Last Song from Kabul (2023) Movie Script

I'm extremely excited.
For the first time in the
history of Afghanistan,
an ensemble has
been formed, which
is entirely made of girls.
Really, it's a positive change.
Even a small step like
that going to make
a great change to the country.
I can't control my crying, guys.
I'm going to cry right now.
This is Afghanistan's first
and only all-women orchestra.
The girls say they're
determined to show
another side of their country.
The Afghan women's
orchestra are here
in Berlin for a very
special concert.
The musicians want to pave
the way to an Afghanistan
where women and
music can flourish.
Taliban fighters inside
the presidential palace
have taken down the
flag of Afghanistan.
Welcome to Lisbon, where the
time is now 3 o'clock PM.
Hello, good afternoon.
Welcome to Portugal.
I'm a photographer arriving
from the Netherlands.
And I was in Peru.
Thank you.
Oh, sorry.
No, no, no problem.
OK, no problem, no
problem, no problem.
Slow for me.
It's good.
Good, good.
2, 3.
Marzia, tell me, where are we?
We are in Germany.
Yeah, we're in
Germany right now.
Because it's A.
Ah, OK.
Things are still
difficult for me,
but I want to make a
good future for myself.
And that's why moved
here in Germany.
Until now, I really
miss all of them.
They teach me how to
live, how to be strong.
No one can say what the
future will look like,
but I think my future
is going to be great.
If I didn't play music,
I was not here today.
I'm sure.
I was in my village, yeah.
So music changed my life a lot.
Quiet, everybody.
Stand by.
OK, silence.
And roll camera.
Roll camera.