Last Seen Alive (2022) Movie Script

You really are the dumbest idiot.
Will you kidnap a woman in broad daylight and think no one can see you?
You get a life. You get a life.
Tell her where she is.
Say it.
You'll feel better if you tell me where he is.
Just be quiet.
Where is?
She's dead.
Did you kill her?
Eight hours earlier.
Can it be a little softer?
- Of course. - Well thank you.
I filled the fridge with what you like.
I know. I have seen it.
I guess I miss you a little, don't you?
Of course.
I'm sorry, Will.
Listen, I'll just say ...
We wouldn't talk about it, but ...
- What was his name again? - Will, leave it at that.
Anyway, I just want to say ...
I want you to know that I forgive you.
I'm happy with that. I'm not happy with that
but I appreciate you being honest with me.
We're almost there at last.
I still have to refuel, I already have a reserve.
It's still fifteen minutes for my parents.
- Is there so little? - Actually, yes.
Or would you rather push?
- I don't feel like it. - So shut up.
- Should I refuel? - Yes.
I'll take a chance. What if I go refueling
and turn to Manchester? Towards the sunset?
- Towards the sunset? - Or something.
- We can go on vacation or ... - Listen, I need time.
I need to see everything clearly again.
- I can't do anything else. All right? - Yes.
You're lucky you're with your mother.
After two weeks, you desperately come to me with her again.
- Then no? - We will see.
I'm buying a mineral water. Now go refuel.
Why are you calling me? Did you get my emails?
Nate met Will.
You cannot withdraw from the agreement. I owe them money.
I understand, but you have to ...
- Hi. Only this. - That's all 7.
- Well thank you. Keep the rest. - Well thank you.
Pa don.
Well thank you.
I'm sorry, I'm looking for my wife. Did you see her?
White T-shirt, jeans?
- Did you look at the toilet? - Yes. I just did it.
No idea.
With Lisa. Leave a message and I'll call you back.
Lisa is me Where are you?
I'm on the other side of the gas station.
Call me, I'm looking for you.
I'm sorry, did you see the woman in the white T-shirt and jeans?
- Dark hair? Somewhere? - No, he didn't.
What is it?
With Lisa. Leave a message and I'll call you back.
This is not funny. Where are you?
Call me back, I'll look for you. IM scared.
Wait for me inside.
Did you really not see anyone? White T-shirt?
Perhaps. White shirt, I heard you.
- What did she buy? - I think water. Maybe some more.
No idea. Maybe in the car?
I'll check again. You tell her to wait here9.
- Her name is Lisa. - Of course.
Well thank you.
Have you seen a woman in a white shirt here?
Have you seen a woman in a white T-shirt? Dark hair?
Boys, have you seen here? He is wearing a white t-shirt
Toe a Lisa.
Tip a. Lisa.
Toe a Lisa.
I'm sorry to disturb you again. I can't find her anywhere.
- Can I get the address of this gas station? - 101, route 64.
- What's the emergency number here? - 911.
911. Thank you.
Officer Andersen, what's going on?
I'd like to report missing. This is my wife.
I can't find her.
Roy, line three? A man named Spann lost his wife at the gas station.
- Lost his wife? - He says so.
Okay, thanks.
Mrs. Ann, with Inspector Ander, and Can't Find Your Wife?
This is not right. I stopped refueling ..
And she went for a drink. That was 20 minutes ago.
- I can't find her anywhere. - It's not long.
- Did you check the toilet? - Yes. Toilet...
You have. Toilet checked Yes. Toilet.
Did you check the toilet? Yes. Toilet
and the entire gas station
All right. What is your wife's name?
- Her name is Lisa Spann. - Lisa Spann.
The height is about 1.75 meters, dark skin
- Short sleeves. - Is he around?
Originally yes. Her parents live nearby.
- Maybe she ran into someone she knew? - Your wife would
to go out with a friend while refueling?
All right, Mr. Spann, I'll send someone as soon as I can.
Which is as fast as possible9.
- Listen, no one's free right now. - This is an emergency.
It's full of trucks, it can be anywhere.
- She could be in danger. - You're worried, I get it.
- I'll send someone as soon as possible. - All right.
- I'll send someone as soon as possible. All right? - All right.
- If I have to, I'll come alone. - Well thank you.
- Just come as soon as possible. - Watch your phone.
And stay there.
We are not there. Leave a message.
Barry, Anna? With Will. Will you call me back?
I'm looking for Lisa. Well thank you.
- Lisa? - They're here, honey.
- Lisa? - Day, Will.
- How are u? - All right.
- Where's Lisa? - That's what I wanted to ask you.
- Is here? - No, she ... She was with you, wasn't she?
She was. Lisa?
- Hi? - Will, she's not here.
- Hi? - WIK, she's not here.
- Hi? - Will, she's not here.
- All right. - Barry?
- Yes Dear? Will is here. - Hi, Barry.
Yes Dear? - Hi, Barry.
What is wrong? Idea. Something is wrong.
- Didn't she call? - Not them ...
- I thought he'd be here. - Wait.
- Would you bring her here? - Yes.
One minute she was there, the next she was gone.
What's your point?
Why, is he gone?
How, she left?
Why, is he gone?
We stopped refueling and she entered the store.
- All right. - But she didn't come out.
- And he's still there. - No, he's not there anymore.
- Did you look at work n? - Yes, I was looking there.
- Did you look at the toilets? - Yes, I was looking there.
- I looked at everything. - What was the gas station like?
To on Route 64.
That's another eight miles, so he won't walk.
I have to ask you, Will.
Did you argue? Is that so?
No, Barry. We didn't argue.
You know, we had problems, but we didn't argue.
I can not explain. Did anyone know about her arrival?
- Friends? - Of course he has friends.
Of course he has friends.
- Did you talk to her friends? - Wait.
Are you saying it's because of us?
I don't blame anyone - this is an insult.
I don't blame anyone9 -You suggest it9.
- I don't blame anyone, do I? - That's what you're suggesting, isn't it?
- You're asking if he has any friends here. - All right.
You can do whatever you want, but it's me. Will.
You may think what you want, but it's me. Will.
Good, but no.
Okay, but not Will and Lisa.
- And this ... - Okay, not Will and Lisa.
And '-Okay, but no.
- We were waiting for Lisa, too. - Should we look for her now?
I have to go back, the police are coming to the gas station.
Stay here in case she shows up. And call her friends.
Maybe they know more. And let me know.
Maybe they know more and will keep me informed.
I will do it. Promised.
We're calling the police. How about finding her?
What is it?
- Did he call the police? - I don't know, I don't trust him.
Did he call the police? 9 -I don't know, I don't trust him.
- Did he call the police? - I don't know, I don't trust him.
- That doesn't make sense, does it? - I get it too well.
That doesn't make sense.9 I get it all too well.
- He was acting so weird. - Have you seen him?
- The steering column is working again. - Yes?
Yes, the cables were burned.
It's time to put her in the water.
It's time to run it.
- Do you want something to drink? - No, thanks.
- I'll have a beer. - All right.
How are u?
- Not. - What is wrong?
- We have to take a break. - Oh dear.
Ranger. Is it going through?
Ranger. Is it because of work?
I know I'm not there often.
- Didn't I say it's almost done? - I know that. I understand.
It is normal...
I don't know what it is, that's right.
- Then I won't do anything about it. - That's wonderful.
You don't know what's going on and you won't say it.
I try to say it and you react like this.
- What is now? Your depression? - Not that.
You do not care? Because we know what that means.
We have already experienced that. But that is not enough.
- I'm sorry, that was ... - No, that's ...
I don't feel anything anymore.
I feel insensitive, that's the worst.
I don't know why.
When we split up, things will become clear again.
Is there a place again?
- EcteuTPatterson? - FvrSprinn?
- Inspector Patterson? - Mr. Spann?
- Do you have any news about your wife? - Not.
I've been missing for an hour and a half.
Her parents in Emerson didn't see her either.
- Why would she be there? - We drove there.
- Maybe she left alone. - I asked you to stay here.
- She could have come here. - Sorry, I don't know the protocol.
- I went looking for her, yes. - What's her parents' name?
- Anna and Barry Adams. - I know that. Good people.
- Yes, yes. - Leave their personal belongings.
- Wallet? - Yes, he's still in the car.
- There's her computer, too. - Leave it for a moment.
- No phone? - I think she had it with her.
I tried to track it down, but it's off.
We're going inside.
- Oscar. - Inspector. Coffee?
No, I need a tracking record.
The camera has been broken for weeks, but they never send anyone.
He lost his wife. You sit here all day.
- Did you see anything? - Nothing at all.
I'm going to the station to distribute the description.
Are you going to make a statement?
I think I'll stay here.
- In case he appears. - All right.
Can I get her a computer? Do you know the password?
- She didn't give it to me. - I know the way.
We have guys who can crack anything.
Is it best to just hang out here?
- Yes. Stay available, as I said. - All right. Well thank you.
- Was it Oscar? - Are you there yet?
- Wasn't that Oscar? - Are you there yet?
- It was an Oscar, wasn't it? - Are you there again?
Oscar it was - Are you there again?
- I zei dat from that? - Not.
You said the camera didn't work - No, that's right.
- That's what you told the inspector. - He's broken too.
I have already worked on such cameras.
Currently uploading.
- It must be a battery ... - What do you mean?
- What are you talking about? - What's going on here?
I still don't see anything. What should I do9 -You will not see the pictures.
I don't see anything here. What should I do9 -You will not see the pictures.
- But it's being recorded. - Mind your own business.
Should I take care of my things? This is my wife.
- That's none of my business. - Would you like to play it like this?
- I have to see those pictures. - What do you do now?
I need to see those pictures -What are you doing now?
- It's not a problem? - Go away.
- That's not a problem, is it? - Go away.
Damn, you bastard. What is the purpose?
- Tell me the fuck where the recordings are. - All right, take them.
His God.
What's going on here?
Hi, I'm here for Inspector Patterson.
Patterson, Mr. Spann is here for you.
- With surveillance records. - The camera was broken, wasn't it?
I thought so too, but Oscar gave me this.
Oscar anyway. Let's see.
Mike, let's go.
Just hold on.
- That Oscar has something in him. - All right.
I took it at 11:30, so you have to go back at 10:00.
A little further back.
Come back in a few minutes.
- It's ... - No, it's not.
Is -No, it is.
- It's ... - No, it's not.
Go back a little further.
PUSH. She will come out.
It comes out there.
PUSH. She will come out.
All right. Who is that man?
I don't know who it is.
- She probably knows your wife. - I've never seen him.
Damn that truck.
Then just move on.
OK, wait. You had to take her.
- You have to have it. - We'll investigate.
- Can you get him closer? - Oscar needs to know who it is.
Thanks thanks.
- Well thank you. - Well thank you.
In the meantime, can I ask you some questions?
You - Ok.
- Of course. - All right.
Follow me.
Just follow me.
Come on in and sit down.
Would you like some water or coffee?
- No, thanks. - So ...
- You really don't know who the man is? - No, I've never seen him.
Not a problem. But he seemed to know your wife well.
- That is all. - I do not know.
He doesn't look like someone Lisa has friends with.
- I know her pretty well. - Lisa has friends here.
- Do you know him? - Not me
I don't really know her friends. He never talks about his school hours.
That's special.
Were you on your way to her parents in Emerson?
Yes. Like I said, I would take her to them.
I have to ask you.
How was your marriage?
What you want...
We have gone through a difficult period.
- So you broke up? - No, it's not.
She just needed a break.
- So no divorce? - No no...
I don't understand what that has to do with it.
You and your wife.
- Was there a battle? - Not.
There was tension, but we don't argue or shout at each other.
- Did you argue on the way here? - We didn't argue.
All right.
You told me your wife might have left the gas station on foot.
- Then why would ... - I didn't know, Inspector.
Why would she leave without you? Then a fight must come ...
- That was wrong, it didn't make sense. - Why would she do that?
if there was no battle? The car can go tough.
Why are we wasting time here?
Listen, there was tension.
- I have a beautiful wife. - All right.
The best woman I've ever met.
There is something dark in it and sometimes ...
she withdraws. She's always been here for me.
She's having a hard time right now and I'm trying to be here for her.
All right.
Where do you live, Will?
I live in Manchester, New Hampshire.
What do you do as a profession?
I am a project developer.
Real estate is a lot of money.
A lot of money is traded. Lots of ugly characters.
There are gas stations in Emerson, but not.
Maybe dissatisfied employees?
U know?
Who is not happy with how it was paid?
I'm a good boss. All right?
I don't understand how anything can happen in Manchester ...
I don't see how anything can happen in Manchester.
Anything with what's going on here.
Are you often on the way to a prospect, so to speak?
Browse real estate or land?
- Get out of town for a while? - I'm not out often.
I often leave the house, but I almost never leave town.
Okay, so now it's ... What's going on?
Have you ever had an affair?
We are men among ourselves.
Every man likes to look around. However?
- I've never had an affair. - And your wife?
She's small.
How long ago was it?
Out of ...
Six months ago.
Does he have life insurance?
How much?
I do not know. Several million.
That's normal isn't it?
I have an agent's salary, not yours.
So I kidnapped my wife and killed her
get money from insurance. That's what this is about.
I have to investigate everything. My wife may be three states away ...
And you sit here and ask me a lot of questions
which have nothing to do with what happened.
Something has to be done, I need your help.
Or maybe I should do it myself?
So why should I give you evidence?
- You can be smarter than others. - Jesus Christ.
Smart guy. Developer. He makes a lot of money.
- Can I go? - Whenever you want.
We have your name and number, we will contact you.
- Do you have a picture of your wife? - Yes, I have.
Okay, I'll be right back.
Doesn't he look suspicious?
It's unpredictable, I don't know.
Good morning sleepy head.
What are you making?
Are you trying to make breakfast?
- Guess what I just got. - What?
- Remember the contract with Nate? - Yes.
The one I met last time?
Meeting last?
- It's inside. - Not.
- At any rate. - Dear help.
We're fine together, aren't we? Our life is so beautiful.
We survived a lot, but we worked hard on it.
It's not over yet, is it?
- Barry? Anna? - Were here.
Did you hear anything - No. You?
- Her description has been expanded. - I knew that.
- Listen, I want to show you something. - All right.
This is from a security camera.
- Do you know this man? - I don't see him well.
Anna? I can't see well without glasses.
- It's hard to see, but he ... - It's Knuckles.
- That's our handyman. - Does he work for you?
Sometimes he does some housework. She and Lisa get to know each other from school.
I wouldn't say a friend, but they used to meet each other.
Does she know him well enough to get in the car with him?
I don't know Could he have hurt her?
- Ranger. Is that his car? - This is his car.
I saw it when I went to Archer Grove to sell a garage.
- He was in the back. - Real?
- In the hangar. - Where exactly was it?
- He was standing there. - Where was it?
- Patterson. - With Will. I'll just call
- to hear if you know more. - No, we're working on it.
- All right, let me know. - Of course.
I also want to apologize for that.
I know you're just doing your job.
Well thank you. What do you do now?
I only leave a few laps and I won't get any further.
- All right. Call us when you find her. - All right.
I'll let you know if I hear anything.
Me too. See you later.
About 20 kilometers downhill towards Arer
You will reach the destination after sixty meters to the left.
Goal achieved.
- What is going on? - You know who I am.
- Where is the? - Listen, stop it.
- Where is the? Don't make me ... - Who are you talking about?
Stop that nonsense. My wife Lisa. Do you know where is.
- You need to calm down. - Where is the?
Keep calm - Back.
- Stay calm. - Back.
You're attacking my house.
Damn. Stop.
I swear I'll beat my brain out of my head.
- Talk to me. - I didn't want to leave her with Frank.
- Frank told me to ... - Who's Frank?
Tell me, you bastard.
Stoj. Stoj.
I'll take you to Frank. He's in a caravan.
Lisa is with Frank, I'll take you to them.
Please stop.
Stop, stop.
- Come here, you. - No no.
I tell you.
I didn't want to leave her. I had to get away from them.
All right, I'm going.
Good good.
- Oscar? - He was here a while ago.
Say d.
I want to talk to him through. Otherwise I'll be back and close everything here.
But I'll talk to him, or I'll come back and end up here.
But I want to talk or I'll come back and close everything here.
Close your mouth. Okay?
Or we'll both end up in jail.
- How are you, sir? - All right.
- Do you know why I made you stop? - Yes, I went too fast.
Yes. 131 kilometers per hour.
I can see your papers7 -Yes, I was ... It's an emergency.
Here's mine.
- You don't live here? - No, in Manchester.
Did you have any problems?
I was chopping wood.
I'll be right back.
Wouldn't you like to perform for a moment?
For speeding -Get off.
This will not take long.
- Will you fix it for me? - Not.
- I ... - Stand there for a moment.
- Who are those suitcases? - My wives.
There are many.
Yes, she likes clothes.
- Where's your wife? - In Manchester.
Could you please open the suitcase?
Yes? Hear.
Stop. Stand still.
Len. j.
Dispatching, this is car seven. I need twenty.
I have a twenty nod.
- Inspector? - Yes.
- Well thank you. - It's okay.
Well thank you. Thank you for taking the time to see me. I have a few questions for you.
- Of course. - Do you know any Clint?
Yes, he was the man Lisa had a short relationship with a while ago.
Yes, I thought so. Do you think your son-in-law had someone?
Not. I know about Lisa. That had nothing to do with it.
We hacked into her computer and the last three emails were from him.
- He asked to see her. - Did she answer?
Not once.
- Do you still see Clint? - Not.
That was one night.
I miss Heen, Mom. And so I would like to keep it.
Yes, you mean ...
You want to do what you want. Over again.
You get a break, your pleasure.
And I will follow.
He must be mad at you.
- You also know he's not like that. - I'm sorry, but I don't believe it.
Damn. Damn.
We talked to colleagues in Boston, where Clint is.
Everything was checked to see if he had hired anyone.
All have been thoroughly researched, without success.
Knuckles knew what Lisa looked like because he saw her photos here. However?
- They used to go to school together. - Right.
- And you saw his car at Morrison's? - Yes, a few weeks ago.
And again, but I don't remember exactly when it was.
- Never mind, I was there. - And?
- Everything was abandoned. - Can you send a helicopter?
Did you search for surroundings? You can't let them go, can you?
- He's a suspect on the run. - Not.
- How is that? - What is he suspicious of?
Lisa should be here, but she's not here.
We don't know any more, except that she came across your handyman.
In fact, there is no crime.
Do you want to have a bullet in your body?
- Not. - So why are you touching this?
I don't know, I thought ... I don't know.
- What are you doing here? - I'm looking for Frank.
What are you doing here?
- Yes, Frank. - Who sent you?
- I know Frank through Knuckles. - Hats?
- How do you know Knuckles? - It depends 7.
- Yes, you ask a question. - He's a friend.
He works for my family and I come to do business with Frank.
- All right? - Where are you from?
I'm from Emerson.
- From Emerson. - Get lost.
Where is your car
It turned out a few miles away.
- I'm late. - Are you going through the woods?
Yes exactly. Frank is waiting for me. Will you help me on my way?
- Frank didn't tell me anything. - He doesn't know I'm walking here.
I would normally drive there.
I'll ask him.
Frank, can you hear me?
- So your car broke down? - Yes, on the way.
- That's typical, no. - Really.
Frank, can you hear me?
Can we stop the delay?
- You want to ... - I'm just doing my job.
Damn, man.
I'll call. - He still doesn't work here.
- Damn. - Then I wouldn't answer?
I'm sick of it. It's a really bad day.
He wants to pee on me.
First bad luck with the car and now this again.
Leave it to Frank.
Explain it to Frank. I wonder how he will react.
Frank put it on.
For example, you and the onion.
Okay, wait a minute.
All right. Well thank you.
- In that direction. - All right. Well thank you.
OK. Vdaka.
I hope you're not kidding me.
Drop dead, lazy.
Leave it here.
On business. This is the second time I'm asking you.
And then he ran to the forest?
- Yes, but we're closing the area. - Well thank you.
I'll be right back.
- You have to clean up the mess. - I'm coming.
Go inside.
I told Robert.
I only for a moment.
Leave me alone
I'll squeeze him in a minute.
Pete Daniels? Is that your real name?
- Unemployed? - Get lost. I worked.
- Recently? - Yes, I worked recently.
- The truth? - Anyone who pays me.
Fence installation, post removal, demolition work.
Kidnapping of women and ransom from and yet?
Why cross-examination?
They attacked me, tied me up and threw me in the car.
Why am I the bad guy?
I'll tell you how we do it.
Tell me where Lisa is and I'll tell the judge how well you cooperated.
I praise you to heaven.
When Will gets his wife back and the Adams get their daughter ...
- They probably don't bring charges. - I'm not stupid either.
- You can't promise me anything. - I'm just telling you what I can do.
How did you get her in the car?
- Who says I did it? - Then no?
- I can not remember. - We saw you talking to her.
But don't you remember?
I'm sorry. Lisa Adams?
Pete, hello -Knucklpo.
Right. How are u? - All right.
Are you OK?
I heard you came back - Yes. Yes ..
I work in your parents' room.
Are you very happy, I'm curious about them.
- Are you going there now? - Yes.
- Do you want to take my invoice with you? - Of course.
You can give it to your father7 -No problem.
Who are you here with? I'm here with my husband
you look good.
- Thank you, you share it well. - Say hello to your mother | es.
- You look good. - Thank you. Say hello to mother s.
Shut up and get on. Don't be silly. Just board.
You talked to her and no one has seen her since.
Yes, I talked to her. What then?
I know her, I worked with her parents.
Watch them.
- What does it mean? - Hands up.
- Back. - Calm down, man.
- Just tell me where he is. - Where's who?
My wife. Lisa. Tell me where Lisa is.
- I have no idea what you're talking about. - Take it easy.
Please tell me.
Whatever you're doing here, I want to know where he is.
I'm just leaving, no police. But tell me where he is.
- You know what we're doing here. - Just tell me.
- Where is the? - Lower that weapon.
Knuddes told me. I know who you are.
- Just tell me where he is. - I don't know any Knuckles.
Damn. Show me what's behind that door.
- Do you want to know? - Or I'll shoot you right in the face.
- Open the door, Larry. - Take it easy.
- Let me have a look. - Calm down with that thing.
- Further. - Let him look.
- That's all right. - Close your mouth.
- Take it easy. - That's all right.
You screwed up.
I'll get you. You can't go anywhere.
Where do you want to run?
Just tell me where they are ...
Damn. Come.
What? Get lost. Go away.
Go Home.
I'm sorry, Will.
Try to understand me 7.
I don't want to be like that. I don't want us to hate each other.
You are my best friend. My favorite person.
- Yes? - Of all people, you're my favorite.
I love you honey.
Get out of there.
Go away.
You really are the dumbest idiot.
Will you kidnap a woman in broad daylight and think no one can see you?
You get a life. You get a life.
Tell me where he is.
You'll feel better if you tell me where he is.
- Where is the? - She's dead, damn it.
Did you kill her?
I should have known you were here.
They're all on meth, aren't they?
This can be easily earned.
The kidnapping? Does it bring anything?
- What? I didn't kidnap anyone. - You're really not good.
You're not a killer. Do you want to kill me?
Ask Frank.
You're not a killer either.
- Lower that weapon. - You leave yours.
Give it down.
Now call.
Now but.
How crazy you care about your wife when she wants to leave you.
This happens in a divorce. You are double sewn.
How do you know you have nothing to do with the kidnapping?
Joints. Right, yes.
That's not the point. Because I know where he is.
Where is he then? Tell me.
Is he still alive?
- Is he still alive? - Twenty thousand.
Twenty thousand and I'll tell you everything you need to know.
I do not believe you. Where is the? Show her.
This is her phone, isn't it?
That's her phone, isn't it?
- However? We can talk now. - Yes, we can talk now.
Did you think I didn't see her when she bought that water?
I saw her.
Keep going. Twenty thousand dollars and I'll tell you.
Okay, I'll give it to you. Now it's your turn.
- I'll give you money. - All right.
How do I make money?
- Come to the bank with me. - No, it's not.
- I want it now. - You get the money
- But first I want to see Lisa. - I go with you.
- I go with you. - You're not doing that.
Look at my wife.
I want to see my wife.
How do you know she's dead?
- How do you know? - I dug the pit myself.
I had an interview with Frank a few weeks ago.
I was joking about a girl I know from ancient times who will return to jmun.
She was married to a rich man so it could make money.
If we kidnapped her, he'd want her back.
I could no longer think clearly.
It's so stupid. I saw her and took her with me.
Then I took her to Frank.
But he was furious. He was upset because I brought her to him.
He knew there were cameras and they saw me
Ranka didn't let me go while she was still alive.
I had to dig a pit and put it in it.
I dug a hole ...
But I should have ended up in it, so I ran.
- I didn't mean to hurt her. - Where's the hole?
- Where's the hole? - Behind Frank's house.
V Beckley.
I swear I just wanted the money.
Ride in circles?
We found the Knuckles suitcase.
Will I be arrested?
Stay here.
Calm down, honey.
What did he do?
I am here.
Come on, Lisa.
That's all right.
Please get me out of here.
Double with.
- Got you. - I'm okay.
As I thought. Great guilt.
Knuckles confessed.
He still blames Frank. Who should say that?
I think Oscar caught him and he wanted a piece of cake.
So bad country, so to speak
- So to speak, godless lands. - You can say that.
By the way, we examined the bodies.
Not everyone died in the blast, there was a shooting.
But do you know what I said?
whether it's worth it.
- Well thank you. - Stay strong.
Leave us.
- It's all right. - Yes
- You're going to the bottom. - Yes
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