Last Sign, The (2004) Movie Script

Looking back now...
I see how easy was to fool myself
thinking everything
So much pain for nothing.
We were taken by surprise.
We like to think that bad things
can only happen to
After you died Jeremy...
I thought we may find peace
in our lives again.
But death is not always as final
as sometimes we think it
- Yes?
- Mrs. Macfarlane?
- We're from the real state.
- Just a second, I'll get the key.
I'm so sorry, I can't find the keys.
- Can we take a look from the outside?
- Yes. Of course.
- Will you allow access to the garden?
- It's a standard
I suppose it covers
all possible options.
It's just that I have children.
I'll have a look at the back.
Excuse me.
I can't do it anymore.
The kids and I are leaving.
You want to leave me?
- Mrs. Macfarlane?
- Location is perfect.
Actually, we might have someone.
Oh, so soon!
A french engineer
with excellent credencials.
Came to work at a project.
It'll be a short-term contract.
I don't know about that.
That way we can get you
a much higher price.
Well, I'll have to think about it.
Mrs. Macfarlane?
Please, give us a call
when you reach a decision.
- I appreciate it.
- Thank you.
Good bye.
Why did you do that for?
It's crappy stuff!
No, it's not.
Please, girls.
It's dinner time.
Come on! It's dinner!
OK, we're coming.
It's my stereo.
You got rollerblades for Christmas.
I wanted a stereo too.
Come on, you two.
Why can't you just share?
She always wants what's mine.
Don't you dare.
Come on,
let's just have a nice dinner.
They're on sale at the mall.
I saw them.
These are difficult times...
You've got to stick to our budget.
Beautiful words spoken in gest.
Gest, what's that?
How many times have I told you
don't have a license for that
I stand on the trail. See?
Good, then go wash up.
Before or after dinner?
Don't push me.
Eight is my lucky number.
You can write it without even taking
your pen off the paper.
I think we should get married
on the eighth.
Why the eighth?
It's the infinite number.
Goes on forever...
Come on, let's go kids!
Seat belts.
I love you.
Have a good day.
- Temperature?
- Regular.
- Gage?
- Level.
Don't forget it.
- Excuse me?
- Your ring.
I don't think we've met.
You're Kathy Macfarlane,
lab seven...
you've been here almost a month.
I'm Dora.
Human Resources.
I'd say you're either Cancer or Leo.
I'm a Cancer, actually.
I thought too.
Because you're the only person...
who had the courage
to eat the Junior Melt on thursday.
It's not that bad, really.
Tell me that in a month.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
There's no much I can do.
You understand that, if you don't
make these payments
you'll risk your possession.
Yes, but I'm back at work now...
and I intend to rent
my late husband's medical clinic.
Let me see.
I might be able to give you a month.
Mrs. Macfarlane?
A month extension.
This is the best I can do.
I see. Well, thank you.
It started acting up this morning.
It's the first time it's ever
Thank you.
Hello, there.
Excuse me.
I didn't mean to scare you.
Mrs. Macfarlane?
- Yes?
- I'm your new tenant.
Marc Larrieu
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I'm sorry.
I just wasn't expecting you.
I came early and your sister
gave me the keys.
- I hope it's OK?
- No, it's fine.
By they way, I've met your kids.
They're great.
If you prefer,
I can come back tomorrow.
No, it's fine.
Is everything OK?
Do you need anything?
Everything is perfect.
Have a good night.
Good night.
Hi, mom.
Oh, my Goodness!
Why are you home so late?
I was so busy at the lab.
- I'll catch your plate.
- Thank you.
Have you met your new neighbour?
- He seems to be a good guy.
- Maybe.
I'm starting to have
second thoughts about renting there.
No, Kathy, it's a good thing.
Now you're going to have
some close company.
Exactly, that's what bothers me.
Who is it?
Probably wrong number.
Go back to bed.
What's that?
Your dad's old shoes.
Just a small junk.
Come on Isabel, we're late.
We're coming.
- Good morning, everybody.
- Good morning.
Hurry up, guys.
We're going to miss the bus.
- Hi, there.
- Hi.
See you later, Isabel.
- Do you mind if I sit down here?
- Of course not.
- You are not having the tune melt.
- I took your advice.
- Trouble at the bank?
- Just a little.
You're a widow, aren't you?
Yes, I am.
You think about him all the time,
don't you?
The first time I saw you,
I knew we had something in
My peer left this Earth
about 15 years ago...
and I thought I'd go crazy!
I realized he was watching out for me.
He was talking to me.
I talked back! Why not?
We do that all the time.
I'm throwing myself
a birthday party on saturday...
so, why don't you...
just come and let your hair down?
I'm not much of a party person.
It's going to be 58,
in case you were wondering.
I look to be 54, but I'll be 58.
No excuses, no presents.
I swear...
I swear...
no more drinking.
Any drop.
Never again.
They all died, Kathy.
All these beautiful kids.
They all died.
There was nothing I could do.
I'm sorry.
We can't live like this anymore.
That was good.
That was really good.
I'm telling you.
The man's party went all night long.
You should have joined them
instead of playing alone.
I'm telling you Kathy,
you got to start moving on.
I'm trying, Isabel. But I can't.
It's like Jeremy were still here,
I'm afraid I'm going to wake
and find him on the couch
who knows in what state.
He really put you through hell,
didn't he?
I'm still at it.
It's just like him.
His last selfish gesture.
Leaving us right when the kids
needed him most.
But they got you.
And they're wonderful kids.
Who'd want to be one of them?
No father and a histerical mother.
You're a great mom.
And they're very lucky to have you.
This is a tooth of luck...
and this will help you
ward off evil spirit.
We could all use one of those.
Isn't that gorgeous?
- Oh, darling, I didn't get you a drink!
- I'm fine.
No, what a bad hostess.
Come on.
Let's get you all set up, loosing
you up and put you in a party
Hey, Dora!
Ed, you look gorgeous in pink!
Thank you.
Darling, this is Kathy.
Could you get her a drink?
Just a glass of water would be great.
Water, so, the real party!
Ed doesn't drink water.
He's an artist.
Zelda! Oh, my God!
I'll be right back.
That's a great choice.
It's a perfect book for you.
It's not really my kind of thing.
You've dropped your matches here.
That can't be mine, I don't smoke.
Well, I certainly don't smoke and
I've never been to the
Is that a nice hotel?
Yes, it's a very nice hotel.
I get the feeling...
these are definitely your matches.
I tell you what...
This book...
is my gift to you.
Why don't you make yourself
comfortable? Try to absorb it...
and then when you're ready,
come and rejoin the party, OK?
Happy ever after.
Happy forever.
I love you, Kathy.
I want to live with you forever.
I'll always love you.
I want to live with you forever.
I love you!
Mrs. Macfarlane?
I'm sorry. Do we know each other?
Fergus O'Brian.
Of the O'Brian farm.
- Fergus O'Brian?
- That's me.
It's amazing, it's been years!
- As they say: "Long time don't see".
- Yeah, right.
- How have you been Fergus?
- Great.
Fresh as a new-born.
Too bad. It's not something
you can wash off.
- How are you doing with yourself?
- Not bad.
Fine, really. You know since...
Dr. Macfarlane left us.
The Dr. Would never leave you.
He wouldn't do a thing like
No, Fergus. You don't understand.
He's gone forever.
You'll see, he'll be back.
He's dead.
Don't you get it, Fergus? Dead.
Yeah, right. But nothing is forever.
He'll be back, Mrs. Macfarlene.
I'm telling you he'll be back.
You can't leave me.
I called the hospital,
he's not there.
Take it easy. He's just out
with his friends somewhere.
Why he doesn't call me?
Because he's probably having
too much fun!
Isabel, here comes a car.
I'll call you back.
Mrs. Macfarlane...
Your son is in the car.
Don't worry, he's OK.
He got into a fight with a friend,
but it's not as bad as it
He was up on the road,
waiting till you've gone to bed.
He scared me to death.
- Don't be to hard.
- Frank.
What happened?
- God, look at you, baby!
- I'm fine. It's a bruise.
He's just upset.
Let's go clean him up.
Don't move.
Almost done.
So, do I have to call Steve's father
to find out what
What did I tell you?
Your mother has a right
to worry about you, you know?
The project is good.
Just a moment, I'll call you back.
- Is there a problem with Frank?
- No.
I've been getting anonimous calls...
every night at 12:15.
I looked up my window,
and there you were...
And you thought it was me?
How long has this been going on?
Ever since you came.
Anyone you suspect?
From work, maybe?
I think I know someone who can help.
Don't worry,
I'll take care of it tomorrow.
So, who were you calling so late?
France, my mother.
She wakes up early.
Sorry about that.
That's OK.
What in God's name are you doing?
- Kathy, what's up here?
- I lost my ring.
I guess I didn't take your advice
Oh, honey, I'm so sorry!
What a shame!
I don't know why
that keeps happening to me!
Because you're full of energy.
I wish.
Most of the time
I'm completely drained.
Is there something
you want to tell me?
No, I don't think so.
Just a thought.
- I better get back to work.
- OK.
Here, that's every single call
you got this month.
Inclunding the unknown number.
But you didn't get it from
Right. Rachel, Kathy.
- Kathy is my landlady.
- I really appreciate this.
It's no problem. I got to go.
They'll be wondering where I
I owe you one.
As I told you, our records...
don't show any call to that number.
Look, Mr. Some lunatic in this hotel
get his kicks every
by tormenting this lady.
So, unless you help us,
we are going to the police.
- Is that clear?
- I understand your concern...
but our records really...
Look, if I could just talk to
Fergus O'Brian, he's a bellboy
- Ruth.
- Yes.
Is there a Fergus O'Brian
working here?
He's a little skinny guy.
Twenty something...
- Bellboy.
- Never heard of him.
But I just spoke with him here,
the other night.
I don't know any Fergus O'Brian.
Miss, I would like to speak
to the manager.
OK, follow me.
Excuse me, I'm looking for another
bellboy that works here...
his name is Fergus O'Brian.
It's just me and Rudy.
Are you going up?
OK, here's what I got.
The people from the Moon River are not
going to tell us the
But I talked to the manager...
and tomorrow they're going
to teach that kid a lesson.
So, no more phones.
I hope so.
What's your connection
with this Fergus?
- He was a pacient of my husband.
- I see.
- Thanks, Marc.
- You're welcome.
He was trying to kill himself.
You should call an ambulance.
Let it stop.
Want to have lunch?
- My God, where was it?
- In the laundry.
I was positive I had lost it here.
Well, it found you!
Objects can travel thousands of miles
if they got a reason.
- It's a sign.
- Yes, of my negligence.
No, it's a sign that Jeremy
is trying to get in touch with you.
I never told you his name.
Oh, yes. Human Resources.
Kathy, you got to listen.
I can help
you get in touch with him.
It's not really my kind of thing.
- Hand me number 11.
- Yes.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Got it?
Yeah, that should work.
You owe me 50 bucks, man.
- Why don't we break out the rent?
- OK, don't worry.
Hi, there.
- Hi.
- Hi. Mom.
- I didn't hear you coming.
- I guess you were too busy.
Well, it's all done.
I'm going to take it for a ride
right now.
- I'll be back in a minute.
- Allright, just to the gate.
- Mom, come on.
- Not on the road.
Any more phone calls?
- No.
- Good.
So... you know about motorcycles?
Well, I had one when I was a kid.
I really appreciate
you're helping Frank with this.
I hope he rides.
It's better then he fights.
Yeah, me too.
You got something in your hair.
That's strange,
I wonder where that came from.
It's great. Nearly a drop of oil.
And they lived happily ever after.
Now, go to sleep.
- Good night, mom.
- Good night, baby.
- Sweet dreams.
- Sweet dreams.
You got a minute?
Look, I know things between us
haven't been good.
I know dad hurt you a lot.
- I hate him for it.
- Don't hate your dad...
He was a very sick man...
and I just couldn't cope.
I just want you to be happy.
I'm sorry I've been so hard
on you lately...
it's just that i worry.
You scare me.
So impulsive.
You're just like your dad.
I am?
Yeah, only the best parts.
Good night.
Good night, mom.
Mom is here!
Stop jumping on the couch!
Hi, mommy
- I love you. Have fun.
- I'll miss you.
- I'll miss you. Thank you so much.
- You're very welcome.
Call me as soon as you get there.
And have some fun. Don't worry!
Lift off!
Come on, Frank.
What's happening?
Frank's team is winning.
All the pressure is on Frank!
- Who gave him the number 8?
- I don't know.
Come on, Frank! You can do it!
You can do it!
Hey, mom.
- What a game!
- Hey, Bravo.
- You know, we got lucky.
- Come on, you're too must!
You should have placed your bet, man.
You're right. I should have.
How about we go celebrate?
- We're actually going out for burgers.
- Don't be late.
Allright. I see you guys later.
Let's go boys.
- Are you hungry?
- A little bit.
- I'll have an expresso.
- Me too.
So, where's your home?
Well, that's a tough one.
I do have this little place
near Paris...
but it's locked up most of the time.
No kids?
I never had the chance to pursue
a meeting for realtionship.
That's too bad.
You're really good with kids.
My kids really like you,
especially Frank.
He doesn't make friends easy.
Neither do I.
You don't give me that impression.
What impression do I give?
That of a strange guy, who makes
calls in the middle of the
just to attract your attention?
What about your husband?
Jeremy was an idealist.
He thought that medicine
could change the world.
Up into the moment he joined
an organization abroad.
- Where?
- Central Africa.
That's when he started drinking.
He used to say the politics of food
and medical aid was a
It's not fun to talk about.
All I know is that
I'm tired, old, ugly.
You may be tired,
but you're not old...
and you are certainly not ugly.
In fact, I'd be happy to tell you
how you're beautiful
OK, it's a deal.
Would you like to come in for a drink?
I don't think I should.
I had a really good time tonight.
Come on, if we hurry
we can catch the bus.
- Don't you want to go with my bike?
- Yeah, right. I don't
Mom, do you like Marc?
He seems like a nice person.
Do you like him?
Let's hurry.
Hello, stranger.
- How are you, Kathy?
- I'm fine, thanks.
Come and see me when you're ready.
I'm sorry, I'm in a rush.
Frank called me.
Your battery was flat,
probably the humidity.
Thanks for come to get me.
I couldn't have taken a bus.
It's not a problem. I finished early.
There's something I should tell you.
My stay here might be
My boss in Europe overestimated
the extent of the work here
and I have a new assignement
in another country.
And you accept it?
I told them...
I hadn't made up my mind yet.
I see. Well, we'll miss you.
My beautiful babys!
I missed you!
They had a great time.
Thank you.
Mom, can Marc have dinner with us?
Well, what about aunt Sue
and uncle Al?
- Sure.
- No. Thanks.
I guess we just want
to go back home, right?
- Any time...
- Bye.
The man taking your place,
is he going to be as nice as you?
What's his name?
I don't know. It's not official yet.
Right, send us a post card.
We don't want you to leave.
- Shut up, Fiona.
- You shut up.
You guys, what's wrong with you?
Nothing at all.
Look, there's no reason why
Marc can't still be our friend.
- Maybe I should talk to him.
- Sure, that'd be nice.
He won't talk to me.
He doesn't want you to leave.
You know, Kathy...
I've been traveling around the world
for too long now.
I wouldn't mind settling down...
for a good reason.
What is it?
Nothing. I'm sorry.
I just can't.
Cut it out, Fergus. Just cut it out.
It's OK, sweetheart. Go back to bed.
555-0167 O'Brian.
It just goes dead.
Are you sure?
And there's no new number?
Thank you.
Oh, hell, Jeremy! It's the O'brian's!
Shit! I don't have my bag.
Oh my God! It's Fergus!
He stopped breathing.
Out of the way.
You are OK.
Mrs. Macfarlane.
I'm glad to see you.
I'm afraid I can't say the same.
I quit the hotel,
I wasn't good for that job.
I heard you came looking for me.
Tell the truth, Fergus.
You're the one who's been calling me.
Twelve fifteen precisely,
every night.
That's not some kind of joke,
frightening people like that.
I was doing a friend a favour.
- What friend?
- Dr. Macfarlane, of course.
That's not funny.
He asked me to contact you
to tell you...
- Stop!
- He wants you to...
Hey, there!
I'm going to have a word
with your mother.
Mrs. Macfarlane.
Well this is such a pleasant surprise!
Please, do come in
and I'll give you some coffee.
No, I'm fine. Thank you.
How long has it been?
Five years.
My God, how time flies. What brought
you into the
I'm actually here
to talk to you about Fergus.
My son, Fergus?
What about him?
I don't know why.
But I thought you should know...
Fergus has been calling me almost
every night, for the past
Are you allright, Mrs. Macfarlane?
Yes, why?
Fergus is dead.
Been dead for six months.
You should know that.
12:15 AM.
I'm scared.
Allright, come here.
It's just a rain, guys.
Don't worry, it's fine.
What's up?
We're going to aunt Isabel.
What? Now?
Yes, right away.
Get your coats on, quick.
- It's a storm.
- Just do as I say.
I'm not going.
Yes, you're. I'm your mother,
now get in the car.
Let's go, mommy.
Damn it!
Take your foot off the gas.
Kathy, no!
This is crazy!
You can't leave me!
I'll find you!
I'll find you, Kathy.
Wherever you go, I'll find you!
What the hell are you doing?
Slow down!
What's going on?
- Where is Isabel?
- Inside, come on, get in.
What's going on?
Do you know the phone calls
I've been getting at 12:15 am?
It's Jeremy's time of death, 12:15!
Yeah, some crank
at the record's office...
No, Isabel.
Jeremy died the night I'd left him.
This kid, Fergus, came back
from the dead to tell me
Kathy, you're so stressed out.
He's making the phone calls
because he owes Jeremy a
The dead don't make phone calls,
Why don't you let the kids
stay with us for a while?
Yes, they need protection.
This isn't the way to do.
You're scaring the hell out of them.
He said he'd come after us
no matter where we were.
Honey, that's not going to happen.
The dead don't scare me.
Just couch potatoes do that.
Lte's go make up the rooms.
I knew you'd finally come.
Come on.
I can't believe
this is happening to me.
Maybe I'm going crazy.
No, you're not. I promise you.
Now I want you to try and see
this from another perspective.
Maybe death doesn't really exist.
Maybe it's just a gateway
to another reality.
But I'm a scientist, Dora.
I only believe in things
that can be proven.
Try and see this exeprience...
as a blessing.
A very few people
get this opportunity.
You told me...
that the bellboy said he thought
he was doing Jeremy a
I think that your Jeremy
sent Fergus to talk to you...
because he wanted to talk
to you himself but he couldn't.
I think he's in a lot of pain!
Jeremy doesn't exist. I buried him.
He's just dirt and worms.
We're going to try a contact.
Just goig to try. Just try.
Don't be scared.
I want you to put your hands
flat down on the table...
I want you to relax.
Breath from here.
And in... two... that's it.
Relax, relax. There you go.
One... two... three... four...
Two... three... four...
Two, three, four.
I want you...
to open yourself up to Jeremy.
Open yourself...
I'm sorry.
No, I can't.
Jeremy needs you to forgive him,
I'm just confused, that's all.
I shouldn't have come in, Dora.
You have got to forgive him
for your own piece of mind.
You've got to throw out the bad
stuff and focus on the good
Yes, the good moments.
Look for the signs, Kathy.
Look for the signs.
A scotch, please.
Make that two.
I'm expecting someone.
I need to know what it feels like.
Stop pretending you quit drinking.
Where have you been?
Kathy? It's Marc.
Happy Birthday.
Anybody at home?
I came looking for the kids earlier,
I brought something for them.
They're at Isabel's house
for a few days.
Well... l'll leave them here.
Is there something wrong?
No, I don't think so.
Come on, there's something wrong.
Talk to me.
Why won't you give us a chance,
- Stop punishing yourself.
- It's not it.
Then what?
Ok, fine.
I see him.
I hear him.
At times, I fell like
I can almost touch him.
- And then, there's all these signs.
- What signs?
"Eights", I see them constantly.
It's like he's trying to tell me
and i just can't figure it out.
What's happening to you
is what grief is all about.
You miss Jeremy so much that
you're attaching emotional
to what your mind is showing you.
You still don't understand.
Trust me.
I've got to catch my plane.
Contrary to popular belief, the
most difficult aspect of
is not so much the absence
of the loved one...
is a sudden interruption
of communication.
I can't do it anymore.
The kids and I are leaving.
I want to leave me?
I think it's better.
Mom, what are you doing here?
I'm looking for Marc.
Is he around?
He went to the airport.
I can't believe you let him go.
Why? He's a good guy,
there's nothing wrong with him.
Do you think you're the only one
who misses dad?
That's not fair.
Then why Mom? Why not Marc?
You cant' keep acting like this.
It's insane.
You got to let things get better.
You're right.
It's going to get better.
I have to go pick up the girls
at Isabel's.
I think that Jeremy sent
Fergus to talk to you...
because he wanted to talk
himself, but he couldn't.
He asked me to contact you...
Jeremy needs you to forgive him...
Why won't you gives a chance?
I'm sorry. I just can't.
Why not Marc?
I can't believe you let him go.
He' a good guy.
It's insane.
You got to let things get better.
AIRPOR Passport and plane ticket, please.
Thank you.
Excuse me, just a moment.
Give me 5 minutes, OK?
You can't keep acting like this.
I love you.
I know you can hear me now.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I just wanted to give you
a chance to live...
free of that anger
and violence.
I love you.
I need you to do just
one more thing for me.
Even the dead need to be forgiven.
I need you to
Please, forgive me.
I hated you for a long time,
you know that.
I can't do it anymore.
I forgive you.
Good to meet you in life, honey.
Just be happy.
I forgive you.
The kids will be so happy to see you.