Latitudes (2014) Movie Script

"Latitudes" (2014)
Previously an 8-episode
web series compiled into a movie
Previous translation made by:
The Brazilians
Yes, I told you that.
No, I told you
what happened.
But you paid for it, right?
No, of course...
Ok, but...
Me too.
Kisses. Bye.
Did we drink all
of the water yesterday?
We drank everything.
I didn't drink this.
Yes, I did.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Why didn't you wake me up?
I thought
it was best not to.
I slept like a rock,
didn't I?
You were in a coma.
What did you do to me?
I'm really late...
Have you ever woken up
in the middle of the night
with that feeling that you're
not exactly sure where you are?
You woke up
in the middle of the night?
I only really fell asleep after
the sun was already coming up.
What were you doing
while I was sleeping?
- I tried waking you up, but...
- But what?
I think you drank
a bit too much...
- I didn't drink that much.
- At least it's what you said.
- I say that to not seem feisty.
- So it's better to seem drunk?
Get dressed.
Let's see if you can
put them on as fast
as you take them off.
Speaking of which...
I'm late.
What's wrong?
Now we won't have to worry about
how we'll say goodbye.
- If it'll be a kiss, a hug...
- Yeah, sure.
You always think
about everything, don't you?
Pick it up.
- It could be someone...
- It is someone.
- Someone who?
- The receptionist.
I asked her to call
and help me wake you up.
You didn't do that.
That's too low.
Of course I didn't.
Who do you think I am?
- Bye, love.
- Calm down, Olivia.
Wow, you remember my name?
I looked on your passport
while you were asleep.
I didn't need all that
to remember yours.
But then again,
Jose is an easy name.
Where are the keys
to my room?
Are you staying here?
Why do you think
I gave you a ride?
It wasn't an excuse?
No. I'm a gentleman. I gave you
a ride because you were drunk.
I already said I wasn't.
I didn't want to seem feisty.
And a gentleman would never take
advantage of a drunken woman.
No. That's true.
Only of the feisty ones.
I have to go. Really.
And still you keep on
talking, and talking...
Three more minutes...
Three minutes and we'll
finish this conversation.
We won't see each other again.
What difference does it make?
We saw each other
many times today.
And you're
the kind of person
who looks like
you could be late.
I read one of your columns,
on the airplane,
it was very interesting,
something very elaborate...
That the new purple would be
orange, something like that.
"Yellow is the new black."
That's it,
yellow is the new black.
Just a... Hey, Fred.
Bring the equipment.
That's fine.
I'll be there in a bit.
Now you're the one
who has to leave.
What else did you read?
That you are committed and,
even though you don't see
a problem
with one-night stands,
that's not the kind of risk
you would take twice.
Not with the same person.
- Was that all written there?
- No, that's my interpretation.
- Was that too harsh?
- No, but your time is up.
- You were going to reply...
- I had a great comeback, but...
you said too much
and used up all your time.
That always happens to me.
- When do you leave?
- This afternoon.
- I lost your magazine.
- That's fine.
I'll buy a new one
this afternoon.
You are such
a well-known photographer.
How come we never
worked together?
I don't... I don't
shoot fashion, you know?
But don't be offended,
please. It's not personal.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Go.
- I'm going.
Now what?
Not so sure anymore,
are you?
Right. I'm nervous now.
Drunk, feisty, indecisive...
So, did you reconsider?
You're not that lucky...
I promise I'll be
more objective this time.
You still look very pretty.
- You look good too.
- Thanks.
Don't look at me like that.
It was just a polite compliment.
That wasn't a compliment,
that was an invitation.
No. I invited you for a drink.
The invitation stops there.
A drink is always
an invitation.
An invitation with
ulterior motive.
Oh, really, Jose?
You like saying my name.
Did you realize that?
Yes, I did.
At that party we both were,
they had drinks, did you notice?
You did, right?
Which makes this invitation...
Almost scandalous.
They didn't have gin.
How long do I have until
you start saying you're late?
I never say that
before nine o'clock.
You shouldn't have sent me
away that morning in Paris.
- It was a beautiful day.
- I know.
And a beautiful day in Paris
shouldn't be wasted.
I know.
Why not spend the day together
if we already spent the night?
- Which is harder...
- No, it's not.
Spending the day is way more
serious than spending the night.
We are more exposed
during the day.
- So you did regret it.
- No.
But I must admit,
I spent the whole
day wondering:
"what if I had stayed?"
"What if I had let him stay?"
And on the next day,
the same thing.
It was annoying.
The days kept going by
and I kept thinking about that.
As if it was
something important.
You know what that's called?
- Regret.
- No.
Regret is when someone
doesn't forgive themselves.
I forgave myself. This was
more like an obsessive thought.
Obsessive thought... OK.
Where did we stop?
It wasn't such an
obsessive thought.
What are you doing here?
What do you mean?
You invited me.
In London.
I'm here for a photo shoot.
Not fashion, though.
A wedding,
christening... Prom?
Yeah, something
classy like that.
I really don't get it, Jose.
Why don't you shoot fashion?
- It could be good for you.
- Could it help my career?
You think I need help?
We would see
each other more often.
Wouldn't it be easier if you
gave me your phone number?
Easier... Yes.
But boring.
Well, how many
of those gins do you need
before you
invite me upstairs?
I thought you didn't take
advantage of drunken women.
Only of the feisty ones.
Unfortunately you
are not that feisty today.
Get some champagne.
What's wrong?
It's one of those moments
where you don't know
if the guy is intense
because he's charming,
or if he's intense
because he's crazy.
Which one do you think I am?
What are the chances
of us meeting again?
In the near future?
If you must...
will be almost impossible.
I think we're... forbidden.
If you consider the odds.
Where will you go
after London?
Is that why you can't
invite me up?
Does that mean
you don't have a home?
Who doesn't?
And that sooner or later
you'll have to come back to.
Yes. Just like
everybody else here.
One night spent
with someone is one thing.
Two nights
with the same person
is almost an invitation
to a third one.
Is the third night
such a big problem?
But the third one
never stops at that.
It always brings a fourth...
a fifth, a sixth...
and then it becomes
what people call
"a relationship".
You're too anxious...
We won't have a second night
if you think about the sixth,
a relationship...
You say that as if you
have nothing to lose.
- And you do?
- Everybody does.
I'm leaving, then.
Now you'll have
to promise me...
that you won't spend
all day tomorrow
thinking about
that obsessive thought.
Now that's starting
to sound like regret.
Yes, Olivia?
I think it's time
we say goodbye.
Say goodbye now so we don't
have to say it later, right?
Say goodbye to
actually say goodbye.
of a lot of things.
Sometimes you give off very
mixed signals, you know that?
- I know.
- And that is always a sign.
A sign of what?
That you'll give me
a hard time.
Are you cold?
Feeling cold is
for tourists. I'm great.
Have a good trip.
What do we do now?
I have your number.
We'll talk.
Yeah, but you didn't
give me yours...
Calm down.
Well, the ball's
on your court now.
- Don't get nervous.
- I'm not nervous. I'm cold.
- Take care.
- You too.
What a room!
What time is it?
Do you have
to leave already?
No. I'm fine
right where I am.
It's four thirty.
I'm glad you were nearby.
I wasn't that close...
I had to take two
50-minute flights.
One of them
in a very shady plane.
If I had known I would've rented
a car and taken the highway.
If you hadn't let
me know so late...
How was I supposed to?
I didn't know I was coming.
It wasn't in my schedule.
- So, it was a last minute idea?
- No.
The idea has been
in my mind for a while.
What was last minute was
the idea that it could be today.
Women and their
sudden urges...
Last minute is
good too, c'mon.
I knew you'd
give me a hard time.
Hard time? I am breaking
the natural cycle of things.
I'm calling you instead of
waiting for us to
meet accidentally.
Do you regret it, Jose?
No. I don't regret it.
Of course not.
You should see
the look in my team's face
when they saw me
rushing the shoot.
They couldn't believe it.
Can you smell
the sea breeze?
I can open
this window, right?
You're going to get sick.
Come back here.
It's been a while
since someone took
two 50-minute flights
to be with me.
So someone has
done that before?
A long time ago...
Every hotel room
is an illusion.
We lay in bed
without wondering
who was here yesterday,
and the day before...
And there must have
been so many people.
More people than we'll
meet in our entire lives.
But not in this room.
This room is different.
Everyone is still here.
Can you feel it?
I was so happy
being alone here with you...
What about him?
There's a lot of people here.
They kept me company
while I waited for you.
Who is that over there?
That one?
They told me
he was the owner this room.
Doge Dandolo.
So he's responsible for
the angels above our heads?
Look at him.
He looks sleazy.
How can someone order
a painting of themselves
with that stare?
Well, how do you think he
should have asked for it?
With him giving a thumbs up
while having a drink?
It would've been
a great t-shirt for tourists...
But he wasn't happy
in this picture.
That's because
there was no such thing.
Happiness was invented
by the Americans...
along with the french fries.
- It was the Belgians.
- What?
That invented french fries.
Oh, really?
And are they happy?
- Who?
- The Belgians.
We better stop talking.
It's 4 AM,
and there are too
many people here.
What are you thinking about?
This is the third
time we meet...
and I didn't want you
to leave tomorrow.
You also have to leave.
- I know.
- So...
So, I don't know where there are
more ghosts waiting for us.
In here or out there.
Here we are among friends.
Did you go home after
the last time we saw each other?
I stopped by.
- And you?
- A bit more than that.
Was it good?
That's the million-
dollar question.
What's wrong, Jose?
Just that feeling that
our time is about to end.
You are suffering
in advance.
You'll end up like him.
You're the only woman I know
that comes with a timer.
Come here.
- Where are you going tomorrow?
- San Sebastin.
What time do you
have to leave?
In a few hours.
But I have to sleep
a bit, I'm tired.
Let's not do that anymore.
Sleep, Jose? It's 4:30
in the morning!
I'm tired of meeting
you like this.
Always in a rush,
with one of us having to leave.
I wanted to meet you
with a little more time.
Go out to eat...
I don't know.
I would like that.
So let's do it.
I would like to,
but I don't know...
how or when.
All you have to do
is want. It's easy.
I'll think about it.
I'll think about it
and let you know.
Go back to sleep.
It's early.
- You're leaving already?
- I'm late.
End of the month.
Pick a place, I'll be there.
Which place?
I don't know. Find
someplace special.
I want to go.
I'll let you know.
OK. But do it quick.
So I can think about it
until the day comes.
And I thought you liked
things to be last minute...
Not when I'm
the one being surprised.
I wish I could stay...
Yeah, he looks a lot stronger
now than last time.
Yes. That one looks amazing.
Great. Go have lunch
and we'll talk later.
I'll do it from here.
I drove so fast,
so fast...
- How long can you stay?
- It was great.
I drove really fast, you know?
I thought you wouldn't...
You were positive
I wouldn't come.
I think that's why you came.
- I'm not like that.
- What are you like?
You're trying to say that
I love to be right, aren't you?
- Exactly.
- And you don't?
Being right
is too much work.
I hate practical things.
When I saw you...
I got scared.
But it was good.
How long are you staying?
I think you want
me to leave...
Say it.
How long are you staying?
Why leave?
That's too long...
So what?
- I didn't bring enough clothes.
- Who cares?
You'll get tired of me.
I'll take that chance.
Why did you invite me?
Why did you come?
To prove that I'm wrong.
You like to be right
even when you're wrong.
Is that good or bad?
- I got lost.
- What?
What are you talking about?
I don't know.
Do you want to do something?
We could go out to
dinner, if you want.
I'll take a shower
and we'll go.
Hey. What's up?
How are things?
Ok. I'll call you.
- What's up?
- I'm sorry.
No, that's fine,
I'm done here.
That's OK,
I didn't mean to disturb you.
No, I had already finished.
No, that's OK.
Yeah, it's OK.
It was nobody.
I know,
I'm not saying anything.
I didn't hang up
because you came.
I know, I'm not
saying anything. Really.
- But you gave me a look.
- What look?
I didn't' say anything.
I just walked in,
and you hung up
in a rush, that's all.
- It wasn't because you came.
- You were embarrassed, Jose.
I'm not embarrassed.
I'm not.
It was my assistant,
you came and...
Jose, I told you, I have
nothing to do with it. Really.
Fine. Fine...
- So why argue over this?
- I'm not arguing!
I'm just saying you were
embarrassed, that's all.
You have your life
outside of here.
Yes. So do you.
You also have your world,
your interests,
the people you like,
the people you call...
Yes. That was
always implicit.
For the both of us, I hope.
Well, at least
for me it was.
I don't get it. Are we
going to play dumb now?
Dumb? We are 400km away
from any kind of civilization.
It's clear
what is and isn't...
- Are you going to deny it?
- Deny what? What, Olivia?
If we didn't
have a life outside,
a life that includes
other people, by the way,
We would be meeting
in a place I call home.
In a place you call home.
Which, by the way, I haven't a
fucking clue where it might be.
I'm not going to discuss
our relationship with you.
Even so, because we
don't have one.
Oh, we don't?
Olivia! Olivia, come back
here. I want to talk to you.
Leave me alone.
Is this all fear?
- I need to be alone.
- But you're not going to.
I did so much
to have you here.
You did?
I'm the one who
came after you!
- It's fine.
- No, it's not fine.
- Nothing's expected of you.
- Oh really? How so?
You have no idea
what I did to be here.
So tell me. I want to know.
What did you do?
You're hurting me.
Do you know
what you are, Olivia?
You are an illusion,
that's what you are.
My life is a mess.
It was already a mess
when you came along.
But I didn't wake up thinking
about it everyday, though.
And now it's... unbearable.
The feeling that I have
to do something about it.
When I had already decided
I would do nothing about it.
Because some things
in life don't change.
Including me.
I want you to stay.
- With me.
- I don't know.
I don't want to hurt you.
I don't want to hurt myself.
This was not in my plans.
Nor on mine.
You're not listening to me.
No, I am. You were
talking about the...
I was listening to what
you were saying.
And you are saying too
much, I got confused,
but I am paying attention.
You're tired,
aren't you? I'm sorry.
Yeah... But keep going.
It's important for you.
If it was important,
you'd be paying attention.
Well, I think that's it.
You have to...
keep on doing
your things, I think that...
- I think you're right.
- Can I have some wine?
So, I'm thinking about
quitting now. Tomorrow.
Why delay this decision?
I don't know
what you think...
But I was hoping
since I have
a boyfriend
who travels all the time,
to travel around
with him for a while.
I could enjoy you here,
but I wouldn't mind
being with you
in all those hotels
they put you in.
And I could see new places,
bring back some references.
I won't sit down.
Who is she?
- I wanna know.
- Nobody you...
Look, I want to know,
I need to know who she is.
- Calm down.
- Stop telling me to calm down!
You leave me here, waiting
around for you like an idiot,
solving all of your problems,
while you go around acting
like a hotshot, you asshole.
Who is she?
- Are you really worried?
- Don't make fun of me.
I want to know who
you're cheating me with, now.
You're in love...
You're out of your mind.
If it was just
someone you fucked,
you wouldn't be
telling me about it.
You would keep quiet and
fuck again on the next trip,
it's what you men do.
If you're telling me,
it's because you're in love.
I want to know, I need to,
I have the right to know.
It's not a matter of rights...
I'm sorry. You weren't
supposed to be like that.
- It's not the time.
- Time for what, man?
I had to tell you.
I don't know what else to say,
or how to continue
this conversation.
I think that...
I think this is part of...
I'll kill you if you say that
these things are part of life.
You say that because you're
on that side of the picture.
Moving on with your life
the way you want to.
I'm not moving on, I don't
even know what I'll do next.
While I'm the one
who lost their ground.
Trying to understand...
Talking nonstop
like a crazy person
while I keep mulling
in my head: "Isn't it you...?".
"Isn't it you
who's confused?"
Then you'll wake up tomorrow,
see me, take me to the beach
to see the sunrise, like
we did when we first met?
That could be it.
You can't even be tough.
You can't say it like you're
sure, and that kills me
because I don't know
if I should have hope
- or if you're an asshole.
- Aline, I like you.
I like you,
I want the best for you,
but I can't keep lying,
saying things that...
- You like me a lot?
- Yes. I like you.
What a nightmare...
You know what?
You think you're Mr. Hotshot,
the man of the hour,
the one everyone wants...
That made you arrogant.
As if everyone else's feelings
didn't matter.
- As if they were trash.
- I'm the arrogant one?
You think you're
smarter than everyone?
You think you have
everyone in your hand.
I think we should
end this talk.
I'll tell you the truth.
You don't manipulate
everybody, got it?
In fact, there are many
things you don't know.
What don't I know,
Aline? What?
You go away,
don't talk to me,
don't call me,
don't say how things are...
And all the while, I'm here.
Living my life.
- Enjoying it.
- What are you saying, Aline?
I didn't screw him while
you were in Paris, it's a lie.
- You said that...
- I said that to hurt you.
So you'll know
how much it hurts.
- It's not like that, honey.
- Don't say I'm your honey...
It makes it all worse.
That's enough. Let's go
to bed and rest a bit. Yes?
I don't want to rest.
I want you all to myself.
Come with me.
It's really late.
I want you to rest,
I want you to...
That's enough.
Where are you?
I couldn't talk.
Good morning!
I always come here.
I like it a lot.
It was really hard.
I woke up
thinking about you.
Can you talk?
Today is sunny.
It's a beautiful day here.
I wanted to, I swear.
I never explode.
Is it you that never notices it
or am I overthinking it?
I don't know
when I'll be back.
Sleep tight.
Are you there yet?
Let me know.
I'm on the street. I was happy.
I was scared.
It was you. I followed you.
I saw you walking by.
You were right ahead of me.
I knew it wasn't you.
I knew it wasn't.
I missed you.
What are you doing here?
I'm photographing a girl.
A girl?
Naked, on top of a horse,
surrounded by dogs
in front of a church,
under the rain...
Poor girl, it's cold.
- Where are you coming from?
- Madrid.
Layover. I came from London.
I wanted to stay.
I really did. But I can't.
That's not
what we agreed on...
I know. But I really can't.
- If I had known I wouldn't...
- Don't do that.
What time is your flight?
- Forget it. Come here.
- Great. That's great...
I've never been here.
Do you know the city?
Don't be like that.
I know I'm a confused person.
Confused? I always thought
you had it all figured out.
Yes. But now it's different.
Is that good or bad?
- Let's go for a walk.
- Answer me.
I want you
to show me the city.
No. It's cold, it's empty
and no one is out.
It's raining...
Would you rather
I had not come?
You barely got here
and you're leaving,
it makes no sense.
I'm here.
Give me some credit.
Because of this layover
I'll have to take a long flight
during the day.
You hate daytime flights...
That's how much
I wanted to see you.
Who is this girl you're
shooting tomorrow?
The model. Naked.
She's some soccer
player's girlfriend.
I thought you didn't
do fashion shoots.
- Didn't have the patience...
- I don't.
And what kind is this one?
What? The naked girl's?
Well, it's
a naked girl shoot.
And for those shoots
you have patience.
Model, naked,
surrounded by dogs...
Altogether, in the rain.
Yeah, the model does
make things harder.
See? Some people
are still up.
You look good
against that wall.
Why do you think
I brought you here?
To see other couples.
They're not couples,
they're lovers.
They kiss in the dark,
in the shadows...
- So no one will see.
- No one cares.
- Don't be mad.
- I'm not mad. Come here.
Your trip tomorrow. Well,
not tomorrow, in a few hours...
Is it an arrival
or a departure?
What is that, a riddle?
Do you want to know
if I'm going home?
Kind of. Almost.
I wanted to invite
you over to my home.
I live in a beautiful house.
Kind of messy, but nice.
I wanted you to see it.
I wanted to show it to you.
What do you think?
I don't know.
Will you hide all your
pictures before I get there?
Where will your wife be?
On a trip?
I'm not married,
I don't have a wife.
Your girlfriend, then.
I don't have
a girlfriend anymore.
I think you rushed things.
I don't.
We hadn't talked about that.
Did we have to?
I don't know.
Why are you
telling me all this now?
I just wanted to invite you
over to my house, that's all.
I'm tired.
That's what I told her.
That I had enough.
She was sad, so was I.
Sorry, I don't want to know.
Why not?
It was because of you.
No. It was
because of you.
If you did that for anyone,
it was for yourself. Not for me.
- Nothing's expected of you.
- Oh really?
I just wanted you to
see my home, that's all.
It wasn't meant
to be like this.
Things weren't supposed
to get mixed up.
Yeah, but they did, right?
What are your plans?
I don't know. I think
I'll stay for a few days.
Who knows? Maybe I'll
run into another spoiled girl
to keep me company
on my day off.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
I can't hear you
say that anymore.
- I know.
- I can't do this.
Let's talk about this later.
Let me go home first.
- Home...
- I'm late.
No. I'm the one who's late.
- I'm wasting my time.
- Don't. It's not like that.
Yes, it is. I'll tell you what:
Go, Olivia. But leave for good.
- Leave me alone.
- You're not giving me a chance.
I can't give you
anything anymore.
Just one advice.
Get out of the shadow,
stop hiding in the dark.
Hello, my love.
Have you been
here for long?
I didn't want to wake you.
I realized you were exhausted.
- Did you have a nice flight?
- Yes. It was delayed a bit.
"Airplane is the fastest way
to arrive anywhere late."
Who used to say that?
It's stressful to travel around
from one place to another.
- Where did you come from?
- Madrid.
What a crazy route!
You should've asked me to
make you a reservation.
Why didn't you?
I don't know.
Why is it that every time we are
in Buenos Aires we come here?
It's a real place,
with real people.
That come in
to read the news,
have some coffee
and nothing else.
That's good sometimes.
You don't have to be rude.
I'm sorry, my love.
I didn't mean to be rude.
I was talking about myself.
I'm glad you have
a place in Buenos Aires.
I would love to have
a place. Anywhere.
It's been hard, right?
We have to go on
a trip. That's it!
No. What I want most
is to go back home.
Not travel.
I meant together.
You called me
and I came, right?
You know what I mean.
A place where we
have time to relax.
Where neither of us
has a plane to catch at night.
Why did you come through
Madrid? Weren't you in London?
- It was only a layover.
- Exactly.
What do you want to
know? I don't get it.
No, I'm the one
who doesn't get it.
Weren't you in London?
There are direct flights.
Yes, but I had to spend
a day in Portugal.
Did you meet Juan and Bia?
No. I didn't go to Lisbon.
I caught a plane that
seemed perfect at the time.
Now it doesn't seem that
way, but at that time it did.
I'm sorry.
I should've gone home.
Waited for you there.
I'm exhausted.
I have to go home.
Well, I thank you.
I'm happy you made the effort.
By the time I got
home next week,
you would definitely
be gone already.
Yes or no?
Clear out your schedule.
One week, nothing else.
I won't stay here while you go
from one meeting to another.
- I'll clear out mine too.
- I doubt that.
We'll rent a car, we'll go
to the desert, the Pampas,
and we'll make love
for a week in any hotel.
You look so beautiful.
It's been a while
since I've seen you this pretty.
You can tell that
although you are tired,
something is
making you very happy.
I need to go home.
I really need to go home.
Is that what you want?
- Are you sure?
- Yes, that's what I want.
Well, at least you know what
you want. That's a start.
You're making things harder.
No. You know what's
making things harder?
It's your pathetic effort
to try to stay in control
when it's clear
you have no idea
where you want to be
for the next 5 minutes.
And with whom.
That's what I think.
You know what?
It'll be good
for you to go home.
By yourself.
You'll arrive there,
and you'll have to turn on
the lights in every room...
Open all the windows,
all the shades...
Open the fridge, full
of light food. All gone bad.
And stay there.
By yourself.
Realize that you have
very few true friends.
And even less
that you could talk
without having to tell them
your entire last year.
Unbearable, isn't it?
You say that
will all your wisdom.
The most perfect
man in history.
You want to judge me?
Rest assured.
I know my sins.
Both small and big.
The difference, my love,
Is that I don't have
time to waste.
You can believe
me or not, but...
You know what I want
most in the world?
To see you happy.
That's all.
But that's seems to be a little
too expensive, right now.
I'm sorry.
You know I've always been
more honest than I should.
I'm not a romantic.
I'm more than willing to play
the game of cynicism
and dissimulation
that allows for married
couples to stay married.
- But it seems cowardly...
- If you think I will...
Stop setting up this circus
just so you won't have
to go through the trouble
of deciding what
you want for your life.
For our lives.
Check, please.
I'm stuck in a place where
I don't know if I should ask
and drown in a sea of details
or ask absolutely nothing
about this guy you've been
seeing for a few months.
Assuming it's just one
guy, to make this easier.
The saddest thing there is,
is to lose respect for someone.
To me, it's been...
exhausting, talking to you.
Looking at your face
when you walked in
and realizing in such an
obvious and ridiculous way,
that even when you are here,
you are somewhere else.
I appreciate your effort.
How great it is.
And how useless
and pathetic it is.
Give me an hour before you
go back to the hotel, please.
I have to get
a few things before.
Forgive me,
when I left this morning,
I switched both
our phones by mistake.
Did you go through my phone?
What for?
I'm not an idiot.
I don't need any details.
Do you know
what that's called?
This was not
in my plans.
Nor in mine.
Where do you live?
In a hotel room.
Any one in specific?
Any one with a minibar.
Where are you?
I'm leaving already.
I want to see you.
What's wrong?
Why are you looking
at me like that?
How do you know
I'm looking at you
if your eyes are closed?
My eyes aren't closed.
I'm not crazy, OK?
Why is it that
every crazy person
doesn't think they are crazy?
I'm not crazy.
It's just that...
Sometimes there's too much
going on and I get paralyzed.
I get scared.
You're never paralyzed.
If you did at least you would
stay put in one place.
What can I do if you insist
on saying you have to leave
that you can't stay,
every time we meet,
every time we are together.
One of these days,
I'll believe you.
And let you
leave for good.
Leave a window open.
If you can.
That's not the
kind of thing I do.
I'd rather keep
being myself.
Do that.
Leave a window open for me.
I must admit this time
you really surprised me.
I told you so.
You didn't believe me.
You said so many things
that I stopped listening
at some point.
I don't know if I want
to pick up where we left off.
I'm swamped. They're
killing me in there.
What are you doing?
A shoot.
A fashion shoot.
- Just for a change.
- Yes. Just for a change.
And you? Are you late?
Is there a taxi waiting?
I'm here, aren't I?
If you want, we can
go out to dinner.
I do.
But I'll need
the keys to your room,
I have nowhere
to wait for you.
There are three
Russian models in there.
I hope you get along
in a civilized manner.
Hello. I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Good morning.
Good morning.
How are you?
Fine. Wanna go for a walk?
- What's up?
- Let's go.
Olivia, how about this.
It's simple.
If you don't want
to see me again,
all you have to do is say.
Simple as that.
I'll send it to you
in two days.
At most.
That's fine.
I'll talk to you later.
There. Now I remember why I
stopped doing this kind of work.
You never did this kind of work.
Exactly. At least
I was happier.
Is it almost over, at least?
Does it ever end?
It feels like it never ends.
Things didn't go as planned,
we'll need to go
to a different city.
How long do we have?
Now I have the feeling
we are switching roles.
It must be the time zone.
It's unfair. This way, it seems
we'll never be able to be happy.
Jose, are you there?
I was sure
you wouldn't come.
But I did.
You're vibrating.
Is there a specific time of
the year to eat pomegranate?
Yes, around New Year.
I have to take this.
Only three more
What for if we'll never
see each other again?
Happy New Year, my friend!
- No, it's nothing.
- Nothing?
OK. Take all the equipment.
Fine, fine. We'll talk
later. Alright, thanks.
Look, I really have to go.
There's no way around it.
- Where are you going?
- Home.
But this was good.
It's a new year, Jose,
everyone is starting over.
I just don't wanna keep waiting
until the next time we meet...
Come on. Answer it.
You're late.
What's up?
Yes, unload all of it. Just
leave the purple one behind.
Yes, I'm sure.
It belongs to a Russian
girl that was in my room.
Great. Bring all the
equipment, then. Thanks.
- When?
- Whenever you want.
I'll be traveling for
another month, still.
And next month
I will be away.
Fashion week.
Want to come? Now you're
part of the business.
Where are you going now?
When will we see
each other again?
I don't know. I made a plan
to not make any plans.
- Did it work?
- Look where I am.
When do I see you?
- That's making a plan, right?
- Stop it!
I still have a lot
to sort out at home.
- Me too.
- But after that, it's over.
- Is that what you want?
- Is that what you want?
I asked you first.
It's just that I don't
trust you that much.
Pick it up.
You're late.
I have to take this.
- Go.
- I'm going.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I'm coming.
I'm sorry.
The cover photo is mine.