Last Rampage: The Escape of Gary Tison (2017) Movie Script

Fuck you!
Fuck you. Fuck you!
- I had a dream about dad last night.
- What?
- Said I had a dream about dad.
- Was it a good dream?
- Oh, the best.
He said he knew we'd come
through for him.
He said, "blood
calls to blood."
Sounds like just what he'd say.
Hey, why do you suppose they call
it the Arizona state penitentiary?
What do you wanna call it, Rick?
- First baptist church?
- They're all about statement.
No, it's a prison, ain't it?
Yes, it's prison, all right.
Well, why don't they
call it that?
Penitentiary is just
a five dollar word for prison.
You know, like "state Penn".
- Is that what that means?
- Uh-huh.
I never sensed that.
I thought it meant like
a "pen" for pigs,
or what not, except for men.
A men-pen.
Be sure and tell dad that,
he'll get a kick or something.
- All right.
- Shut up, both of you.
I need you listen to me and do
exactly as we planned, all right?
We got one shot at this.
Can't have any mistakes.
Yeah. We'll do whatever you
say until we get dad back.
- Then he is in charge.
- Fine.
Until then it's me.
Aye, aye, captain.
Good morning.
- Is it?
- I aim it to be.
Show what's in the bag.
Shame they got you working
two Sundays in a row, eddy.
Sunday morning coming
down, like the man says.
Visitor coming on through.
- Donnie come with?
- Yes, sir.
He did.
I wasn't sure he would.
I knew I could count
on you, son.
Yes, sir. You sure can.
Mom made you some sandwiches.
I could eat some.
There is a block-way.
A6, come up.
Greenawalt, get up
on those dank sheets.
What the hell is this?
It's Christmas in July.
New IBM's electric.
All the big titted young secretaries
are salivating for one.
I don't like these
electric models.
Their hum gives me a headache.
There they are.
I heard you boys will
be tagging along real soon.
Soon as your brother got here.
Let me see.
Hey, now, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Now, don't do another wrong,
nobody will get hurt, all right?
We don't wanna hurt no one.
Put it down.
Put on them, Ricky.
- All right, get down.
- Greenawalt.
- Get down. Don't move.
- Easy. Easy.
You are making
a big mistake, boy.
Yeah, well, don't you go
making another one, all right?
Come on.
Get on, Rick.
Shut the hell up back there.
- Shut up. Shut up.
Nobody, nobody move.
Don't move.
Stay go, low boy.
I'm good.
I'm good.
Hey, dad, dad!
Hey, hey!
Eddy, you finger that
squawk box, you're all dead.
Now unbuckle them duty belts.
- Take it easy.
- Both of them.
Don't try anything funny.
Nothing funny here.
Nothing funny here.
You said that right.
If any of you get the idea to try
to key out some distress call,
or do something
stupid like that,
I won't hesitate
to paint these walls
the color god gave you.
Stay down.
Come on, Rick.
All right.
Keep that on him.
- Damn good.
- All right.
Get your shit on quick.
Get 'em in there.
Let's go. Let's go.
- Go on. Go on.
- Get in there, eddy.
- Step on it.
- Come on, go on.
God dammit.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
Go, move now.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Get in there.
- Guys, get the guns in there.
- Here. Here.
Last time I saw
a rack like that,
I was holding
a magazine sideways.
Nursing a tot?
- Come on, let's go.
- -Yes, mister.
Sure as hell wish it was me.
All right, get in there.
Let's go. Come on.
You boys really showed
me something.
- Thanks, sir.
- It's like Christmas.
You remember Christmas, dad?
Oh, yeah, it's like Christmas,
easter, your birthday,
the fourth of July,
all rolled into one.
God damn!
Hey, what you got to say
for yourself, old boy?
You're gonna be all right now
that you're a free man?
Hey, boy.
We just got away from the big
house without a shot fired.
Cleaner than a whore's Bible.
How's that, dad?
A whore's Bible is clean, because
it's never been cracked.
- What the hell is this?
- It's the car he gave us.
I asked for a four-by.
Now how do you think we're
gonna drive across the sand
in this goddamn tank?
Uncle Joe said it's the best
he could do right now.
Goddamn your uncle Joe.
Give me the goddamn keys.
I'm driving this goddamn car.
God dammit.
We're gonna be late, Jack.
No, no, we'll be just fine...
Lend me hand with this
damn thing, would you?
I swear.
John Cooper without me.
No way, you're swearing
before church.
Well, you're right, we
better hurry up or you gonna
send us both
to the fiery furnace.
Yeah, you know what I mean.
- I do know what you mean.
- Oh, just leave it.
- No, no, I've got it.
Yeah, Cooper.
Sir, this is warden Blackwell.
Can you come on out here?
Do what now?
We had a break in the big house.
Gary Tison...
All right, I will.
What is it?
What happened?
Gary Tison just busted
out of prison.
"Tison"? How can that be?
Well, I am surprised that it took
the son of a bitch this long.
What are you gonna do?
I am gonna bust him back in.
I need you to pick them up,
they'll be out over in Hyner.
You shouldn't
be calling me here.
I don't intend to keep you long
enough for anyone to take notice.
He said you know the place.
Some cabins up there.
He jumped the gun, without giving me
enough time to rush through this.
I can't just drop everything.
Rush ain't hardly the word.
Now you better find a way to get that
plane up there and do as you're told,
or their blood is gonna be
on your hands.
The time for talking is over.
It's doing time.
- Hey, honey.
- Hi.
- Have a seat.
- Thank you.
What can I get you?
I'd like a cup of coffee and a
slice of Tennessee lemon pie.
Oh, I am sorry, this one
over here got the last piece.
Is that so?
You got apple?
Ice cream on top?
Come any other way?
Not in these parts.
You from Tennessee?
No, ma'am.
Just like the pie.
I like your hair.
Thank you, sweetie.
You're Dorothy Tison?
What's this all about?
You need to come on down to the station
and answer some questions for me.
- Wait a minute. What has she done?
- Ma'am.
Your husband has escaped from
Arizona state penitentiary.
You need to come with me.
It's for her own protection.
You want me to call
anyone for you?
It's all right, sweetie.
I'll be fine.
It's not my first time
in the Capper, you see.
We got Dorothy Tison in custody.
Move on out.
Hey, it's Fuller.
What do we have
on a prison break?
Did you see the look
on that old lady's face
when he saw the muzzle
of that 16 Gauge?
I think that bastard like
to shit his pants.
Like, they were all just waiting for
someone to get up off the floor
and do something, you know.
Guys, you could bust a gut
just thinking about it.
Hey, you see that?
Nobody got hurt.
We're 100 miles gone.
Dad's out.
All right, listen to me.
You cover the car up with
the tarp once it cools off.
Ray, you got the first watch.
Ricky, you get that radio inside and
see what you hear what they're saying.
You think we'd be on the radio?
Top of the charts.
Randy, what the fuck
did I tell you, huh?
There any beer in this box?
Authorities tell us the
situation is well in hand.
And the public has nothing
to fear from these men.
However should you spot them,
do not engage them,
but call the police.
And now, something...
- That's good news.
- How's that?
They're telling people
to keep their heads.
Telling them there's
nothing to worry about.
If they say they got
the situation in hand,
it means they could
be close, yeah?
Or it could just be bluster.
All right, listen here's
what we're going to do.
We're going to keep
our heads about us,
just like the radio says,
and uncle Joe's going to get
that plane here,
and we're going to be in Mexico
free and clear.
And if he is a day late,
we got some time,
there's this little bank I am
thinking we might ought to hit.
- There you go.
- Casinos use it.
And the cash piles up like
you couldn't imagine.
Sure that's a good idea?
You being a fugitive,
and us never robbing a bank.
How much money
you got in your pockets?
Not much.
Come on, give me a number.
Open up your pockets.
About eight.
So, you think you're
going to run this thing
on eight bucks and two bits?
You need to sit back and let
the captain steer the ship.
I am so proud of you, boys.
You know the law
can't keep apart
what god meant to be together.
Blood calls to blood.
Blood answer back.
I love you, boys.
Oh, oh, dad.
- What?
- Tell him.
I dreamed you last night,
and it's just what you said.
"Blood calls to blood."
You hear that?
My number three son,
the name you know about,
dreams of things that I am
gonna say the very next day.
He ain't the brightest bulb.
Just got fire in him,
just the same.
Go ahead and cry, kid.
I ain't sad.
I'm happy.
I'm happy to have you back, dad.
I am so glad to be back
with my boys.
He's sticking around
all the way to Mexico?
I thought I told you
to let me handle things.
Said, blood calls to blood.
He ain't my blood.
Yours neither.
- That you know of.
- What is it, then?
What are we supposed
to call him, uncle Randy?
He may not be your blood,
but he is my blood.
And you know what else?
He'd damn sure take
a bullet for me.
And he'd give one, too.
And what I need to know,
is when the mouth of hell
opens wide to swallow us up,
would you?
I would.
You're my oldest boy, Donnie,
I need you to set an example.
I need to know that I can
count on you.
Yes, sir.
Hey, dad.
Are the girls pretty in Mexico?
I don't know, but the liquor's
cheap if they ain't.
Don't tell your mother
I said so.
Casa Grande north
to court side, copy.
Now, I'd like you to answer
few questions for me,
help me understand what's
going on here.
Well, I don't know that
I understand it myself.
Well, then we will work through
it together, all right?
Now I believe you know
why you're here.
Well, they said something about
an escape up at the prison.
That's right.
I don't know I can help
you with that, officer.
Yeah, well...
Your sons, Richard, Raymond
and Donald helped
your husband and an other
murderer Randall Greenawalt,
burst out of the annex
this morning.
Now, I need you to tell
me exactly
when was the last time you had
contact with your husband.
Say what now?
You said my husband
and another murderer.
My husband is not a murderer.
You know, two of your boys
are over 18.
That means they will be tried
as adults and sent to prison.
What, you're gonna send a boy out
to prison for loving his daddy?
They love their daddy,
don't they?
Yeah, you all visit him regular?
- Once a week?
- We go every Sunday.
And so the last time you saw him
was last week, or less?
- Yeah.
- And you mean to tell me you know nothing
about this bust?
Well, you say
there's been a bust,
but I don't know that there has.
Man that broke out of prison
with your husband.
Randy Greenwalt, you know him?
- He maybe the one behind it.
- No, you know him?
I couldn't say.
- Ma'am.
- I don't know how I can help you, officer.
Yeah, well, you can start
by telling the truth.
The truth is the easiest
thing to remember.
Well, I'd like to ask
you a question.
I am all ears.
You tell me the truth.
Hand to god.
Should I have a lawyer
with me right now?
What was that for?
Well, I ain't your
fucking uncle.
Yeah, I know that.
I will beat the Christ
out of you like I was.
Best go back to bed.
I give the orders around here.
Me and Gary.
And I say it's time for you
to get up and keep watch.
So get the fuck up.
I thought you was keeping watch?
Sorry, sir.
I guess I dozed off.
You know, I am gonna ask
you something.
Your mom says something,
this and the other,
that you're having some doubts.
And I told her there
was nothing to worry about
when it comes to Donnie.
Now was I wrong?
No, sir.
I got nothing to worry about?
No. Not from me.
You just don't know
him, that's all.
He's good in the spot.
He's saved me more than twice.
Uncle Joe should be coming
with the plane today
then everything
will be all right.
From your mouth to god's ears.
I didn't think you
believed in god.
Shh. You don't know that.
- Hey, hey.
- -What?
I want you to take
Ricky into town,
get some supplies,
pick up some food.
Pick me up two cartons
of full flavored kings.
Yes, sir.
Hey, come on.
Dipshit. We're going
into town.
- Hi.
- Hi, yourself.
- Nice store you got.
- It don't belong to me.
- Still nice though.
Tison and Greenawalt
are both serving life sentences
for aggravated assault
and murder.
Let's get our stuff and go.
You got any full flavored kings?
Just reckon I do.
These men are all armed
and dangerous.
- She smiled at me.
- You can have her. Ugly old thing.
You think she was ugly?
Unless you like a girl
with a mustache.
Hey, look at this.
Guess... guess we'll have
to change it.
Between the three of you,
you don't have the sense to
make sure that we got a spare?
We got every law man
in the state looking for us
and you tell me this
is the best you could do?
- Sorry, sir.
- Shut the fuck up.
- It's my fault, sir.
- Shut the fuck up.
All right, listen to me.
We cannot bear the weight
- of any more fuck ups, do you understand?
- Yes, sir.
- Do you?
- Yes, sir.
What are you looking at, Donnie?
Ray, it's gonna be all right.
I know that.
We keep driving till
we find a car with a spare.
- Maybe there's a garage somewhere...
- hey, hey.
We'll do what Gary says.
- Hello.
- Hi, Dorothy Tison?
Hello, my name is Marissa
Fuller, I am a reporter. We...
Uh, Mrs. Tison?
- Can I help you?
- Looking for warden Blackwell.
He's otherwise occupied.
Well, you tell him that John
Cooper's here to see him.
He'll know who it is.
I'll see what I can do.
Do that, son.
Ain't this the shit end
of the stick.
What do you know about it?
Well, what is there to know?
Tison and this other asshole
Greenawalt, they
waltzed on out of here,
like Fred and ginger.
- Made me look a goddamn...
A moment.
Well, go ahead and get it done.
Get it done right.
And right means quiet.
So maybe you thought it was a
good reason why these boys
were in the playground
and not in the big house
under lock and key?
Hear me, these boys
you're talking about,
they had a record of civility.
And we had us a riot
in here last year.
And these boys,
they abstained from the antics
of their fellow inmates.
Yeah, when they had asked
for a transfer sometime ago,
the transfer was granted,
so we moved them.
So this is standard procedure
for murder one felons, is it?
Never mind.
Did you take a look
at the visitor logs?
"Visitor logs"?
It was his boys.
It was Tison's bastards
that took 'em on out of here.
Anybody else?
What do you mean?
What are you getting at?
I mean you said
he waltzed out of here.
I wanna of there's anybody
else on the dance card.
I don't know if I like
your tone, all right, sir.
I mean, these men were armed,
and my men did not abet,
they did not abide
and I will swear to that
on a stack of bibles
from here to bisbee.
Well, nobody puts
something like this together
without somebody
else knowing about it.
Now did you talk to any
of Tison's cell mates?
You did?
Jesus, you knew about this.
There was this little
fellow named Tuscon.
And he came in here, sputtered
about some tall tale.
You know all fits and starts,
and it just did not make
a lick of sense.
All right, yes. I knew.
I knew they was fixing to be moved
by the end of the next week.
But you know, you start
listening to rumors,
you start listening
to cell talk, block talk,
you're gonna end up chasing
your own butt.
Or preventing a jail break.
Hindsight is 50-50,
isn't it?
Now you wanna go
after these men,
and you wanna find these men,
I suggest you go on out
there and look for them.
Because I do know
one thing for damn certain.
They're not here.
I wanna see the visitor logs.
Mrs. Tison, I want to ask about
your husband Gary. Your son...
What do you want?
I brought you a whole one.
Tennessee lemon.
Turns out they are not
Tennessee lemons,
just regular ones.
All right, come in.
What do you want, miss?
- Just to talk.
- You're one of them.
Marissa Fuller. Yeah.
I cover crime and courts
for the paper.
You honestly think I want
my name in the paper,
or my picture on TV?
I do not.
I'll know with your
side of the story.
And what story would that be?
The truth.
It's the easiest
thing to remember.
You think they want the truth?
I can't answer for them.
Only for myself.
To be stuck in here
like a caged animal.
I should go to a motel.
I could take you.
Well, I wouldn't put you
to that trouble.
No trouble at all, dor.
I always wanted a daughter
and I never had one.
How old are you, like, 20 or 22?
I am 23.
That's older than my Donnie,
but not by much.
He is a good boy.
I'd like to hear about him.
It's half way
to Jefferson's note.
It's Washington, Rick.
Fuck Washington.
What kinda tire is it?
Uh, so whitewall, ain't it?
I see that.
What make is it?
Is it a Goodyear?
Is it a Firestone?
It's a bf goodrich, dad.
What difference does it make?
Makes a world
of difference, son.
Now that's a good tire,
bf goodrich.
- Yeah.
- It's not that Jap piece shit.
You wanna give uncle Joe
another day?
Maybe, they already got to him.
- That plane ain't coming.
- Shit.
We're moving out tonight.
We drive while it's cool.
Load this shit up.
I'll kill that son of a bitch
when he shows his stupid face.
Come on.
Let's go.
Get all that food
and shit, load it up.
Come on, Rick.
So handsome.
I can't imagine what it must have been
like to raise these boys without a father.
You calling them bastards?
I am sorry,
that's not what I meant.
I know what you meant.
That he was away from home.
That's a fine way of putting it.
Don't mind me. These boys,
they know their daddy
better than most sons
know their fathers.
That's why they did
what they did.
Out of love for an innocent man.
You love them.
I can see that.
This is going to be an
interview or isn't it?
I don't know where to begin.
Fuck. Fuck.
Mother fucker.
- All right. All right.
- Mother fucker.
- God dammit. Yeah.
- I am pulling over.
Come on. Come on.
God dammit.
God dammit.
Son of a bitch!
Did you know that
Gary was my first and only?
He really courted me
like a real gentleman.
You met him when
he was in prison.
I went with his sister
to visit him.
Never looked at another
man since.
Why do you think
he got in trouble?
It's a misunderstanding,
as every last one.
My Gary is a good man.
And sometimes good men,
they listen to bad ones.
He was dealt his hand
from the bottom of the deck
and it's been stacked
against him ever since.
Now, cut.
Do you think he's capable
of doing the things they say?
Any man is capable.
That's not the question.
The question is did he?
And we know the answer.
No, he did not.
I read in the file that he brought
the gun the first time he...
"the file"? What file?
The criminal court file.
In '69, a prison guard named...
Didn't your mother teach you to
not believe everything you read?
I am sure she did,
but you're young
and you're unwise.
In the ways of things.
What ways are those?
World is full of liars
and scoundrels.
Some of them do their lying
under the guise of the law.
As if that could give them
cover under god's eyes.
Why do you think my boys got him
out of jail without a hitch?
Because god was watching it.
And he knows.
And that ought to tell you
everything you need to know.
You write that down.
- Hey.
- Hey, what's the problem?
Thank you so much, man,
we got a blown tire
back here, we don't
have a spare.
So why you have the hood up?
Whoa, whoa, hey.
Take it easy, nobody is going
to get hurt, all right?
- Look, you guys...
- Don't hit her.
Okay, lady.
Get on out.
Let's go, lady. You go get on
that car and join your man.
Look, mister, I am gonna
do whatever you say.
- Okay.
- You stay there.
So do.
I am not going without my baby.
That's him in the back seat.
His name is Christopher.
Christopher Lyons.
- They got a baby in here.
- All right.
- Come to mama.
- Take him.
Now, this is an innocent child.
He ain't never done
anything to hurt nobody.
So you think about that.
What do you want to do, Gary?
All right. Get on over there
and get in the backseat
of that Chrysler fifth Avenue.
You too, little sis,
come on out.
Come on, get out, let's go.
Fuck, we gonna do, Gary?
God damn, why couldn't it be just
some guy driving by himself?
- Hey, look, we don't want any trouble, okay?
- Shut up.
Take the car. Or money.
Or whatever else.
There's a 38 in the glove compartment,
there's a 45 in the truck.
Take them.
Just don't hurt anyone.
Just leave us some water,
and we'll stay here.
Do I look like
I am going to hurt anybody?
No, you don't.
Okay, then.
Now get in the backseat
with your kin.
- Let's go.
- It's okay.
Donnie, you're gonna drive.
Ray, you sit in the front seat.
You cover him.
Rick, you come with us,
we're gonna take this car back
to the dirt road and turn right,
and we'll switch
the cars there. Let's go.
All right, outside,
get on over there.
- Come on, get down.
- Donnie.
You cover them.
I want you to go in there
and get their money,
their guns,
their ids, all that stuff.
Let's go.
Move like you
got the holy ghost, not
like you had a church picnic.
All right, come on.
Get all that shit in the car.
We ain't got all fucking night.
You ever used one of those, kid?
Yeah, I was in the service.
That ain't what I asked you.
Can you shut that little
fucker up, please?
Listen, mister, we don't know
who you are and we don't care.
- Okay?
- Mommy's here.
What the hell is he doing?
Ain't easy to kill a Chrysler.
Is that Maverick ready to roll?
Yeah, she's ready.
Donnie, load them up in there.
Hey, mister, listen. We'll
do whatever you want. Okay?
Just please don't hurt
my family.
Nobody is hurting nobody,
all right? Just relax.
Hey, dad, can I
talk to you for a sec?
We're about to greet
the dawn, Donnie.
Yeah, I know that.
But I need to know what you're
planning on doing with this family.
Go on.
Get me a jug of water.
Yes, sir.
No, no, no, over here.
Come here.
Get on over there
with your brothers.
Go stand over there.
What's he saying?
Don't ask.
It's gonna be all right.
Me neither.
Dad, don't.
Well, that's that, then.
Ray, you're driving.
What are you doing up?
Well, I couldn't sleep. You
should go back to bed, honey.
You want me to make
you some fresh coffee?
No, I just made some.
Hey, you go and get some sleep.
You wanna talk about it?
You know you can always
talk to me.
Yes, I know that.
A man who runs,
eventually finds he's got
no place to go.
You're gonna get him, John.
We're moving.
That's what counts.
Amen to that.
You all can either sit
back there and mope,
or you can go through their
things and pull out the cash,
we're gonna need it.
Hey, dad.
Look at this.
Tyson. Just like us.
But she spells it with a "y".
You think maybe she's kin?
Joe is the only son of a bitch
in this family that uses a "y".
He changed it because he
thought he was better than us.
You didn't have to kill them.
Do what now?
Like you said, we're moving
is what counts, right?
You didn't have to kill them.
You wanna lay blame on that,
you blame Joe.
He's the one that got us
a goddamn Chrysler
without a goddamn spare.
They were witnesses.
They could've ID'd us.
The baby is gonna fucking ID us?
Look, your dad did that
little bastard a favor.
You wanna grow up
without a mom and dad?
Yeah, I'd want to grow up
actually, you son of a bitch.
You know what, why don't you just
come over here and say that?
Fuck you, Randy.
Hey, shut your mouths
and hand me the cash.
Don't ever talk about
that baby again.
Hi, Joe.
Hot damn.
I was gonna call you.
Yeah, I bet you were.
I'm telling you,
that bastard hates me,
and I ain't been hiding
or hear of him.
Is that so?
Swear to god, first I knew of
this was seeing it on the TV.
Gary don't talk to me.
You know how he is.
Well, maybe you can help me find
out who he's been talking to.
Now, holler if a name
rings a bell.
- Look, Cooper, I don't know shit about that, all right?
- Hey, Joe.
Now you want parole
violation away
from a semester at the college.
Now you wanna help me,
or I can see that you get
some more time to work
on your degree.
He ever mentioned Greenawalt
to you?
No. Like I said,
we don't talk.
Have a look.
Oh, I come and see him with
Dorothy and the boys and this
court appointed lawyer
when he had one.
If he's out there much longer
without getting caught,
he's gonna let bygones be
and pick up the phone.
When he does,
you better call me.
Know this Simmons women?
Greenawalt's have
but one visitor.
Maybe she can
tell you something.
Lady's name is Carolyn Simmons.
Copy that, on the way.
Walk a dock.
That'll work for now.
Sorry you boys had
to see that. That's...
Never should've happened.
I didn't intend for that.
The whole thing,
he gets an idea,
you gotta let him finish
or you'll not hear the end.
I promise you.
We're going to shake Randy
once we get to Mexico.
All right?
- I'll get more paint.
- No.
We ain't got no time. We're
going to get us a better ride.
Every cop in the state is coming
to look for this piece of shit.
Are you done wiping your ass?
You're in a batters box house.
What? What did I do?
Well, it's not what you did,
it's what you're gonna do.
You're gonna take Donnie
and Ricky and go into town
see that lady friend of yours,
and get us that truck.
- All right?
- -Yeah.
Let's go get a truck.
Right here.
Stop right here.
Now, hold up.
Which one's hers?
It's that one there, I think.
Since she ain't home,
how are we gonna get the keys?
Life's full of lessons,
ain't it, kid?
Come on out and get
some teaching, boy.
Wait, where are you going?
No, you sit there.
Ricky is going to school today.
It's okay, Donnie.
Come on.
All right. Ready to learn
Valuable lessons
to be learned, kid.
You can have anything
you want in this world...
As long as you know
how to steal it.
Abra... cadabra.
All right?
This next little magic trick
I learned in truck stops.
There we go.
Pop that.
Open sesame.
After you, son.
Open the other side for me,
will you?
Thank you, sir.
You ready to learn some shit
they're never gonna teach you
- in school?
- Yeah.
No. Yes, sir.
Treat me with the same respect you
treat your old daddy, all right?
Yes, sir.
Good man. Now hold that up.
Now the thing is,
with these key holes,
you can treat them nice
and kind and tell them lies
and feed them candy
and all that shit.
But sometimes it's just
not gonna cut it.
Sometimes, like now,
it's just gonna
be a stubborn old thing.
Like your brother over there.
Sitting in the car.
Watching us like a hawk.
Hey, Donnie.
Stubborn old thing.
trick to breaking
a bad pony here is,
I am telling you, he's not
gonna give you what you want.
Then you just have to...
- Ram it home.
- Carolyn Simmons?
- Who's asking?
Arizona state police.
- I am Carolyn.
- Yeah? You know this guy?
What did Randy do?
- You've seen him?
- A couple of weeks ago up at the prison.
- Nonsense.
- If you got nothing else, mister,
I got my papers to deliver.
It's lieutenant, ma'am.
You mind if I take
a look around?
That's a good one.
You deliver these papers
without reading them?
You've seen his face
on the front page, huh?
Just dear Abby
and the horoscopes.
What's your relationship
with Greenawalt?
- "Relationship"?
- You visit him regular.
Well, he was kinda my boy
when he got set up.
Started writing me letters.
- He wouldn't hurt nobody.
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
Well, you hear from him,
I hear from you.
You understand?
Well, what should I tell him?
Will he listen to you?
I suspect so.
Tell him to turn himself in.
You have a good one.
What do you think?
Hard as she gets, yeah?
Four by four, like you asked.
It got no camper.
It's solid.
It's a good truck, dad.
Damn good truck.
Now, how about we all of us
go sit in that truck?
And put them
dime card punches away, boy.
You know what's good for you.
But you said your old lady
had a truck with a camper.
Tell her you're at camp.
It's going to be fine, Gary.
Shit, just let the boys
ride in the back.
I want ray upfront
with me and Ricky.
Donnie, pull that seat out of the
Maverick and ride back there
like a couple of mascots.
- You're the one who wrote this?
- Jesus Christ!
What are you doing writing
something like this?
You want to get people feeling
sorry for these animals?
It's called an interview.
Has she been in touch
with any of these boys?
- No.
- "No"?
I don't know.
I don't think so.
You know, impeding
a criminal investigation
is a punishable offense.
I expect you know this is the
Usa, we have a free press.
I don't know what you're
playing here.
I don't think you know either.
I am just doing my job, sir.
If you hear anything,
you better call me.
- Hey, you sleeping?
- No.
Just thinking.
Yeah. Me, too.
I don't like what they've done.
They had no reason
killing anybody.
I wasn't thinking nothing
against dad.
I was just thinking
about Mexico.
Who is keeping watch?
I am, sir.
What's Donnie doing here?
Nothing, I just went
to take a piss,
figured I'd keep ray company.
No, I need you rested up.
You're driving tomorrow.
Besides I don't want you guys splitting
off in commissary. Understand?
Just talk is all.
Donnie said we got no reason
to kill that family.
Listen to me.
I told you boys,
what happened back there,
it was Randy's idea.
It's not the way
I wanted it to go.
Yes, sir.
You ever know me to hurt
anybody didn't ask for it?
Is that the way you were raised?
You think I am some dog
that needs to be put down?
No, sir.
Then don't talk like I was.
And don't poison your
brothers against me.
What else he say?
Nothing, sir.
You're doing a good job, ray.
I think this whole thing is gonna
work out because you are here.
Thank you, sir.
Stay alert.
Stay awake.
I hear riders.
I tried calling, but all I
got was a busy signal.
- Thank you.
- For what?
That was a real
nice story you wrote.
There are two sides
to every story.
Your side needed to be told.
Come in, sit down.
I got a call today.
- Oh.
- Do you know Mary Joe west?
- On TV?
- Mm-hmm.
Her people called me. They want me
to come into the station tomorrow
and do an interview.
Do you want to?
Well, there's a lot of people
who want to talk to me,
and I expect I need
someone to help.
- I'll call her.
- Good.
You didn't hear
from anyone else?
- Like who?
- The boys.
Your husband.
Don't you think I'd tell you?
Dorothy, how often would you and
the boys visit Gary in jail?
We go every Sunday.
Every week you went to prison?
Well, yeah, sometimes when
the boys got older
they would drive themselves,
they go earlier or later.
But every Sunday,
because boys need Jesus,
and boys need their father.
What the fuck is she doing?
Shut up, I am watching this.
So, your boys have already spent
a good deal of time in prison.
Well, that's where their
dad was, at least,
until last week.
Are you proud of your children?
You don't have children,
do you, Mary Joe?
May I call you Mary Joe?
Bitch should shut her mouth.
- Shush!
- They gave him two life sentences.
Even if he died, they
weren't going to let him out.
She should've left his ass,
married someone else.
I can't hear what she's saying.
So what I am saying
ain't important?
What the fuck happened in Hyner?
- Jesus, man.
- Now's not the time for praying.
Where the hell are you?
- Is this phone tapped?
- No.
It's okay.
Okay, good, 'cause I don't have the time
or the change for anymore bullshit.
Like the way you left us back there
with our dicks in our hands.
- Listen, Gary...
- You listen to me.
I need you to get us a plane,
and meet us in new Mex.
You know the state,
you know the strips.
I want you to get us a plane,
and get us across
the border today.
New Mexico?
Ain't you in Hyner no more?
Old gal that Randy knows
got us a truck.
Which is more than I can say
for my own god damned brother.
Listen to me, Gary.
I can't get involved in this.
You're already involved,
you dumbfuck.
Well, I need more time.
You and me,
we ain't got no more time.
Now you going to help me or not?
Are the boys all right?
They're right as rain.
Now you're gonna put
paid to this or not?
There's a crop duster strip.
Over the border in Clovis.
Okay, I'll be there in 24 hours.
Listen to me, Gary.
The plane I am thinking of,
there's only enough room
for two more.
- Gary.
- Yeah.
Let them boys go about their business,
they've done all they could.
You just meet me there.
I am gonna try, but you're
asking the near impossible.
Near ain't the thing.
Don't fuck me again, Joe.
You hear me?
Why did you get mixed up in?
- Sheriff's office.
- Let me talk to Cooper.
- This is Cooper.
- It's Joe.
That woman visited Greenawalt,
gave him a truck.
All right, spread out.
You guys out.
Carolyn Simmons.
Arizona state police.
Come on out.
- Miss Simmons, where is Randy Greenawalt?
- Son of a bitch.
I got no idea what
you're talking about.
Mm-hmm. Well, I am disinclined
to believe you, ma'am.
Just tell me where he is, or I will
have you both for aiding and abetting.
All I know is they
took my old truck.
Surprised the damn
thing started.
Thing ain't worked right
since uncle Ben died.
What direction were they headed?
I don't have any earthly idea.
- Just one vehicle?
- I am telling you.
I don't know.
I'm gonna talk to a lawyer.
Ketchum, accommodate the lady.
All right, Carolyn, let's go.
Let's go, come on.
You've got the right
to remain silent.
Where are we going?
I got to go make some water.
You don't like me much,
do you, kid?
That's okay.
Fact is I don't like
you much either.
Tell you the truth, I'd shoot you
just as soon as look at you.
You wouldn't say that
if he was here.
That's what you think.
You don't know that.
I won't though.
Shoot you, I mean.
'Cause you and I,
we're have us a bond.
No, I ain't got nothing
to do with you.
Oh, yeah, you do.
We got a bond.
We got...
If nothing else we're bound by our
mutual dislike for one another.
Bound by the bed of this truck.
You and I hop
this ride together.
And we're damn sure gonna jump
together when the time comes.
It can't come soon enough
for me, asshole.
How is it your dad is so smart,
and you're just
so fucking stupid?
You promise me you'll see to my
safety and the safety of my family?
Patrol cars are watching
your house and wife.
Just stay put in that motel.
I mean it. I want to know you're not
gonna screw it up this whole...
Spruce goose chase go south,
he'll kill me dead.
You just hold up your end,
do as I say,
and you can spend all day riding
in the front seat of your car
and not sitting
in the back of mine.
You think I like walking around
with a target on my back?
I want him caught more
than any of you all.
- John Cooper?
- Cooper.
The bodies of three persons,
two adults, one child,
have been found in the desert.
Multiple gun shot wounds.
Blood trail leaving
the scene indicates
possible fourth victim
may still be alive.
County investigators
believe the car
found at the site,
a Chrysler fifth Avenue,
may have been used in escape.
- Is that it?
- Yes, sir.
You know anything
about a Chrysler?
I am talking to you, Joe.
I don't know what he'd done.
You know, Gary, it's only
a few hours to the border.
Why the fuck this airplane?
Let's just make a run for it.
No, no, no.
We're going out in style.
We have the truck.
Yeah, well, fuck the truck.
There's nothing but sand
out there and the sun up there.
We're going to be like bacon on
a griddle, sizzling out there.
There's nothing but thousands
of dead Mexicans out there
thinking the same way you do.
Give me them field glasses.
My old eyes don't work
like they used to.
- What is it?
- What do you think it is?
My god, it's Joe.
That's Joe!
That's Joe.
I'm not gonna cut him
out of the will just yet.
What's that?
No, no, no.
God dammit.
You son of a bitch.
I am gonna kill you if it's
the last thing I fucking do.
Fuck you, Joe!
Fuck you!
Fuck you, too.
You know how
to drive, boy, or what?
I am trying, the gears
are stripped.
You sharp shooting me, boy?
Shut the fuck up.
There's no sign of a pick up truck
anywhere near the air strip.
All right.
- Anything?
- No.
Unconfirmed sighting
of the girl Terry Jo Tyson.
Turned out to be a runaway
from Gila bend.
"Gila bend"?
That Tison robbed guard armory
up there few years back.
False ID though.
No connection to our girl.
You think they took her?
No. No, that's not
Tison's thing.
What about the boys?
No, I can't speak for the boys,
but killing a woman isn't
Greenawalt's cup of coffee.
No, couple of long hauled
truck drivers.
File said he used to paint
an excellent driver side door
where he figured their head
would be. Fall asleep.
Right through the door.
What the hell do you
think that means?
Not my department.
Well. Neither of 'em have any
trouble in the killing department.
Tison gunned down one
of ours about ten years ago.
His name was Stiner.
Tison was being transferred
back to prison out of court,
and somehow,
probably that crack wife
of his, he got a gun,
and he hijacked the driver.
He could've let him go,
driven off, but he shot him.
Left him to die in the mud.
Side of the road.
- You knew him?
- Yeah, he...
He is a good man. Wife.
He is a friend of mine.
How are we gonna get him, Coop?
How are we gonna bring him in?
I swore to it.
Why did you let this happen?
Why did you let this happen?
- Why did you let this happen?
- Dor?
Why did you let this happen?
- How did you let this happen?
- Hey.
Why did you let this happen?
Hey, you all right?
Why did you let this happen?
I can't understand you.
You're trying to trick me?
- Trying to make me a fool?
- No, ma'am.
Don't you ma'am me.
- Dor... Mrs. Tison, I...
- I'm your mother.
They killed a baby.
Do you know that they
killed a baby boy?
I don't know why...
Why they would do that.
Let me help you.
No, you get out of here.
You go sell your lies someplace else.
You just get out.
Get out!
Well, did you get them
on or what?
Construction zone over yonder.
You find us a truck with a
transmission that wouldn't fuck.
Spit it out, boy.
I am with you, sir.
I'm with you all the way.
Yeah, but?
Ricky's just made 17.
And he's got no priors.
And a good lawyer can get him off
pretty much Scot free right now.
And we wouldn't have to fight
over who rides in the truck.
I hear nobody fighting.
Of course not.
Ricky don't complain, dad.
And he'll do anything you say.
You tell him to jump,
he says, "how high, dad?"
Look, you could tell him, tell
the law, we're going one way
and we go another.
All right?
That buys us enough of a window
to get down to new Mexico.
A place where they ain't
even thinking about looking.
It's been on your mind a time.
I just don't want
Ricky getting hurt.
You think I don't
have love for that boy?
All of you?
You're the only ones
that matter to me.
You think you got it bad
with your old man?
Mine used to whip me.
Make me work in the fields
for nothing, day after day.
Fuck that.
I am getting what
was taken from me.
Let Ricky go.
I'd do anything you say,
as long as you let him go.
All right.
I'll sleep on it.
You did good coming to me.
So say nothing to those others.
Yes, sir.
What are we gonna do about
that truck?
I got no fucking idea.
Did you put out the fire?
We shouldn't leave that.
I'll do it.
What do we got going over here?
So, do we wanna take
the scenic route,
or should we go
through the city?
- Get back now.
- Fuck.
- Shut your face.
- Now.
- Okay.
- Get out of the Van.
Get out of the Van.
- Get in the back.
Take it easy, all right?
Shut up.
Please, sir, just let us go.
I got a couple
of hundred dollars
that we were given
as a wedding gift.
We just got married, okay.
Just take that and the Van
and let us go.
Please, let us go.
Like the worst fucking
honeymoon ever, huh?
Come on. Over there.
Go on.
You boys stay here.
We're going to deal
with that couple.
Won't be long.
Did you just call me
something other than "sir"?
This is our chance, Ricky.
Now we tie them up,
let him take them up north as
far as he can get in the truck.
Let 'em loose up there,
by then we're miles away.
Get back in the truck.
What are you fixing to do
with those people?
You can't keep me
in the dark anymore.
You listen to me.
You remember when you came
to me and told me
you wanted to drop out
of high school
and join the service,
you remember that?
Then you show me
that you can take orders
and get back in that truck.
They're good people.
They ain't no better than me,
or you.
Get back in truck.
Turn it off, Donnie.
Ray, we are getting
out of here right now.
Dad's lost his goddamn mind,
and that Greenawalt is a
piece of shit, all right.
You wanna stick around
for the killing?
He'll start with me.
Ray, don't.
Just put it down.
Dad says it was all
Randy's doing.
Dad didn't have nothing to
do with killing that family.
What is the matter
with you, ray?
You saw it with your own eyes.
What, you believe
everything he says? Huh?
Wake up, ray.
Dad isn't who you think he is.
Maybe he never was.
Turn off the truck, boy.
Step on out.
I mean, he is just
gonna tie him up.
He said he doesn't want us
talking when he is not around.
We are just talking.
And that's what he don't want.
Follow them.
Guess, he didn't say nothing
about not singing.
I like it here.
What do you think?
It's good. I like it.
Hey, let go of him.
Let go now.
Go on. Go on.
- You go over there.
- You got him.
- All right.
- I got her, all right.
Let's go, come on.
Let's go.
Come on, Donnie.
All right, go this way.
- Margene!
- Shut the fuck up.
Now go over there.
You don't have to do this.
Oh, my god.
Just stop right there, will you?
You wanna lay it down
right here, go ahead.
I'll ask you questions
one way or the other.
No, sir.
I am the only law
that you got to worry about.
The law of fathers over sons.
And there ain't no escaping
that but by this.
Come here.
Don't you ever...
Defy me again.
It's your last chance.
This is Cooper.
Who is this?
It's Marissa Fuller,
from flagstaff sun.
You wanted to see me?
Yeah, thank you for coming.
Oh, all right.
All right, thank you.
- Coffee?
- Oh, yes, thank you.
See a menu?
No, just coffee is fine, thanks.
So, what do you wanna say?
She is out of her mind.
Dorothy Tison?
I could've told you that.
I mean about the baby.
And other things, too.
I guess, but listen,
she really thinks
those boys got mixed up in this
without knowing the truth.
- Truth about what?
- About Gary.
I mean, those boys believed everything
they were ever fed about him.
Most of it by her,
ever since they were little.
And now, she is out of her mind.
What's this have to do
with anything?
I think I can get her to talk
them into turning themselves in.
What makes you think that?
She trusts me.
What, are you two
mother and daughter now?
Did I say something funny?
She is crazy.
But I don't think she wants
to see anybody else dead.
Least of all her boys.
I don't either.
All right.
Well, anything happens,
you holler.
What, that's it?
There's one more thing.
I'd hazard to say that
somebody as young as you
hasn't come across real evil
in their life,
like Gary Tison.
He is a charmer.
Lot of men are.
There's a ready smile
for everyone.
A handshake, everybody
knows his name,
but behind the handshake
and the smile is a dead thing.
Thing that has no heart.
Thing that...
Get whatever it wants
no matter the cost,
even if it's his own flesh
and blood.
And a man like that
is a danger to everybody.
Now this family...
Seen your paper?
They paid a pretty heavy price.
And it's on me to see
that nobody else
has to pay Tison's debt
but Tison himself.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, well, don't be.
It's just...
I didn't know.
Yeah, well...
Now you do.
What are you doing?
What's wrong?
Can't sleep.
What time is it?
It's almost midnight.
Forget it. I got to go
by the house.
That's not safe.
You said so yourself.
I just got to stop by
for a minute, grab something.
Ain't gonna stay there.
- I am coming with you.
- Don't.
Would you just leave me
to do what I need to do?
I said, I am coming.
Pull over.
That's that son of a bitch
Joe's house.
Stay put.
What's the matter, boy?
You all quiet.
You scared?
You're scared, ain't you?
You're scared as a fucking fish.
You guys know what a fish is?
A joint.
Did you ever hear your dad
talk about that, a fish?
Fish is a newbie, a first timer.
Like this one.
Wide eyed and fucking scared.
You having a stroke
or something?
Why aren't we moving?
- Oh, my god.
- Shut up.
Just because you're driving
you ain't the boss, you know.
Just so you know, I saw you.
Blowing chunks out there
by that girl.
What are you doing?
You're gonna get us killed.
You stupid son of a bitch.
Shut the fuck up, for Christ...
Just let me think.
I was kinda hoping
your dad will put you down.
- When you were out there.
- Go!
We gotta get outta here.
Can't win 'em all though.
Scared little fishy.
Wants to swim way.
Swim away, little fishy.
Was he there?
He holed up somewhere
like the coward that he is.
Let's go.
He's probably at a fucking bar.
Randy, you get up front,
I am going to ride in
the back with my boys.
Donnie, you take us downtown
and we'll see what we can see.
Hey, it's me.
You heard something?
I just wanna talk.
You got a cigarette?
I just want to help.
Help me?
Just like I said,
get a little schooling in you.
Little book smart with your
words and your story telling,
you think you sit
at god's right hand.
Doling out help to the helpless.
Well, you don't know,
you can't see,
but you got no help to give.
You're just like the rest of us.
If you got a cigarette,
I'll take that.
Otherwise, you can help yourself
right back out to you car.
When did you start smoking
my brand?
I hope your boys come home.
Where you going?
Far from you.
I hope your night
is good and quiet.
Hold on, you got a call.
- Cooper.
- He's here, goddammit.
In a two tone Ford Econoline,
looking for me.
What, say what now?
I went to my house and that son
of a bitch was waiting for me,
like I said.
You promised to keep me safe.
All right, you stay where I
put you. You understand?
We'll take care of this.
Son of a bitch
is on his way home.
Get Ketchum on the horn,
get the roadblocks up,
and have every lawman
from Maricopa
to Pima county up and out of
bed in the next 15 minutes.
Yeah, yellow
Ford pick up, right?
Scratch that, you're looking
for two tone Econoline Van
with Texas plates.
Copy that.
All right, I am heading up
back to the block.
Just let me know
if something comes through.
All right.
Okay, all right.
It's a family.
Bring 'em on, through.
Come on.
All right, come on.
Got a station wagon
with a family
ahead of the rest
coming your way.
Blood calls to blood.
How's that?
That's what you said.
Maybe if you think real hard
you'll know where uncle Joe is.
Maybe he is just
a crock of shit.
I'll have someone to take care of your
uncle Joe once we are safe down in Mexico.
Maybe I'll come back
and do him my own damn self.
Right now, we're headed
to the border, boys.
Something's coming up here.
Head's up. On your toe.
Oh, Christ. Dad.
It's a barricade.
Now, how the fuck did they know?
Brace yourself, boys.
What's he doing?
Steady, boys.
All right, listen to me.
- Listen to me.
- Dad, there's no use, dad.
- Listen to me.
- We are not getting through that barricade.
You ready right there, Randy?
I got 'em.
You got eyes on 'em?
Kill the vehicle.
- Dad, it's...
- Do what I say.
There is no way we're making
through that...
Just hold your fucking mud
and listen to me.
Do what I say.
You're a fucking Tison.
Punch in. Punch in.
Punch in, goddammit, go!
- Damn! Anybody hit?
- -I'm all right.
- Go, go, go.
- Move, move, move.
- Come on.
- There's shots fired.
- Let's go.
- I repeat. Shots fired.
Brown Van with unknown
number of passengers
coming your way in five minutes.
Do you copy?
Get back here.
Get back here, Randy.
Go faster!
I am going as fast as I can.
Gun it, goddammit!
There is another
road block, dad.
Go! Go!
He ain't stopping.
Open up!
We're gonna make it, Ricky. I won't
let anything happen to you...
I am sorry, Rick.
I didn't keep you safe.
You did, Donnie.
You did.
Come on.
Leave it, boy.
Every man for himself.
- Gary!
- Dad?
Come on, we got to run.
What about Donnie?
- I am going with daddy.
- Shit.
What about Donnie?
I am going with daddy.
Oh, fuck.
- Hold.
- Freeze.
- Get him. Get him.
- I got it.
Get down!
Stay down!
- How many you got?
- I got two.
Don't make yourself the target.
You two, out
of the fucking Van, now!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
- John, did you...
- Yeah, I just...
Just brought him in.
Six people.
Little boy,
three women and two men.
Not to mention the Tison boy.
That make seven.
It's on my watch.
You did everything you could.
Did I?