Last Radio Call (2021) Movie Script

[police radio chatter]
[Operator] I'm sorry, can't copy you.
[unsettling music]
[police radio chatter]
[police radio chatter]
[David] You know, it's
probably just some crackheads,
if I'm gonna be honest.
[Giles] You're probably right.
Either way, I'm wanna
get this one over with.
[David] Police department.
Police department, let yourself be known.
[bell rings]
[loud footsteps echo]
Go, go, go.
Watch that door.
[police radio chatter]
[Giles] All right, I'm
gonna check down this hallway.
Circle back.
[David] Copy that.
[police radio chatter]
Our Father, who art in
heaven, hallowed be thy name.
[police radio chatter]
[bump echos]
Police department, if
there's anyone in here,
let yourself be known.
[coffin creaks]
[object rattles]
[Giles] 10-33, requesting
immediate backup.
[David screams]
David, where are you?
[knocking on door]
[man screams]
[police chatter]
[gentle piano music]
I try and draw him as often as I can
just to keep his head fresh in my mind.
Pictures, all that,
they're just, kinda, too
real for me right now.
I wanna remember David as he actually was.
I wanna remember David
when he was with me.
It's hard losing somebody
so close to you overnight,
especially without answers.
They say that time heals all wounds.
And that's bullshit, obviously.
But what time can do really is help you
get a little bit better at pretending
that you're whole again.
And that'll be fine, later.
I need an answer.
I need something I can hold on to.
I need something that makes sense.
After that, I will gladly move on.
This is where David
disappeared, Yorktown Hospital.
Afterwards, I went back
there every day for a month,
just trying to get a feel
for the place, you know?
Just trying to figure out what happened.
And I was the only one out there,
except for the security guard.
David was last seen by his police partner
who survived without a scratch
and with zero memory of what happened.
Inconvenient, right?
I called the station
every day for a month.
They didn't wanna talk to me.
Nobody wants to talk to me.
All I could find out was the
one thing left at the scene
was his body cam.
Footage is classified,
but some genius leaked a
small portion of it online.
Cuts off at the end, so no answers there.
I think the point of this
really is to find truth,
to find answers.
Somebody out there knows
what happened to David.
Maybe if somebody sees this,
they'll realize that they
know something that can help.
But more than that, I
want people to know David.
I don't wanna be the only one
who cares about him anymore.
I don't wanna be the only person
who cares what happened to him.
I want people to see and understand.
I want people to know how
after years of service,
the department just threw
him away like trash.
[suspenseful music]
Okay, this is the house of
one of David's supervisors.
He was working when David went missing,
and he resigned a month
after the incident.
He never released any info
or even attempted to talk with me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa what
the hell's going on here?
What the hell is all this?
I just have some
questions I'd like to ask.
I want to know what happened.
Get some therapy.
Get a life like the rest of us.
I need for both of y'all to
get the hell off my property.
Why did you quit your job?
Right now!
Off to a great start.
[mellow music]
Okay, is the house of David's ex partner,
last person to see him alive.
He hasn't exactly been
super helpful in the past,
but it's worth a shot.
Giles, can you tell me
what happened that night?
Yeah, there was a
disturbance call, the hospital.
We went in and checked it out.
It was nothing out of the ordinary.
We heard something, so
we went a bit deeper.
We split.
You split up. Why?
I don't know.
We wanted to see if there
was anyone back there.
Was there anyone?
I don't know, it was just... a head.
A head?
Then he called on the radio.
I ran for the church doors.
Hey, hey, calm down.
[Giles screams]
Giles, whoa!
[Giles mumbles prayers]
Giles, Giles, Giles, we're going.
[Sarah screams]
[Giles mumbles prayers]
[phone ringing]
[Operator] 911, what's your emergency?
[Woman] Hi, I was walking
by the old Yorktown Hospital
and I heard this weird
screaming coming from inside.
[Operator] Okay, ma'am.
We're going to send a police
officer there very shortly.
[Woman] There's already
a police car here.
[Operator] There is?
[Woman] Yes.
Actually, we passed the
hospital on the way here.
How long have you lived in the area?
Well, I can tell you,
I've lived here pretty much all my life,
and that hospital has been weird,
even before they closed down in 1986.
You have to realize this
was a religious hospital,
and they took in alcoholics
and drug addicts.
And those were some of
the most tortured souls
that you can imagine.
The night you made the 911 call.
Are you normally taking
walks late at night?
Well, it sounds like I'm
being a bit of a suspect now.
Doesn't it?
Not at all.
I'm just trying to get as
many details as possible.
Well, I have terrible insomnia,
and this area is pretty safe,
and I just wanted to take a
walk to calm down a little bit.
And I was walking past and I
heard this horrible scream.
Like a person scream?
Definitely not a person.
I got a video of the sound,
definitely wasn't human.
Wait, you have a video?
Can I see it?
Yeah, take me a minute to find it.
Okay. Got it.
I have your number from earlier,
and I'll just send it over to you.
See what you think.
There you go.
[man and creature scream]
I have no idea what the police
would be interested in this.
What time did this happen?
Right at 3:00 AM, witching hour.
Witching hour, you know,
people say weird things
tend to happen at 3:00 AM.
Witching hour.
But it's probably just
some urban legend, right?
It's 3:00 AM now,
and we're not really seeing
anything or hearing anything.
I know I said we were
just gonna wait outside,
but how would you feel
if we tried to get in?
This way.
[gate rattles]
[Security Guard] Hey!
Go, go, go!
[suspenseful music]
[Sarah mumbles]
No one wants to talk to you.
No one will fucking talk to you.
Well, I now have criminal
trespass to add to my repertoire,
and it comes with a $2,000 fine.
This is going so well.
Oh, God.
I think maybe we should
call this quits, you know?
This isn't really going anywhere.
At least not anywhere good, so yeah, bye.
You fucked up, 'cause that's not me,
and that's never gonna be me.
I'm loud and I'm pissed off,
and I'm not gonna stop,
even if I can't make this fucking movie.
Never gonna stop.
Not until I find out the truth
about what happened that night.
The truth is mine.
I own it, and I'm never
going to stop coming for it.
I have no life and no shame,
and I'm not gonna stop.
I will find him.
I will find him again.
[man speaks in muffled voice]
[Man] Where are you?
It's not funny.
[man speaks in muffled voice]
[man speaks in muffled voice]
[woman screams]
Okay, so this happened three nights ago.
It got uploaded last night.
Everywhere took it down,
except for this weird Russian place.
Some kids broke into Yorktown Hospital.
One is missing,
the other has been taken in
for a psychological evaluation,
but isn't saying much.
This is it.
This is exactly what we needed.
This proves that there's
something going on.
That I'm not crazy.
I mean, I'm not crazy, but yeah,
we need to keep going.
We need to figure out what
the hell is going on there.
It's not just about me.
It's not about David.
We have to do it for these kids as well.
[phone buzzing]
[Giles] Someone told
me about what happened
to the kids the other night.
Yeah, it's terrible.
[Giles] I may have some
things that might help.
Come by soon as possible.
Oh, okay.
I'll be right over.
I'm a little hesitant to go back,
considering the last time we saw him
he pointed a gun at us,
but he sounded really desperate.
[suspenseful music]
[Cameraman] Should we call the police?
No, fuck that.
Let them figure it out themselves.
[Cameraman] We need to go.
This was David's radio.
Why would Giles still have this?
Why wouldn't he turn it in?
It's dead.
Shit, looks like he was having
some pretty fucked up dreams.
Tape recorder with tape.
[Unknown] It's okay.
I just want you to first
take a deep breath,
and clear your mind.
[metronome ticks]
Just get used to the
rhythm in your head, Giles.
[Giles] Okay.
[Unknown] I want you to
picture the very last frame
of what you saw that night.
[Giles] I can't.
[Unknown] Giles, please.
This is to help you.
Just picture that very last
image, like a Polaroid.
Then we can erase it.
[Giles] It's tall.
[Unknown] What do you see?
[Giles] So tall, and its arms are long
like a bunch of sticks.
[Unknown] Good, good.
What else do you see?
[Giles] It's looking at me.
[Unknown] Who's looking at you?
[Giles breathes heavily]
Giles, what do you see now? Giles?
[Giles mutters]
[person screams]
What the hell was that?
[tape squeaking]
[distorted voices chant]
[bell rings]
[distorted voices yell]
[Sarah breathes heavily]
There's just a phone number.
It's worth giving that a call, I think.
[phone ringing]
[Unknown Man] Hello?
Hello, yes, this is Sarah Serling.
I found your phone number.
[Unknown Man] I know who you are.
I've been waiting for your call.
Is this line secure?
For a few years, I was in charge
of archiving the raw video data
from the city's police bodycam program.
One night, when I was working,
I came across some footage
that kept me up for nights.
Footage involving your husband.
After the incident, the station took over,
and deleted everything off the servers.
But I made a backup.
I'm gonna text you some coordinates.
Be there in one hour and come alone.
Stay here.
[car door chimes]
The truth is all in the footage,
but it won't be easy to find.
There's thousands and thousands
of hours of raw video.
Why are you helping me?
That footage is scratching
to get out into the world.
It needs someone to open the cage.
Is my husband dead?
It's worse than death.
There's thousands of hours of video here.
I don't know what I'm supposed to...
[police radio chatter]
[woman whimpers]
[Jeff] Police department,
anybody in here?
Show your hands.
Make yourself known.
[door slams]
Get on the ground! Get on the ground!
Right now!
Did you copy that?
[Jeff screams]
Wait, okay.
Serling July 15th, three
days before he disappeared.
[police radio chatter]
[woman screams]
[dogs barking]
[door slams]
[David] Police department.
10-33, I need immediate
backup on Black Valley Road.
I repeat, Black Valley Road.
Police department.
[light switch clicks]
You have been chosen, my friend.
Put the weapon down, now!
The Red Sister has shown
me your face in my visions.
Put the weapon down or I will fire.
Put it down!
She is eternally hungry.
Put the weapon down.
[David breathes heavily]
10-33, suspect down.
[object echoes]
[suspenseful music]
Wait, that symbol,
the symbol on the girl.
We've seen that before.
It was at Yorktown.
Can you recall that footage?
Can we see it again?
[tape squeaking]
It's the same symbol, identical.
Let's see who this guy is.
It says it was a murder-suicide.
Doesn't make sense.
We saw David shoot him.
[keyboard keys click]
This is the guy from the video.
Wait, he has a different name?
[phone ringing]
[Benny] Hello.
Hi, is this Benny Pelayo?
[Benny] That's me.
How can I help you?
Yeah, I was wondering
if you were perhaps
related to Dan Pelayo.
[Benny] Don is my brother,
but we really haven't
spoken in many years.
Ah, I see.
I'm investigating a disappearance,
and his name came up.
I was wondering if maybe
I could talk to you.
[Benny] Why don't you come
by tomorrow around noon?
We'll be there.
Thank you.
It looks like we have plans tomorrow.
[wind chimes ring]
Hey, what time is it?
[Cameraman] It's 11 AM.
Shit. I was up all night
going through those videos.
Trying to find any more of David's,
and, yeah, I got a
little distracted, sorry.
Can you give me a second?
[birds chirp]
I'm Benny. You must be Sarah.
What's with all this?
We're just filming all
our interviews with people.
I hope that's okay.
Well, I see.
Please, come inside.
Don was my twin brother.
We both were heavily involved
in the shamanistic side
of Native American culture.
It's in our blood, you see.
Although, I practiced more of
the lighter side of things.
He was into the darker stuff.
What about his suicide?
He did not commit suicide.
I can promise you that.
It must've been a setup.
He must've been into something rotten.
A cover-up? Why?
I don't know what type of information
you're looking for here,
but this whole town has
been built upon hexed land.
They knew it then, and they know it now.
For years, weird things have
been happening around here.
And they've been coming down
here trying to cover things up.
And this city is already
on the verge of poverty.
The last thing they
need is more bad press.
I understand that.
My husband was a police officer,
and he went missing in yorktown hospital.
They just pretend nothing happened.
It doesn't surprise me a bit.
Yorktown has always been a hotbed
of evil, unnatural activity.
What about this?
Have you seen this symbol before?
Where did you see this?
I saw it on the wall in Yorktown
and in a video with your brother.
That is the sign of the Red Sister,
a kind of Skadegamutc, or ghost witch.
The Native American myth goes
that she finds a nesting place,
and feeds on the blood of humans.
And if you're lucky,
she would just feed on
you and leave you to die.
But if not,
she will feed on you until
you take the eternal walk,
a walk into darkness for eternity.
Sarah, I know you're hurting,
and I know you want your
husband back very bad.
But there's usually no coming
back from this type of thing.
And if you get too close to
the darkness, you will fall in.
I don't care about darkness.
I just need David. I need to know.
[thunder roars]
There might be a way for
me to find some answers,
but it won't be easy.
There's a sacred land,
not too far from here.
A place where I do my
more dangerous sessions.
If you can meet me there tomorrow night,
I might be able to find some answers.
Do you have a pen?
Oh, yeah.
Meet me at this address,
and bring something very personal
that belonged to your husband.
Like a shirt?
Something that he
touched almost every day.
Before you go...
Before you go, watch
this tonight, if you can.
Sorry for the old tech.
Thank you.
Okay, dusted off the VCR, picked this up.
This is the tape that Benny gave us.
[film rolls]
[flute music]
[Narrator] Since the beginning of time,
witches have appeared in myths of cultures
from all over the world,
including the Native Americans.
These horrific beings originated
in the legends of several tribes
in the southern United States,
more specifically, Texas.
The more well-known myth
is that of the Skadegamutc,
also known as a ghost witch.
A kind of ancient, evil shaman
who refuses to stay dead.
The undead shaman comes alive at night
and stalks the land for
unsuspecting victims.
The only way to maintain their immortality
is to feed on the blood
and flesh of humans.
One of the more lesser known
variants of the ghost witch
goes by the name the Red Sister,
due to her eternal lust for blood.
According to legends,
the only way to destroy
the Red Sister is to-
[distorted voices]
[suspenseful music]
We're out here in the middle of nowhere,
trying to find this sacred land.
[Cameraman] Do you trust this guy?
Yeah, I trust him.
I think he means well.
[bugs chirp]
Let's begin.
Did you bring the personal
item with you that I asked you?
[rattle shakes]
This rock is from the fire
from the center of the universe.
The seed that flew into
the womb of great mother.
[drum pounds]
[radio interference crackles]
[Man On Radio] Sarah.
[Benny gasps]
[Cameraman] Run!
[suspenseful music]
[Red Sister shouting]
Go, go, go, go!
[Sarah breathes heavily]
Benny! Benny!
Benny, Benny, get in!
Benny, Benny, Benny, Benny!
[Sarah screams]
Get off of me!
David, it's Sarah, baby.
David, I just need to know where you are.
Can you hear me?
David, I need you.
I'm just gonna to need some time, okay?
I'll call you when I'm better.
[suspenseful music]
[Sarah screams]
[piano music]
[Narrator #2] Deep in south Texas
sits one of the most haunted locations
in the United States,
the Yorktown Memorial Hospital.
The hospital was originally created
by a Roman Catholic group,
known as the Felician
sisters in the 1950s.
It was mainly used as
a rehabilitation center
for drug addicts and those
fighting alcohol abuse.
Many patients checked
into Yorktown hospital,
but many never checked out.
[eerie music]
It's estimated almost 2,000 people died
inside the walls of the hospital,
many from unknown causes.
Following negative press
from all the deaths,
the hospital finally closed down in 1986
after losing funding.
But the hospital remained standing.
Today, Yorktown Memorial
Hospital sits on private land,
where numerous paranormal investigations
have been performed,
some capturing terrifying moments on film.
Is it possible the tormented souls
of almost 2,000 people still wander
around the halls of Yorktown hospital?
There have been many attempts
by the people of the city
to have the hospital torn
down, but all have failed.
The hospital still stands today,
like a rotting corpse deep
in the heart of Texas.
[radio interference crackles]
Did you hear that?
That's his voice.
I'm 100 percent sure.
Listen, I need to ask you just one favor.
And then, I promise this
will be done forever.
We need to go back to Yorktown.
I'll pay you double what we agreed.
All you have to do is
be there and film it.
After that, I will be
out of your life forever.
I promise.
[suspenseful music]
It's almost 3 AM and
the front door is open.
It's five minutes till three.
[Cameraman] Sarah,
what are we looking for?
[shoes pacing]
[shoes pacing]
It still says five minutes to three.
But we've been here over an hour.
[keys jingle and door opens]
[shoes pacing]
[doors rattle]
[suspenseful music]
Is someone screwing with us?
[bottle bounces]
Look over here, bunch
of tapes, patient names.
June Garca, John Davis.
My name is on this tape.
[Sarah breathes heavily]
[Unknown Woman] Now, you keep telling me
that your husband is missing.
But that's not quite true, is it?
[Sarah] It is true.
He's been missing.
I have to find him.
[Unknown Woman] Sarah, you
have never been married before.
We have double checked all records.
[Sarah] That's not true.
[Unknown Woman] Perhaps this
man was just a lover you had.
Are you a whore, Sarah? A woman of sin?
[Sarah] Fuck you.
[Unknown Woman] Do you
know where whores go?
They go straight to hell.
They suffer for all eternity
in pain and darkness.
Is that where you want to go?
[Sarah] I'd rather be in hell than here.
That's not me.
Tell me that's not fucking me.
[Unknown Woman] Perhaps
another round of electrotherapy
will help clear your conscience.
[Unknown Woman] They told
you to stay away from here,
didn't they?
[woman laughs hysterically]
[bell rings]
It's 3 AM.
[radio interference crackles]
David, it's me.
David, I'm here.
Are you in the hospital?
[Cameraman] Sarah, wait.
I'm here, David.
David, please.
David, I'm here.
I did what you told me.
David, David, I'm here.
I did what you told me.
I did everything you said, David.
[radio crackles]
What the hell?
It's okay, it's okay.
We're just shooting a film.
Giles? Giles?
10-33, requesting immediate backup!
[Sarah mumbles]
David, where are you?
David, David, David!
David, David?
[Cameraman] Over here!
It's him.
David? David, it's me.
You called me and I came.
You called me and I came.
David? David, it's me.
[David screams]
Why are you here?
You called me.
You called me on the radio.
Leave now.
We're here to take you home, David.
She's coming.
Who's coming?
Who's coming, David?
[Red Sister screams]
Cut the light!
Come on, now.
[Red Sister screams]
Come on, David, please, please.
[Cameraman] The door's open!
Please, David, please.
Please, David.
David, David!
[Cameraman] We have to go.
No, no, no, I am not
going without my husband.
[Cameraman] I'm leaving, sorry.
[Sarah] David, David!
[Red Sister screams]
[Red Sister screams]
[Sarah screams]
[Red Sister screams]
[Sarah breathes heavily]
[Red Sister screams]
[Sarah breathes heavily]
[Red sister screams]
Let me go!
No, no, no, no! David!
[gentle music]
[police radio chatter]
[David] You know, it's
probably just some crackheads,
I'm gonna be honest.
[Giles] You're probably right.
Either way, I'm gonna
get this one over with.
[David] Police department.
Police department, let yourself be known.
[bell rings]
[loud footsteps echo]
Go, go, go.
Watch that door.
[police radio chatter]
[Giles] All right, I'm
gonna check down this hallway.
Circle back.
[David] Copy that.
[police radio chatter]
Our Father, who art in
heaven, hallowed be thy name.
[police radio chatter]
[bump echoes]
Police department, if
there's anyone in here,
let yourself be known.
[coffin creaks]
[doors slam shut]
[suspenseful music]
[eerie music]