Last Words (2020) Movie Script

We live and die by the
stories we tell each other.
My story is about the end of humanity.
Today is 20th of June, 2086.
I am the last person on earth.
There's no one left
whose stories I can tell.
So I will stop telling them.
I have nothing to say.
I simply was.
I wasn't saved because
of something incredible.
I'm not the last because
of special powers.
I am just the last.
My story starts two years ago.
April, 2084.
My sister and I escaped
to Paris, from London
before it disappeared
into the red sea.
Like everyone born at the end,
We had nothing. We knew nothing.
No parents. No learning.
No past.
No future.
The last survivors in Paris
moved from place to place,
looking for cans, water, shelter.
Water! Food!
What does this mean?
My sister was one of the last
on earth to be pregnant.
Maybe the last.
I never asked how it happened.
Because that didn't matter.
With no food left we had to go out.
To feed what was inside her.
No. Dead animal.
No. Boy.
They opened up my sister.
To see who won the bet.
Then they left us on the ground.
And walked away.
Months went by after she died.
The sounds of fighting,
The sounds of anybody doing anything,
all sounds slowly disappeared.
I was the last person alive in Paris.
But I only waited to be dead.
I remembered...
My sister wanted to know the secret
of those plastic strips from Bologna.
I left Paris in September, 2084.
Were the only people
left in the world,
the ones I could remember?
Was I the last?
On December 20th, 2084,
I finally arrived in Bologna.
You're free to go.
January 21st, 2085,
I followed the call.
With him.
And the projector, films,
stock and unfinished camera.
I still didn't understand why
he wanted to bring them all.
Or even why he came.
If he had wanted to end his life.
Before the end.
But it's good he came with me.
So? All of Africa went
underwater long ago.
The green was a shock.
Like all the people together.
Together with no need to struggle.
Was this how the world
was before the end?
Or are they like this only at the end?
Waiting together only for the end.
What's your name?
I am Batlk.
And you?
No speak German?
Me neither.
June 3rd, 2085.
There were 397 people alive.
This day they surprised me
with the magic box.
I was not really afraid.
This little box would
change everything.
For all of us.
Until the end.
Did they realize that?
But death was still there.
It stayed in the strips
after the people were gone.
But maybe the old one was right.
And life would also stay
when the people were gone.
If that's what I chose to film.
Miracle like the Virgin Mary.
So much for placebos.
Of course the baby's mine.
And it will be
self-sufficient like me.
Our only hope.
I gave him the name yesterday.
Ok, I'll tell you my story.
But in Italian so you
won't understand.
My brother and I were born in Naples.
We were the only children
in our building who didn't die.
My brother protected me.
After a few years we heard the Call.
You and I are the
youngest people left.
I'm 18 years old.
That's my story.
Somewhere on the coast
between Italy and Greece,
We came across some people
and they
My brother.
They put things in our mouth.
And we ate.
They called these things...
My brother.
They gathered plants and flowers.
And they did it so delicately
that it was the most beautiful thing
I've ever seen a human do.
They never ate or drank
without giving...
half of their portion to the earth.
Half of each person that they ate...
they offered to mother earth.
My brother.
And they were able to believe.
These people
still believed.
They were able to believe in something.
And this is the story I tell
my brother every day.
In this garden.
Which is his garden.
And I'm not ashamed.
The summer of 2085.
We wanted to share all our stories.
But we couldn't.
Not enough time.
Not enough film stock.
So I tell only these stories.
October 1st, 2085.
Batlk called it her 'birth day.'
On November 12th, when
a man arrived from Siberia,
we were 212 people.
He was the last to arrive in camp.
But not the last to die
of the coughing virus.
February 3rd, 2086.
We are 37 women and 22 men.
And Dima.
The 5th of April.
We are 40 people left.
Everybody thought about
who would be the last.
June 4th, 2086.
There are three people on earth.
June 19th, 2086.
We are two people left on earth.
I know that we live and die by
the stories we tell each other.
But no one can know
the end of any story.
Especially your own.
Since no one can know the future.