Le tableau (2011) Movie Script

You are now inside of the painting.
It may look like time has stopped,
but that's not true.
Everyone's just holding their
breath in anticipation!
Do you see that castle over there,
through the branches?
That's where you'll
find the Alldunns.
They think they live in Paradise.
And below them, in the shadows,
down by the foot of the blue tree...
are Ramo and Claire.
Can you see them?
They're in love.
But they have to meet in secret,
because Ramo is an Alldunn,
and my friend Claire is a "Halfie. "
Like me!
Claire asked me to wait for her,
and that was an hour ago.
Now my foot's asleep!
I almost forgot.
There's also the "Sketchies. "
Poor things.
I imagine their lives
must be difficult.
So, in the end they all
look out for themselves.
Sorry, gotta go!
I also have a part
to play in this story...
- Can you see it?
- This way!
Hurry, it's getting away!
Over there! It's headed
toward the lake!
There he is!
Little sneak! Got away!
We're never gonna
find it in the forest!
Leave it.
Who cares about a Sketchie?
Did they catch it?
No! Look, they've come
back empty-handed!
They are hard to see, after all.
Sketchies! They're nothing
but failed scratches!
- Mistakes, really.
- They should be tossed in the trash.
How the Painter left such disgusting
things around is beyond me.
They were his first drawings.
Research, if you will...
They're repugnant.
He should have erased them!
I just don't want them
near the castle.
Yes, but our youngsters need
something to chase!
Quill, will you look at that!
I've never seen
anything so beautiful!
Lower your voice!
Do you want to get caught?
We shouldn't be here.
Look, the stairs!
They're way over there!
That color suits you beautifully, my dear.
You're rather fetching, yourself.
Look, over there!
It's a Halfie!
Has she no self-respect?
I highly doubt she'll
be allowed up here!
I'm not so different.
I'm practically done!
Give it a rest! Get out of here!
You must completely painted
in order to be an Alldunn!
- I know, but...
- Now begone!
Really. How long will it take them to learn
that they are not allowed in the castle?
And the garden is
quite large, is it not?
They have all the
space they need.
There's only one way to
make them understand.
And I hope it happens tonight.
Do you hear them?
They're so hateful.
How far will they go?
I'm scared.
I won't let them hurt you.
I'm not scared for me.
I'm scared for us.
All day I wait for night,
but at night we have to
hide in the shadows!
- I can hardly see your face.
- I can see yours, Claire.
What does it look like?
Tell me.
It's beautiful, yet simple.
Your eyes are perfect blue ovals,
like pools of water.
Your cheeks are golden,
like the sun, and your lips...
are the color of that flower...
pink, with a touch of crimson.
- They have color?
- Of course!
Oh, Ramo, hold me tight!
Now tell me more lies.
Tell me that one day
we can be together.
But they're not lies, Claire.
The Painter is going to come back.
And if he doesn't,
I'll go the ends of the Earth
to find him.
He'll finish the painting.
- Claire, we have to go!
- Lola's right, you can't stay.
I'll meet you by the lake,
later tonight.
Please come with us!
I can't. I have to get
back for the speech.
the Halfies don't like me.
- Claire!
- Go with Lola.
I love you.
- There he is!
- He's about to speak!
My dear friends,
my brothers and sisters!
You have chosen me to represent
and protect your interests.
And so it falls on me,
to say the difficult truths...
though it's what everyone's
been thinking!
The Painter is not
going to come back!
At last, someone with the
courage to speak the truth.
We must come to terms with this.
This is his decision!
Which means that we
are his chosen creations.
You see, we are his only complete
and perfect works of art...
the culmination of his vision!
Which means that he has chosen us to
rule over and bring order to his kingdom!
He's right!
We must rule over the Halfies!
I'm so glad to hear it.
We shouldn't even have
to look at them!
Finally, some honesty
around here...
I completely agree...
After all, there's only so
much room in our castle.
There's no way we can be expected to
share it with those who are inferior.
- Let them live out there in
the gardens... - Or the forest.
- In the forest?
- Why not?
It's a logical decision!
Who could fault us for doing it?
Who is that?
That's Ramo.
You know, the one who's
with that Halfie girl...
What makes you think the
Alldunns are actually superior?
I think it's fairly obvious, don't you?
The Painter chose to complete us.
And how would you
know what he thinks?
Are you speaking to him?
Listen to me! We have no idea
why the Painter disappeared.
No one here does!
There's still a chance
that he'll come back,
and when he does,
he'll finish the Painting!
He's not coming back!
He's just a child!
What does he know?
You're proud of your appearances,
I understand that,
but your words are fueled
by shame, and hate!
We should blot out from
our minds our differences,
and focus on how we
are the same!
- Don't paint us in such a bad light.
- Very shady!
- What's good about a Sketchie?
- I'm drawing a blank!
Alright! Enough, my friends!
Our Ramo is just trying to
justify his love affair.
An affair with a Halfie!
It's understandable,
since you're so young.
But just because we understand it,
doesn't mean we accept it!
The days of blissful idealism
are over, young man!
Equality and liberty,
sharing the castle with all!
If we let in Halfies, why not
Sketchies and animals?
Where does it end?
Let go of me!
Don't listen to him!
All he's interested in is power!
The Painter will be back!
Oh yes, he'll be back.
Why should we think otherwise?
Believe me when I tell you this,
there is no shame in
being superior, my friends.
Are we not the most beautiful?
Yes, my pretty little things,
for you are the light that
illuminates this castle!
- Long live the Great Chandelier!
- Well said!
A Sketchie!
Get it!
Stop it! What is wrong with you?
That boy may prove to be dangerous,
Mr. Graymorgan.
He can be taken care of,
Great Chandelier.
Can you hear that?
Sounds like trouble.
They're getting each other
more and more worked up.
The savages...
Who do they think they are?
You should have seen the
way they treated me!
Why do you try to be like them?
Because it isn't fair.
I want to dance, too!
From the way that it sounds,
there isn't going to be
anymore dancing tonight.
Do you know what he
said to me tonight?
That my mouth was pink and rosy!
It was so sweet!
I almost believed him.
You're lucky. He loves you...
Why bother making up stories?
Because stories are beautiful!
Life is so dreary here.
We just have to keep quiet,
like they want.
It's the Sketchies they're after.
Those things are everywhere.
You can hardly see them.
That's how they get away with it!
Listen to them...
They just wish that
they were Alldunns!
To be honest, so do I...
I'm pretty happy with the way I am.
You only say that because
you're not in love.
When you love someone,
you're not alone.
There is you, and there is him,
and you want to be together,
to be free, out in the open,
accepted by everyone!
I can't say I really understand.
All I know is, my destiny
lies somewhere else.
Don't be silly, Lola.
Where could you possibly go?
There isn't anywhere else.
I mean, there's the castle,
and the garden,
and that's it!
Other than the forest.
The forest!
We don't really know
anything about it.
Who knows what's there?
Where are you going?
To meet Ramo.
He's waiting for me.
Where are you off to?
None of your business.
She's meeting her boyfriend!
What's it to you?
You of all people should understand!
Lola's right.
This isn't the castle.
We should let her go.
He'll expose us.
He's an Alldunn, like the others.
No, he's not like them!
He'll worry if I don't show.
Don't worry. Stay calm.
We'll wait.
You can sneak out later.
Oh, no!
What have they done to you?
What... Look at you...
You poor, poor idiot!
Ramo? Is that you?
You scared me half to death!
- I'm sorry, I can't help you.
- I don't need your help!
Where's Claire?
She couldn't come.
The other Halfies refused
to let her leave.
They're against us, too?
We have to get her.
Wait... Is that a Sketchie?
They're after him, too.
There they are!
I see them! I see them!
- Where are you going?
- I don't know.
This is the wrong way!
It's not me!
The current's too strong!
Current? The lake doesn't
have a current!
Well, whatever it is,
it's pulling the boat!
Hey! What are you doing?
We're heading towards the...
The forbidden forest!
The Death Flowers!
What a horrible fate!
They're as good as dead.
I almost feel sorry for them!
We made it!
There you are.
What did you find out?
I followed them as
far as the forest.
Then what?
- Uh...
- Did they manage to escape?
No, I don't think so...
The flowers swallowed them up.
There were three of them:
Lola, a Sketchie, and...
that young Alldun.
No! It's not true!
Why would you say that?
We got through!
I didn't think we'd make it!
The flowers didn't eat us.
That was a lie!
People make up such stupid stories.
That's no more stupid
than getting into your boat!
How will I find Claire now?
Hey, it's not my fault.
I was trying to help you!
You okay?
Are you hurt?
Leave me alone!
And him too!
Tell him not to come near me!
He won't hurt you!
- Don't touch my stuff!
- Okay, I'm sorry!
We'll never get anywhere like this.
Claire's back there
with those lunatics,
and we're stuck in the
middle of nowhere!
If the Painter could see us now...
Well, let's go find him!
And let's say we do. What makes you
think he gives a damn about us?
I say we go for it. It's something
I've been wanting to do.
We can tell him what's happening!
Then he can finally finish
painting the Halfies!
And don't forget
about the Sketchies!
- Yeah, them too.
- Thanks for remembering!
I'm sure he's just been
really busy, you know...
Alright, then...
Where should we start looking?
Well, no one's ever searched in
the forbidden forest before.
Why don't we look here?
But which direction?
It all seems the same.
I vote this way!
- I don't know. This way seems better.
- It's probably a dead-end...
OK, listen, you two!
It doesn't matter which way we go,
as long as it's away
from the castle.
Hey... Help!
Can't you wait?
He's stuck in the creepers again.
Why does he have
so much trouble?
I don't know.
Maybe because he's a Sketchie?
- Don't you find it annoying?
- Imagine how he feels.
Come on. Let me get
you out of there.
I know, I know!
I hold you back.
I'm always getting caught
in these damn vines!
Careful! You're hurting me!
Go. Leave.
Hey, watch it!
Have it your way.
You can stay right there.
Wait! If you do happen to find him,
can you please tell him
that I have a favor to ask?
Hey! I think we've
been here before...
He's right. I think we're
just going around in circles.
That can't be right.
I think we are!
We have to try to stay together.
I'm light, light as a feather!
Look, watch this!
You're going too far!
We can't see you anymore! Lola!
Lola! Where are you?
Oh, no.
I'm down here,
hanging on something.
Can you see her?
Yes, at the bottom! She's...
- Ramo!
- I see you.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine!
Don't move! Stay where you are.
We're coming down.
What do you think you're doing?
Return to your posts!
What is this? Back in line!
Who is that?
- Bring me that girl!
- What girl?
There she is!
Quill! I'm going to
need some more rope!
You were supposed
to stay up there!
Too scary!
I was afraid to be alone...
So I came down.
Well, hang on then.
We've got a little spy!
Did the Greens send you?
No! I'm actually from
another painting.
It's hanging right above yours.
The string broke
and I wound up here.
A painting? That's ridiculous!
Look. I didn't mean to disturb you.
I'm sorry if I caused you trouble.
Is this your idea of a joke?
But I'm telling you the truth.
You're in a painting.
A painting about war!
War is nothing to joke about!
You may think that
you're in a painting...
but when you're in front of the firing
squad, it won't be a pretty picture.
You're even worse
than the Alldunns!
Captain, the Greens
are in battle formation.
They don't waste any time,
do they?
Magenta, Ruby!
Keep an eye on this spy.
How come we've never
seen you around here?
It's useless explaining.
You won't believe me!
How do you know?
Don't listen to her, she's a liar.
We're all in a painting of a battle,
and I don't intend to stick around.
You'll be drumming
during the charge.
The charge...
I'm so sick of this war.
I don't even know what
we're fighting for.
Are you sure that
there's a way out of here?
Yes, I'm positive.
Untie me. You'll see.
- I think she may be telling the truth.
- You heard the Captain!
What do you think you're doing?
Stay where you are!
Where have you been?
And where did he come from?
His name is Magenta.
He helped me escape.
He's coming with us now.
Oh, sorry, I didn't see you there!
Go ahead! Sure!
Be my guest. I'm used to it.
Quill is fragile,
so you have to be careful.
I'm sorry, Quill.
Wow, your nose really is fragile!
What is this place?
What are we doing here?
It looks completely deserted.
He could be away...
on a long trip.
Maybe he's nearby.
You know, listening to us.
Sure, that sounds likely!
I can't believe we came
all this way for nothing!
Wow. Your friend sure is grumpy.
No, no, life's good!
Trust me.
I escape those homicidal maniacs,
only to end up in this wasteland!
What a dump.
No wonder it's abandoned!
- Lola?
- Yeah?
If we find him...
What do you think we
should say to him?
Ramo thinks he hasn't finished
painting us yet.
I would ask him why
he painted a battle.
I would have painted the sea!
I have always wanted
to visit the sea.
And you?
What would you ask him?
Me? I don't know.
There are so many things
I've yet to understand!
Like, what makes us happy sometimes
and what makes us sad...
- What's wrong with him?
- He's in love.
Will the Painter help him
with that, too?
She's alive!
Great Chandelier, Sir,
I had her followed.
She always comes out
of the forest smiling.
I think Ramo must still be alive.
I guess the Death Flowers didn't
like the taste of the boy.
That's odd...
I wonder...
Do you think something
is protecting them?
Why, love is their protection.
Indeed, it's love!
Now then, I think we
have a cure for that...
Whatever you desire shall be done,
Great Chandelier.
Look how tiny they are!
Who's there?
Did you hear that?
- No...
- I heard something.
It came from there,
behind the sheet.
Hello, Madam!
Please, call me Florence.
And who are you?
You tell her, Lola.
Okay. Well, urn, we came here
to look for the Painter!
We want to know if he's ever going
to come back and finish our painting.
It's strange that he left you!
I thought he always finished his work,
down to the very last detail.
Take my dress, for example.
But... you're completely nude.
Oh, of course.
What was I thinking?
Who's there?
Looks like we've
woken up Harlequin!
Hi there!
Did you come to play with me?
Actually, we're looking
for the Painter.
And you know not where he is,
nor where he isn't.
If he's small, or if he's tall.
And if you meet him,
would you greet him?
For how would you know
if it was him at all?
And how about you, young man?
Would you know?
I'm no young man.
Call me Harlequin, you can.
And where the Painter be,
you shall see!
He's on the easel.
He's right here.
- Is that him?
- The Painter!
Him? The Painter?
Unfortunately, no.
Just a self-portrait.
Well done!
Now everyone's awake.
I was quite enjoying my solitude.
My friends and I are just
looking for the Painter.
Sorry if we disturbed you.
What did he do, abandon you?
I'm not surprised.
He always leaves
behind his creations!
Even those he claims
to love the most.
What makes you think the
Painter wants to see you?
- Why would you say that?
- We didn't mean to make you angry.
I'm always angry! I cannot
act any other way.
I cannot act any other way.
So don't expect me to
be nice to you.
Because it's impossible!
True, true, always blue!
No. When he drew me,
he was in a good mood.
I remember it well.
Those were better times.
And then suddenly things changed...
He became bitter and sullen.
You can thank our
friend here for that!
Look at her!
The Madam is still quite smitten.
It's true. You should hear her
go on and on about him!
- Oh, come now. You're just jealous!
- There they go, filled with woe.
- Always arguing, don't you know?
- Waiting in vain for his return!
Just you wait. Bitter old man!
But where is he?
Where can we find him?
I hate him!
Which means that I must
also hate myself.
Do you have any idea how difficult it is
to have feelings that are not your own?
I'd just like to be myself, for once.
Is that too much to ask?
Lola, you're rather
attractive yourself!
He must have liked you.
Uh... I don't...
Oh, don't be shy.
Here. Come closer.
I want to tell you a story.
Once upon a time, he liked me, too.
Even loved me.
Oh, he never said it
but I knew.
Once, he even dipped his
brush in his coffee
and drank from his turpentine.
He was so distracted!
His brush was so soft.
His eyes were so gentle!
First, he'd outline my shape,
then he'd choose the color
of my eyes,
and my skin, my hair,
paying attention to every
detail of my body.
He gave me lacy underwear,
and, finally, a beautiful dress.
The Painter had style,
that's for sure!
So then what happened
to your dress?
I thought I was done,
that his work was complete,
but one day, he picked up
his brushes again
he came to me and removed all
my clothes, one piece at a time!
Oh my goodness!
Did you say anything?
Actually, I found it quite enjoyable.
Well I think you look
beautiful like this!
And he did as well!
So what happened to him?
Do you have any idea where he could be?
He might have gone
back to Venice.
He always loved Venice.
- Uh... is Venice another woman?
- No. Venice is a city.
It's a dream-like place.
Men may love their women,
but they love their dreams even more.
- And so do you know how to get there?
- It's closer than you think.
Oh no! Lola!
Where are you going?
Wait for us!
- Quill? Are you there?
- Yeah. Can't you see me?
No. I can't see a thing!
Oh, no!
Who did this?
It's obvious...
The Painter, of course!
Do you think he'd destroy us, too?
I don't know.
But at least we know
he really exists!
And Lola went to search for him!
We have to warn her!
That's enough for me!
Will they keep dancing
like this all day long?
Yes! And again tomorrow...
day after that, too!
It's always a never-ending
Carnival around here.
But you're not from here,
are you?
Hey! What d'you
think you're doing?
You're not the Painter!
What d'you mean I'm not the painter?
What d'you think that is?
- A forgery!
- A forgery!
I'll teach you a lesson, little girl!
You can't be the Painter.
You don't even look like him!
Ignorant little girl! You don't even
know what I look like.
Everyone here has to wear a mask.
Those are the rules!
They do? I didn't know that.
- You don't know much, do you?
- Then take off your mask!
Hey! Wait! Where are you
going? Don't leave!
Look at all these people!
We're never going to find them!
We have to!
They have to know the truth.
What if he's already erased them?
Watch it!
Why is everyone so interested
in that painting?
- Are you the one who painted this?
- I would've finished it too,
except she ran away!
Pretty looking girl, but she
just wouldn't stand still!
Could it be that you're interested
in the painting, Monsieur?
- I's only half done.
- Oh, I can fix that.
And I'll give you a good price for it, too.
I usually refuse to work from memory,
but we'll just fill in a few strokes...
It won't take long.
I'm pretty good with colors,
if I do say so myself.
But it's capturing the movement
that's the hardest part!
- Do you have any idea where she went?
- Not a clue! It's like she vanished.
So, do you still want it?
Oh, suit yourself!
Don't know why I bother.
Tell me, Mr. Graymorgan,
how is our honored guest faring?
She screams and she yells.
It is not a pleasant sound.
Wonderful news, indeed.
I'm glad to hear it!
Love may be blind,
but it does have ears...
Ramo should be showing his face soon.
Begin the preparations
for the ceremony.
Where have you been?
The Painter, he's this way!
Wait, don't go! It's dangerous!
What? I can't hear you!
Follow it, the gondola!
Hey! Where are you going?
Here we are, young lady.
This is where
you'll find your painter!
Oh no!
Look at that!
There are so many of them.
Why, of course! They come here
every evening to paint the sunset.
No. I don't believe it!
He would never do that!
But it's true. They were everywhere,
torn, ripped and burned!
And shredded with knives!
He couldn't have.
Look at that sunset.
See how beautiful it is?
The colors, melting into the water...
Sentimental and contrived!
He should stop painting this rubbish.
It's not rubbish!
He's expressing his feelings.
When he's sad, he paints sad,
and when he's in love,
he paints Florence.
He can't find her in the real world,
so he paints her.
Yeah. And then he
chops her to pieces.
I'm not sure I want to
meet him anymore!
Well, you don't have
to worry about that.
Why not?
Because he isn't here.
We're inside his painting,
and he can't very well be inside
his own painting, now, can he?
What about them?
They're only painting
what he's already painted.
This is confusing.
Here's a thought.
What if we don't need him?
Now, where did I put that thing?
- Oh! My dress!
- Nicely done.
That's just what I was looking for.
So? It's a tube of paint.
Of course!
And with that we can...
We'll need to find a lot more of it.
And We'll also need to practice.
Hey, would you two mind filling us
in on what you're talking about?
Well, look who's returned!
Did you have a good time?
You can't just climb around
wherever you want! Shoo!
What is that?
It's yellow.
It's all over my dress.
Can you fix it?
Let me try something...
- It worked!
- Beautiful!
- Really? You think?
- You actually know how to paint!
Hmph. Funny, I've never
attempted it!
Hey, that's not too bad.
Could you teach us?
That is a dangerous
request you're making...
Though I would like to help you.
Just show us how you do it!
Yeah! If you have his grumpiness,
you must have his talent!
You mean finish his work?
That sounds appealing...
I would need several other colors,
like oranges and earth tones...
- They should be on the table!
- ... aquamarine, indigo...
On top of the piano!
Burnt orange... forest green...
There's more in the drawer!
Wait! You first, Quill!
What? No, I can wait.
First, could you...
paint him?
How do you expect me to make
anything out of that mangled, twisted mess?
He's not a mess!
He's my friend!
What was your friend like?
He was... very kind!
How can he paint kindness?
Tell him what he looks like.
He should be short
and kind of scrawny,
and he had a bit of a belly.
No, no, not that flabby.
Ah, yes, that's much better!
He was sensitive and thoughtful.
A great guy!
What am I doing here?
- Quill!
- You're back, Gum!
I've missed you!
You're finally back.
Do you have any news?
Are these rumors true?
The Alldunns are definitely
up to something!
They've rounded up all the Sketchies, and
put them to work building a big platform.
How can the Sketchies
be so useless?
They must be doing it on purpose!
I see you in there.
No use hiding!
We're putting you to work!
Halfies, Sketchies,
what's the difference?
Move it!
- You too!
- I don't care, move it!
Quit dawdling!
We don't have all night!
We'll head to the south of the camp,
just under those trees.
Are you coming with us, Magenta?
Give me a minute! I have an idea!
Come on, hurry up!
You go ahead. We'll catch
up with you later!
What is that girl up to now?
I'm going ahead
to check things out.
You wait here. And don't do
anything until I get back!
Hey! Ramo!
Looking for Claire?
What happened here?
Where is everybody?
Is she okay?
Come. I'll show you.
You can trust me.
And don't leave anyone behind!
Ramo? Is that you?
- Darling!
- Where were you?
Far away!
But I'm back now.
Everything will be okay!
No! Ramo! Stop that!
You're hurting him!
Leave him alone!
Why are you doing this?
How much further?
We're almost there! This way.
Hey everyone!
Is that... Quill and Gum?
- I don't believe it!
- It sure is!
- Look!
- It's incredible!
- Are you sure that's them?
- How did they do that?
Step right up!
We have everything you
could possibly need!
We have colors, we have brushes.
You can paint yourself in
any way you like!
Now you can be pastel if you want.
Or maybe more vivid.
Or maybe both!
Why, look at me!
I bet you can't even recognize me!
He really has changed.
- Yes, he has so much more confidence now!
- Have no fear!
Allow me to demonstrate.
You, sir, let me show you how it is done!
A touch of paint...
you fill in the lines like so.
There. You see?
It isn't hard.
Yeah, okay,
but I didn't want that color!
I think it's nice.
Now, who's next?
- I'll take that!
- Suit yourself, I just wanted to...
- You said we could paint ourselves!
- Yeah, so go ahead!
- Quill! - Oh, dear!
Wait... Everyone calm down!
- I love it!
- But Mom, I want to be blue!
Why isn't there any mauve?
Let go of me!
Why won't you listen?
Ah, there you two are, just in time!
- Go see for yourselves! They've
gone crazy. - What do we do?
We did our best.
They're just out of control.
What's all the fuss about?
I haven't a clue!
I can't wait for it to start!
This is rather exciting!
What could the Great
Chandelier have in store?
He has another surprise?
I just love surprises!
There you are!
- You look stunning.
- How mysterious!
- Truly.
- Thank you!
- I hope this is fun!
- I'm over here!
They're so young!
As you can see, we have reunited
the two lovebirds!
Don't they make a sweet couple?
That's odd! They don't look happy!
Why so pale?
We stunned them into silence.
Where are your witty comebacks
now, young man?
Has the Painter returned?
If so, where is he?
And did you manage to
speak with him, then?
You were hoping to do
what now, again...?
Oh yes...
Blot out the differences.
Well, why don't we start
with the two of you?
Your wish is about to be granted.
What better way to unite you two,
than to blend you... black?
Executioner black!
Look at all those colors!
Are they Alldunns?
Absolutely splendid!
I want a closer look!
They're like us,
but even more colorful!
Where have they come from?
You are forbidden to talk to them!
Hey! Do you hear me?
I forbid you!
- Absolutely magnificent!
- How ever did you do it?
- You can simply change yourself
if you like! - Your colors sparkle!
We have everything you need:
hundreds of colors and brushes...
I know! Let's give
Chandelier a makeover!
- A wonderful idea!
- Someone get me a paintbrush!
Yes, yes, it's true...
There are paintings
other than this one!
And not only that. You can jump,
from canvas to canvas with relative ease...
To an extent!
there are different shades, too...
Some are more green,
others, more red...
Nothing to get too
worked up about.
Well, Lola, what d'you think?
Your dress!
You're not going
to stay like that!
There's one painting where
they dance all day long.
It's unbelievable!
It's the truth.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Ask Lola!
Okay boy, settle down.
Don't worry, he won't hurt you.
He's quite blind, you know.
But don't I know you
from somewhere?
You've left your picture!
Yes. Are you mad at me?
There are others, just like me!
Oh, but don't worry,
they won't bother you.
The Halfies and the Sketchies
are pretty preoccupied.
They found paint, so...
They're painting themselves?
But what do you
know about painting?
Your self-portrait taught us.
Oh, no. Seriously?
Is he still causing trouble?
Oh no, I think he
went back to sleep.
You know, there are some people who
really believe that you've abandoned them.
Are you sure?
Why would think think
something like that?
I haven't abandoned anyone!
I gave them all the basics for living.
A simple design is
often more beautiful
than a fully-polished painting!
So, if they decide to
complete themselves...
Well then, that's just fine!
I think it's good!
But you...
You seem to be different
from the others.
Tell me...
what are you looking for?
So you still paint?
Yes, but only landscapes now.
It's less stressful.
Now what do you
think of this one?
I like it.
The clouds, they look like
they're dancing!
Would you mind if I
took a walk around?
Go wherever you'd like.
There are no fences here.
You can even walk
down to the sea.
It's over there,
just beyond the dunes...
You never answered me!
What did you come here for?
Oh, nothing. I just wanted
to meet you!
And now...
And now, what?
Now I'd like to know
who painted you!