Laughing Under the Clouds (2018) Movie Script

Japan underwent
rapid modernisation 150 years ago.
Samurai lost their privileges
and were resentful.
Many went rogue and wreaked havoc.
- Stop!
- Catch him!
Come quietly with us!
- Move it!
- Hey!
- Watch it!
- Move!
- Stop!
- Stop!
Wait! What's going on?
Stop right there!
I'll catch you!
Stop him!
Out of my way!
Move aside! Out of my way!
Don't tell me what to do.
I am the rule here.
Just kidding.
Way to go!
We could've handled him...
In your dreams, kid.
Don't let him ruin the festival!
- Sorry!
- Take him to the pier.
Yes, take him to the pier.
Let's go!
That's my brother!
Who is he?
How very festive!
Oh, it's Tenka!
Are you having fun?
Thank you!
Ran, you get prettier every day.
Stop it! Don't tease me, Tenka.
Young but dependable!
Here, I grew these vegetables myself.
You're too kind. Thank you.
These, too!
Let's go.
- Oh no, we can't.
- Please accept it.
Thank you!
You go, Kumo Brothers!
There is a legend in
this part of the world.
Every 300 years, a spell of cloudy days
will herald the
awakening of the Serpent.
Orochi will seek a vessel
for his resurrection
and wreak destruction on the world.
Don't even think of escaping.
Because you can't.
Suffering brings redemption.
Soramaru, that's so harsh.
Wait up!
Wait for me.
- Thank you, Tenka.
- He's yours.
Convict 28265.
Thank you.
This is your new home.
Be nice to your new family.
- Come on!
- Stop yanking the rope.
The new government built a penitentiary
in the middle of Lake Biwa.
It was called Prison Island.
Prison Island
Wait up!
- Walk, new guy!
- Ouch...
Whatever it is you did...
this is where you'll pay for it.
Hope, freedom and peace.
These are things of the past!
There's no tomorrow for you sorry lot!
Convict 28265 is here to do his time.
Former samurai, huh?
This is a high security
prison for felons
like you scumbags
who oppose the new government.
Once you're in here,
you'll never get out.
This prison is surrounded by water.
There's no way to break out of here.
You have no rights in here.
You'll be punished
until the day you die.
You'll be spending the
rest of your sorry life
atoning for your sins.
The man they had locked up
in solitary confinement
was none other than Fuma Kotaro.
He was the head of the ninja clan
which the new government decimated.
Kumo Shrine stood
on the far shore of Lake Biwa.
It was where the two sacred swords
which held the secret to
the legend of Orochi were enshrined.
Walk like a man!
I'm too tired!
Welcome back.
I'm starving!
- Are you all right?
- I'm hungry.
Come on!
You did well.
What a day.
You can clean later, Shirasu. Let's eat!
Shirasu, it's dinner time!
All right.
Let's eat!
Chutaro, no hats at the dining table.
Oh, it's hot!
You're a great cook, Shirasu.
- Really?
- Your cooking is divine!
Are you saying mine's horrible?
Chew well.
Shirasu, come and join us.
Are you a picky eater now?
What do you mean?
Soramaru, what are our family rules?
Eat everything,
tell no lies and fart outside.
Yes, I made those rules.
Break them and we bury you.
Let's start digging, Soramaru.
No, please! I'll eat it.
Thank Shirasu and clean your plate.
Chew it.
Go on, swallow it.
I ate it!
Wasn't that good?
What do you do when it's delicious?
Come on, smile!
You can have it.
- No. Eat it up!
- I don't want to.
Imperial Army, Ninth Regiment HQ
Reporting, sir.
This spell of cloudy days
calls for the release
of the Wild Hounds.
Did you come all the way from Tokyo
to tell us that?
Orochi, the ancient serpent,
has uncanny powers
and awakens every 300
years to cause havoc.
Be on the alert.
Orochi is mankind's mortal enemy.
Find him...
- And contain him.
- And contain him.
I am a member of Abe Clan
and I know my clan words.
It's been 300 years since your clan
last used yin-yang sorcery.
In order to contain Orochi
you'll need the four
clans to surround you
and Kumo Clan to shield you.
You, the representatives
of the five clans
and Kumo Tenka with his two swords.
Sir, not to undermine your plan...
but the five of us can
stop Orochi's rampage.
Are you sure?
It will be done.
We'll find Orochi's vessel...
and kill him.
When the clouds obscure the sun
and darkness descends...
Orochi will destroy us.
Orochi might be awakening soon.
Orochi needs a human
body in order to return.
A vessel that he can possess.
We need to hurry and find his vessel.
Don't worry.
Shouldn't you tell your brothers?
No. I refuse to rob
them of their smiles.
I will take on this duty myself.
I'll take care of it.
If I can be of any help
just say the word.
Get up. You're not my underling.
I owe you.
You saved me
when the authorities
came after Fuma Clan.
Hey, are you all right? Wake up!
So what if you're a Fuma man?
You're Kinjo Shirasu and we're family.
Darn it! I missed again!
Oh, I suck!
Somebody, help! We have a situation!
What is it?
There are troublemakers in town!
Is Tenka here?
What should we do?
- No!
- Let go!
Keep looking!
Show me!
No, please don't!
Stop it!
Soramaru, this is beyond us.
- We need Tenka.
- No, we can handle it.
Stay away or I'll shoot!
That's enough.
Who are you?
The minister's special
unit, the Wild Hounds.
The new government's mongrels...
Fuma Clan... the last ninjas.
Looking for Orochi's vessel?
This is none of your concern, mongrel.
Soramaru! Chutaro!
You boys are in over your heads!
- We're Kumo men!
- We want to help!
Watch them, Shirasu.
Time out!
Why are you making trouble in my town?
We're looking for the vessel for Orochi.
The clouds are a sign of his awakening.
The end is nigh!
What's that about?
Does Orochi really exist?
That's why it's been so cloudy!
Isn't that just an old wives' tale?
I thought so myself.
The sky...
When will the clouds disperse?
You won't get what you want.
We'll kill the vessel
and Orochi will not be resurrected.
That's our duty.
Enough of this babbling.
None of you will get what you want.
No one is going to get killed.
Because I'll protect
both the town and Orochi.
Orochi will return,
no matter what you do.
Nobody can stop it.
You'll protect Orochi?
I'm sick of your deluded nonsense.
Leave it to me, Sosei.
Don't call me by my name.
Never show up before me again.
You're just as distant as ever, Sosei.
You've not changed the least.
See you, Tenka.
So you're Tenka? The ex-captain?
And you are? You must be new...
Takeda, stay away from him.
- Let's go.
- OK.
See you!
What's this Orochi?
You were their captain?
You don't have to concern
yourselves with it.
You told us not to lie.
That's the family rule..
Chutaro, you're hurt!
But I didn't even fight...
- Fooled you!
- Hey...
All right! Don't worry, folks.
You're safe now.
Thank you!
Why are you being so secretive?
You're still in training.
I'm a Kumo man!
Yeah, and you were shaking.
I feel useless.
Me too.
What? Are you two crying?
Why do you care, you stinkin' jerk!
Go on and cry.
Cry and laugh yourselves
silly while you can.
One day...
you'll be strong men
protecting our town.
Lighten up. Let's go!
What the heck?
Stinkin' jerk!
Make us lunch, Soramaru.
- You cook for a change.
- No way.
- I'm hungry!
- We're starving.
- You jerk!
- But you love me anyway.
That's true.
Fuma Clan ninjas who came to Otsu Town
planned to use Orochi's return
to overturn the new government.
Oh, my back...
Who said you could take a break?
Get to work!
It'll be dark soon.
Listen! Convicts of Prison Island!
Join us and we'll set you free!
You can do better!
What's wrong?
You have a long way to go.
Go, Tenka!
Soramaru, get him!
Whose side are you on?
- I'm on both sides.
- I see.
- Hello!
- Hello!
Hi, Ran! Kids!
- We've pebbles for you.
- Thanks, Ran.
No worries, you've done so much for us.
All right, let's take a break.
Here, Tenka.
- Hot!
- What?
- Fooled you.
- Jerk!
Which one's better?
This one?
Here goes...
- Good. Ran, can you help me?
- Sure.
- One more time.
- Bring it on.
What's wrong? You're giving up?
Not yet.
Take a break. Your legs are shaky.
I'm not a kid anymore!
I can help you fight.
A firm step but a loose grip.
Watch it!
You're a zillion years
away from beating me!
Shut up, you stinkin' jerk!
- My turn!
- No, too much work.
Come on...
When you're older.
Shirasu, will you teach me too?
Of course. Right, Shirasu?
- Me too!
- And me!
Not you two.
It's snack time.
Wow, it looks yummy!
- Soramaru!
- Come join us!
It's good!
- Let's go another round later.
- No.
- I'll be too full to fight.
- Fight me too!
- Be quiet and eat.
- Darn.
We can go back on our own.
No, not with the recent unrest.
Hey, guys.
What's wrong?
You have to tell us!
Is the cloudy sky
really a sign of Orochi's resurrection?
If the sun doesn't
break through the clouds soon
our rice paddies will rot.
We've put so much effort into it...
- Right?
- Exactly.
Don't worry. It'll be sunny soon.
Don't shoot your mouth off.
That's what Tenka said!
"I'll protect both the town and Orochi."
"No one can defeat me."
My brother has kept this town safe
from every threat there was.
- Yes, but...
- Right?
So it'll be fine. Believe in him!
He's right!
If Tenka says so, it'll be fine.
The skies will clear up.
Yes, it will. Believe in my brother.
- We can trust him.
- He'll take care of it.
Have faith in him! He will keep us safe.
Lake Biwa Charity Gala
Where are you?
How you've grown, young Kumo.
Don't wander off like that. Come on.
Let's go.
Oh, after you, ma'am.
After you.
Where? This way?
Or that?
Sorry to interrupt.
Minister, please, this way.
You're here too?
That get-up does not suit you at
all, Tenka!
I told you never to appear before me.
- Yeah. Why are you here?
- Relax.
I don't know what event this is
but Kumo Clan was invited.
Heavens save me from formal events.
You don't even like being in a uniform.
It's been a long while, Kumo Tenka.
Oh hey, it's Iwakura.
Be respectful.
It's fine.
The last time we met was
when you resigned from my special unit.
Was I invited because of Orochi?
I'd appreciate your help.
We don't need his help.
He left our unit
because he doubted our cause.
He was forced to leave the unit.
His parents were killed by Fuma Clan.
He quit so he could take care
of his younger siblings.
Isn't that so?
Is that true?
Oh, hey. Have you eaten?
Didn't our parents die of illness?
That's what you told us.
They were killed by Fuma Clan?
- Is that true?
- Yes, it is.
He has a scar running down his back
from saving your lives.
Not now, Iwakura.
You owe us an explanation!
So I lied. According to our family rules
you'll have to bury me.
Don't you try to laugh this off!
You should've told us.
We're family!
You shouldn't have
shouldered it all alone!
Wait up...
Sorry about that.
But you've carried that secret
for long enough.
They've grown up. Come back to my unit.
I'm the head of Kumo Clan.
Not your dog.
It's for our country! Please reconsider.
I always knew you were a fool
but this is ludicrous, even for you.
How could you forsake your duty
to the country?
I chose my brothers
over this country's future.
Your selfishness disgusts me.
I was hoping they'd never find out.
It was bound to come out.
Don't worry. They'll understand.
Thank you, Shirasu.
What would I do without you?
Why don't you hate me?
My clan killed your parents.
I'd hate me if I were you.
It wasn't you who killed them.
It's time to slip back
into my role as their big brother.
- Now...
- What's up, Chutaro?
Who am I?
What's with the grim face?
About Orochi and our parents' death
I wasn't hiding it from you.
I had planned to tell you
when you were older.
You said...
you would protect Orochi.
That's right.
What's our role in this?
What is Kumo Clan's role in this?
Orochi is a serpent
who sprung from the earth
and rose to heaven 1,200 years ago.
The sky clouded over and it rained
bringing about a bountiful harvest.
the villagers were repelled by
Orochi's hideous appearance.
Angered by their ingratitude
Orochi unleashed his wrath on mankind.
That was the beginning
of a vicious circle of hate.
Our family's role is to restore laughter
to the world.
Do what you can to become stronger.
No matter how tough things get
be strong enough that
you can laugh it off.
Dinner's ready.
All right, let's eat, boys.
I don't know how.
You're strong, Tenka.
That's why you can laugh off anything.
But I'm not as strong.
Where are you going, Soramaru?
Come in.
You have a visitor.
- Please!
- No, go home.
- I beg you.
- You're persistent.
What is it?
- He wants to train with us.
- He can't.
Please! I wish to surpass my brother.
- You?
- Leave!
- We're busy.
- Please!
Thank you, sir!
Whoever scores first, wins.
- OK.
- OK.
Where's the determination
you demonstrated?
You're so weak.
How can you be Tenka's brother?
Calm down!
Now that was something!
He practises with Tenka every
day, mind you.
You may come back again tomorrow.
Thank you, sir!
Do you think he's the...
It's possible.
I'll test him.
I won't be as easy to defeat.
What's this?
The second half of your training.
Come on.
Are you done?
What's going on, Captain?
Why did you let Takamine go alone?
To see if he's Orochi's vessel.
But you need
all five of us to contain Orochi.
Captain has other ideas
about dealing with Orochi.
You'd kill Tenka's brother?
Someone's got to be the bad guy.
We can put an end to this...
just by killing the vessel.
You must feel Orochi's presence here.
This is where
Orochi was contained 300 years ago.
I can feel Orochi's wrath!
He'll punish those
who repaid his kindness
with ingratitude!
The time has come
to offer up the vessel
for Orochi's return!
Stay away from me!
Tenka, what's happening to me...
Shush now.
What a cruel twist of fate.
Who would have thought
Tenka's brother would
be Orochi's vessel?
Are you ready?
if you don't think you can handle it.
I'm a Wild Hound.
Are you all right?
Our country's fate hangs in the balance.
It's not the time to be in bed.
You're tough as steel.
Sorry I'm late.
This mission is confidential
so your bravery won't
go down in history.
But I'll remember you so long as I live.
You risk your lives to kill Orochi
and I'll risk mine
to build a better and stronger nation.
I wish you luck.
Sir, we're the country's watch dogs!
We swear on our lives to destroy Orochi.
You showered me with love
But my brothers missed out.
That's why
I've done everything I could
to make up for it.
Despite that...
You once told me
Fuma Clan came after us
because our swords
have the power to contain Orochi.
I need that to be true.
You have to kill me.
So everyone can live a good life
full of laughter.
That is the duty of Kumo Clan.
I am...
a Kumo man.
You'll be all right.
Have faith in me.
Shirasu? What are you doing?
I've been waiting for this moment.
Tell me this is just a prank.
This is why I've stuck by you.
Tell me this is just a prank, Shirasu.
- Tenka!
- Tenka!
Fuma men are Orochi's loyal followers.
We live to serve the serpent, Orochi.
I was lucky you're so gullible.
I'm done playing house.
We're here to escort you, Lord Orochi.
Bring him with us.
Wait, Shirasu!
- Tenka!
- I'll be back, Chutaro.
Wait! I'll come too.
Leave it to me.
I'll bring Soramaru back.
How could you, Shirasu?
Sorry, Soramaru.
But I have a brother too.
You've changed.
You laugh now.
Have you become attached to them?
Of course not.
I hope not.
My task was to recruit the warriors
from Prison Island.
And mine was to befriend Kumo Clan
and find the vessel.
All for this day.
When the clouds obscure the sun
and darkness descends...
Orochi shall return!
What a din.
I am the rule here.
Give my brother back.
Get him!
The third son of the Kumo Clan is here!
- Chutaro?
- Are you OK?
How foolish.
You thought you could
save your brother by yourself?
Of course.
Then prove to me
you aren't deluded in your thinking.
Or I'll kill your brother.
Are you OK?
Just wait and see.
Kill them all.
You have my permission.
Yes, Captain.
- Soramaru!
- Soramaru!
That was close!
Go on.
Take this!
Stand back, Chutaro.
- I will stop you.
- Watch out, Tenka!
You killed my father...
We did.
You must have your reason.
You're not yourself.
- Soramaru!
- Soramaru!
We're the hounds of the empire.
We're fearless.
You have no idea what you're up against!
We bear you no grudge...
but we have to stop Orochi!
For our country's future...
Be gone.
Let's go home.
Nothing can stand in the way
of Orochi's resurrection.
Orochi is leaving the vessel...
Tenka! Soramaru!
Darn it. What took you so long?
I'm sorry.
Fuma Clan lives...
so long as I do.
To the end of time.
Shirasu... no!
This is my fate.
Orochi, the ancient serpent,
has uncanny powers
and awakens every 300
years to cause havoc.
Be on the alert.
Orochi is mankind's mortal enemy.
Find him...
and contain him.
You can't pass out just yet.
I can barely stand as it is.
This is not over.
This is your chance to show me
your ideal world.
Stand in formation.
Yes, Captain.
Let's go!
Soramaru, Chutaro.
This is not over yet.
We have a duty to fulfil.
The yin-yang sorcery.
Soramaru, Chutaro.
Orochi, be placated.
Grant me my wish.
Disperse the clouds
and let light shine upon us once more.
Let our lives be filled
with love and laughter
so long as we shall live.
Please watch over us.
- The sun is out!
- The sun's out!
Kumo Shrine stands
on the far shore of Lake Biwa.
Kumo Tenka, the 14th head of the shrine
lives there with his two brothers
where they watch over Otsu Town.
There is a legend in
this part of the world.
Every 300 years, a spell of cloudy days
will herald the
awakening of the Serpent.
Orochi will seek a vessel
for his resurrection
and wreak destruction on the world.
This is the 300th year.
Orochi awakened as legend has it
but with the help from
the descendants of the six clans
he rose to heaven.
Permission to enter, sir.
Your carriage is here.
Where to, sir?
I must hurry back to Tokyo.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
It's so sunny...
it's like Orochi never existed.
Let's go home.
You know what?
I'm hungry.
Thank you.
You know what we should do right now?