merry Christmas.
[ Laughs ]
Jesus loves you.
Everything is going to be okay.
Why don't you
go get something to eat?
And look at you.
Hey, Dottie?
I'm really glad I have you.
Me too.
Well, you are a space alien,
if I have ever seen one.
Na-nu, na-nu!
Na-nu, na-nu!
[ Both laugh ]
See that little boy
over there? Yeah.
Why don't you go talk to him?
All right.
Reminds me of J.J.
when she was little.
You know, in the old mission,
she would hide in the coatrack,
play hide-and-seek
with everybody.
Oh, and then she'd climb
on the counter
and help me serve the meals.
Whatever happened with J.J.,
Well... it's complicated.
I've never stopped praying
for her to come back.
We talk.
I need to ask you something.
Does Bob think
that I should have
talked Thomas out of enlisting?
No, sweetheart.
Do you think anyone
could have talked Thomas
out of serving in the military?
No. That's...
That's something
we'll never know.
[ Sighs ]
And although he won't admit it,
I believe that Bob
thinks he's responsible.
He just doesn't know
what to say to you.
No one's responsible.
Things just happen, all right?
Come here.
I love you.
Enough of that.
Dottie, this came
in the mail for you.
Oh, thanks.
So, I had a nice time with Greg
the other night.
And I told him I needed
some time to think.
I mean, I know I've known him
forever, but...
The health department
is going to close the mission...
over Christmas.
MR. BOUTWELL: Curtain.
Music, Jennifer.
[ Piano plays ]
[ Children vocalizing ]
[ Vocalizing continues ]
Ooh, very good.
Very good, very good.
Okay, ladies, scurry.
Bow and scurry, bow and scurry.
Scurry, scurry, scurry,
scurry, scurry, scurry.
And you're off.
One moment, please.
Could we at the end of that,
like, you know,
have the lights come up
sort of gradually,
illuminating the stage
in sort of, like...
with the music
in sort of like a rainbow-onic
kind of a crescendo?
We could if the equipment
was built after 1930.
A simple yes or no would do.
Thank you.
All right!
Cue the aliens!
Behold, Zindor,
the star in the east.
It will guide us.
But, Zondor,
we are but space aliens
who've traveled from afar.
Will the king accept us?
Not to fear, Zindor.
It has been foretold
that the king
will be born this night
on planet Earth.
And he will accept all
who seek him and find him.
But how will we know
it is the true king?
The supernova will light our way
to the pot of gold.
And we will find the king
just as predicted
in the scrolls of Plutonia.
I-Is it just me?
Is it just me?
Whatever. Okay.
Let's go to the conclusion,
Everybody, center.
This is the "Silent Night..."
Wintry Night."
Let me feel the cold.
[ Door rattles ]
Blasted door.
Somebody's gonna get trapped
in here.
It slams shut, locks tight.
Mr. Leonard?
May I talk to you for a sec
about that door?
[ Indistinct shouting ]
[ Cheering and applause ]
CROWD: [ Chanting ] and state!
church and state! No Christmas!
No Christmas!
CONNIE: According
to Warren Hammerschmidt,
Mayor Revere is flaunting
the will of the people
as he continues his public
display of civil disobedience.
As you can see,
a huge Christmas tree
now stands defiantly
on the courthouse lawn
after nearly two decades
of absence.
This latest development makes
tonight's city council meeting
even more interesting.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
You know, I appreciate
your convictions.
But not everybody
feels the same as you.
We could make this all go away.
Every year, my family throws me
a little birthday party.
is about Jesus's birthday,
and about there being
dad-gum peace on Earth
and good will to everybody.
I say we all enjoy that tree
like we used to.
And, everybody else,
just take a chill pill!
[ Crowd murmuring ]
Mr. Hammerschmidt.
People, tradition
is not the issue here.
Not even close.
Mayor Revere has taken the law
into his own hands
to promote his own religion.
That is ridiculous.
You have overstepped
your boundaries, Mayor.
You have overstepped
your boundaries,
Mr. Hammerschmidt.
I take offense to your
politically motivated actions,
and I'm here to protect
my rights
as an American citizen.
What about the rights
of the people you serve?
What about the rights of
the people you pretend to serve?
Whose liberties
are you protecting?
What's that supposed to mean?
You're removing my freedoms,
my rights,
and my heritage
as a Christian American.
We are talking about
the separation
of church and state.
Well, please,
tell these people and me,
what are your objectives?
You are supposed to represent
all the citizens
of your community equally.
Unlike your organization,
that represents
anti-American causes.
[ Murmuring ]
Sir, we are nonpartisan.
Nonpartisan, huh?
Well, it's like
what Charlie said.
I'm just trying to bring back
some tradition
we all enjoyed
before organizations like yours
came in to take them
out of public.
You really need
to check your facts.
Stepping on your toes, am I?
Most people know what you
and your cronies in Washington
have been doing for years.
Well, as you can see,
your fine mayor
is trying to pick
a political fight with me.
Hey, we didn't start this.
You're trying to tell us
how we can celebrate
a national holiday.
That would be
like calling Columbus Day.
"Great Explorers Day."
It's just stupid.
You've been pushing your agenda
down our throats for so long,
I don't think you know
what the truth is.
And as much as I may hate
what you're doing,
you're free to do it...
just like I'm free
to celebrate Christmas.
Mr. Chairman,
I did not come
to your fine little town
to condemn a holiday.
I'm here to make sure
that civil liberties
are preserved.
Why don't you tell
these fine citizens...
that you didn't have
the health department
close down their
Mission at the Cross
while you're preserving
their liberties?
[ Crowd murmuring ]
I don't know anything
about that.
Mr. Counselor,
a few moments ago
I obtained a directive
from the county court judge
to have your
religious decorations removed
from the county courthouse.
You did what?
ERNIE: The judge's orders
will be carried out ASAP.
Meeting adjourned.
[ Piano playing ]
Silent night
Wintry night
All the stars
Shine so bright
Round yon snowman
Smiling so wide
It's the season
When stars collide
All the prophets foretold
We'll find a pot of gold
That's good.
Oh, wow, that was good!
Hey, now,
I didn't stay up all night
working on those hand motions
just to see them blown.
Make sure we get them right,
Work on that tonight, okay?
And careful
with the little outfits.
Those are not trash bags.
Very, very expensive, okay?
Now, you're excused, but do not
be late tomorrow, please.
A little more prompt, punctual.
Okay. Good night.
See ya.
[ Dog barking ]
Hopefully the audience
will understand
that Christmas is
about peace and joy and love.
Won't we get in trouble
for this?
We will.
You know, guys,
this can really jeopardize
my position as stage tech.
Guys, we can't get scared
and chicken out.
I mean, we...
we're all in this together.
Yeah, everyone's
just got to pledge
not to tell anyone
about this plan.
Okay, Trudy?
My lips are sealed.
So are mine.
Mine too.
Me too.
It's a total secret.
We've got to pledge
on something.
look around for something.
This must be Bob's.
What is that?
It's a medal of honor.
Bob's a hero.
Well, you know,
I got a medal of honor once.
You were a hero in a war?
Oh, I guess
that wasn't the same thing.
All right, then.
Let's pledge.
CHARLIE: But I've heard
Bob's war stories all my life.
If we want to save
the veteran home funding...
and what's left
of Bob's good name...
the council has no choice.
you're his best friend.
I figured
you'd want to tell him.
The council has made
its decision.
[ Crickets chirping ]
No one's coming to this party,
are they?
I am so sorry, Dottie.
I didn't count on this.
If this is the way
it's going to go...
so be it.
I told you,
I'm behind you all the way.
I promised.
[ Doorbell rings ]
Hi, Bob.
I was at the party earlier
and I noticed
something was missing.
And a couple of folks
from the mission decided
that since they were
in the neighborhood,
they'd stop by.
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Come in, come in!
Thank you, Dottie.
Merry Christmas.
Come on in.
Joy to the world,
the Lord is come!
Let Earth receive her King
Let every heart
prepare Him room
And Heaven and nature sing
And Heaven and nature sing
And Heaven, and Heaven...
Bob, do you mind
if I talk to you privately?
[ Telephone rings ]
[ Truck engine revving ]
I'll be back.
[ Revving continues ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
It's for you.
It's a little loud in here.
[ Wood cracking ]
[ Bulbs cracking, shattering ]
Bob, can I have that minute
with you now?
[ Knocking on door ]
Mr. Mayor, is it true
you were fired?
[ All shouting at once ]
Hey, peop... Hey! Hey!
It's Christmas.
Don't you have a home?
I'll give you a statement
is this true?
You know, Dottie,
all those stories
about rescue missions
I told you about...
they're all true.
There's one mission...
I have never told anyone about,
not even you.
It's not true, boy.
What's not true?
What they're saying
about your grandpa.
Your grandfather is a hero.
How do you know
about my grandpa?
I know everything
about that mission.
You see, boy, I was there.
He was my sergeant.
Bob Revere is
one of the bravest soldiers
I've ever met.
Every mission he performed
was perfect.
All but one.
My guys and I
rescued some P.O.W.s.
We were trying to get them
to an extraction point.
I knew the only chance
they had for survival...
was the dark
and making it
to that extraction point.
My corporal begged me
to rest those men.
I didn't listen to him.
All I wanted to do
was get them out,
get them safe,
get those boys home.
I made a terrible mistake.
My foot hit a trip wire.
I should have seen it.
I didn't.
I was pushing them too hard.
Flares went up, bombs went off.
The only thing I remember
was the concussion
that blew me into a trench.
My whole right side went numb.
Then it all just broke loose.
MAN: Go, boys, go, go, go!
My corporal took a round.
I could feel Leonard's blood.
It was...
it was running down my neck.
I could hear my men screaming.
All but one of my men
died that night.
I tried to save them, but...
but I made a mistake.
My guys that died that night
are the heroes.
[ Sobbing ]
They're the only heroes.
The Mayor of Mount Columbus
was fired last night
by the city council
because they claimed
he was in violation
of separation
of church and state.
We go now to Connie Lee
on the scene.
Thanks, Jessica.
Just when the mayor thought
it couldn't get any worse,
new revelations have surfaced
that the mayor has
a few skeletons in his closet.
Questions surrounding
the mayor today
are about what really happened
during his time
of military service.
Bob, Dottie,
you'd better get in here.
Thanks for joining us, Chris.
What do you think about what's
going on with your grandfather?
Listen, lady, I don't know much
about Christmas
and I don't pretend to,
but I do know
it's the time of year
when people do nice things
for each other.
And I don't get why everyone's
getting so upset
about a big beautiful tree
with lights and decorations
on it.
You know, Bob says
it's not even about the tree.
It's about the freedom
to do it.
And if Bob says it's
a good thing,
then it must be.
Oh, oh, and what they're saying
about him not being
a real war hero,
that's ridiculous.
He is a hero.
All right.
Thanks, Chris.
Well, you heard right.
It seems the root
of this controversy
isn't so much about Christmas
after all
but about freedom,
to the mayor's grandson.
Back to you in the studio.
Uh, Jessica.
I'm sorry.
In an unrelated story...
Yeah, see, I just kind of like
the robe under it.
And it gives me
a little more bulk!
[ Truck door closes ]
Looks like things
are really heating up
in Mount Columbus, Jessica.
Let's roll!
We go now live to Connie Lee
who is standing by
in Mount Columbus
with breaking news.
Thanks, Jessica.
The drama just continues to
unfold here in Mount Columbus.
As you can see, high above me,
Bob Revere,
the ex-mayor of what he called
Christmas City,
is trying desperately to hoist
a cross
to the front
of this mission building.
Now, Channel 7 has learned
that the cross was removed
a number of years ago
after a local citizen
that the cross
was offensive to him.
Bob, let it down.
[ Indistinct shouts
of encouragement ]
[ Fire engine horn blares ]
you've got to go back!
It's too dangerous!
Mayor, I need you and Chris
off the roof
before someone gets hurt.
I'm not leaving.
[ Bob grunting ]
Can somebody go help them?
One more time?
Let's do it!
I'm glad you're here.
I'm glad I'm here.
Let's get one more.
Try again. Okay.
you need some help?
What took you so long?
CONNIE: It seems a member
of a local motorcycle gang
has come to Revere's aid,
and he's helping him
pull the old cross into place.
And now his grandson,
Christian Revere,
is helping in the effort.
We're on it!
[ Cheers and applause ]
You're just like your dad.
You good?
All right.
Oh, yes!
[ Laughs ]
GREG: All right, Bob.
You've made your point.
Let's get you off that roof.
As you probably have heard,
I am no longer
the mayor of this town.
So tonight I stand here
a freedom fighter.
This country was founded
by freedom fighters,
men and women who loved
their country and their Creator.
400 years ago,
our forefathers left
the religious oppression
of another land
to build this one.
And the first thing they did...
the first thing they did
was to put a cross
on the shores of the Atlantic.
But it was more than a cross.
It was a symbol that,
in this land,
a citizen has the freedom
to worship as he or she desires
or the freedom
not to worship at all.
My fight
isn't about colored lights
or a tree on the city square.
My fight is about freedom
and taking back
what has been stolen from us.
We are losing freedoms
one by one
that our forefathers,
our brothers in arms,
and my son died for.
It is time we stood up
for what they died for,
for what we believe in.
Our rights are being destroyed
perhaps forever.
But don't you see?
We're letting it happen.
We're asleep.
We sleep, and they come in
like a thief in the night
and they take what's left.
Wake up!
We can't sleep any more!
Wake up and look around you!
Look what's coming
over the horizon!
We can't let the enemy
take one more inch.
Not one more inch!
We can't be silent any more!
This silence has to stop,
and it has to stop today!
Young men and women
are dying in foreign lands
to preserve the freedoms
that we enjoy every single day.
Can you hear them?
Just listen.
It's their voices
from the grave.
They're wondering
if they died in vain.
Do we dare diminish
their sacrifice by our silence?
Well, if your answer is no,
then you think about this...
When history is written,
will history say you stood by
and you did nothing?
Or will history say
that you fought?
You fought
like those brave souls?
You fought to preserve
the memory
of the young men and women
that have given everything
for this country and for you?
We fight for freedom!
We fight for freedom!
We fight for freedom!
[ Applause ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
[ Indistinct shouts
of encouragement ]
Let's keep away.
Move away, please.
[ Shouting and applause
continue ]
What are you doing?!
It's okay.
It's okay.
He's doing his job.
There is no bond.
I want you to go see the play.
[ Inhales sharply ]
They shouldn't do this.
It's okay.
Okay, stop right here.
Turn around, please.
Watch your head and step in.
I know the truth.
I found this in the attic.
If you weren't a hero before...
you are now.
[ Engine turns over ]
[ Car door closes ]
[ Motorcycle engines rev ]
CONNIE: As the children
of Mount Columbus
celebrate their holiday
with a winter play,
the former mayor
of Mount Columbus
will spend his holiday in jail.
Reporting live
from Mount Columbus
Junior High School,
Connie Lee, Channel 7 News.
Back to you in the studio.
Jessica, it could be
the last chapter
in a very dramatic story.
Jessica? [ Chuckles ]
What are you doing?
Something I should have done
a long time ago, Walter.
I'm going home to spend
Christmas with my family.
Well, happy holidays, Jessica!
[ Theme music plays ]
And, uh, we'll be right back
after these messages.
What the heck's going on here?!
MAN: So, you're the mayor.
Prove it and get us out of here.
[ Cell door opens, closes ]
You did the right thing, Bob.
[ Radio static ]
Our annual holiday play,
"A Winter Space Odyssey,"
gives us an historical look
at our glorious beginnings.
Welcome to Mount Columbus
Junior High School Theatre.
I'm Ronaldo Boutwell,
your director.
Please enjoy tonight's show.
We will begin
in just a few moments.
Good crowd, good crowd.
Is that, uh,
Superintendent Jones
there in the second row?
Don't get me started.
Did you see his
musical production last year?
[ Scoffs ] Amateur.
"Miracle on the High Seas."
[ Laughs ]
More like
"Mutiny on the Low B Flat."
[ Laughs ] Yes.
And cue the curtain.
[ Piano playing ]
[ Children vocalizing ]
[ Piano and vocalizing stop,
audience applauds ]
[ Giggling ]
What's going on?
They're just a little confused.
Nerves, nerves, nerves.
Now, Stewie, cue the aliens.
What's happening?
Do something.
Stewart, cue the aliens.
Cue them.
[ Audience murmuring ]
What's going on?
Don't be afraid.
I am an angel.
And I bring you good news
of great joy
which will be to all nations.
You didn't write that, did you?
He is Christ, the Lord.
This is not going well.
Close the curtain.
[ Clamp clicks ]