Le passe (2013) Movie Script

You still smoke?
No, I'm getting old.
You want your bag?
You bought a car?
No, I borrowed it.
What's that?
It's too cold.
What's wrong?
My wrist hurts.
Let me.
You're getting old, too.
Look, do I have enough room?
You do.
What are you doing?
The past
Do the girls know I'm here?
Didn't you tell them?
I thought you might let us down
at the last minute, again.
Put it in fourth.
I'm here now, let them know.
I'd like to see them.
We're going to see them now.
We're picking up
Lucie and going home.
Didn't you book a hotel for me?
You were supposed to.
I wasn't sure you'd come.
What do you mean?
I wasn't sure.
Something came up last time.
Just two days before...
Don't worry about it.
We don't have all day
for your excuses.
Just because I canceled
my trip once?
Not just for that
The girls would
like to have you.
I don't want to disturb.
You won't disturb us.
You have to come for
your suitcase anyway
when it's delivered.
Come change your wet clothes.
I drove around the block
to avoid a ticket.
She left.
Did she know you were coming?
Let's go.
Since you were late,
maybe she went home alone?
It's not the first time.
She came home
at 11:00 last night.
They all go through this.
It's normal.
No, it's not normal.
What's her problem?
She's been giving me
hell for two months.
Can you talk to her?
See what's wrong with her?
If she still remembers me.
She loves you.
Even now?
Where are you going?
Turn right!
I was daydreaming.
You've forgotten everything.
I was distracted.
You shouldn't leave
this here, it's risky.
Is Lucie home?
Fouad, you broke it.
Pull harder...
I can't, I'll hurt my hand.
No, not like that.
First put one side on,
then the other.
I'll show you.
So this
goes here.
There we go.
It's dried out.
We need some oil.
You know where to find some?
It used to be
in the cupboard in the shed.
My dear L.
Doing good?
You've grown so much, sweetie.
Hello, sir.
Your friend's ignoring me.
What's his name?
His name is Fouad.
Hello, Fouad.
How are you?
Come inside, Ahmad.
And you, Fouad,
come get your things
in the bedroom.
It wasn't in the shed.
You changed its place
while I was away.
There's some in my father's car.
Where's the shelf that was here?
That old wooden shelf?
We moved it.
There were books of mine on it.
All your stuffs
put away in the shed.
take your things upstairs.
I don't like it upstairs.
What? I don't like it upstairs.
Please, do what I said.
Watch the paint.
Wasn't the other color better?
It's not done yet.
My wrist made me stop.
I could've done it
while I'm here.
It would've kepi me busy.
Didn't you want
to go to a hotel?
I'll do it.
Ouch! That hurts.
It's fine, thanks.
It's okay?
Here are the keys.
I left some clothes upstairs.
Go change before
you catch a cold.
What are you doing here?
Go on.
You sleep upstairs
and Lucie here.
Lucie, call me back, please.
I have a surprise for you.
It's just while Ahmad's here.
Hurry up, please.
What a pain...
Is that your father's
car outside?
You live here?
With your father?
Since when?
Since school started.
Don't bother making your bed.
You can go sleep downstairs.
What a pain.
First it's upstairs,
then it's downstairs.
It's upstairs, then downstairs.
I'm sorry.
Why are you coming down?
He told me to.
Ask him,
with his old furry beard.
They can't all sleep downstairs.
You live with someone?
You didn't tell me.
What do you mean?
I wrote it in my e-mail.
What e-mail?
I don't know which one.
One of them.
I didn't get any.
So why did you want
to stay at a hotel?
Not to disturb you.
In any case, I wrote you.
I didn't get anything.
You didn't wonder why I asked
you to come for the divorce?
Does he know I'm here?
I'm leaving, then.
He won't come by
while you're here.
Or he'll let me know, for sure.
When did you send
that e-mail?
I don't know.
It must still be in your inbox.
I guess so.
Want me to show it to you?
I asked you to book
a hotel for me.
I did last time
and you didn't come.
I had to cancel.
How much did it cost you?
What time do I have to
be in court tomorrow?
You said you'd stay
to talk to Lucie.
When will she be home?
I don't know.
I can meet up with her tomorrow.
I was hoping you'd keep
your promise for once.
I didn't promise anything.
My mistake.
Fouad, can't you
watch where you walk?
Why do I spend hours cleaning?
For you to make a mess?
Fouad, look at me
when I'm talking to you!
Look at me!
We went for this.
I don't give a damn!
Get back here!
Get back here!
Fouad, come here!
I wanna go home!
- Let me go!
- That's enough!
Come here!
Let me go!
Calm down.
I wanna go home!
You're a pain.
Stop it!
Let me go!
Look what you've done!
I don't care!
Stop it!
Come on, Fouad, stop it!
Let me go!
I wanna go home!
Please, stop it!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I don't care.
Let me go!
Please, Fouad.
You're not my mom.
Get out of here.
That's enough!
Enough, Fouad!
Leave me alone!
Stop it!
You're impossible!
I wanna go home!
Go, you're late.
I'll clean this.
I'll do it.
No, I'm okay.
Not with your wrist, go.
I'm doing it.
I thought you were leaving.
I'm waiting for Lucie.
We'll see after.
Go on.
Lea, can you go
get my shoes, please?
Open the door!
Hurry up.
Open up!
I'll escape anyway!
Open the door!
You'll keep an eye on them?
Don't worry.
I'll break the door down!
And run away!
- Open!
- Fouad.
Fouad, stop it.
Backup, I'll open the door.
What's the matter?
Where are you going?
Let me go.
Let go!
I'll let you go.
Let me go!
I'll lei you go.
But first,
tell me where you want to go.
Calm down.
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
I'm leaving!
Where to?
My house!
Where's your house?
He can't, it's too far.
Shut up!
No one asked you!
None of that in this house!
Got it?
Go, Lea. We need to talk.
What's wrong, Fouad?
What is it?
I want to go.
You want to call home?
There's no one in my home.
What's the matter with here?
Is it because she told you off?
But you were misbehaving.
You spilt the paint.
You caused trouble.
Didn't you spill the paint?
It's not the paint.
What is it, then?
Is it because I'm here?
You want me to leave?
Hello, ma'am.
How's it going?
The plane was late.
He's here, then?
Where did you park it?
Right there.
You shouldn't leave this
in the car, it's risky.
Did you go to the hospital?
How was she?
Same as usual.
Fouad's not with you?
He asked me to go pick him up.
He didn't want to stay there.
I got upset with him.
With both of them.
I'll take him home
with me tonight.
No reason to make a fuss.
He's never called me like that.
I've never yelled like that.
Anyway, I promised.
Okay, I shouldn't have.
We'll make up tonight.
If you come tonight,
call me first.
Corn, hot corn!
Hot corn!
Fouad, stop it!
Give him this. Careful.
I don't want any.
You cut your hand!
No, I didn't.
Yes, you did.
You're bleeding!
Ahmad! He cut his finger!
Is that better?
How did you know it was me?
I knew you were coming today.
My little Lucie...
Lucie, want seconds?
No, thanks.
Come on, have some.
You won't get real Ghormeh
Sabzi again soon.
Unless you marry
two nice Iranian guys.
And you, Fouad, an Iranian girl.
How's that sound?
- More?
- Thanks.
What are Iranian girls like?
Iranian girls.
They look like me...
But they're girls.
Like this!
You like that?
They do this all the time?
- And they have a beard?
- No!
You want to go
to Iran with Ahmad?
Uh, what's it like'?
You always come home so late?
Just to sleep.
I have nowhere else
to spend the night.
Why don't you
want to sleep here?
Same as you.
You'd rather go to
your friend's tomorrow.
This isn't my home.
And your friend's place is?
I'm not comfortable here.
Me neither.
It's not the same.
For me, it's hard to face the
guy who's about to marry my ex.
It's normal.
Now she's just your ex?
Well, yes.
You lived here with her for years
and now she's just your ex?
Everything3 changed since then.
We got separated.
Give me a hand.
You're old enough
to understand that.
I'm old enough not
to be preached at.
I'm not here to preach.
Your mother asked me to see
what's got into you.
I don't know why
she thinks you'd tell me.
She knows what's got into me.
I don't want to see that jerk
when I come home.
Come here, please.
Isn't he a good guy?
I don't know him.
Why call him a jerk, then?
What's he done?
He has no business being here.
Your mother wants
to live with him.
She can live with
whoever she wants.
Whoever she wants?
Even a guy with a kid
and a wife in a coma?
Fouad's mom?
And if she married somebody
else, would you mind?
It'd be the same.
So your problem isn't him.
Since I was born, my mom's
changed guys three times.
And it's always the same story.
They come, stay for a few
years and then they leave.
Would you talk to her?
About what?
Talk her out of it.
You guys are still up?
Go upstairs, Fouad.
Time for bed.
Two more minutes, please!
Two minutes.
Good evening.
Good night.
Can you sleep
downstairs tonight?
Fouad will go up with Ahmad.
I saved you some food
if you haven't eaten.
You want me to heat it up?
No, thanks.
Where did you get all the herbs?
I went shopping with the kids.
You're still a great cook.
The one thing
I'm still great at.
What time must we
be there tomorrow?
You don't eat
Ghormeh Sabzi with a fork.
Did you talk to her?
You can guess.
She doesn't like you remarrying.
She's scared you'll
live with him for a while,
and then he'll leave.
Tell her this one won't.
I don't think I'm the right
person to convince her
to be happy
you're getting married.
I'm not asking her to be happy.
I just want to know
what she's after.
Stopping this marriage.
It made me laugh, too.
Try to convince her
before making your decision.
My decision's made.
If you're not comfy,
we can switch.
I'm okay.
I need to pee.
Go, then. Go on.
That's good.
Did you talk to her doctor, too?
No, just the nurse.
What did she say?
About what?
The scratches on her stomach.
They happened after
my last two visits.
Maybe it has nothing
to do with the visits.
Maybe it was involuntary.
You'd like it to be involuntary?
I'm sorry.
Do you hear yourself?
You can't say whatever you
want and then apologize.
What are you doing here?
It's dark, I can't go up.
Why do you want to go up?
I asked him to go
upstairs with Ahmad.
The girls are together.
Maybe he doesn't want to sleep
with a stranger.
Get your things, we're leaving.
I'm sleepy.
I want to go to bed.
You asked me to come get you.
I want to stay.
You can sleep in my bed.
Come on.
Ahmad, leave it,
we're running late.
The sink is clogged.
It can wait.
We have to be there by 9:00.
Hurry up, kids!
Hey, kids.
My hands are dirty, sorry.
It's blocked again?
It's unblocked.
I'll just screw it back on.
Can I have the tea, please?
We'll drop you off.
No need.
Ahmad, we're late.
I'm done.
Get moving, kids.
Go get ready.
It's leaking.
There's always been a leak.
I told you
the joint has to be changed.
I'll take care of it.
Leave it, I'll do it.
Did you eat anything?
SAMIR; Not yet.
Can I see you after?
Don't you have class?
I can skip.
What time do you finish?
Want me to drive?
Looking for something?
Isn't that
the school Lucie went to?
Let's go.
Bye, kids.
FOUAD; Bye, Ahmad.
Bye, Mommy.
Bye, sweetheart.
Bye, Mommy.
Wait, let me see.
Come on, Fouad.
Okay, bye-
How did you meet?
At the pharmacy.
He'd come in for
his wife's medicine.
What was wrong with her?
She was depressed.
What's that supposed to mean?
We call it a smile.
We call it mocking.
What's funny about it?
Miss our fights, darling?
Is her depression funny to you?
Be nice or I'll get out
and go back to Tehran.
Aside from your hair...
No divorce.
...you haven't changed.
Shall I get out?
Stop joking, we're late.
Shall I?
Stop it.
what did you think of him?
Tell me first how serious
all this is for you.
Serious enough for me
to be pregnant.
Is that a joke?
The request applies only
to your personal situation
since no children
were born from this marriage.
Ms. Brisson renounces the
usage of her husband's name
and shall be restored
to her maiden name.
It is noted that Ms. Brisson
will keep her home,
20, rue de Paris, in Sevran.
The divorce will take effect
on October 19th, 2012,
date of this hearing.
Would you please turn that off?
Each party has recovered
their personal property.
Remaining possessions
have been divided.
The taxes have been
paid by the two parties.
The cost of the divorce
will be shared.
This document clearly defines the
consequences of the divorce,
if both parties consent.
Is your decision final, madam?
And you, sir,
is your decision also final?
you are hereby divorced
as specified by Art. 230
of the Civil Code.
I ratify the appended document,
which will be attached
to the judgment...
Please turn it off.
Marie, it's me.
They've brought the suitcase.
It's broken.
I don't know if
somethings missing,
if I should accept it or not.
Call me back.
What if somethings missing?
Doesn't he have insurance?
Don't know.
What do we do, then?
Will you take it or should I
return it to the airport?
Sign here, please.
Right here.
You okay?
Nothing, your eyes.
I'm allergic to the paint.
Change jobs!
Lucie! Lucie.
Excuse me, sir.
Where's the bus stop to Tajrish?
How are you?
What are you doing here?
Long time no see!
When did you get here?
Please excuse me.
Without warning, as usual.
Do you recognize her?
She's grown up!
You okay?
Haven't had lunch?
Why else would we
bother to come here?
What a pretty young lady.
Remember when you were little,
he'd bring you here
on his bicycle?
That was L, this is Lucie!
Forgive me.
You've always mixed them up.
Take a seat.
Where's Valeria?
I'll call her.
Your friend's here.
Ah mad?
Hi, Valeria, how are you?
How are you?
Good to see you.
I've missed you.
Remember Lucie?
Oh, little Lucie!
Not that little...
You look beautiful.
You two are still together?
We have something in common
that keeps us together.
What, after all this time?
The colors of our flags!
What's he saying?
He talks too much.
Let him.
How's your mom?
She's fine.
Did you go to court?
So, it's over now?
It was already over.
You still like ravioli?
What's the matter?
You know, this guy...
I don't think he's that bad.
He must be going through
a difficult time.
Put yourself in his shoes.
Between his wife
and his concern for his son...
How can she marry a married man?
You told me his wife
was in a coma.
But she's not dead.
She might not die.
That's his problem.
Know why she's in a coma?
How would I know?
My mom didn't tell you?
She committed suicide.
Because of her depression?
Lucie, what's the matter?
Look at me.
Get up'
we'll get some fresh air.
What's the matter?
We're going out.
Get up, Lucie.
Let's go.
Take her in the back.
You know why she doesn't say
his wife committed suicide?
Calm down, we'll talk after.
She doesn't want
anyone to find out.
That it's because
of their affair.
You shouldn't speak
with such certainty.
Especially at your age.
Don't say I've grown up
if you don't think so.
I don't want them
to be together.
You think it's up to you or me?
I'm nobody in this story.
If they get married, I'll never
set foot in that house again.
Your mother's pregnant.
You're lying.
I said wait!
You know why she's
with that asshole'?
Because he looks like you.
Grab the keys in my pocket.
The other one.
Good evening.
Good evening.
You're soaked.
It started pouring.
Want a coffee?
I've just come for my suitcase.
I can't miss the last train.
It's right here.
Wait till it stops raining.
It's not stopping soon.
Is Lucie back?
No. Watch the paint.
It was delivered broken.
Did you call her friends?
I don't dare anymore.
Did you talk to her today?
Do you have a piece of string?
You have a suitcase or two
left in the shed.
Help yourself.
Are the kids sleeping?
Turn it on, please.
Can you call the kids?
I'll give them their gifts.
Fouad, too?
Of course.
He wasn't supposed to get one.
I got him something today.
Can I ask
you not give it to him?
He's done something wrong.
He needs to be punished.
They should both
be punished, then.
Loan only speak for my son.
What've they done?
They took the gift
out of your suitcase.
But it was still in there.
I put it back.
We can't let them off the hook.
The suitcase was open,
it was tempting.
I'll ask them to apologize.
So they'll learn
apologies can fix everything.
But I already told
them I brought gifts.
I can't pretend I didn't.
Can you please let go?
I scolded them enough already.
I was just asking.
Good evening.
Good evening, kids.
you both have to apologize.
I apologize.
And you?
I didn't take it.
But you were with her?
But it wasn't me.
It doesn't matter.
You were together.
You could've stopped her.
"I apologize."
"I apologize."
I apologize.
"I apologize."
I apologize.
Look at him,
"I apologize."
I apologize.
Now, come get your gifts.
Come on.
You pretended like it was me.
I just said it wasn't me.
That means it was me!
It was you.
You told me
the suitcase was open.
Or I'd never have gone.
You didn't have to listen.
You didn't have to go.
I know why you're mad.
You didn't get a helicopter,
you got colored pencils.
Shut up!
You're crazy.
Shut up.
You're insane.
Shut up.
It's the size you used to wear.
I still wear the same size.
I have a gift for Lucie, too.
I'll give it to her later.
Thanks, Ahmad.
You shouldn't smoke.
She's never
stayed out this late.
- I'll go look for her.
- Where?
I don't know, nearby, in the
streets, at the station.
Where are the keys?
You had them.
Can I come with you?
Yeah, if you want.
She might not want
to come back with him.
Why did she cry
at the restaurant?
Who told you that?
I called Shahryar.
He said she burst into tears.
She's never this late.
What did you tell her?
You hadn't told her
you were pregnant?
You did?
I thought she'd let it go
if she knew.
That's why she's not back.
You weren't
supposed to tell her.
I didn't know.
What kind of secret
is that anyway?
She'd have found out someday.
Not when she's so upset.
Her problem is not
your being pregnant.
What's her problem?
What is her problem, huh?
She seems to know everything.
Everything about what?
I can't find the keys.
Look for them!
We'll talk later.
What do you mean by
knowing everything?
I don't understand.
She says his wife committed
suicide because of your affair.
She committed
suicide because we...
I'll call you tomorrow.
The keys aren't here.
I've got them.
Then why are you here?
What do you mean?
Does somebody
mind me being here?
No, but...
Forget it.
Excuse me.
Wait, I'm coming.
Ah mad?
She'd been depressed
for a while.
Every time I went to the shop,
she was unwell.
Why was she unwell?
What do you mean why?
Nothing, forget it.
Say it clearly or say nothing.
You said every time
you saw her, she felt unwell.
I didn't say she fell unwell,
she was unwell!
She was unwell!
Stop' this is going too far.
You'd like to
hear it was my fault.
I don't want to hear anything.
You asked me to talk
to your daughter.
I'm just telling you
what she thinks, that's it.
She's wrong.
I have to talk to her.
To say what?
You think she's
going to buy that?
You don't believe me?
Does that matter?
She's the one...
What's unbelievable about it?
I also doubt that
the mother of a five-year-old
would kill herself
because she's depressed.
You're the one saying that?
Have you forgotten
the state you were in?
She also did it when
he was 9 months old!
Was that my fault, too?
I was with you then!
Her depression
started after the birth.
You want to know what meds
Samir would get for her?
How long are you
staying in town?
I haven't booked my return yet.
Did you have to come? You
couldn't have sent a lawyer?
Sure but I wanted to come.
I wanted to see the kids,
and Marie-Anne, too.
To end on good terms.
It doesn't seem like the end.
There's still
something going on.
What makes you think that?
When two people
meet four years later
and start fighting again,
it means things
are still unresolved.
We were arguing about Lucie.
Lucie's problem is me.
No, it's a misunderstanding.
About what?
It's personal, I can't know?
In that case, tell me.
You may know
Marie's carrying my child.
She smokes,
she's stressed out...
I'm worried about her, too.
She didn't use to smoke.
I won't let her
destroy her mother.
If she has a problem...
She has no problem.
It's a misunderstanding.
What is it? It's been
screwing up our lives!
Marie-Anne can tell you.
Leave her out of this.
She's making assumptions
about your wife.
She thinks she killed
herself because of us?
So you know...
I heard you.
Did you?
She did that because of a
stupid story with a customer.
I heard she was depressed.
If she hadn't been, she wouldn't
have tried to kill herself
for nothing.
What can I do if Lucie
doesn't believe me?
I can send her my employee.
She saw the whole thing.
We should call the police.
Has she already
stayed out all night?
No, it's the first time.
Maybe she went to her father's.
In Brussels?
He's not in Paris anymore?
He's back in Brussels.
You think she can be there?
She's on bad terms
with him, too.
You want me to call?
It's better if you do it.
I doubt she'd have
gone to Brussels.
Fine, I'll do it.
Okay, give me his number.
Shahryar called twice.
Call him back.
Where's the phone?
In the kitchen.
Where did she get this idea?
What idea?
About Cine's suicide.
I don't know.
Okay, thanks.
Thank you.
Take care. Bye.
What is it?
Her father's number.
Don't worry him.
He's fragile.
She's at Shahryar's.
She went to the restaurant
and he took her in.
But he called twice.
Why didn't he tell me?
He heard how worried I was.
Let me...
Why didn't he tell me
she was there?
I was worried sick!
I've been sick all night!
I'll explain...
Explain what?
What do you want to explain?
What's the matter?
I already asked you
to go through me!
I ask you not to
raise your voice.
Why didn't he tell me
she was there?
Lucie made him promise.
She'd only stay
if he told no one.
He promised to
hide a 16-year-old?
What do you mean hide?
Why did he hide her?
He felt sorry for her.
Didn't he feel
sorry for her mother?
The keys.
Where are you going?
She has to come home.
Sit her ass down and listen!
Right now!
She thinks we don't know.
I don't care!
I want her to see
the mess she's put me in!
See her suicide's not my fault!
If you go, she won't come.
Then, I'll call the police.
I swear I will.
The police will bring
her tonight. And after?
Either she comes here or
she goes to her father's.
She won't come
as long as I'm here.
Come in.
Took you long enough.
Don't you have an umbrella?
Leave it here.
How did you get here?
I took the metro.
Why not a taxi?
I couldn't find one.
Hardly here and
already in trouble.
Is she awake?
She's asleep.
When did she come by?
It was late.
Probably to find you.
Why didn't you call us? Her
mother would have picked her up.
How could I call you?
You don't have a phone.
I called their house
and you weren't there.
I was scared to tell her
mother, scared she'd leave.
What's wrong with her?
She's imagining things.
Sorry to wake you.
Your mom's waiting.
She wanted to come,
I asked her not to.
Come on, get up.
Where's your jacket?
I won't go.
I don't want to go back tonight.
I'll call her
and you talk to her.
Marie-Anne? Hold on, please.
I'm staying here tonight.
Why did you hang up?
She did.
Let's go.
Get out of bed.
Let's go talk.
I want you to listen carefully.
Remember the last few months
I lived with your mom?
Remember the state I was in?
I was down all the time.
I wasn't working...
I stopped going out...
I didn't want to exist.
So when your mom says
depression caused her suicide,
I know what it means.
Even with a young child.
Did you often think
of killing yourself?
Yes, sometimes.
By drinking detergent
in front of L and me?
You think a woman who goes
to her husband's shop,
drinks detergent in front
of her son and collapses
simply wants to die?
Why didn't she take pills
and die in her bed?
We can spend
the night imagining things.
But it's all speculation.
We'll see Samir's
employee tomorrow.
She has things to tell you.
Tell her I've left
and she can come back.
It's better if Fouad and I
don't live here for a while.
Come on, Fouad, let's go.
That's enough, come on.
Let me go.
Come with me, I said.
That's enough, Fouad!
Let go!
Thank you.
What was that about? Huh?
When I say get off, get off!
Look at me!
Listen to me when
I'm speaking to you.
Leave me alone.
What did you say?
Leave me alone.
Never do that again.
Look at me.
What was that about?
Your pillow.
What's wrong?
What's the matter, Fouad?
Tell me!
I want to go back to Marie's.
We have to go home for now.
You told me our home was there,
Yes, but some things
have changed.
It's because of
the man who came?
Because I misbehaved yesterday?
Why doesn't Lucie like you?
She thinks I want to
take her mommy away.
She doesn't like her mommy.
Of course she does.
All children do.
Like you, you miss your mommy.
But Mommy's not home anymore.
You want to go see her tomorrow?
She scares me.
Your mommy?
She's dead.
Don't say such things, Fouad.
If she was dead,
they wouldn't keep her
at the hospital
with the machines.
If they take them away,
will she die?
Why don't they take them away?
Because we don't know if she
wants to live like this or die.
She wants to die.
Why do you say that?
She killed herself.
She wanted to die.
Sorry, Daddy.
That's the stain.
Did his wife work there, too?
Yeah, for a few days,
Samir would bring her there
to clear her head.
And that day,
Cine had a fight...
Cine is Samir's wife?
Yes, she's Samir's wife.
She had a fight with a customer.
The customer said that the dry
cleaner had made the stain,
and Celine said it
was there before.
That's all?
To make things better, I said
we'd clean the dress for the day after.
And then Cine got mad at me,
"Who asked you?
"I'm the boss here.
"The stain isn't
the dry cleaner's fault."
And she threw
the dress on the sidewalk.
Then the customer called the
police to make a complaint.
So, I wanted to leave.
You work illegally?
But Cine said I had
to stay as a witness
to tell the police that the
stain was there before.
So I called Samir without her
seeing me and asked him to come.
He came and he said
sorry to the customer.
He said he'd give her
money for a new dress.
And the customer said
she'd agree but only if
Cine apologized.
And Cine said no.
She started yelling at me,
asking why I'd called Samir.
I grabbed my things to go away.
But then Samir
came and he took...
He took my hand like this,
and he asked me to stay.
And he asked his wife to leave.
He threw her out
in from of the customer,
in front of me,
and I stayed.
How long before
her suicide was that?
Four, five days.
Can I go?
Thank you.
Sir! Aren't you
going to give us a tea?
Right away.
That's what depression's like.
Small things can set you off.
The day before her suicide,
I forwarded her
all the love letters
my mom and Samir
e-mailed each other.
What are you going to do now?
I'll go to Brussels.
Don't be silly.
You wouldn't
last a minute there.
You have to go
back to your mom's.
I can't face a guy whose
wife is dead because of me.
I can't look his son
in the eyes.
Come sit down.
You want my help?
Don't tell my mom.
I don't want her to know.
Sit down!
Sit down.
I shouldn't have told you.
Wait, listen.
You have two options,
either you keep this secret and
suffer for the rest of your life,
or you talk to your mom.
What'd that change?
It might change her
decision to marry him.
Her decision's made.
She's pregnant.
What if she finds out
after the child's born?
It'd really be too late.
If I'd felt like telling
her, I'd have done it.
Ifs not about
feeling like it or not.
Ask yourself if it's
important for your mother.
She has the right to know.
Hi, Mom!
Hey, you.
Can you open the door?
Did you buy chips?
Yes, I bought some.
You're here?
I was upstairs with Lucie.
You okay?
How was your meeting?
What meeting?
With Samir's employee.
Oh. Yeah. It was fine.
And so?
Had you told Lucie
I was coming to Paris?
How did she know, then?
Did she know?
I don't know.
Maybe she reads your e-mails.
Where do you keep this?
Did something happen?
Shall we go for a walk?
No, I'm tired.
What's the matter, Ahmad?
You want to go live with Dad?
If you go, I'll come with you.
You have to stay here with Mom.
I want to be with you.
It's not a good idea.
Dad's wife is a bit weird.
It's going to be fine.
Is what he said true?
Why did you do that to me?
What did I do to you,
little shit?
What did lever do to you?
Stop it, Marie!
What are you doing?
Calm down!
Stop it!
Get your hands off me!
You promised not to do that.
Get out of this house!
Don't stay here, go.
Let me go!
She's in enough pain.
I asked her to tell you.
She could've stopped me
from telling you.
I could've asked her
to keep the secret.
You'd have preferred that?
Will you shut up!
What're you doing here?
Get lost!
I don't want you in this house!
Get out of my sight!
Stop it!
Go to your room.
Go, darling.
Remember you're the one
who wrote those e-mails.
She just forwarded them.
I don't want to hear you.
Go away.
I hate it when you lecture me.
It disgusts me!
I'm not lecturing you!
You asked me to come here
and talk to Lucie!
Fuck off! I didn't
ask you here for Lucie!
I asked you to sign
that fucking piece of paper
after four years,
and then get lost forever!
Why didn't you ask me
to come last year?
Why do I have to be here
in the middle of this shit...
Screw you.
...not knowing
you're getting married?
Read your e-mails!
And you didn't book a hotel.
And you made me
sleep next to his son.
I sent you an e-mail...
You had me here to get revenge.
That's all it's about
Yeah, that's it.
You're right! Happy?
Just before seeing the judge,
you tell me you're pregnant.
Don't you want to
get out of here?
Just leave for good?
She's leaving!
Lucie. Lucie, where are you going?
Come back!
Who are you to boss me around?
Please, don't make it worse.
Your mom's not well.
Why'd you tell her?
You agreed.
You left me no choice.
I wanted to spare you suffering.
Am I not suffering now?
Am I well?
Can you lend me some money?
Wait, I'll come with you.
I'll go.
Can I ask you a question?
What was in those e-mails?
I don't know.
Come home.
Ah mad?
Ahmad, look at me.
Don't get sucked back into this.
Remember Mitra and me?
Life goes on without you and me.
I think to myself, if I
hadn't left four years ago...
You'd have left a year later.
Or two years later.
You were not
made for this place.
I told you from the beginning.
You have to choose. It's
either one way or the other.
You can't have it both ways.
Because as you go, those
paths get further apart.
You want to tell him?
You don't have to.
Go to bed.
Turn off the light, please.
Is Samir here?
Yes, upstairs.
Hello, Fouad.
How's it going?
You're not busy?
Come in, I'll be right there.
What's all this?
Her perfumes.
I'm taking them to
the hospital for a test.
A nurse said the memory of
smells is the last one you lose.
That one's yours.
She liked it.
Why don't you come in?
I have to go.
I don't like it when
you hide your feelings.
I'm not hiding anything.
You mean you're not happy?
It's good if she
can still react, no'?
What do you want me to say?
You're stuck
between your wife and me.
You realized that overnight?
I've felt it for a long time.
Since when?
What do you mean?
You didn't say things
like that until last week.
I wasn't brave enough
to tell you earlier.
Maybe I wasn't
sure of what I felt.
What do you feel?
That I'm here to fill
the void left by your wife.
Whose void am I
filling in your life?
No one's.
You're sure?
I'm not here to make up
for your failed marriage?
I wouldn't be
carrying your child.
That was an accident.
I could've not kept it.
You kept it to erase that man,
convince yourself you'd turned
the page, that it was over.
But you're still not convinced.
Otherwise, you'd have
let him go to a hotel.
You think I can't see
the state you're in?
I don't recognize you anymore.
It's because I know
why your wife killed herself.
Leave her out of this, please.
She knew everything.
You sound like
your crazy daughter.
If she'd known,
she'd have said something to me.
She never asked about me?
Ask what?
I don't know.
Why I came in so often.
For her, you were a customer.
She didn't suspect you?
I wish she had.
I wish she'd wondered
if there was someone.
It'd have meant she cared.
Lucie sent her our e-mails.
How'd she get her address?
Your wife gave it to her.
But they never met.
Lucie called her at the shop,
said she had e-mails
we'd sent each other
that she wanted to forward.
Your wife accepted.
When did she call her?
The day before her suicide.
Naima, come here a second.
After the fight with Cine...
You know,
when I asked her to go?
Did she ever come by the shop?
Not even on her way home?
I didn't see her do that.
She never came down?
Except the day it happened.
Not the day before?
No, why?
Someone says she called here
and talked to my wife.
Go ahead.
Hello, ma'am.
Can you take care of this?
I'm sorry, Mom.
Promise not to lie to me again.
When did I lie to you?
When you said
you'd sent the e-mails.
You promise?
Why do you think it was a lie?
She wasn't at the shop
the day before her suicide.
I spoke to her.
She had an accent.
His wife is French.
Why did you do it?
Why did you do it?
Do what?
Why'd you pretend 10 be my
wife and give her e-mail?
Forgive me.
I'm not asking for an apology,
I'm asking why.
Tell me!
She didn't like me.
She didn't like you?
Did you do something to her? No.
Why didn't she like you?
She thought there was
something between us.
She thought that?
Why would she'?
Since you hired me,
even though I'm illegal,
she was suspicious.
Did she say anything to you?
Where are you
getting this crap, then?
She was always after me,
so I thought...
You thought?
Get out.
She never asked me to fire you.
But she did things...
Let go!
...things to get
you to fire me.
What kind of things?
Tell me, what kind of things?
Many things.
Like what?
Like what?
Like what?
The day of the fight,
the customer called the police,
and Cine wanted me to stay.
So what?
She wanted the police
to find out about me.
That's it?
That's why she's in a coma?
Get out.
That dress, I'm the one who
took it out of the machine.
I took it, I ironed it
and I wrapped it up.
There was no stain.
She made the stain, I'm sure.
I've been here for a year.
I've never seen
a stain like that.
How much do I owe you?
I work here every day...
There was no stain, I swear.
I do the laundry every day.
There are no stains.
Cine must have made it.
I swear!
Get lost!
I wanted her to know
there was nothing between us.
You were upset all the time,
thinking about someone else
and she thought it was me.
The day of the fight,
you asked me to stay,
you took my hand,
and you asked her to leave.
I saw her eyes for a second.
I saw what she thought.
Because of what you did,
my kid's mother
has been a vegetable
for eight months.
It's not because of what I did.
You gave her e-mail
to that brat.
If she would have read them, she'd
have understood everything.
Why would she have drunk the
detergent in front of me?
She'd have done it in front
of her, at the pharmacy.
Or in front of you, upstairs.
Why in front of me?
She's not coming back?
Because she did something wrong.
But she apologized.
Some things are unforgivable.
Like what?
What happened here?
I want to go to L's.
We can't for now.
When, then?
When we know about Mommy.
When will we know?
I don't know.
I get bored here by myself.
Why don't you
come down to see me?
I don't like it downstairs.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Go upstairs, Fouad.
You okay?
And then I'll go to Marie's?
Go get your things.
Make a drawing for Mommy, okay?
Sit down.
You think she got
our e-mails?
I don't know.
If she'd read them,
she'd have said something.
Since the fight with the
customer, we'd stopped speaking.
It lasted until the end.
Even if she'd read them,
you said yesterday
that she wouldn't have cared.
Would she have cared?
I don't know.
I'd rather talk about now.
That was then. It's over.
What I know is that
you're carrying our child.
We have to forget.
Is that possible?
It should be.
What if it isn't?
Is your wrist better?
It still hurts a bit.
You went to see a doctor?
Lack of calcium.
The baby's taking it all.
How far along are you?
A bit more than two months.
I thought you'd
hurt yourself painting.
I don't know.
It's possible.
There's something I want
to tell you before I go.
About what?
About when I left
four years ago.
No need now.
I want to explain
why I didn't...
I don't want to
look back anymore.
Forget it.
I'm off, then.
And your things in the shed?
I don't want them.
Take them.
Good bye.
What are you doing?
Trying to get the helicopter.
It's stuck up there.
You already broke it.
No, it's just stuck!
Can you get it?
I have to see.
Careful, there...
You're leaving?
I'm leaving.
Bye, Fouad.
she had no reaction.
None that I registered.
The scratches on her
stomach were involuntary?
Possibly. As I told you,
these tests don't reflect
her state of consciousness.
She'd never
scratched herself before.
I can't say.
The nurses may have done it
when moving her.
These patients
have fragile skin.
how can I be sure it's not her?
By doing more tests.
But even if they're negative,
there will be room for doubt.
In these cases,
you can never be sure.
I put the perfumes by her bed.
Excuse me.
Did you test them all?
Just a couple of them.
If you can smell the perfume,
squeeze my hand, Celine.