Last Passenger (2013) Movie Script

Welcome on board the train from
Charing Cross to Tunbridge Wells.
Train stops in London Bridge,
Orpington, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge
High Brooms and Tunbridge Wells.
I'll be moving around through the train.
Please have your
tickets ready for inspection.
Where are we, Max?
Are we still in London?
I think so. Can we just have one game?
Just one.
- One game of what?
- Rock, paper, scissors.
And then you have to promise
to get some sleep.
- Best of five.
- No. I'm not doing best of five. One game.
Let me warm up my hands. Hands are
very important to "rock, paper, scissors".
Ready and preying for action.
Rock, paper, scissors!
- Best of three.
- Rock, paper, scissors.
- Hang on a minute you're cheating. Yes you are.
- You're guessing what I'm thinking, aren't you?
- You're reading my mind.
- But that's not cheating.
Alright, best of five.
Someone's ringing.
No they're not.
Somebody is ringing.
This is Shaler.
Sorry? Hang on a second.
You lot mind keeping it down?
I'm on the phone!
Thank you very much.
Hang on a bit. Mouse, you just wait here. I'm going over there.
It's quieter. Harry can forage a bit, Okay?.
Tell me you've got police restraining drunks -
- teenagers in tears and nurses
doubling as bouncers.
I'm on the train home from London.
It's self-ventilating?
Well no, I took my boy to see "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".
Where is the registrar?
- Who are you traveling with?
- My father. He's over there.
Yah no, you cut out for a second.
- What's his name?
- Harry.
No, No don't do that. I'll be there. Just clear the
recess. Call the trauma team.
Don't wait for the blood results...
Don't wait for the blood results.
Just get me to the X-rays.
I'll be there in ... 47 minutes.
- You said Harry could forage for food.
- Here's a tissue... Oh my God.
You're lucky I don't take Harry away right now.
- I'm so, sooo sorry.
This is how my night's been going.
I take it this little charmer is yours.
Charmer... half right.
- Did you say you're sorry, Max?
- I'm sorry.
- I accept. It's alright, I understand.
Listen, can I...
pay for the cleaning?
Buy me a new coat..
if it makes you feel better.
I'm joking, really.
I'm fine.
- I'm soo sorry.
- Oh, I'll survive.
You, sit down, don't move.
Max, that was the hospital that called.
There's been a car crash monkey, and they
need me in tonight.
I'm going to have to take you to stay
at grandma and grandpa's, okay?
They'll have mince pies -
- ice cream - chocolate cake.
And lots and lots of whiskey.
I'm sorry monkey.
How long now? Before you said you'd
be at the hospital in about 47 minutes.
- Well, I was... just...
- How can you get away with being so vague?
- I mean what about the seconds?
Are all doctors so meticulous or is it just you?
Dad's a really good Doctor. He can tell
what's wrong with people just by looking at them.
- What about her?
- Pneumocranial disorder.
"Pneumo" as in air,
"cranial" as in skull.
- "Airhead". Nice save!
- Yah, the price is the same.
- Would you like to see some of my pictures?
- Yes, I'd love to see your pictures! Thank you.
Yes, I would. I love art!
I warned you.
This is one of my stories i've been doing -
- and the pictures are falling out and everything.
I don't really know why.
You'll be there all night.
And this is called "Treasure Island".
It's got a bit like my doodah.
My, you're very talented! I wonder where
you get that from.
Do you know you're going to be a famous artist one day?
I think I'm going to frame my coat.
- I think it's good meeting you tonight.
- You're going to make me a lot of money.
- This is some of my oil pastels.
Oil Pastels!
Oh, excuse me gents.
I'm safe. I'm on the train.
No, no! I had a very... lovely evening.
I just only got tired, thats all.
I'm not fibing.
Thanks, you'll see that you're the pretty one. I'm
quite content to be your wingcheck.
Foxy fox!
Are you finished with this? Thank you.
On Track for Gold and Glory
Don't touch the door!
Harry's foraging.
Well, Harry can forage on the seats.
Because those are marshlands and the doors are cliffs.
Oh I know, I was a bore.
Tickets please!
- Excuse me sir, can you put it out now please?
- The bar is closed.
That doesn't matter.
Can you put it out now?!
Look, there are signs everywhere inside the train.
If you can not read
it means "no smoking".
Open the fucking bar!
Open the fucking bar!
You don't swear at me!
- And if you don't put it now, I'll personally arrange for
transport police to escort you off train.
- Thank you very much!
- What are those?
- Excuse me sir leave it to me!
- Camel Light.
Really, I thought that was a student cigarette?
Come on now, put it out.
We don't want the secondhand smoke.
Take it from me.
I will be in the bar!
Talk to you tomorrow.
I didn't buy ticket!
Oh dear... young punk.
- Tickets, please!
- What's his diagnosis?
- He's crazy.
What did I tell you? What did I just tell you?
These doors are dangerous Max and you never touch them!
Give me Harry.
I've had enough of him for one day.
Just sit there and don't move!
Those doors are dangerous, monkey.
And if you fall out of them while the train is moving,
then you'll be killed.
Do you understand me?
Look at me.
- Do you understand?
- I'm sorry.
You scared me.
Tickets, please.
Thank you.
I suggest your boy sits on the aisle side in future -
- unless you plan on bringing your own child seat.
- Thank you.
- Madam, Ticket please!
- Pity no one thought about putting
- automatic locks on those doors.
- Actually why bother with doors, why not use net curtains?
- Madam, are you his mother?
- My mom died.
- Oh... I'm sorry to hear that.
Tickets, please!
She didn't say goodbye.
Why don't you get some sleep.
She was nice.
Still going to make it in 47 minutes?
Give or take a few seconds.
I thought you got off.
I went to get some water for the coat.
I think we're the last people on this train.
- Where are you getting off?
- Tonbridge Wells. What about you?
- Tonbridge.
- Last chance for some shuteye then.
Not like you can nod off in work.
Not likely.
- What do you do?
- Events management. I manage events.
You do not want me to tell you how boring it is.
Don't tell me then.
Your job is exciting.
You get to help people. You're making a difference.
I'd get a lot from that.
Oh Sure.
Grey hair and sleepless nights.
It's very rewarding.
I abandoned my friends tonight.
- Isn't that awful?
- Well, It depends on what they did.
- They were trying to cheer me up.
- How dare they!
No I... broke up with my boyfriend a month ago -
- so they organized a night on the town in London.
- Cocktailing, clubing, you know - the whole shebang.
- What a chore.
You'd be surprised. I can't do it anymore.
Could you?
A single dad with a seven year old tender
and a chance to party all night? Hmm.
- Why don't you change your seat?
- No. No, no.
I'm warming my legs up. ER is
a war zone this time of year.
- Warm up on me.
- Excuse me?
Guess my condition.
- Heart murmur.
- Nice guess! That's talent.
- Aah for a seven-year old it's entertainment.
- And how would you know this assessment?
Well, first, I'd check your fifth intercostal space,
your middle auxiliary point.
- Remind me where that is again?
- It's right here.
So just under my left breast...
And then.. I would feel for a palpable murmur
- or a thrill (vibration).
- It's what we call it. A thrill.
- You'd feel me for a thrill ...
Then... I would send you...
... for an ECG examination.
You know I don't think the stain is coming out.
I'd like to take you up on your offer just now.
Or you can buy me a new coat with your
Doctor's salary.
Shall I give you my number?
Sarah... Barwell? You could a
doctor with handwriting like this.
Funny,.. or rude. I can't work out what
sums you up best.
- All my patients have that problem.
- And do any of your patients get to call you by your first name?
Ooh... only special cases.
Well you get some rest, Lewis.
I'll wake you before Tonbridge.
- Gosh, I'm so sorry! I just closed my eyes for a few seconds.
- Have we missed your stop?
- No, no, no, no!
- It's Max, do you mind keeping an eye on him for a minute?
- No, of course not.
- I'm just going to go and try and find the guard.
- If he wakes up, can you just tell him...
- You've gone to find the guard.
There is nothing to worry about.
- What do you think you're doing?
- Have you seen the guard?
- Are you looking for an earl grey?
There is someone hurt outside. Might be on the tracks.
Maybe hit by the train.
Well, there's a first. Someone throws themselve in front of the
train and it's not delayed?
- Have you seen the guard?
- And what can he do about it?
He could give you a 50 pound fine
for pulling that I suppose.
- It's an emergency.
- An emergency, where? Are we on fire?
- There's a guy outside. I'm trying to let the driver know.
- What's he going to do back up and give mouth-to-mouth?
Why not wait until we're outside this tunnel
and then call an ambulance.
What are you waiting for?
Hi! Ambulance please!
Hi, I'm on a train. There's been an accident
on the Hastings line somewhere between...
... Seven Oaks and Tonbridge.
Well, there's someone outside on the tracks,
badly hurt.
I can't find the guard!
Lewis Shaler, I'm an E&E consultant at
Tonbridge. I'm on my way there now.
Yah no please do, because they're gonna have the
blue light and then he's...
- Okay, thanks, thank you.
- You're on your way to the emergency room?
Traffic accident, the registrar is second best, their understaffed.
- Where's your receptionist?
- Needless in a boozer beef, felt up under the mistletoe I imagine. Goodnight.
Oh, can you do that one? Yeh!
This one... More...
- I'll try.
- You do that very nice by the way.
- Normally people are wowed.
- Nearly.
- I don't know how to do it.
- Can you do this one?
Try it faster.
You are so sweet!
- Dad, look at this!
- A just a little party trick.
- What? Did you find the guard?
- Don't run, Max!
You know I haven't heard nary a twit from you in
several minutes, and I'm getting concerned.
Okay, I just saw someone outside on the tracks.
On the tracks? Doing what?
Crawling? Where?
Along the tracks.
- I don't get it. Who is that?
- I don't know. Max, wait!
- Sorry to bother you. Have you seen the guard?
- No.
- Is there something wrong?
- No. Thanks anyway.
Hello there!
- How old are you?
- Max! Keep gloves on and your... hat.
Okay. This... is ours.
Will you be okay?
- I think so. But I better not leave that
heart murmur too long though.
- Heh.
- Goodbye then.
- Goodbye.
You have my number.
- It's no use, you're going to have to work
a lot harder for the next one.
- I don't believe it!
- The train didn't stop! Dad, the train didn't stop!
- I know!
Charing Cross to Tunbridge Wells...
- Where are you going?
- I'm gonna have a word with the driver.
All the way to the front again? My knee hurts!
Your knee doesn't hurt!
- He can stay here if he's tired.
- Oh we don't have first class tickets.
Neither do I.
No guard to worry about, apparently.
Oh well my knee hurts too. Isn't that funny! And I'm
armed to the teeth with party tricks. You can run along.
- Dad never runs anywhere.
- Oh, they're gorgeous! Max, look!
- Otter for Leah, penguin for Jake.
- My grandchildren.
- Sit down Max!
- But, the seats are purple. Purple is for girls.
- Don't be daft, pink is for girls, not purple.
- No, purple is for big strong men!
- Like Batman.
- Alright stand then. It's up to you.
I'll uh... I'll be right back!
Max, this isn't just any purple!
This is Imperial Purple.
Don't you know where it comes from?
A rare sea snail -
- that clings to the rocky shores of the
remote islands off the coast of Morocco.
In ancient times it was worth more than its weight in gold -
- because it was the color of Roman royalty.
It was the color of immortality.
You have to manage yourself for now.
And I'll get out when I get out.
I don't know.
Listen, I'm stuck on a train. I can't do any better than that.
Hello? Is the driver there?
I really need to speak to someone.
- Is the driver there? This is one of your passengers.
- How many of you are left?
- Is this the driver?
- Passengers.
- What?
- How many passengers?
There's... six of us!
Now listen, some of us were to get off at Tonbridge,
and there was someone... tracks?
And then there's this picture.
How nice.
And he starts to sew the leg back on to him.
I'm an E&E doctor and
I have to get into the hospital!
There's been a traffic accident! I'll call the police!
I'm already one step ahead of you on that!
- He just went past my stop!
- You didn't find a guard then?
No, all I found was his ticket machine.
- And what, do you think that was him rolling around outside in the dirt?
- I don't know. But there's something up with the driver.
- I'd say he's just ignoring you. I would if I were him.
- He just spoke with me. He asked me how many passengers were left.
- And when I told him about the guy outside he hung up.
- He actually spoke to you?
There's an intercom in the guard's box.
And who said you could go in the guard's box?
The guard leave those too did he?
Those keys.
What, these keys?
Tell you what why don't I call the police right now and
tell them what you're up to?
Okay. Good thinking!
This isn't funny!
Oh, my God!
That's my stop!
Heh! What are you doing?
What is it?
Take your pick. Stuck needle or no pressure in the brakes.
Oh my God!
Step over. After you.
Don't these stop the train?
In theory!
- Everyone knows pulling the communication
post stops the train. Everyone!
- Everyone is wrong!
No way to disable the brakes from the outside?
No, not while the train's moving.
Earlier when the train stopped, I saw someone out there.
Yes, Yes you keep saying that.
Not the guy that was hurt, not him. Before that. Just before that.
Somebody was hurt?
Outside. He was doing something to the train. I
thought he was a railroad worker. But he was...
There was a hissing sound like... air coming out of the brakes.
- What did he look like?
- He was wearing a high-vis jacket.
I don't know, it was dark.
- What?
- What have you got on there?
- Do you like?
- It's very fetching. Do you work for the railway?
No, London Underground.
- Have you seen the guard recently?
- No. Have you?
- What's your name?
- Who are you? Police?
- What is your name?
- Peter Carmichael, and this is Dr. Lewis Shaler.
Jan... Klimowski.
- And I have not been outside.
- I'm sorry, whose accusing you of anything?
You! You know who I think let air from brakes?
- The same person now driving this train.
Oh, god...
What can we do...
Transport Police!
- Where's Max?
- He's fine. He's crashing with Elaine.
- Well, what's going on?
- I thought this was supposed to be a stopping service.
- So did I.
- Well, why don't we just pull the brake chain?
- We did. We tried. We pulled the emergency brake, and the guard
lever, and all the chains on the way here.
- Dude! shall I pull it?
- Go ahead!
- I will you know!
- They don't work.
This is the train to and from Tunbridge Wells.
So the rear driving cab should
be the same as the front one.
- Please tell me there's a brake in there.
- Let's hope so.
- He's not tired your boy?
- No. He's not my boy.
- You're not married?
- Not yet. We just met.
- You just met tonight on this train?
- Uh huh.
- And he leaves his boy with you?
- I'm not as dangerous as I look.
- Why do you come to back of train? Why don't you go to driver's door?
- I already tried that, it's jammed.
- Leave that door alone!
- You speak to police?
They're contacting the driver direct -
- and they warned all of us not to do anything to
jeopardize their efforts to stop this train.
It was open!
- I can't see anything, do you have a lighter?
- So we're ignoring the police then are we?
- Yes, fuck the police!
- That's Tunbridge Wells, that's my stop! The last stop.
- No police!
Give them a chance, I only just told them!
We'll be all the way to Hastings as long as
there ass isn't in gear.
- Okay, so where's the brake?
- Well, that's not it.
No, that one tells the driver that we're back here!
What about this one?
That's the dead man's handle... touch it and your a dead man!
Hey boys, everyone gets a go, alright.
Lewis, the keys.
Yes keys. Try the keys.
These are just door keys.
That's because the driver has the driver's keys.
- And if you won't listen to the police then all they need to do is
cut the power to the third rail and we roll safely to a stop.
- No, we won't!
- It's not the end of New Hebrides Lewis.
- This is an electrified line down here.
- It's a diesel train. Look!
- So they can't cut the power?
- Well they can, but it won't stop us.
- So how can they stop us?
- I don't think they can.
We'd like to get off the train now!
We'd like to get off now!
Lewis, put light here!
- This is the back door.
- If we can open it, we can jump.
- And hopefully have a heart attack before we hit the ballast at 70 mph.
- We can run off the back!
- You can run off the back. A little boy? Elaine?
What other choice do we have?
Then you fill out a donor card before you jump off the train.
Okay! You stay and I'll jump!
Boys! Boys!
Trains don't have steering wheels.
"It's a handbrake.
Use only when the train is stationary."
Do you really think that a handbrake will stop a speeding train?
I don't know what will stop this train.
When we're off this thing I'll gladly tell the police that
you were against us coming in here, but it's a diesel train.
And I don't see how they can stop it from the outside.
Yes, let him try!
- Don't shine that in my face!
- Don't touch me!
Come on!
What was that?
Come on!
- It's working!
- It's working!
- It's working!
He's fighting us!
But we fight back!
It only makes it worse.
- How fast? How fast now?
- 80 .. 85 ..
90 ..
- 95 ..
- The motor is too powerful.
- 100
- Alright, this is dangerous and illegal!
- Get off! Get off the cowl!
- Release the brake!
- Stop! Stop, boys please!
- Is that all you've got?
- Alright! Alright! Take it easy!
Help me! Help me! It's burning!
The smoke!
Help me to unwind it!
No wonder the Soviets want you
our ignorant Jan!
So the police said do nothing?
How can they do, they'll contact us if they need us.
Breathe through that nostril.
And that one.
You're fine. Just stay standing and
keep pinching it just... by the bridge.
- Have they spoken to the driver?
- They're working on it.
But you heard his voice so we know he's conscious,
the question is why is he doing this?
When he spoke to me he asked me
how many passengers were left.
We should break his door and smash his face.
Then he will tell us.
Yeh, we'll need a battering ram to get through,
perhaps we can try your head.
In the absence of a battering ram we'll just have to wait for the boys in blue.
Where are we now?
I think we're approaching Stonegate.
There is a level crossing after Stonegate.
- Buy us some time won't they.
- Only if they're expecting us.
- I suppose automatic, right?
- Some are, some aren't.
If it's manual, then there's a red light and it's
up to the driver to stop the train.
- If the brakes are even working!
- If we hit car we come off track.
- Very funny, Jan.
- At 100 miles an hour!
- We should call the police to make sure they're ready for us.
- How far from Stonegate is that level crossing?
- There's a tunnel before the station.
- The crossing is a couple miles after that.
- So what's that 100 mph, that's 80 seconds.
- For God's sake.
Hi, monkey!
Have you beat my high score yet?
Keep trying.
The snake goes too fast!
Yes, hello! The police.
- Why was that man calling the police?
- Because there's something broken on the
train and the driver needs to fix it.
- If it's broken, how does it keep going?
- Because it's only the brakes that are broken, Max.
- Is that why we didn't stop?
The driver is going to fix it, Max.
It's just like when I fixed your bike brakes. Remember that?
But, how can he fix the brakes if the train can't stop?
Do you want me to show you how to win snake or not?
Come this side Max. Come, come, come!
- You don't have to move forward!
- Sit this side, Max!
- Heh Max, this side is better.
What have I told you? You do what you're told!
Do you know, we pulled the communication cord
and nothing happened!
Listen. Listen to me!
I'm trying to tell you we're almost approaching Stonegate -
- and if those barriers aren't down, then you are going to
need counseling when you sift through the mess!
Hey! Hey! Close the crossway! Heeey!
Don't worry, Dad.
They'll fix the brakes.
You're right monkey. It's crazy to worry.
Here take Harry.
Let's play a game.
Let's play put your feet and knees firmly together on the floor.
How bout "Simon Says".
Simon says:
Put your feet and knees together like this.
- A little bit further back.
- You didn't say "Simon says".
Simon says: Bend down as far as you can
and put your hands behind your head.
We're all going to sit like this for a bit.
- And uh... close your eyes.
- Simon says: Close your eyes.
Oh my God!
- Did you get the police? Yes,
- but they were too late to do anything.
Let me think for a minute.
Elaine, are you alright?
What did she say?
She said that the otter is for
Jake and the penguin for Leah.
Ooh, Ooh Elaine.
Are you alright? Are you with me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me, Elaine? Elaine!
Ok, give me a hand to get her down.
She's in cardiac arrest. Check her handbag for pills!
There is no pills!
There is no pills, Lewis.
- Lewis what can we do?
- Does anyone else know how to do CPR?
- Sarah?
- No, I'm sorry I don't... I don't know how to...
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven-
- eight, nine, ten, eleven,
twelve, thirteen...
Come on, Elaine!
Come on!
Come on!
Nearly ten minutes, Lewis!
- How long are you going to do this?
- Let him do it!
I am going to go to front to break driver's door.
I need your help!
She needs his help!
She's dead!
Give it to me.
- How long til end of line?
- At this speed if we don't run into anything maybe half an hour.
- Maybe half an hour. Maybe.
- We can't just leave her.
- What about us!
- Lewis, what about your boy!
Lewis, does she have any chance?
- If I had a defib.
- But you don't.
Come on!
We have no time!
- You couldn't save her Dad?
- No Max, I couldn't.
If you were at the hospital
you would have.
Knock, knock.
Bang bang bang bang
Okay Lewis my turn. Come on!
Okay Lewis let me! Let me.
Let me!
Thank you.
- Ladies and gentlemen...
Welcome on board train
to Tunbridge Wells!
Tonight we stop to let some passengers
off. Some passengers we do not let off!
They must stop train themselves!
Open that door!
Okay, give me a couple of seconds,
I will try again.
Again! Again!
Again! Again!
- Wait! Wait!
- What?
- Jan this was your idea. It was your idea!
- Okay.
Can you help me?
- Are you okay?
- Yah.
- I'm okay.
- Piss.
Give me the lamp.
I found the guard.
Open the door!
Open the door!
Hey look.
Whatever it is you're doing, just
stop the train-
- and let us off!
I'm begging you.
I'm begging you.
My son... is on the train.
My son. He...
I'm coming in!
I'm serious, I'm coming in!
Oh, my God!
- I'm serious!
- Horn exploding!
I'm serious!
Open the door, you bastard!
- Lewis!
- Open the door!
- I need your pole.
- You're bleeding.
- I need the pole.
You bastard!
Why are you doing this?
Why are you fucking...
- Lewis...
- He's right there.
- I know.
- He's right there.
I know.
Jan... What are we going to do?
What do we do?
What do we do?
First we think. We do stupid
things when we don't think.
Then ...
... we try something else.
Come on. You're a crazy fucker!
Course it's not the Black Forest down here but I did manage to glean
a few things before losing them.
They're working on something a bit further down the line.
And they found the driver.
- Where?
- Just as you said Lewis, on the track.
He said he been attacked by somebody on the train.
- I think I saw him earlier.
- You saw him?
- Yah.
I recognized his motorcycle helmet.
He nearly got off at London Bridge,
as if he missed his stop.
I think this guy kills the guard -
- He drags him in there -
- and then... he pulls the emergency brake,
which still works.
And then he lets the air out of the brakes, jumps
into the driver's cab -
- and throws him out...
I heard him shout. And...
Do any of you remember Moorgate?
Nah you're too young.
It was about 30 years ago.
A crash on the underground.
Northern Line.
When the train came into the station instead of
slowing down it accelerated into the buffers.
The driver was killed along with 40 other souls.
They never proved what caused it, but speculation at
the time was that it was suicide.
Driver suicide.
- How long from end of line?
- About 20 minutes.
- What is there after that?
- The great blue yonder.
We could start fire outside door.
Smoke bring him out like in back.
- Diesel tanks are under there.
- Even better we blow up the bastard!
- At this speed we'd derail.
- So what do we do? We sit here? We do nothing?
Jan, just listen to me please. Now I don't know if you
heard of the Paddington crash -
- but there diesel tanks rupture, and when sparks ignited
the diesel a fireball swept through the length of the train.
When it reached the passengers they all
screamed. Do you know how they know that?
- Because the insides of their mouths were burned out.
- Thank you very much, Mr. train crash.
Look! "Buckeye coupler".
"Buckeye coupler".
It holds the carriages together.
If we could get to it. We could... I don't know, we could unhitch it?
- I know this. You pull here.
- You pull it?
When you push lever this comes out.
How you say...
- Knuckles.
- Knuckles comes loose.
This makes connection not safe.
Then it just needs shake...
What, just like that, with all this load on the coupling?
This train weighing hundreds of tons.
Load is on coupling, not on pin. Without pin it's
not safe.
At this speed, train shaking, it will come open!
I am graduate of engineering from
University of Technology, Gdansk.
So we uncouple the carriages,
put the rear handbrake on and -
- with luck roll to a gentle stop.
Not bad, where is this coupling?
Just under here.
Well there's no getting thru there.
I will get to it.
- Not without a sledgehammer you won't.
- I will go outside.
- What do you mean you'll go outside?
- My English not good?
- I said I will go outside!
- Jan, we're not on a cruise ship.
You can't just go out on the deck.
How will you get out?
- Same way I got in, through door!
- Of course, through the door how silly of me!
- And what are you going to do then? Just float around outside?
- There is small step!
- It is only 2 inches wide.
- As much as that?
Oh, I'm sorry. Is it too easy for you?
Should we give you a blindfold, put ferrets in your pants
and tye one hand behind your back?
Once you're out there in pitch black, freezing cold, moving
at 100 miles per hour with nothing to hang on to...
- How do you propose unhitching the coupling?
- Have any better idea?
Tell me! Tell me!
- Just hang on.
- You're going to keep talking?
Just shut up and listen to me!
Once we get past Crowhurst all these
trains go slower.
How do you know trains slow down?
Because I take the line alone to get
to the coast to visit my son.
You can learn very well from him.
He doesn't like me either.
Okay, why trains slow down?
Because after Crowhurst the line becomes very poor
all the way to Hastings.
So if you're crazy enough to go outside,
that's the time to do it.
This driver will not slow down.
Then he'll derail us if he doesn't.
You said he wants to die.
Of course he does, but what's the point of dying out here!
It's nothing near as dramatic as hitting those buffers in Hastings.
Whoever this guy is, he's got it all planned,
and he wants to go out with a bang.
And this, this is going to put him on the front
page of every single newspaper in the land.
I think we've got about five minutes before we get to Crowhurst.
Why don't I buy you a drink.
Thanks you.
- What are you thinking Jan?
- I'm thinking how they will write this in newspaper.
- Have you ever been in newspaper?
- Yah, but only local. It doesn't really count.
- For what?
- The Olympics.
- Heh, the Olympics.
Yah. I won a couple of races
for my university running club.
- You said he never runs anywhere.
- He's just old. Huh.
He got bad knees.
He damaged his cruciate ligaments.
It was fun to run, but a doctor was
always the end plan.
- I followed in my parents' footsteps you know.
- How lucky your parents were!
My son would never follow in my footsteps
if I were leading him out of a burning building.
He thinks I'm a dying breed.
Given the circumstances he could be right.
What about you Jan?
Have you ever been in the paper?
Back home, after I study Engineering,
I was magician.
My parents still think I am magician.
- Here in London?
- Yeh, successful and famous.
Is that what you told them?
So what's gonna happen when they find out?
I find out tomorrow, when they fly here.
Surprise Christmas trip. They're coming
to see me in my big London show.
They cannot wait to see
their successful son.
They're so proud there are
articles about me in the newspapers.
Especially my father. Because when I tell him I
want to be magician -
- he was not happy.
What are you going to tell him?
Don't worry monkey, it's alright. It's alright.
He's trying to fix the brakes again.
- Why don't you show us a magic trick?
- Of course.
Okay. Max, you know smoking...
... is very bad.
Some people even say that it will kill you.
But you know the funny thing about people is that they
keep doing things that is not good for them.
And if people keep doing things that is
not good for them, maybe one day...
... they become ...
... Extinct.
Where is cigarette? Do you have cigarette?
Not in briefcase?
Mr Carmichael you have cigarette!
- What about Sarah? You look so innocent.
Do you have cigarette?
- Max, you have cigarette?
Do you have cigarette here?
What is this?
It looks like ...
Harry has cigarette.
Maybe that is why, Harry has
become extinct.
And sleep! And sleep!
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you -
- the Great Klimowski.
I'd keep moving, because the windchill
is really going to bite.
Don't move unless you have to.
- And always keep three points of contact.
- You're worse than my mother.
Come on, Max.
What's happening?
- Where will you be?
- I'm going to be on that side.
- Are you ready for this?
Like Houdini...
I always do my own stunts.
Monkey, go and sit with Sarah!
Go on! Sit with Sarah monkey!
Simon says.
Good luck!
Jan! Are you okay?
- Lewis!
- Jan!
- Jan! Are you okay?
- No!
I'm not okay!
Hang on!
- Jan! Give me your hand!
- I can't!
Give it to me. Reach out. Just reach for my hand.
Take my hand!
- I can't!
- Give me your hand!
- I can't!
- Reach out!
Okay I've got you!
I've got you!
Lewis! See!
A tunnel!
There's a tunnel ahead!
Come on Jan! Come on!
Hurry up! Come on!
We're nearly there!
- Come on!
- Lewis!
Jan? Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Let's get you up. Come on.
Is that okay?
It's Okay... You just sprained it Jan.
Keep your arm in there and don't move it.
Fucking hell!
You're gonna be fine.
Those things will kill you.
Oh for God's sake!
We can't let you quit, can we.
State would miss the charges.
It's probably their idea of a barricade.
- I wish they had used sandbags.
- It's probably all the army had.
Hang on ...
They may have thought this through.
He's stopped?
Forget it, it's a simple track tunnel.
Max! Max, come here.
Come here! Come here!
I want you to climb down.
I know it looks scary, but you have to go,
because the train's not safe!
Why can't I stay with you?
Because I just told you, the train isn't safe.
I don't want to.
Don't start! What have I told you?
What have I told you? You do as you're told.
Come on Max.
It's alright! It's alright!
He is terrified.
- It's safer off the train.
- No Dad, No!
- I beg of you! I want to stay with you!
Take Harry away!
I'm sorry that I was playing with the door!
I won't do it again! Please Daddy.
Lewis, stop!
- Think what you're doing!
- I know what I'm doing!
I need you to get off the train. Come on.
Listen to your Dad, please.
- I know it's hard.
- No, Daddy! No!
- Lewis! Stop!
- I'm trying to help him!
Okay, fine.
Never mind.
That's West St. Leonards! Lewis!
We have ten minutes.
We will die on this fucking train!
You think it's a good time to sit down now Lewis?
You don't think we should be doing something?
You're gonna climb outside the train again?
No, but make explosion the train will come apart.
- Lewis! We have to try to do something!
- Klimowski wants to blow up the train!
- No, we should blow up the coupler!
- We don't have any explosives!
I have an idea.
"Compressed gas"
Down! Down!
Down! Down!
- Dad?
- Sorry monkey, get back! Get back!
If this works, we will be in newspaper.
We will be in newspapers whatever happens.
Then we can't lose.
Give me the lamp!
Give me the lamp!
I can see the coupling!
Take this and get to the back.
For the brake.
You're a good boy - aren't you.
Come on, Max.
Come on!
- Jan! Get to the back with Sarah.
- Where are you going?
Please Jan, just do as I say just for once! Heh.
Come on, Lewis!
Give me room!
Come on, you bastard!
It's free!
Pull it, Lewis!
Help Sarah with the handbrake!
Help Sarah with the handbrake!
She went to the back of the train.
The Handbrake - at the back!
Why are you standing there?
- I heard a scream!
- Lewis is okay. I need your help.
- Come! Come! Come!
- Max wait here!
- Help me!
Come on!
How fast are we going?
- How fast?
- 55 mph 50! Come on!
45! - Fuck you!
Fuck you fucking mother!
Come on, Sarah!
Come on!
On your mark ...
... Get set ...
- Dad
- Lewis?
- Jan can you see him?
- Come on! Lewis!
He's over there!
He's over there!
He's breathing!
He lives, Max.
He lives!
Maybe if I had bought ticket,
I could have got refund.
It's okay Dad.
The ambulance is coming.
You're just hurrying to get to the
hospital tonight Doctor, aren't you.