Last Winter, We Parted (2018) Movie Script

Help me.
He is coming.
Now, the suspect, Kiharazaka Yudai
will be sent to the Prosecutor's office.
Did you do something to the victim?
She was abducted by you, wasn't she?
You've lost some weight.
Poor you.
He is Takeda, your lawyer.
Hey, Sis...
All of them will do...
what our lawyer said.
I was getting her permission, to make her as my model.
When I was preparing for shoot
the candles in the set fell down.
I wanted to save her right away
but there's nothing I can do.
Crime: Murder
Name: Kiharazaka Yudai
Occupation: Profesional Photographer
Crime: Didn't save Yoshioka that surrounded by flames.
Last Winter, We Parted
(Chapter 2)
Good morning.
Good morning.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
This is about the case where the college student
was stabbed to death while he pursued the robber.
How was it going?
I heard the paramedics accepted in the fifth hospital.
How's his condition?
If we treat him sooner, he might be saved.
Where's his home?
We're to found it yet.
This case isn't something that can be
done easily by praising it.
Hey, don't act rashly.
We need to investigate.
Find some solid evidence.
Ah, what's up?
The editor is waiting for you.
Is there something to discuss?
No, it seem someone brought a plan.
Excuse me.
Oh, come here.
This is freelance writer, Yakumo.
He is Kobayashi Yoshiki, the editorial director.
Let me introduce myself, I'm Yakumo Kyosuke.
Hello, I'm Kobayashi.
I'll take it.
Please, look at this.
(The beautiful blind woman burns to death, the suspect is Kiharazaka Yudai)
Kiharazaka Yudai is a very famous photographer in the art world.
He won the prestigious award from overseas.
On the last September
there was a fire in his studio when he was shooting.
The blind model was burned to death.
The problem is about the death of Akiko Yoshioka.
Actually, she is a missing person.
The prosecution began to think
it was Kiharazaka who kidnapped and imprisoned her.
But he insisted that the two sides agree to live together.
This is the news that shocked the whole society.
I would remember it even when you didn't say it.
This case was suspended two months ago.
And now the one who in charge of this case,
leaving the media to write funny stories.
All of them are accused of defamation.
Thankfully, our newspaper has survived.
That because his cautious editorial policy.
This case was over.
Its time to turn over the old case.
This post appears on the bulletin board on the Internet.
Kiharazaka didn't save Yoshioka that was surrounded by flames
and he was continuing to take pictures.
There're pictures like that.
If that's true...
we can prosecute him for murder.
This kind of nonsense that you don't know where it comes from.
Kiharazaka has a morbid obsession.
He had a couple of troubles before.
Tracking his favorite models,
and imprisoning someone in his own home.
But if we only relying on these...
Why don't you just wait and see my manuscript?
I think you're very interested in this case.
If I don't do it now
I'm going to regret it all my life.
What do you mean?
I'm going to get married in October.
Then there's no way to take any risks.
Before that, I wanted to try my abilities.
If he found out evidence that can overturn the verdict,
then he'll give it to another newspaper press.
That would be a disaster.
But he didn't seem to have any results.
There're a few people who are so aggressive now.
He might be surprised us.
I don't want to miss it.
Why don't you take him with you?
I got it!
(Freelance writer: Yakumo Kyosuke)
Who are you?
I'm Yakumo, who applied to interview you a few days ago.
After the incident, suddenly, there was a lot of job offers.
I don't know what they are expecting.
Why do you want to write a book about me?
- That's--
- Do you want to know the truth about the case?
Is there a truth?
But, there's no truth in the public.
It's all written in the trial record.
All media are liars.
And you seem to be the same.
You saw the death of Yoshioka with your own eyes.
She surrounded by flames and can't escape.
You're also seriously injured.
Is it really no way to save her?
Well, I couldn't save her.
Don't you feel guilty?
That must be...
Are you only asking these boring questions?
You have the pictures of it.
The pictures of Yoshioka in the fire.
How could there be such a picture?
You can leave now.
I'm not like the rest of them.
I'm not primarily interested in interviewing you.
I want to interview you personally to
present to the world how great you are.
Have you prepared yourself?
Prepared myself?
Stay with me...
you might be experiencing a misfortune too.
I'm honored.
I'll have a lot of stuff to write.
You're very interesting.
Tell me the truth.
The reason I wanted to write about you
was because I saw that picture.
You won the EAML award for this picture.
Being recognized all over the world.
I used to read it in a magazine
and irresistibly attracted to it.
I want to classify the butterflies on the top.
I thought there's something I've been looking for.
The truth is hidden deep in the dark place.
I feel that way.
It's a gate's key.
You can come anytime you want.
Ah, he is coming.
Sorry I'm late.
I can't believe you're going to be late for the wedding preparation.
The work has been delayed for a while.
Wipe your sweat.
Everything has been managing so tightly.
All right, have a seat.
We're almost done.
Yakumo, would you like to have some coffee, too?
Yes, thanks.
I'm sorry.
Look, these are the menu.
It's super luxurious!
The boss said flowers and candles are free.
Is that budget really okay?
Yuriko is an important employee in our store.
It doesn't matter at all.
The plan worked!
What plan?
- Actually...
- Don't say it!
Yuriko used to say she wanted to have a wedding in this beautiful restaurant.
And she started working here.
Actually, she want to save some money for the wedding.
Is that so?
Why did you say that?
I can't believe it.
Witness, Ozaki Yasaku 49 years old.
Currently living in Karuizawa street, Nagano Prefecture.
Butterfly Collectors.
These eyes
can scare away the predators
leading an enemy to attack relatively unimportant wings.
Gives fear and temptation.
I always thought
its quite similar to Kiharazaka.
The butterfly on this picture
you raised it, didn't you?
Yes, it was about 5 years ago.
Can I record it?
As you want.
How did you know Kiharazaka?
Someone introduced him to me at a friend's publishing party.
After talking about how beautiful the butterfly wings are
he suddenly showed a lot of interest.
That's how we got attached.
What happened after that meeting?
We were coming right here.
He might have inspired by the moment he came in.
He took pictures without saying a word.
He've been taking it for hours.
Without saying a word.
There's something wrong with him.
And then, because I wanted to raise a living butterfly
he asked me to raise some.
Black tea, please drink it while it's hot.
Thank you for the drink.
After you saw the finished product pictures
what do you think?
He spent hours among the butterflies.
And kept taking pictures until fainted.
It's really great work of art.
But look at this picture.
Do you feel like you're stuck in a swamp?
I'm getting a little scared of him.
I just broke connection with him.
And that's the kind of case happened.
Dinner's ready.
I'll eat it later.
Ah, okay then.
In 1995
Kiharazaka's father
robbed and killed in his own home.
At that time, Yudai and his older sister, Akari, they were
stabbed in the belly and get the seriously injured.
The dark past at childhood.
It must have formed the personality of Kiharazaka Yudai.
There's no doubt.
(There's no suspect, searching was interrupted, do we have to start over again?)
(Not match with clues, no suspects yet, no clues caused the deep investigation)
Witness, Katani Tamatsu 32 years old.
Currently living in Tokyo Port District.
Day trader.
Kiharazaka's classmate.
Although he denied it.
But that woman, she was definitely in his custody.
Why do you think so?
He did something like that when he was in high school.
she was my girlfriend.
Ah, you know...
He is pretty handsome, isn't he?
And very good at speaking.
She went home with him accidentally.
Three days after that
she didn't even let me go to her home.
Since at that time, I never spoke to Kiharazaka again.
that man always wants someone else's stuff.
It's definitely someone else's girlfriend.
So, I think...
that blind woman, too.
Did you mean, Akiko Yoshioka?
She must also have a boyfriend, too.
When he was in primary school, his father was robbed and killed.
Yes, I know.
Although I haven't seen his father.
I think he's a professor at the college.
Technically, an unprofessional lecturer.
They didn't catch the culprit in the end, did they?
Kiharazaka was attacked and seriously injured.
His sister was too.
They had a good siblings relationship.
They're always together.
It's all a little weird.
Ah, that's right.
It's like I remember something terrible.
What is it?
About fifth day after the murder.
I went to the hospital where he lived.
When I walked to the door's ward
I heard a happy laugh coming out from inside.
I snuck in and looked at it.
They slept on the same bed and flirted each other.
How does that feel?
Fornication by a close relative.
Their father was just killed.
that rumor might be true.
What was the rumor?
That two siblings
affected by their father's inhuman abuse.
Was it a violent?
It's violence against Kiharazaka.
Yeah, but his sibling is...
a girl after all.
You understand it, right?
- When did you get back?
- Just now.
I just came from Narita Airport.
How long can you stay in Japan this time?
About one week.
Use the computer to move the money from the right to the left
anyone can do it anywhere.
I can't do that.
You seem to be very busy, don't you?
It's still the same, I've always taken some boring pictures.
That's not true.
It's a nice picture.
You have more talent than anyone.
I know you best.
That's right.
I took an interview.
He said that he wanted to write a book about me.
Although he is a freelance writer, he is very interesting.
It just to relieve me of boredom.
Don't talk too much.
I know, you don't have to say it.
My mother died before I could remember.
Dad is a man who raised us by himself.
And he died that way.
Then, my sister and I went to the orphanage.
My dad left us a large inheritance.
There is no need to worry about economic problems.
But every day at the orphanage
made me feel so restrained and bored.
I got a camera by chance in the first year.
I felt something has changed.
For the first time in my life, I felt free.
What kind of person is your sister?
She is an investor.
She is flying around the world.
It's just occasionally I can meet her.
But our hearts are connected tightly.
My sister is my guardian.
She protects me like a mother and educates me like a teacher.
She made me have what I achieved until today.
She is the one I loved the most, someone special.
Are you saying that your siblings-relationship
isn't just like the ordinary?
What do you mean?
For example...
in the sexual aspect.
That's ridiculous.
Next question.
I heard you two abused by your father.
Was it true?
I can probably guess who said that.
But it's all just bullshit.
My dad was a very gentle man.
Yeah, he did everything he could to raise us up.
You answered all my questions without thinking.
I don't think you've prepared all for this.
Well, it's because your questions are too accurate.
You can pick it up.
Excuse me.
Didn't I tell you that I'm in the interview now?
Well, I'll be there in a minute.
Who was it?
Your girlfriend?
Have you been dating her for a long time?
Yeah, we'll get married in October.
That's nice, what kind of person she is?
What kind of person she is?
A woman who is easy to be lonely?
Why do you think like that?
She knew you were still working, and calling you.
I'm impressed.
She has been living alone since her parents died, so...
You're the only one she can rely on.
That's it.
Then you must cherish her.
Yeah, I will.
What's her hobby?
She likes watching musicals.
Well, what about work?
Enough already.
Can I ask the next question to you?
Recently, you're always coming back late.
What are you interviewing?
I can't tell you right now.
Is this dangerous job?
It's not like that.
Ah, well.
I have something to talk to you.
What is it?
Can we postpone the wedding?
I want to finish what I'm doing right now.
But the invitations are ready.
It's an important job in my life.
That's what you're talking about now.
I don't have time for the wedding right now.
Don't have time?
I want to concentrate.
We're still open.
I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry, I've said too much.
Sawada Kouji, 66 years old.
Currently living in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
The former police in Department of Criminal Police.
He was in charge of the murder of Kiharazaka's father.
I don't want to recall that case anymore.
Is it because that case was finally at an impasse?
The police thought it was killing for money.
Although the victim was teaching at the University
actually, there's not a lot of pay.
But it turned out that he had a lot of assets.
What about the amount?
The bank passbook is gone.
But there's no record of taking any money.
Which means no money was stolen.
And no eyewitness testimony.
There were only the testimonies of that siblings.
Kiharazaka Akari and Kiharazaka Yudai, right?
Did they say the characteristics of the prisoner?
The prisoner is forty or fifty years old.
The haggard man with thin hair and wearing glasses.
What about the suspect?
We couldn't find any suspects that match the characteristics.
What if those kids testimonies are all lies?
It was they who planned to kill their father.
Don't make any assumptions.
I heard they were abused by their father.
It might be there's no doubt they've lied.
No matter how many times you ask
there's nothing wrong with their testimony.
Both of them were only ten years old at that time.
How could they be possible to commit murder?
And neither one of them has a self-inflicted wounds.
And according to the situation at the scene
it should be injured by a person who
had a height of more than one meter.
No way!
What a surprise, killed their father or something.
It's interesting, but the old criminal police denied it.
But he still has doubts about it.
How do you explain the Kiharazaka sibling's injuries?
What if there was someone else?
You mean an accomplice?
There is another adult who helped them complete the scam.
Are there any people around here that fit the situation?
Well, I haven't investigated it yet.
That's a pain in the ass.
Are you sure that two ten years old
kids can really do such a cruel thing?
Yes, I'm sure.
They are monsters.
How can you say something like that?
I'm sure you're in the spirit.
This article is very good and the interview result is also very strong.
But our jobs are based on the facts.
Not without evidence.
If you're just trying to write a fascinating story
find another job.
I'm sorry.
I was so impatient.
(The Hell was Changed)
You're interested in that old book.
The Hell was Changed, what kind of story is it?
That's the story of the Heian period.
The painter who paints for the nobility asked
to draw a picture of hell on the screen.
But he can only paint what he had seen with his own eyes.
He is using extraordinary tactics.
He tries to draw it one by one and
want to complete the painting.
But there was a scene that he painted anyway.
There was a woman who died in the throes of a fire.
Guess what happened in the end.
He drew it.
He watched his beloved daughter was burned alive.
He painted something that does not belong to this world.
It was terrible and beautiful painting.
When we first met
you asked me if I had the pictures of
Yoshioka Akiko surrounded by flames.
Yes, I have it.
I'm kidding.
You're so mean.
Same as you.
What is Kiharazaka's the best masterpiece?
Is it the picture of that butterfly?
After that, you haven't produced any decent work in five years.
I don't think there's a good picture either.
I felt it was like you've been imitating others
and haven't had your own original thoughts.
Am I right?
You took a picture of Yoshioka in the fire.
You can match the screen that depicts hell--
What do you know, huh?
Don't push your nose too much.
The moment I saw his eyes, I'm really sure
it's not like a story that made-up on the website.
I know what you're talking about, it's dangerous.
Of course, I'll just write what I've personally confirmed.
I'll publish what he has done, anyway.
The editor also said that he can publish that book.
It's my dream to publish books.
He just talking about it.
All right, listen up.
You haven't found any conclusive evidence yet.
We're not going to publish such articles.
I see.
In fact, I'll hand over this project to your company.
Because I wanted to work with you.
With me?
Because I heard that you're an excellent editor.
I thought it was work out under you.
Just as I expected.
It's almost time for a meeting.
Ah, I see.
Do you bring the data?
I brought it.
- I'll be right there.
- Okay.
Then I'll go first today.
Ah okay, I'm so sorry.
By the way, I'd like to see his sister next time.
Have you made an appointment with her?
I haven't, there's no contact information.
I'm gonna have to ask Kiharazaka then.
Thank you to your hardwork.
Thank you.
He can't let go of this case, right?
That's nice.
Saiki, I have something to ask you.
Yudai, it's Kobayashi.
We've met before.
I want to hand over the data to Kihazakara sensei, but--
You wanna say something important, what is it?
There's a new writer in our publishing house.
He was doing the interview with your brother.
He told me about that.
He said he gave an interview to kill time.
Can you tell him not to accept the interview?
He is young, but very good man.
He's been investigating the past.
He said he wanted to interview you.
Of course, he hasn't got any evidence yet.
But he is a dangerous man.
Akari, are you okay?
Do you have his business card?
What's wrong?
Didn't he say he wanted to interview me?
Are you want to go now?
I'll see him tomorrow before I go to London.
I think it's better not to see him.
Yudai will in trouble, I'll take care of him.
Akari, please calm down.
The business card!
Come here.
You're Yakumo Kyosuke, aren't you?
I heard you were interviewing my brother.
That's a weird place to live.
I want to accept your interview, too.
I have something urgent, I canceled the today's interview.
I see.
By the way, I saw your sister last night.
She came to my house.
She asked me a few questions about my interview.
That's all?
She warned me that you had a great lawyer.
That if I write it, I'll be sued for libel.
It's like her style.
Last time I was so excited, I'm sorry.
This is for you, it's a compensation for you.
What is this?
The man I knew gave it to me, but I'm not interested.
Go with your girlfriend.
This is for you.
Why are you here?
Didn't I tell you that I'll be there too.
Don't you want to introduce me?
He is a photographer, Kiharazaka.
Let me introduce myself.
Hello, I'm Matsuda Yuriko.
Nice to meet you.
Let's go.
Please enjoy.
The other days, thank you so much.
What a coincidence.
So, are you working here?
Please go up to the second floors.
Did Yakumo ever talk to you about me?
No, he didn't.
He never told me about his job.
You're a photographer, right?
Yes, I'm.
It's a nice job, I envy you.
Actually, I didn't come here by coincidence.
I have something I want to ask you.
I know this is very rude, actually, I investigated you.
I want you to be my model.
- You don't have to be joking around.
- I'm serious.
I'm attracted to your charms at a glance.
You haven't realized who you really are.
Good night.
Ah, hello.
You're in London now, aren't you?
No, I'm just little worried about what happened after you met him.
I'm going to call you again.
I'm Yakumo.
I was just about to call you.
It's about Kiharazaka's sister...
Sorry, it's not the time to talk about that.
Can we cancel tomorrow's meeting?
Did something happen?
My girlfriend hasn't been home since the day before yesterday.
My fiancee that I told you about before.
I can't get in touch with her, and she absent from work for no reason.
You don't have to worry about the meeting, find her first.
I'm sorry, I'll call you again later.
Look at this.
Do you know about this?
(Then the next, we start taking pictures)
(I didn't think it was hard, it's not over yet)
(Still taking pictures at 3: 00 in the middle of the night
Yuriko, she is here, right?
So what?
What the hell are you doing?
I was just
asked her to be my model.
You're going to return her to me.
Why are you so desperate for?
The two of you are alone together,
I don't know what you're going to do to her.
Let me tell you something.
She is the one who's willing to stay here.
She is very tired of you.
Did you know that?
She is just an ordinary woman.
She had the different world with you.
I can induce her charm.
Please, let me see her.
You have a good expression.
I went to talk to her.
She is okay, isn't she?
She said it.
I'm willing to stay here.
There's no incarceration.
It must that man who made her say that.
Did you guys have a fight lately?
She made a complaint.
The relationship between us is nothing to do with the police.
That man used to...
He is a real suspect.
But not this time.
- Please
- Hey, wait.
Please bring her out of that studio.
Hey! Hey!
Please save her!
I'm begging on you.
You don't have to do this.
Very beautiful.
Do you want to take a break?
Here you go.
Next, put this on.
After the body is tied up
you're gonna have an unexpected look.
I want to make a different look on your face.
Don't worry.
It's just a little property.
(Chapter 3)
Ah Kobayashi, by the way
about what happened before.
I found out from the publisher and from the editor's associates
they haven't heard there's a writer in
the circle named Yakumo Kyosuke.
Are you writing the profiles job?
He has a different name.
I think he used pen name this time.
Do you want to do further investigation?
No, thank you.
I'm Yakumo.
Yuriko has been imprisoned by Kiharazaka.
It's been a week.
When I told it to the polices, they didn't believe me.
It was my fault that Yuriko was being targeted.
I know that man's characters.
Where are you now?
Near to Kiharazaka's house.
I'll be right there.
He is sick again.
If we don't do anything, it would be a disaster.
Anyway, please call me back.
I'll get off at the next corner.
It's strange.
What is this?
What the hell are you doing?
Go away.
Don't get in my way.
Stop it!
- Stop it!
- Go away.
Go away!
What the hell are you doing?
I want to shoot!
- Stop it!
- I'm gonna do it.
What the hell are you doing?
Watch out!
Run! Hurry up!
Hurry up!
What happened when the fire broke out?
I've said it a thousand times.
Just a few more confirmations.
When I came back from the outside, I smelled something.
I thought it's the candle.
When I entered the studio, the fire was spreading.
Then why didn't you save her immediately?
Why are you still taking pictures?
She is already dead.
That's why I took the pictures.
How beautiful is the color of the flames when the human body burns.
You wouldn't understand.
Tell me the truth.
You're the one who set the fire, right?
I don't know why the fire was spreading.
It must be testing my talent.
Who's testing it?
The God.
Are you kidding me?
You're the one who set up the fire.
It was like before.
You killed two people, didn't you?
Like you said.
She seems to have been threatened by Kiharazaka.
It's already too late for that.
If I'd listened to you more carefully at that time, then
She has no close relatives.
Only you that can confirm these.
It's something that belongs to her.
There's a diary of her before she died.
August 22nd.
I don't want to mess with you, never once.
August 23rd.
Kyosuke, forgive me.
I'm so scared.
I don't want to get hit again.
That man is crazy.
August 24th.
I don't want to die here.
Yes, I was too stupid.
It would be nice if I've been staying with you.
Forgive me, Kyosuke.
I love you.
I really loved you.
Let me see her body, please.
Her body was already burned.
Do you still want see it?
I don't mind.
No, but...
can you come with me?
I'll take you home by taxi.
No, I'm fine.
Is there anything I can do?
Please be patient
until I finish writing my book.
Where's my sister?
I haven't got in touch yet.
Did you trick her into not letting her come to see me?
How could that be possible?
Then why she didn't come?
we're using e-mail to contact.
She said that all of it will be handed over to me.
- You're lying!
- It was not a lie.
She is in a very unstable conditions.
There's a writer seems to have been haunting her for an interview.
Author: Yakumo Kyosuke
The truth of a woman's serial burning case
The Burning Black Butterfly
The fourth chapter
The existence of the beloved sister Kiharazaka Akari
(Akari returns home from work in London)
(Shocked by the incident)
(Multiple abnormal actions
Come to my house at 10 o'clock tonight.
I'll keep the door open.
Stab us with a knife.
So we can get freedom.
After that
did you meet with Yakumo?
Why didn't you answer my call?
Because what happened to Yudai, please don't became insane again.
I'm really worried about you.
Please, you can rely on me.
I would do anything for you.
No matter what happens, I will...
I want to talk with you.
Just five minutes is okay.
Please, answer my call.
I'm not in the mood to talk to you right now.
Ah Kobayashi!
Did you read the Yakumo's manuscript?
Yeah, I did.
That's a good one.
Although he still haven't found the picture of Yoshioka Akiko in flames.
But you two saw another fire, it was so amazing.
I just talked to the publisher.
For the next contents, we'll add the trial of Kiharazaka.
It will be serialized for four weeks.
The issue of the booklet has also been finalized.
Narrating by the victim's fiancee.
I'm sure he'll be sentenced to death.
It's going to be a big sale this time.
That's what I'm talking about, that man has a surprise.
This is Yakumo.
Yes, it's me.
How's the manuscript?
It's very good writing.
The chief editor's been raving about the book.
That's ironic.
To realize my dream at this cost.
But that's not final yet.
I'm still working on it.
There's something I want to ask you.
The manuscript contains a description of
Kiharazaka Akari after the accident.
Did you meet her?
Yeah, I met her.
I'll contact you when I'm finished, bye.
Is it convenient to talk now?
What's the matter?
It's about Kyosuke Yakumo.
Something's wrong with this man.
I investigated a lot afterwards.
I found out his resume was all fabricated.
It's more than a pen name.
Even the works he wrote doesn't exist.
This person is called Nakazono Kyosuke before.
Until a year ago.
He is also the editor of a small publishing house in Kanazawa.
Nakazonos English skill is very good.
He has been working as a translator since he was a student.
After graduating, he was officially admitted here.
Actually, it's not really a job.
As you can see, we're a small company
that do everything ourselves.
This is the book he translated.
Nakazono really helped us a lot.
He's... yeah.
Is Nakazono writing a book as an editor?
Well, it's mostly translation books.
Unfortunately, there's only one store that buys his books.
(The Beginning and The Ending of A Rainbow
His passion is admirable.
(The Beginning and The Ending of A Rainbow
His passion is admirable.
In this era...
there is no such a hot blooded man.
Why did he quit the job?
He's been acting weird ever since.
His girlfriend was in a car accident.
When was that car accident happened?
Car accident?
It was about June last year.
It's been that long.
Although the injury isn't serious.
But, he is particularly concerned.
Trying to stay with her as possible.
He wasn't coming to work.
He really likes that woman.
Is that why he resigned from here?
No, he didnt resign at that time.
He broke up with his girlfriend.
Broke up?
That was the last Christmas picture.
She is a nice woman.
I never expect that she'll experience that sort of thing.
The blind model was burnt to death.
The problem is that Yoshioka Akiko is a missing person.
Number 395, someone sent you something.
(Wrote by YK and dedicated to AY
(Demolition Notices)
(Wrote by YK and dedicated to AY
Let me tell you the prologue.
After all, beyond that, in my life
there are few things are meaningful.
Do you remember?
The day we met.
It was in the Kanazawa's library last summer.
The perfect place for you and me to meet.
(Braille Books)
(The Beginning and The End of A Rainbow)
Does that book good?
Are you asking me?
I'm the editor of that book.
That was when I was traveling to America.
I found it in second-hand bookstore.
You're the one who wrote this.
And the volunteers translated it into Braille.
I love this story, but I can't sell it at all.
Thank you very much.
You wrote such a great book.
No, I should thank to you.
Is it me?
going to the beach?
You go?
What is this coming from?
The sea.
Ah, I see.
Finally, the end of side.
"I want to go to the beach with you."
I'll take it.
Hurry, there's still time.
Merry Christmas!
It feels good.
Here we are.
That's great.
Come on, the waves are coming.
Let's dance.
Like this?
I like the book you wrote.
I also like you.
What do you mean "also"?
- Hello, excuse me!
- Yes.
Excuse me, Yoshioka...
Are you all right?
It's all right, I bruised my hand when I fell.
Is the head okay? Did you check everything?
It was just a little bit of car rub.
I'm relieved.
Oh my.
At that time, I thought about the possibility of losing you.
I was so scared.
If you disappear from this world.
It really came to that day.
Everything in this world is going to be meaningless.
Because of that...
I'm sorry, are you okay?
I'm okay.
Can you stand up?
I'm okay, I don't mind if you go.
I'm sorry.
Are you there?
Answer me!
Let go of me!
Every day after the car accident, you are like this.
The people in my unit told me.
There's a strange man who's been following me.
A while ago, the president called me.
He said that you never went to work.
You're so ridiculous.
I'm not a child.
Do you know how much I hurt?
I can't see anything.
But you're...
Sorry, not saying goodbye to you.
I want to hold your hand and keep walking.
it will only increase the pain of us.
My wish is...
you make the book you want to write
and I can read it.
I'm waiting for that day to come.
We'll broadcast the next news.
This morning in National City of Tokyo
A fire broke out in the house of photographer Kiharazaka Yudai.
A female corpse was found in the ruins.
The victim is now living in Meguro.
Yoshioka Akiko, 28 years old.
Yoshioka died because he failed to escape in time.
At present, the polices are at the
scene of the fire, Kiharazaka's house
to conduct a detailed interrogation.
According to the fire department, the fire point was...
I thought you were supposed to be here.
And I don't have to send it to you.
I went to Kanazawa yesterday.
Have you read it?
I only read the prologue.
It's a completely different story from
manuscript you sent yesterday.
Ah, I'm wrong.
I should called you Nakazono.
We were fooled by you.
You took advantage of us.
You wanted revenge for your ex-girlfriend.
You changed your name in order to get in touch with Kiharazaka.
Let the original manuscript published.
It will become a bestseller.
The public opinion causes Kiharazaka to be hated.
Influencing the judgment, and let him be sentenced to death.
Your revenge is done.
But at the cost
you lost your new girlfriend.
Please don't jump to conclusions.
Self-righteousness is dangerous, you taught me that.
Don't you want to know the next story?
Why Akiko must die?
I lost her.
I'm always thinking about it like an idiot.
(Chapter 1)
I came to Tokyo.
(Chapter 1)
(Chapter 1)
And did a thorough investigation of Kiharazaka.
(Chapter 1)
And did a thorough investigation of Kiharazaka.
I can't wait for a trial.
How did you know about Kiharazaka?
It has begun to winter.
I want to find out what that man has done.
This is the value of my life.
Make the predators afraid.
He was interested in it.
He kept taking pictures.
Butterfly collector.
That woman is definitely in his custody.
That man always wanted someone else's stuff.
He was abused by his father.
Kiharazaka's friend.
There were only the testimonies of that siblings.
Don't make any assumptions.
A criminal policeman who has investigated that case.
I wrote interview notes for you.
It was written at that time.
Nearly 50 relevant people who were interviewed conclude that...
it wasn't an accident.
I'm sure that Akiko was killed by Kiharazaka.
And then I...
finally approached the truth.
Last winter
the first night of the snow fell.
You're Kiharazaka Akari, aren't you?
My name is Nakazono Kyosuke.
You're the one who's following me.
I have nothing to say to you, please go away.
I'm Yoshioka Akiko's fiance.
What I want to know is
why did Akiko have to die?
That's all I want to know.
It wasn't an accident.
Your brother set up that fire.
He took pictures of a person in flames.
He killed Akiko.
You can't say anything bad about your brother.
I know that it happened.
I just sitting on the ground,
and just looking around every day.
My life is totally meaningless.
How pathetic.
Take this medicine, and you can calm down a little bit.
I'm sorry.
It doesn't help to blame you.
I really know how you feel.
The one you love died.
Of course I want to know why.
Do you want to know the truth?
Then sleep with me.
Fuck me.
I'll tell you everything.
with that woman...
haven't had a good picture in years.
He was in pain.
He said he couldn't find what to shoot.
Last summer
he saw your girlfriend in the street and fell in love with her.
He finally found something to shoot.
he has invited her many times and she refused.
That woman must have been thinking
about you after you broke up.
Even so, Yudai still doesn't want to give up.
I was just trying to help him.
I took her for him.
I asked a magazine editor named Kobayashi to helped me.
He did what I say.
He is the thief who does not exist.
He was the one who stabbed us.
You too...
an important figure in this story.
your girlfriend was crying and screaming.
She can't be used as props at all.
And so...
I set up the fire.
Yes, it was me.
I want my brother to shoot the most beautiful moments.
But, Yudai was...
too excited and failed to shoot it.
You're crazy.
Do you have any idea what you've done?
You slept with someone who killed your girlfriend.
I wanted to kill her on the spot.
But I can't do that.
Even if I killed that woman
it will also give you and Kiharazaka legal disposal.
I'll not allow such a thing.
It was their father's fault.
Because of their father's fault.
Akari, once she turn the switch on
it's going to be a bad one.
Why don't you save her?
If you stop it...
No one can stop her.
Whether it's you or anyone.
Since the day I stabbed her.
I have to do whatever she wants.
I can only go forward with her.
That sucks.
You're a slave.
Just like me.
I can do anything for Akiko.
I thought how to sanction for
the perpetrators who killed Akiko.
I think about it.
I always thinking about it.
And figured it out.
I thought of a plan.
But to finish it
I need partners.
Matsuda Yuriko.
She was deceived by a man.
Carrying a huge amount of debt.
Just when she was desperate.
I met her when she was going to commit suicide.
I paid her to convinced her to join my plan.
She's supposed to think it's worth more than dying.
She agreed.
My plan has started.
This is the beginning of the second chapter.
It will be a disaster.
Why don't you take him with you?
I see.
It's the gate's key.
You can come anytime you want.
According to Matsuda Yuriko's instructions
it was perfectly matched to the show.
A lively and cheerful woman who regards marriage as a dream.
Suddenly she's afraid of getting married.
She pretended that she can't resist the temptation
of a handsome photographer
until this setting is over.
I don't have time for the wedding right now.
You don't have time?
I want to concentrate.
I don't think there's a good picture either.
What do you know?
Kiharazaka's action was as I expected.
It was my provocative act.
You haven't realized who you really are.
In order to let him experience the same thing again.
Did you take advantage of her?
Do you know that he always wants someone else's stuff.
Do you know that he will imprison your girlfriend?
Do you have any idea what you've done?
Let an innocent woman get involved.
She was burnt to death.
The tragic death in front of us...
I'm sick of this.
Where are you going?
Call the police.
I haven't finished my words yet.
I've reached my limit.
No matter what Akari has done.
Or what I did.
Or what you did.
I'm going to make this all to public.
Don't you want to know where is Kiharazaka Akari now?
You told that woman about me.
You gave her my card.
I heard you were interviewing my brother.
You live in such a strange place.
I'll accept your interview.
Come in, please.
I was worried about whether you would commit suicide.
I didn't expect you change your name to get in touch with Yudai.
Are you...
having a plan?
Yes, of course.
Don't worry about it.
It's not a weird drug.
It's just a sleep medication.
Have you imprisoned her?
Where is she now?
Say it quickly!
Please destroy this car.
You still haven't noticed?
I told you.
I should punish all of you with my own hand.
don't tell me...
From now on is the third chapter.
It's also the final chapter.
I'll go out and come back after 11 o'clock.
Everything's ready.
I carried Kiharazaka Akari out.
At the night of the storm
I sent her to the Kiharazaka's studio.
He is coming back soon.
Calm down, it's the deal.
Hurry up!
Inside the drawer
there's a diary of her before she died.
(That man is crazy
there's a diary of her before she died.
(That man is crazy
Kiharazaka Akari was...
burning to the death.
Kiharazaka Yudai was...
indulged in it, and press the shutter.
You witnessed the death of a woman who lived with you.
And she burned out like a coke-doll.
I've been listening to your phone messages.
You really love that woman, don't you?
wrote it for Kobayashi Yoshiki and Kiharazaka Yudai
and dedicated it to Yoshioka Akiko.
You're a monster.
From head and through your body, it's all monster's.
You're a monster!
(Wrote by YK and dedicated to AY
I got rid of the car.
It's all over.
Here's the money and the new I.D. that I promised you.
I did something great for you.
I might as well be dead at that time.
I have sinned too.
Matsuda Yuriko is no longer alive.
You're reborn.
stay alive!
I started to be serious in the middle.
Even if you say goodbye to me
I feel like we're not apart.
Even when you're dead.
That might a little strange.
But I don't think I'm apart from you.
This time, I really say goodbye to you.
It was last winter.
After Kiharazaka Akari told me the truth
I came here.
My wish is...
you make the book you want to write.
and I can read it.
I'm waiting for that day to come
That day...
I stopped being myself.
In order to prevail over those monster's siblings.
I completed your revenge.
your boyfriend can't be a monster
last winter
when we parted
I decided to become a monster.
Subete wo yurushite
Forgive me for everything
This English subtitle brought to you by dlueey@Lj
Toki wo koete ima
Beyond this time
The thoughts that were tucked in my chest now it's all far away
Mune ni oshikometeita omoi's now far away
The thoughts that were tucked in my chest now it's all far away
Kodoku ni taeta hibi to kuyande naita yoru mo
Every day at night I endured loneliness and I cried of my regrets
Anna ni mo kizutsuitemo itoushii
Even if I hurt so much, I still love you
Uchuu ni wa hikari kakeru hoshi mo ite
There are stars that shine on the universe
Me wo fuseteita demo
Even if I closed my eyes
Sugoku kirei datta
It was so beautiful
Hateshi naku tsudzuku sora
Toward the endless sky
Kimi no namae wo yobu yo
I called your name
Omou hodo kimi no koto suki suki
I like you, I really like you
Tsutae kirenai mama
I still can't tell you
Kokoro de dakishimeta yo
And I only can hugged you in my heart
Setsunakute setsunakute suki suki
It's so painful and tiring, but I still like you, I really like you
Don't talk just listen
Let it all fade away
Ask for forgiveness
No need to say it
Kako no koto wa mou kankei nee
I have nothing to do with the past
Adorenarin nemurenai yoru darake
Adrenaline, I can't sleep at night.
Aeta toki wa kimochi masa ni hajimete
When I met you, it felt like the first time we met
Like we never met
Umareta kashi kimagure
The capricious lyrics was born
Kanadeta oto wa kakumei
Playing the revolution sound
Itsuka tomo ni iku ze
I'll go with you someday
Never never neverland let's go
Never never never neverland
Never never
Kagiri naku tooi no wa
The only thing that's far away
Tonari ni ita kara da to
Because I was right next to you
Itsu no hi mo mitsumeteta suki suki
I've been staring at you all day, I like you, I really like you
Nido to hanarenai kara
I will never leave you
Sono moto e to modoshite yo
We'll go back to that place
Aitakute aitakute suki suki
I miss you, I wanted to see you, I love you, I really love you
Kiesou ni natta sono koe ga
The voice that was about to disappear
I wanna hear you call my name
Natsukashiku hibiku your love
It nostalgic, your love
Toki wo koete omoide wasurete
Day by day I forget all our memories
Sukoshi mieta atarashii mirai e
I can see my future even a little
Nigirishimeta te wo mou hanasanaide
Don't let go of the hands that you're holding
Hateshi naku tsudzuku sora
Toward the endless sky
Kimi no namae wo yobu yo
I called your name
Omou hodo kimi no koto suki suki
I like you, I really like you
Tsutae kirenai mama
I still can't tell you
Kokoro de dakishimeta yo
And I only can hugged you in my heart
Setsunakute setsunakute suki suki
It's so painful and tiring, but I still like you, I really like you