Le capital (2012) Movie Script

A golf-cart!
And not a word.
To anyone!
That's the swing that changed
the CEO's destiny.
Mine, too.
I ghosted his book
and got his trust.
and an office on the exec's floor.
Then a 2nd book
with a formula that he liked to use
at his business meals:
"Money is a dog one needn't pat,
"it wants its ball thrown
again and again
"so it can do what's expected
of it indefinitely."
After that I became
indispensable to him.
I got an office beside his
and confidential assignments.
Until the day when...
Everything's fine, Claude.
Go back to the bank with Sieg
and check the rumors.
Total discretion.
Tourneuil. go down with Claude
and come back up.
Yes, Mr. De Suze.
Let's go.
Jack hid his balls cancer.
It offended his virility.
Don't worry,
the rumors will die down.
Dad's resting a few days.
No priest?
Dad, stay in bed.
The chemo's over! I'm fine.
We want you up and about.
I am!
Come back soon, dear Jack.
We need to prepare the future.
And reassure the stockholders.
A new CEO? So let's pick one!
I suggest Marc Tourneuil.
Jack, not Tourneuil.
After you.
he may seem a little bland.
5 years in New York at Goldman Sachs.
5 years in our front line.
I'll be at his side...
Dad's right.
Marc'll be very good.
Specially with the press.
The CEO's crazy.
Tourneuil as head of Phenix!
The CEO's on uppers!
- Then Bertrand?
- Who?
Bertrand de Saint-Robert.
Not that old queen running
the most powerful European bank!
No CEO, plus a power struggle
spells disaster.
The Americans'll move in.
Germans too. It'll be a free-for-all.
Let's take Tourneuil.
And hope the CEO's tumors do the rest.
Bye, gentlemen!
Tourneuil screws her?
Her dad wishes he did.
Don't give Phenix to Tourneuil!
Who knows what makes him tick?
He's a good boy.
He'll do what we say.
While Marmande's around,
let's not make waves.
Then what?
We'll bury the pooch with his master.
By then I'll have trained
the CEO we need.
Yes, Claude.
Too heavy.
Oh, OK.
Very well.
Very well, Claude.
- Africa's cancelled. I'm needed here.
- Who's going?
No idea.
They post you, then cancel.
No explanation.
And you don't react?
Got a better idea?
Tell them to get lost,
quit, teach. write your books,
not Marmande's.
We'll have a normal life.
I said "a better idea".
If Marmande's dying, they'll fire you.
I don't think that he's dying.
I'd have known from Claude's voice.
She'd cry, if she knows how.
You're dumb.
If you don't react.
they won't respect you.
Who needs their respect!
- What do you want?
- Money.
What for?
To be respected.
Dear friends.
as you can see, I'm fine.
For two decades,
with your help,
I've turned Phenix into one of
the leading European banks.
Today we're going to place
at the head of Phenix
a young and talented man.
Attributes which aren't incompatible.
And I'll back him up.
He'll serve finance and our customers
with respect for the ethical
and political order,
so Phenix is constantly reborn.
dear Marc,
it is with emotion that I...
entrust you with the rudder.
If you don't mind.
I'll hold on to the compass.
Here I am, Marc Tourneuil,
CEO of Phenix Bank
thanks to his master's testicles.
I can tell Marmande's game:
he wants
a temporary stand-in.
But why De Suze's gang go along?
Waiting for him to die?
The real question is:
how long do I have?
I've been summoned to De Suze's,
major shareholder.
His mansion's called
"the palace of intrigues
and backstabbers."
Hello, attorney. Why here?
De Suze thought it'd be friendlier.
How are you doing in your CEO's duties?
Have I congratulated you?
Let me do so again.
We took a risk in naming one so young,
but I'm glad.
And don't forget:
a CEO signs checks.
fires people and eats well.
Watch your waistline.
We discussed Jack's situation:
he'll receive his salary for 2 years.
He'll keep his apartment,
his car and chauffeur, for life.
He wants to keep his office
and his right to use the jet.
That office symbolizes authority.
Jack, you'll have a similar office.
As to the jet, when I don't need it,
with pleasure.
We're offering an annual salary
of 1.8 million.
Marmande gets 2.4.
You want a cut-rate CEO?
Dear Marc.
that's exactly what we want for now.
We're considering
a variable bonus system.
If the Phenix shares
top the Euro Stoxx 50,
you get a bonus of 2 million.
If they're 2nd, 1 million.
3rd, 500,000.
Nothing if they're 4th.
In general, they're 4th.
In general, the bonus is 1 million.
You want to innovate, Marc.
Let's innovate.
So innovate.
Draw up the contracts.
Sure of your protg?
He thinks he's really the CEO!
Let's dump him!
It's too late or too soon, Jack.
Evening, sir.
Your in-laws, sir.
I'm sorry, I had a hard day.
No, sit down.
- A CEO is always excused!
- Do sit down.
They were leaving.
Our train is at 9.15 p.m.
Dad wants a chat.
- Of course.
- Next time.
No. Go ahead.
I know of a deal that could bring in
100 000 to 150 000 a year.
- Interesting...
- I'll have the file soon.
By the way, congratulations...
Our local press mentioned it.
That's wonderful!
They're for you.
What about your salary, dear Marc?
Get out!
Screw my salary.
You get out!
We're negotiating.
I won't see you out.
I'll go hug Gabriel.
I haven't seen him in a week.
You made me lose.
Put it there.
Thanks, Dad.
"And your salary, dear Marc?"
"And your salary,
"dear Marc?"
You were odious to my parents!
I can do much better.
Was your meeting that bad?
1.8 million. 1/3 less than Marmande.
150,000 Euros a month,
ought to be enough.
For you. wealth was long ago.
For me, it's the future.
You're all I need.
Low pay means low respect.
I never thought you'd do so well.
Turned on by the CEO?
No, by you.
Why did they pick me?
For your performances.
Like you, they want to use me.
But you won't let them.
Yes, I will.
I'll take those three.
Two suits of each.
No pleats in the pants.
And not too tight.
I'm keeping you waiting, Mr. Rameur.
You dress?
- What?
- Do you dress left or right?
You're a policeman...
A retired one. But still a policeman.
- What do you expect from me?
- What can you do?
Everything. As long as it's legal.
And if it's illegal?
Only the price changes.
I don't need a James Bond,
but someone who knows
how to sift through trashcans.
I'm good at that.
I wanted to know who on the board
was for or against me.
I still felt some passive hostility.
Alfred, a big mouth.
a financial genius,
has presidential aspirations.
hides his ambitions.
Boris, the youngest.
Ambitious, minor talent.
a spiteful tongue.
Too dumb to defy me.
Matthew Malburry.
Anglo-Saxon duplicity.
Claude... Incompetent.
Doesn't like me.
Thinks I benched her Dad.
Raphael Sieg, a friend for 15 years.
Wanted my job.
Virtuous. Good pianist.
We'll reduce
our loans to small businesses.
They earn us peanuts.
The government wants us
to lend more.
You work for the government?
We'll develop high frequency trading.
I'm doubling the number of traders.
What about
the 50,000 hectares in Ukraine?
We're not farmers, Marc...
Your job is to finance,
not plow land.
Ferry, wind turbines
and nanotechnology?
Environmental industries are complex.
I need another month.
Hand it over to Malburry.
I want to regroup
and sell all our toxic products.
The hybrids with no liquidity.
That we inherited.
- They add up to?
- 3.7 billion.
We won't deal in weapons.
polluting chemicals,
Tell the press we have
an ethical approach.
Insist on the fact
that our priority
is growth in Europe...
It's very urgent.
Raphael, I'll be right back.
Our ethical approach to things
is strangling small businesses
and we're investing our toxic assets.
A little dignity.
Dignity and ethics.
We'll rise to the heavens.
So will our stock.
I wanted us to be here together.
We haven't had time to forge a strategy.
We have to dive in.
You'll meet those who want
to eat us for dessert.
With a bit of luck and cunning,
we may eat them.
He left with them.
Where are they going?
We'll get fired.
Replaced by Yankees.
Irishmen and Indians.
No one's being replaced.
Even in your private talks?
They said :
no more French capitalism,
cronyism with shareholders.
Performance will reign.
You didn't react!
We're dependent on a speculative fund...
...managing billions at the speed
of light. We know that.
But we don't know what Miami
will do with Phenix.
We won't be judged
on "French bank ethics"
but on the truth of numbers.
Everyone should know that, Alfred.
I'm not everyone.
I agree with Alfred.
It's cowboy capitalism.
Don't overdo it.
Don't sacrifice Phenix
to preachers of instant profits.
I won't bare my ass
for those slimy bastards
who bought Phenix
with a loan Phenix must repay.
Not baring your ass
isn't a creative strategy.
Let's hear how you plan
to counter this cowboy capitalism.
Go ahead.
Christophe wants to see us
at the Westin. It's urgent.
Come with me.
Sir, the press is on the runway.
The press?
Why the press?
- Who set up this crap?
- I got the press here.
Dad used to feed them a few tidbits.
Will you have to choose between
odious and preferable?
We have a plan,
that Claude Marmande
will explain to you.
Thanks a lot.
A few tidbits.
Thanks a lot.
- The usual.
- Yes, sir.
still ready to head up
the New York office?
- That's up to Marc.
- Quit plotting.
I need Raphael.
We're heading into a storm.
The President wants to know
about these Americans.
Keep going.
The President's worried about you.
What are these Americans like?
Very cool.
But their secrets...
Who's he?
A crook who got rich in Africa.
Needs a government contact.
- Yves Zombard, no?
- Yes.
CooI in what way?
A brutal hedge fund.
Their plan is to make Phenix
a U.S.-style bank.
They mentioned relocation.
They like Paris, not France.
Too many social laws.
save whatever you can
on the social level.
But avoid relocation.
In this economic situation...
any good news. even fake.
is welcome.
I see what the bank's doing for you,
not what you're doing for the bank.
The American banks
are waiting to devour us.
The ship's sinking,
and you're strolling
in your life jackets.
There's a war on
and you come up
with fantasy strategies.
We had to reckon
with the ratings agencies.
Screw those Mafiosi.
Papa Marmande's capitalism
with all its frills is history.
I want Phenix to be
a dynamic and committed outfit.
but able to compete globally.
We need long-term projects.
We need to react.
be creative and committed.
It's a struggle.
Our independence is at stake.
I'm alone in the front line.
So follow me...
or leave.
We're with you, sir.
You're not alone.
We anticipated
the government regulations.
Change all that.
They won't dare regulate.
Excuse me.
Yes, sir?
Dittmar wants me to fire massively.
Yes, and?
What do you think about it?
Me, nothing.
You're the CEO...
It's your responsibility.
What's bothering you?
The Americans want me to fire people,
the French want me to fail,
my own execs are poised to stab me.
You gonna fire?
If I don't, I'll be fired.
Go back to teaching.
You get fired there, too.
Phenix is a ship:
I'll steer it well.
I'm looking for a way to do it...
To do what?
Cut staff without seeming
to fire people.
- Do like Mao.
- Who?
Mao Tse Tung!
In the cultural revolution.
he used the rank and file
to get rid of old timers.
I must pare the rank and file, too.
Didn't you learn that at university?
It's called a social plan.
Bravo, sir.
It was great.
I fear the questionnaire may be...
This is very dangerous.
That's what I want,
something dangerous.
Your job is to make it a blessing.
Excuse us.
The unions are furious.
You're creating snitches.
Screw the unions!
You can't fire 5,000 people like this.
Who said 5,000?
You're a hit with the staff.
especially the women.
send my speech to the media.
Words and images.
Who said 5,000?
With 7.000 layoffs,
our shares will move up from 12 to 18%.
At 10.000 to 26%. and
the shareholders' demands will be met.
I asked for this meeting
to settle my bonus.
My "layoff" bonus.
You're out of your mind!
Each layoff is a saving of
4,000 Euros a month.
I want the 13th month. Keep the others.
Let's say 3,000 per layoff.
A layoff bonus!
30 million for you.
It's extortion!
I didn't want these layoffs.
It's a lot of money for you, for you,
for you,
and for the stockholders.
But I must weather the storm.
It's short-term thinking.
I'm thinking of Phenix's social image.
And its future.
Your experts suggested 7,000.
It's better for public opinion.
The Minister advised moderation.
As a compromise, yes.
1/3 for those under 50.
173 plus 25% for those over 50.
Bahamas B,
Russia R, Ukraine U,
Niue N,
Cayman Islands I,
Sarawak S,
Switzerland S,
Aruba A, Guatemala G,
Egypt E.
We get
B, R, U, N, I, S, S, A, G, E :
How long will this rodeo take?
Six minutes or six months.
The longer it is.
the more secure it is.
Letters for your accounts.
One forgets numbers, not words.
- My dough goes to a sunny place?
- A shady one.
And it comes back white as snow.
What do you think of the situation?
The timing's good.
During a crisis gaps widen
and fortunes get made.
Especially when
you've feathered your nest.
Here's how things stand.
The "leak" about the layoffs
had positive results.
The government didn't react.
The staff trusts the CEO.
The market?
After the leak,
the shares rose by 5.9%.
Despite our denial.
This is my idea for massive layoffs.
1 : The social plan
isn't a management ploy.
That's old hat.
The problem is getting it across.
We must hit hard
and with surgical accuracy.
We put out a press release stating
"staff adjustments",
"the future of our business"...
she treats our social bloodbath
like it's golf.
And above all...
About the social plan, you're fired.
Right away!
...we announce a social plan
by another group,
and keep at it.
Thanks, Claude.
10 minutes pause.
Hello, Mr. Tourneuil.
One piece of news.
They didn't Iie about Zombard.
He's a crook, with a laundered billion.
He's with the Crdit Gnral.
He was.
This is an evaluation...
Everyone wants to interview you.
sir. Isidore Sartre. on the line.
He insisted.
I'm listening, Mr. Sartre.
May I know why I've been fired?
In your local questionnaires
you're called a dictator.
I get results.
If I'm not harsh. they idle.
A suicide at Phenix
would cause a market debacle.
Nobody's committed suicide.
It mustn't happen.
You're fired for misconduct.
Or resign.
What misconduct?
A hated leader is a bad leader.
That's misconduct.
I apply company policies.
That's over.
Your staff hate you.
You've lost my trust.
- Resign!
- I have the 2nd best results...
Why did he reach me?
He called all morning...
What did you expect?
The self-assessment
created hope, but that too.
Matthew, you were saying?
We can go to 7 or 8%.
That's less than 8,000 layoffs.
At least 10%.
Marc, that's bloodletting.
It'll create a revolt.
The directors are outraged.
Because we're seeing
their shortcomings.
I want to discuss
my transfer to New York.
Your self-assessment
made us a laughingstock!
We're being verbally abused.
Hundred times a day.
This is harassment.
We can't go on.
Enough, Raphael!
You agree with us.
If this goes on, we'd rather resign.
I accept your resignations.
Marc, you can't be serious.
I'm very serious.
You won't be missed.
That'll be all.
Gentlemen, you may go.
Listen, they're your finest...
Raphael, it's not negotiable.
When the firing's done.
we'll discuss New York.
Hello, sir.
- They sent Madame's dress?
- Yes, sir.
Dior sent that?
I won't wear a 22.000 Euro dress.
It's obscene.
Not after your Maoist revolution.
They told you the price?
I asked. So what?
You must wear it.
You're a CEO's wife.
You must dress like one.
I don't want to have to dress
like a CEO's wife.
You got used to the apartment,
the jet, the chauffeur.
I want no part of it all.
I don't need it.
If it's too heavy.
you can drop it all.
But I'm not turning back.
Gabriel must be in bed by 9.30 p.m.
LUXURY IS A RIGH Good evening, sir.
I'm Tino Notti.
They expect you upstairs.
You know Dittmar?
Yes. He's a friend.
- Your auto-revolution is great.
- Thanks.
Here comes the pain in the ass.
Be right there.
Evening, Minister.
I heard of a plan
against your predators.
I'll leave you to your plots.
What's this plan?
An internal audit of the staff.
Which will lead to layoffs.
Mostly abroad.
And in France?
3,000 voluntary departures.
That's not good news.
You said that
to create jobs tomorrow,
we have to lose some today.
That was before the recession.
You know Nassim?
She's divine!
Evening, Marc.
Your project is great.
- see you at the dinner?
- Yes.
- see you at the dinner?
- We're not staying.
You OK?
You know Kazarian?
The Minister wants your conflict
to ease.
What conflict?
You poached Zombard
with a crook's offer.
Of two crooks, he preferred me.
- That's not done.
- Antoine,
the frills are gone at Phenix.
We'll break you.
Nassim is a friend.
You have many friends.
- I make a habit of it.
- She lives in Paris?
The queen of supermodels!
She likes you.
Come. Meet my friend Olivier.
He wants to interview you.
Your methods are fascinating.
People want to know you.
I can do an hour...
A minute is enough.
That OK for you?
What do you think
of this campaign for luxury goods?
I'm for democracy in everything.
Democratizing luxury goods
seems salutary to me...
I didn't know it was such fun
to spout crap.
...for happiness.
I had to get used to it.
Now I'd go on every show.
- Tell me about the markets.
- We did fine.
Up 16%,
thanks to the new financial products
that your math geniuses concocted.
What exactly are we selling?
What? I thought you'd be telling me.
You hired them.
Go ahead. Practice.
Your ex-employees.
Boris and Alfred, chat a lot.
What do they say?
That De Suze and the Americans
are planning to fire you.
That you're a dickhead.
Go on?
Sieg met De Suze 3 times.
Lunch in a dump with a 9.50 special.
"9.50 special."
Sieg often phones the US.
He wants to be moved there.
To be closer to your US friends.
Send me those pictures.
Do I keep at the trashcans?
I have a question.
I have some money to shelter.
Is another crisis due?
The big one's still due.
Call Craillon from me.
He'll fix that for you.
Our paper graveyard.
11,000 layoffs.
With 1,200 in France.
The staff,
the execs, the top execs.
I'll keep this guy.
There'll be a strike.
A short one, yes.
We'll do over 20% return on equity.
I doctored things a bit.
I did everything you wanted.
When can we talk about New York?
I haven't forgotten, Raphael.
Mr. Tino Notti.
He says you know him.
I'm listening, Mr. Notti.
Hello, sir.
Great party! Am I intruding?
Go ahead.
Nassim asked me to call you.
She's upset she sees so little of you.
She was thrilled to see you again.
she's sorry you didn't stay
for the dinner.
She was superb on the runway.
Give her my best regards.
She's in London,
for the whole week.
Mr. Dittmar Rigule.
I must leave you. Mr. Notti.
Call again.
Yes, Dittmar. I'm listening.
What was I doing here
visiting this fucking branch
instead of heading straight to Nassim's?
Was I the goddam boss or not?
Mr. Tourneuil?
Maud Baron, projects manager.
Here you are.
Mr. Greenball will soon be here.
No, stay.
Can I get you a drink?
No, thanks.
How did the self-assessment
go here?
- Not so well.
- Meaning?
A French concept
hard to put across here.
What should we have done?
Given the number of layoffs
and explained why.
That wasn't our only goal.
No, but the main one.
Congratulations, sir.
I'm so sorry.
Thanks a lot.
The President wants you in Brussels.
The lyse Palace is sending a car
to your place...
My head was spinning.
I said. why are you telling
this stranger your life?
You came to screw her.
and you're in this sleazy joint.
What did she make me swallow
to get me this high?
You got me very worried about Japan.
Come and show me your report in Paris.
Yes. sir.
I'm actually writing it now.
Wait for me.
Marc. Marc Tourneuil.
Just 2 minutes. Elias Guigou.
Remember me, Marc?
I'm out of work...
Haven't had any for 3 years...
send 10.000 Euros
from my account to...
- Elias Guigou.
- Will do.
I knew these assholes had a plan
to fuck me with this Mitzuko business.
But I didn't know what it was.
But I sensed that
the Mitzuko deal was crooked,
dangerous for Phenix,
and fatal for me.
You OK?
- You OK?
- Fine.
Hello, Mum.
Hi, Dad.
That's for you.
Toys. We financed a company in Korea.
- Gonna show me how it works?
- Sure.
Want this one? That one?
Which do I get?
I had it first.
Let's have Iunch.
We've waited enough.
How are things?
- OK?
- OK.
And you?
Very well.
Lovely, Nina. Bring that here.
Thanks, darling.
I'll give you another.
You won't leave empty-handed.
Well, Marc.
If one's rich.
what should one invest in?
In the pleasure of your family,
spend it all.
And avoid banks.
They invest your money till...
it's all gone.
Luckily we have none to invest.
May I ask an indiscreet question?
I'm here for that.
Go on! Shoot!
When you earn 1.5 million a year...
what do you do with it?
- Cool it, Sylvie.
- Pierre, that's OK.
It's a good question.
I spend nights asking myseIf.
Diane helps me.
I do what I can.
You do it well.
What reassures me
is that soccer players
who earn 4 to 5 times more
manage to spend it all.
Reassuring, no?
And you, Jeanne,
having a CEO son,
what does it mean to you?
That I see him less and less.
I'm here.
And Diane, to be a CEO's wife?
Also to see him less and less.
To go to boring dinners...
where they only talk about money.
So, Uncle, this wine?
Your bank makes money
and you lay people off.
How do you cope?
Bruno, not today, please.
He's the champion bungler
of family meals.
Very badly, Uncle.
Very badly.
That doesn't answer my question.
The bank was going under.
It had to be saved.
We had to fire people
to save 100,000 jobs worldwide.
Don't give me that.
I've heard it too often.
You bleed people 3 times.
1 : The market wants blood.
you relocate, workers lose their jobs.
2 : You bleed them as customers.
3 : Via Europe's debts.
you zap countries
and their citizens get bled.
Worker. customer, citizen
are the same guy,
so you screw him 3 times.
Money turns everything rotten.
I expected better from you.
Thanks, Uncle!
But you should be glad.
Because we relocate.
create unemployment,
raise prices to enrich stockholders
and break the social system
to pay off the debt?
Because you're successful?
Because I'm fulfilling
your childhood dreams.
My childhood dreams?
You lefties wanted internationalism.
We've got it.
Money knows no borders, nor does work.
Here, look. See this toy?
I got it in London, it's German,
made in Indonesia.
By children.
But the world you dreamt of
couldn't have fed those children.
Our internationalism will manage.
I'm also working for that.
New York.
Money never sleeps.
One must watch it like milk on a stove.
Or it boils over
and you have to fire people.
You know what your uncle's like.
Uncle has a point, Dad.
How'll you handle the Americans?
They only think money.
They're like us, they're businessmen.
Like the banker who said :
"I do God's work."
Just words.
I'll be off.
Excuse me to everyone.
Tell Diane I'll send the car back.
By the way, next time I come
it'll be to see only Mom and you.
sir. You put me in charge
of Maud Baron's report on Japan.
Yes. Come in.
Maud Baron sent you her book.
Mr. Tino Notti called.
Mrs. Nassim lost her credit cards.
So what?
Please pay her hotel tab.
She'll pay you back.
I knew she took me for a jerk.
and I should kiss her off.
At the same time I said...
Wire the money.
It's 27,000 Euros.
Do it.
So, Mr. Rcamier, how's the report?
Very good. Excellent, sir.
It's an analysis...
Marmande is dead.
I found him there.
security never saw him come in
this morning, or leave last night.
Mr. Craillon.
Gather his personal papers
and bring them to me.
Those in the safe, too.
Very well, sir.
Marilyne, tell Malburry he's off
to Tokyo. I'll see him at 4 p.m.
Very well.
I want to tell you
of Jack's double suffering,
that of his illness of course,
but also his inability to fully practice
a job he loved passionately.
To be with his staff,
who were like his children to him.
The family spirit...
that he created...
vanished with the changes...
De Suze and his group
still want to grab Phenix?
...and turned Phenix
into a great European bank.
Being kept at a distance
was as painful to him
as his disease.
If you need anything, I'm here.
You're going to replace Claude.
She's taking a sabbatical.
- But, sir...
- If you're not interested...
- Of course I am.
- Very well.
Well, sir,
this is what must remain confidential.
A few personal things.
And then...
So, Marmande had 4 accounts.
His will is clear about 3 of them.
The 4th, an account in the Bahamas.
contains 30 million.
Does it belong to the bank?
No way. There are 5 withdrawals.
Where did that money go?
To another numbered account.
We'll never know to whom.
Mr. Tino Notti.
- Check with Claude Marmande.
- Shredder.
Not that, Mr. Craillon.
- Yes. Mr. Notti.
- Hello, sir.
I have a message for you.
Hi, Marc.
Thanks a lot.
I wanted to thank you personally.
Body and soul.
Big hug. See you soon.
She wanted to thank you herseIf.
Where is she?
In Tokyo, doing a shoot all week.
I'll be there in 2 days. Tell her.
Sir, we'll be there in 45 minutes.
Mr. Notti called twice.
Nassim's leaving Tokyo.
- You should've woken me.
- You said not to.
Nassim can't see you in Tokyo.
I land in 1 hour.
She must return to New York.
She has serious problems.
Maybe I can help?
Ask her.
She's leaving soon for New York.
she'll be in the "La Premire"
Air France lounge.
Have a coffee with her...
A coffee with her...
Evening. I'm meeting someone.
- Who are those undertakers?
- Our best men at Phenix-Tokyo.
We'll meet now.
I'll fly off right after. Gentlemen...
- What's it now?
- It's urgent.
Nassim is disappointed with Tokyo.
Stay there.
You intimidate her.
- she doesn't dare talk to you.
- Go on.
You offered to help her.
She has lots of money, but it's tied up.
How much?
A million.
She'll pay you back in a month.
That's a lot of money.
- Do I give it to you?
- Not to me.
Her bank details.
- When will I see her?
- She'll be in New York for a while.
- Maud Baron.
- Marilyne. Delighted.
I've read your book.
It's remarkable, original.
Make sure the Saudis don't wait.
I stopped by.
As you asked.
I checked out the Mitzuko bank,
and the reasons for buying it.
I wanted to hand it to you myseIf
and comment on it.
Dittmar insists on
speaking to you.
Put him on.
- Am I in the way?
- Not at all.
Dittmar overdoes things.
He's the big shareholders' man.
You wanted to talk about Mitzuko.
Mitzuko has a credit crunch.
The reasons to buy it...
Sir, they're here.
Let's have dinner.
Marilyne, set it up.
You hungry?
I'm not.
Come. We can't talk in there.
They want you to buy Mitzuko
so the shares of Phenix plummet.
They own lots. Why do that?
To buy the rest at bargain prices.
And take control of Phenix.
So I buy Mitzuko...
and look like an idiot.
They take over Phenix
and fire me. That's it?
Or you don't buy Mitzuko...
You're useless,
so they fire you anyway.
My fate is sealed.
No third choice?
Yes. Resign.
And denounce the scam.
It'll create a major scandal
and you'll be...
A traitor for all banks in the world.
and your hero for a week.
For much longer.
You'll be a hero for many people.
and for a long time.
My dad was a vet, Mom a teacher.
My sister became a vet, I got a PhD.
The pride of the family...
Yes. Now they read everything
about bankers...
and things are different.
I wanted to teach economics.
and get the Nobel Prize.
Of course.
Instead I make the rich richer.
and the poor poorer.
Like any banker.
I love coming here.
I used to come with my parents.
Tell me.
What if I took a sabbatical
to write a book...
About the cancer
that's gnawing at the banks...
Would you help me?
When you've decided, we'll talk.
I have to go now.
Good night.
Wait for me here.
I'll show you your zoo.
- What do you want to know?
- Her.
Her house, her dad, her dog.
Brilliant worker, very honest.
A choice piece.
No one's had her at the bank.
Slut, not a slut, or bait?
She's not a 1,000 Euro hooker.
For 1 million?
- But who can pay that?
- You said bait.
- she can be used to entrap.
- Next.
They still see each other.
Sieg says you'll fire him.
De Suze says he'll fire you first.
He'll get your job.
Tho is...
Sorry. Mr. Craillon is a fine banker.
His passion:
protecting other people's money.
And Mitzuko?
Behind the stockholders
is the Bull Funds group, in Miami.
Do I keep sifting that trashcan?
More than ever.
And don't neglect the others.
No. study a plan
for buying out Mitzuko.
That's what I'm asking you.
But Marc, it's serious.
You'll wreck Phenix.
Do as usual. Obey.
Is Mitzuko serious for you?
Phenix buys Mitzuko
which is worthless.
So Phenix's stock collapses.
The money paid for Mitzuko goes into
the coffers of the guys in Miami,
who now buy Phenix.
They buy Phenix with Phenix's money.
They have the bank and the money.
It was to do that
that they made me king.
- Is that legal?
- No.
Denounce them.
We don't do that.
- Why?
- We just don't.
It's like the Mafia.
Can you step aside?
Do you need all that money?
What else is there?
I want to discuss you and De Suze.
and a promising plan.
I only have business relations
with De Suze.
- What do you want, Marc?
- Just a little 9.50 Euro special.
They want me to buy Mitzuko
to get Phenix at a bargain.
And you and I are out.
If I tip you off.
you can beat them to it.
Not very ethical.
Market ethics are like military ethics :
the first to shoot kills the other.
But if he misses.
he's a dead duck.
It stinks of insider trading.
That leads to jail.
It can make you a CEO.
And De Suze will control Phenix.
- Is that stuff good?
- Revolting.
I'm boning up for jail!
Go ahead.
I say I've bought Mitzuko.
Phenix's stock starts to drop.
Miami sells its shares.
the stock drops lower. Panic sets in.
The small stockholders follow suit.
the market is flooded.
Miami will wait longer
to buy a big block.
I'll tell De Suze I bought Mitzuko
before I tell Miami.
If he's organized.
he can beat them to it.
- De Suze will ask what you want.
- Nothing.
Too expensive.
25 million Euros. In Switzerland.
Raphael, I'm harassed by reporters.
The CEO won't see me.
What's going on?
There are bad vibes on his floor
and it's spreading.
- There you are!
- Who's dealing with Mitzuko?
If the rumors are true, we're sunk.
- The CEO's at the helm.
- "At the helm"? Crap!
I trust the CEO. He must have a plan.
I'll announce the Mitzuko takeover
tomorrow at 4 p.m.
- How much will it drop?
- To minus 60%.
Dittmar won't buy in
until -55%, -50%. Act before that.
Marc, the media won't let go of me.
The rumor's out about
our impending takeover of Mitzuko.
It'll soon be official.
Shun the media. Let it seesaw.
Here. send it like that.
No interviews. It's all in there.
- But the quotes...
- It's all there.
Antoine... It's your play.
Will that old fart De Suze buy in time?
Won't the Americans beat him to it?
What if they're all out
to put me in the slammer?
Bahamas! B, A, H, A, M, A, S.
My dad's 4th account has been emptied.
Nobody could grab that money.
Only you and Craillon
had access to it.
- Tho Craillon for Tourneuil.
- Mr. Craillon is away.
No news from him for 7 days.
- Rameur Company.
- Jean Rameur for Marc Tourneuil.
He went on a trip.
7 days ago.
Claude. this is no time.
I'm swamped. Later.
You won't get rid of me like that.
Mr. Dittmar.
We'll have a bite.
Now you're no longer CEO,
who's in charge?
The economic situation.
Who's "the economic situation"?
A fat whore...
Who runs everything, everywhere.
What's in store for you today?
Jail, CEO, or sabbatical?
The fat whore'll decide.
If you go to prison,
I'll be there when you get out.
But if you're CEO.
I'll be gone from our home.
It's all there.
Be right there.
I hear you resigned as CEO.
I had to make that choice.
I came to say I admire your courage.
I'm at your disposal
to help you with your book.
My book?
Robin Hood for the Rich.
That could be the title.
What'd I say in that book?
I mean what'd we say?
You'd tell about...
banks in the claws
of predatory stockholders.
The dictatorship of the markets,
the rating agencies
that run the economy for politicos,
that threaten society.
A book on democratic states
that can no longer...
govern or get rid of banks
who stifle them.
You're the only one...
You're so young.
you speak with such fire...
We're playing, Maud.
It's a game.
An unfair game that's a bit cruel.
But it's planetary.
No one can quit. and say,
"I won't play anymore."
What of those who lose their jobs.
their lives,
to enrich the stockholders?
They in it too?
Like in all games,
there are winners and losers.
The winners can lose everything.
But the losers can win, too.
That's the beauty of the game.
You think I'm young.
I think you've aged fast.
Can you leave us, please?
We'll sue you for insider trading.
That'll put you in jail.
We're all in it together.
The judge'll say you benefitted from it.
That your group controls the bank.
That you'll be its CEO.
He's the CEO.
Marc Tourneuil
will have his 25 million.
Will you tell the judge that?
That's not what Marc Tourneuil wants.
- Meaning?
- What does Marc Tourneuil want?
Phenix was the target
of disloyal attacks.
But we withstood them
and overcame our enemies,
thanks to the actions and vision
of one of our teammates.
Gentlemen, our new CEO.
Marc Tourneuil.
Our main stockholders.
Marc, the President's advisors.
They expect a lot from you.
Tell them what they want to hear.
My friends...
I'm your modern Robin Hood.
We'll keep robbing the poor
to give to the rich!
They're children.
Grown-up children.
They're having fun.
They'll keep on having fun
until it all blows up.