Latency (2024) Movie Script

(banging on door)
(soft ominous music)
(door knocking)
(door rattling)
- Son of a bitch.
(monster growling)
(door thuds)
(monster grumbling)
(gunshots pop)
(monster groans)
(driving music)
(gunshots pop)
(monsters groan)
(monsters growling)
(gunshots popping)
(monsters groaning and growling)
- Wait a minute.
(computer chimes)
You see it?
- [Alexey] Really? Where?
I don't, can't see
- There.
- Ah, shit.
- I thought you fixed it.
- [Alexey] I thought I
- Yeah, well, that's
why we test it.
It is much better.
Look at the place.
You trashed the joint.
- [Alexey] Yeah,
they've been riding us
on environment
- Huh. Pretty good
if you ask me.
- [Alexey] Thanks. It isn't
(Hana sighs)
Glitchy shit.
(computer chimes)
This is gonna take a
I'll find a fix and let you
when we're good to test
Thanks, Hana.
- Anytime.
- [Alexey] And don't forget
to send us your invoice.
I'll make sure it
gets paid on time.
Hey, Hana?
- Yeah?
- [Alexey] You entering this
Maybe show those
squeakers who's boss?
Heard the prize
pool's gone up too.
- The tournament? And
have my ass kicked again?
Yeah, wouldn't miss
it for the world.
Well actually guys, if
you would pay me more,
I wouldn't have to.
- [Alexey] Well, you
came close last time.
- Yeah, thanks, Alex. We'll see.
Ciao, ciao.
(gentle music)
(Game Boy chimes)
(subdued chiptune music)
(brooding music)
(brooding music continues)
(brooding music continues)
(door knocks)
(Hana gasps)
(door knocking)
Who is it?
- [Courier] Delivery.
- The delivery instruction says-
- Yeah, I know-
- Says-
- [Courier] There's no one
home up there, are there?
This is your address, right?
And I need a signature.
- I don't want, I
don't, I don't want it.
- [Courier] Are you
kidding? It's from CNEX.
I mean, I'll keep
it if you want.
- Wait-
- Look lady-
- Just, uh- - I got other
shit to deliver.
I can't just hang
around here all day.
- Just leave it there.
Leave it all and go.
Stand in the stairwell
or something.
- [Courier] What? Uh, no,
I'm not gonna do that.
- Please.
I'll be quick and, and
you'll get your signature.
- [Courier] Shit.
(dark music)
(package thuds)
Okay. I'm going.
- Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
(footsteps thudding)
(keypad chiming)
(locks thud and creak)
(locks continue
thudding and creaking)
(Hana exhales shakily)
You can do this.
(door thuds)
- [Courier] Come on lady.
I haven't got all day.
(dark music continues)
When can I run the test?
(ominous music)
- [Young Girl] Why
are you scared?
- I'm, I'm not.
- [Young Girl]
Can you let me in?
- I can't.
- [Courier] Are we
done here or what?
- No. Wait.
(door thuds)
(locks clattering)
(keypad chiming)
(Hana sobs softly)
(Hana breathing heavily)
- [Courier] Hey, uh, I
thought those weren't out
Suit yourself. Have fun.
- I will.
I got it.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
I'll wait for you. (chuckles)
Okay. Bye.
(upbeat hectic music)
(water running)
(gentle ethereal music)
(key jingles)
(water dripping)
(gentle music)
(phone buzzes)
(keypad chimes)
(locks clack and clatter)
(door thuds)
(dark rumbling music)
- Ah! It is I!
The outside world
come to get you.
- [Hana] You took
your time, gee.
- Some of us have real jobs.
But I brought food.
You know, shopping.
Should try it sometime.
(gasps) Is that?
- Mm-hmm.
- Sweet!
- You haven't...?
- Mm-mm.
- Oh, it's so cool.
(Hana chortles)
- Had to wait for you.
Wouldn't be the same otherwise.
Shall we?
- Let's.
- Okay.
- Ooh, wait, shouldn't we,
shouldn't we do
an unboxing video?
You gotta think of
the hits, you know?
- Uh-uh. Full embargo until
the official lunch date.
- But that's months away.
- I know, but it's
all mine. (laughs)
(dark anxious music)
Here we go.
- Cool.
- Mm-hmm.
- So what does it do?
- No idea.
- Man, there nothing
else. Not even stickers.
- No instructions.
(Omnia chimes)
(computer chiming)
So we've got to log in.
(computer chirping)
- Oh.
- Great.
Why you, anyway?
- They want some pro gamers
to test it before the launch.
Push it to limits, check for
bugs, that sort of thing.
- Yeah, but not the top gamers.
'Cause a bad review
from one of them
and it'll be dead upon arrival.
Whereas the has-been like you...
- Whatever, dude.
I got one so it gives me an
edge over the others, I'm in.
Whatever it does.
- [Omnia] Hello, Hana.
(foreboding music)
- Oh.
Uh, hi?
- [Omnia] Please place
the device on your head.
The power button
faces the rear.
- What?
- Um, sure.
- Please place the device
on your head.
The power button faces the
Welcome to the CNEX
Calibration has begun.
The Omnia is, in part, an
Using neuroimaging it will
to read, measure,
and decode characteristic
patterns of your brain.
- Huh?
- [Omnia] The image
you see on screen
is a real-time recording
of your brain activity.
- Shit. It's reading your mind.
- Shh. I'm trying to listen.
- [Omnia] The Omnia is a
brain-computer interface .
- [Jen] Yeah, there we go.
- [Omnia] Capable of
controlling every device,
and program you use.
- What?
- In time-
- Did you hear that?
- [Omnia] it will
have read your mind -
- Hear what?
- [Omnia] before you're
even aware of the thought.
Your reaction time will
effectively reduce to zero.
- I can hear it,
it's in my head.
- This program-
- No way!
- Includes exercises-
- Yeah!
- No.
- [Omnia] that will help
the calibration process.
We recommend completing
- It's back?
- Yeah.
- [Omnia] the full
exercise program
before attempting
to use the Omnia
in conjunction with
other programs.
Once calibrated, the device
will work for you and you
- Hey, I don't care.
I need a go.
- No way. No.
(Jen chuckles)
- [Jen] Oh, typing. Cool.
So I made you enough to keep
you going for a few days.
- [Hana] Thanks, babe.
- How long you gotta
keep that up for?
- Typing? No idea.
- [Jen] I looked up
what an
- Electroencephalography.
- Yeah, that thing-amy
on your head.
They use it to diagnose epilepsy
and monitor coma
patients and stuff.
- Oh yeah. Like it
said, brain activity.
- So it'll be an uphill
battle with you then.
I mean, you could
be here for days.
(computer chiming)
CNEX does it again.
So what's it doing? Checking
that you know the alphabet.
Do you know the alphabet?
Hey, if that thing does
speed up your reaction time,
imagine what it would
do for someone younger
and, you know, let's
face it, cooler than you.
Maybe you should give it to me.
- Uh...
- What?
Oh wow. Congratulations, Hana.
You've moved on to B, I'm
so very pleased for you.
- No, I'm just-
- Should really eat something.
(subdued music)
- Whoa. Did you see that?
- What?
- I'm typing.
- Bravo. So amazing.
- Okay, shut up
and watch this.
- Wait, how did you do...?
- Come on, admit
it. It's so cool.
I mean, this is fucking amazing.
- Okay, okay. You got me.
(computer chirping)
I guess I'll put this
in the fridge, shall I?
"No, Jen. It looks
delicious, Jen.
Let's sit down and eat
like civilized people.
What would I do
without you, Jen?"
Probably starve to death.
(door knocks)
I'll get it.
- [Landlord] Hana, you're,
you're behind on your rent.
- Go away. No one's home.
- [Landlord] Jen. Where's
I know she's In there.
- She's busy.
- Doing what?
- Okay, look, she'll have your
money, you geriatric asshole.
- [Landlord] Just pay
some, please.
- Hana, I've got
tomorrow off as well.
Let me know if something
interesting happens.
I'll come down.
Do you wanna lock up behind me?
- Oh. Yeah, sure.
(static warbles and chirps)
- Shit. The building.
(dark driving music)
- [Omnia] During
calibration, we recommend
wearing the device at all
- One, two, three.
- [Omnia] The more
you wear the Omnia,
the faster it will learn
and better understand
your instructions.
- Four, five, six.
- [Omnia] Each calibration
exercise in this program
is unique and designed
to stimulate specific
cognitive, corporeal,-
- Seven, eight-
- And subliminal-
- Nine.
- Parts of your mind.
- Ten.
(keyboard clacking)
(Hana laughs)
- [Omnia] Your neural
reaction time is slowing,
The CNEX Omnia recommends
before continuing
with calibration.
- Jen?
Yes, of course. Quitter.
(Hana sighs)
Yeah. Bed time. (groans)
(ominous music)
(computer chirping and pulsing)
(static crackling)
(bird chirping)
(wings flutter)
(Hana groans softly)
(water dripping)
(dark music)
(Hana grunts)
(dark music continues)
(door knocks)
- [Young Girl] It's
me. Are you there?
Why can't you play with
- What about other kids?
- [Young Girl] There's no
other kids in the building.
- When I was your age,
my mom wouldn't let me
play outside either.
- [Young Girl] Why not?
- She was afraid
something might happen to me.
- [Young Girl] What did you
- I got good at
playing on my own.
- Games?
- Mm-hmm.
- [Young Girl]
What kind of game?
- "Tetris" mostly.
Played it for hours,
days, game after game.
Even in my sleep.
Endlessly falling
faster and faster till,
until you start again.
A new game every time.
It's the only dream I have
that's no different to reality.
Exactly the same as sleep
as it is when I'm awake.
I still dream of "Tetris,"
you know. I love that game.
Do you know what "Tetris" is?
I can lend it to
you if you like.
(subdued music)
Are you there?
(door thuds)
(hangers scrape)
(Hana groans softly)
(traffic droning faintly)
(fastener zips)
(subdued music)
Hi, Dad.
(subdued music continues)
(water splashes)
(rain pattering)
(ball thuds)
(Young Hana giggles)
(subdued music continues)
(Hana sniffles)
- [Jen] You do know
I have a life outside
this apartment, right?
I said call me if something
interesting happens.
Playing catch is not
interesting, you know?
It's never been interesting.
- The exercise is interesting.
It's about hand and eye
coordination, reflexes,
depth perception, anticipation.
It's complicated
stuff. Amazing, huh?
- Suppose so, but
it's not much fun.
I mean, you invite me,
into your bedroom no less,
to play with your balls
and this is what I get.
(ball thuds)
Hey! Watch the face.
- Oh, poor, poor Jen.
Would some music help, you know,
to get you in the mood?
- Not your music. (chuckles)
- Okay, fair enough. Yours then.
Let's see what's in
your playlist, shall we?
(bright bubbly music)
- How did you...?
- I think a little more volume.
[ "Never been to Paris" by
Arivian playing ]
- Babe, you do have
good taste of music.
- Damn right, I do.
(knife clacks)
- Do it.
- Are you freaking nuts?
- You said you wanna do
something interesting.
Come on. I need your help.
- Shit, Hana, I'll get your
food, I'll get your mail,
I'll even take out your trash.
But this, can't
you just skip it?
(tense music)
- Are you being a chicken?
Are you afraid of
a little blood?
- Jesus, Hana.
- Come on. Just
enough to draw blood.
- No, I'm out.
- Jen, please. I need this.
- I'm sorry, Hana,
but this is crazy.
Okay? You're on your
own with this one.
(door thuds)
(subdued music)
(tense music)
(distressing music)
- [Omnia] Congratulations,
You have completed
the exercise program.
- That was it?
- [Omnia] Calibration
is complete.
The Omnia will continue
to learn from and
work with your mind.
Soon it will become
second nature to you.
You may even forget it's
But remember, the Omnia
is with you always.
(brooding music)
(computer chiming)
(brooding music continues)
- [Announcer] Round one.
(gunshots blasting)
(gunshots continue blasting)
(gunshots continue blasting)
(dramatic music)
Cybernetics ready.
(game character grunts)
(subdued music)
(gunshots continue blasting)
(determined music)
- Ha!
(subdued music)
(ominous subdued music)
(computer chirping and pulsing)
(door knocks)
- [Landlord] Hana!
Are you there at all?
(ominous music)
- Look, I'm working on it.
It's just, you
wouldn't understand it.
You'll have it soon.
- [Landlord] You
said that days ago.
- Well, Jen said...
That was just one
day ago, wasn't it?
- [Landlord] Hana.
- You'll have it next
week. You'll have it.
- [Landlord] Next week,
Next week or you're out.
- Oh, by the way,
which apartment does
that girl live in?
She, she looks like
five, maybe six.
I wanna lend her something.
(brooding music)
(brooding music continues)
(computer chimes)
(heavy aggressive music)
(computer chimes)
(soft ominous music)
(shower splashing)
(tap squeaks)
(harrowing music)
(Mirror Hana roars)
(Hana gasps and whimpers)
(dark foreboding music)
(dark foreboding
music continues)
(dark foreboding
music continues)
(phone chimes)
Hey Jen, would you, would
you mind coming over?
(gentle music)
No, no, it's fine.
Morning is fine.
Hey, I'm sorry for,
I'm sorry.
Thanks. See you in the morning.
(gentle music continues)
(glasses chime)
(gentle music continues)
(Hana chuckles)
(bird chirping)
(Hana laughs happily)
(bird chirping)
(gentle music continues)
- [Jen] You don't think
you're taking this
too seriously, do you?
- Nah, I ran a diagnostic.
It can run faster.
It's just-
- Faster?
- So this tournament is my
chance to make some real money.
The prize money for
this one is 250 grand.
- Yeah, but what's the rush?
There'll be others,
right? More money even.
- Yeah, but once
the testing is done,
and CNEX launches the Omnia,
every button-masher out
there will have one.
Screwdriver, please.
- Huh?
- There.
- Oh.
- I'll take that.
So I must earn all I can
while, well, while I can.
And I have it all to myself, so.
- Isn't that kind of cheating?
- I've checked the
conditions of entry
and there's nothing out there
that says anything
about using it.
- Well why would it?
The Omnia hasn't
even been released.
- Exactly.
That should do it.
(computer beeps and whirs)
Faster, faster, faster.
Okay. The tournament
starts in six hours.
- Exciting.
- You know what else is
totally legit and above board?
Placing a little bet on someone
you might call a has-been.
Someone who you might get
more than generous odds on.
Maybe it's someone you
help out all the time.
Someone who actually
wants to repay the favor.
- You're not
suggesting that, moi?
- Oh, yes, I am.
- Okay.
And how much might one think
to place on such a has-been,
should I know of one?
- How much you've got?
(resolute music)
(gunshots blasting)
(game characters grunting)
(raucous music)
(Jen laughs)
- Yes!
(Jen cheers)
Oh, come on, come on.
Good, hey?
- Good!
- There you go!
Oh, that was easy.
- The fucking king!
- Muah. Thank you.
- Fucker never had a chance.
(raucous music continues)
Oh! The tournament is on.
Okay, so there is victim one.
- I think I'm gonna buy a car.
- You can't drive.
- Details. Details.
And then I'm gonna
buy you a new sofa.
- Oh, that's sweet.
- It's not for you.
Also some new shoes.
(chuckles) What
are you gonna do?
- Uh, I'm gonna pay the rent.
- Exotic.
- Hey, for the rest of the year.
Maybe even more.
(computer chirps)
Oh, shit.
Hey are using my wifi again?
- No, Mom.
- Hmm. Because I just-
(audio crackles and whines)
- What?
Jesus, Hana. You gave
me a heart attack.
What the hell?
- Did you see that?
- See what?
- Did you see the
fucking screen?
- No.
- W- wha- w- what, what
are you talking about?
I didn't see anything.
- Um.
- Hana, Hana, talk to me.
- Okay, um, I need a break
and you finish it, okay?
- Me? No, I-
- Just, just play the game.
- I-
- Play the game!
- Hana.
(Hana sobs)
(ominous music)
Of course I'm not
gonna freaking win.
(keyboard clacking)
(ominous music continues)
(brooding music)
(Hana whimpers and
sniffles softly)
(brooding music continues)
(door knocks)
- Yeah, well so I didn't
It's okay.
You still did enough to
qualify for the next round.
Might work in our favor.
Better odds and stuff.
It's not my fault.
You know, more of a "Mario
Kart" kind of gal. (chuckles)
Got a thing for plumbers.
Still, think I
could kick your ass.
(somber music)
Hana, are you okay?
Hana? I'm here, you know.
(Hana sobs softly)
(somber music continues)
(video game chimes brightly)
- I talked to that girl.
She said her mom
wouldn't play with her.
- Never seen any children
in this building.
- Exactly.
You know, maybe her mom's...
- What? And she wants
you to play with her?
Like, that's so much better.
What's this gotta do with
crashing outta the game?
I mean, one, you were
winning, by the way.
- Ow!
A game.
(video game continues
chiming brightly)
It's not my fault, you know?
- No?
- No.
It's genetic mostly.
And environmental factors.
(subdued music)
I've got my bases covered.
- Your dad was agoraphobic
too? You've never told me.
- No. No.
It was my mom.
- Your mom never
left the apartment?
- No.
And after she, (exhales sharply)
all I've had was the games.
They helped me forget.
- And now?
- And now, look at me.
I'm here just like her.
Unable to leave.
- You can, you know.
I'd help you.
If you want me to
just open the door and walk out.
I'd be with you every step.
It's shit out there.
The world sucks
and everyone in it,
but there are good bits too.
We all do it every day.
(brooding music)
- Not everyone.
(brooding music continues)
(dark foreboding music)
(dark foreboding
music continues)
(jaunty 8-bit music)
(jaunty 8-bit music continues)
(birds chirping)
(traffic droning)
(cereal clatters)
- [Jen] Hana, are you okay?
- Mm. Mm.
- Have you even slept?
- Yeah. I think so.
I can do it. Just one more
round and then the final.
- You sure?
I'll watch from work.
- The game or your bank balance?
- My bank balance. Probably.
- I gots to go.
- Mm.
(intercom beeps repeatedly)
- Shit.
(Hana groans)
(Hana yawns)
(keypad beeps)
- You know you could.
- It's not fear, babe.
(Hana sighs)
- See you.
(door thuds)
(voices chatter indistinctly)
(ominous music)
- Jen, is that you?
This is not funny.
- [Young Girl] It's me.
- Hi.
- What are you playing?
- I thought you were...
Just stay there, okay?
I've got something
for you. It's a game.
You can borrow it if you like,
but you've got to
promise to give it back
if you borrow it, okay?
(dark harrowing music)
(young girl giggles)
Hey, it's not a game.
I just wanna lend you...
(dark foreboding music)
(dark foreboding
music continues)
(door creaks and thuds)
No! No, No!
(dark dramatic music)
(door thudding)
(Hana whimpering)
(dark dramatic music continues)
(electricity crackles)
(presence shrieks)
(Hana pants and sobs)
(locks clack and clatter)
(keypad beeps)
(Hana sobs raggedly)
(dark eerie music)
(Hana whimpers softly)
(dark eerie music continues)
(Hana whimpers gently)
(clothes rustle softly)
No, like I told the other guy,
I just wanna know if other
testers they, you know,
they said anything about
side effects or something?
No, it's, it's working
great. It's amazing.
It's just...
Yes, I've ran the diagnostic
like three times now.
I mean, are you sure?
Is that, is it all you can...?
No, um, no.
I've got a, mm-hmm, mm,
listen, I'm using it now.
It's, it's fine. I'm sure.
No, no. I do not
wanna send it back.
Um, I need, it, look, it's fine.
I'm sure it's working just
fine and everything is...
Uh-huh, uh-huh. Sure.
Yeah, thank you. You too.
Fucking asshole.
(gunshots blaring)
(gunshots continue blaring)
- [Announcer] Victory!
(brooding music)
(computer chimes)
(tennis ball thuds softly)
(brooding music continues)
(Hana exhales and grunts)
(brooding music tenses)
- Oh.
How did you get in?
- We've always been here.
(presence exhales hauntingly)
Don't be scared.
(presence shrieks)
(chaotic music)
(presence continues shrieking)
(chaotic music calms)
(computer pulses and thrums)
(brooding music)
(gunshots blaring)
- This is too easy.
(gunshots continue blaring)
- Oh shit. Hana,
you're killing it.
Oh my God. You're
so freaking close.
(harrowing music)
You've got him. You've got him.
You've got him.
Oh my God. Yes, Hana.
You've done it.
- Jen, Jen, Jen?
Jen! Oh my god.
Jen, I won.
I, I won the whole
fucking tournament.
Christ, you missed it.
(shower splashing)
Where are you?
Jen, come on. What are
you doing in there?
I won. We need to celebrate.
I'm coming in
and you better not be doing
what I think you are ... doing.
(worrisome music)
(tap squeaks)
(soft ominous music)
The fuck?
(soft ominous music continues)
(phone buzzing)
(computer chimes)
(computer chimes)
Omnia, are you there?
C- can you hear me?
- [Omnia] Hello, Hana.
- Are you doing this?
Showing me that?
- The Omnia is a tool.
It will only do
what you ask of it.
It is all you, Hana.
(gentle troubled music)
(door knocking roughly)
- Yeah? - Hey, I received the
- It's what I owe you, Right?
- [Landlord] Thanks,
- Hey, um, have you seen Jen?
- [Landlord] No,
I don't think so.
- She left her stuff here
last night and I'm...
- [Landlord] Well, if I
see her, I'll let her know.
- Cool.
(traffic droning faintly)
(dark rumbling music)
(eerie discomforting music)
(Hana retches)
(Hana breathing heavily)
(dark ominous music)
Jesus, Jen. Where are you?
(computer chimes)
(dark ominous music continues)
(dark ominous music continues)
(presence exhales hollowly)
(dark ominous music continues)
(computer pulsing and thrumming)
(tennis ball thuds)
I was supposed to
be sad, and I was,
(soft music)
but I got more from my
mom than I'd ever before.
That was the happiest
year of my life.
We were so close.
It was special.
We were alone together.
And I liked it.
I liked being together.
Even when we couldn't
leave anymore.
She fed me first, always
made sure I was okay.
In the end, she, Mom didn't...
(ball thuds)
(subdued music)
(door clatters)
(scanner chimes)
(subdued music)
- Stickers
(tissue rustles)
(phone buzzes)
(phone continues buzzing)
(phone chimes)
Jen, where are you?
(static crackles)
(woman whimpers faintly)
(audio buzzes and crackles)
- Hana.
- Jen. God, where you been?
(tender music)
You're so wet.
(Jen breathing shakily)
(discomforting music)
I can help. Wait here.
Wait here.
I'm calling.
- What have you done?
- I'm calling it...
(computer pulses and thrums)
(Hana whimpers and shrieks)
(Hana sobs lightly)
You are using it.
You are using it to
get into my head.
(computer pulses and thrums)
You are doing this.
You are controlling me.
No, no.
No more.
(Omnia chimes)
(harrowing music)
(Omnia chimes)
(Hana sobs)
(Omnia chimes)
(Hana sobs)
I have to get out of here.
(dark determined music)
(dark determined
music continues)
(subdued music)
You can do it.
Jen is just upstairs.
One flight and you'll be there.
Apartment 808. She'll be home.
She'll be home.
Just open the door, walk out.
(dramatic music)
(static crackles and chimes)
(brooding music)
(Hana breathes shakily)
(brooding music continues)
(door creaks)
(water dripping)
(Hana gasps)
(tender music)
(Hana sobs softly)
(skin squelches)
(Hana whimpers)
(dark enthralling music)
(Hana breathes shakily)
(dark enthralling
music continues)
(water splashing rhythmically)
(haunting music)
(haunting music continues)
(water pattering relentlessly)
(Hana breathing shakily)
(pan clatters)
(thunder crashes and rumbles)
(water continues pattering)
(thunder crashes)
How long have I been here?
(thunder rumbles)
(Hana breathing heavily)
(malevolent music)
(thunder crashes)
(malevolent music continues)
(keypad beeping)
(locks clack and clatter)
(malevolent music continues)
(disquieting music)
You can do it, you can do it
(lights buzz)
Get away.
(door knocks)
Jen? Jen?
(door thuds)
(switch clicks)
(Hana breathing heavily)
(harrowing music)
(Jen breathing heavily)
(screwdriver squelches)
(Hana gasps)
- Hello, Hana.
Welcome to the Omnia.
(Evil Hana roars)
(haunting music)
(monster growls and grumbles)
(monsters howl and roar)
(ethereal music)
(rain patters calmingly)
(ethereal music continues)
(Young Hana giggling)
(thunder crashes)
(haunting music)
(monsters snarl and roar)
(ethereal music)
- It's the only dream I have
that's no different to
Exactly the same asleep
as it is when I'm awake.
(bird chirping)
Game after game,
endlessly falling faster
and faster till...
(Hana grunts)
(Hana sobs lightly)
(rain pattering faintly)
(tender music)
You have to let me leave.
Mom. Mommy, please.
Why did you kill Jen? Why?
(door knocking)
(Hana gasps)
(gentle music)
Mom, Mom!
Please, please don't
hurt anyone else.
(door knocks)
- [Officer] Police!
- I'll stay with you.
I promise.
(door knocks)
- [Officer] Police!
Open the door.
- I'll stay with you. Please.
(door knocks)
- [Officer] Open
the door, ma'am.
(Hana sobs softly)
(door thuds)
(ethereal music)
(ethereal music continues)
Have you seen Jennifer Lewis.
Do you know where she is?
Speak to us, ma'am.
- [Hana] All I
had was the games.
They helped me forget.
But now I'm here.
Just like her, unable to
(emotional music)
(Hana grunts)
- I'll check the other
It's her. At least
I think it is.
Let's take her in.
(faint jaunty music)
(Omnia chimes)
I'll secure the site.
(Hana laughs)
(Hana sobs)
(harrowing music)
- No! No, no, no, no, no!
What are you doing?!
No, you can't! Leave
me here! (grunts)
No! Don't let them take me!
(Hana shrieks)
(door thuds)
(brooding music)
(jaunty 8-bit music)
(music ends)