Lavaste (2023) Movie Script

Hey, brother,
this lunatic who is eating food,
does he come here every day?
No, sir. Just sometimes.
- Yes.
Hello. Jallad sir. - 'Yes.'
- I found him.
'Take a good look. You've
been saying this for four years.'
No, sir. I'm 100 percent
sure this time. He is the one.
'100 percent, my foot. You were
100 percent sure last time too.'
Sir, If I'm wrong this time,
I'll quit.
You just come to Raipur immediately.
- 'Okay.'
Physically, he looks good.
Yes, he is a little weak,
but that's not an issue.
But this is a real issue.
This MRI shows
Satyansh's mental condition
is not good.
It may have been
due to a head injury.
This is often
due to too much stress.
But if Satyansh's family and friends
try to remind him constantly,
then maybe
Satyansh's memory can slowly return.
Thank you, doctor.
- That's okay.
Satyansh, open your mouth.
There you go. Here, have some water.
A-ha! Here.
do you know whose diary this is?
Have a look.
'My father'
'drinks alcohol day and night,'
'so while distributing letters,
he forgets his address.'
'And where does he drink?'
'Only the one who comes'
'to drop him off can tell.'
- I'll go. - I'll drop you.
'I have two sisters'
'who should have got
married five years ago.'
Do it properly.
'So now people are
recommending men,'
'not boys.'
- Hey, keep it still.
'We have a sweet grandmother too.'
'She, too, should have
died 13 years ago.'
'But the service
of her daughter-in-law'
'is not letting her die.'
You are giving me cold tea.
Go and bring a hot one.
Oh my God! The snake died!
My snake died because of your tea.
'And my sweet mother,'
'who thinks of me as the best son.'
'I'm neither hardworking'
'nor young.'
'Actually, I am unemployed.'
'Hello, who is it? Sister-in-law?'
Yes, Kallu. How are you?
'Yeah, I'm fine.
Who gave the phone to mother?'
Uh... She
likes to play that
snake game all the time.
'I'm hearing about it
for the first time.'
'Snake is playing
the game of snakes.'
'Okay. Tell me, where is brother?'
He is drunk.
He stays drunk all day.
'I knew it. I was just confirming.'
Brother, Satyansh is upset.
'Why is he upset when I am here?'
'When I am here, then why worry?'
What can I say, brother?
He is not getting a job anywhere.
'You took my words.'
'You bid farewell to
the boy, like a father bids'
'farewell to his girl
in two pairs of clothes. That's it.'
'I'll take care of the rest.'
'So what if there is
no blood relation?'
'I am his uncle, after all.'
- Okay, brother.
Bless you, son.
- Allow me.
Okay, grandmother. Bless me.
Bless you.
- You are going far away
so I will miss you a lot.
You are going far away.
Don't come soon.
The responsibility of the whole
family is on your shoulders.
My boy!
Oh my God! Where is my phone?
Okay, dad. Allow me.
Take care of yourself.
- Yes, my son.
Please try to stop your drinking.
Now I will have to drink less
because I am retiring next month.
And, son,
take some money.
This is all I have.
Spend wisely.
And I have told uncle Kallu,
you also talk to him.
Okay, dad.
- Take care of yourself.
'Then I came to Mumbai.'
'It's a wonderful city.'
'Someone has rightly written'
'that this city never sleeps.'
'But that writer forgot to write'
'that this city does not
even let us sleep peacefully.'
'It's a dream city.'
"Hey... Hey..."
"Just move away. Just be safe.
This is Mumbai, my love."
Wow, man. You sing well.
Why don't you participate
in singing reality shows?
I participated, sir.
That's why I'm driving an auto now.
"Hey... Hey..."
This is Bombay.
Anything can happen here.
You look new, where are you from?
- I am from Chhattisgarh.
'He is my distant uncle Kallu,'
'who is looking for a mirror'
'that can make him look beautiful.'
'But he cannot find that mirror.'
you have a nice house.
- Yeah.
My jawline is a little sharper
than before, isn't it?
Just a little...
No, uncle,
you still look the same.
- Hmm?
This mirror is faulty.
I'll have to throw it.
You know...
Get your resume ready.
- For an interview? - Huh!
Will you give an interview
while your uncle Kallu is here?
No need for an interview.
Direct selection.
- Wow!
'Don't trust him.'
'He is a fraud.'
What happened?
You didn't hear anything, did you?
- No.
No? Good.
Nice boy.
'Anyway, I joined
an insurance company'
'as told by my uncle.'
'Now I am an engineer
with a salary of 7500 rupees.'
'Neither salary is received on time'
'nor the respect.'
'There's only work.'
'That can be given
to you by anyone,'
'be it the company owner
or the guard.'
'By the way,
not every place is bad.'
'Sometimes a little
reason is enough'
'to make you stay.'
Three awards!
Eight, nine, ten.
Achiever of the year. Very nice!
Hi, good morning.
Hello, good morning.
What are you looking at?
I mean...
All these awards are yours?
Not at all.
I bought all these
from the local market.
Do you want them?
No, sorry. I didn't mean that.
Actually, you are so talented.
Come on. Leave it.
You've only been
here a month and a half.
There are more awards
than salary in this office.
Oh. I didn't know.
I just joined, so I didn't know.
By the way, what have you done?
A mistake.
- What?
No, I...
have done B.Tech.
- Oh.
Now I understand.
Everyone learns gradually.
You will also learn.
Tell me if you need any help.
Thank you.
- Anyway, listen...
I did that too.
- B.Tech?
A mistake.
It's my mom's call.
Yeah, it's okay. Take it.
Hello, son.
- 'Hello, mom.'
'How are you?
- I am fine, son.'
'Now the loan holders have started
troubling us by coming every week.'
'Okay, mom. Don't you worry.'
'I will soon send the money.'
Okay, I'll hang up now.
It's office time. Bye.
Is everything fine at home?
Yeah, everything is fine at home.
Relax, then.
Tomorrow is Sunday, at least.
There's no Sunday for me.
I have to come on Sundays too.
You're enjoying your job. Good.
Anyway, you also want
medals and awards, right?
Yes, of course.
The job is nice, by the way.
One second. I'll have to...
- 'Hello.'
'Hello, Sattu.'
- Yeah, wait a minute.
- Uncle, where have you got me?
'They make me work for 16 hours,'
'that too on a clerical level.'
Neither salary is given on time
nor incentive nor respect.
I don't even get time to pee.
They call me on Sundays too.
If you say,
then I will change your job.
No, uncle. Just leave it.
Let me do something.
'Don't you worry, son.'
I'll have my own company
in a few days.
Tell me one thing, uncle.
Where do you get
so much confidence?
'You'll see, son,'
I'll have my own company very soon.
We will be the owners.
'Don't trust him.'
'He is a liar.'
Hello. Son, did you hear anything?
Uncle, you were talking
about some ownership of a company.
Nice boy.
'Now relax. Okay?'
'To get rid of me,'
'my uncle got me a room on rent'
'at Mrs Jha's place.'
'And slowly,'
'I became more of a servant'
'than a tenant.'
Good morning, guys!
Good morning, sir.
Guys, say it loudly.
Say it loudly. Good morning!
Good morning, sir.
Please sit down.
Friends, our company is
about to launch a new plan.
Its name is 'You won't get...
- Another life.'
No. It's
'You will get another life'.
This plan is going
to rock the market.
This new plan of the company
gives you the pleasure of life
at just 500 rupees a month.
If our client dies accidentally,
then our company
gives him ten lakh rupees.
How much?
Ten lakh rupees.
Ten lakh rupees. Think about it.
If you sell five plans in a day,
how many plans would you sell
in a month?
How much? Come on. 150 plans.
The profit of the company
will be 75000 rupees.
Your commission is 20 per cent.
As soon as money comes
into the company's account,
18000 rupees comes
into your account.
Not only this.
Not only this, friends.
If you sell ten plans,
more than your target,
then the company
gives you an incentive
of 7000 rupees.
7000 rupees!
A two-night vacation package
of Kullu-Manali.
When it's freezing
outside in Kullu-Manali,
it'll be warm inside.
Friends, you will
have respect in society.
You will have a car, a home,
and a bank balance.
When you go home, you will
not get any abuse from your wife.
You will get hot and tasty food.
Any questions?
Any questions, my friend?
Sir, this is all quite amazing.
But I wanted to ask you something.
Go ahead and ask. I am ready.
What is your question?
Sir, what will be our salary?
I was waiting for this question.
Please give him
a big round of applause.
Sir, please stand up.
I am wearing a belt. Otherwise,
I would have bowed down to you.
I want to make you the owner
of this company,
and you want to become
a servant by getting a salary?
You won't be able to.
You can leave.
- Sorry, sir.
Sir, I didn't get you.
Now I understand, sir.
Did you get my point?
Sit down.
The battlefield is ready.
You are Arjuna.
You are Krishna.
Aim at your target.
If you try...
- You can do it.
If you try...
- You can do it.
Will you sell this plan?
- Yes, sir. I will sell it.
I will sell everything
including my wife's jewellery
and this plan too.
Nice. Take this. Good!
- Thank you, sir.
Very good. - Thank you.
Thank you very much, sir.
That's all right, but
you're not even married yet.
Forget it. So what?
I'll sell someone else's jewellery,
but will sell this plan.
- Yes.
- There will be a car,
a bungalow. We'll have a BMW.
Come on.
- Let's go.
Boss, the game is on.
Uncle, this plan is
made just for you.
Son, my life is about to end now.
What will I do with this insurance?
Uncle, why are you thinking
about you only?
What will happen
to your family after you?
Look, the name of our plan is
'You will get another life.'
- Again?
Take this 'another life'
and shove it up your back.
I have neither got a wife
nor a concubine
in this life.
I don't want another life like this.
Uncle, why are you not getting this?
If anything happens to you,
your family will get Ten lakh rupees
after your death.
Ten lakh rupees!
After my death...
- Hmm.
I will get Ten lakh rupees?
Hey, uncle!
Hey, uncle!
He's gone for good.
I'll have to go too.
Hello. Is there someone?
Madam, this...
Sir, this is my company. Look...
- I don't need money.
Keep it. Smoke a cigarette.
- Sir, listen...
'And this was my Insurance life.'
'The house was five km away
from the office.'
'To save on rent,
I used to walk every day'
'and used to eat in Gurudwara
at lunchtime.'
'As they say,
you should eat light at night.'
'This is called
the art of survival.'
It's late.
- Yes, aunt.
Son, bring these things
on your way back. - Okay, aunt.
Sir, what energy!
Come on. Take your seat.
Sit, my friend.
- Sir, what energy!
Sir, you give great speeches.
What a speech!
I get goosebumps.
Sir, you are wonderful.
You are great.
Sir, inspired by your speech,
I sold two plans in 10 seconds.
- Learn!
Sold to whom?
- I sold one plan
to myself.
Well done!
- And one...
to my girlfriend, sir.
- Very nice.
Very good. What a brilliant idea.
Please sit down.
Thank you, sir.
- Guys, we'll do this thing first.
Sell two plans. One to yourself
and one to your girlfriend.
It doesn't matter who has a
girlfriend and who has a wife.
Just have to sell it.
If you try...
- You can do it.
If you try...
- You can do it.
Sir, hmm?
A plan was almost sold, sir.
Sir, I am trying...
Don't try. Do it!
If you try...
- You can do it.
If you try...
- You can do it. - Sir.
Five? - Five.
- Five plans?
- Well done. Well...
Very nice. Very good.
At the age when girls roam
around with five boyfriends,
at that age, she roamed around
and sold five plans.
Come on. What's your count?
Five plans?
And you, zero? Crap!
Oh my God! Don't worry.
Now I will give you a formula
that you will leave everyone behind.
Got it?
I am your uncle.
I am your uncle.
Got it, Satyansh? Hey, boy!
Look at me. Your favourite uncle.
Say something. Satyansh.
Come on, man. Look. Look at my eyes.
Look, I brought my goggles.
Look at me, son. My boy!
Satyansh, look. Satyansh.
Satyansh. My boy.
What are you doing, man?
Don't you recognise me?
Sir, please let him sleep.
Don't disturb him. Wait outside.
He is my boy.
He does not recognise me.
Sir, please wait outside.
He needs rest.
'Son, have you had your meal?'
Yes, mom. I ate lunch.
You just take care of dad.
I look for the other...
Satyansh sir.
- Okay, mom. I'll call you back.
Talking to your mom?
- Yes... I... was...
asking about her health.
Got the answer? What did you say?
That I work very
hard in the company.
I work hard. Hmm?
- Oh.
Now I will show you
whether you work hard or not.
Hmm. Yes. Satyansh sir,
what is this?
- Sir, it's a zero.
Aryabhata discovered it.
No, my boy. This is your
last two month's performance.
In the last year,
you have not given a sale
of even one rupee to this company,
and you expect
to get your salary on time.
Sir, I am trying my best, but...
'But!' The people who use
words like these
are not required in this company.
Sorry, sir.
Your sales report
for the last year, is so poor
that I am ashamed even to tell it.
People like you are a burden
on this company.
What did you use to
say with great pride?
'Sir, I will do my best.'
- Best, my foot!
You have wasted the company's time.
You are a burden on this company.
I respect your uncle Kallu.
That's why
I gave you so many chances.
Otherwise, I would have
thrown guys like you
out of this company in two minutes.
Sir, I'll work harder.
Just give me one more chance.
No. Please.
You did what
you had to do. Please leave!
Sir, please...
- Please go!
- Why did you hang up?
Listen to the whole thing.
Yes, mom...
I was a bit busy.
What happened to your voice?
Nothing, mom.
Just have a sore throat.
You were saying something.
- Son,
send some money
when you get your salary.
The loan holders came again today.
'They even beat up your father.'
One year has passed, and we
have not paid the loan instalments.
What! Is...
Is dad all right?
How can they do this?
'Son, don't get upset.'
I will take care of him.
Don't worry about that.
Just arrange for some money.
Yes, mom. I'll do something soon.
Okay, just take care of dad.
'Your sales report
for the last year is so poor'
'that I am ashamed even to tell it.'
'People like you are a burden
on this company.'
"Rivers have"
"flown me to which road?"
"I have crossed"
"all the banks of the rivers."
"I have come to the midstream"
"sitting in the boat."
"I'm looking for the way
to the ocean"
"that's lost in the hull."
"I have to go beyond"
"where my world is."
"The light of the day
has become dark,"
"now the moon will show the way."
"The moon will show the way."
- What happened, son?
Recognise me, brother.
I am Rama.
- I am your younger sister.
Brother. Brother, what happened?
Why isn't he saying anything? - He
has been doing this for 2-3 days.
He wakes up flustered.
After that, he faints.
Do you remember
when we used to go to pick up
dead bodies early in the morning?
We used to drink tea here.
'But I forgot one thing...'
'that life has to go on.'
'One way'
'or another.'
H... H... Hello, sir.
'Hello. Yes?'
Sir, I wanted to talk
to Jallad Singh sir.
'I am Jallad Singh.'
'But I am not a sir. Okay?'
I saw your ad on a wall.
I was here for a job interview.
'You are wearing a brown tie?'
Yes, sir.
- 'White shirt?'
Yes, sir.
'You have a pink colour file
in your hand?'
Yes, sir. I am here only.
'Then why can't I see you?'
Sir, I am here only.
Where are you?
'Our work is like that.'
'It's hard to differentiate between'
'a ghost and a human.'
'Can you see the ruins
in front of you?'
- 'Hmm?'
'Can you see it? Hello!'
'Can you see the ruins?'
Yes, sir. There it is.
'There is an ambulance
in front of it.'
'For the dead' is written on it.'
- Yes.
Yes, sir.
'Come right in front of it.
I'm sitting right there'
'Come here.'
- Okay, sir.
I am coming.
- 'I am waiting.'
Okay. All right.
No problem.
We'll be there in 20 minutes.
Okay? Hey!
Watch it, dude.
- Don't keep it like that.
Okay, sir. - Do you know
how expensive this corpse is?
He must have died
after so many vows.
Then only
his children have become
the owner of his property.
Yes. What was the name?
Sir, Satyansh.
- Satyansh!
Where do you come from?
Sir, I am from Chhattisgarh.
From Chhattisgarh!
Where are you from, Mumbai?
- Sir,
I have no place for now.
But I am coming
from Bhandup right now.
Are you from Bhandup too?
They both are from Bhandup.
Sir, who is the second one?
He has not come. He has gone, sir.
Oh, he has gone.
Yes, so what have you done?
Sir, I have done B.Tech.
Very good. B.Tech?
- Close it.
Only B.Tech and M.Tech come here.
Look, he is a B.Tech.
- M.Tech, sir. - Yeah.
He is the one with the attack.
People with B.Tech, M.Tech,
and attack come here.
The only difference between
the three of you is a tie.
Hey, you should wear a tie.
- Okay, sir. - Yeah.
- Sir,
that's fine. But what will
I have to do?
- Nothing.
You don't have to do anything.
You will get an AC cabin.
You will get an assistant.
You just have to sign
on all the files.
That's it. Nothing else.
It's an export-import business.
No. Not export, only import.
- Hey, silly. Hello.
We do the work
of taking the unclaimed dead bodies
to their last journey.
Got it? Hmm?
What are you thinking? Hello.
What are you thinking?
I pay 20000 rupees salary
for this work.
M.Tech and B.Tech like you,
are dying in the city
for 5-6 thousand.
Think about it.
Wait. Hello.
No, it'll take some time. Okay?
No, it will take time.
Your location is too far.
How will the ambulance
come in such a short time?
I am telling you.
Listen to the whole thing.
It will come. The ambulance
will come. - Come on, fast.
- We have to pick up some more.
One Bhandup man is delivering
another Bhandup man. Very good.
Let's go. - Why should I come?
It's your work. - Come on, man.
Nothing will happen.
It's our everyday work.
You don't have to see anything.
Just take a look.
It's our everyday work.
We have to do this.
Just do this.
Please leave it, man.
It's nothing. Look, I am
showing you. It's nothing.
What's in this?
Oh. Calm down.
Hey, why is this light blinking?
I'll get it repaired, sir. - You
have turned it into a ghost house.
Change the light, at least.
- Okay, sir.
Why is he not eating?
He has vomited three times
since morning.
He won't be able to survive here.
Hey, did you take medicine or not?
- Yes, sir.
You should eat properly. Okay?
You will get used to work.
Got it?
- Yes, sir.
Sir, I have a request.
- Sir...
Can I get some advance?
There is an emergency at home.
You've been at work for a day.
What if I give you the money
and you run away?
- Sir,
what are you saying?
If you want,
I can give you my certificates.
I will give it to you
tomorrow morning. - Okay.
Eat some curd rice.
You'll feel good.
- Thank you.
Listen. Your house is far
from here, right?
- You will not leave today.
Stay here tonight.
Have a good sleep.
Got it?
- Okay.
Hello, mom.
Yes, mom. I got a new job.
The salary is 20000 rupees.
I'll send money in a day or two.
Son, it's good news.
It's all Goddess's grace.
'We all depend on you.'
Yes, mom.
Everything will be all right.
Don't you worry.
- Okay, son.
Okay. Did you eat anything?
Yes, I ate my dinner.
Okay, I'll hang up now.
Phone balance is low.
'Okay, son.'
- Okay. Bye.
I've been dead for five days.
When will you come to pick me up?
What happened?
You are new here.
That's how it is in the beginning.
Go to sleep.
Sleep now, man.
Where did he go?
It's fine. Perfect.
Take money in the evening.
Okay, sir.
- 'Hello. Is it 'For the dead'?'
- 'Have to pick up a dead body.'
Yes, it'll be there.
Tell me the address.
'Yeah, write it down.
Maruti Lifestyle society,'
'Block-B, Building number 4.'
Oh! It smells so bad!
It smells really bad.
Greetings, sir. - Greetings.
Jallad sir sent me.
Look at the irony.
This is the condition of those
who have two children.
Both the children
have settled abroad,
and who will care for the parents?
It's been four days since he died.
The body has started stinking,
but their children are not here.
Such bad times.
Nowadays, children
have become like this.
Let's go. There's so much work.
- Let's go.
It stinks too much.
Come on. Let's go now.
I explained to you yesterday.
Come on.
Pick it up. It's heavy. Carefully.
'This is the condition of those
who have two children.'
'Both the children
have settled abroad,'
'and who will care for the parents?'
Your tablets.
You always come late these days.
You look worried too.
Is everything all right?
Yes, aunt.
It's just that it's a new job.
So there is a lot of work.
Work is important.
But eating on time
is also important.
You remind me of my grandmother.
She also took great care
of my eating.
All the kids these days
are like that.
My son also used to forget
to eat at work.
Your son was about to come.
Hasn't he come yet?
- Yes...
He was saying that he would come
at the end of the year.
But he has been saying this
for the last three years.
He has not come yet.
It's okay. You don't worry.
Think of me as your son.
Please let me know
if you need anything.
- Take some rest now.
And hey, if you want to eat,
the dinner is ready.
No, aunt...
I had dinner in the office.
- Okay, son.
Good night.
- Good night.
Listen. - Did you write it?
- Write English dead girl.
Uh... This...
- Greetings, dad.
Hello, my son.
Bless you. How are you?
I am fine, dad. How are you?
'I am good.' You tell me one thing.
For the last year,
you have been telling me
that 'I will come,
I will come next month,'
'then I will come next month.' Hmm?
When are you going to come?
- 'I'll tell you, dad.'
Life goes on.
Look at him, for instance.
What to say?
You know,
there's no guarantee of a person.
One can die anytime.
- What do you mean?
Look at this man. He was fine.
But he died.
That's why I say
live life well. Be happy.
Be carefree.
Don't worry about anything.
Anything can happen in life.
You are right. - By the way,
what's your age?
Do you want to know? Want to know?
- No. Get lost!
You should have told me
that it's his birthday.
We would have decorated the house.
It's okay.
I used to decorate the house a lot
when he was young.
All the children
of the society used to come.
- Hmm.
Well, how did he go to America?
He was very smart when he was young.
I didn't let his study
stop anywhere.
I even mortgaged my jewellery
for his studies.
Now, look at him.
He is such a big man.
Yeah, you are right.
The bigger, the farther.
It's his career.
But there is a time for everything.
Why is there no time to come back
as it was time to go out
after studying?
The timing should be right
for everything.
He has his work and kids there.
You are his mother.
His dad is also not here.
It's fine. Earned name,
earned money,
now come back to your country.
There's nothing like the motherland.
Uh... Sorry, aunt.
By the way, the food was great.
You have magic in your hands.
Give it to me. I'll keep it.
I'll cook tomorrow, okay?
Let's go, man.
We have to pick up a body.
Hmm. Let's go.
Really, my boy?
Trying to trick your uncle?
Very good.
But you don't know...
I also have one out of 14 diplomas
in espionage.
Where to take this dead body?
- Huh?
Heaven farmhouse.
- Oh.
Keep it there.
Boss, the dead body is here.
Come on. Quick! Let's go.
Let's go. Quick!
Get them out!
Run! Run!
Why are we running?
- Run!
Jallad sir said that the body...
He is dead. Do you want to die too?
Come on, quick! Run!
- I didn't do anything.
My name is P.A. Patil.
You must have heard
that the law is blind.
But the keepers of the law
are not blind. Got it?
What do you think
that you will run away with the gold
in front of our eyes,
and we will not even know?
I am P.A. Patil.
I can tell by the smell
the difference between crime
and petrol.
Thrash them!
- Scan the body!
Urgh! Ah!
Urgh! Ah!
Sir, it looks like
there is something.
Check it.
Sir, he died of a gold overdose.
Oh! This means it's a big game.
Yes, sir.
Gold smuggling
by putting it in the body.
Thrash them well!
Sir! Ah!
- Leave me, sir. Ah!
- Hey!
Ask the dead and tell me
what his name and address are.
Ask him!
Sir, what is your name?
What is your address?
What, sir?
What are you saying?
How will a dead
person tell his name?
People alive will tell you.
- Yes, sir.
Take them all to the police station.
Come on! Get up!
Let us show you. Come on.
Want to do smuggling?
- Come on,
Ration card, Pan card,
Passport, Voter ID...
Take out ID cards.
- Okay, sir.
- Not yours.
The man who is sleeping.
Our job is only to carry corpses.
There is no rule for ID cards.
Then make the rule.
the kids will pee in their pants.
Don't scare them.
I am leaving you
because of this lawyer.
But if a body is put in a car
without an ID card or scanning,
then I will scan you myself.
Got it?
- Yes, sir. Okay.
Sir, something for dinner.
No. Accept
my gratitude.
Learn something from sir.
Look, he is such a gentleman.
Sure, sir. Okay.
You can leave.
- Thank you.
Thank you. Come on, let's go.
Keep visiting, Mr Lawyer.
- Let's go.
Thank you, uncle.
But I didn't know that
you are a lawyer too. - Hey.
My 17th degree
is of LLB.
And I got this degree from the top.
Really? Did you top in LLB?
No, my class was on the top.
On the top floor. 4th floor.
It's okay. You hid this from me.
No issue.
- Sorry, uncle.
I did not tell you
because I did not know
how will you react.
You work for Jallad Singh.
I knew this from the beginning.
Got it? I have been
following you since then.
Do you guys know each other?
People know more
about me than 'Vada pav'
in this city.
Kallu. Uncle Kallu.
Thank you, sir.
Today onwards,
check the body before bringing it.
Got it? There's the scanner.
Use it to scan.
And also, bring the ID card
of the deceased. Got it?
Okay? - Okay. We will follow
the procedure you mentioned.
Uh... Okay, sir. Can I leave?
I have a train to catch.
I'll be back on Monday. - Okay.
Okay, sir. Bye.
And don't worry. I'll be back soon.
Today's kids say,
but they don't come back.
I will come back.
And while coming,
I will bring sweets made
by my grandmother.
Come soon.
I am used to having you here.
Take care of yourself.
Allow me. Okay? Bye.
- Bye.
'At this stage of my journey,'
'for the first time, I felt
that I have someone in Mumbai.'
'I like Mumbai now,'
'and now, after a long time,
I am going to my home.'
People in your village
are very nice.
And the road is also
very close to here.
That's what kids want these days.
Mom, come here.
Yeah, son.
And your...
- Mom, what kind of a boy is this?
I can't tell the difference
between the father and the son.
She is my sister, not a burden
that get her married to anyone
to lighten the weight.
I want her to get married
in a good house,
that's why I am picking up bodies...
- Huh?
I am working so hard in Mumbai.
Call Rajveer.
Yes, mother.
What happened, mother?
- 'What happened?'
Have you distributed your mind
with the letters too?
What happened, mother?
They are my granddaughters,
not some cow or buffalo
that you can tie anywhere.
- Oh!
I married you and your five sisters
with great pride.
I took all the responsibility alone.
Mother, look,
these marriage proposals
don't come again and again.
Don't talk about this.
Did you find a proposal
for yourself?
I did.
I found a match for you.
And brought such a daughter-in-law
who takes care of the whole house.
It's not your cup of tea.
Go and drink in your room.
Come on, mother...
- My Satto
will find a good match
for his sisters.
What rubbish are you talking about?
- Shut up!
Did you guys hear?
The match for your son
is a mother of two kids,
not a girl.
What's left to hear?
Let's go from here. - Aren't you
ashamed to bring this proposal?
They wanted to marry their boy!
Huh! What kind of people are they?
They insult by calling at home.
We don't want to stay here.
Let's go.
Let's go from here.
This is what was left to hear.
That's why
they are not getting married.
Stay unmarried for the rest
of your lives. Why do we care?
- Don't cry.
If you want,
I can call that old man.
He would not have gone far.
Save a few tears for your marriage.
Grandmother, come on.
Wow! I know what it could be.
- Satto.
What is this?
Will I wear this at this age?
Grandmother, it's mine.
Look, this is yours.
Show me.
- So how's your job?
Job is nice, dad.
The salary is 20000 rupees.
Overtime is 5000 rupees.
Very good.
- It's an import-export business.
AC office. It's all good.
Are you happy?
- Yeah.
How is uncle Kallu?
- He is a fraud.
Just stay away from him.
Grandmother has gone mad.
- Open it.
Your grandmother loves
uncle Kallu so much.
Brother, forget about us,
but don't you fall behind.
Look, Sanjana's missed call.
Hey, silly. She is my office friend.
- Satto.
Son, you got me
such a beautiful saree.
My boy.
Satto. Satto.
Son, call me grandmother once.
I'll be relieved.
Look at him.
Why isn't he saying anything?
Say something, son. Say something.
Are you angry with your grandmother?
Say something. Look,
I am wearing the saree
that you brought.
How am I looking?
Say something, son.
Say something. Please tell me.
My boy!
Say something, son. Say something.
My boy opened his eyes.
My boy opened his eyes. My boy!
My boy!
My boy!
Wow! Grandma did a great job.
Prayer is also needed,
along with medicine.
This is a good sign
that Satyansh is able
to recognise his family members.
- Okay.
we can't still conclude ourselves
that he is out of danger.
- Okay.
Because in such a situation,
when the patient remembers
everything at once,
then his mind can
also get collapsed.
he can go into a coma as well
due to too much information.
We don't want it, do we?
That's why
we have to be extra careful
and sensitive
about his rages
as a mental health condition.
These are some medicines
that I have changed
so that Satyansh can sleep.
- Okay.
And he needs proper rest
to recover himself.
Thank you. Thank you, doctor.
But Satyansh will be all right,
won't he?
I just hope for the best.
You need real patience,
and it takes time
to recover by yourself.
Hey, Kallu, what is he saying?
Mother, the doctor is saying
that our Satto will be all right.
But he needs rest.
- Hmm.
He'll be all right. Promise?
- Promise.
Look, if not,
then I will beat you.
- Sure.
Please save him, doctor.
- Sure, Don't worry.
I will handle this case,
and he is recovering very fast.
She died while waiting for her son.
She was a good woman.
No one thought this would happen.
'And don't worry.'
'I'll be back soon.'
'Today's kids say,
but they don't come back.'
'I will come back.'
How did this happen?
- The poor woman fell down
the stairs two days ago. Got to
know from the milkman this morning.
How long will we wait?
The body will decompose.
Let's do it fast.
You are right.
How long will we wait?
Her son has clearly said that it
won't be possible for him to come.
How will he show his face?
When he came last time,
he sold all the property and left.
Did not leave anything for her.
Aunt has written in her will
that her last rites should
be held in Haridwar
because uncle was
also cremated there.
It is better to be childless
than to have such a child.
Come on, pick her up.
We have other work too.
Come on, pick her up.
- Give me your hand.
Hey, wait.
Truth is the name of Lord Rama!
Truth is the name of Lord Rama!
'You are right.
How long will we wait?'
'Her son has clearly said that it
won't be possible for him to come.'
'How will he show his face?'
'When he came last time,
he sold all the property and left.'
'Did not leave anything for her.'
'It is better to be childless
than to have such a child.'
Bro, why are you
getting so emotional?
We're just doing our job
like everyone else.
Look, the doctor
the priest performs the final rites,
the executioner hangs,
the sweeper cleans the mess
of this society.
Similarly, we are also
cleaning the filth of this society.
I know that this is our job.
But are parents of no value?
They do everything
for their children all their life,
and their children don't even come
at their funerals.
Shame on such a life!
Here, drink some, man.
Here, drink it.
What happened, Satyansh?
I see you drinking here
for the first time.
You look very upset.
Is everything all right?
I feel like crying today.
This is the truth of life, son.
Death should be accepted
as we accept life with happiness.
It's the cycle of nature.
Who do you have in your family?
I have no one in my family.
Who will light your funeral pyre
if something happens to you?
I have burnt hundreds
of unclaimed dead bodies.
So, someone will perform my last
rites considering me as unclaimed.
You can do it.
You are also like my son.
Aren't you?
Yes, my son?
- I miss you, mom.
What happened, son?
Is there any problem?
No, everything is fine here.
You guys take care of yourselves.
Okay, mom, I'll hang up.
I'll call you later.
'With great difficulty, I got
the support to live in Mumbai,'
'but now, that, too, has
been snatched away.'
I don't know how
many people were there
who cannot give up hope
for their children.
But they give up on their lives.
And we will take their bodies
to the cremation ground
or post-mortem house.
Why does this happen
to these people?
This is a 12-year-old kid.
Local people told
that his name was Kamlesh,
and he used to work
as a garbage collector.
Sir, Sulochan died of an overdose.
Sir, 'For the dead' people are here.
"Who are you to someone?"
"Who are you to someone?"
"Who is yours here?"
"Who are you to someone?"
"Who is yours here?"
"You close your eyes."
"You have nothing here."
"You close your eyes."
"You have nothing here."
"It's the last journey."
"It's the last journey."
"Now let's go to that place."
"Who are..."
"Who are you to someone?"
"Who is yours here?"
"Who are you to someone?"
"Who is yours here?"
- Truth is the name of Lord Rama.
Truth is the name of Lord Rama.
- What's happening?
Truth is the name of Lord Rama.
Truth is the name of Lord Rama.
Truth is the name of Lord Rama.
Why is there so much traffic?
There's a funeral.
- Truth is the name of Lord Rama.
Who died?
- Minister's dog.
It's his funeral. That's why
there's traffic. - Minister's dog!
Truth is the name of Lord Rama.
Minister's dog.
"This is the new way
of the world."
"Here only soil is
worth something."
"This is the new way
of the world."
"Here only soil is
worth something."
"The night is long."
"When will you sleep?"
"How long will you
carry the burden"
"on these shoulders?"
"The night is long."
"When will you sleep?"
"How long will you
carry the burden"
"on these shoulders?"
It's hard to digest.
Hey, how come so
many dead bodies today?
Who will cremate these people
when the person who cremates them
himself has been reduced to ashes?
'I have burnt hundreds
of unclaimed dead bodies.'
'So, someone will perform my last
rites considering me as unclaimed.'
Did you know him?
Who does not know Hari?
He was such a gentleman.
He spent his whole life
burning unclaimed dead bodies.
He, himself, is burning
like an unclaimed corpse today.
You are right.
If he had someone close to him,
he would have performed
his last rites as per his wishes.
A few days back,
my wife passed away.
She was the only one
who could perform my last rites.
Now, who will perform my last rites?
Son, will you do something for me?
I have saved some money,
keep it.
Mix my ashes
in the soil of my field when I die.
'You are right.
How long will we wait?'
'Now, who will perform
my last rites?'
'I have burnt hundreds
of unclaimed dead bodies.'
'So, someone will perform my last
rites considering me as unclaimed.'
'You can do it.'
'I have saved some money.'
'Mix my ashes in the soil
of my field when I die.'
'One thing kept echoing in my mind'
'that it is the right
of every human'
'to be cremated according
to his will.'
'People have everything,'
'yet they die like a pauper.'
'I wish I could do something
for these people.'
Come on, man.
Jallad sir. - Yes,
- I wanted to talk to you.
Yes, go on. What is it?
Have you ever wondered
why we pick up these
unclaimed dead bodies?
Huh! Because those
who do not have anyone
are called unclaimed.
That's why we pick them up. Okay?
Those who have sons
and despite having sons,
if their sons do not go
for their last rites,
then they become unclaimed.
- Alas!
Why are you getting so emotional?
There is a charity in selfishness,
and there is
selfishness in charity too.
Jallad sir, you are just thinking
about money. - Huh?
Have you ever thought in 25 years
what is the problem?
How to fix this problem?
First of all, remove
the word 'unclaimed'
while talking about a corpse.
Then you'll notice the jump
in your business.
You will teach me
how to do business? - No.
Okay, just tell me one thing.
- Hmm.
How much do you make a month?
Hey, you are asking your father
about his status?
Hmm? - Jallad sir, listen
to the whole thing. - What?
In the last four months,
I have understood one thing by
picking up unclaimed dead bodies.
That where the problem is.
- Problem
is in your mind.
Your mind is this much.
And you can't overuse it, either.
Jallad sir.
- Yes?
Whenever I used to go to pick
up an unclaimed dead body,
I used to see the faces
of the people standing there.
There was only fear
on everyone's face
that their dead body might
never be lying like this.
What do old parents want these days?
- What?
To have their children be
with them at their last moment.
But they have heirs, yet
people become unclaimed...
Hey, social reformer!
What do you want to say? Huh?
Nothing new.
Just do the same thing in a new way.
First, let's remove the name
'For the dead'.
Let's open the company
under a new name.
- Lavaste?
It is the short form. Lavaste.
We will give jobs to new boys
in this company. - Hmm.
They will go to people's homes
and tell them about the company.
We'll give comfort
to those old parents
that even if their children
are not with them
at their last moment,
our company will stand by them.
Right? - Meaning?
This means that
their last rites will be
done according to their wishes.
Wherever they want. Be it Haridwar
or Kashi. Wherever they want.
In return, we will only charge
monthly membership fees to them.
Then you'll see the jump
of our company.
Are you done? - Yes. - Do you
get your salary of 20000 rupees?
Hmm? - Yes. - Then be happy with it.
Why are you calculating so much?
Jallad sir, can I ask you something?
- You have a son, right?
Yeah, of course.
Where is he?
- Bangalore.
He works for a nice company.
He has a very good salary.
So suppose that
something happens to you...
- I mean... Suppose...
Uh... So are you sure
he'll be at your funeral?
Hey, idiot! My son is not an idiot.
He calls me twice a day. Okay?
If I catch even a little cold,
he will come and stand here.
Talking about my son. Hey!
Take your knowledge and wrap it up
and shove it up your...
Keep it with you.
Okay? And get out of here. Get out!
Jallad sir, just give me a chance.
- Hey! Go and do your work.
He is talking to me.
'You have a son, right?
- Yeah, of course.'
'Suppose that something
happens to you...'
'So are you sure'
'he'll be at your funeral?'
'The number you have dialled...'
'The number you
have dialled is busy. Please...'
Hello. - 'Hello.'
- Hello. - 'Yes.'
Uh... I am Raju Kulkarni.
- 'Yes, please.'
I am Ravi's father's neighbour.
'Okay.' - Ravi's father's health
is not well.
'Oh.' - Tell him to call urgently.
'Okay, I'll talk to him.'
I have been calling him,
but it's ringing,
and no one is picking up.
'I will update him.'
Please tell him. - 'Actually, he is
busy with an important meeting.'
'I'll let him know
as soon as he is free.'
Thank you.
Hello, Ashok. - 'Hello.'
- Sir.
Ravi's father's health
is not well at all. - 'Oh.'
Anything can happen.
- Pass him the message. Please.
'Sure, I will. Actually, he is
busy with an important meeting.'
'He has told us not to disturb him.'
'I'll let him know
as soon as he is free.' - Please.
'Okay.' - Sorry...
Sorry to bother you.
'It's okay.'
- Sorry.
'Suppose that something
happens to you.'
'So are you sure'
'he'll be at your funeral?'
Hello, Ashok.
- 'Yes, sir.'
Ravi's father has passed away.
'Sorry, sir. Let me inform him.'
- No...
Don't disturb him in the meeting.
Let him know
when he is free.
'Actually, sir,
he's out with the client,'
'and his phone is out of reach.'
'I am trying, sir. Actually...'
'Salutations to Goddess, the
one who fulfils everyone's wishes,'
'the Giver, the three-eyed, the one
who sees the past, the present.'
Glory to Mother Kaali.
Glory to Mother Kaali.
Mother Kaali. Glory to Goddess.
Sir, you called me.
- Sir,
I'm sorry if you feel bad
about anything I said. - Yes.
I said what was on my mind.
- I felt really bad.
I felt really bad.
I felt even worse
when I found out
you were right, and I was wrong.
I was wrong.
Everything you said
yesterday was absolutely right.
I thought a lot after that.
create the company that you have
in your imagination, Lavaste.
I am with you.
I'll spend as much money
as you want.
And after today, no parent
will die unclaimed.
Thank you.
- I am proud of you.
"Rama. Rama."
"C for Country..."
"C for Country..."
"G for Good..."
"C for Country..."
"G for Good..."
"The one who works
for the good of the country,"
"he is my Rama."
"He is my Rama."
"Rama. Rama."
Yes, mom. I am busy at work.
I will call you later. Okay, bye.
"Rama. Rama."
Yeah. Sorry, mom,
I could not talk to you
on the phone for 2-3 days.
I was busy with work.
May Goddess bless you.
Everything will be all right,
and both the sisters
will get married.
Just take care of yourself.
Pick up the phone, at least.
Yeah, I have sent money.
Yeah, that's okay, son.
Don't worry about that.
Keep your focus on the work.
Mom, don't worry. Okay, then.
I have a lot of work. I'll call you.
Okay. I'll hang up.
"Rama. Rama."
"Rama. Rama."
Good morning, sir. Sir,
I have done all the preparations.
- Sir, we have done all the setup.
We will work very hard. You'll see.
This is our team. - Okay.
- Sir, this is Sonu.
This will be the board of directors.
- Hello, sir. - Hello.
Deepu and Shyam will
handle the sales. - Hello, sir.
And he will be the head
of the marketing department.
Hi, good morning, sir.
- Yes.
Hey, hair stylist. Remove your hair.
He is a fraud.
He sold me a duplicate computer.
He told me that he
would bring me a new one.
He sold me a duplicate computer.
Jallad sir, it's not my fault.
It's the company's fault.
They gave me a duplicate computer,
and I passed it to you.
Sir, he is my uncle.
Is he your uncle?
- Yes, sir.
He is your uncle!
Let's hire him, sir.
He is a very handyman.
He is not a handyman.
He is a con man.
And listen! Listen, everybody.
- Yes, sir.
This is a people's company.
- Okay.
It is made for the people.
- Yes, sir.
You will have to work
for the people. Got it? - Okay, sir.
Hey, con man! - Hmm.
- I am talking to you.
You have to work honestly.
- Okay.
And you are? - Hello, sir.
- Sir, she
is Sanjana.
Sir, she is very talented.
She will be the head of the sales
department. - Head? - Hmm.
Do you have any experience in sales?
Yes, sir. Seven years of experience
as a sales head.
- Not only this, sir,
she has also received the
Sales Woman of the Year award.
Very nice.
- Hmm. It's
a big day, sir.
It feels like a dream.
This is not a dream. This is real.
Let's go, sir. Everyone is waiting
for you in the auditorium.
They are waiting for you, not me.
You are the partner in this company.
Got it? Come on.
And hey, con man! - Gentleman.
- Hey! - Hey.
Get a haircut. This does not
look good. - Yes. - Let's go.
Come on, uncle.
- It's such
a nice thing. I feel like crying.
It's okay. At least it started.
Please come.
You all are present here
in such large numbers.
So thank you very much
to all of you
from the bottom of my heart.
Friends, people know me
as Jallad Singh.
This question must have come
into your mind
why do people call me Jallad?
Because I used to pick up
the unclaimed dead bodies
and take them to the crematorium
and perform their last rites.
That's why they used to
call me Jallad or Executioner.
In the beginning, this address used
to sting me. It used to hurt a lot.
But then I got used to it.
But I want to tell
you something today.
The person who opened
my closed eyes is standing
in front of you.
His name is Satyansh.
I will hand it over to Satyansh.
- Thank you, sir.
Thanks to all of you
for coming here.
Thank you, Jallad sir
for always pushing me.
You are right.
People call you Jallad because you
take unclaimed dead bodies
to the crematorium.
But I want to say something today.
Whenever I used to go to pick up
unclaimed dead bodies,
a question used to come to my mind
why do people become unclaimed
despite having heirs?
Why do children leave their
parents alone at the last moment?
What happens in their life
that everything
becomes more important than parents?
This question never let me sleep.
I love my parents a lot.
Maybe that's why I see my parents
in every old parent.
And I can't stand seeing
anyone die like that.
Huh! Well, if the one who
takes the unclaimed dead bodies
to the crematorium
is an executioner,
then yes, I am an executioner.
You are also an executioner.
You are too.
We all are executioners.
And I am proud to be an executioner.
Cause we do what
even their own wouldn't do.
Thank you.
And now I'd like Jallad sir
to inaugurate our new company.
- Yeah. Thank you.
Please come.
'When a child is born,'
'it is a big day for the parents.'
'They put everything
into his upbringing.'
'Only in the hope'
'that this child will be
their support in old age.'
'But their hope turns
into a long wait'
'when their child forgets them'
'and goes far away'
'to earn money and fame
in his new world.'
'While waiting for the children,'
'the old parents could not break
the relationship with the children.'
'They give up on their life'
'and die as an abandoned corpse.'
'Our company Lavaste
will do the work'
'that children should do.'
'Lavaste will give confidence
to every person'
'who feels they are alone
in this world.'
'Those who think who
will light their funeral pyre,'
'who think that they have no heir.'
'Lavaste is for them all.'
'You can become a member of Lavaste'
'with a small monthly amount,'
'and in return, we will'
'get you cremated wherever you want'
'as per your wish.'
'And apart from this, Lavaste
will also perform the last rites'
'of those who are really unclaimed
in this world'
'because this company belongs to the
people and is made for the people.'
Well done!
My boy is all grown up.
Sir, is he your son?
He was mine.
Now he belongs to everyone.
"The fate of the destination"
"is in your hands."
"All the land and sky"
"together will create"
"a world of dreams."
"We will conquer the world."
"The one who lights the lamp
in the storm,"
"the one who keeps
everyone's hopes alive,"
"the one who does
not give up and wins,"
"the one who does good deeds,"
"he is my Rama."
"He is my Rama."
Welcome to Lavaste.
What is Lavaste?
Lavaste is... you know,
what is life? If you are here,
there is life.
If you are not here,
there is no life.
After your life,
if your family member
is not with you,
Lavaste is with you.
Lavaste is for you.
Sir, welcome to the studio.
My first question
to both of you will be,
what is this Lavaste group?
How it works,
and how it is beneficial to society?
I will tell you
what Lavaste is,
but this is the question
you should ask those children
'who leave their old parents alone.'
'And they leave them at the time'
'when those children are most
needed by those old parents.'
'Children do not come
to the funeral of their parents'
'but come running
to take the property.'
'Satyansh is behind the
entire idea of Lavaste.'
'He will tell you about it.'
There shouldn't be a problem.
- Okay, sir.
And do everything thoroughly. Okay?
- Okay, sir. Have you got it?
I sent the money.
Do you want more?
- No, dad.
No... If you
want, tell me. I will send it.
It's not like that.
By the way, I have done
all the property in your name.
L... Let's go.
Sorry, dad.
- I should have said sorry.
Yeah. - No...
- I thought I had a son.
If I call him, he'll come running.
Thank you very much
for breaking my ego, son.
I am sorry.
- Thank you.
One second. Hello, mom.
'Hello, son.' - Mom, I am
with an important client.
I'll call you back.
- Son,
it's been a long time
since I saw you,
come soon.
Mom, I'm busy with
some work right now.
I will come as soon as I have time.
You just don't worry. I have
sent the money. Okay?
Okay, son. Take care of yourself.
Sir, the pamphlet of our company.
Suppose that something
happens to you,
you die. In such a situation,
when no one will support you,
we will stand with you.
Our company will support you.
Your last rites...
- Now come on, get out!
Uncle, listen to me... - Get out
of here. Get lost! - It's for you...
These annoying sales guys
with some idiotic thing
of their company.
I am coming. It's my mom's call.
Wait a minute.
Yes, mom. I have sent the money.
I am in the company's success party.
I'll call you later. Okay?
Okay. Bye.
- 'Satyansh,'
'your phone has been
off since yesterday.'
I tried a lot.
I could not reach you.
I got a call from your home.
It's urgent.
What happened? Is dad all right?
Yes, he seemed fine from his voice.
I was in a meeting yesterday.
The phone battery was dead.
I am going straight home.
- 'I am going to surprise them.'
Don't tell them.
Okay? Okay, good night.
- Bye.
Did you come?
She took care of us.
What happened? Where is mom?
My daughter-in-law!
What has happened, God?
Why aren't you saying anything?
Brother, mother is no more.
We called you a lot, brother.
You didn't even talk.
Where did you go, son?
Your mother left us.
'I want to get your
two sisters married.'
'Then I have to
settle your life too.'
'Son, call as soon as
you reach there.'
"Dere naa..."
You are early.
Where did you go?
My son.
Where did you go?
We waited so long for you.
Your mom is no more, son.
We waited for you, son.
- Dad!
Dad, bring some water, please.
Bring water. Dad...
Get up.
"There is no ground"
"under your feet,"
"and there is no sky"
"above your head."
"Now, whose hand is it"
"that you can hold?"
"Know that you have lost"
"everything you had."
Satto. Satyansh!
- Brother.
S... - Brother.
- What happened, son?
Yes. Yes.
Are you feeling okay?
- My boy.
'What goes on is life.'
'As long as we breathe,'
'we must not give up on life.'
'If there is any life left,'
'then there must
be a reason for it.'
'I've found.
I want to be with family.'
'I have a lot to do
for the society.'
'I have to do
for the unclaimed people.'
'There's life to live.'
'There's work to do.'
'In career planning,
we have everything'
'like a house, car, wife, children,'
'and friends.
But we leave our parents.'
'We should also have parents
in career planning.'
'Then see, to a large extent,'
'many people can get a solution
to the problem.'
'After all,
one day everyone gets old.'
'So, this is also work.'
'How important this work is,'
'is a big question for all of us.'
"Rama. Rama."
"Rama. Rama."
"Rama. Rama."
"Rama. Rama."
"C for Country..."
"C for Country..."
"G for Good..."
"C for Country..."
"G for Good..."
"The one who works
for the good of the country,"
"he is my Rama."
"He is my Rama."
"Rama. Rama."
"Rama. Rama."
"Rama. Rama."
"Rama. Rama."
"The one who worships the country"
"with body, mind, and wealth,"
"he is my Rama."
"He is my Rama."
"Rama. Rama."
"Rama. Rama."
"Rama. Rama."