Lea to the Rescue (2016) Movie Script

My name is Lea Clark, and my
presentation is on Brazil.
I visited there last summer with
my family to see my brother Zac,
who works at
an animal sanctuary.
Brazil is the largest country
in South America.
The official language
is Portuguese.
Sixty percent of the Amazon's
rainforest is in Brazil.
But those are
just the book facts.
To really learn about
Brazil, you must go there.
And that's exactly what we did.
Tell everybody about your hike!
She totally saved her dad!
Well, go on, Lea, tell us.
We were on a hike,
high above the Praia Tropical.
It was me, my dad,
and my brother.
Pick it up, Zac.
We gotta reach that point.
We gotta hit that other edge.
But the path
unexpectedly narrowed
and we found ourselves dangerously
close to enormous cliffs.
We agreed we should turn
back, when suddenly,
my father plummeted
out of sight!
we looked down and there he was,
dangling from a ledge,
the rocks starting to crumble
underneath his fingertips,
and not another person
anywhere in sight.
It was a race against time
as the sun was setting
- and a sharp chill crept into the air.
- A chill?
Isn't Brazil near the equator?
Jimmy, sit down.
With few options, I took off,
back along the narrow, dangerous
trail to summon help,
to the rescue station
down in the valley.
And just as it was
beginning to get dark,
my dad and Zac were losing hope.
Whoosh' Whoosh.
A helicopter arrived to help.
No way!
This way. Come on!
Over here!
Right here.
We lifted Dad to safety.
Well, that is amazing, Lea.
Thank you.
You're totally a hero!
No. I mean, I just
did what I had to do.
So cool!
Yeah, right.
Nice story, Pinocchio!
What? You got a good
imagination, Lea.
Leave her alone, Jimmy.
All those pictures, but
none of the helicopter.
That's, I...
It's all true.
I was there.
Go ahead.
Hey, Cricket!
Team Zea!
What are you doing here?
Why aren't you in Brazil?
This is so amazing.
Did you hear my report?
We had to pick a country.
And most of my friends chose...
Are you the new Math teacher?
Lea, this is Paula.
Hi. I'm very excited to
meet Zachary's baby sister.
I sure am.
Paula, your work
sounds so fascinating.
And what an honor to be flown out
here to speak for the weekend.
Mom, Paula's an expert
on the recent changes
in the Amazon's
animal population.
I wouldn't go that far.
Well, I'm impressed.
And now here we are. My first time
in the United States of America.
Well, that's wonderful.
And we're very pleased
to have you here.
Who's hungry?
- I am.
- Good.
Zac, would you take those
salads to the table for me?
Sure, Mom.
Thank you.
I'm so glad we caught you before
you go off white-water rafting.
I still don't understand.
Why can't I go?
It's a bunch of
middle-aged dads!
And the rapids are pretty wild.
I'm tough.
And a good swimmer.
I know you are, sweetheart.
But if you were to come along,
then Eric would bring Sarah and
Sam would bring the twins...
Okay. I guess I'll stay home.
Paula, is your
family from Manaus?
Yes, my sisters and
I were born there.
My grandfather
was born in Brazil.
- Really?
- Did he tell you that?
Know your mother Ama
came to Brazil many times.
She worked at
a health clinic in Manaus.
Oh, it's not far
from the sanctuary.
That's why Zac chose
to do his work there,
because of my mom.
She must have been
an amazing woman.
She met real Indians
in the rain forest,
- who ate bugs and lived and lived in huts.
- Okay, but... But...
And they went...
Your grandmother told you
that story was a hallucination
from the anti-malaria
medication, honey.
My mom gave the kids
their sense of adventure,
and her journals,
which Lea has been reading.
It would be unlikely.
Most of the people in the
rainforest try to avoid contact
with the outside world.
Their isolation is important
for preserving their culture.
It's still a good story.
Paula, is your steak
cooked enough?
Or can I put it back
on the grill?
Dad, Paula's a vegetarian.
Why didn't you say something?
It's okay. It's fine.
I asked him not to.
The vegetables are delicious.
Can I have hers, Dad?
The steak rocks.
Absolutely, sweetie.
I come all this way and
you're hiding in your room?
Reading a geometry book?
I have a test next week.
Shouldn't you be out there
with your girlfriend?
I heard
that somebody's favorite sloth is
back to her tip-top lazy self.
That's such great news.
You know, you...
You saved her life.
Paula seems nice.
It's too bad you're only in
Brazil for another few months.
You coming back when
your grant is over. Right?
I'm doing
important work in Brazil.
You're gonna leave me forever and
move across the world for a girl?
What about college?
Mom and Dad are going to...
Calm down.
Calm down. Calm down.
There is an excellent
university in Manaus.
I can't believe this.
Can you keep a secret?
No. I'm serious,
this is really important.
You know those poachers
I told you about?
The ones who've been stealing
animals from the rainforest.
They broke into the sanctuary
and I've been tracking them.
I found something.
I actually think I'm this close
to pinpointing
one of their main routes.
That is so cool.
Why is it such a big secret?
Well, these guys,
they are really powerful.
You mean dangerous?
Zac, you should tell someone.
I'm telling you.
I mean like your
boss or the police.
No. Not until I'm sure.
What does Paula think?
She doesn't know.
So, come on.
No chirping about this one.
Okay, Cricket?
Team Zea?
Team Zea.
I've missed you, too.
Thank you
so much for everything.
Safe trip.
Come on, you're gonna be late.
I love you.
Be careful, okay?
Yes, ma'am.
Has anyone seen my headlamp?
Front pocket of your duffle.
Nope. Not here.
Other front pocket.
Second thought, maybe I
should take you along.
Not a chance.
Us girls have some
serious R&R in store.
Okay. Thank you, sweetheart.
Hey, Big Joe.
Hey, Rick.
- Hey.
- Hi, girls.
Here we go, thank you.
Come here, little popcorn.
So just call us when you
get back to civilization.
Roger that.
Bye, Dad. Bye, Joe.
Bye. Bye, girls.
See you in a week.
We're gonna play,
as soon as they get out of here.
And pose.
Bethe mother.
I also hadn't had
those peanut butter cups
in so long and,
I will believe you next time.
I've got it.
Hi, Paula... Paula.
Um, yeah.
She's right here.
Well hey, Paula.
It's good to hear from you.
Have you talked to his boss?
Um, I'm gonna call
you back, all right?
Hi, sweetheart, it's Mom.
I'm just checking in.
I love you. Call me back.
What's going on?
Hey, honey, it's me.
Um, I don't know if you're
completely out of range or what
but, um, give me a call as soon
as you get this. Thank you. Bye.
Mom, is something wrong?
Paula hasn't heard
from Zac in a couple days.
Maybe he's just realized she's
not the right girl for him.
Apparently, he hasn't
shown up for work either.
Maybe he just needs some
space or he's avoiding her.
Hi. ls this Bruno?
Hi, Bruno. This is
Carol Clark, Zac's mom.
Um... No. Yeah,
that's what I heard.
Um, listen, do me a favor.
Could you please give me the
number for the local police?
All right.
Okay. Thank you so much.
Mom. ls Zac okay?
Uh... I'm not sure.
I hope so.
Hello. Excuse me,
do you speak English?
Uh, yes.
Okay. My son has
been working in Manaus,
and I've been having
trouble reaching him.
Uh, okay.
I'm concerned
he might be missing.
He is 20.
Two days.
Hi, is this you I just called?
Please, don't hang up.
Please, please, please.
Don't hang up. Are you there?
Lea, listen...
It's the poachers.
What if they figured it out?
What if they found out?
What if they realized
what he was doing?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
He told me not to say anything
but he was trying to find them.
Find who?
The poachers.
Okay, honey.
I need you to focus.
I need to get us
on the 6:00 flight, okay?
So, I need you to
get your stuff together
and pack a bag.
We've got to go.
But... I need you to
just act fast, okay?
Be swift, kiddo.
Got it?
I need you to move, okay?
Thank you.
So. Any news'?
Well, we still
haven't heard from him.
Could he have
been in an accident?
We checked all the hospitals.
Luis is another
of our young interns.
Ola, Mrs. Clark.
You haven't heard from him?
No, not yet.
So, tell me, where do kids go? I mean,
he could not have just disappeared.
With all due respect, Mrs.
Clark, Zachary is not a child.
Well, he's my child. And he works
for you, and he's missing.
I'm sorry.
It's been a really long night.
I can imagine.
That is Zachary's
work space rig ht there.
My staff are anxious to help.
What about the poachers?
Lea is convinced that Zac's
been trying to find them.
Oh, Zachary knows that
is dangerous business.
We let the police handle
those sorts of things.
Your brother knows
better than that.
What did I tell you?
Twenty-year-old boys do not go
looking after poachers on their own.
Your brother would
never be that reckless.
Can I get you some breakfast?
Just a second.
Paula. Yeah... Oh, wonderful. Okay,
we'll be... We'll be right there.
Lea, let's go.
I gotta go to the police. Do you
mind if Lea stays here with you?
Yes, of course.
Mom, I'm coming with you.
Please, honey.
I don't need a babysitter.
I know, but I don't wanna
have an argument, okay?
Why bring me all this way if I'm
just gonna sit here and do nothing?
You know what, you're right.
You're absolutely right. I did
not plan this very well, did I?
But here we are,
and I really need now
for you to co-operate
with me, okay?
Don't worry we'll be fine.
Thank you.
Do you want to
draw or play a game?
I wanna find my brother.
Listen to me, try to relax. I'm sure
he's fine. He's probably just...
Probably what?
If you thought he was fine,
we wouldn't have traveled all
through the night just to get here.
How about a snack, hmm?
I'm not five. I'm 10.
And I can't just sit here
and do nothing.
I know he's over 18,
but he is not
the kind of kid that...
Oh! He's not the kind of
person that doesn't call.
He always calls.
Dona Carol, maybe
he's angry with you?
No, he's not angry with me,
he's not a runaway.
I am sorry, but with
no signs of foul play
the best thing I can
do is add to the pile.
And maybe you can
come back in a week.
What's the problem?
Uh-uh. Lea, uh, you should not
be snooping through his things.
You're snooping on his computer.
I'm constructing a timeline
of the last few days.
He had a notebook.
It was black and skinny and had
little red markings on it.
I don't know.
I went to his place of work.
I spoke to his boss, they
haven't seen or heard from him.
Is he at the girlfriend's place?
No, no, he...
My son is missing.
Is there another girl?
No, he hasn't gone
to any other girl. He's...
Somethings wrong, I know it.
Just a moment.
Let's go.
These are his leads.
No. He stopped with the
poachers a long time ago.
What if he told you that so
that you wouldn't worry?
There are addresses in here, and names.
We should check them out.
Or at least drive by.
Lea, your mother
told us to stay put.
If it's nothing
then we'll come back.
But we can't just sit here.
We can't just sit here
and do nothing.
Thank you.
There it is.
Zac's secret research was a plan
to buy trinkets to bring back
for friends and family.
These bracelets are beautiful.
Do you want to try one?
They're wish bracelets.
Tie one on and make a wish.
I'm telling him
we're looking for someone.
I'm sorry,
I don't recognize him.
He's my brother
and he's missing.
Oh, that's terrible.
Have you spoken to the police?
Yes, they've been notified.
You know, why don't you
give me your number?
In case he does come in.
A little gift.
We can use any help we can get.
That's right.
Look! Look!
The paw print.
In the bottom corner.
It's all over Zac's notebook.
That can't be a coincidence.
Put your helmet on.
The tire is completely flat.
Well, then we've gotta go.
Oh, yeah? Are you going to trek
across the Amazon on foot?
But we can't...
Look, Lea, please
listen to me, okay?
I want to find your brother
just as badly as you do, okay?
But this is not the way.
Who are you calling?
No one.
I can't keep a signal.
Well, we can't lose that truck.
Lea' you know
nothing about the Amazon!
Do you have any idea
how dangerous it is?
Even if we were
remotely dressed for it...
Then it's a good thing
I'm with an "expert."
Lea! Lea!
"Oh, you're going
to love my sister."
"She's got a great imagination.
She's got spunk."
Just stop it
right now. Lea!
Lea, stop it. We need to go
back before it's gets too late
and your mother realizes
you've kidnapped me.
Hey, Lea!
Please, listen to me.
The truck!
The final call on Zac's cell
phone came from this office.
What does that mean?
Maybe nothing.
But it was after hours.
Excuse me, Bruno, who worked here
late the night Zac went missing?
That was me.
I called him.
Sorry, I didn't
think anything of it.
I invited him out to hear a band.
Good dance music.
We like to go and have fun.
What did he say?
He was already out.
I assume he was with Paula.
That's okay.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry I can't be
more help, Mrs. Clark.
You know, there's a club down the
street he likes, Noites Quentes.
Do you think he could have
been there Tuesday night?
It's possible.
They open at 9:00.
We'll be there.
Thank you, Luis.
Thank you, Bruno.
Ah! Do you know
what's in that water?
Piranhas, anacondas,
black caimans, leeches.
I'm trying not to
think about that right now.
Besides, don't you study
the rainforest for work?
I don't do field studies.
I work in the lab.
I analyze data and
report my findings.
That's not really
helpful right now.
This wasn't my idea, remember?
Did you hear
anything I said, Lea?
Lea Clark.
Whatever you are thinking...
It's time to stop
thinking and just do.
What does that even mean?
It means pineapples.
I'm fine.
It was, um...
It was just a cramp.
See. That wasn't so bad.
I should've eaten a
bigger breakfast. Oh!
You didn't pack snacks?
Oh, those look
tasty and delicious.
Juicy and delicious.
What's the big deal?
That's a Strychnos.
It could kill you.
All right.
You saved me.
Thank you.
If we go much further,
I don't know
if we'll be able to
make it out at all.
And it gets dark quickly here.
Why are you
always this negative?
I'm a realist.
Then you know Zac's moving back
in a couple of months, right'?
Well, if that's what he decides.
Oh, he will.
He told you this?
He really misses his family
and his friends.
Now, you've done it.
Oh, me?
Yes, you! You're so busy trying to
get me upset about your brother.
You think this is my fault?
I'm not the one
who screamed like a baby.
And, by the way, are you
seriously afraid of spiders?
Aren't you a scientist?
Everybody's afraid of something.
If you had just listened to me
and let me continue searching
through his emails.
Zac's not in his computer.
He's out here!
Don't say anything.
What's your plan,
pretend we're not here?
The tribes don't trust us,
we are outsiders.
She's just a kid.
We're on their land.
We look like the enemy.
She's here to help.
Go, go, go!
Now would be
a great time for you
to concoct one of
your brilliant plans.
We come in peace.
Knock, knock.
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Boo, who?
Ha, ha.
Boo, boo.
Boo, boo.
Very, very funny.
Funniest ever.
Okay, there.
I'm Lea
and this is Paula.
We are looking for my brother.
You should not be here!
I know, I know,
but we were looking for her
brother and we got lost.
Wait, you speak English?
How do you speak English?
Father was tribe leader.
He told outsiders, go away!
He afraid they come back.
He want me ready.
Portuguese makes sense, but...
One day we fishing.
There's a bag.
Dictionary, books, radio.
I read.
You taught yourself English?
With father.
Let me see your phone.
This is my brother, Zac.
He's missing.
We think poachers took him.
Bad guys, outsiders...
Bad guys?
I take you.
So, you've seen him?
I see bad guys.
I help find.
Come on.
Danger -
Lesson learned.
This was a bad idea.
You said we needed an expert and
it seems like we found one.
Shoes off, more easy.
No, no, no, no!
Let's go.
We should say thank you for
her time and say adeus.
I'm not turning back.
I trust her.
No way.
Do you have a signal?
No, I had a bar.
Sit, sit, sit.
This is insane.
This is insane.
Come on!
You can do it!
You can do it!
Sit, sit.
Well, you did ii.
Bad way.
Are those stairs?
That way no fun!
I'd feel a lot better if anyone
knew where we were going.
Was that them?
Is that the poachers?
Worse. My mother.
Perfect, I'm sure she'll
be thrilled to see us.
She not happy.
What are you doing? Shouldn't
we hide or something?
Yes, yes, yes' go!
Now I have service.
It's your mom.
Hello, Lea?
Can you hear me?
Are you there?
Can you hear me?
Okay, I just talked to Dad
and he's flying in
tomorrow night.
Hello, Mom?
Lea, Lea, tell her
to call the police.
Are you there?
Is everything okay?
I don't know,
it's such a bad connection.
Morn, Paula and I are kind
of in a bit of pickle...
I think they are eating.
Hello, Mom?
I'm here.
Are you there?
Try and talk to her,
the connection is bad.
Mrs. Clark, uh...
If you can hear us we're...
Hello, Mrs. Clark?
This is my grandmother's journal
from when she was in Brazil.
Hello, Mrs. Clark?
This is symbol of my tribe.
Mother says come
with us to village.
Be dark soon.
Not safe here.
Ask my mom if I can sleep
at your apartment tonight.
Lea, we have to go back to Manaus
before your mother kills us.
That is if hers
doesn't do it first.
Rain forest is no place
for you at night.
Mother says come.
Mrs. Clark?
Hello, hi.
Could Lea sleep over tonight?
Did you say, sleep over?
Sure, yes, thank you.
Thank goodness for Paula.
So they're okay?
Yeah, I think
they're really bonding.
Your mother will
not be happy with me.
She will be when
we find my brother.
Show him book.
I'm fine.
This is my grandmother.
Her name was Amanda.
Grandmother help
when tribe was sick.
Ama was here?
Ama was here longtime ago.
Do you realize what this means?
Ama's stories were true.
Please, can you help us?
My brother is missing.
We help find Ama's grandson.
Ama was friend to us.
He says, spirits of
the forest send you here.
They help find.
We send best men out
to help find brother.
Thank you.
We should be out there
looking for him.
I know.
But the tribespeople will
have more luck than we would.
There's a...
You want me to eat it?
No, no, no.
We cook it first
Now you.
What about the bow and arrow?
Maybe archery
will be more my thing.
see yourself climb.
I got n.
At least it's organic.
Did they find him?
They heard truck.
We leave in morning.
The truck's gonna be
long gone by morning.
They leave
best men up in forest.
They follow sounds tonight
They are spirits of the forest.
They help find brother.
we'll find him, really.
It's okay.
I'm just so worried about him.
I know, he's okay.
Nothing we can do tonight,
except enjoy our time here.
Come, let's go.
You sure?
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Excuse me? Excuse me?
Yeah, I know this guy.
Uh, he wears a bonnet
with red bird.
Yes! Yes!
That's the Cardinals.
That's our baseball team.
Yes! Yes! So listen.
So he's been missing
since Tuesday night.
Well, he wasn't here Tuesday.
How do you know?
The nights must blur together.
We were closed, a private party.
Very small.
Where you live?
St. Louis.
It's really far from here.
But there's not
a lot of adventure.
You like adventure?
I get that from my Ama.
My father have adventure.
He go to city.
Tell bad guys, leave
forest and tribe alone.
My father very brave,
but bad men take him.
You must miss him.
His spirit with me, always.
When you leave place, you
leave piece of self behind.
That's what my Ama always said.
Did you hear that?
Pretty sure it was a bird.
What if Zac is already...
Don't say it.
He's fine.
But what if we never
get to see him again?
We will.
You were right.
We should've never come
into the rainforest alone.
we're not alone.
We have Aki,
our own personal guide.
I guarantee she knows the
Amazon better than anyone.
Better than those men.
I just wanted to help.
I know.
When we got to the river,
I was ready to go back.
It took guts to keep going.
He's my brother.
He's lucky to have you.
Oh. You're not so bad either.
Hey, Paula?
Did you see that thing
scurry across the ceiling?
Wanna share a hammock?
Sun up! Sun up!
Five more minutes.
Hurry. We go.
Any sign of the truck?
Did they find him?
We head east.
Thank you.
Who's that?
I don't know what else to do.
Still no word from Lea.
Paula's phone keeps
going to voicemail.
You want me to have someone
check her apartment?
Yes, thank you.
Oh, I got this.
I stole it from Zac's office.
What is it?
This expression he wrote.
What does it mean?
"What one finds is not stolen.
Finders keepers.
This is a receipt.
From five days ago.
Let's go.
No move.
Excuse me?
I was on a jeep tour
with my parents,
and I got mad and stormed off.
And now I'm lost.
Can I use your phone?
Do you speak English?
Lea, run! Lea!
Lea, run!
Take that!
You little...
Where's my brother?
I said, where is my brother?
I don't know.
Where is my brother?
They've taken him
away to the city
and sent him off with
all the other animals.
I've no idea
where they'll end up.
Hold on.
Just a second.
Lea, where have you been?
Mom, I was right.
Zac, he's tracking the poachers.
What are you talking about?
He's in Manaus.
He's here?
I'm not exactly sure about that.
But I'm...
Okay, listen to me.
Lea Clark,
listen to me very carefully.
I have barely slept
in the last 48 hours.
I need you both to get to
Zac's apartment immediately.
The last thing I need is to
worry about you, tom, okay'?
Mom, we're safe.
No, no, you go to his apartment,
you call me when you get there,
and you stay put.
But it might take us
a while 'cause...
No, no!
You go there and you stay there.
And when I call,
you pick up the phone.
You understand?
Mom, we're in the Amazon.
She hung up.
They're okay?
Whoever said
having kids was easy?
Absolutely no one.
What's the sign say?
It's the edge of
the protected tribal area.
What does that mean?
It's okay.
I go with you.
Are you allowed to
go past that sign?
It's not safe.
I go to city.
Uh-uh! No way.
You said your tribe has to
stay invisible to survive.
You could be
exposed to disease or...
You're like my mother.
I'm sorry, Aki, but I can't
let you come with us.
I can't, either.
I could never forgive myself
if something happened to you.
Handsome boy.
He shopped here.
We have many customers.
Well, we're asking everyone
to keep eyes and ears open.
Well, anything I can do to help.
Do you have a restroom?
Sure, it's down there.
Thank you.
We're here.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
My name is Lea.
My name Aki.
Friends forever.
So this is it.
Your spirit will
be always with me.
And yours
with me.
There's no way I'm getting
this through airport security.
Thank you, Aki,
for everything.
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Boo who?
Boo hoo, don't cry.
It's all okay.
Go find your brother.
We need to get back to Manaus.
Could I get you to
charge my phone, please?
He's hiding something.
But I can't go in
without permission.
But I can.
Hi, again.
I'd like to see
what's behind that door.
It's just storage.
So, you don't mind
my taking a look?
Excuse me?
There you are, Gatinha.
I'm sorry.
That's coming
from my son's office.
The truck!
He followed us.
Go, go, go!
We've gotta find out who was on
the other end of that phone call.
Lea. Lea, let's go.
We need to follow him.
He's our only way to Zac.
Come on.
Get down, get down.
Hey, hey!
I'm in charge of bringing
you back in one piece.
Take the sidewalk,
you'll find him.
somebody in this office
had better start talking.
Where's my son?
I can do it.
I don't think so. No way.
Climbing is climbing.
If you fall from that height...
I'm gonna try
really hard not to fall.
Lea, listen to me, okay?
I really don't
think this is a good...
I know,
but I can do it.
You go slow, okay?
You remember
what Aki taught you.
Just keeping you on your toes.
Okay, please be careful, Lea.
Is someone here?
I'm over here, come...
I'm over here.
I'm over here!
- We're coming!
- Paula!
What are you doing here?
How did you find me?
We've gotta go.
You've gotta go.
These guys are dangerous.
This is no joke.
We're not leaving without you.
No, this isn't a joke.
Come on.
Come on.
Your bag...
What are you...
Anything you know. Names,
places, routes they take.
They never told me anything.
They paid me a lot of money
for some information.
You helped kidnap my son.
They just wanted the animals.
I needed the money.
There's no one at
Zac's or Paula's apartment.
Mom is so worried.
Everyone is worried
out of their minds.
I'm sorry, but this
is way too dangerous.
You told me it wasn't dangerous.
And you told me
you'd keep it a secret.
That's not fair.
You were in trouble,
and I had to tell someone.
I'm not mad at you.
I can't believe this.
All of that hard work,
to get this close,
and now the second they leave,
they'll vanish,
along with all the animals
and all this
would've been for nothing.
What's gonna happen to them?
All of the animals?
They'll sell them
to the highest bidder.
Stop, you can't!
Lea, please, calm down.
Don't bring attention.
You promised.
The police have been trying
to find these guys for years.
I couldn't just sit back
with what I knew
and watched them destroy
everything we're trying to fix.
I know.
Lea, what are you doing?
Lea, phase, snap.
Seriously, let me and Paula
take care of this. Why'?
Because you're 10 years old.
You're my little sister and
it's my job to protect you.
It's our job
to protect each other!
Team Zea, right?
You really think you could
talk her out of it, anyway?
You two have the same genes.
Did they trace Paula's cell phone?
It's somewhere in the
warehouse district. Oh.
Let's just hope she and Lea
and the phone are together.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey.
We've gotta use the bathroom.
Come on, Lea, Zac, come on.
We need to get help.
It's them, it's them!
Are you okay?
We're fine.
I'm fine. We're all fine.
I told you to stay put!
I know, but...
Mrs. Clark, it's my fault.
We found him!
I don't even know what to say.
Mom, we gotta go get 'em!
The poachers.
They got a truck full of animals
and they're gonna disappear!
Do you know where
they're headed?
Their warehouse
is just over there.
No, no, no, I'm not leaving
you out of my sight.
We've got no time...
Mom, we don't have time...
Maybe we all go.
Come, let's go.
We're too late.
Well, they can't be that far.
Yes, they can.
I was kidding
myself to think that
I'd be the one
to finally catch them.
the most important thing is that
you're here and you're safe, okay?
I've got you.
Don't worry.
It's gonna be okay.
It's okay, I've got you.
Yeah, I've got you.
I promise. It's all right.
Everything is gonna be okay.
Is he okay?
His gums are pretty pale.
He's in pretty bad shape.
You'll be okay, Bailey.
I'll take him to the sanctuary.
You find those poachers.
I'll get you a ride.
Well, we can't just
let them get away.
It's over, Cricket.
Well, after everything
we've been through,
we can't, we can't
just give up now!
Guys, your dad's plane's
gonna be landing soon
and we've gotta be at
the apartment to let him in.
Is it still working?
The screen is cracked,
everything else seems okay.
What about boats?
There's a photo here
of the shop owner on a boat.
The poachers use
boats sometimes.
Can you see
the name on the boat?
Achados something...
Achados E Perdidos?
Yeah, that's it!
Finders keepers.
It will have to
be bigger than these.
Big enough to take at least
two truckloads of crates.
Achados E Perdidos.
- Which one'?
- That one.
The shop owner.
He's getting away!
No, Zac!
It's okay.
We got him.
Score one for the Brazilian
Police Department.
You are the real heroes.
It was definitely a team effort.
I can't thank you enough.
The power of motherhood.
Hey, thanks for saving me.
Let's go home.
Anybody home?
Popcorn. Ooh!
Let me look at you.
You okay?
I'm good.
Good, good.
Wow. I thought you'd all
be in bed asleep by now.
Paula's just told me.
You can't even imagine.
But let's sit down and, uh,
grab something to eat.
Lea has something to say.
Ama's stories were true.
We met them.
The tribe Ama wrote about
Paula and I followed a lead
from Zac's notebook.
We met a girl, Aki.
She found us in the rainforest
and took us to her village.
We spent the night
with them in their huts.
And there were bugs
the size of my fist.
You slept in the rainforest?
The tribal elder, he had
one of Ama's journals.
No way.
He sure did.
But if... If Ama's stories were true,
why did she say they weren't'?
To protect the tribe.
Ama was a hero.
Even more than we thought
You slept in the rainforest?
I need to be able to trust
that when I ask you
to do something
or not do something,
you'll listen.
I know.
And I'm gonna do a better job
of listening to you, too.
I love you so much.
Oh. You're my girl.
Oh, Paula, Carol and I,
we'd like to thank you for...
Please, stop right there.
Zac would be halfway to
who-knows-where if it wasn't for Lea.
She's an amazing girl.
But it could have gone badly
at any stage, and it didn't.
I think Ama was
watching over us.
So, I told Mom and Dad
I'll be applying
to colleges in
St. Louis in the fall.
We could stay up late
and watch bad movies,
and you could drive me
to school in the morning.
Just like old times.
That sounds great.
But I don't think so.
Come on.
It's just
you've got a life here.
And I don't want to be the one
to keep you from living it.
How old are you again?
Plus, I think
Paula's pretty much
the coolest girl
you're ever gonna get.
Thanks, Cricket.
You know,
I'm done with
calling you Cricket.
That name's for kids,
and you're all grown up now.
Team Zea!
Team Zea!
Good luck
with your exhibit, Lea.
Love you.
Zac and Paula.
Zac and Paula.
Lillian and Maya-Charles.
That looks delicious.
Come over here.
You can walk over here
and you can go over there.
Lea, these pictures are amazing!
Thank you.
You must have had
some adventure.
Just some birds and trees.
This could be anywhere.
And hardly an adventure.
I guess you're right.
But it wasn't just anywhere.
And the photos are a bonus.
The memories and experience
are all that really matter.
Perhaps she's right.
Hey'. it's going great.
How do you feel?
I want you to meet
my daughter, Lea.
Our photographer.
Hi, Lea.
Your pictures are amazing.
Thank you.
Lea, hi.
I'm doing a piece
for the Post Dispatch.
Are there any stories you'd like
to tell to accompany these photos?
Any encounters or surprises
in the rainforest?
Actually, yes.
But I think I'll let the
photos speak for themselves.
I thought
my first trip to Brazil
was full of new experiences
and new friends,
but when t went
back a second time,
it was unlike any adventure
I'd ever imagined.