Latcho Drom (1993) Movie Script

From North-West of India, nearly 1000 years ago for still unknown reasons,
the gipsies furrowed the roads of Europe, of Egypt, of North Africa.
During this long trip out of the borders of India, the
gipsy terms, halab, Tzigane, gipsy, gypsum were given to the ROMANIAN people.
In the desert, the carriage advances slowly.
It takes me along towards my family.
To cover my feet of sheets of tree
The bride is beautiful
I have washed the dishes
I have done my bed
only without you?
It has only you there
Oh my eyes
I cry.
Dora Gilded, I see your face
Your image
Come to see the moon Come to see the moon!
It is not expensive!
Here, time to live returned.
To live in freedom.
There in Timisoara
people go down in the street
They shoot at people.
the mountain is green
the forest too.
the chance from goes away.
You want that I play the music
for three parts?
the life is so far
And death if meadows.
God has us condemned with the wandering.
We left very far.
We fled from misery and hatred.
We leave towards Germany
Towards Germany
We leave.
like other Gipsies, we are like that, wandering.
Our manner of living, nobody will change it.
it is to you a stork
Of Isabelle the Catholic
We were victims
Some evenings
like many other evenings
I find myself envying
the respect you give your dog.