Last Summer (2018) Movie Script

[bird chirping]
["Pink Moon"
by Nick Drake playing]
- [Iwan] Hey, watch it.
- [Davy] Hurry up, mun. Come on!
Saw it written
And I saw it say
[Iwan] Careful.
Come on, hurry up.
Pink moon is on its way
None of you...
Stop! Stop!
[indistinct chatter]
- Bloody hell, mun!
- You're sinking!
Pink moon gonna get ye all
Pack it in, will you?!
[indistinct playful shouts]
[Davy] Stop!
Pink, pink, pink, pink
[Kevin] Oi!
Pink moon
You going to teach us ticklin'?
You're making too much racket.
You said!
Alright then, come on.
[soft instrumental music]
- There's nothing under here!
- Sh, Robbie.
You got to block him in, see.
Try it, come on.
- Look, I got one! I got one! I got one!
- [Iwan] Oh, there's one.
- Good! Good.
- [Robbie] Oh, he's big!
[Kevin] Don't lose it,
hold onto him.
- [Robbie] He's wriggling.
- I can't, mun.
Now you've got to snap its neck.
- How?
- Put your finger in his mouth
- and just pull up.
- I can't do it. You do it, mun.
Try it!
Come on, give it here.
[Iwan] Oh, look at it wriggling.
[Kevin] Hold it firmly
and push your finger
in its mouth.
- And pull up.
- [Iwan] That's disgusting, mun.
[Kevin] Alright?
Try and get another one.
- They're definitely dead?
- 'Course they are, mun.
Look. Eat this.
Can't have one
unless you caught it.
You didn't kill him. It was Kev.
I don't care, anyway.
I got a tin.
Oh, no! It's corned beef.
[Davy] Yeah.
Get off! - Corned beef,
you eat it form a tin
- Corned beef
- Give it back!
- You cut it thick or thin
- C'mon!
Davy eats it cold
And he really likes it
But the rest of
The boys thinks
It smells like corned beef
[Davy] Bugger off, Rhys.
- How long have you had that?
- Doesn't matter.
Lasts forever. You can get it
from the War. Good as new.
- Dog food!
- [Iwan laughs]
- Give it here.
- Bugger off!
Look. Leave him be, mun.
Put it away, Davy.
Eat this.
- [Robbie] Where you going?
- To help Da with the chickens.
- What?
- [makes cutting noise]
[soft instrumental music]
Shall we go watch?
I'm not.
[soft music]
- [Rhys] Davy?
- [Iwan] I got one.
- He's not here.
- Bet there never was one.
- There was.
- How d'you know?
- Kev said.
- Well, maybe he was lying.
- No, he wasn't!
- Alright, keep your hair on!
- It's only a stupid owl.
- You wouldn't call it stupid
- if you'd seen it.
- Come on.
[someone screams]
[they all scream]
[warm orchestral music]
Oh, my god!
- It's bloody Iwan!
- [Robbie] Get him!
[they all shout]
- Idiot!
- Get off. Come on.
- [Iwan] Can't breathe!
- [they all laugh]
[dog barks]
[Hywell] Come to watch
the show, boys?
[orchestral music fades]
[chicken clucks]
[dog continues to bark]
Look after the bloody dog,
will you?
[Robbie] Alright.
If you chop their heads off
and put 'em down,
they'll still run.
Run around for ages.
- Have you seen it?
- Of course. Kev was here and...
- La, la, la, la, la!
- And there was all this blood
everywhere all over his shirt.
No, there wasn't!
And the spinal cord came out.
Yeah, the blood was everywhere!
[dog barks]
- Rex!
- Rex!
- He's going into Dai's!
- Rex!
- Rex!
- Rex!
[dogs bark]
[Davy] It's alright.
It's alright.
There's sheep in the next field.
We got him. Honest.
Tell Kev I'll need him
in the morning.
[soft orchestral music]
- Bye.
- See ya.
- See ya tomorrow, boys.
- Ta-rah.
Bye, Rex!
- Where you off, boys?
- We're going fishing.
- With that?
- We got darts.
- Right then.
- You coming?
Nah, not today, boys.
Busy. Got to mow the lawn.
Come on then.
Little bugger!
Look, he's still there!
Nowhere near, mun!
Look, I think
he's laughing at you.
Oh, shut up.
No! Look, he is!
Right, that's it!
[they chuckle]
[soft instrumental music fades]
- What are you doing?
- Packing.
What for?
Look, you're going to have to learn
to stand on your own two feet now.
Go make yourself a bit of lunch.
There's a ham in the fridge.
Mind, don't cut
yourself carving it.
[soft instrumental music]
I'll wait for Dad.
Said I'd mow the lawn.
I'm sorry.
You're not leaving.
Don't love you anymore.
[crows caw]
[soft piano music]
- It's close.
- It's by our house.
Come on.
[lets out a whimper]
[ominous violin music]
Dad, no!
Probably Dai shooting rabbits.
[cocks gun, shoots]
Can't see it, mun.
Let's go, I'm thirsty.
Boys, who wants a drink?
- Bloody hell, mun!
- Water fight!
- [Rhys] Get him!
- [they laugh]
- [Rhys] Get him!
- Get off!
[indistinct shouts and laughter]
[Iwan] Christ. Calm down!
- I'm going in for a Penguin.
- Get away!
- [laughter continues]
- [panting]
No, no!
[Robbie] Mom,
can I have a Penguin?
[ominous music continues]
It's cold. It's cold. It's cold.
[Iwan chuckles]
- No!
- No!
[they breathe heavily]
[melancholic orchestral music]
[Rex barks]
Come on. Oh, boy.
[Rex growls]
- Alright, boy.
- [Rex barks]
Alright, boy.
- Settle, Rex.
- [continues to bark]
OK. OK, boy.
OK. Settle, boy.
OK. OK. That's it.
That's it.
You're a good boy, Rex.
There's a good boy.
Good boy.
[cocks gun]
[whimpers in fear]
No, Rex.
[Rex whines]
[door shuts]
[Robbie whimpers]
[Kevin] Boys!
Get away, boys!
Get out of there!
Where is he?!
[pole clangs to the ground]
I'll get my Da...
[Kevin] Come on.
[ominous instrumental music]
Boys! Stop!
What's happened? Boys!
[Glyn] Dinner's ready! Come on!
- Da!
- Now!
Go and wash your hands!
Come on, boys! Move!
- Da!
- What?!
[phone rings]
[drops cutlery]
6, 5, 4, 5. Yes?
[police siren]
Alright. Don't stare.
Go around the back,
see what you can find.
On you go.
[soft instrumental music]
It's alright, sit. Sit down.
I'm so sorry.
You okay for a minute?
I'll just go
tell them you're here.
Safe, like.
Go home, for now. Can't have
you hanging around here.
- Yeah.
- Go on. Off you go.
Yeah, OK.
- S'ut mae, Doctor.
- Hello, Sergeant.
Wedi mynd. Both of 'em.
He's inside,
brains all over the wall.
Found the boys.
They're in a bit of a state.
Waiting by there.
Come and have
a look at this then.
Sorry, I can't give you an
accurate time of death, Morgan.
I haven't got
the right thermometer.
I can't see it matters much.
Well, here we are.
You don't see that very often.
Do you want to be sick?
No, sir...
I know them...
The son.
Go with him, then.
So sorry, boys.
So who likes
fish and chips? Hmm?
Robbie? You wanna...
Let's get you away
from here, is it.
Come on.
[Robbie] There's an ambulance!
Does that mean
she's going to be alright?
No, Robbie lad. I'm sorry, bach.
Right, come on.
Let's go across the fields.
Gan bwyll, now, Davy.
Do you want some more?
It's got a nasty taste.
It's alright.
Do you want to
tell me what you saw?
We just went in for a Penguin.
They can stay with us
in our room.
On the camp beds.
- [table being set]
- [TV voices]
There we are then.
We'll get some plates.
Hello. Angela. Social Services.
Yes. Yes, of course. Um...
[door closes]
Which ones are yours then?
These two here.
Maybe you can take them next door
so I can have a chat with the boys?
In your room now.
Come on.
[soft instrumental music]
Hey, boys. I'm Angela.
I'm here to look after you.
Kev, is it?
You alright to have a chat?
Are you working, love?
Doing the milk for Dai Hopkins,
and some other bits.
- How old are you now?
- Nineteen.
We've got two very vulnerable
little boys in that room
and I think we both want
the best for them, yeah?
- Where you living now?
- At home.
It's alright, love.
We can't have you
going back there.
And the boys need proper
minding, isn't it?
And that's what we're here for.
Sorry, Davy. Come on. Off we go.
Mum said they can stay with us.
Oh, did she?
Well, we'll have to see.
- But they can, can't they?
- Come on, off you go now.
- [Glyn] Sandra?
- I can't find the spare sheets.
We've only got blankets
and they're full of moth.
- What are you doing, love?
- Oh, god. It's too hot for blankets anyway.
- Sandra... Sandra, just stop.
- Where else are they going to stay?
Look, they're sorting
that out now.
We can't have them here, love.
So what are we supposed to do?
Nothing. It's down
to social services.
- Why?
- Ugh. Davie, Go on. Go and find your brother. Off!
We'll just be a minute.
[Morgan] Boy has a hell
of a temper on him.
Can't say more than that.
But the son, he's not a bad kid.
He's just a bit of a fighter.
Like his father.
Has he got a record?
- Yeah, only for the fighting.
- Right.
They've got nowhere
to stay tonight. Not proper.
They can come with me
to the halfway house.
Just temporary. Then we'll have to see
where we are in a couple of days...
[soft music continues]
It's Davy, is it?
Must have been
a terrible shock for you.
- [door opens]
- Ah, Doctor...
Yes. We were just
talking about the boys.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Glyn] Course.
Bloody worshiped him, I did.
Follow him anywhere but, like,
he got so...
It's alright, mun. Let it out.
Do you want me to say
something to them?
What d'you mean?
They're all in there
making plans.
You should be part of it.
There's nothing
you could have done.
- I ran...
- Kev.
It's OK...
No, Kev!
Sorry. Sorry.
Not that, mun. How can
you be thinking of that?
- I don't know.
- For god's sake, Kev.
Ugh. Just fuck off, Yvonne.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
I know what you're thinking.
Just like his dad.
A monster that
kills his own wife.
- Kev...
- No.
- They were nearly at it.
- No.
They used to.
Used to park down the lane.
Car all steamed up.
I saw it with Rhys.
[Rex barks]
Shh. Christ, dog!
Shut up!
Alright! In!
[Rex barks]
Where you taking him?
- No need to worry about that now.
- Sarge!
[Angela] We need to get
the boys settled now,
so they come with me
to the halfway house, alright?
Where are you gonna
be staying tonight, love?
They're staying with me.
Kev, that's not going
to be possible right now...
I'm their brother.
Look, like I said,
I need your help here.
The boys can't go
back to the house
and you're hardly in
a fit state yourself, are you?
Right. Come on, Kev.
- No!
- Let's go and have a little chat outside, alright?
- Doctor.
- [Angela] Come on, love.
- [Rex barks]
- Hush, Rex!
Davy, get back inside.
Now. Go on.
[Angela] Kevin, what d'you think's going
through those boys heads right now?
They need special care.
Very special care.
And you know what?
You've got to help us.
You got to step back. Would she
want you behaving like this now?
Your mother, God bless her.
Don't you dare!
Take it easy, mun!
- [Yvonne] Kev!
- Come on!
Just for now, is it?
Come on.
[Angela] Hi, boys.
You ready to go?
[soft instrumental music]
You go with Charlie
there now, OK?
You come with me. Good boy.
Well done, Robbie. Good boy.
Davy, leave them...
- No!
- Davy.
Where are we going?
You and Rhys are coming
with me and Charlie, love.
We've got a special house
for little boys and girls
whose mummies and daddies
can't look after them anymore.
Alright? Just for
a couple of days.
Are you coming?
Can't, mun.
I'm not going. Not without Kev.
Oh, Robbie, bach
You have to go, OK?
I'm not! I'm staying with you.
Robbie, mun. You can't.
I can't look after you.
Not proper.
Come on now, Robbie bach,
time to go, OK?
Robbie, Robbie.
[sounds muted]
[melancholic instrumental music]
I'll be round!
I will! I'll be round! Tomorrow!
And we'll go
down the woods, is it?
[music fades]
[TV noises]
[Sandra whispers]
You shouldn't be so selfish.
- What you doing?
- Going to see.
There's been three
police cars past already.
Ugh. Don't be a twat, Davy.
Davy. You gonna tell them?
They're arguing again.
I'm coming, too. -[Sandra] What do
you think is going on in their heads?
[Glyn] I don't know.
[Sandra] Davy's acting
like it never happened
and Iwan's like a bloody stone.
And it happened
right in front of them.
What possessed him?
- He's evil minded.
- Don't, Sandra.
- Well, what other reason is there?
- God knows, love.
- Come, come here.
- No, Glyn.
Nothing is ever
going to be the same again,
not for them and not for us.
[Kevin] I don't want this dog,
vicious bastard like him.
[Morgan] Look, we can't keep
him cooped up at the station.
Kev, if you don't take him,
they'll have to put him down.
- I want to see the boys.
- Well, there's things we got to go through first.
- Things I'd rather you heard from us.
- [Kevin] What things?
Come on, Kev. Come
and have a walk with us.
- What?
- Look, we need to talk
- about your mother.
- Where you going?
- [Morgan] You knew she was leaving him?
- [Kevin] What d'you mean?
- To get Rex.
- Davy.
I'm sorry, Kev.
I know this is hard, but
she was going to Dai's.
You know, to be with him.
- [Morgan] Stop now!
- [Kevin] Get off, you fucker!
Alright now, that's enough. We've
got a duty to keep you safe.
[Morgan grunts] - Kev, stop!
For god's sake! What's the use?
- I'm going to fucking kill him!
- Kev, leave him be.
Go on, get after him. I'll get
round to Dai's and head him off.
- Get yourself home, boy!
- I want to keep Rex.
- Out of here!
- But we look after him!
[tense instrumental music]
[Rex barks]
- No! Rex!
- Oh, Christ! You idiot!
- Come on, mun!
- I'm not. Twat.
[barks continue]
[indistinct arguing]
- Kev. Kev!
- What?
[Yvonne] Listen. Stop.
What's the point?
- What are you doing here, boy?
- It's Rex...
He's run off.
Well, you better find him then.
Kev's coming after you.
He's down by the fields now.
- [Morgan] Dai.
- [Yvonne] Kev, wait!
I need you in the house. Now.
- Let him come!
- Kevin!
- Come here!
- Oi!
[Morgan] Do you know
what you've done?
[Kevin] I'm going to
fucking kill him!
You try that again
and I'll whack you one!
- Dai, bugger off!
- Christ, sir! He's upset!
- Come here!
- Sarge!
Get over there!
Sarge, please.
Open the bloody door!
[Kevin] I'll have you!
[Morgan] Right.
- [Rex barks]
- Rex!
I thought I told you to go home!
Why won't you
let me look after him?
- 'Cause he's a menace.
- Please!
Argh. Alright.
Get in there!
- In!
- [Rex barks]
How's it look?
[lets out a chuckle]
D'you want me to get my dad?
Na, boy.
Thanks for looking out
for me there.
It was the dog really.
Running off.
What'll they do to him?
Well it's a farm dog.
It won't take to being a pet.
- So...
- Let's not think about it, eh?
Gotta go.
Gotta ask my dad about the dog.
For the boys, like.
Where did they take them then?
Social Services, by town.
Tell them I'm sorry?
When you see them.
Made their mam a promise, I did,
that they could come and...
come here.
But they had a home.
Yeah, well, you just tell them.
What did you do?
[soft instrumental music]
Just sit...
Her and me. That's all.
Sit and just look
for a bit.
And we got used to the idea.
She thought she'd come,
and the boys.
And live here with me.
It's nothing
if you can share it.
You will come and tell me, eh?
How they're doing?
If you want.
Alright, off you go.
Go on.
[soft instrumental
music continues]
[Iwan] Urgh, where you been?
There was a fight.
They took Kev off.
We got to get home
and ask Dad about Rex.
What you got?
- Owl pellet.
- You never!
- It was outside the window.
- I'm going to look.
Come on then.
Found it just here.
Got one.
[something screeches]
- He's back!
- We got to tell the boys.
[music fades]
Wonder what they're doing?
We should go see them.
They won't let you keep Rex.
- Why not?
- 'Cause he's a nutter.
[Sandra] Boys!
What you think you're doing?
You cannot go wandering off
like that. Not now.
Mum, we got to look after Rex.
God. No, Davy.
God. Don't frighten me
like that.
You have got to stay close now.
It's not safe anymore.
- Come on.
- We got to.
You have got to stay
at home from now on.
The woods are out of bounds.
You shouldn't be hanging round
here anyway. It's dangerous.
You're not listening to me,
we got to look after their dog!
Davy! Things are
different now. Alright?
What are you thinking
about the dog for?
Don't you understand
what's happened?
Nobody cares
about the bloody dog!
We're going home. Now!
Davy. Davy, stop!
- Get off!
- You have got to start talking to me, proper.
No, I don't! I don't want to!
Look, I'm sorry, right.
I'm sorry We can't have the dog.
I'm sure we can find someone
else who can look after him.
I want to see Robbie and Rhys.
Oh, come on, now.
I'll go on my own then.
Davy, stop!
Fine! Fine.
Alright, cariad.
We'll go.
[TV noises]
[Angela] They're just watching
a bit of telly before tea.
Come in.
Right, telly off.
- [TV switches off]
- Uh, I was watching that!
Turn it back on!
- Turn it back on!
- It was so close to the end.
[Angela] Next door, please.
Our guests need to spend some time
with the doctor and his family.
- Stupid!
- Shona, Tania, Mimi, off you go now.
- Oh, this is ridiculous!
- It's tea anyway.
[sighs] For God's sake! Urgh.
[girl] Probably revolting!
- [door closes]
- Hello, boys.
How you faring then?
We've been doing fine,
haven't we?
Please take a seat, Doctor.
And Mrs. Davies?
Come on in.
Davy, you can sit over
there on the floor.
Hello, Rhys. Hello, Robbie.
Have you got everything
you need, boys?
We can get you something.
Anything, really.
We can go by the house.
Has Kev been over?
Do you want to play out?
Davy. Not now.
Why not? D'you want to?
Well, it's tea now.
But I was wondering if
the boys would like to stay?
It would be nice for them
to have a bit of company.
No need. Really.
I would.
- Nice.
- [sighs] Have it.
But it's chips.
Want to go out after?
Not allowed.
The barn-owl's back. I saw him.
And there's loads of pellets.
God's honor! Look!
Oh, disgusting!
Come on, let's go upstairs!
Come on, mun. I'll show you.
Go fishing if you like, too.
And then we'll come back
with the bikes.
They won't let us.
Listen. Can we have Rex?
- What?
- Just to look after.
If you say yes,
they'll have to let us.
No. He's ours.
You got to, mun.
They're going to put him down.
Put that away!
Rhys, cariad,
why don't you get down?
Come on.
[soft instrumental music]
So stupid.
- Davy.
- Rhys.
- Davy!
- Rhys.
- Not allowed up here. Weirdo.
- Rhys, mun.
Come on, Davy! Time to go.
- But we haven't said goodbye yet.
- Next time.
- What about now?
- Davy, we've got to go.
But I've got to ask about Rex!
- Hey!
- Uh, you're not allowed!
- Stop it!
- Move!
- Stop it!
- What are you doing?
That's quite enough, young man.
- You're not allowed up here.
- Davy, please.
You're upsetting the boys.
Come on.
I've got him.
[Angela] Right.
Girls that's enough.
- It's OK. It's OK.
- Davy.
[Angela] It's all over, OK?
[Sandra] So, what did she say?
[Glyn] Not many choices, see.
They're talking
about a home. Swansea.
[Sandra] And what does
Kev think about that?
They're not telling him.
Be easier if he doesn't know.
Not before they go anyway.
Maybe it's for the best.
[Glyn sighs]
They never seem to come out of
those places well, you know?
Lot of rumors.
Nasty stuff. Nasty.
What d'you mean?
Sorry, Doctor.
Bit of bother with Kev.
He's been scrapping with Dai.
We need you to check him over
before we release him.
No, no, we'll see him now. Take
him round the surgery entrance.
Christ, Glyn.
He's not a criminal.
How you doing, Kev? Bearing up?
Just been to see the boys...
You stay in your room now
until they're gone,
alright? Come on.
I'm gonna tell them.
- What you talking about?
- About them sending the Morris boys away.
Don't be daft, mun.
[Glyn] Just make sure...
Nearly done, OK?
[Morgan] Can we give you
a lift somewhere, Kev?
- [Kevin] Got a choice, have I?
- [Morgan] Course you have.
They pay you extra on a Sunday?
That's not fair.
- Come on. Let us drop you.
- Still following me around, are you?
- I'm just doing my job.
- Glad to see the back of us, you were.
- [Morgan] Come on.
- Must have been a bugger landing back here.
Think you can sort us all out,
is it? Make us all behave?
You must leave Dai alone.
They're not going to let you
near the boys until you do.
Yeah. Well, the only reason
he's not dead in a ditch
already is because of them.
- Eh, come on.
- Kev.
They're sending them off,
the boys.
- What?
- Kev, I didn't know.
- Up Swansea.
- Kev, stop!
Stop causing trouble.
You have no idea!
Why won't you do something?
It's not for us to get involved.
- Why not?
- Right, go to your room.
I said, why not.
Sandra, deal with him!
- What you doing?
- I thought we'd go away for a few days.
Stay with Granny.
Go to the seaside.
- Wouldn't that be nice?
- No!
Davy, we'll go
swimming every day.
Get out of this heat.
Wouldn't that be nice?
- No, it won't.
- Davy, you're going!
- Don't you dare!
- Fuck's sake...
Davy, you have got to
stop being like this.
You're upsetting everyone.
I'm not going!
I'm staying for the boys.
They don't want to see you.
- Liar!
- They don't want to see you.
Not again.
Because it reminds them! It
reminds them of what happened.
Can't you see?
They have lost
their mother and their father.
Don't you understand
what that means?
Now look, Davy.
You have got to
grow up now, alright?
- See things as they are.
- Get off me!
We'll go away for a few days!
Well, then you'll stay
in your room!
[soft instrumental music]
[Sandra] Davy!
Davy, I'm sorry, alright?
Just open the door.
Come on, love.
[Sandra] Alright,
I'll leave you be.
[music intensifies]
[Rex barks]
[Morgan] For God's sake,
call the bloody vet, will you?
Good boy, Rex. Settle.
Rex, sh!
That's it. Settle.
Keep your distance if I was you.
He's alright, you know?
Just needs a walk.
Are you taking him somewhere?
Does your mother know
you're down here?
Yeah. She doesn't mind.
Thinks I should
get out a bit more
after what's happened.
Sarge? County,
taking an interest.
Hello again, Davy.
I know what you're
going to do with him.
I'm sorry, love.
He's not bad, you know?
Doesn't like being tied up, see.
Can I give him for a walk?
Davy, it's not that simple.
Give him something
nice to remember.
You'll get me
in trouble, you will.
The boys should see him
before he goes.
I wouldn't tell them, like. And they
wouldn't know once they've gone to Swansea.
Go on, Davy. Off you go.
Go on.
[soft instrumental music]
[Rex barks] - I'm going to get water, OK?
Good boy. Stay here, good boy.
Won't be long now.
Good boy. Good boy.
[TV noises]
[music fades]
Iwan, love.
Go and see if Davy's
alright, will you?
Could play a game or something.
What's he doing?
Nothing. Just doesn't want
to come out, that's all.
We're just going
to play some Monopoly now.
Good idea.
- You can't come in here.
- Why not?
'Cause we'll put a spell
on you. We're witches, see.
[sighs] Come on.
I need a mirror.
[TV noises]
[knocks on window]
[door closes]
Is Rhys coming?
Go get him, mun.
I got Rex.
Nicked him.
He's at the Barn-owl house.
Secret, like.
D'you want to go see? With Rhys?
Why not?
Just can't.
I've run away.
They're taking us
off to Swansea...
[soft instrumental music]
To live.
Don't go, mun.
It's not good there.
See you later.
I heard my Dad
talking. Don't go.
And What are you
doing here, young man?
Just wanted to see
if Robbie and Rhys
wanted to play out.
Well, you better
get off home now, OK?
[Davy sniffles]
[phone rings]
[door closes]
[girl] Better get off home now.
Lost something?
Where's my bike?
Bye. Go on. Bye, go home.
- [girl laughs]
- What are you still doing here?
What a wimp.
Give him his bike back.
["Join Together"
by The Who playing]
Why d'you think we've got it?
Because you have.
You're nothing
special, you know?
Just 'cause
you're in the papers.
- Yeah, I seen it.
- Don't you dare!
What? Going to go all
psycho again like your Dad?
Shona, he's not worth it.
It's a crappy
little bike anyway.
I'll help you, mun.
Can't be far.
When you hear...
Come on, Robbie.
Hear the drummer drumming
Won't you to join together
With the band
We don't move in any
'Ticular direction
And we don't make
No collections
Won't you join together
With the band
Do you really think I care
What you...
[Iwan] Looks like they
done your tires.
Won't you join...
Don't let them
send you to Swansea.
Don't want to talk about it, OK?
There's a million
Ways to laugh
Every one's...
Come on, mun.
Let's go down the woods.
See Rex and stuff. Last time.
Alright, Robbie?
Everybody join together
Won't you join together
Come on and join
Together with the band
We need to join together
- Davy?
- Christ! Nearly gave me a heart attack.
- Mum's going to kill you.
- Why me?
- Cause you pissed off!
- So have you.
Only 'cause of you!
So what are you doing?
Going down the woods.
You run away?
I've got Rex.
At the Barn-Owl House.
Come on then.
You don't have to play
You can follow
Or lead the way
Oh won't you join
Together with the band
We don't know
Where we're going
But the season's
Right for knowing
Oh won't you
Join together...
[make a wild scream]
Come on, mun.
[they laugh]
Soaking wet!
Stop, you!
Come on and join
Join together with the band
[owl screeches]
I told you.
[warm instrumental music]
[owl screeches]
Come on.
Woah. Woah.
Put me down. Put me down.
[Davy] Woah.
Come on,
Rex will be getting hungry.
Rex! Rex!
He was here!
I tied him up. I did!
You're a liar.
I'm not. God's honor.
Where is he then?
He was here.
I swear on my mother's life.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Robbie, mun, stop.
He's not worth it.
I hate you!
- Come on, let's go.
- Don't go.
He'll come back. He will!
I don't care anyway.
Don't say that!
He was here. I promise.
You're such a baby.
Christ, Davy. Quit it!
Bloody hell!
- He's gone demonic.
- Shut up!
I'm telling.
Go on then, tell.
Yeah, who you
going to tell, mun?
Christ, Davy, when you go,
you don't half go!
I've got bloody shit
all over me now.
[Rhys and Robbie chuckle]
Oh, shut up,
it's not funny. Come on,
have a Look at me. What's on me?
Bloody owl shit, probably.
- Christ! Keep away from me, you're humming.
- Sh.
- It's nothing really, come on.
- No.
- Running like a baby.
- Shut up.
No, it's disgusting.
- [barking in the distance]
- Bloody nothing.
It's Rex!
[ominous instrumental music]
- [Rex barks]
- [sheep bleats]
Wait. There.
He's gone in with the sheep.
- Rex!
- Rex!
- Rex!
- Rex!
- [Rex barks]
- [sheep bleats]
[Iwan] Bloody hell,
he's killed one.
[Davy] Bastard!
Don't, Davy.
You got him now.
[music fades]
We can't just run away. Not now.
We got to go up Dai's.
Tell him about the sheep.
I'll do it.
Say it was an accident.
Tell Dai it was my fault.
He'll want him shot.
Well, he can't.
They weren't going to
let us keep him, anyway.
- No.
- He's not your dog.
He's ours.
[soft instrumental music]
Come on, mun. I won't let him.
Whatever happens. I'll tell him.
What happened?
I don't like this.
We've got to.
[music fades]
- No!
- What you doing here?
- We're looking for Dai.
- Rex killed one of his sheep.
Christ, what does that matter?
He's gonna be shot.
You'd better get out of here
before Dai comes back.
We've run away.
They want to send us to a home.
[a car parks up]
- Kev, wait for us!
- You got to go back.
We can't. They'll think we did it.
It's all smashed to bits.
- Well, that's your look out.
- You can't leave us!
Don't be daft, Robbie.
Mum said...
[car door closes]
Well, come on then!
[tense instrumental music]
OK, come on.
It's dark.
I've got a torch.
- Is that you?
- Huh?
What do you do here?
Talk about it when you're
a bit older, is it, Robbie?
Gor, there's another one.
So did you, like, love her?
Come on, stir yourselves.
Help me find some wood.
Used to cook on this.
Well, once, anyway.
What's going to happen now?
Just stay here for a bit.
You're going to stay too?
- Like that, would you?
- Yeah.
Got some food in here somewhere.
Oh, God. It's corned beef.
Corned beef,
You eat it from a tin
Corned beef,
You cut it thick or thin
Davy eats it cold
And he really likes it
But the rest of the boys
Think it smells like...
- You don't have to have any.
- I'll have a bit.
And me.
No, that's for you, boys.
Got some sausage as well,
meant for Rex.
- He must be hungry, too.
- Serve the bugger right.
Doesn't know
any different, does he?
Actually quite nice.
We could just keep
going now. Run away.
They'll be worried sick,
your mum and dad.
Come on, Davy.
We should go home.
No! You're giving up,
I can tell.
Come on. Enough now.
- We got to put it behind us.
- No! You mustn't forget
'cause then the bad stuff
will just win.
It'll be like the good bits
were never there at all.
- Stop, Davy!
- No! You got to,
so you can remember it right.
Nobody cares
about the stupid dog
but he was there...
barking at your dad, and jumping
up and acting all stupid.
And your dad came back.
Buried his face in his fur...
and then he saw me...
and he smiled...
- like he was sorry.
- Shut up, Davy.
No. Let him.
He wasn't a monster, your dad.
He wasn't.
He was nice too.
And your mum.
When my mum and dad were arguing, I used
to think I'd rather be in your family.
Something just went wrong
in his head, like.
And if they take you away
you got to remember that.
[Rex whines]
Stupid bloody dog.
All he bloody had in the end.
You got to talk to Yvonne
'cause, like, she's police now.
And then you can stay with Kev.
- Proper.
- That's right, mun.
What you pretending for?
- They're not going to listen to her.
- Sh, Rhys.
- What's the point? It's a fib.
- No, it's not. Why?
- Because of Dai.
- What?
Mum was leaving to be with him
and she didn't want to tell you,
'cause she thought you were gonna blab
to Dad. And Kev's going to give him
what he deserves, aren't you?
- That's enough, Rhys.
- No, it's not. You got to.
Shut up, mun.
Enough now. Enough.
I'll come back for you,
both of you.
And then we'll disappear.
We'll just disappear somewhere.
I talked to Dai.
He told me to tell you
he was sorry.
It's none of
your business, Davy.
They all get away
with it, don't they?
All of them.
And no one cares.
I'm not going to let him.
Not this time.
[music fades]
[Robbie] Davy!
Davy, stop! Where are you going?
You tell Kev that
he's got to look after you.
Cause I'm going to fix it.
How? Davy!
I'm going up Dai's, alright?
We've got to wait for Kev.
No. No, we don't.
You can't come, Robbie.
You'll spoil it.
I got to do it on my own.
- [whistle in the distance]
- It's the police!
- Wait for me!
- [dog barks]
[Yvonne] Rhys!
[Sandra] Robbie!
[Glyn] Boys!
[Rex barks]
Rex! Come on.
[police whistle]
[Morgan] Get after that dog,
get after him.
- Spread out now.
- Davy!
Boys! Rhys!
[tense instrumental music]
[Davy] Come on!
[police whistle]
[Morgan] Boys!
Are you down there?
Boys, over here!
It's Rex!
[Rex barks]
[dogs barking in the distance]
[police whistle]
Rhys! Robbie!
Hold on to this for a second.
[music fades]
[loud crack]
Don't! I'll run!
Where are they, Davy?
You tell me right now.
You've got to find Kev.
- Kevin can look after himself.
- No, he can't. You've got to find him
'cause he's going after Dai
and he's going to kill him.
Tell me where they are.
You've all just
given up on him, you know?
- Davy.
- You got to help him.
He's down by where you used to
go. When you was together.
The hut by the railway.
[soft instrumental music]
He likes you, mind.
Loves you.
Yeah, we saw it in the hut.
Forever, it said.
- Come with me now.
- No, I got to go.
I told you where he is.
- Davy!
- No, let go!
[crows flutter away]
- What happened?
- I done it. So you could get away.
That's them.
They'll have us now.
Come on, mun.
We need to keep on moving.
It's got a right old kick.
Didn't think it would work
after getting in the river.
Did though.
Work underwater, Kev says.
- Never.
- Yeah!
[rustling in the distance]
Good boy.
You can keep him if you like.
Look after him for us.
Come on, mun.
We need to get to Dai's
before Kev does.
You go.
I'm puffed, see.
It was good.
Stay down here
forever, I would have.
- Robbie, mun.
- I'll be alright.
Kev will come back for you.
He will.
See you, yeah?
Yeah. See you.
[police whistle]
Boys, quick. Come on.
Come on!
[dogs barking]
Don't run now, Robbie.
Don't run.
- [police whistle]
- [music fades]
[melancholic piano music]
For Christ's sake, boys!
[ominous instrumental music]
Kept him then?
He took that sheep. Killed it.
Boys say you got to shoot him.
That's the law, isn't it?
Never been right, that dog.
Always chasing around
where he shouldn't.
Put the gun down, Davy.
It's my fault. I was looking
after him and he got away.
So now we've got to shoot him.
I mean it.
Alright, boy.
Go on, you'll kill him
in the cow shed.
Aright, give me the gun.
Thought you could let him off
'cause he didn't mean it, like.
That's enough, Davy.
Give me the gun.
I need it.
Kev was going to come.
- That's between him and me.
- No, it's not! Because he'll get in trouble if he hurts you.
And it's all 'cause of you
in the first place.
So I've got to do it.
Listen, listen,
listen to me now.
They'll send you away.
- And that's it forever.
- No, they won't.
'Cause I don't know
what I'm doing, do I?
'Cause I'm just a kid.
And with you gone
the boys will be alright
'cause Kev will stop.
And then everything will
go back to how it was.
You shouldn't have done it.
When she arrived, I thought...
this is it.
A chance,
isn't it?
I loved her, mun.
Well, you shouldn't have.
He's going to need someone
to look after him, he is.
Let me go, Davy.
[melancholic piano music]
[Rex whines]
She's up there looking for you.
[cows moo]
Why are they making such a din?
They need milking.
[soft instrumental music]
You should have
stayed with them, Kev.
You got to show them.
All of them. That you can do it.
You're filthy, mun.
[Rex barks]
Come on, mun. Come on!
[cows moo]
Come here!
Bloody cows!
I knew you'd come back for us.
Are you coming home, love?
I just want to look.
For a bit.
[instrumental music intensifies]