Late Autumn (2010) Movie Script

Inmate 2537.
Report to the Sergeant's office.
Mom passed away.
John posted bond so you can come here.
You have to come.
You do need report back here
in 72 hours.
You will be called often
on this phone to confirm your location.
If ever you do not answer that phone,
you will be declared a fugitive
and a warrant will be issued
for your immediate apprehension.
You understand?
Yes sir.
It's alright, ma'am,
welcome aboard.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Living dangerously, are we.
Oh, shit!
I don't have all day, buddy.
It's 68 bucks.
Ok. Hold on.
Excuse me
I lost my wallet.
Do you have maybe 30 bucks?
Thank you.
Sorry, my friend lost my ticket.
Here is your ticket.
Thank you.
Are you Chinese?
Nice to meet you.
Sorry I'm not.
I'm Korean.
- Are you going to Seattle too?
- You don't need to pay me back.
Hey, Hello?
See this watch?
It means a lot to me.
Keep it, until I pay you back.
Don't lose it.
Where in the world are you?
On the way to Seattle.
What'd you find out?
Did you ask Ok-Ja for money?
Her husband is looking for you.
He's going to kill you.
She took money and left home.
You know her husband.
He's dangerous.
He thinks you're with her.
Well, don't meet any clients now
and be careful.
I was looking for you.
I need the time.
Still a long way to Seattle.
Thank you.
Good, it's you.
Any Update?
Good, it's you.
Any Update?
It's not a joke.
He came again!
You need to hide somewhere.
It's alright.
Man, you don't know shit.
It's not the first time.
He's got people looking for you.
This business is not
for scaredy-cats.
He's coming to get you!
Hello! Hello!
Hello, hello, hello!
Hey, do you hear me?
Tell him to catch me
if he can.
I've been in America
2 years already.
Don't you worry about me.
My English got better,
so I'm thinking about expanding my client pool.
Oh, no, no.
Keep it.
I will get some cash and call you.
What is your number?
I don't have one.
This is my number.
I will pay you first
and then get my watch.
So call me, okay?
You will call me, right?
Wait a minute.
Call me.
Oh, Hi.
You finally came!
Anna's here!
Sit here.
Sorry about not visiting you.
We were worried that
you couldn't make it.
It was a long trip,
wasn't it?
You must be thirsty.
Anna behaved well,
so bond could set her out.
It's the first time
they gave bond to a murderer.
Thank you for the bond money.
Don't mention it.
Have some tea.
Yeah. Have some tea.
Have some tea.
Yeah. Have some tea.
You've lost some weight.
The kids are here.
Come on.
Say hi to auntie.
You know who she is, right?
Say hi to auntie.
They can't speak Chinese.
She's your auntie.
You know kids
Let them be.
- Mommy come here!
- The kids have grown, haven't they?
Oops, it's your first time
seeing the kids, right?
I'm going to check up on the kids.
Oops, it's your first time
seeing the kids, right?
I'm going to check up on the kids.
Let me get the phone.
Oh, I have to watch the grill.
I was cooking.
I'll get you a snack.
I wanted to talk to you.
With mom gone,
the house is empty.
And I need the money.
So I decided to sell the house.
Of course,
we'll split the money.
Equally, including you.
So I need you to sign here.
Take a look?
What do you think?
After you have tea.
Some cookies too.
What's happening
with the gravestone?
- Right, the gravestone!
- Is it all set?
- The gravestone
- They said they couldn't fix it.
Nothing we can do.
What do you mean by that?
Nothing we can do.
What do you mean by that?
We can't leave it like that?
We have to fix it.
Tell me how.
Why don't you ask Anna?
Why are you asking her that?
She just got here.
What can she do?
But she should know about it too.
Okay, I'll tell her.
Anna, please listen.
John got mom's birth date wrong
on her gravestone.
What should we do?
They made the mistake, not me.
- That's besides the point.
- We still have to get it fixed.
- You are the one who messed it up.
- What're you gonna do? The funeral is tomorrow.
We can't go with the wrong date.
But it's not my fault.
You should've double checked.
I've been busy with the house.
What's more important?
Mom or the house?
Hey calm down.
What's more important?
Mom or the house?
Hey calm down.
How are you doing?
It must've been hard getting here.
I wasn't sure you could get out.
You haven't changed a bit.
I'm sure I've changed a lot.
Well, you still look like a kid.
Do you still want that
kid to come back?
Time really flies.
A lot has happened.
Not a lot has happened for me.
By the time I tried to contact you.
- It was already
- It's over.
Wang Jing.
Are you coming?
I'll be right there.
I'm going to be late.
I've left plenty on the table.
You can look around Seattle.
It's not a bad place for a visit.
Though the weather can be erratic
I'll call you.
Did you say something?
Kilsoon, did you say something?
No, that's not it.
CDCR number and location.
Yes. Inmate 2537.
I'm in Seattle.
Yeah. Don't forget you need to
be back by tomorrow.
Hello? Hello?
Thank you.
Hi. Where to?
- Hi.
- Hi. One for Baker's Field, please.
Hello again.
Where are you going?
What time is it now?
Oh, wait.
Your money.
Do you want me?
Don't scratch.
You'll make it worse.
It's okay.
It's my fault.
You're my first unhappy customer,
so I'll give you a discount
for today.
Nice to have company.
Let's go.
Stop raining.
It's OK.
Thanks for thinking of me.
Sure, any times fine with me.
What is it you do?
Whatever she wants.
I will be your escort
and show you a good time.
We can go out,
go dance, go party.
You want me to be good?
I'll be good.
You want me to be bad?
I can be bad.
Satisfaction guaranteed
or you don't have to pay.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Two?
- Yes.
- Come with me.
- I have a reservation.
Oh, okay
What is your name?
You know,
my wife made the reservation.
Today is my birthday.
Happy birthday!
- Thank you.
- What is your name?
I didn't make a reservation.
That's ok.
I can just take down your
reservation right now.
What is your name?
Anna. Anna Chen.
Anna Chen
is Beautiful name.
What do you want to eat
I'm Hoon.
- Enjoy!
- Thank you.
It tastes good, right?
Today is my birthday,
so what will you do for me?
To the right is a zoo.
Straight ahead is an amusement park.
Or maybe shopping?
Do you know Seattle well?
Of course.
Okay, I'll be your guide.
So today, you follow me.
There is just one thing
you all need to remember.
You're never gonna see
any of these people again.
So go head and
do anything you wanna do.
What happens on the ducks?
Stay on the duck!
You guys ready to
get out of here?
Seattle is the perfect place
to do this. Look around.
It's a beautiful city.
Ok, everybody get your quackers ready.
If you don't have a quacker,
I wanna hear everybody clapping. Come on!
Clap. Quack quack quack. Quack.
Come on. You like it? Don't you? Come on.
Quackers come on.
We did it.
Look around.
It's beautiful today.
You know, Seattle is always foggy
and rainy this time a year.
But, look, it's bright and
sunny out there all of a sudden.
You know, Seattle is always foggy
and rainy this time a year.
But, look, it's bright and
sunny out there all of a sudden.
I don't know. Maybe you guys brought
the sunshine to us. Thanks a lot!
You should enjoy the sun now,
because I tell you,
it's gonna disappear soon.
Fog come back.
Folks, the good time in our lives
don't last too long.
So, take it manage the moment.
Open your heart and love it now!
Not open.
It's supposed to be open.
Let's see up there.
How did you find me?
Go away.
I came all the way
from Greece to find you.
YOU are SO tiresome, woman.
Don't look at me like that.
No, this is how I always
look at you.
Come back with me.
No. I have a new life.
Why? Why did you
come back to me again?
I don't know.
All my love, my heart is here.
Your heart? Don't make me laugh.
Stop fooling yourself.
This is not love.
It is only memories and obsession.
Don't look at me like that.
Why have you changed so?
This is how I always look at you.
No, that's not true.
Your eyes,
they were always so warm.
I can't remember.
Try to remember.
I can only remember
that I cannot forgive you.
I am not asking
for your forgiveness.
I want your love.
You are so shameless.
Yes, I am.
But you made me this way.
You told me to come back.
I said nothing.
But you did.
Your eyes, your caress,
they all called me back to you.
Some things do not have to be spoken.
I have to go.
Your happiness is in your hands now.
You could never be so cruel.
I have to go back to prison tomorrow,
after my mother's funeral.
Hao. That's the only word
I know in Chinese.
It means 'bad', right?
No, it means 'good'.
Then how do you say 'bad'?
Huai. Huai
Huai. Huai
I'm sorry,
we are doing a Ghost Tour.
You never really know
what you'll run into around here.
Come on, we're going to
go up to the mortuary.
Market Ghost Tour.
So many ghosts here?
Hao. (Good)
Did you come here a lot?
Hao. (Good)
I used to come here a lot
with someone.
Hao. (Good)
Hao. (Good)
He was a friend of my older brother.
We grew up together.
Hao. (Good)
At that time,
without him I couldn't live.
Huai. (Bad)
But Suddenly he left me.
Hao. (Good)
And I married someone else.
At first,
he was caring and loving.
Huai. (Bad)
But I found out later that
he was weak,
and was suspicious.
I don't know how
I got through those days.
Hao. (Good)
One day
my first love came back
asking me to leave with him.
Hao. (Good)
Somehow my husband found out
he threatened to kill us.
Huai. (Bad)
That morning
He beat me so much
that I lost consciousness, and
Hao. (Good)
Where did it all go wrong?
Hao. (Good)
Hao. (Good)
Why'd you ask me for the money?
You were saying yes.
No, I didn't.
You were smiling.
No, I wasn't smiling.
You smiled.
Yes, you did.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
Where are you?
Thanks for today.
How much do you usually charge
to spend a day with someone.
You owe me $30,
so how much minus that?
Here's $10 more.
Wait here.
Just half an hour.
I'll be back very fast.
No, I won't be here.
I know.
What do you know?
That you won't be here.
Oh, you came.
You really came.
Here it is.
Your husband is looking for me.
I know.
Don't worry.
He might look scary
but he's a good man.
He said he's going to kill me.
Let's stay together.
You know I have a lot of money.
Enough to help you
set up a restaurant.
Why don't we run away together?
I have to get going.
Take the money.
Now I've seen you, I'm happy.
I know.
Take the money.
You should get some rest.
It would be good
if we stay together, stupid.
You're stupid.
You know that?
Ok. Bye.
Mom, do you remember this?
You taught me when I was young.
But I'm not good like you.
What do you think?
Isn't it good?
Ah, I forgot.
Mom, Can you see?
Can you see without your glasses?
This is where I live now.
The weather's really nice there.
Don't worry about me.
Sorry who may you be?
A friend.
Thank you.
Well done
- That's all of it. Thanks.
- Everything's done, yes?
Thanks, Anna.
Don't worry about your share.
Can you come here?
I have to go.
With mom gone
We should talk about the restaurant.
In any case, we should get half,
shouldn't we?
I understand.
Let's talk about it another time.
What other time?
It's always on your time.
I have to follow your schedule?
Thank you.
Anna. Hi.
Can I sit here?
Thank you.
Anna, I'm really sorry
about your loss.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Wang Jing. Come here.
Oh, so you met Anna.
Good. Good.
So I
Me and Anna, we are
Yeah, I knew Anna
when she was just a little girl.
And she was such a smart girl,
she picked up English right away,
didn't you, Anna?
Actually, she used to work
at this restaurant.
And when the customers would come in,
they would only ask for Anna.
Within a few months
she was working the counter.
And when the customers would come in,
they would only ask for Anna.
Within a few months
she was working the counter.
You know,
so that everybody could talk to her.
Anna, how is China these days?
You've been there
for a while, right?
She's she's been away.
And, did you come
with her from China?
So how is it there?
You know, the economy,
it's not so good.
So, a little hard.
But our restaurant, it is doing very nice.
Everyone wants Anna.
They all ask for Anna.
They are strange.
Very strange.
People are strange.
But sometimes,
strange people are good.
I don't know why
but I like strange people.
Thank you.
Yeah, we're going to
get married soon.
In China, the Chinese way.
Then I want to get married again
in America, the American way.
Thank you.
Wang Jing.
Anna, could you please come?
I think I hear Liang Liang
I'm going to be right back.
Who are you?
Yes, I am with Anna from China.
We have a restaurant
No, who are you?
Did you know her from before?
Or did you just meet her?
OK. It doesn't matter,
because I don't, I don't like you either way.
Don't mess with Anna.
She's had a very hard life.
So she doesn't need you
to make it harder.
Do you understand?
Don't play games.
Why not play games?
Games are fun.
They make her laugh.
Do you make her laugh?
Ok, You don't know
what you're talking about.
You obviously don't know anything.
I don't know.
Why do I have to know?
Ok, that's enough.
We're not done.
No, no, no, no, no
What happened?
I'm fine.
What is this?
Calm down.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
What are you doing here?
What do you want with her?
Show us some respect.
Don't smile.
I don't like your smile.
From now on,
you smile, you die.
Break it up, you two!
What are you doing?
This man used my fork.
And he's not even sorry.
Do you think that's right?
He used my fork.
My fork!
Wang Jing!
Why did you use his fork?
Tell me why,
why did you use his fork?
Why did you use someone else's fork?
You should apologize even if
you did it without knowing it.
Do you know?
Why? Tell me.
Why'd you use his fork?
Why did you use his fork?
Tell me.
It's his.
Not yours.
Why? Why?
I'm- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm
To remember.
I have many watches.
Oh, I'm sorry.
My mistake.
I thought you were someone else.
I like your smile.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Hoon.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Anna.
I'm here from Korea
to open a restaurant.
What about you?
I'm on vacation.
I'm about to return to China.
I have a hair salon there.
Oh, I need a haircut.
Yeah, you need one.
OK. Everyone. We're going to
camp out here until the fog lifts a little.
It could be awhile
so, feel free, get some coffee,
stretch your legs, whatever.
It could be awhile
so, feel free, get some coffee,
stretch your legs, whatever.
CDCR number and location.
Inmate 2537,
I'm on my way back.
Hello. Hello?
I brought you here
because I wanted to meet you.
So I wanted to know why spending time
with you made my wife so happy.
What'd you do?
We just talked.
Just talked.
That's it?
Why did you kill her?
Why did you do that to her?
Where is Ok-ja?
You took money from her,
and you went to her room
and you killed her.
The cops know.
They're on their way.
I just wanted to meet you
before they got here.
I wanted to meet
I wanted to meet the man
whom my wife fell in love with.
This Ok-Ja
Please leave your message.
Thank you.
I'll see you here
when you get out.
Come on, everybody.
Let's get on the bus!
It's time for us to go!
It's been a long time,