Laugh at My Pain (2011) Movie Script

Here you go.
I'll take this.
Your name is Sayuri.
- You didn't know?
- No.
Didn't I tell you?
It even said "Yuri"
on the faculty list.
Did it really?
Everybody calls me Yuri,
so I just wrote that down.
'll be going.
"Eeny meeny miny mo,
Catch a tiger by his toe"
"If he hollers, let him go... "
Nobody comes after the film
starts, right? Let's grab a coffee.
I'll go ahead.
Here's your order.
Is that everything?
Enjoy your stay.
My parfait.
Excuse me.
Isn't it sweet?
Cocoas are sweet.
That's true.
Let me have some.
Yep, sweet.
Do you want some coffee?
No, I can't fall asleep
when I drink coffee.
You'll be okay. You were
sleeping pretty well back there.
Um, I heard that
you're married.
Yes, I am.
Are you just
fooling with Mirume?
Fooling with him?
So I shouldn't be seeing him?
I see.
But I wanted to touch him.
You wanted to?
Don't you want to touch him?
I'd like to touch him... But
there's nothing I can do about it.
If you don't try it, you'll
never know what it's like.
The donkey isn't
coming by today.
I'll be doing an exhibit at
Gallery Rino. Three of us. Here.
Come see it.
See you.
Oh, it's you, Mr. Yamada.
You sound thrilled.
You're here, so go on in.
You might as well.
Oh, Yamada!
Hey, Matsu!
Long time no see.
Glad you came.
I wanted to pay for my cocoa.
Forget it. I treat
you; you treat me. Okay?
Besides, something
good happened.
You mean Mirume?
My job. I'm going to Tokyo.
Oh, right.
Take your time.
En, where are you going?
Let's go shopping for class.
Our budget's 5,000 yen.
What? You can't buy
anything with that.
I know a wholesale
store. Let's go there.
What's wrong?
I'm realizing that there are things
in life that I have no power over.
So you're angry?
I'm not angry.
Huh? You're angry.
No, I'm not.
Maybe I'll quit school.
What? Why?
Tuition's high. I've no goals. My
dad runs a sign painting business.
You're a sign
drawer's drawing card.
I realized recently
that I hate school.
You realized now? Your
nostril's inflated.
Shut up.
Hey, En!
Oh, it's you.
Why don't you
pick up the phone?
My cell phone's broken.
And you haven't fixed it?
No, I'm too lazy.
But that's inconvenient.
Mirume! "Let's
go out and play!"
"Okay!"... Give me a break.
Hey, stop it.
But I'm bored.
Your phone's ringing.
Your phone's ringing.
What's this for?
I'll answer it otherwise.
So answer it.
If I do, then I'll
want to see her.
So go see her.
Are you stupid?
Hey, what are you doing?
Doing something like
this. You're so stupid.
Stupid! Stupid!
Are you all right? Here.
Forget it.
No, you should use this.
Put pressure on it.
You're always
smudged somewhere.
It's cold.
Yeah, it is.
It's cold.
You want the stove turned on.
It's cold.
Let's turn it on.
But it's cold. Too
cold to get out.
There's no more oil.
I know.
Want me to get some?
No, I have some.
Why don't you put it in?
What? And call Mr. Inokuma?
He always does it for me.
What will you do if you run
out when he's not around?
So do I call Mr. Inokuma?
Why? I'll do it. Sheesh.
Go for it, Mirume! Yeah!
Don't be silly. Why can't
you do such an easy task?
It's hard.
It's not hard.
It's hard. That
pump won't stop.
Yes, it will.
It was like, "Whoa, it's
overflowing!" The other day.
It overflowed?
It overflowed.
It's this here.
You close this.
Then, it comes out.
And you take this
and open it.
Then the oil in here
comes out, and that's it.
And see, the gauge here will
show it's full, so you know.
What, that's it?
I haven't filled
it up to the top.
It's only half full.
Don't stop halfway.
Well, you can't do
it yourself, right?
I can't do it.
But I just showed
you. No big deal.
Turn on the stove.
All right.
Let me wash up.
Where's the soap?
It's around there somewhere. You
were mean, so find it yourself.
Oh, by the way,
I modeled for you
right? You drew me.
Yes, I did.
Where is it?
I have it.
You've never shown me.
I'm not going to.
Huh? But I worked so hard.
Yes, you did.
I took off my underwear.
Yes, you did a great job.
So tell me, why...
You did great, Mirume.
Why was I just wearing socks?
It's a fetish.
You kiss better now.
Holding back was painful.
I wanted to see you.
Want to travel?
Travel where?
Dharamsala in India?
India? India, huh?
That means curry.
I don't like curry.
What? There are people
who don't like curry?
Because it's spicy.
You're a baby. You're a baby.
I don't like wasabi, either.
I can't eat sushi unless
it's without wasabi.
You're such a baby.
I hate cola.
I hate carbonated drinks.
They fizzle in your throat.
Don't they?
Sure. That's why they're good.
Why? And when you
burp, it's gross.
I'm home.
You're home.
Mr. Yoshida from the publishing
company in Tokyo called.
Did he call your cell phone?
The power was turned off.
I wonder what he wanted?
Well, he called.
Yes, Inokuma residence.
Yes, this is she.
Oh, really?
Yes, I understand.
Yes, another time,
maybe. Yes, good-bye.
What was it?
My job fell through.
Oh, that's too bad. I see.
What's with the apples?
The apples.
The apples?
Oh, these. The next-door
neighbors went apple picking.
They gave us some.
Shall I peel some?
Yes, let's eat
them. They look good.
Yes, they do.
What happened?
I cut my finger!
Oh, no. Okay, let's see.
Give me an adhesive.
Okay, let's see.
It's no big deal.
It's bleeding.
It's okay. Let's see it. It's
just a small cut, so don't panic.
Life is long, so
you don't panic.
Yuri's classes are gone.
Yuri quit school.
What? You're
kidding, right? Why?
It's true. You didn't know?
You're kidding.
You don't know
anything, do you?
Give me.
Mr. Yamada, here you go.
Oh, thanks. Over
here is better.
Sir, is this all right?
Pull it slowly.
It's looking good.
Is the air coming out?
Is it too weak?
"Cancellation of
Lithography Class"
"Prof. Yuri Inokuma's
lithography class (elective)"
"Has been cancelled.
Credits will be transferred. "
I can't get through to Yuri.
Where does she live?
Her house?
Mirume left. Yuri's in Tokyo.
I'm quitting school.
I won't come
starting tomorrow.
Why? You, too?
I've decided.
But that's so sad.
You think you're
sad? Everyone's sad.
If everyone's sad, then
there's no point in saying so.
There you go again,
making no sense at all.
See you.
Huh? Hey, En!
Are you okay? Be careful.
Watch the branch.
Where are the other two?
They left.
Oh, be careful there.
"Happy New Year!"
Oh, Domoto. What
brings you here?
Long time no see.
That outfit isn't flattering.
What's up?
Just dropped by
to see you work.
Oh, thanks for the New Year's
card. I have it with me.
Sorry, I didn't send
anybody any this year.
I just wanted to send you one.
How's Mirume?
Haven't see him at all.
He's been cooped up at home.
He hasn't heard from Yuri.
Apparently she's not in Tokyo.
I don't care.
Mirume's so weak.
You're strong.
No, everybody's weak. So...
"There's no point," right?
See you, then.
"Live from Suzumoto Engei
Theater: New Marionette"
Oh, my.
What are you doing here?
These rice crackers are good.
Have some, Mirume. Eat.
Why are you hurt?
If you want to see
her, just go see her.
I saw.
Saw what?
Those artists who
are displaying...
May we talk to them?
Oh sure.
Listen, my parents came
over yesterday to my place.
They were in a
rock-paper-scissors match.
Your parents were?
And they won 100,000 yen.
What? I don't get it.
They won a meal ticket.
You played a game
together and they won cash?
No, no.
I don't...
Um, excuse us.
We're Sayuri's students.
Do you know where she is?
We can't contact her.
Oh, you mean Yuri. She came back
from Tokyo and said she was traveling.
Where was it? Um... somewhere in
India... That guy with fuzzy hair...
What was his name? I forget.
Have you tried calling her?
Yes, but I can't reach her.
Oh! Sai Baba!
Sai Baba?
Yeah, Sai Baba. That
reincarnated guru from Tibet.
You're thinking
of the Dalai Lama.
I lied about seeing Yuri.
You're spilling it.
Oh, Mii.
Good girl. Is it good?
Is he all right?
There's a hotel up ahead.
See, over there. There.
See it?
Yes, thank you.
Need help?
Yes, please. Thank you.
Okay, up you go.
One, two...
Are we going?
Yes, we're going.
You're going. Take care.
Thank you.
Yes, come again.
Thank you.
Sure. Oh, sorry. Are you okay?
I can walk.
No you can't.
Thanks a lot.
Take care.
Oh, no.
My body's moving by itself.
How romantic.
Ow am I? Where are you?
How are you. Mirume?
How am I? Where are you?
I'm sorry. Things have happened.
And I don't feel like explaining.
You don't feel like it?
I'm in India.
India? Alone?
No. With Mr. Inokuma. Things
happened. And I wanted to be alone.
But if you're with Mr.
Inokuma. Then you're not alone.
What? I can't hear you.
Bad connection...
Are there rocket firecrackers?
Rocket-type firecrackers.
I've got the firecrackers.
No, I mean the rockets.
Rockets? Yes, I guess so.
It's written on
the package, right?
You're right.
Which ones are they?
Let's have a war. A war.
A war?
With firecrackers.
No, it's dangerous.
You saw the balloon, right?
Yeah, I was still here.
When we inflated it and it
stood up, it was... how big?
How many meters was it?
It was pretty big.
Yeah. Up to there, maybe?
Around there?
It was pretty big.
Above the second floor.
We put too much air inside and a gust
blew, so we all pulled on the ropes.
And they got
tangled on branches.
That's dangerous.
And the top rope fell off.
The top?
The top got stuck up there.
Up there.
I was afraid I might
not see you again.
What? Is that why?
Are you stupid?
No, I'm not.
What, are you shy?
I'm not shy.
Why are you shy?
I'm not shy. I
can't believe this.
So up there... Look, I won't
do it anymore. I swear I won't.
Don't do it.
I really won't do it.
I'll get angry.
Yes, I apologize.
What, are you shy?
I'm not shy. Why would I be...
What? Are you okay?
I can't believe
this. You shocked me.
Let's hold hands.
"Just because you can't see each
other doesn't mean it's over. "