Last Scene Alive: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2018) Movie Script

Sorry, I forgot which way
I'm supposed to turn.
Ok, that's a cut on rehearsal.
Everett, you're going
to the right.
Ok, towards our heroine,
ready to push her through
the break away railing.
Ok. Alright, got it.
Sorry, guys.
Ok, that's what rehearsals
are for.
Ok, just- we fight here.
And then we go over here
and she throws me over.
Glad it's a stunt man
and not me, right?
Everybody, are we all happy?
How's the shot looking?
Will, can you give Celia
the heads up?
We're shooting in 10 minutes.
You got it.
No, no.
No, no, no.
I- we already budgeted for those
flowers in the wedding scene.
Well, I don't care if
they're not in season.
How you doing, Taylor?
Hey, Will.
I didn't know you were
on the schedule today.
I thought you knew everything
that goes on around here.
Miss Shaw? Mr. Parker
wants you on set.
Celia, it's Will.
I'm coming in.
Somebody help!
Something's wrong
with Celia!
Call 911!
Our mystery section
is right over here.
If you like the classics
we have Agatha Christie,
very intricate mysteries.
If you like something
more contemporary,
Charlaine Harris is fabulous.
What about that mystery writer
who lived here in Lawrenceton
for a while?
Oh, Robin Daniels,
he is my favourite.
If you really wanna dig
into mysteries
you should consider coming
to the Real Murders Club.
We have a meeting tonight.
Would you excuse me
for a moment?
Oh, go.
Sorry to interrupt you here
at work.
No, you're never
an interruption.
Um, I'm afraid I can't make
dinner tonight after all.
Yeah, unfortunately I got
a message
from a CIA colleague
and he hinted at some bad news
about my old partner.
Oh, the one that's like
a brother to you?
Yeah, Rex.
So I've gotta make
some calls tonight,
see if I can figure out
what is going on.
Yeah, of course.
But you know, you could have
just called me
and left a voice message.
Oh, big fan of your
voice mail message
but I'll take the real you
any day.
Sorry about tonight.
I better get a rain cheque.
You get two.
And you have two weeks.
Thank you.
Martin cancelled dinner
with me tonight.
And you're telling me
this why?
It's called sharing.
Well, you may continue then.
Well, at least I can have dinner
at home with my mother.
Ah, you're still living
with Aida?
Sometimes I regret taking
that offer on my house.
Selling that house was one of
your more intelligent decisions.
The odds of turning up
dead there are much higher than
the statistical average.
I don't see why you regret it.
Yeah, that house was starting
to feel cursed.
Although I wish I had lined up
a place to live
before I sold it.
With such a good offer out
of the blue why would you wait?
Lillian, could you imagine
living with your mother again?
Hi, mother.
I thought you were having dinner
with Martin tonight.
He had to cancel.
So I was hoping that I could
take you to dinner
before the Real Murders Club
I don't need you to babysit me.
I'm not going to collapse
because John wanted
to move closer to
his grandchildren.
Oh, mother.
We both know that the only
reason John moved
was because you wouldn't
marry him.
John Queensland is a lovely man
and I really enjoyed
our time together but I just
never saw him as my husband.
Oh, but here.
This is a new listing I think
that you will really like.
Nice. I like this neighbourhood.
Can we go see it now?
No, I haven't got time.
I'm showing rentals to a movie
director who's coming to town.
Yeah, he's gonna be here
for a couple of months.
Why would a movie director
wanna stay here?
I can't say.
What about dinner?
I've made plans.
But I'm sure you'll find
something in the fridge.
And maybe a way to keep
the crumbs off the table.
It was two crumbs!
One time!
Hello, again.
Mr. Weir, right?
Please, call me Will.
Ms. Teagarden.
Joel Parker.
We meet at last.
Mr. Parker.
I had no idea meeting me
was so high on the list.
Well, I had Will do
some research
on real estate agents
in the area
and you seemed to be in
a class all by yourself.
Much like this town, actually.
It's in a class of its own.
It's absolutely gorgeous.
So, you think you can find me
a nice place to stay?
I always do.
Well, thank you.
Let's go.
So glad you decided to join
the club again, Arthur.
Oh, it's nice to be back.
Thank you, Madam Mayor.
It's good to have a law
enforcement angle
represented in our discussions.
Yeah, how does Lynn feel
about it?
I know she isn't a fan of
real murders.
Yes, which might be why I never
mentioned it to her.
A man has to protect the
serenity of his pregnant wife.
Man, it is so strange to have
this meeting without John.
Yeah, he was one of
the founding members.
I'm looking forward
to Sally talking about
this Chinatown trunk
murder tonight.
Oh, actually Sally had
to leave town to cover
the Peterson story,
but I think Perry Dell's
gonna fill in for her.
Oh, no. I can't tonight.
Perry, don't you look spiffy.
Yeah, Sally got him a job
at the paper.
Yes, it was my idea.
He did some writing on
the youth mentor newsletter
I edit for the city.
I was pretty impressed.
Wow, Perry.
A man of many talents.
And you clean up pretty nice,
Oh, thanks.
I borrowed my dad's jacket just
in time for my first interview.
Hey, uh, I need to have
this story in tonight.
Can I give you Sally's stuff?
Yes, of course.
So Perry, who, uh, who are
you interviewing?
Oh, I brought him with me.
He used to be in the club.
Hi, Ro.
Robin Daniels.
You didn't tell me you were
coming to town.
I wanted to surprise you.
And of course I arrive on the
day of a Real Murders meeting.
Hi, everyone.
I wish I could stay but I've got
this interview and photos
and all kinds of stuff.
Ok, but- but why are you here?
It's a long story.
Let's get together tomorrow.
I'll tell you everything.
Ok, I'll be at work.
Perfect. I'll come
by the library.
Hey, Perry. You ready to go?
It's good to see you, Ro.
You look great.
He's pretty famous, right?
Pretty famous.
He's also being
pretty mysterious.
Alright, that's the last
of them.
Do you need any more help?
Oh, no. I've got it.
I'll lock up.
Ok, 'night, Ro.
Hey, Martin.
Oh, in a day full of surprises
this one's my favourite.
I couldn't let the day end
without seeing you again.
Oh, did you find out any news
about your old partner?
Not yet.
I've got a bunch of feelers out
there, I should know more soon.
You're not gonna ask me your
usual 50 questions about it?
Sorry, um... we had an
unexpected visitor tonight
at our meeting.
Robin Daniels.
Oh, the writer you dated?
Oh, we went out a few times,
I wouldn't call it dating.
Well, whatever you call it,
I hope he didn't come back
to town to ask you out again.
No. If anything,
I think I was more of
an afterthought for him.
Aurora Teagarden,
an afterthought?
Come over for coffee?
It's a little late, are you sure
your mother won't object?
Not if you're a good boy.
Scout's honour.
You never were a scout,
were you?
"A movie based on the book
Whimsical Murder
"by bestselling author
Robin Daniels will be shot in
"and around Lawrenceton
starting next Monday.
"According to Daniels,
Lawrenceton is the inspiration
"for the story's setting".
The last thing we need
is Hollywood
descending on us creating
who knows what mayhem.
If Robin Daniels
likes Lawrenceton
it's a funny way to show it.
Lillian, we should be happy
for Robin and his success.
That's good of you to say, Ro.
And Lillian, great
to see you again.
Hello, Robin.
I am happy for you.
Your first book to be turned
into a movie?
And maybe my last.
It's all been a bit maddening.
Well, why is it that I've never
heard of "Whimsical Murder"?
I sold the rights when it
was still in manuscript form,
and then I got hired to write
the script.
Now they're rushing
the movie into production
so it'll come out just
after the book.
Well, why wouldn't you just
call me and tell me all this
before you came to town?
I wanted to tell you in person.
The main character in the book
is inspired by you.
I named her Adelaide.
She's a mystery-solving
I guess you got a hold of
my imagination, Ro.
Of course, I told the actress
playing Adelaide
about you and she wants
to meet you.
Says she'd love to come by
the library tomorrow
if that's alright.
Oh, um... I- I don't know if
Lillian would like that very-
I just got a call from the movie
production company.
They want to rent out
the library
and shoot some scenes here.
They said I can be
in the movie.
Well, I guess that solves
that problem.
So the lead character
is based on you?
Yeah, I'm a little bit flattered
and a little bit uncomfortable.
But everyone else seems
to be really happy
that the movie is in town
and Perry got Robin to give him
a little part in the movie
so he could write what it's like
being in a production
for the paper.
Perry Dell, a writer
and an actor.
Ro, we were just talking
about you.
This is Joel Parker,
the director.
I finally get to meet
Robin's muse.
Oh, yeah. Hi.
And this is her accomplished
beau, Martin Vartel.
[phone ringing]
Joel Parker.
I'm so sorry, I have
to take this.
You know what?
I should call Will, get him
to bring a car around.
You know, you two
should drop by set.
I promise you,
you'd have a great time.
I find him incredibly charming.
Are you here on a date?
Would it be so surprising
if he'd asked me out?
Oh, no, of course not. I-
No, I'm- I'm not ready to jump
into the dating pool just yet.
No, um, Joel liked the house
I found him so much
that he's asked me to find
other locations.
I'm a... location scout.
You're the last person I thought
would get all swept up
in this Hollywood hoopla.
I guess it's the lure
of the exotic.
I'm so sorry.
I've gotta get back
to my computer
and I gotta make
some calls.
Is everything ok?
My contact just told me
he's been briefed that Rex
has gone missing while
on assignment.
Oh oh, I'm so sorry.
Yes, go.
Of course.
I'll get something to go.
There we go.
And you don't have to stamp
a return date in the book?
No, patrons check the due dates
online now, silly.
That's not very cinematic,
is it?
That's her.
Aurora Teagarden.
I'm so happy to meet you.
Ro, this is Celia Shaw.
I'm playing you.
Well, movie you.
What do you think?
Do I look the part?
I'm checking out some of Robin's
books for my trailer.
You think I would have read one
when we were going out.
Oh, you two dated?
Just for a couple months.
Coincidentally, Celia got the
role while they were dating.
You're only saying that
because you're jealous
you didn't get the part.
Aurora, this is Meredith.
She plays the reporter.
The librarian's best friend.
Oh. Let me guess,
based on Sally?
Hey, why don't you come by
the production office?
I'll give you a copy
of the script.
Oh, I'm not sure
I wanna read it.
Oh, but you have to.
Then we can talk and you can
give me insight
into my character.
Can you show me how you do
your research?
Stupid heels.
I didn't mean for you to get
dragged into helping
on this production.
Celia, she just wants to do
a good job.
Yeah, ok.
You should have seen it.
It was so obvious she had
no idea what she was doing.
But it's not my job to tell her
how to do her job.
It was so ridiculous.
Are you the receptionist?
No, I'm Ellen Post.
This is my production.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm Aurora Teagarden.
The Aurora Teagarden.
Yeah, I guess.
I came by to see
Robin Daniels?
Well, he's uh, just finishing
off a meeting
but you're more than welcome
to wait for him over there,
Miss Teagarden.
Thank you.
Are you here to write
another story for the paper?
Yeah, sorta.
I'm waiting for Arthur.
Wha- what's he doing here?
Oh, they hired him as a
consultant for the cop scenes.
He's supposed to help me
with my part.
You're gonna be a cop?
Two scenes. I've even got
a line in one.
Hey, what's so funny?
No, nothing.
So even our detectives have been
bitten by the movie bug?
Yeah, pretty cool stuff.
Like this whole craft
service thing.
Have you heard about this?
They keep this constant supply
of food here all the time,
even here at the production
Mmm, those cinnamon rolls
smell good.
Do you mind if I have one?
Oh, please do.
It drives me crazy when
too much food is left over
at the end of the day.
Oh, a Robin Daniels fan?
How'd you know?
Oh, I'm addicted to his books.
It's killing me I haven't been
able to read
"Whimsical Murder" yet.
I'm hoping I get to take a peek
at the script.
I haven't read it, either.
You haven't read the script
inspired by you
in your mind for murder?
Wait, you're her?
The real life crime-solving
Yep, that's her.
I have read the script
and there's also a character
based on Sally.
You know, I was a little
offended there wasn't one
based on me.
There isn't a detective?
It is a murder mystery.
Oh, no.
There is, but he's sorta dim,
so, you know,
obviously not me.
Oh hey, speaking of which,
I gotta ask you
about something.
So what's up?
What're you doing here?
I thought you said something
about not being impressed
by all this Hollywood hoopla.
Robin asked me to come by, but
I admit I was a little curious.
My daughter, curious?
How unusual for you.
No! I look ridiculous!
That horrible wardrobe woman
is trying
to make people laugh at me.
Celia, please.
Just calm--
Don't yell at me.
I bet you she's the one.
The one that's been watching me
through my window.
It's ok. It's ok.
Celia, look. Look
at this picture, ok?
See how gorgeous you look?
I thought it was
a different colour.
Silly me.
I'm so sorry.
See what I'm dealing with?
So, are we happy?
(Celia): Yes.
Oh, I'm so glad you're here.
Hello, Aurora.
Oh, I just dropped by to go over
the location photos.
That would be perfect.
I... I just need a moment.
Can you wait?
Sure, of course.
Excellent, thank you.
Good to see you, Aurora.
Sure you're ok?
Yes, sir.
Ellen, come on upstairs.
He's mad at me, isn't he?
He'll get over it.
Someone really has been
watching me.
Why doesn't anyone
believe me?
You're done for the day,
Why don't you and I go grab
a coffee or something?
That sounds nice.
I'll just go change.
Actresses can be temperamental.
Well, I don't think that was
normal actress behaviour.
I hope not.
It wasn't.
Everyone knows Celia's
gonna ruin this movie.
Just wonder when someone's
gonna do something about it.
Oh, I drove by that house,
the new listing,
I really liked it.
And if I can drag
my mother away
from her location
scouting tomorrow
do you wanna come by
and see it with us?
Where'd you go?
I'm sorry, I'll come back.
Are you still worried
about Rex?
I worked along side him
for years.
He seemed indestructible.
I find it really difficult
to believe
that he could have
been kidnapped.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I'm trying not to obsess
about it.
Obsession's your middle name.
And it should be your first name
and your last name.
Just tell me what you're
up to today.
Well, today's the first day
of shooting "Whimsical Murder",
so I told Robin I'd stop
by the set
and give him my thoughts
on the script.
Which are?
Robin's a really good writer
but this mystery
isn't a very good one.
I figured out right
in the beginning
that the son-in-law
was the murderer.
Well, you are kinda special
that way.
Yeah, but then the ending, the
killer confronts the librarian
in this old abandoned mine
and she's just so passive.
I see.
Well, you are anything
but passive, Miss Teagarden.
Come in.
Oh, uh... sorry to interrupt.
I just wanted to...
I'll come back later.
So it's true?
You hang out with Celia
last night?
Only 'til 11:00.
We were just talking.
And drinking, I'm sure.
No, no.
Celia doesn't drink.
Then why can't she ever
remember her lines?
Why does she have to rehearse
every scene over and over?
Because I'm a professional
and I like to rehearse
every scene until
I get it perfect.
Celia, honey, you know I didn't
mean anything by that, right?
I'll go tell Joel you're ready
to run some lines.
Thank you.
I was just uh...
Excuse me, Miss Shaw?
Perry Dell from
the "Lawrenceton Times."
I was wondering if
you have a minute,
maybe I can get an interview?
I'm sorry, I don't.
Maybe today after
we're done shooting?
That whole "I'm a professional"
That was real acting.
You can interview me
if you want.
Hey, Perry.
You ready for those
handcuff lessons?
I'll catch you later, ok?
Oh, hey Taylor.
I'm looking for Robin Daniels,
have you seen him?
I wish.
Oh, do you have any
of those cinnamon rolls?
No, but how about some
banana bread?
You're friends with Robin,
aren't you?
Uh, mostly email friends now,
but yeah.
Do you think you could
introduce me?
I mean, I've met him sort of.
I've given him his lunch
twice now,
but I haven't met him,
met him.
Oh, sure.
I bet he'd be really happy
to know that you're-
A big fan of his.
Thanks. I really wanna get him
to sign my book.
[phone ringing]
Oh, speak of the devil.
Hey, Robin.
Yeah, I'm at Craft Services.
Uh-huh. Ok, I'll wait.
Oh, um... ok, if Robin gets here
before I come back
will you tell him I'm running
to my car to get the script?
Yeah, of course.
No, you wanna bring it down
with a snap, ok?
Like this.
It's harder than it looks.
Hey, Arthur?
Say you're trying to cuff him
and he tries to bolt.
Well, you try to avoid that
by getting a feel
for whether the suspect
is cooperating.
If not, you wanna get him down
on the ground first,
then cuff him.
Ok, but say he tries
to bolt anyway.
Then what, do you
chase him down?
Draw your weapon?
I only draw my weapon
as a last resort.
Why do you ask?
Well, I have this script
I'm trying to direct.
Yeah, and I have
a cop character.
Oh, just one sec.
Yeah, go for it. Will.
Done like a pro.
Well, not exactly.
Copy that.
Everett? Joel needs you for,
uh, blocking.
Oh, no, I'm gonna...
there we go.
Alright, here we go.
Ok buddy, scene's not
'til after lunch.
Hey, who's he playing?
Detective Jones.
Oh. The one based
on me?
Yeah, that's you.
Ok, let's do some more work
on those handcuffs.
And get it right this time.
You just arrested yourself,
First day of shooting
and we're already an hour
behind schedule.
Guess who's fault that is.
You know, my mother
always said
jealousy is not a very
attractive quality.
Well, my mother always
told me to tell the truth.
[phone ringing]
Wait, Robin, I'm supposed-
Yeah, scene 67.
Good with the shot? Alright.
Will, can you give Celia
the 10-minute warning, please?
Yes, sir.
No, no.
No, no, no.
We already budgeted
for those flowers
for the wedding scene.
Well, I don't care if
they're not in season.
Oh, Lynn.
Hey. Looking for Arthur?
And I should be telling
you this why?
I'm just making conversation.
That's ok.
How's the baby?
The baby's fine.
This movie production is giving
me all sorts of headaches.
Parking problems,
traffic issues.
I get it.
It must be hard to be
chief of police.
It's nothing I can't handle,
I just need to find the producer
of this whole circus.
What's her name?
Ellen Post.
Oh, there's Robin.
I'm sure he can help you
find her.
Somebody help!
Something's wrong
with Celia!
Call 911!
Step aside! Police!
She's dead.
It's an actress
from the movie.
No, I don't know
which one.
Celia Shaw.
Celia Shaw.
You need to leave
my crime scene.
I need a forensics team
out here right away.
I need to check her pulse.
I'm sorry. She's gone.
What happened?
Robin, Celia's dead.
I think someone murdered her.
What'd you do to her?
What'd you do to her?
What'd you do?!
What did you do to her?!
Back off!
He did something to her!
He did something!
He was jealous that Celia wanted
me and not him!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
You're crazy.
You need to calm down
right now so you can help us
figure out what happened
to your friend.
Can you do that?
You're gonna go
with Detective Smith
and you're gonna answer
his questions.
Come on, let's go.
You are gonna go sit by
the food table
where we can see you
and don't move
until we have a chance
to talk to you.
Ro, I need you to sit tight
until we have a chance
to get your statement.
And please, please at least
try to stay out of our way.
Are you ok?
Yeah, I'm ok.
I just heard.
I can't believe it.
The lead actress on this movie
was murdered
in broad daylight?
And apparently all kinds
of people saw her
less than an hour before.
Do you think that means...
Somebody on this movie
probably killed her.
This is horrible.
I'm just stunned.
I guess we're just gonna have to
shut down production for now.
Of course, of course.
I just- I don't wanna lose
the crew, right?
No. No, of course not.
Look, it's hard to even imagine
going on
but our investors are gonna
want us to get back
as soon as we can.
Hey, Perry.
I need you to write down
everything you have seen
and heard today on the set, ok?
Even if you think it's small.
Got it.
It's just so unfair.
She was so sweet.
What's with her?
She must have been close
to the victim.
That's the thing, she couldn't
stand Celia.
Wait, I saw her knocking
at the door.
That's why you need
to write this all down.
These are all clues
as to how Celia died.
Hey, did you see?
I talked to Robin Daniels.
I gave him some chamomile tea.
It's really soothing.
Ok, that's great.
Listen, do you remember giving
me banana bread?
I need to know, did you see
Meredith actually go inside
Celia's trailer
around that time?
Remember we saw
her knocking.
Yeah, I remember seeing
her knocking.
But you didn't see
her actually go inside?
I thought you agreed
to stay out of the way.
I was just asking-
We will question the witnesses,
not all of you.
Ro, I think it's time
for you to go.
But I thought you told me
to stay-
Arthur will come and track you
down as soon as he's ready.
Go home.
Madam Mayor.
Chief, I'd like to get an update
on the situation.
Kicked off the set, huh?
Keep your eyes and ears
open today.
You know it.
Gotta go.
I don't know,
about half an hour.
I was in the car on the phone
with my publisher
talking about an option clause
in the contract.
Do you normally conduct calls
with your agent in your car?
No, no.
That's just where I happen
to have a copy of the contract.
Ok, well I will have to confirm
that with your agent.
Listen, um, we'll probably have
more questions.
I'm sure I don't have
to tell you,
don't leave town.
I'll be here.
Listen, even though Celia and I
only dated a few weeks,
I really cared about her.
I don't know why Will said
what he said.
I just wanted her to be happy.
So you were in Celia's trailer
together at 9:45,
are you sure about
the time?
Yeah, I was keeping track
of the time
because we were
running behind.
Yeah, and you even spilled
coffee on your sleeve
when you handed it to her.
We just wanted to go over
a scene that we were gonna
shoot later on in the day and
then I had to get back to set.
You were with Celia
for how long?
Fifteen minutes? Twenty, tops?
How did she seem to you?
Same as always.
A lot of nervous laughter,
you know?
Celia had insecurities.
She required a lot
of hand-holding.
But then most actors do.
I even had her in my trailer
just to calm her
first day jitters.
So nothing seemed
out of the ordinary
during your time with her?
She mention any calls
or anyone she planned
to meet up with
or talk to?
No, it was pretty much
run of the mill.
We ran the lines
and then we told her
we'd see her back on set.
I assume you have a list of
all the cast and crew members
who were on set today?
I do.
Please, follow me.
Joel, I came as soon
as I heard.
I am so sorry.
Is there anything I can do?
I don't know what happened.
I mean, she was literally
20 feet away
from dozens of people.
Oh, my heart breaks for
that poor girl and her family.
And of course for you
and your lovely movie-
Thank you, but you know, this
is not a sentimental business
and we'll probably halt
production for a few days
and see what we can do
for Celia's family
but the movie will go on.
I don't see how it could
without your lead actress.
Oh, we'd just re-cast.
Hey, speaking of which,
sit down.
You gotta see this.
Did I show you the person I
cast as the librarian's mother?
Look at this.
As soon as I met you I knew
I had to cast a real beauty.
Thank you.
I think it's a perfect fit.
Your mother called to tell me
what happened
down at the movie set.
Are you alright?
Yeah, I'm- I'm fine.
I'm just- I'm worried
about Robin.
Well, he is so upset
about all of this.
Well, uh, you don't seem
fine yourself.
Well, it's very unsettling.
Not only was someone killed
but that someone was supposed
to play a character
based on me.
Yeah, I read the script.
It's all fiction, right?
Oh, you mean the ending?
The handsome mystery writer
based on Robin
falls in love with the beautiful
librarian based on you,
and he asks her to marry him?
Martin, it is definitely
Robin and I went out a few times
and we laughed
but it was never serious.
It was never love.
You are the only man
I have ever loved.
Stay for dinner?
I'd love to.
I hope Martin enjoyed dinner.
He seemed a little distracted.
Well, one of his best friends
from his CIA days went missing.
That's terrible.
He must be frantic.
He's very concerned, but
Martin doesn't do frantic,
and he's doing all he can
to help from here.
That man takes care of
the people he loves.
Yes, he does.
Alright darling, I'm gonna go
read my book.
I'll see you in the morning.
What, you don't wanna inspect
my work,
make sure there are no crumbs?
I trust you. Goodnight.
- Right?
- Right.
Okay, yeah, Joel said he
wants the ropes uh,
in the warehouse scene...
Got any mustard?
Oh, yeah. Over here.
Perry Dell, are you skulking?
Uh, no, Ms. Teagarden,
I'm reporting.
I'm actually waiting
to interview the director
but a good reporter always keeps
his ear to the ground,
if you know what I mean.
You've clearly been around
my daughter too much.
You Real Murders Club people
always skulk.
I've told Joel ten times now.
I know all Adelaide's lines,
I could do the part.
If he would just let me do
one scene, he'd see.
Give it up already.
This is why you're never gonna
make it big and I am.
Because I never give up.
[message alert]
Press conference?
Excuse me.
Robin, what're you
doing here?
Arthur asked me to come by
and sign my statement
when I had a moment.
Looks like I picked
the worst time, though.
Anyone here for
the press conference,
right this way please.
Or the best time.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Ah, no press credentials,
no entry.
No, isn't the public
supposed to-
Press only.
Thank you, Perry.
Go ahead.
Ok, yep.
I know another door.
Alright, everyone.
Let's settle.
We're gonna get started.
The coroner has ruled
the official cause
of Miss Shaw's death
to be cardiac arrest
from a lethal dose of the
sleeping medication Sonazepam.
Excuse me.
Yes, Perry?
Uh, so you're saying it wasn't
murder after all?
She just overdosed on
her own sleeping pills?
No, we found high amounts of
the drug in her coffee cup
which lead us to believe she was
ingesting it unknowingly.
She also suffered blunt force
trauma to the head
from a crystal lamp
which we found at her feet.
The blow was most
likely post-mortem.
Yes, Perry? Again?
So someone tried to kill her
two different ways?
That's correct.
It appears the assailant wanted
to make sure
the victim was truly dead.
This action will inform the
psychological profile that-
Did she just say that Celia
was killed by something
in her coffee?
I thought it was trauma
to the head.
Actually, both.
Oh, Arthur, I'm sorry.
I know-
Shh. It's ok.
What about physical evidence?
Things left at the scene?
Fingerprints, things
of that nature?
We have found fingerprints
in Miss Shaw's trailer
that belonged to
several individuals
connected with
the production.
We're still in the process
of figuring out exactly
where each of them
came from.
Yes, Perry?
Oh, I bet they find fingerprints
from Joel Parker
and Ellen Post.
I'd lay money on Will Weir,
I think that's why he was trying
to point the finger at me,
take suspicion off of himself.
Arthur, why are you standing
here with us and not up
at the podium with Lynn?
Yeah, aren't you supposed to be
the lead investigator
on this case?
I um, had to recuse myself.
What? Why?
Well, one because I was being
paid by the movie production
as a consultant and two
because my prints
were also found
in Celia's trailer.
I went in to ask her for an
autograph...for my sister.
Oh, I bet Lynn wasn't too happy
about that.
No, she wasn't.
She really wasn't.
Thank you, that is all
for now.
It's kinda like old times,
isn't it?
Us turning up clues.
We made a good team
back then.
Yeah, we did.
And look, I know Vartel makes
you happy and believe me,
that makes me happy.
Oh, Martin, what a surprise.
Arthur, I'd like to share
some information
about Celia Shaw's murder.
Oh, well I'm not working
the case anymore
so you'll have to give
your information to Lynn.
Alright, happy to do that.
You're gonna wanna
hear this, too.
So will this take care
of the permits we need
to be able to shoot in the park
and the library?
It should.
I'm sorry to interrupt your
lunch but I wanted a chance
to assure you that our police
department is working
day and night to find out
what happened to Celia.
And to make sure that your set
will be a safe place to work.
Diana Weldon's agent called,
wants to know if we're
gonna make her an offer today.
It's nearly two.
Two? That means I missed
the press conference.
The one the police did
about Celia?
It was just on
in the break room.
Yeah, it was pretty rough,
the way they were talking
about her.
How she died.
What did they say?
Um, I guess her heart stopped
from too many sleeping pills.
Sleeping pills?
What kind of sleeping pills?
Sonaz... something.
They didn't say Sonazepam,
did they?
The sleeping pills
that I keep in my bag.
They're gone.
Ok, I have said all I need
to say about this
at the press conference.
We're looking at a number
of people.
But there's only one person
Celia dumped.
Celia didn't dump me.
It was a mutual parting.
We remained friends afterwards.
I was talking to my CIA contact
about something different.
I had him run a background check
on Robin Daniels.
It turns out Celia called
the police on Robin
while they were dating.
That was a misunderstanding.
It was a pretty big one
if she felt the need
to call the police.
What are you implying?
My point is, Lynn, that Robin
should be at the top
of your suspect list.
Are you kidding?
I think you probably killed
Celia and until we know for sure
I suggest you stay far away
from Aurora.
Ok, Martin, it's not that
I don't appreciate
this information on Robin.
But we already knew about
Celia's call to the cops.
What? I'm here as a concerned
citizen, just like them.
You are not an unbiased source.
Pointing a finger at
your girlfriend's ex-
Woah, woah, woah.
First off, Robin is not my ex
and Martin is not
the jealous type.
I don't think.
Thanks for the vote
of confidence.
And Celia was not afraid
of Robin,
I saw them at the library
and the way she was
teasing him-
I'm waiting for Robin's agent
to call me back.
If she can verify his alibi
for the half hour
within which we know
the murder took place
and his phone records match,
then his past with Celia is
gonna become a moot point.
Until then, out of my station,
all of you.
That's right.
Especially you.
Listen, I know that
you wanna protect me-
Let's not discuss it here, ok?
We can talk it through
at dinner.
In the meantime, please stay
away from that guy.
Martin's just watching out
for me.
I can respect that.
Hey. It is time for the Real
Murders Club
to get back to work.
You still in?
You bet.
Lynn, wait.
There's something I should
probably tell you
about my alibi.
Perry and I were both on the set
during the time of murder.
Yeah, and I was there, too.
I'm kinda surprised to hear
this now.
Just 'cause I can't investigate
this in a police capacity
doesn't mean I'm sitting
this one out.
I'm back in Real Murders
and I wanna help
and I also wanna make sure you
all don't get in Lynn's way.
That's a fine line you'll be
walking, detective.
I'd say you're balancing
on a thin line yourself,
Madam Mayor.
Ok guys, we know that
someone drugged Celia's coffee
that morning
so the first question is
who gave her the coffee?
Oh, that would be Joel Parker.
He brought her a cup of coffee
when he and the producer
went into Celia's trailer to do
some kind of rehearsal.
So where'd he get
the coffee?
He said his assistant fetched it
for him, Will Weir.
Who also found her body.
I think I know where the drug
came from.
Ellen, the producer, says
her sleeping pills were missing
from her purse.
And yes, Lynn knows.
I told her.
Does she know who took
the pills from her purse?
She said repeatedly
it could be anyone,
to the point I started wondering
if she was protesting too much.
Right, but with three people
in the trailer it'd be hard
for her to slip something in the
coffee without being noticed.
Well, still not impossible.
But then there's the problem
of who had the opportunity
to go back to the trailer
to hit Celia?
Ellen Post can account
for every moment
after she left that trailer,
and so can the other two
who left fingerprints behind.
Joel Parker and Will Weir.
No, Will was in there
a good 60 seconds alone
when he found her body
so he could have hit her.
You said you saw Meredith
knocking on the trailer
before the body was found.
And Meredith had a motive.
She wanted Celia's part bad.
She was bragging
that she had memorized
all her character's lines
before Celia was killed.
And, Ro, Robin can't be
ruled out.
He's an ex of Celia's and she
did call the cops on him
saying she feared he might
hurt her.
I know he swears it was
a misunderstanding, but...
Robin has an alibi and
if anyone's gonna find out
something more about Robin
it's gonna be Martin
so I think that we should
just concentrate
on these four people and see
what we can find out about them.
Alright, well I'm still working
as a consultant on the movie,
I can try and get
a handle on Will.
And Meredith offered to let
me interview her for a story.
I'm sure I can come up with
a reason to talk to Ellen again.
Yeah, and I'll start
with my mother,
see if I can get any inside
information about Joel Parker.
She's on a location scout
with him.
Aurora, I really appreciate
your filling the dishwasher
but next time do you think
you could rinse
the glasses a little bit better?
You know, before
you stack them?
If I didn't know any better I'd
think you were doing the dishes
with a book propped up, just
like when you were a teenager.
And you're not
acknowledging me,
just like when you were
a teenager.
Yes, mother.
I vow to be a better dish-rinser
in the future.
But I cannot stop thinking about
what you told me about Joel
already re-casting Celia's
part in only two days.
Yes, he said he's getting a lot
of pressure from his investors.
They want him
to resume shooting
so they're gonna be up in
production in a day or two.
Do you know who they got
to play the part?
Is it Meredith Wear?
No, it's um... Diana somebody.
But Joel also told me that
she was his first choice.
He thought Celia was unreliable
and that maybe
she'd ruin his movie.
Mother, do you know
what this means?
Joel Parker had a motive
for murdering Celia.
Oh, please.
Joel's the one that brought
her the coffee that morning.
And the police are saying
that that's how the overdose
of drugs got in her system.
Through the coffee.
No. Joel Parker's a lovely man.
I'm sure he'd do absolutely
no harm to his lead actress.
Oh, the lead actress he thought
could ruin his film?
Mother, you have to call
Lynn Smith and tell her
that Joel wanted
another actress.
[phone rings]
Right after I get this.
Hi, Perry.
Ok, so two minutes into
my interview with Meredith
the police show up.
They're bringing her
to the station now.
What? Why?
Apparently her fingerprints
were all over the lamp
used to hit Celia Shaw.
Hold on, she's waving at me.
I gotta go.
We'll have to do this interview
some other time, ok?
Oh yeah, no problem.
Oh, hey! You forgot your purse!
Perry, don't you do it.
It's Meredith's bag and I
can see a bottle of pills.
Whatever you see, it needs
to be legally obtained.
It doesn't need
your prints all over it.
I'll advise you again,
You have the right to have
your lawyer look this over.
I don't need a lawyer because
I'm telling you the truth.
Celia didn't answer
when I knocked.
I was never in her trailer
that day.
You can ask Everett.
He- he came up to me when
I was waiting at the door.
And I- I really did give her
that lamp as a gift,
that's the reason my
fingerprints are on it.
Ok, I didn't like her.
That doesn't mean that I didn't
want her to like me.
We'll check your credit card
see if we can verify
the purchase.
Arthur, you know you're not
supposed to be here.
That's my backpack.
Well, maybe she can explain
to you
why there's an empty bottle
of sleeping pills in it.
I lied about being on the phone
with my agent
at the time Celia was killed.
It was dumb to lie
and I admitted as much to Lynn.
Then why'd you do it?
Because I didn't wanna say
what I was really doing.
Which was?
Searching Will Weir's
hotel room.
I know, I know.
It's not honourable
but he'd been spending
so much time with Celia.
Then you were jealous.
No, it had nothing
to do with jealousy.
I just- I don't trust him.
There's a guy on the crew,
said he had a girlfriend
in LA
and I wanted to see
if I could find proof.
Also, I know that he agreed with
Joel about hiring Diana Weldon
instead of Celia,
but I had cast approval
put in my contract.
It's my story.
I wanted a say in
who would play you.
I mean, who would
play Adelaide.
Well, that would explain
Will's resentment towards you.
Also, he had no time for Celia
during pre-production
and suddenly, out of nowhere,
he's hitting on her.
Well, maybe- maybe he broke up
with his girlfriend
and maybe Celia won him over.
She was very sweet.
Yeah, she was.
But I have to ask, why did she
say that she was afraid of you?
She had a medical condition,
Huntington's Disease.
Oh no.
Oh, I've read about that.
So that would explain her
stumbling and the odd behaviour.
She used to imagine things
that weren't happening
and then she'd apologize
about it afterwards.
That's why she called the police
that one time.
She knew she was getting worse
and this might be
her last movie and she wanted
to do a good job
and I wanted to help her.
I felt protective of her.
So you searched
Will's hotel room?
Yeah. But I didn't find
any evidence of a girlfriend.
No pictures, no notes,
Do you think he could have
killed her?
I did, but now they're
holding Meredith
and they found an empty bottle
of sleeping pills
in her backpack.
I know, but Arthur said
they didn't find any prints
on that bottle
and she swears
she has no idea how it got
in her bag.
And really, I don't know
how she could have put
the drug in the coffee.
It was Joel Parker
who gave it to her.
But who fetches coffee
for the director?
Well, the assistant, Will Weir.
Right. Now we're just...
going in circles.
Hi, have you seen
Taylor today?
I heard she wasn't feeling
so hot.
I don't know.
That guy's covering, though.
Ok, thanks.
(Joel): I guess there's a first
time for everything, right?
Oh, fresh air.
That's what you are to me.
You are all syrup.
Lucky for you, I've got
a sweet tooth.
Why were you spying
on your boss?
I wasn't spying.
Well, it sure looked like it.
No, I just didn't want Joel
to see me.
Why? You're his assistant.
Right. His assistant,
not his fall guy.
You know the police were here
this morning saying
that Joel told them I got
the coffee he gave to Celia
when I didn't?
You know, for the first time
in recorded history
Joel Parker got
himself a coffee.
Then why did he say
that you got it?
That's what I'd like to know.
I think I'm the only person
on this set
who actually cared about Celia.
That's not right.
"Stay away from Robin Daniels
or you'll regret it."
I think we all agree that Aurora
should listen to that note
and stay away
from Robin Daniels.
Celia was afraid of him.
Yeah, because Celia
has a condition
that makes her imagine things.
You believe that?
The coroner did find
Huntington's Disease
which does affect balance
and perceptions,
things like that.
Well, Robin did lie
about his alibi.
Only because Robin
was embarrassed
that he was searching
Will Weir's hotel room.
Which we have now corroborated
with hotel security footage.
Ah. So Robin has an alibi.
See? He couldn't have drugged
Celia's coffee.
Well, we are still trying to get
to the bottom
of the whole coffee thing.
Wait, wait, wait.
So either Joel Parker lied
or Will is lying.
I hope you haven't
ruled out Robin.
You can't stop focussing
on Robin.
Neither can whoever wrote
that note.
They obviously know something
about him you don't.
Aurora, did- did we have plans
to see a house today?
I'm here because I know you
had lunch with Joel Parker.
Oh, yes.
We had a lovely time.
He is a suspect
in a murder case.
I happen to know
that the police
are holding that young actress.
They haven't charged her yet
so it could still turn out
to be Joel.
And after all the lectures
you've given me.
Before you return the favour,
I've spent a lot of time
with him now.
He is not a cold-blooded killer.
I can't expect you to take
my word on this
but I wish you would.
I have been saying
the same thing to Martin.
I need him to trust my instincts
about Robin.
Just promise me you'll be
careful, ok?
And maybe try not to spend time
alone with him?
I've got this.
I don't get it.
Why would someone wanna warn you
away from me?
I think it must have something
to do with Celia's murder.
You dated her,
you dated me...
It never occurred to me
that what happened to Celia
had anything to do with me.
But if that's true then-
then I shouldn't even be
talking to you.
I'm putting you
in danger.
I should go.
Robin, wait.
No. No.
Just listen to that note.
I gotta figure this out.
Hey. I heard you had
to let Meredith go.
We got proof that
she bought the lamp,
and we have nothing
to refute her story
that she doesn't know how
those pills
got into her backpack.
And I shouldn't be telling you
any of this.
Well, you called me in
so you must need me back
on the case after all.
I called you in because
you didn't finish typing up
all of those statements you took
on the day of the murder.
Right, because you suspended me.
But I left you all
my handwritten notes.
Arthur, you know how I always
have you read to me
all those cute little
construction paper
birthday cards you make me?
Yeah, it's kind of our thing.
It's because I can't read them.
Your handwriting's awful.
Ok, so what do you need
to know?
I spoke with Ellen Post about
how Joel Parker was the one
who delivered
the coffee to Celia.
I need to make sure that her
story hasn't changed
from the one she gave you
on the day of the murder.
Shoot, I- I didn't ask
her about that.
Sorry, I didn't know how
important the coffee
would turn out to be.
Why? What did she say?
She said the craft services girl
gave it to Parker,
but her and Parker assumed
that Will Weir was the one
who requested it.
But of course Weir said
that wasn't the case.
So hang on.
Taylor Harden handed Parker
coffee meant for Celia
all on her own, unprompted?
Why would she do that?
She wouldn't, so
you're wondering
if Ellen Post is changing
her story because...
I wanna rule out the director
and the producer
committing the murder together.
Kinda feels like I'm back
on the case.
Just sayin'.
You don't have to shout,
you scared me to death!
Who is that man?
I don't know, but whoever it
was, they were following me.
So if Robin was here
at the library today
and in light of the note that
you found on your windshield
at the production office,
I would say you're right.
That person was following you.
But you didn't see a face?
No, no.
They just had on a big, uh, dark
sweatshirt with a hood.
Uh, what about build? Height?
Not tall.
A short, stocky guy.
Actually, I got the impression
that it was a woman.
What would make you
say that?
Well, when I walked by
it smelled cinnamon-y,
like baked goods.
Like, uh, the cinnamon rolls
that they have on the movie set
at Craft Service.
That's not very nutritional.
You'd think a movie production
would hire someone-
Wait, what are you thinking?
Well, Taylor works
at Craft Services
and she always has
cinnamon rolls for the crew.
Well, I assume
she's at work today.
No. She called in sick.
And the day that Celia Shaw
was murdered-
Her trailer was parked outside
of Craft Services.
And she said she's a huge
Robin Daniels fan.
I'm gonna get a background check
going on her.
Track her down right away
so we can talk to her.
Ro, please be careful.
You really think that woman was
who we saw in the parking lot?
I have no idea, but Lillian,
I am so glad
that you came out to the car
when you did.
Ok, well, uh, if you don't need
anything else
I'm gonna go home again.
I know you're probably mad at me
for not calling you sooner
to tell you what
was happening but I-
I'm not mad.
I'm just grateful you're ok.
Oh, thank you for caring
about me so much.
Let me get you home.
No, no.
I'm- I'm gonna drive myself.
And before you say I can't,
Lynn is going to send a unit
behind me to follow me home
to make sure I get there safely.
But if there is something
that you wanna do
that would make me
really happy...
I'll pick you some up and bring
it by your mom's later.
What would I do without you?
Help me lock up the library.
And a side of extra
cream cheese icing.
Hey, it's Vartel.
Has he gotten back to you?
Well, then he's dodging us.
No, no. That doesn't make sense.
None of this is making
any sense.
A big slice of carrot cake
with extra cream cheese icing.
To go, please.
Let me call you back.
I see you're familiar with
Ro's favourite comfort food.
I heard someone gave her
a scare, so...
Likely because of her connection
to you.
I hope that's not true.
But if it is, I- I can't tell
you how terrible I feel.
Let me buy you a cup
of coffee.
[door opens]
Oh my gosh,
are you ok?
Oh, my goodness,
do you want something to eat
or some tea or something?
No, no. You don't
have to do that, I'm fine.
Aurora, you're being stalked.
Fine is not the right word.
Come on, honey,
I am your mother.
You can tell me the truth.
The truth is it happened
so fast
that it doesn't even seem real
to me.
But if it catches up
I promise I will come cry
on your shoulder.
You're always gonna be
my baby.
I'm not sure I'm fine so
I'm gonna go take a hot bath.
But let me know if you need
anything, ok honey?
Yeah. I'm fine.
[phone ringing]
Ro, it's Lynn.
Listen, we ran priors
on Taylor Harden.
Turns out that she was arrested
two years ago
for stalking an actor and
assaulting his wife with a vase.
Charges were dropped,
I'm not sure why.
So she's the one.
The rabid Robin Daniels fan.
Well, if she came
after me today-
She targeted Celia Shaw
probably because of her romance
with Robin.
Wow, she seemed
so friendly on set.
Well, she's not
at her hotel.
I've got an APB out on her but
I wanna make sure you're safe.
We're gonna send that unit back
to your mother's house
to keep an eye on it just until
we can get our hands on her.
Ok. I'll set the alarm system,
Good. I'll let you know
as soon as we find her.
Taylor... I am not
your enemy.
I- I wanna help you
if you'll let me.
You just wanna help yourself
to Robin again.
You won't stay away from him
even though I warned you.
No. I- I don't want Robin,
I have a boyfriend.
His name is Martin.
You don't know how hard it was
for me to get this job
so I could meet Robin so
we could finally be together!
I know what you did.
And the police are
on to you.
In that time that no one can
account for you slipped
into Celia's dressing room
and you hit her.
Yes, I hit her.
He's supposed to be
with me.
Don't you ever touch
my daughter!
Ok, I know that you don't have
a lot of respect for me.
I practice a great deal of
caution when it comes
to the woman I love,
and if there's any chance that
you were Celia Shaw's killer-
Hey, I would never hurt Celia.
I cared about her.
Just like I care about Ro.
That's the other problem.
You based the main character
in your novel on Aurora,
you turned it into a love story
between the two of you-
You do realize that the book
and script are works
of fiction, right?
Look, Aurora Teagarden
is a remarkable woman,
but she's made it clear that
she's completely devoted to you.
I'm no threat to that.
[message alert]
Something wrong?
I'm bracing myself
for some bad news.
A close friend has disappeared
in South America
and the story keeps getting
worse and worse.
His family's missing,
wife, kids...
It's Aida.
Taylor Harden broke
into the house
and tried to attack Ro.
So let me see if I have
this right.
Ellen the producer saw Taylor
give Joel that coffee?
That's how Celia was drugged,
through coffee poured by Taylor.
Taylor admitted
to hitting Celia.
It sounds pretty clear cut.
I'm gonna have
to question Taylor
but I think we have
our murderer.
I hope so. For everyone's sake.
But why do you suppose Taylor
would risk going into
the trailer to hit Celia
if she'd already drugged her?
Well, maybe she didn't know
exactly how much coffee
Celia would drink.
Please don't hate me.
I had to do it.
Celia wasn't good enough
for you.
She could never make you happy
the way that I could.
Last night she's a weeping mess,
this morning she's smug?
It seems that she got a hold of
the newspaper this morning.
That's right.
And now I know you can't
charge me with murder.
As we told you before,
you've already been charged.
But the newspaper said
Celia was already dead
before I hit her.
So how can that be murder?
Well, I think the massive dose
of drugs
you put in her coffee
will suffice.
I didn't put any drugs
in her coffee.
We have witness testimony
saying you poured the coffee
then gave it to Joel Parker
who then gave it to Celia.
Yeah, I poured it,
that's my job.
Celia came by earlier and
asked for some and I told her
she'd have to wait
because it was still brewing.
Look, I admit, I wanted
her dead,
but I did not put anything
in her coffee.
Someone else did that. of those.
Oh, good morning.
Honey, you know Joel,
of course,
and this is his new lead
actress, Diana Weldon.
Aurora, what a pleasure
to meet you.
You, too.
It's nice of you to be here
for the movie.
And you know,
the pro that she is,
she's gonna start shooting
some scenes later on today.
Oh, well if you came for some
insight about the character
that's based on me-
Oh, no.
I- I like to put my own
interpretation on a character.
They're here to pick me up.
Diana needs a place to stay
while she's here
and I'm gonna show her
some condos.
Actually, the one that you
used to live in.
Maybe Aurora left behind
some librarian energy.
Soak it up.
I've already been bathing in
book dust, Joel, don't worry.
Are you alright, honey?
How'd you sleep?
Great, thanks to you.
Go enjoy your day.
Excuse me, Aurora, um...
Joel sent me to return the books
Celia checked out.
I'll take them.
Another Robin Daniels book.
I doubt that one will be made
into a movie.
Why do you say that?
Oh, he doesn't get
how Hollywood works.
He used up all his capital
getting Celia cast in the part
and we see how
that worked out.
And that probably made me
sound like a jerk.
I'm sorry.
Um, well, thank you
for that.
Hey, Will, um...
Celia was never
Joel Parker's first choice,
it was always Diana Weldon,
I hate to say it but she is
a better actress.
So then Joel was happy
that Diana got the part.
Most everyone is.
Even you?
You and Celia were getting
pretty close before she died,
that must have been hard
to see her be replaced.
It is. It's uh, it's very hard.
I could have really fallen
for Celia.
But now my job is
to help Joel
make the best movie possible.
And when I direct my movie
I'm gonna cast Diana, too.
Or a star like Diana.
Oh, you're making a movie?
I will be, yeah.
If this movie's a success
Joel's gonna help me
find funding for mine.
Oh, well, I hope everything
works out for you.
Thank you. I think it will.
Thanks for your help.
So, the movie production is
going to be here on Sunday.
That was one of my conditions.
I don't wanna inconvenience
our patrons.
Ugh, what is this?
This looks like Celia's
shooting schedule.
The scenes she was supposed
to do her first day.
I hate it when people
leave garbage in our books.
I need to go look
at my script.
I guess I'll put away
all your books for you.
I want the condo.
Thank you so much.
Oh, you are so welcome.
Hair and make-up, let's go.
We got a movie to shoot.
Barking orders already.
Want my driver
to take you home?
You know what,
why don't you stay and watch
us make some movie magic?
Ooh, I like magic.
I like the fact that you
choose me.
A suspect in a murder
I'm sure a lot of people warned
you to stay away from me.
And yet, you chose me.
I must be drawn
to dangerous men.
"Adelaide pours sugar
from the packet into the mug
"then picks up the mug
and sips her coffee."
Perry, I think I know
who killed Celia
and it wasn't Taylor Hardon.
I'm gonna go to the set
right now and see if I'm right.
Uh, you're in my chair.
You're in my chair.
I need it.
Oh. Oh, I'm- I'm sorry.
I didn't realize.
Oh, sugar.
I'll take care of that.
Will, we're gonna need
a headset
for when Aida gets here,
[phone ringing]
Come on, Perry.
Oh, sorry Martin.
But I know you're gonna try
and stop me
and I have to find out
if I'm right about this.
Hey, sorry it took a while.
Costume lady
wouldn't let me go.
What's this about the wrong
person being in jail
for Celia's murder?
Yeah, maybe.
Here, look at this.
So it's the shooting schedule
for the day that Celia died.
Now, we know that
she was running lines
with Joel and Ellen for a scene
she was gonna shoot that day
so I looked up the scene
and here, read this.
"Adelaide pours sugar from
the packet into the mug,
then picks up the mug
and sips her coffee."
Right. So what if Celia
asked Taylor for the coffee
so she was ready to rehearse
the scene?
And Celia poured the sugar
in her coffee.
I think someone drugged
the sugar in the packets
in the trailer knowing she would
pour it into the coffee herself.
I don't know.
How would you get drugs
into a closed sugar packet?
Have you ever looked
at a sugar packet?
Most of them have perforations
on the side.
It would be very easy to open
them, empty it out,
refill it and glue it shut,
and you would never be able
to tell unless looking closely.
Ok, but how will we know
if Celia really put sugar
in her coffee that morning?
Ellen would know.
She's right there.
This might be our best chance
to talk to her.
If she's headed to set
we have to catch her.
Ok, if somebody switched the
sugar packets in her trailer
then why didn't the cops find
any empty packets
with traces of the drug in them?
I mean, it could have been
anyone at any time.
How will we ever know
who it is?
There's only one person
who's fingerprints were found
all over the trailer and who
suddenly cozied up to Celia
just days before her death,
and who could have made those
drug sugar packets disappear
when he found her body.
Will Weir?
But why?
Well, Will said something
that made me think
he believes he can get this
new actress, Diana Weldon,
to be the lead in his movie.
For the one he wants to direct.
And if Diana is the lead
in this movie
then she becomes a bigger name
and then she can make sure
that Will's movie gets made.
If she really didn't drug Celia
then we're right back
at square one.
And at square one we ask
who would benefit most
from the victim being gone.
Yeah, but we've already asked
that of everybody connected
to the production.
Except the actress
who replaced her.
Looks like your typical actress.
No record, no skeletons
in her closet.
Let me try an image search.
"Diana Weldon and friend."
Friend. They look
pretty cozy to me.
I think we need to talk
to Will Weir.
Didn't she go in here?
I don't know, maybe someone
on the hill saw her.
[door closes]
Hey, I'm in here!
You can't hide, Aurora.
There's nowhere
for you to go!
It's an old mine,
there's only two exits.
They're both behind me!
Oh, and uh, no cell reception,
Too much steel.
Hey, did you see Ellen Post
come this way?
Oh, hey, our scene's
up next, though.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, Ro...
You're smart,
Aurora Teagarden.
I'll give you that.
I see why Robin Daniels
based a character on you now.
But you should know
that I am much better
at plotting murder than he is.
You're running out of
real estate.
The only thing down there
is a 100-foot drop
to the ground.
If you're gonna take the long
way I'll just meet you there.
As long as that gantry
doesn't give way first.
That would make
my job way easier.
Have you seen Ro?
Her car is here.
She was with me, we were
both looking for Ellen Post,
but then she just disappeared.
Well, she's not answering
her cell, either.
When was the last time
you saw her?
Near the mine entrance.
Can somebody please find me
Will Weir!
Anybody seen him?
Will's not here, either?
That's not good.
No, it's not.
[beams tumble]
You forget, I know how
the script ends.
Two leads grapple
on the ledge,
one of them falls down to
the waiting air bag below.
Now, unfortunately,
there's no air bag today.
Now, honestly, if you fell
because you were snooping around
all by yourself,
who's gonna blame me?
I already told the police
about the sugar packets
so they will definitely
blame you
if anything else happens here.
You didn't tell the police,
you told Perry.
I heard you.
And when we're done here
he'll be the next to go.
See, I'll do anything to get
my movie made with Diana.
We're gonna be a power couple
like Hollywood
has never seen.
Ro's in the barn with Will Weir.
He's the killer.
I got you! I got you!
I got him.
Come on, come on.
Easy. Easy.
Oh, my gosh, and you thought
I was the one who was in danger.
Thank goodness you're ok.
And that you were there
to help.
She did very well
all by herself.
That's my daughter.
Robin, you were a good friend
to Celia,
and you were a good friend
to me, too.
I'm not surprised you figured
this one out.
Thank you.
You should go find Martin.
Perry called me
to fill me in.
I'm ok. I really am.
I'm sorry I didn't call
you sooner.
You mean before risking
your life instead of after?
I know you wanna protect me,
that's what I love about you.
Yeah, but I can't really protect
you if you won't let me.
Will you at least let me
take you home this time?
Yes, you can.
You're going to South America?
It's not just Rex
that's missing.
It's his whole family.
I have to try to find them.
Or at least find out
who's behind all this.
It doesn't surprise me.
You take care of the people
you love.
I don't know how long
I'll be gone for.
But you'll let me know you're ok
every chance you get.
I will. I promise.
I love you.
I love you, too.