Last Sentinel, The (2007) Movie Script

Version in Castellano Xajor
It was obvious that our technology
it exceeded our humanity.
Albert Einstein said this
when the locomotive to vapor...
it was still a
astonishment of the technology.
What theory concebio for
the mess that the humanity made now.
The humanity made the best thing that she could
most of the time,
but the excess of
trust is expensive.
The first attack wave
of the buzzings it destroyed it.
They never had the possibility
of being regrouped...
after the first devastating attack.
They didn't have any reference
for their absolute force.
But in fact we lose
the fight before the first shot.
Not it was this way, Tallis?
The man doesn't live in the peace.
Check state. I am
receiving movement.
1200 meters. Entrance in
microwave frequency.
Small rodent.
Tallis, is the lunch.
A healthy eyetooth.
Good opportunity.
You can eat a dog
during one week.
This plays with
our provisions.
They are mine.
This behavior
tactical it doesn't satisfy, Tallis.
This left to give a shot
in the head to 1200 meters?
That garbage of
nanotechnology advanced.
Not I was made to be
revolving behind foods.
The surveillance to modulate
it points out a sign of SOS.
- Where?
- Be clever to walk.
We go for the old refinery.
This has a syntax error.
This transmits a version
obsolete of the molecular code of the tower.
Transmission in
jumper of frequency 700.
He can be another agent.
We have to check.
Not he/she has the entrance and east place
this full with traps.
The composition 4,
ematol, and tretatol.
Ammunition of objectives
special for agents.
Not it was made by the buzzings. He/she has
what goes to the scale of side of the exterior of the building.
I am as dead as Socrates.
Who is there?
Agent 700. With intelligent view.
ngel 11020.
Please, identify you.
Of my side,
Captain North, 14507.
What diabos does it happen?
He/she makes as much as time
that it is there, colonel?
We enter in the valley of the death with
fire from all sides.
A horrible experience.
I suppose that old Bradley
here it lasted 20 minutes.
There, I saw police's buzzings
to grab all the bodies.
They should not have in when he was seen here.
Their eyes are damaged.
The battle here was biblical.
An Apocalypse in the
the devil's same cavern.
Wave after wave
I broke up them with the miniarma.
When they finished,
we fire rockets,
grenades, wave after wave,
as a fight in Tyberland.
The on buzzings
EDT and party this road.
And they finished everything.
I am useless after that.
I observed to the impotent one
while Curtis...
he/she took 3 weeks so that
die in this corner.
He was very stupid.
Some food?
- Packages of provisions?
- Revise the box of ammunition there.
When of this was taken care.
We really catch.
electronic, Mister.
This has a deshabilitador
under the cavity.
You have to take me,
I become crazy here.
My battery still
it will last 30 years.
The system of he/she WENT of
the miniarma is unstable.
Their logical processor
it was contaminated.
But this is a he/she arms valuable,
Tallis. We have to take it.
She is very heavy,
I don't need it.
I am still under perfect conditions.
I only need some few cares.
I had just gone by a complete test
of inspection some months behind.
We go, people. This has 4 cans
of ammunition near the wall.
I am prostitute's son in the battle.
The personification of the own one
Devil in a fire fight.
You will never be sorry.
The 1a law of the action is
to survive any price.
The contact with the enemy
it should be avoided to all coast.
Not I resist more to recite the Bible.
Play me in the liquid
eternal of fire.
It is the solitude that kills me.
I change for the frequency doppler.
Activated microwave sensors.
To intertwine VCM abrangente.
We go all for the point,
affirmative position.
This will be one night
with force this is at night.
This will be weighed, but I scream
of pride to see their glory.
I am exulting sending them to you.
You are the dogs
brave of the combat.
My dogs of war!
That they are put in freedom...
when the rest flaw.
And this day,
what will be forever
in the history books,
this already happened for
big failures,
the extension force was
defeated in Mojave.
Several troops of them were
slaughtered in Mexico.
and the marine one and them
the best fusiliers...
now they are fish food.
All the representative bases.
I say that you... You
they are the best that exist.
The worst force in crash and
efficient impiadosamente of the world.
Now you have the opportunity
of demonstrating their value.
As in any other one
time in our history,
their precise nation.
This day belongs to you.
Victoria for the exterminacin
of the police of the buzzings...
or death.
it is the last of the last.
Fight against the silver currency!
And with wickedness!
And fight until ending up
with the last buzzing!
Maintain their positions, but
some units have to evacuate.
And retire their sheets,
and fight with impulse!
I will see all you in the hell!
You are of the 700.
The unit 5 this, and the 7 already got lost.
We lose the contact.
Many units without contact.
We will attempt another
I contact in some time.
Grade 5...
We have our orders.
That it is the point
main, there are some meters.
If we remove this position,
the buzzings are already.
The coordinates are positive.
The pilots of the helicopters
they should be had crusader.
The buzzings are besides DMV.
They are in great number.
Where is the rest of F4?
This finished.
Bring that miniarma it stops here.
I was right.
We have to go until the structures.
We have to sustain them.
It can already leave, it is a trick.
To the east of the black building.
They go it stops there, units
Eat lead!
Fire Order!
They will take. We need
to deviate their attention!
A man that is quick.
He can attract the whole fire.
I think that he/she needs of somebody as me.
If it attracts their fire it will be broken!
Make a lot of noise, soldier!
Good luck!
This doesn't exist, boss.
Let us go soon!
Let us go soon! Grab the weapon.
We still have to obtain the access
to the black building for the door of the This.
The east doesn't give.
The refinery of the city of
Tebas is a good opportunity.
We go directly for the refinery.
I guarantee this it won't be damaged.
You drive, brother.
Our current position was located.
I advise that they leave right now.
Registration movement in our position
and none is friendly.
Still treatment of penetrating
in the frequency of the satellite.
It seems that this was disconnected, Tallis.
The Intercom already this in the air.
I will attempt the road doppler.
The frequency already this.
The belt of the satellite already this.
It is static.
Agent 11020, did it grab It?
Team leader 35, change.
This very calm one there.
42m38 seg. It is the time that E700 took
to make remain silent to the bad police buzzing.
Does he/she give to believe?
It is this way that in E700.
Attempt with the amplifier ACM.
I only have more than enough 3 clips
and 4 grenades and you?
Shit, two cameras
and any grenade,
less bad than we win that
war, or we would be nailed.
- And, the victory this insured.
- In E700 they never lost a fight.
They should already have been announced.
- Not we should have noticed.
- He/she looks to the unfortunate ones.
Contained and in smaller number.
To attack.
To incubate the entrance of the capsule
ocular to recover the data.
Sgt. Anchilles was mistaken, Tallis.
E700 didn't win in 42 minutes.
How this way?
I was able to penetrate the sign.
Also checkup directly
my advanced escaneador ECM.
The buzzings have the total control
of our intelligence system.
The 700 lost this war.
It seems that we are alone.
Sgt. Anchilles, 11036...
he/she entered in the list of the drops.
Situation of danger close.
High potential of danger.
The war can arrive until us.
I recommend immediate intervention.
Order to see!
- Let us go!
- Go!
Quicker walk!
Shoot in the collection!
A perfect ambush.
We have to admire the clarity
of a soldier
without emotion,
feelings or fear.
Does he/she have some human being there?
Activation ECM abrangente.
Totally clean.
The escaneadores shows that
the buzzings left.
Not they have survivors here.
It seems that somebody differs with you.
The concrete should have hidden
their corporal temperature.
It will confront it the complete day or
was it about giving him/her medical attendance?
- How is she internally?
- Not I was projected for this, but...
my escaneador to modulate demonstrates that
their bones are intact.
Their temperature should be stabilized in 36.
The sanguine group B and the matter
cerebral in their face they don't belong to her.
How ago this?
This is a surgical plaster for the cure.
I gave him/her proteins and medication
for the hemorrhage.
He/she will be treated of their wounds.
She seems pathologically aggressive.
It is clever to fight. Their team
it is of low technology.
It was probably left by the army,
but it demonstrates methodology.
This means that he/she should have
an organization in some place.
He/she can have a movement
of resistance in fact.
You are not younger,
it can have arrived the hour
of fighting for our cause.
I am here to speak
of the army of buzzings...
and that that this
this means for you.
EE. UU like we know it.
The blue areas represent
population's excess, crime and unemployment.
The red areas are communities
desirous to God of low crime rate.
Now, observe in this form, as
the belt enlarged demographic sample
what spent in the past 20 years.
America in crisis. Our laws
and politics doesn't work.
Our parents, rase once the best,
it is the bank of the self-destruction.
That is bad, unthinkable,
I know that you agree.
This is the soldier buzzing.
He forms the dorsal thorn of the one
army of police of the buzzings.
They are "cacetetes",
scale of the justice.
A politician and police.
He is well. Their friend.
And he/she should help here.
Thank You, Laura. Hello, people,
my name is Friar Dully.
I am generally in the section of news
in the afternoon, but today...
Police propaganda
of the buzzings.
He/she finds that the key to finish with
is this to see these old sections of news?
Every day we stay more
old men slowly,
while they are more intelligent.
The buzzings need of human.
They were never self-sufficient.
Where am I?
Almost 275 meters of where their vehicle
it was depressed.
You cured of my wounds.
You will survive.
I have provisions of the combat,
if he is hungry.
And will this divide?
Who are you?
Speak now!
This has 5 kilograms of tan meat
at the end of the gun.
I trigger closed.
You are not the user
authorized of this he/she arms.
He intends to share their food with you.
Did he/she speak their rifle with me?
Tallis was programmed for
to kill and not to be a nurse,
then... be careful with that that
he/she will make ensguida.
Him this wants?
You are one of E700.
A special troop.
They said that all you
he/she had died.
What happened was.
Tallis became expert in survival.
We were with a base
for-military in the desert.
We made
recognition in the city...
and we were found by a patrol car
of the buzzings.
As the other ones if they left?
They didn't come out.
All died fighting.
You are as them.
Created by genetic engineering, truth?
Not as them.
Tallis is perfected
electronically, he is not a cyborg.
He has a nano-transmitter in their eye,
in the rest, he is as human as you.
The buzzings are
replicas biomecnicas.
If one day you see one without the
he/she chewed, you will understand.
I read on you.
You this has a disk of
data or something like that.
Since I stunned him/her.
I am a superalcance of
advanced intellect.
the representation of the best of those
nano-computers of the battle field.
I am approximately more 4 times
advanced that police's normal buzzing
and the nearest in the intelligence
artificial that you will find.
I receive my orders of the
capsule of the eye of Tallis.
If he/she dies, I don't have objective,
then, consequently,
I also die.
That this happening outside?
Most this startled for
to make any thing.
They got used to live in the cave
as mice
Some of us
they preferred to fight.
To sketch a reaction.
Who controls
the buzzings?
They are they execute its
first initiative.
To kill to human.
Every month we are about finding
the nervous new center.
If we will be able to find,
and to destroy, then theoretically
we will be able to leave them inactive.
Will it be fortunate?
Basing us on our
radio receivers...
the buzzings are being controlled
in the refinery of the city of Tebas.
Tebas was our objective
great attack.
Our last attack.
This is their weak point.
Do they know that, does he know?
It seems the police dog that
proteje to their owners.
If I am able to enter
in the nervous center,
and to steal the decoder by heart,
and I am able to take for my cell,
You have to rest.
I have to wash myself.
We have a tank.
Him this clean one.
This serves.
She is right. Their DNA is more
similar to that of the buzzing that to the human.
As the buzzings, we have that
to carry out our primary objective.
This that makes us go ahead
in the personal survival.
We live of
necessity of confrontations,
to kill the enemy,
to stop it to all coast.
This is our reason of
existence, this is our credo.
Without subsequent orders.
Our right should be
camouflaged and to survive.
We enter to adhere to them,
Tallis, and to rotate the war.
Since the character defines the one
I dedicate, this it is their destination.
What does he/she think, Tallis?
You leave mechanical and conductive driver
they are projected back.
We have to even
the applications.
We have few ammunition ANP.
And the rest only 8 or 3 AA.
Not it is wise to confront the one
enemy in such a state, Tallis,
but in fact,
we don't have any option.
The luck doesn't exist.
There are talent and the opportunity.
The one that trains, triumphs.
To cut, to stab,
to rotate the position!
To cut, to stab,
to rotate the position!
Attack, Tallis.
Agent AE 700.
Means of AE: Sophisticated
You are super soldier
of the genetic engineering.
Besides their normal studies,
they will receive digital inputs daily.
The transmissions in code
they will be read and recorded
in the disk personal ICU.
Their ocular capsule.
The informations in their capsule
ocular is at your disposal.
It is this that makes them only.
She should be
respected and used...
as any weapon of their arsenal.
I will unite to you.
The best.
This is a vest kevlar
with cooler.
It hides the temperature of their body.
Imitated by the police of the buzzings.
With that it is safer.
Does he/she have a plan?
We attack with the heavy fire them
they will think that it is a complete attack.
In the confusion, you enter and it leaves before
that they perceive that it is to distract.
There, you show up to their commandant
to report and to receive reports.
You don't call very much
for personality, not?
He/she has to rest,
I wait until it is time to go.
I Am Tallis.
Not I have a commandant
of separation
or orders. I am the last thing that
he/she survived of my squadron.
However, I continue being part of E700.
I found this book.
Of Charlotte Bronte
I read until late.
I already read it.
I read all.
Hour of leaving.
Not it owed so much activity.
Our intelligence
it was missed, but...
the place is this.
Disconnect the transmission. No
we want to announce our presence.
Union with satellite, inactive.
The link was annulled. I am
very uncomfortable with this.
We can be damaged, Tallis.
Let us return for where we came.
Turn for the fixation place.
He/she runs, I reach you.
This explosive type
it is a liquid type AB.
She will resist for
at least 10 minutes.
This is to save time.
Let us go, move!
Let us go!
Beautiful joke there, Tallis.
For the bad intelligence that you
he/she received, the mission was a failure.
Anything is perfect.
As he/she survived this time I complete?
A theory would be a life of
unbalanced probabilities and luck.
I was only lucky, I believe.
E700 doesn't believe in the luck.
In talent only
and opportunity.
We will see the sun be born another time.
Any day that we see
the exit of the sun...
it is a good day.
There is a plan. Maybe next time
it will be better to leave the girl behind.
I want to learn.
I want to learn that ago.
Now it attacks me.
The force begins with the balance, you
it should lower their center of gravity.
You should find
their dominant side,
train to work with its
body and mind and not against them.
With both open eyes,
point out to the wall.
Without movement, close
an eye of every time.
What joins is
their dominant side.
Very well.
- She learns slowly, Tallis.
- She attempts.
She will cause their death.
He/she has to support well to the
hour of putting right the objective.
Contrary case the force of the kick
it will dictate where it will shoot.
You are voluntary.
All became voluntary
to die for their country.
Then, they came to the best
place of the world to die.
Consider you already dead.
Their fears finish this way.
And there they will be able to kill the enemy.
This is Sgt. Anchilles.
He will speak of their rifle.
This is a Tri55, rifle
I finish urban.
Since you receive it,
he is their best friend.
Their mother, their lover,
everything in one.
If you lose it, you die.
If you break it, you die.
If it is oxidized or it ruins,
they already retire it, and you die.
Our work and my life...
it depends on their survival.
Then, I will teach them to
to maintain their weapon.
They are concentrated.
They have rifles that you/they bring close.
They also have portable weapons and I am
capturing a system of heavy weapons.
The level is dangerous, Tallis.
Tallis that is?
He/she looks.
Not it seems well.
Prepare the men.
As much as time can
to sustain, end?
Some minutes but and
we will be died, Mister.
It tolerated strong.
I ask to the air support.
The coordinates are...
Alpha, alpha, 365275, change.
That this making here, Tallis
Our position was already.
- How ago here, Washington?
- Our part was already.
I last too much.
All deads are.
Then we finish, and
I suggest that they make the same thing.
An extraction truck
this arriving here.
There are 12 kilometers.
- And the air support?
- Postponed indefinitely.
I am with you,
Washington, let us go!
- I will stay.
- Will he/she stay?
We place them in this.
- We will die.
- Their logic this perforated.
We will leave of here. Go!
Take you to their people of here,
Sergeant, this it will be big.
The air support this arriving!
Let us go!
Banquet of black vulture.
The bombing fried all.
Ests is an area of death.
It is better to die giving
show that to waste away.
Buddha said that any suffering
it is caused by the desire.
She hates the buzzings.
Never underestimate the hate
as motivation source.
She serves.
I wait that this right, Tallis,
because when you die,
in fact, both will die,
and all this was an I waste terrible.
Use this.
What is this?
Binary explosive,
RE Tenex MX.
He doesn't detonate under impact or fire.
It hits 3 times in the accionador,
and it desolates 2 blocks.
Not I believe in the suicide.
If he/she plans to lose, then it loses.
Sometimes, it is unavoidable.
We will go up this building.
To cross it of roof to
I roof until the nervous center.
If you see me look to the right,
look to the left.
As formation of artistic skating.
This has to make detonate the explosive
and the grenades immediately.
Come closer to their coordinates.
It grabs the data of the buzzings,
among and it leaves the quickest thing possible.
Be in movement, be not still.
If somebody changes fire,
you can lose.
We go.
Put the agreement explosive
to the instructions
It exploits the building.
Make detonate the explosive.
He/she takes.
- I am well.
- For which side?
Leave it at the end.
In this room.
- Grab what needs and salt quickly.
- Okey.
Let us go soon!
Not give birth!
Be behind!
Let us go!
Move! Go!
Move back!
Not give birth to! Let us go!
We will leave of here. It tolerated there!
Let us go!
This attracts all the forces of the buzzings.
This can worsen more, Tallis.
The only tactics should pay.
- Does it trust me?
- Clear.
- It grabs the explosive there.
- With pleasure.
- It sounds another time.
- Is this their plan?
We have two seconds
after the detonation.
We can leave together for the window.
This is a madness,
we will kill.
We have to destroy this.
Bomb of activated vicinity,
it is better to die giving show.
What dirt is this?
- This camouflages our temperature.
- Continue.
360 inform.
Now that we leave,
Non achievement to move.
I am well, era
alone an expression.
In fact, you are lucky that me
this here to take care of you.
I have to wash myself.
- Tallis.
- Tallis!
What step there?
He lost a lot of blood. They have that
to give him/her medical attendance.
Ah, Tallis.
We are still.
I repaired him/her, I have made calculations
that we are tied.
Precise of a rest, captain.
The patrol cars of the buzzings
they will be looking for us.
Okey, good... first you eat,
and it recovers the force.
That they are those marks?
Campaign profile.
Each code denotes a date and position.
It is my histrial of service.
Scars of battles.
I am a soldier from all my life.
I killed in 32 different countries, but...
I am in advantage,
I know him/her.
Activating the infrared one ahead.
Activated ACM.
You disappeared.
I like view.
You are strange, Tallis.
I don't feel strange.
I have to take the Disk for the militia.
I want him to come with me.
They participate in it.
I can make this.
He/she had somebody in the center
nervous of the buzzings.
A human being, I was stunned.
A technical small unit
he/she could enter another time.
You said that all
the commandants are dead.
It is the information that
our intelligence gave us.
We have to fix a car.
It is a trip of 48 hours for
the south. Not we have that time.
- I can find one.
- I imagine that they will think of you.
They are soldiers as much as me.
They don't make to many soldiers
as you, Tallis.
You are the last thing
of their class.
You are a dinosaur.
Be clever to go when me to return.
I have to go with you.
Would I give for E700?
With little probability.
Does he know where he/she goes?
I have a car that serves, a The-golden one.
I checked the battery.
We clean everything and we repair
the electro-electronic system.
A satellite of the buzzings
it will locate us...
so you tie the ignition.
- We will move quickly.
- Their logic is missed.
We will make the right that gives.
A productive member and
profitable of the modern society.
They patrol from Easter.
He is the best partner
that a man can to have.
He was put to defend.
Without to hesitate or to think.
We can find a solution
reliable taticamente.
She is in a hurry.
Their feelings for those
deads are less
because it is a clone cyborg?
Completely unable of some intelligence?
One is responsible here.
They will understand, they are useless.
It is sad, in a sentimental way.
My father was a he throws,
their father also.
I estimate that my children will have
that to find another profession.
Don't interpret me bad.
I say that it is sad for me to be the one
I finish human police in active control.
But I say the following thing:
With those faces there, it would not feel sure
if it was a criminal.
Those faces could have a possibility
with us, but they don't sleep.
They use the sailing dopper, the image
thermal, the communication via satellite,
And I have to say:
those faces never wander.
They attacked, Tallis.
They waited to that leaves.
She preferred to be sacrificed that to go prisoner.
Retiro all that I said on her.
But I don't understand because the buzzings
they waited until you left.
The nature of the apparent ambush
the process of side decision.
Imagine what Gives Vinci or Socrates...
they would have carried out with its
system of ocular capsule,
but it is you who he/she has and he/she has that
to make of this the best thing.
You should continue fighting.
This disconnects the voice, angel.
Obedenciendo: Voice far.
Now that we leave,
Non achievement to move.
He/she is lucky that am here to take care of it.
I have the exit of the sun.
Does it mean this that we return to the action, Tallis?
I calculated that he/she would see us another time.
We will hear the family sound another time.
The tumultuous noise of the combat.
For this it was trained, Tallis.
This is from birth their right,
I was projected for this.
Not there is anything in the world like the sound
of an irritated miniarma, gentlemen.
I am the music that rips their night.
I am the I incubate, the pagan, the one
in favor of the battle field.
Put the petroleum in me
I will distribute pains.
You are there, brother.
In perfect order of combat.
I am a machine of the mortal combat.
My specialty is
to be taken the life of the buzzings.
I am the music that rips their night.
I am the I incubate, the pagan, the one
in favor of the battle field.
The petroleum goes by me for
to provoke some pains.
Activating cover frequency.
I develop End it can be harmful.
I change for ultrarrojo.
Interlazando the frequency
of the colonel with ours.
Mentioning Sgt Anchilles: it is better
to die giving a show that to waste away.
And to be in the Ultra-red frequency.
I await their next order, Mister.
If their position is damaged,
wait up to last moment for the explosion.
He/she goes with them, Mister.
Good luck, colonel.
Good luck, colonel.
E700 doesn't believe in the luck.
We were made for
to kill or to be killed.
Better to make that that better we know how to make, Tallis.
- Clever, colonel?
- Clever for launching.
Rockets of high pressure. Level
incendiary 3 and the old man HAVE.
High explosive,
hour of the barbecue.
To imagine that it is possible
to carry out military big acts
without fighting, it doesn't pass of empty dreams.
- Napoleon said this.
- We go to the way camouflage.
How do we go, colonel?
Activation of the miniarma.
From Sacred Pedro it had not mounted
behind of a chromium dragon.
And the name of this dragon
it is Blow, the Magic dragon.
This will put an end to the bad.
The malefactors also.
Fire open to the hour that wants, colonel.
This will be right now, Tallis.
A multitude already send for the hell.
The colonel will punish them,
impious sinners.
Look at it what I have, expensive,
The power of God falls in you.
Since Pedro will mount behind
of a chromium dragon.
That the Mr. he/she has the pity
of my perverse soul
It is here, Tallis. The station rereads
of the buzzings that we were behind.
You are Tallis, of E700.
I know everything on you.
You were built
with the nanotechnology...
what my company patents.
Take off of there or they hit him/her a shot.
She cannot make this.
It is bigger than us two.
It is the development of the artificial intelligence.
The understanding of the justice.
She warns to the buzzings, Tallis.
Who are you?
She didn't have to die this way.
Disable the buzzings.
You don't understand.
Not we command the buzzings.
They command us.
We adore the buzzings.
We project them to be perfect.
They are the human evolution.
They are our religion.
There are hundred of us working
for them, but...
they don't need people.
Of none of us.
Understand, they evolved.
They began to be governed.
Without you and this team...
the patrol car for?
Our objective was...
the constitution of a world Pacific.
An Utopia.
The realization of the mythical nirvana.
They knew that finally
the buzzings would also kill them.
The human mind is basically
good, but so weak.
Who are those faces?
Not they appear in my sensors.
This should be a type 2. All
the data are secret.
They are more advanced fight buzzings.
They work in inferior frequency.
Military capacity of camouflage.
I hope he/she doesn't have more than them, Tallis.
State of the police force of buzzings.
Well he/she wanted you to see which am, Tallis.
Since they lost the control.
The buzzings are disabled.
It is for my family, their buzzing
Or that there, boys, kill us.
They cannot continue without an order.
Without the rele station,
the buzzings are impotent.
They are literally suffocated,
you saved the world.
What does it subtract?
Don't still take place,
somebody using a frequency
ultra drop arrives until us.
Grasp only 8.
Bad news. Them not
they die easily, but...
they die.
They are in the search,
the tentative of locating others.
Follow escaneando, ngel.
Escaneando: Thermal, doppler,
infrared. Totally clean in 360o
Stay abajao, Tellis.
They can locate us
without caring the atmosphere,
and they are stronger than the first type.
Not I see anything.
They overcame my ECM.
I sit down it a lot, Tallis.
This outside of the objective,
don't begin the fire here.
They are covered.
We have to continue to the offensive.
Not we will survive under these conditions.
This is the last surgical plaster
of quick cure, Tallis.
He/she will need more than the protein for
to recover if you lose this fight.
They are always a Step to the front.
I should transmit something.
The capsule in its eye transmits secretly.
They should have deciphered it,
they know everything.
They used him/her to attract those
combatants of the human resistance.
Be careful, please.
Are they behind me?
Another time never makes this, Tallis.
Did he/she already find a reference?
The atmospheric breeze this
affecting my thermal imagstica.
- Can I enter for the door?
- Negative. Use the lateral window.
Non touch anything.
They are some obsolete ammunition.
Everything if this degenerated.
It is very unstable.
Escanee, ngel.
Checkup Ultra Low frequency.
The digital shock damages
my system of surveillance.
The data cannot indicate if this alone one or not.
Please, take enormous care.
You killed the one that cannot be killed.
We arrive this way close.
Our great task is almost complete.
You destroyed everything.
Their great task was the murder.
You were mistaken.
Look to my dead family, soldier.
Be clever to adhere to them.
If I survive,
the army of buzzings survives.
If I survive, we go
in rising another time.
I was made to reconstruct me.
Drifted to regenerate me.
With the smallest technology part I can
to postpone the army of buzzings.
Unite to my, soldier.
We can command an army
that he/she never saw same.
We are similar. Not we are as them.
Release their weapon.
Unite to my.
Neither to think it.
We arrive this way close, Tallis.
The place or state in which
the souls of the sinners
they are subject to suffering cleanser...
until, after having paid their debts,
they deserve the paradise.
He/she would not call it paradise, but this it is my house.
It is easy to find it, Tallis.
Coarse to hear the shots.
What did it pass with their eye?
I will survive.
This is other to be born of the sun, Tallis.
This is a charming day for
to begin the reconstruction.
Version in Castellano Xajor