Lazarat (2019) Movie Script

6000 live TV channels directly on your TV?
Hey, kid, would you like to zap away?
Experiencing that was bad enough.
I don't have to see it again.
Much better. Thanks.
Come on, how can you get such a shot
for an open purpose? Idiot.
What is the score?
- One against zero. Partizani stands for.
How much time is there?
- Enough. They just started.
Beautiful. I hate Sknderbeu.
Yes, but this season
do they have a better team.
They all spend money
to foreigners ...
but they still lose.
Don't be critical.
Those films were great.
And that bearded guy,
I don't know him, but ...
Albanians appear in American films
always on a bunch of criminals.
That is really bullshit.
That is not true.
- Yes.
That is not always the case.
Then name one movie in which we
are not clichd acorns.
We have a beautiful country
and I don't want to be exploited.
We are not all scammers. - You know we are criminals, right?
We must also earn our living?
Take it easy.
Good evening, boys.
Good evening, princess.
Shall we get to the point?
- Yes, but something else first. The bag?
As a token of good faith ...
That takes away the tension.
We have the requested money with us.
When and where does the load come?
Easy, buddy. We are still busy.
What are you playing?
- Briscola Bastarda.
That is Italian. I learned it
when I lived in Naples.
Now he is addicted to it.
He doesn't want to play anything else.
How do you play the game?
Do we know each other?
No, I would still know.
How should you play it?
This game is all about deception and deception.
At the start of the game
a trump card is chosen.
Briscola is the trump card.
You can play alone or with a partner.
The goal remains the same.
The first to earn 15 points wins.
If you have someone to work with,
you can cause confusion.
Unless your opponent sees you. That only happens if you don't know
what you are doing.
You look thirsty.
Beware. Briscola bastarda
is a completely different game with five people.
I do not understand.
- Yes.
It is a confusing game.
It sounds nice. Can we play along?
Of course.
You have been playing the game since you got here
walked in.
- Take that weapon off his head.
Ilir, what does this mean?
- They are not here for a deal.
What are you talking about? Everyone, calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down.
These bastards are agents.
A traitor in our crew
has provided them with information.
Do you want to get out of here alive tonight?
Then tell me who it is.
I do not know what you're talking about.
- Wait a second.
Take it easy.
- This is not about us.
It's all about Pedulla.
They are trying to get him through us.
Don't you understand that?
- Even if they are agents ...
you can't kill them. Do you understand?
Since when do you worry
for cops? Are you trying to tell me something now?
- Perhaps.
Are you serious?
After everything we've been through?
I give you the benefit of the doubt,
because we are in a stress situation ...
and because you are my friend.
Do you want to see loyalty?
Then I'll show you that.
Give me the weapon.
Enter here.
Give me the damn weapon.
I could not care less
if they are from the police.
But if we kill them now,
we draw unnecessary attention.
But you're the boss, aren't you?
I'm here because I like things
get it done.
You have human knowledge, don't you, buddy?
Do not shoot.
Do not move.
Well done, smart guys,
you have me.
Rei Cana, Renea ...
ID 8711.
Thanks for that.
I have to learn to avoid hits.
Once you have started
it's hard to stop.
Thanks for the advice, Dad.
- Are you ready?
Inspector, why aren't we told
that there was a mole at Ilir?
You didn't need that information. - I think that's necessary after tonight.
Although I am proud of what our department is
has reached ...
there are still too many leaks.
With all due respect,
we have earned your trust.
If it reassures you,
I am not informed myself.
Until Chief Inspector Agim
informed me.
How do we know he's not a double spy?
How do I know you're not that stupid?
if you look like?
Chief Inspector, everyone ...
- Good morning.
Are you okay?
- Best.
Let us forget that bad start
and meet again.
Chief Inspector Agim Hoxha
is our contact person ...
for the department
of neutralization of armament, Renea.
Detective Rei Cana,
graduated criminologist ...
has been working at Renea for 20 years.
Cana has been undercover for a long time
investigating drugs.
These agents are ours
skuadra shqiponjat, our attack team.
Agents Elena Pnishi, Kolo Salihi,
Enci Berisha and Lorik Xhaka.
The yankee of our team.
- I am Albanian. Grew up in New York.
They specialize
in task force interventions ...
and as you already know,
Ilir was their most recent target.
Good job.
When it almost shoots me,
is seen as 'good work' ...
then I compliment you.
- Get the mess.
If there had been good communication
between departments ...
then that was yesterday's hassle
did not happen.
Do you know where to put it?
Do you think you know that?
- Bring it on.
Enough now.
We all want the same thing.
Let us not forget that.
Agents, from now on you must
report to Chief Inspector Hoxha.
- You are a great agent.
They need you for this.
So make me proud.
Thank you, inspector.
- Thank you, Chief Inspector.
For Albania.
Gentlemen, lady ... Welcome to Renea.
There is a problem.
That is always there.
The Minister of the Interior
requires a collective effort ...
to clear the land
organized crime and corruption. The trust in justice
of our citizens must be restored.
Is that all?
Parliament wants to propose
that our country ...
a Member State
becomes of the European Union.
To achieve that,
we must get rid of scum.
How would you like to do that?
By systematically knocking over
of the responsible persons.
We will conduct their business
destroy from the inside.
Who is our target?
Frank Pedulla.
He is in control.
An Italian American who is from
the United States.
Nothing is happening in Albania
without his permission.
He controls it all.
If we get rid of him ...
then the problem is solved.
Are you OK?
- Yes.
Sit down.
Have you heard of Ilir?
- Yes, he's a good kid.
He knows what needs to be done.
- I hope so.
Times change.
These are no longer the 90s.
They want membership
of the European Union.
They now want to walk the right path. My boys say it's getting serious now.
They will be chasing me soon
and then maybe you.
You have the gift to ...
nasty, suffocating energy
to bring me home.
Get rid of it. All right?
And all that fuss about 'them' ...
Remember that from now on I am 'she'.
You can't find anything worse than me.
They watch before going to sleep
under the bed or I lie there.
Not turned around.
Do you want something to drink?
- Frank ...
Sonny, take him down
and give him a drink.
Give me two minutes.
We can join us with this guest
don't allow a mistake.
We prevent this by catching the men
who manage his affairs here.
Besnick Shehu, the heart
of Pedulla's operations in the country.
He's his right hand.
Just like Ilir.
Ilir is just a handyman.
He brings prostitution and drugs
in the clubs and on the street.
But he knows things.
We're going to find out
what those things are.
Mum's mine.
Come here.
You're an asshole. Multiple people think that,
but that doesn't matter.
What happens to you matters.
Believe it or not, Ilir,
but i like you.
I know that. That's why I'm here too.
How long has he been undercover?
- About a year.
That is long.
- He must have made friends.
Listen if you help us
to grab Pedulla ...
we will arrange something for you.
Otherwise you will spend the next 20 years
locked up. The choice is yours.
Don't want to see Reza again?
Don't you dare say her name.
You ate with us. Do you remember?
Yes, I remember that.
I still know Alban.
Don't you want to see him grow up?
Let me help you.
I'll kill you.
Get him out of here.
- I offered you a deal.
- Fall dead.
- I'm Nico.
Wait a minute.
Your father told me you were 14.
Do you want to do business or not?
Okay, come and sit.
Do you want anything?
- Baklava. Endri, do you want something?
Me too.
Two baklava.
Ok what have you got?
Coming next week a new man to Tirana.
Do you know his name?
- No.
Have you ever seen this man?
- No.
Are you sure?
- Yes.
If you see him, let me know.
That's really important.
Who is that big kid?
- My partner.
Are you always so quiet?
- I only talk when it's important.
Your father said you wanted something for Besi
will deliver.
- Friday.
- In the club.
- Yes.
Hey, kid, once you've completed that deal,
then make sure you get away.
Do what you have to do, but then go away.
Mary, put that in my account.
Are you comfortable?
I won't be here much longer.
Oh yeah?
You think?
Do you know?
You look familiar.
That was a long time ago, baby.
Come on, don't.
Come back.
We are here
because a gypsy said so?
Rei trusts him.
I trust him.
- Never trust a gypsy. Never.
You need to cheer up. We got it...
Hi how are you?
Talk to her. She likes you.
- I am occupied. You are married, not dead.
- That's what the one with two ex-women says.
They both still love me.
- Not true.
I'm here for Besi.
Nico. What is it, kid?
Nico is in.
We can take action
as soon as you say that.
Understood. Just go. Forward.
Here we go.
Get that child out of there.
Here it is.
Two pounds of Britain's best stuff.
Take this with you
and give it directly to your father.
May I use the bathroom?
Be quick.
Then go directly to your father.
Hey, kid, come on.
What are you doing here?
Police work. Do you know that?
- Funny.
You also smell nice.
A table for two. Three. How much?
- Four.
Arrange a table for us.
Besi, my friend.
How are you, buddy? I'm back.
Lay down. Now.
Get out, you.
A cop was shot.
Call an ambulance.
Stay with me.
All units inwards.
Come here, asshole. Damn.
What is going on?
Come on, boy. Hold on. Stay with me.
Hold on.
What is going on? I have got you.
Hold on.
Come on, I'm with you.
Stay with me.
Please hold on.
Call an ambulance immediately.
A cop was shot.
I've tried it.
I tried to save him.
I am very sorry.
How's Kolo?
- Good.
That tough bastard
refuses to stay at home.
He wants to keep working on the case.
How is Lorik's family?
Not good.
And Enci?
- That is no better.
But he is focused.
I'm sorry about Nico.
We cannot change
what has happened...
but we can do something about it.
Picking up Besi was an important step.
We are almost there.
You think?
You make a difference.
Your parents would be proud of you.
Just like me.
You have to see this.
Are you okay?
- Just look. This was with Besi.
Good morning, buddy.
Kiss my ass.
I think you want to see this.
That was with Besi.
Maybe your friends
not as loyal as you are.
I wonder why they take so many photos
of your child. Your wife, your family.
That raises questions.
Not then?
Come back here.
Come back.
Will I be included?
No, it's off the record.
I can assure you this case
top secret.
I want more than your word.
Do you know, Chief Inspector?
You and I have too many moles.
Right, friend?
I want protection
for my wife and my son.
And I want guaranteed immunity.
This is the only deal I offer.
Are you okay with that?
I want that on paper.
I thought so.
I have permission to your family
to protect.
And immunity
in exchange for your cooperation.
For your full cooperation.
If that's less ...
then we will catch you.
Draw here.
There will be a delivery next week.
Drugs with a street value
of half a million.
- On Sunday.
Is Besnick Shehu in charge?
- He's in charge of everything.
About distribution, shipping ...
If you want Pedulla, then grab Besnick.
And the buyers?
- Italians from Naples. Where will it happen?
Outside of Vor. I believe in warehouse eight.
Damn, this is insane.
What's so funny?
- What the hell is so funny?
Everyone is talking.
Everyone is a traitor.
Including myself.
Do you know why?
Because we are all cheating.
We all steal.
We suck.
For a piece of cheese or bread.
That's enough.
- That's enough, yes.
Do you know, Chief Inspector? I would
be careful who I trust.
Not true, Gerta?
Come back, baby.
I'm just kidding.
Fall dead.
- Shut up.
What did that mean? Who is Gerta?
- No idea.
Is everything all right?
- It's fine.
Who is Gerta?
No one.
Listen, I gave everything here.
Trust me or not.
That choice is yours.
We have already come that far,
that we should not fall apart.
We are on your side anyway.
You know that right?
Are you sure?
- I know that for sure.
What you tell here will be this room
never left, right? Gerta was a long time ago.
Another life.
I worked for Besnick.
What have you done?
I was a stupid girl. Fourteen.
I saw an advertisement
for new models.
That seemed like a great opportunity.
It wasn't that.
How long?
- Until I could finally get away.
Now you know ...
why I am more driven
then the rest in this space.
I'm sorry, but what about Ilir?
A friend of Besnick.
He often came by.
Can we...
Can we get back to work?
Come on, boys.
All right, boss.
Frank, they have Besi.
It seems they are now
Want to grab Besnick.
It's a matter of time
before they come directly to us.
Welcome back, buddy. How are you?
Better once we grab that bastard.
- I understand that.
What are you doing here?
- My job.
No, you have to skip this time.
I'm fine.
- You can't go against me.
Let's go, everyone.
We will see you again soon.
Better next time.
Stand still.
Show your hands.
- Stand still. Hands up.
Hello people.
It is Sunday.
You must know for yourself.
Brother of mine.
I love you.
Friends and family go
always above business.
You don't call me back.
You invaded my factory.
What have I done?
- We got a tip.
Got a tip?
- A good one.
Did you find something?
- No.
Not a good tip.
How's Anna doing?
Good thanks.
- An angel.
For 22 years and you are still bothering me.
I have to do something right.
How did you know we were coming?
Why do you think I knew?
We are taking over Albania again.
They want to prosecute.
- Pursue me? How so?
Because I feed 3000 Albanians every day?
- Come on.
We both know who you are
and what you do.
Listen, there are only a few kings
and a lot of desperate people.
The only one who will benefit from this
is the Albanian people.
How so?
What has changed? It is the same.
The same Albanian citizens,
the same politicians, the same promises.
You promised to to protect and serve.
Now there is no running water. No roads,
no laws, no infrastructure.
Nothing. That's because of you, Agim.
That is because of you
and your poor government.
Want to turn a blind eye
and ignore that?
I built the pipeline, friend.
I can keep that.
I have scars to prove it.
So let's not talk about that.
What do you have? You have become rich.
You have all become rich.
Do you know?
Sometimes I think you've forgotten something.
That Albania has made you great
and not vice versa.
Even though your passport is blue,
that does not make you unapproachable.
We want to correct our mistakes.
Do you want to straighten everything out?
What a good plan.
Have your SWAT team
go straight to jail.
With that you can straighten it out.
What do you think?
Do you think the people here
are in control ...
are not criminals?
They didn't commit murder.
- Oh no?
Where were you in 1997? What did you do then? Did you sing in an Albanian choir?
Didn't you have your finger on the trigger?
Who did it belong to?
I'll tell you.
That was yours and me.
Yes, it was ours.
And do you know why?
Because we had something to offer this country.
We gave it stability
an economy and hope.
And 4.5 billion a year.
Four and a half billion a year.
What do you think of that?
Do you think politicians
do not want to benefit from it?
The Minister of the Interior
has provided everything for you.
Everything and everyone to do with you
will perish with you.
Including Brittel.
You will pay for your actions.
My actions?
Deeds of mine?
Do you know what's funny?
You came to me once.
Because you are the people here
treated like animals.
Do you know what you are now?
You are a louse ...
in the fur of those animals.
Mr. Pedulla, you don't have to say anything anymore
against these idiots.
Everything that needed to be said
is said.
I will see you again.
See you, everyone. And thanks. I appreciate it.
Enjoy your Sunday.
Wait, look at me.
Damn it, no.
Look at me.
I'll see you.
Are you OK?
tell us what that suggested.
It went exactly as I expected.
- Oh yeah?
How so?
He played us.
He is in control.
He wanted us to know that.
We had him. And you let him go.
On what basis could we hold him?
The warehouse was empty.
And what about Ilir?
- That's a start.
But we need more than the word
of a traitor who wants immunity.
This goes deep.
Powerful people are involved.
If we want to fix it forever,
we have to play it smart.
Give me Pedulla.
Have you seen Besi?
- No.
And Ilir?
- No.
Shall I deal with him?
Come on.
Good morning.
Am I inconvenient?
- No, come in. Sit down.
What is it?
Tell me the story.
Frank was a friend of mine. A good one.
Why didn't you say anything to the team? Why didn't you say anything to me?
That was a long time ago, in a different life.
Frank was an American marine.
He served in Vietnam.
He worked as a contractor and helped
Albania and Kosovo during the civil war.
He trained the liberation army.
He saved many lives at that time.
Including mine.
He helped with our liberation.
After the war he saw an opportunity in Albania.
He made it his home
and created an empire.
So he's a hero.
- He was.
By people like him
I lost my parents.
That's why you lost your brother.
- Have faith in the system.
Albania is changing.
That's because of people like you.
People who are brave enough
to clean up our mess.
No, not me. I'm not optimistic.
But you have to.
There is no other way.
Trust in the law and justice.
In your people. In your home.
Don't stray from your path.
One more thing.
Due to security issues I have decided to transfer Besi and Ilir ...
to a highly secured prison.
- That's smart.
If Agim says he wants more,
then we give him more.
How do you mean?
- We have to do what is necessary.
Ilir told us if we were Pedulla
want us to catch Besnick.
If Besnick is in charge
the operations, then he has the data.
Notes, freight lists, contact details ...
will lead us to customs officers
that are on their payroll.
With that we can Pedulla
to put someone in a tight spot.
let's get Besnick.
We'll get him tonight.
Who is in?
- me.
Why not?
Are you sure you can handle this?
Good luck.
Be careful.
- You too.
Are they being transferred?
- Yes.
Burrel, a highly secured prison.
Come on.
What is going on?
- Who will say?
Let's go.
We're going in at the back.
There is a side entrance.
It's big, so we stay
close to each other.
What can we expect? - No more than three people.
Remember that this is his workplace
and not where he keeps his products.
This is his place of fun,
a place where he entertains his friends.
We have to stay together. Understood?
- Understood.
Let's go.
This way.
Let's go. Come on.
Forward. Hurry up.
It's alright. Just go.
It's alright.
We are here to help you.
What's your name?
- Gerta.
Gerta ... Where is he?
Over there.
Where's Elena?
She was right behind me.
- Damn.
Let drop.
That is a long time ago.
I've missed you.
I knew you were coming back.
They always come back.
You all act like you
don't like it ...
but whores are what they are.
They need someone to take care of them.
Not true?
Stop it. What are you doing? Get out of there.
- Open that door.
Now open that door, Enci.
- I'm trying.
Come on, honey.
Open it.
- I will do that.
Do you want to play a game? Come on.
Come on. Open that thing.
- Do not rush me.
You are a lot tougher
then i can remember.
Don't think because you live your life
have improved ...
your other clothes
and have another haircut ...
that you no longer belonged to me.
You will always belong to me.
Elena, hold on.
Almost finished.
- You drive Me crazy.
Come on, you're driving me crazy.
You're mine.
Not anymore.
Good to see you guys.
- Good to see you, Sonny.
We have to go.
Finally, get me out of here.
You, dirty rat.
I'm not a rat. I'm a father.
It worked.
- Come on.
We are not here for you.
Keep quiet, old man. We are leaving.
You are lucky.
Come with me.
What should I do then?
Are you okay?
Come on, you're fine.
She killed our best trail.
- That's right.
Are you OK?
- Now it is.
That's convenient.
- What?
What did you say?
We know how Pedulla works.
He always thinks ahead.
Fall dead.
Dirty Bastard.
- Shut up.
Shut up and listen. - A request for reinforcement.
Communication with prisoner transport
has been lost. Shots have been fired.
Your weapon.
We are a team. Accept that.
Let's go.
Let me see your phone.
Give me your phone, I said.
Give it to me now.
You're crazy.
Let me see your phone now.
I only have you about the transfer
told. Give me your phone.
All right.
Get the crap, Kolo.
It was you.
You have done this all.
Now I'm gonna kill you.
I'm going to leave here.
- No.
You are not going anywhere.
You cannot escape this.
Everyone has made their own choices.
I made the mistake
I only realized it late.
I was sick of it
to stand on the losing side.
This can not be true.
You are a traitor.
Do you think you make a difference?
For as long as I can remember
we finish each other.
We pick them up
and they buy themselves free again.
Always the same thing.
What is the point of it? Well?
And what about Nico? You killed Nico.
He was just a kid. What's up with that?
He recognized me.
I had no choice.
No, I did have a choice.
I do have a choice.
Today is one of the darkest days
in our history.
We do not yet know all the facts.
We do know that there is a terrible
calculated assessment has been ...
on our police force.
We swear we won't stop
before all those responsible ...
to be tried
for this terrible crime.
Our country has been going way too long
burdened by organized crime.
Now we are going to offer resistance.
We will put an end to it
this epidemic of chaos and destruction.
Thank you.
Mr. Pedulla, I'm sorry.
I had no idea what he meant to you.
I thought he just ...
Get him out of here.
We can...
- What?
Pedulla has been playing with us all the time.
Kolo ...
was in control.
Ilir knew you were agents
when you came.
He knew there was a mole in his team, but he didn't know who.
He told Pedulla
that we wanted to catch Vega.
He killed Nico.
But he was shot.
There were powder marks
found on his shirt.
He did that himself
for his credibility.
He told all of our plans to Pedulla.
Agim was right.
He outsmarted us every time.
Wait, listen to me.
Look at me. There is news.
We have permission
to catch Brittel.
All that anger, all that frenzy ...
Use that.
Alpha One, we are in the neighborhood.
Alpha One for Alpha Basic, listen.
They bring the fight to us.
To Renea.
They caught our companions
and now we are going to get them.
Britain's drug trade is coming today
but it is going to be intense.
This is hostile territory.
Don't underestimate what I'm saying.
Everyone in the village will graze us
want to take. Really everybody.
Be aware of that.
We are Renea.
For our fallen companions.
For inspector Ermal.
Lorik Xhaka.
Chief Inspector Hoxha. Let's handle this.
They are coming.
Let's get ready.
Go ahead.
Are you OK?
- I just got hit. It is going great.
A rocket launcher.
Do they have rocket launchers?
Let's go.
Come on.
Good Lord.
The weed extends to the trusses.
Just like in every other house in the village.
They are not soldiers, but villagers.
- With guns and rocket launchers.
We have to go further.
Alpha One for Alpha Seven,
That sniper has to go.
You heard him, get out.
Alpha One, we're going upstairs.
He has put us down.
That sniper has to go.
At once.
The sniper has been disabled.
You are safe.
Alpha One, stop shooting.
We come to you.
Focus on him.
- I got him. Go.
Are you okay?
Come on. Let's get him.
Well done.
Where did he go?
Do not move. You're under arrest.
Not true.
I'm fed up with it.
I just had it.
All of this.
I've had it with all this. You have made your choices.
Who are you?
Are you lice?
Are you beasts?
The choice is yours.
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