Leading Lady (2014) Movie Script

Morning, Bliksem.
Bliksem, help.
Come, the sun's drawing water.
Oh, no!
I'm coming in.
Hello, Kobus.
You know each other.
That's good.
It's very hot today, huh?
My father says it'll never rain.
What happened to Willemien?
Good morning, Kobus.
I work my ass off on this farm
and you...
Kobus! Kobus, man!
Sorry, horsey.
Kobus, man! Wait!
Read it.
It's a bit tough to read with the hangover.
We're going to lose the farm, Johan.
It's from the bank.
You've some inheritance money left...
to hold them off our backs, right?
I bought that bike, remember.
It's my ma, it's my ma!
Sarah, there's more groceries
in the car.
Hello, Ma's big boy.
When did Ma...
Check out my hair!
When did Ma buy that?
Some tea, please.
So you did notice.
I've wanted a chandelier for the lounge...
ever since I married your stingy father.
And speaking of him...
You'll have to play his part
in this year's Vredevlei concert.
We've been bankrupt since dad left us, Ma.
And what will the people say...
of the Willemse family of Brandfort,
if we can't even afford a concert?
Have a koeksister.
Stop over-reacting.
Check this out, Sarah.
I got the prettiest lamp for
the guestroom.
We just need a buyer for the farm, Japie.
Can't we lower the price,
just a little bit?
No, Kobus, we can't do that.
People may think there's a
land claim on this place.
Or worse, a big ghost.
Excuse me, that was inappropriate.
You're still having the concert, right?
I don't know anymore, Japie.
if we don't have the concert...
Brandfort will be just another small town.
A pit stop.
Get us a buyer for the farm, please, Japie.
You can't just walk in front
of me like that, woman!
She seems posh, if you ask me.
Did I miss something?
They say British girls are easy, but damn!
When did you last... mmmm?
There you go.
Looks like you're a rent-boy now!
She's English.
She can carry her own bags.
Pssst... Come look.
Kosie has a girl with him.
She's probably from the city.
Hello, hello, hello...
Please, come inside.
Didn't know you were bringing your
girlfriend home, Kosie!
She's not my girlfriend, Ma.
She's just lost.
Oh, you're very welcome.
You can stay as long as you like.
Kosie, bring in the luggage.
Come, Sarah.
Why does that name sound so familiar?
Sarah, prepare a feast!
And roll out a Persian rug!
Put on a blazer and comb your hair.
The Brit dated Prince William!
Agh, nonsense, man!
Yes, his name is William.
And his mom's name is Diana.
Just do as I say.
For heaven's sake...
See, what did I tell you?
Lord, thank you for this food,
bless those who prepared it.
Let us never forget You, Amen.
I don't like her.
She's not that bad.
Sarah, where is the cellphone?
The concert will remind people
why this farm is so special.
And then it will be easier to sell.
Agh, shame.
Petrus, come!
Agh, no man, Japie!
My husband hasn't even gone
cold in his grave yet.
Oh yes, he is. He's been cold
for almost a year.
That was inappropriate.
I'm always being inappropriate.
Where are you taking those flowers?
Bring them here.
So I can water them.
Oh, ok.
Well, go away then.
Tell me Kobus, when you sell this place,
where will you go?
Probably to the city.
There isn't any work in town
for a farmer without a farm.
That's what I thought.
One of my clients seems to be interested.
So, I'll let you know.
"When we stand naked
in front of each other..."
"my allegiance to my people
and country perishes..."
"because wars are fought..."
"for moments like these."
"...for moments like these."
All right!
Feel it, ok?
Stretch it, stretch it!
Feel it!
Can you feel it?
I do.
It feels good, right?
You can feel him, right?
I told them a movie is being
made about this farm.
They're clearly impressed.
Please don't tell anyone,
while I'm thinking this through.
Of course not.
Did it hurt?
You know how I think and what I feel
You know what I mean with my smile
You show me your sparkle in the moon
You show me how dreams perish now
Because today's child changed everything
But there's so much that
we'll always remember
Hello, strangers!
"When we stand naked
in front of each other..."
"my allegiance to my people
and country perishes..."
"because wars..."
"because wars are fought..."
"for moments like these."
"When we stand naked
in front of each other..."
"my allegiance to my people
and country perishes..."
"because wars are fought for
moments like these."
Did you have something to do with this?
Agh, I only planted the seed, man.
How the tree grows has
nothing to do with me.
Is everything always a joke to you?
He did it because he cares about you.
He said I had to make the
girl a little jealous.
Why? Why would you want to
help me with another woman?
Because I want you to be happy.
I've always wanted that.
So that's why you left me
at the altar, right?
You didn't make me happy.
And I didn't make you happy either, Kobus.
Not really, and you know that.
Little brother...
It is time to open up.
Or you will lose that chick forever.
Who knows anything about Twitter?
I have to tweet.
Do they still shoot films on
Ma, let it go.
We have to vote on something.
Japie got us a buyer for the farm.
It's a good price,
it will get us back on our feet.
Or we can keep the farm.
Let's keep it then!
If we want to keep the farm,
we'll have to sell everything on it.
And if the harvest fails again,
we will lose everything.
Drive carefully.
We'll help you.
You sang lovely tonight, Sarah.
Couldn't they have left the fridge?
No, no!
You can come eat at my place.
My house isn't far.
It's just around the corner.
Uh Uh umh...
I know it's probably
inappropriate, my Muggie.
But I have a fridge at my house.
And furniture... in your favourite colours.
And... uh...
a king size double bed.
What are trying to say, Japie.
I've been walking around with
this in my pocket for a week.
Japie, this is totally inappropriate.
Come here.
Come, come. Come, come.
Give it here, so I can see.
That was wonderful!
There you go!
Let's celebrate!
Can someone please tell me
what's going on?
Kobus and Jodie, Ma.
Isn't it obvious?
Oh, I see.
Well, are you just gonna watch
as she flies away?
She's with Daniel Taylor, Ma.
Well, I'm not quite sure who he is.
We looked him up when I
googled "lactose intolerant".
She belongs in a big city, like London.
There you go.
Do you want her to go?
Because you can learn something
from bloody Japie, then.
Because he does what he wants,
no matter how inappropriate it is.
Come, come, everyone.
Come look at this!
This is really inappropriate.
Can we get on with it, please.
Come, fly to me!